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Rank: Ensign

Experience Level (Power Level) 10: 90%

Organization: Hunters

5,600 HP (Durability)

Reploid/ Possible Maverick

Position: Ensign

Agility & Speed: Level 3

Alertness: Level 3

Sharpness: Level 1

. Skills/Drawbacks

Combat Proficiency

In part to his years spent with the Vixen Gate, Wiendigo has developed a fierce fighting style that even martial arts experts have difficulty overcoming.

Enhanced Senses

Somewhere in Wiendigo's past, he was taught the ways of the ninja, and therefore now has heightened awareness in places most could not hear, see, or feel anything.

Agility & Speed

Also from his training, Wiendigo has learned how to move swiftly and kill quietly. As he mysteriously said once, "I move like a spirit, but I fight like an animal."


His years in the Vixen Gate has toughened up his will to incredible limits. Also with his time in prison, Wiendigo learned how to further ignore pain.

Stealth & Disguise

Due his profound dark colors, Wiendigo is easily undetectable in darkness, which makes him an even more dangerous opponent.

Psionics 1

Like his ninja skills, somewhere along his life, someone taught Wiendigo the abilities of the mind. Though he is still learning the ways of psionics, he is quickly becoming a more deadly rogue with what he currently can do.


Easily unnerved, Wiendigo's fury often leads him into hotter water and more dangerous situations.


For one reason or another, Wiendigo shuts out all those around him, which suits him just fine.

. Weapons

Energon Katana

Made from an unbreakable alloy, the sword channels Wiendigo's soul that allows him to cut through most materials.



Uncharged, the katana works as a normal sword to attack enemies.



Charged, it allows Wiendigo to channel his dark soul into powerful blasts

290 AP

Counter Attack:

Deflects almost all other forms of swords and attacks.



Shadow Claw

A pair of three pronged claws that can tear through most materials. 



They can tear through most armors and alloys to damage opponents.

255 AP


The tips of the claws carry a small dosage of a poison that disorientate opponents. Prolonged attacks from the claws will start to poison opponents systems.

210 AP per attack

Counter Attack:

Comprised of the same metal and abilities of Wiendigo's "Energon Katana", it also can block other weapons and some attacks. 



Shadow Shield

A shield of solid shadows, which cannot be broken unless pierced by a weapon of shadows. Can be produced when any amount of energy is absorbed and redirected through systems.



When Wiendigo absorbs any amount of any sort of energy, he can activate the Shadow Shield.


Counter Attack:

Indestructible unless pierced by an another weapon made from shadows.

+ Defense


Dark Sai

A cursed sai Wiendigo carries into battle that returns to his hand when thrown.



The sai damages opponents with its sharp triple prongs.

295 AP

Counter Attack:

When attempt to be picked up by someone other then Wiendigo, the sai releases a strong bolt of electricity into the handler, forcing them to let go. Each renewed attempted results in a stronger discharge.

250 AP then +25 (ex. 25, 50, 75) each time


Astral Phase

Wiendigo has the ability to ascend to the astral plane in order to attack his opponents.



Allows Wiendigo to transcend the physical plane to attack opponents with psionic attacks.

260 AP


Also gives Wiendigo the ability to phase through objects and fly.


Counter Attack: 

When in this mode, Wiendigo is immune to physical attacks.



Typhoon Wave 

Allows one's weapon to fire a huge water wave into the enemy, possibly shorting them out along with damaging them.

13 Times


 Fires a huge water wave into the enemy, damaging them and possibly shorting them out.

250 AP


 Splash Shield

A powerful watershed forms around the user.

10 Times


 Can ram a person with the shield, causing it to vanish

240 AP


 Forms a protective shield around the person that can only be destroyed by anti-water attacks on the first shot

240 AP


Can destroy fire attacks or Reploids



For humans only: Allows them to breathe underwater for up to 10 minutes

 + Abilities


Dark Tendrils

Tendrils of solidified shadow matter that can do Wiendigo's will



 Tendrils can act like whips, or strangle opponents

240 AP


Kinetic Absorbtion

Wiendigo is able to take the kinetic energy of a hit, double its strength, and hit his opponent twice as hard as the original move.



Wiendigo can hit an opponent back twice as hard as they had intended to hit him.

Doubled AP of Attack (Kinetic Only)

Counter Attack:

Cuts down on damage by half.



Arm Conversion Chainsaw

Morphing out of Wiendigo's arm cannon channel, he can now use a chainsaw to attack his enemies or cut through obsticles.



Severly damages opponents and cuts through simple obsticles (i. e., wood, metal, etc.)

280 AP



Shadow Interaction

After absorbing enough energy, Wiendigo can combine with the shadows to transport himself to other areas, avoid attacks, or heal himself.



Wiendigo can jump out of any size shadow and attack opponents.

260 AP

Counter Attack: 

Wiendigo can heal himself by melting into the shadows when he is hit.

Restores full amount of HP lost.

Limit: 15 times per mission.

Counter Attack:

Wiendigo can transport himself anywhere through shadows as long as he exits through another shadow.



Limit Breaker

Shadow Shred

Wiendigo creates a ball of shadows inside of his opponents, and then causes it to expand in various shapes until it destroys his opponent from the inside out.



A ball of shadows is created inside of an opponent, and at Wiendigo's will, it expands and tears until it's ripped the opponent apart.

500 AP

. Personality/Description

-Taken from Wiendigo's psychiatric evaluation

   A self-brooding loner, Wiendigo often keeps to himself, even at the expense of alienating those around him. He has an extreme dislike for humans, and his fellow reploid kind, and will make his hatred known. A unique event in his past though, has left him on the brink of insanity. He seems to have nothing left of his previous existence, which further fuels his psychosis.    

Wiendigo has almost no regard for life of any sort. His incarceration and his more recent forced servitude into the Maverick Hunters, only increases his short temperament, which more then likely will result in extreme threat to his teammates, and perhaps Wiendigo's own destruction.    

It is also noted that Wiendigo has deadly mood swings. He can be calm and unthreatening one moment, but the next, a savage, cruel killer. The cause for this has been undetermined.

Wiendigo's physical appearance

Height - Standard Reploid height, 235 tetrons

  Weight - 1 metric ton, with anti gravity displacement unit.

  Eyes - White, pupilless (due to a battle in Wiendigo's past. The result from the battle now forces Wiendigo to wear a dark visor at all times).

  Hair - Long, black, unkempt. 

Skin Tone - Caucasian. 

Armor - Jet black. 

Helmet - Jet black with dark tint visor. 

Accessories - Dark trenchcoat, torn sleeves. 

. Background

   Despite being shrouded in mystery, it has been revealed that Wiendigo was a war criminal, in the infamous Vixen Gate, which whom to have seemed to have mysteriously disappeared shortly before Wiendigo's incarceration in the world's most heavily fortified prison, Hell. Striking out into his own, Wiendigo, for reason still unknown, broke into, and destroyed a CorSec military installation, and in the process, killing over seven hundred humans and Reploids.     

Though designated as a Maverick, Wiendigo seems to be intent on redemption to an unknown source, whether it be god, man, or alien origin. But due to his unpredictability, it is warned to approach Wiendigo with the utmost and extreme cautiousness, and always be ready to attack in case he turns on someone.