The Land of the Rising Sun

October 24th, 2222

Session 111: I Think I'm Turning Japanese
The Alt Team has arrived in Japan and it seems Ire has a plan to meet with the leader of the zone. Whoever wins the upcoming tournament will get to meet with the leader and spend time with him. Ire enters Silouette, Dahok, and Junior in order to better their odds. Having a free day before the tournament, the group watches the Children's Tournament and witness the power and might of two kids called Aya and Chad. What's more surprising is that they are the children of Eve and Dias. However, when Eve learns who Junior is she begins to act most odd.

October 25th, 2222

Session 112: The Tournament
The day of the tournament arrives and Dahok, Sil, and Junior enter the tournament with full vigor. As their first matches begin, it seems they have nothing to worry about ... until Eve steps forward and begins to demonstrate her strength. Why has she entered the tournament while Snipe and Dias watch from the sidelines?

Session 113: Nani!?
As the fighting continues, Junior faces off with the Robotic Squirrel who seems to have it in for him. And with the Squirrel's ability to generate electricity, Junior is forced to fight against his own weakness in order to beat this small foe. Dahok, meanwhile, is forced to fight his own best friend from the Brahnk Temple, Defal, who seems to have it in for Dahok since their last encounter in the Rainforest. And Silouette fights a woman named Nyssa, who has come from the Janus Corporation. A woman just like her - dead but yet alive. As the two clash, Silouette manages to get the upper hand and beats her opponent - even if it means removing some fingers from her in the process. Yet, the biggest fight comes from Eve, who seems to be intent on taking Junior down in the ring. As the two battle it out, Eve for some reason suddenly backs off and resigns from the fight, despite the fact she was winning. When Junior questions Eve on why she is doing this, she tells him about how Garland murdered all her children because they were sons and daughters of the Tsivrixsh Emperor. While Silouette and Dahok battle it out, Junior talks with Snipe to learn more about his father. As Junior learns the last half of the story of his father, his mind is made up even more about the man ... but Snipe urges Junior to learn the first half before condemning him. And, in the ring, Dahok somehow manages to defeat Silouette ... meaning the final battle is coming up between him and Junior.

Session 114: Samurai Showdown
Junior vs. Dahok for the winner of the tournament. As the two battle it out in an all-or-nothing battle, both fighters are pushed to their limits in finding out just who is the best. As the fight continues, Junior manages to defeat Dahok with just a bit of room to spare ... but to do so he begins to demonstrate some Garland-like abilities. Like father like son? In any event, Junior and his friends are granted a meeting with the leader, Shingo, the following day.

October 26th, 2222

Session 115: Sayonara
When the Alt Team questions Shingo about what happened to President Slasher, they are quickly dismissed and watched by the Japanese forces. Suspicious, the team begins to head back to their shuttle to return to the Altros when Shingo himself challenges the team to a fight. As Junior and Shingo lock blades on the rooftop in the rain, it seems obvious that honor is what is at stake here. Even as Junior is victor and Shingo falls, they learn they must head to the Siberian Nation if they want the truth about President Slasher.