July 10th, 2223

Session 176: Jump the Shark
When a mysterious alien spacecraft crashlands in the wastelands of the Earth, every major power immediately wants to get their hands on it. However, when a Chiere/Human hybrid soldier named Raven, once part of the Janus army but managed to gain intelligence and escaped, heads there, he'll meet up with Shadow Mardonas, a reploid that is part of a task force to find alien technology, and Kit Xenornia, a teenager who is out looking for adventure. However, they discover more than they bargained for when 5th Column forces begin to close in on the ship and they have to team up with Death Star in order to find out what is in the ship. And when they do discover a nanomachine built by the Motenks called "Project Crescent", they release it. But will the quest to find out more about the Motenks bring about a potential downfall for everyone?

Session 177: Teamwork
Raven, Kit, Shadow, Death Star, and Project Crescent must band together in order to defeat the incoming 5th Column forces, who are intent on capturing Project Crescent for their own purposes. However, these strangers will have to learn how to coordinate and work together if they are going to survive a superior army. And once they do get it down, they learn that the 5th Column has found ruins north of the village they are staring at - ruins that might hold some relic that can negate the power of the Spear of Destiny. As Death Star heads out to get President Slasher's support in getting the relic, Raven, Kit, and Shadow decide to beat the 5th Column forces by getting the relic first.

July 11th, 2223

Session 178: Ruins
Raven, Kit, and Crescent head out to find the ruins, joined by a mysterious warrior called Sojima. As they enter the ruins, the four of them are forced to rely on each other in order to survive the 5th Column forces that are located at the ruins. But when they get their hands on the ring that can negate the Spear of Destiny, a strange soldier called Charon shows up and defeats them singlehandedly, throwing them from a supply train into the wastelands - leaving them for dead and taking the ring for himself.

Session 179: Once More, With Feeling
Raven, Shadow, and Crescent head to the location the train went while Kit recovers and Sojima remains buried in the wastelands - missing. When the three arrive at another 5th Column base, they are forced to battle their way through the bases defenses, searching for the location the ring was placed. When they do find it, joined once again by Kit Xeronia, they come face to face with Charon once again. As Crescent slows Charon down, the others escape by getting a shuttle and flying it away. But they are quickly shot down by Janus forces, who have arrived to steal the ring from them.

Session 180: Graduation Day
The Janus forces have Raven, Shadow, Kit, and Crescent cornerned. But another group shows up and saves them, then demands the ring for themselves. It seems Ire, Dahok, and Phirax have arrived to provide back up, but the ragtag team of misfits isn't ready to hand over the ring to them just yet. As the two sides battle each other and it becomes the evident that neither side is getting anywhere, Ire agrees to a truce - for exchange of the ring, they'll take the four back to Mega City. Once there, Kit is brought to a hospital for his injuries, Shadow vanishes, Crescent talks with President Slasher, and Raven joins the Alternate Unit.

July 15th, 2223

Session 181: Turning up the Heat
When Kit recovers in the hospital, Shadow goes to visit his new friend. But, the two are quickly ambushed by a mysterious female ninja who claims that Shadow is a fraud. As they fight, it turns out their opponent is none other than Silouette, who has learned about them from the Alternate Unit's encounter with the team. When the misunderstanding is sorted out, Shadow is angry and leaves, while Kit and Crescent decide to join the Alternate Unit - Kit for an adventure and Crescent in order to gain more battle data.