The Fourth Reich

October 15th, 2222

Session 100: The Spear of Destiny
1945: Near the end of World War II, a group of Allied soldiers fight their way through a heavily guarded bunker. As they take out the German forces, they come across a room full of rare artifacts. Including a strange spear...

Present Day: While the Alt Team investigates the streets of London, they come across a contact who informs them that the 5th Column has an oil rig in the middle of ocean over what use to be Austria. Ire decides they must investigate and splits the team in half. Ire, Pope, Jake, and Junior head to the oil rig and begin to head down into it. There they find mutated Chiere/Human clones that have failed. Forced to fight through the mutated horrors, they find out that Senreich is making his escape above. As they head back up, a chiere clone reaches out and grabs Jake, ripping his head from his body. Barely esacping, the remaining three find Senreich with an army of Chiere clones - the ones that were perfected. Senreich announces that he has uncovered the Spear of Destiny which will grant him unconditional power. When he leaves for the British Isles to attack it and finally take it over, as the Germans tried so long ago, Ire regathers his full team and launches a full scale attack. However, an army of Chiere begins to wear the team down - especially when Olga and Junior battle it far Chiere supremency. When Olga falls, Junior goes to show her mercy ... but Aya, disgusted with her clone, kills Olga. Before the team can take on Senreich, though, he raises the spear and banishes them all.... and they don't wake up for seven hours. Upon waking, they find the British Isles has fallen to Senreich's forces.

Behold, the Fourth Reich has begun.

October 17th, 2222

Session 101: Destiny's Aftermath
The Alt Team has been defeated and crushed by the 5th Column. They failed to stop the Fourth Reich from coming into fruitation. From the start, they've been led through the hoops. Now, will they faill to despair...or find a way to come back even stronger?

October 19th, 2222

Session 102: Decisions and Consequences
Ire refuses to do anything about the 5th Column for some odd reason, so Ayn decides to deal with it herself. But even as they arrive and engage the Chiere forces, with help from Junior, there seems little they can do. When Snipe and Dias show up, can they show them the same thing that Ire has already come to the conclusion about ... that there's absolutely nothing they can do?

October 21st, 2222

Session 103: Altros
The goal is now to go to the Japanese Area and question the leader there about what happened to President Slasher. However, Ire makes a side trip to the Louisana wastelands where they learn more about the mysterious Stark and his past. But when they find another Fusion Gem and another of the cyborg series shows up, Cyborg 02, they find themselves in a strange fight of stupidity instead of logic.