The Sims

July 20th, 2222

Session 63: The Sims Prologue
The Aquarius, while patroling deep space, comes across an asteroid that gives everyone a bad vibe, especially Shiva. However, after some weird signals are transmitted from the asteroid into the ship itself and strange manifestations begin to pop up, the crew finds little choice but to investigate the asteroid. Katrina, Corvus, and Doctor Black investigate the asteroid, learning it's really a strong hold for the dead Xevil and that some file was uploaded into the Aquarius. The asteroid begins to destroy itself and the group is forced to escape, barely making it back to the ship. There they learn something has occurred with the simulator.

Session 64: The Sims Part I
Doctor Black foolishly travels alone into the simulator. The simulator program, affected by the upload from Xevil's asteroid, is beginning to run out of control and is making up a world of all the various simulated levels programmed into it. The World, as it is called, is draining all the energy from the Aquarius, threatening to take out life support if the Source, somewhere inside The World, isn't stopped. Katrina, with mixed blessings from Captain Cardinal, follows Black into The World. There, they come across the original Hunters led by Death Star during the Year Long War from 2179-2180. Teaming up with them, Black finds herself developing feelings for this period long since passed... However, it's not without it's dangers as old foes begin to pop up ... like Vile.

Session 65: The Sims Part II
Sardis and Shiva are next into The World, quick on the heels of Katrina and Doc Black. They quickly become mixed up with The Galactic War sims and team up with them to take on more of the simulated villians, like the Tsivrixsh Emperorer, Crucifixtion, and Cran. However, their paths quickly cross over with the Year Long War sims and a fight breaks out as each sim thinks they are the real deal. In the end, a shakey alliance is forged to find the Source, even if it means the total desturction of The World.

Session 66: The Sims Part III
The Alliance crew travel with their sim friends as they travel into the heart of this black world, quickly finding Hell Prison. Inside there, they begin to discover that the Source is the Xevil Sim. The Xevil Sim, downloaded with all the memories of the real Xevil after the asteroid uploaded it into the computer, has decided to take out the Aquarius. The battle breaks out with the Sims quickly falling one by one in an attempt to stop Xevil. When they do, the Source is free for grabs to destroy. But, before they can do it, Motenk Death Star shows up, ready to lay claim to it before they can do it. As all the Sims tackle him, the Alliance crew helps take out the Source and utterly destroys The World, thus freeing the Aquarius. However, some like Doc Black feel that it wasn't worth it.

July 24th, 2222

Session 67: Define Your Moment
Captain Cardinal, Doctor Black, and Cadet Katrina Star decided that it's time for a vacation and they go a resort planet to relax. However, once there, they will have to come to terms with the moment they are living in, trying to define who they are and what they want to do. Upon there, they come across Snipe, Hotaru, and Em-chan, who happen to be living on the resort. Snipe, once Slasher vanished, brought the girls and his daughter to live on the planet while he searches the cosmos. However Doc Black, desperate for a man, latched onto Snipe and has sex with him. The question: Can she have a meaningful relationship with Snipe?