Of Pawns and Queens

April 2nd, 2222

Session 1: The Beginning
Captain Tikal's unit to investigate Slasher is up and ready under the direction of Warren Carmichael - Ire. However, the team - as they get to learn about each other - might find their reasons on the case being ice thin. A five year old case that isn't getting any younger is not one you can just solve. But the search for the truth is always a strong motivator.

April 3rd, 2222

Session 2: The Search for Slasher Part I
Ire and the team begin their investigation into the disappearence of Slasher by heading to the highest ranking person in all of Mega City/Vesperton - the area's leader and ruler, Tyler McCabe, who was once the assistant to Slasher. However, with cars tailing them and McCabe urging them off the case, things don't seem to be looking up.

Session 3: The Search for Slasher Part II
The team heads to Slasher's old house in hopes of learning more about the mystery surrounding the disappearance of this great leader. However, at the house, all they find is more mysteries as an underground hanger is discovered, along with someone going as far as setting the house on fire to get rid of the team permenantly. Whatever they're on, it's definitely hot.

April 4th, 2222

Session 4: The Search for Slasher Part III
The team leads it's investigation to Dr. Chris Carter - Diamondback - in hopes of learning something about Slasher. However, even though he's the only remaining person of the old team, Carter's not revealing much of anything other than useless answers and vague responses. Is he, somehow, part of the disappearance of Slasher? And Ire has a crash course in flying as Pope and Dahok battle a pilot that's trying to kill them. In the end, they manage to take the pilot prisoner.

April 5th, 2222

Session 5: Reassignment
Ire gets a call saying that an informant is waiting at the Wildcat Bar to give some information on Slasher. However, when they arrive, they waste the next hour and half with no show on the informant's part. Upon returning to the HQ, the team finds their prisoner murdered and in their cell. And, worst of all, someone has executed Tikal with two plasma shots to the face. Now, under the command of a new unit supervisor - Colonel Roberts - the team has been given the joke assignment of investigating the weird occurances in the area. And they have permenantly been removed from the Slasher case.