The Conspiracy Theory

November 6th - 17th, 2222

Session 121: Siberian Nights
Ire, Pope, Silouette, and Dahok begin an eleven day trek through the snowy wastelands of Siberia in order to reach the city where the leader, Bulshavek Mikhalkovich, resides. As they fight their way through the natural hazzards, they patience of the team begins to wear thin as they have to deal with each other along the way. If the cold doesn't kill them, they'll kill each other.

November 17th, 2222

Session 122: The Siberian Weapon
As the team searches out information about Bulshavek Mikhalkovich, they encounter the infamous Baberlus. For some odd reason, he tells them about a new weapon that the Siberian army is creating and gives them the location. Dubious, but seeing little choice, the team sets out to find out just what exactly this thing is. As they head in to investigate, they find out that it's really a device to launch nuclear warheads that the Siberian Nation has found buried in the underground tunnels of Siberia. Will the past come back to haunt the present?

Session 123: Nuclear Nightmare
Ire, Sil, and Dahok inflitrate the base with the nuclear weapon. As they fight their way through the various levels of the base, they begin to work their way up the mountain to the top of the cannon. There, Ire plants some bombs to destroy the cannon, but before they can leave, their escape is cut off. Jumping out and catches the end of Bulshavek Mikhalkovich's helicopter, the ride away from the cannon as it explodes. However, the shockwave is strong enough to knock them from the helicopter, causing them to fall rapidly to the ground.

Session 124: The Conspiracy Theory
Ire, Sil, and Dahok are recovered by Pope after they hit a snow drift. Dazed and injured, they follow Pope toward Bulshavek Mikhalkovich's base, which Pope was scouting out. As they arrive, though, they are attacked by Baberlus, who makes bold claims to have known Ire in the past and comments that he's not quite that good with the gun yet. Defeated, the group is taken prisoner, but they manage to escape later. Working their way up to the office of Bulshavek, they are confronted and finally told the truth about Slasher. Bulshavek gathered five other men and they came up with the plan to kill Slasher and take over the seven areas. They then went to Tyler McCabe and pitched the idea - who, while at first was reluctant, agreed and even told them he would kill Slasher. The rest was history. But, even with the knowledge gained, there is no escape for the Alt Team.