The Joke Unit

April 12th - 13th, 2222

Session 9: Nothing Important Happened Today...
A 24 hour look at the lives of the Alternate Team as they come to learn more about themselves and each other. Of course, when a wild storm hits the city and knocks out the power, things will begin to become...sexually charged for some members. Who will fall in love and who will not?

April 18th, 2222

Session 10: The 5th Column
A terrorist group from the British Isles has appeared in Mega City - known only as the 5th Column, a Neo-Nazi group under the leadship of Senreich. And the Alternate has been assigned to take them out. Jerry the Analyst provides some insights to them that leads the team to race to the parade and encounter the 5th Column has they open an assault on the innocents enjoying the parade. Though they stop the 5th Column this first time, the encounter is a bloody one - for the number dead is high.

And Infinity and Pope wonder why Ire is taking the entire reassignment from the Slasher case lightly. Is Ire just another mindless drone working for the police force or is there more?

April 19th, 2222

Session 11: Voodoo Cats
In what seems to be a serial murder case, the Alternate team is led on a chase of a dead cat named Whiskers, trying to find out what a dead cat, voodoo rituals, and dead bodies add up to be. And only what could be a voodoo battle, the Alternate team tracks the murderer to a Vetenary Clinic and must fight the forces of voodoo cats.

April 22nd, 2222

Session 12: Advocators of Hate
Ire gets a call from Senreich, leader of the 5th Column, to meet with him or else he'll blow up a hotel full of people. Ire, Infinity, and Silouette agree to meet up with him. And when they do, Senreich offers Ire a place in group --- if he'll agree to kill Silouette. After an inner debate, Ire refuses and they part ways. However, the entire meeting was a scheme to smuggle something into the city. But what?

April 25th, 2222

Session 13: Descent into Hell
Ire, Pope, Infinity, and Donte - the newest addition to the Alternate team - wake up to find that their teammates are gone --- and to find Stark chopped up into little pieces in the fridge. This leads them further into a nightmare as they search for Jerry, who turns out to be mutated into a monster. And, even after escaping that, Ire is haunted by the voice of Tikal --- and the group encounters an army of zombie Chiere. What is going on?

Session 14: Aces and Eights - The Dead Man's Hand
Senreich has captured Ire, Pope, Infinity, and Donte - pumping them full of hallucinagens. When the team figures it out, they're unholy pissed off and fight back against Senreich's forces. And for some reason Senreich seems interested in Infinity. Back at Building 38, Unoria and Silouette search for the missing team, arriving at the 5th Column base at a library. There, both teams will have to meet up to beat back Senreich --- but it turns out that Senreich switched himself with the British Prime Minister, scheduled to arrive today to smooth things over with Mega City...and the team just happened to have killed him.

April 29th, 2222

Session 15: Fatal Frame
The Alt team accompanies a reporter to a haunted mansion in order to find out if the stories about it are true. However, their little trip will quickly turn into one of nightmare as the stories are all right --- and the group have all been split up inside it's halls. Can Ire, Unoria, Firebird, Dahok, and Donte make it out alright? Or will the mansion forever claim them?

May 1st, 2222

Session 16: Picture Perfect
The team goes on the most unusual assignment of staring in a movie by a producer suspected of actually doing the events that occur in the movie. And they will find it might all be true, especially when they are stuck against hordes of ninjas. But can Stark and Ire use movie magic to save the day?