In a Timely Fashion

May 20th, 2223

Session 153: Invasion of the Fourth Kind
The Alternate Unit invades the British Isles in an attempt to learn more about the condition. A mysterious pilot named "Wind" is assigned to them and seems to have amazing skills unlike anything they've seen, allowing them to get past the defenses of the city and into it. Once there, they quickly begin to fight their way through Chiere and 5th Column patrols, trying to find anything that could help them start an underground resistance. In the end, they manage to start something, agreeing to meet again in a few weeks to work on the group - in arming them. As they move to escape, though, they come across a Super Chiere - who is stronger than all of them put together. Wind manages, though, to pull them out before it can kill them, but it's obvious next time they'll have to be better prepared.

May 27th, 2222

Session 154: The Time Factor
It seems a secret project has been undergoing development by a Dr. Ezekiel. The project is to develop a time machine before the 5th Column does. However, what exactly does this imply? Especially since Snipe gave the go ahead to build it before he left months ago? And how does it tie into a bunch of skeletons, centuries old, buried in a mine shaft? Buried, in fact, with Ire's ID badge.

June 6th, 2223

Session 155: To The 5th Power
Once again invading the British Isles, the unit prepares to destroy a facility they think is helping in the creation of Chiere. As they begin to inflitrate it, though, Phirax encounters his brother, Tobias Xanatos, who is now working for the 5th Column. As the siblings fight each other, Ire leads the others into the heart of the Chiere facility where they manage to set up the bombs, only to face a Super Chiere, who isn't intent on leaving them alone. As a huge battle breaks out between them and the Chiere, the team is forced to retreat after the facility is destroyed. Once again, they've won a crucial victory, but just barely. And with many injuries. Plus Phirax vows to find Tobias again, should they meet.

June 12th, 2223

Session 156: Diamondback - the First Time Traveler
Dr. Ezekiel goes to use his time machine finally, with Professor Carter - Diamondback, the volunteer to go. As the machine sends him into the past, though, the Alt Team is forced to defend the lab against the 5th Column, who shows up to try to steal the machine. And they've sent a Super Chiere in order to do it. Ire, vowing to defeat one of them - one way or another - leads his team into battle and they manage to finally succeed, after sustaining major injuries. And Diamondback, who returns from his time traveling, has aged many years. McCabe pulls the plug on the time machine and orders Ezekiel to dismantle it.

April 21st, 2223

Session 157: Underground Resistance
The Alternate Unit once again heads to the British Isles, this time to supply the resistance they are making with weapons. However, once they arrive, they learn that there is a traitor in the resistance - one Tobias Xanatos. As they try to stop Tobias from revealing the location of the resistance and bringing their fragile plans to an end, Phirax steps up, along with Pope and Dahok, to stop him once and for all. In the end, only one brother will walk away and the fragile resistance survives.

April 28th, 2223

Session 158: The Moving Hands of Time Part 1
Ezekiel, refusing to dismantle his time machine, prepares to use it one more time. And he's going to change history to his liking. Slasher and McCabe warn the Alternate Unit that if he succeeds in changing history, it will be like wiping out their entire reality and killing everyone in it to adjust for the new one, because it's impossible to just change the timeline. Ire and the others move to stop Ezekiel, but as they leap into the time portal after him, they find themselves during the Galactic War. And Ezekiel is trying to kill President Dominator, deciding he's a focal enough point that if he dies before the Alliance wins the war, history will be forever changed. Teaming up with Garland, the Alternate Unit manages to stop Ezekiel, but Ezekiel makes another jump, further into the past, and the team has no choice but to follow him, even though it means they can never go home again - since the people in their time won't know where they've gone.

Session 159: The Moving Hands of Time Part 2
Ezekiel has jumped back in time to the point hours before the Tsivrixsh Fleet bombed Earth and made it wasteland it is today. The team must fight the urge to alert Earth what is about to happen and change the timeline. And they must stop Ezekiel from doing the same, lest everything be changed forever. But can they fight the desire for a better future? Or will it lead to more sorrow?

Session 160: The Moving Hands of Time Part 3
Having jumped further into the past, Ezekiel leads the Alternate Team to the time of the Year-Long War. And he's removed key members of the Hunters from the timeline. The Alternate Unit must somehow defeat him on the Hunter Station and retrieve the missing members while not being detected and changing history.

Session 161: The Moving Hands of Time Part 4
Now faced with the Maverick Wars, the Alternate Unit must somehow prevent Ezekiel from killing X and changing the timeline where Sigma would have won the Maverick Wars. But, can they survive an era of bloodshed and destruction, all the while helping the Maverick Hunters and trying to stop Ezekiel?

Session 162: The Moving Hands of Time Part 5
Ezekiel teams up with Dr. Wily in the era of Mega Man, hoping to aid the mad scientist's take over of the world. Can Ire and the others team up with the legendary Mega Man and stop Ezekiel and Wily's plans for world domination? Or will the evil duo change history to their liking?

Session 163: The Moving Hands of Time Part 6
The last stop. Ezekiel, defeated with Dr. Wily, makes one blind jump into the past before his time machine breaks. And the Alternate Unit follows right after him - right to the wild west. Now in the 1800's, they find themselves having to survive the Western world and stop Ezekiel from disrupting the activities there. All the while not revealing themselves or their technology to the natives. Yet, according to the skeletons found in the mineshaft, there is no turning back for them. Or, ... is there?