Full Circle

April 13th - 19th, 2224

Children of Light
The climax of the Human/Reploid War will come at a huge cost to the world. Death Star had gotten ahold of the Ragnorak, forcing the humans and opposing reploids to have to find a way to band together in order to stop him. But when Wind comes up with a crazy plan to bring the war to an end, he'll need Slasher to discover how reploids have souls and if there is any connection to humans. And while Wiendigo and Gravedigger take the fight directly to Death Star himself, Colephantus must face the biggest challenge of his life when it seems the war will not only take Katrina's life, but it will be by Blue's hand. Can everyone band together to face the final threat to humans and reploids - and will they discover that everyone is a child of Light?

May 1st, 2224

Session 260: Post War Reconstruction
Wind and Slasher have a lunch meeting as they discuss the aftermath of the war and the hope for the future. As these two old friends recall everything that has happened to them and ponder what direction the future will take them, it becomes obvious than an end is coming. Can the new President of Earth, Wind, hold together the fragile human/reploid alliance?

May 10th, 2224

Session 261: War Crimes
When war crimes is called against Colephantus for the death of Vice President Mac in the Human/Reploid War, his few friends will have to come together to prove that he is innocent of the crimes. But, as Wind and Cole diverge further into Cole's past, it might take Katrina and Snipe to bring about the truth for him. And just how is Cole handling life outside the war?

May 29th, 2224

Session 262: The World Tournament
As the heroes of the world prepare for the big upcoming tournament, it seems that contestants all over the globe have entered to prove their strength. However, it seems one among them has found a new level of power beyond that of anything seen before by the good guys - and who is it? As the tournament begins, old faces show up, using the tournament as means for revenge - including the Manager and the Squirrel. And it seems there's a deadly threat in some mad man called "Retri". But when the tournament really begins to heat up is when Lunar Girl and Chad step into the ring against each other in an all-or-nothing battle for champion. As these two battle each other, only one will walk away - it will be the caped crusader herself.

Session 263: The World's Strongest
The tournament continues as the stakes begin to raise as the remaining few contenders are left standing. When Colephantus is forced to face Katrina in the ring, it becomes a battle of strength vs. brains. As the two fighters contend, Cole manages to win by using his electric shield to expand the length of the ring and knock Katrina out of it. But the tournament is far from over as Snipe faces Lunar Girl in combat in the ring. Lunar Girl is stronger than ever, but Snipe seems to have some secretly which allows him to win the battle easily. And finally it comes down to Slasher and Retri - as these two giants clash in the ring, Retri reveals the full spectrum of his brutality as each of them clash. In the end, Slasher prevails, bringing the tournament down to just Cole, Snipe, and Slasher.

Session 264: And the Champion Is...
Slasher, Snipe, and Colephantus face off in the ring against each other in a battle royale for the title of world's strongest. As the three of them clash, using their powers to try to knock the others out, it becomes obvious that Snipe's dark secret is ... the fact he's compacted his strength, making his power levels three times what they read. And he's gained the ability to mimic others' moves, which he reveals with a Dark Kiama Matter Blast. The fight begins to reach epic turns as Slasher and Snipe clash with energy beams, then unleash them both upon Cole to knock him out. Afterward, Slasher collapses from the energy drain, leaving Snipe barely standing and the victor. He's won his last world tournament.

June 5th - 7th, 2224

Session 265: 48 Hours
When a bad man plants a bomb in Mega City to blow up in exactly 48 hours (from June 5th at 7:30 P.M. until June 7th at 7:30 P.M.), it becomes a desperate race against time as the heroes of the planet have to locate the bomb and stop it from destroying them all. But as the countdown continues and the mystery thickens, it seems a certain old bounty hunter from the past is back for one last prank - to show the team what it really takes to win. Can they stop Baberlus and save Mega City?

June 30th, 2223

Session 266: The Hunters Return
Wind reveals that he has built a new Hunter Station in orbit around the Earth. This station will house a new generation of Hunters that will act as the Earth's military force and protect the entire planet from outside and inside threats. And the leader of the new generation of Hunters is none other than Wiendigo himself ... with the old Dominator returning to act as advisor to help peaceful relations remain stable. It seems like old times have returned to Earth ...

July 24th, 2224

Session 267: The Last Battle
When an old threat begins to emerge from the pits of hell, Wind leads the remaining heroes of Earth to the location of Atheos' defeat to face their last and greatest enemy ever - the grass reborn. As the grass takes on powerful new forms, it will take everyone's combined strength and power to bring about the end of this green menance and save the Earth once and for all.

July 30th, 2224 - August 28th, 3224

Session 268: Legends Never Die...
As the old Snipe finishes telling the story of the events during The Alien Wars 3, he finishes by telling the fates of all the heroes of Earth and what became of them. But, his story had reached it's own final page, and so Snipe begins one last journey to where it all began for him -- the ruins of the Special Unit Building where he will see his friends one last final time before death's embrace takes him onto the next adventure - death itself.