Shakedown Run

April 3rd, 2222

Session 6: Day One
Hwenira Yshidhan, Corvus Skiers, and Sardis graduate from one of the Alliance's academies and are assigned to an older ship under construction to bring it up todate - the Aquarius. However, seriously undermanned and problems breaking out between Captain Yshidhan and Sardis, things are looking to be bad --- and fast. And an old face from the past shows up to offer his services as a Counselor.

April 5th, 2222

Session 7: Captain's Log
The Aquarius struggles to be ready for it's launch date and that leaves Corvus Skiers, the Chief Engineer, a very busy man. But the Captain has to worry about where she's going to find crew to help out. Enter: Shiva Sevintes and Sareindir Faltos Gregor. But even with these two, more people are desperately needed....

April 8th, 2222

Session 8: The First Mission
Captain Yshidhan gains another crewmember in Namarie, but the Aquarius is still in great need of man power. And with the first assignment scheduled, she's forced to dip into the Cadet pool and bring in Katrina Star, an old friend who's specializes in the science division, to be her temporary XO. However, problems in the hyperdrive lead the Aquarius to almost being destroyed if not for the efforts of the crew. Having completed their mission with high damage, Command decides to give the Aquarius more time to repair and revamp the ship.