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We saved some lives. And that's enough, for me at least . . .

Paladin Gordon Wainright Email:
Rank: Lieutenant Experience: 8: 00% Organization: Hunters
5360HP Human Position: Lieutenant
Agility and Speed: Level 3 Alertness: Level 1 Sharpness: Level 1



Combat Proficiency Description: The character is more formidable than normal in combat, since they have trained fairly heavily in the combat arts. This is fighting skill, not sear strength or speed however. Game Effect: The character's weapons have plus 5 starting AP on all weapons. The character is better in combat than characters with less skill.


Leadership Description: The character is a natural leader, and can take charge of situations naturally. They are very good at combining their skills to lead a team. Game Effects: The character can lead the team well, with his/her skills amplified. The characters may ask you something about the situation which his character "figures out" (since the player doesn't have to be an amazingly strong leader).


Strategy Description: The character is an excellent strategist, and can devious excellent tactical plans at ease. They are great at figuring out an enemy's tactics, and guessing their next move. Game Effect: The character can create and analyze strategies at ease. The player may ask about the opponents' tactical plan after observing them a little and you can reveal things to him. You can also allow their plan to work fairly well.


Code of Honor Description: The character has a code of honor and ethics he/she won't go against under any circumstances, this keeps them from compromising. The character will gain experience faster than normal on the Exp. Level with this skill. Game Effects: The character does not compromise under any circumstances. The character gains experience at an enhanced rate.


Agility and Speed Description: This character has heightened agility and speed which can be put to use in dodging enemy blows, delivering their blows faster, and being faster than normal. Game Effects: This allows the character advantages in combat (mainly defensive) in dodging blows without a weapon, attacking foes quicker and faster, and being faster.


Invulnerability Description: Your character is not harmed by one of the 6 damage types, though your character may be harmed a small bit by enemies exceptionally strong in this field (rare). The 6 are: Light (attacks used by good wielders), Dark (attacks used by evil wielders), Heat (fire, lava, heat, ect.), Cold (ice, water, cold, ect.), Electricity (lightning, electricity, ect.), and Telepathic/Telekinetic (mental attacks). Game Effects: The character has invulnerability to one of the following types: Light, Dark, Heat, Cold, Electricity, or Psionic. ONLY 1 INVULNERIBILTY IS ALLOWED PER CHARACTER AT ANY TIME. This invulnerability is halved if their HP is below 80, it is lost if their HP is below 40.


Torn Allegiance Description: The character's allegiance and loyalty is torn between the MH and another group. They are not completely loyal to either side, and may betray the other (or they may be a double agent or turn traitor). This will highly influence their judgment and actions, as well as their teammates' and leaders' trust and opinions on them. Game Effects: The character may be treated with as a traitor by other characters.


Vulnerability Description: Your character is harmed twice as much by one of the 6 damage types. The 6 are: Light (attacks used by good wielders), Dark (attacks used by evil wielders), Heat (fire, lava, heat, ect.), Cold (ice, water, cold, ect.), Electricity (lightning, electricity, ect.), and Telepathic/Telekinetic (mental attacks). Game Effects: The character is vulnerability to one of the following types: Light, Dark, Heat, Cold, Electricity, or Psionics. The character receives twice as much damage or bad effects from the attack (or good effects) [AP times 2].




Dampening Field Essentially, a directable field that will cancel out most special forms of energy. The field is somewhat weak, however, and can be defeated by a prolonged assault or a admirably strong adversary. Starting
Attack: Disables an opponent's energy abilities Dampens/Disables


Energy Blades Small energy emmiters which wrap around the base of each of Paladin's forearms forms blades of high energy plasma, effectively turning his arms into meter long energy sabers. Starting
Attack: Slash  
Attack: Thrust  
Counter: Deflects an energy attack Deflect
Counter: Block/destroy melee weapon depending on its composition Defense


Force Waves Can only be done in non-vacuum environments. Paladin's suit uses a high powered sonic device to send a powerful force wave towards a target. Starting
Attack: Force waves  
Counter: Destroy incoming projectile Defense/Destroy




Exo-Armor A suit made mainly of the energy dampening materials that went into the construction of Hell. While the suit will give some protection against direct physical attacks, its main ability is to dampen special forms of energy. The suit connects directly to Paladin's brain through a surgically implanted adaptor, allowing for unparalleled. Starting
Abilities: Allows for flight through thruster bands around the knees of the suit and two auxillary thrusters which extend from its hips. These thrusters allow for maneuverability in zero-g/vacuum environments as well as underwater. The suit has its own air recycler to allow extended combat missions in areas where there is a lack of oxygen. The armor has its own powersource and movement systems so that the wearer can move with added agility and strength.





Paladin's most firm moral is that of loyalty. Since his days at the Academy, the belief that loyalty is the best trait a person can have has been hammered directly into his brain. He has extreme discipline and will follow nearly any order given by a senior officer. Paladin is also a firm believer in finesse over brute force. Paladin himself is approximately 5'10" 180lbs. He has jet black hair and light green eyes.
In his armor, he stands a little over six feet tall. The suit is matted black and has no distinguishing marks. The helm is roughly head shaped, but shows no facial features. The suit has sensors all over itself, which transmit the information they receive directly to the wearer's brain through the use of a neural net.




Gordon was born in North Carolina to Jack and Catherine Wainright. His father was a physics proffesor at a local college, so he put great emphasis on Gordon's education. He received high marks through high school and was invited to MIT. But Gordon alienated his father when he decided to attend the Naval Academy in Maryland instead. Upon graduation, Gordon was transferred to one of CorSec's "special" projects. He became the one of the lead test subject for its all-purpose soldier program. The program's purpose was to essentially create exo-armor for a division of elite commandos who would gain strength, speed, and stamina while protecting the wearer. The main material in the suit is a form of the mineral that went into the construction of Hell. Two other test subjects, Christopher O'Toole and Marla Swanson, were both killed on the final black ops test run. The final version of the suit was slated for mass production, but the project was cut after a series of mysterious "accidents" befell CorSec. (Wiendigo's accidents, See Icy Fronts) After the fiasco, Gordon was transferred to directly under Spade, who had some "special" plans in mind. He intends Paladin to be his eyes and ears within the Hunter's own ranks.

--A Brief Nothing:

It was a dreary day. That is to say, grey, muddy, and all together depressing. There currently was no rain, despite the fact that it had rained non-stop for three days. All sorts of rain had made an appearace during those three days. There had been light drizzly rain, hard sloshing rain, and . . . hey, I'm going on about the rain. Let me get on with the story.

There was no rain, currently, which only put Gordon in a worse mood. He loved the rain. So fresh, so vibrant. It washed the unpleasantness of his life away, if only for the duration of the "bad" weather. Gordon was actually quite unhappy with his existance. It had been so long since he had felt happy with his life, that he only had vague recollections of the emotion. There had, in fact, been one time when what he was fairly sure was love flowed through his every pore. Apparently Lauren, his girlfriend at the Naval Academy had not felt anything close to the same thing, and that was one of the main reasons Gorden went to the black ops section of CorSec.

After the unification of the Earth's militaries into CorSec, the war colleges of the world all fed into it. They just trained students for different roles within the united military. Both he and Lauren were trained for commando duty in deep space. The main function of these commandos was to either board disabled ships for capture of the crew or ship or to make quick strikes against planetary bases.

The groups trained at military colleges were usually put into the same regiment. CorSec saw no reason to split up already functional groups. And it was because Lauren was going to be in the same reg that caused Gordon to sign up for specialized training. The relationship had ended rather badly, and he had not wanted the akwardness to affect group morale.

Gordon sighed as he stared out the window at the greyness outside. The others in the Avenger were doing their usual chatting. He ignored them.

It turned out that enhanced training was a very thin cover for black ops introduction. Not that Gordon had minded, it was just 3 more years of training for much higher wages. At the end of the term, a surprise popped up. Instead of being placed in the spy corps, as was the norm, Gordon was placed on the ELITE project. The Elite project was CorSec's attempt at creating all purpose commandos ready to take on nearly any challenge at a moment's notice. He was the fourth subject out of 6. The first three had died in the initial attempts. The first had died quickly when his brain popped out of the surgically implanted port in the back of the head. The second was successfully implanted, but she was electrocuted when she tried to move the suit. It seems the engine was faulty. The third was died when he was using the suit heavily and prespired onto the jack. He, too, was electrocuted. Gordon was the first truely successful subject. After dozens of tests and such to make sure that Gordon wouldn't unexpectedly die on account of the suit, 3 more officers were brought in, Christopher O'Toole, Peter Krajcovic and Marla Swanson. The only one who had experienced any real fighting was O'Toole, who had fought against the reploids in the years before the Tsivrixsh's fleet. Because of some psychological problems, Gordon was promoted above O'Toole and made CO of the ELITE squad.

The next stage in testing consisted of various black ops jobs throughout the galaxy. Commander and CO Gordon "Paladin" Wainright, Captain and XO Christopher "Psycho" O'Toole, Lieutenant Marla "Fury" Swanson, and Lieutenant Peter "Myrmidon" Krajcovic were taken off all official CorSec lists. They started off ambushing cargo vessels posing as pirates. After two months of plundering easily, the group moved on to scout vessels. A few months and suit upgrades later, they targetted a reploid colonization ship orbiting a planet and preparing to begin unloading. Upper CorSec officials were still upset over the loss of those reploids, ordered their immediate extermination, as the mission was black ops anyway. While arguing over the comm about these orders, one of the reploids snuck near Krajcovic and blew him away with a grenade launcher. Unfortunately, a large portion of the hull was destroyed as well, and all of the reploids on that deck as well as the remaining members of the ELITE squad were shot into space like bullets from a gun. The gravity of the planet dragged them towards its atmosphere, but the remaining three officers used their thrusters to get to their own shuttle. The reploids burned up in the atmosphere, and the ship and surviving reploids were destoyed by CorSec. Gordon was reprimanded for hesitating before direct orders, but not much else happened since Gordon had demonstrated extreme loyalty to CorSec and had a perfect track record. The squad couldn't get a replacement for Krajcovic, as the final tests for the suits were coming up, and it would take far to long to train a new officer.

In the final test against a lone Tsivrixsh cruiser, the squad was supposed to sneak behind the engines of it, exit their shuttle, board the ship, assassinate the bridge crew, and get the hell out. Unfortunately, something alerted the crew before the squad arrived on the bridge. Armed Tsivrixsh greeted the squad and vaporized O'Toole. Swanson and Gordon beat a hasty retreat back to the shuttle and outran the cruiser after taking extensive damage. Just before arrival at one of CorSec's space stations, the engine shorted out. Swanson went to the engine room to attempt repairs. She took the blast at point blank range. Her suit acted as an cremating oven. Gordon survived with many third degree burns. He flew to the station with his own suit's thrusters and received treatment.

The suits had been slated for mass production before the final "test" which had actually been a convenient way of getting rid of the ELITE members. Gordon's survival of the back-up bomb was an inconvenience to CorSec. Unfortunately, the ELITE project lost its funding after a couple of major catastrophes befell CorSec. Gordon could still remember being called into Spade's office. Gordon had never spoken to Spade before and had thought that he was going to be transferred to the spy corps after the funding dropped out.

Paladin came back to the present for a brief moment. The Avenger was still en route to its destination. They were over land now, and it was only getting greyer.

"It's quite obvious that the Hunters are responsible for our condition. None of the other vengeful reploid groups could have pulled that stint off so effeciently. Now then, you are going to report to the Hunters. I'll make sure you get in," were the first words out of Spade's mouth.

Gordon was shocked. Stunned. He only gaped for a second. His brain finally began to start working again, and he managed to blurt, "So, I'm going to be a spy? Shouldn't I sign up on my own or something?"

"No no no," Spade responded after taking a drag on his cigar. "You're taking your armor with you to make you an asset to them. And they'd be suspicious of where you got such a thing if you're just signing up. It's too advanced to be the pet project of some amature scientist. Oh, and I'm having some of those people who worked on the project integrate an alloy made from an energy dampening material into the suit."

"Would've been handy against the Tsivrixsh," Gordon mumbled.

"What was that?"

"Won't the Hunters be suspicious of anybody from CorSec and keep important information away from me?"

"Oh no, of course not. Some of their highest ranking members are ex-members of CorSec. The leader, DeathStar, was an officer here at one time."

"Yes sir. I'll begin packing."

Gordon left in a daze. Life suddenly seemed to be a hell of a lot more complicated.

What Gordon missed was one of Spade's assistants walked up to Spade's desk. "What if he decides to abandon us for the Hunters?"

"Johnson, you worry too much. The scientists are adding more than just that alloy to Wainright's suit."

"Hey Paladin, move your ass. We're here," Slasher said in his delicate way to the distant Gordon.

"Oh, sorry," Gordon replied as he stood. He walked toward the door of the Avenger thinking, "What if this place is where I'm supposed to be? What if I'm actually happy here with these people? Does CorSec deserve my loyalty more than them? As long as I'm 'What iffing', what if there was universal peace?"

He stepped out of the shuttle behind the rest of the Hunters, who were already getting on task. He looked up at the sky. The rain finally began to fall.