Coming of Age

May 2nd, 2222

Session 17: Shape Up or Ship Out
After a month of repairs, The Aquarius is ready for some test runs and Katrina sets up a series of assignments for them accomplish. However, arriving on the scene is Thedda who replaces Katrina as the XO. The Captain asks Katrina to become the ship's Science Officer, which she accepts. And, Thedda starts becoming addicted to the ship's simulator room --- especially in fighting the legendary Death Star.

May 4th, 2222

Session 18: Diplomatic Measures
As Thedda continues to test herself against a simulated Death Star, things on the ship begin to get dicey when the team is ordered on an ultra high assignment to go into Raider territory. Once there, they discover an Alliance ship under attack. Upon rescuing the ship, only two people are alive - President Dominator and some body guard. But what is Dominator doing out there where no one should have known he'd be?

Session 19: Presidential Change-Up
As the crew of the Aquarius try to avoid being found out by Raiders, Dominator lays in a coma like state in the MedBay. But, trouble begins when the bodyguard vanishes and the Raiders show up with a poorly repaired Tsivrixsh Battleship. As battle breaks out, they'll have difficulty, especially when the bodyguard shows up to take over the ship ---and to take out Dominator. But with some aid by Dominator, the team manages to get the President safely to his destination --- where he'll announce his new successor.

May 10th, 2222

Session 20: Aye Aye, Captain
The Aquarius does border patrol with the Tsivrixsh/Alliance neutral zone. But when an Admiral Graves shows up to take the Aquarius under it's control, the team will find itself terrorized by a midget and his ambitions of glory --- especially since it takes them into direct conflict with the Tsivrixshs. But is this Admiral all he is cracked up to be --- or is he just a washed out Ensign, as Katrina soon discovers...?

May 15th, 2222

Session 21: When the Captain is Away...
As the Captain answers some questions about the entire border incident, she'll learn who the new President of the Alliance is. But is it good or bad? Back on the Aquarius, Thedda is in charge of the ship, but she has a cold, leaving the crew to run wild. Especially Ensign 4 with his alter ego, 6.3. And with insane managers and waiters, Katrina and Namarie best be on their guard. Plus, finally, Katrina meets X1. But is this a good thing or a bad thing?