September 30th, 2223

Session 211: War Games
The Motenk War has begun to heat up, but the team, now an investigation team - IT - has little to do. So, they prepare for the upcoming fight by training with one another and trying to master their combat skills. Death Star trains Kio in sword combat, while Dias helps train Nicolai in hand-to-hand combat. However, Katrina is being run down more and more for some reason, despite attempts by Nicolai to "get to know her". And Strife has security issues when it comes to horror movies.

October 5th, 2223

Session 212: War Plans
While Dias and Colephantus train with their gears, the rest of the team attempts to figure out just what the Motenks are up to in this strange war so far. The Motenks are randomly attacking backwater planets and taking them over. As Death Star explains the war so far to the newer members, it becomes obvious that the IT has no idea what direction the Motenks are going to move next. Death Star and Phirax come up with the idea of bringing out the Motenk spirit inside Dias in order to question it, but this causes a backwards effect - angering some of those who dislike the other, including Dias, and getting others to think it might be the only way to solve the Motenk riddle. With the team dividing, the neutral Kio decides to find his own answers in the galactic map.

October 10th, 2223

Session 213: Warfare
The Motenks take over an extremely populated and advanced world known as Wizzell. However, Junior has a plan to reclaim the planet - and it involves the IT. While Dias leads a group of gears in with oxygen rich canisters, they head to a gas planet, planting them, while the others lure the Motenk fleet to the planet. Then, detonating the canisters, they cause the gas planet to explode, taking out the Motenk fleet. Upon finishing this, the IT then heads onto the planet, where the breatheable air is almost nonexistent, so the citizens live in domed cities. The Motenks, when taking over the planet, already have destroyed one domed city, with threats to destroy the other 14 if anything goes wrong. Deciding they are the only hope to find any information about the Motenks, the IT heads in anyway. Dias, using the Ark, lures the Motenk Cone Fighters away, while the others enter the domed city - splitting up.

Session 214: War Drums
Katrina and Nicolai, Dias and Sojima, and Kio are all alone as they travel through the domed city, trying to find information on the Motenks. As Kio travels through the ciity, he encounters a citizen of the city in a local store. After learning about the citizens and getting a map of the area, Kio takes some medical kits and heads back into the city, avoiding detection and coming across a lizard like creature that attempts to kill him. Katrina and Nicolai head into the city, searching for information also, but come across several Motenk forces moving along the city, forcing them to move slowly and carefully. But, Dias and Sojima, manage to come face to face with Motenk forces and engage them, destroying parts of the city as they fight. Katrina and Nicolai arrive and Kat orders them all to surrender, lest the Motenks destroy the city. Now, everyone has been captured except Kio and Death Star, who manage to get into the central structure.

Session 215: Prisoners of War
Dias is brought to an examining room where the Lizard Motenks attempt to find out more about his Motenk side. Meanwhile, Kio sneaks through the complex, only to be discovered by more of the Lizards. After barely escaping them, he comes across Dias and the two join forces, battling their way through the Lizards and escaping to the prison cells, where they find Katrina. Once freeing her, they head up to the top, where they join Death Star. As DS, Kio, and Kat attempt to defeat the Motenk Commander, Dias holds off some of the Lizards, only to be saved by some mysterious person, allowing him to join the others. After their combined efforts pay off, the group defeats the Motenk Commander and Death Star attempts to disarm the bomb in the city. He succeeds, but a second bomb, cloaked, activates and destroys the city as the team teleports out. Though they have won, the cost is extremely high.

October 22nd, 2223

Session 216: The Tides of War
After the Alliance victory, the Motenks respond in kind with deadly aggression - attacking Alliance and Tsivrixsh fleets in hit and run tactics. With the war turning in favor of the Motenks once again, Junior arrives with a new weapon to use against them - explosive foam. And it's up to the IT to test it. As the group prepares their gears and shuttles, a mysterious machine called Project Diamond shows up, claiming he wants to help them. They head out to find some Motenk forces - and find them. After they use the foam and explosives, they find it does get past the Motenk shields and damage the ships. However, the Motenks show up with reinforcements and chase the team back into hyperspace, all the way to the station, where they manage to detonate the foam in hyperspace and lose them. Once they arrive on the station, they find that an old teammate is back - Snipe.

October 28th, 2223

Session 217: Dust in the Wind
The foam is a success and the Alliance Fleet begins to use it in their battles, starting to win again. However, everyone knows it's just a matter of time before the Motenks find a way to counter it. As everyone attempts to come to terms with what is about to come and find some way to learn more about the Motenks, Death Star finally decides it's time to leave back to Earth in order to find some answers for himself, after everything that has happened.

October 31st, 2223

Session 218: The Trick and the Treat
Everyone has fun in the simulators, or do they, according to the drunk narrator.

November 10th, 2223

Session 219: Casualities of War
The Alliance is doing well in their war, while the Tsivrixsh Empire merely holds position. However, things switch, when Katrina claims to have had a horrible dream where she sees death and destruction at the Alliance HQ Station. The team attempts to contact the station, when the Motenks arrive and attack their own station, forcing the team to escape to the shuttles as the station plummets and crashes. As the team escapes, they leap into hyperspace, rushing to the HQ Station, only to be attacked by Motenk Ark, stolen after Dias was forced to abandon it on Wizzell. Colephantus and Nicolai manage to drag the Ark out of hyperspace and ditch it, which helps the others arrive at the HQ Station - only to find it destroyed. The Motenks there begin to head in to attack them, but Snipe discovers that the Aquarius has been repaired, so the team heads over there, preparing for a last stand against the Motenks. Using the Aquarius and their gears, the team attacks the Motenks using Junior's latest weapon - a white laser. With Nicolai flying, Kio shooting, and Katrina using the science station, the Aquarius drives off the Motenk forces, while the others battle the Ark, learning that the pilot of it is Project Crescent, who has joined the Motenk forces. They manage to defeat him, sending him packing, but it seems now that the Alliance has been crippled - so Junior orders the group to the Tsivrixsh homeworld in order to regroup.