December 5th, 2199

Session 41: A New Hope
The Hunters are still lost and have no clue where they are after the devestating battle yesterday, in which one of their own died and a friend died. Learning that the planet shouldn't be as advanced as it is, the Hunters, carrying the liquified Gravedigger, who was melted from the battle the other day, are taken to the Chieftian, who begins to preach to them in a way that begins to open the angry Garland's eyes. However, Gravedigger, still piecing together the mysteries from Anniversary figures out who it really is...

Death Star, who has finally shown up at long last, and the final pieces of the puzzle are placed down. However, things aren't going to rest for long as Xevil has shown up for the final battle.

Session 42: The Cold Equation Part 1
The battle begins as the Hunters, along with Death Star, gather together to take on Xevil's forces, which are set up all around the planet. Eight prime locations under attack, and each decision the team makes affects later outcomes. Dias and others will have to come to terms with themselves that losses must be made for the greater good. And Paladin's back, a hostage of one of the Tsivrixsh forces. However, can he and Death Star re-establish a relation after their fallout at the end of the Year Long War? And what does Xevil have in store?

Session 43: The Cold Equation Part 2
The Hunters - Snipe, Death Star, Avatar, Ripple, Slash, Garland, Spirit, Dias, Blackjack and Maestro - head into the base that was once Death Star's. But with Xevil controlling the brilliant Death Star's traps, their chances of escape are cut down extremely...especially when Death Star is taken hostage by Xevil. They have to force their way through the halls, Snipe and Avatar soon joining DS in the clutches of Xevil. And Ripple is almost fatally wounded, but is barely brought back to life -- in time for the cold equation to begin by Xevil. 3 hostages - and the Hunters have to choose one who will live out of the three. The debating goes on as the team has to make one of their worst decisions ever, and after everyone has voted --- the tie breaker falls upon Spirit, who forces herself to choose....Snipe.

Death Star and Avatar are teleported away and the battle breaks out against Xevil, who proves to be top strong for them all. Before they learn his dodging trick, Snipe however is the first one to nail him, allowing him and Garland to team up against Xevil. However, as the battle progresses, Xevil wipes the psionic's minds --- only to be freed by Snipe in the nick of time. Garland pumps up on Hyper and begins to attack Xevil, who still manages to take the hits in stride --- until the death blast from Avatar comes flying up through the ceiling, who dies protecting Death Star.

In retaliation, Xevil attacks Dias, who is destroying his crystal and blinds him permanently right before Death Star drops in to free Garland from his clutches. The Hunters all gather their last attacks together and kill Xevil together. However, the base begins to self-destruct and it's a race to escape --- but they fail to make it out in time before the explosion. Is this the end of human life or the beginning of a new era?