May 20th, 2222

Session 31: The Ghost Ship
When the Aquarius comes across a deserted ship floating in space, Captain Cardinal orders an investigation of the ship. However, the away team will find more than they bargained for when a virus onboard the ship kills a person immediately, strips their flesh away, and leaves the skeleton animated. And it seems humans are infected much faster than Tsivrixsh, leaving Nobody and the other ensigns in grave danger.

May 23rd, 2222

Session 32: Raider Territory
When a base is discovered in a jungle of a planet, a base belonging to the crafty Raiders, Cardinal leads an away team through the jungle to reach the base. However, she might be getting into more than even she bargained for - mainly from her ensigns - as the base inflitration leads them into contact with the Raider leader, Gavin, who seems to have all sorts of plans in store for them and a super weapon. Barely surviving the assault and letting Gavin get away, the Aquarius gives chase.

May 25th, 2222

Session 33: Chasing the Black-Caped Man
As the Aquarius chases Gavin's flag ship, a group of raiders launch an assault on the Aquarius and burn through the hull. Once inside, a battle rages for control of the Aquarius as the Raiders attack floor by floor, killing innocent crew men and damaging other systems of the ship. In the end, the Aquarius crew drives them back, but the Aquarius crippled.

May 26th, 2222

Session 34: Raiders of the Lost Artifact
The damaged Aquarius discovers a mining site that Gavin is currently located. Sending an away team to find out what, since the Aquarius cannot get near due to laser cannon fire, the away team must fight through hordes of enemies and miners to reach Gavin. And once there, it seems he's mining material for his super weapon, plus has another old weapon - the broken Emerald Sword, which still seems to have quite a bit of power left. Escaping, Gavin seems to hold all the playing cards.

May 30th, 2222

Session 35: Blues Brothers
As the Aquarius is docked at an Alliance repair station, the restless crew has too much time on their hands. Doing sims and other things to keep tensions down, things begin to heat up between Sardis and Skaad over Tsivrixsh honor issues. And, finally, it might just lead to an explosive conflict.

June 3rd, 2222

Session 36: Botched
When Cardinal and Thedda leave to investigate possible Gavin leads, Science Officer Katrina is left in charge. Deducing that maybe the planet Jarivan, the casino planet, might be funding Gavin, she leads the Aquarius there to check it out. While her idea was correct, the battle that ensures on the planet knocks Skaad out of the picture, maybe forever, and leaves Namarie floating, lost in space.

June 4th, 2222

Session 37: The Decisions We Make
Katrina goes back to Jarivan to recover Namarie and learn if Skaad is alive or dead. However, her investigation does not turn up the presumed dead Tsivrixsh, but instead finds a mysterious old reploid name Cipher, who claims Gavin is using Infinity Inc. people to make a Mark III Reploid. The two form an alliance in the upcoming days.