Name: Jared Carter
Code Name: Blackjack

Rank: Captain
Species: Human
Position: To deal out the odds
Credits: 13,000 gil
Quote: "Do you really think I care about the odds?"
Power Level: 110
Speed Level: 130

Physical Stats:
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Skin tone: White
Birth date: August 23, 2159

Psychological evaluation:
Blackjack has a very serious personality, though he does like to have a good time. Gambling is his life, and oftentimes he will drop everything for a good game of poker. Blackjack is also drawn to alcohol, and is known to sometimes overdrink at a bar.

RPG Stats:
Exp Level: 27 - 20%
HP: 13,400
Weapons Limit: 7

Primary: Spy
Secondary: Strategist

Enhanced Senses
Stealth and Disguise
Code of Honor

Compulsion: Gambling
Daredevil - Oftentimes, Blackjack will not stop to think before attempting something brash. (Game Effect: Blackjack will usually be the first to jump into doing most tasks, despite the danger.)

Jared "Blackjack" Carter was born on August 23, 2159, in Vesperton, New York. Life was nice and normal, until 2176. While Blackjack was playing poker with his parents and his sister Charlie "Foxfire" and friend Chris Weaver were out picking up pizza, a Maverick named Darkwatch broke into their home and lashed into them. Blackjack was able to hide, but Darkwatch was too fast for his parents. He instantly lashed into them, forcing Blackjack to watch his own parents' death.

As Darkwatch grabbed a few items he deemed valuable, Blackjack slipped to the gun cabinet. While the Maverick's back was turned, he grabbed his grandfather's sniper rifle and let out a shot. The shot missed, but Darkwatch thought it best to run. Blackjack ran after him, grabbing his hoverboard along the way. Charlie and Chris met the chase as it left the house, and a high-speed chase through the streets of Vesperton and Mega City ensued. The teenagers eventually won after a standoff between Blackjack and Darkwatch on top of a building, but all three realized that nothing would bring the Carters' parents back.

When the police refused to offer any help in the situation, Blackjack and Foxfire decided to take matters into their own hands. Both were skilled fighters - Blackjack with a gun and Foxfire with swords - so they decided to exact their revenge against Reploids by joining CorSec's military. Chris tagged along, as he had planned to join up anyway.

The siblings quickly rose through the ranks in their respective divisions, each holding leadership ranks within two years. Blackjack led many successful sniping missions, many of them solo. A failed mission against a CorSec rebel faction introduced Blackjack to his future wife, Mirri "Freewind" Brooks. While in the custody of the group, Blackjack realized that his personal fight against Reploids meant nothing, and he began to have secret second thoughts about his life with CorSec.

Freewind tagged along with Blackjack back to CorSec in an attempt to damage it from the inside. Blackjack informed Foxfire and Chris about a new plan for his life. The two agreed wholeheartedly with his plans, but informed Blackjack that they would assist Freewind's attempt to take CorSec out from the inside, while Blackjack took his own angle. As the now-infamous Final Battle occured, Blackjack made a break for it, escaping from planet Earth on a shuttle headed straight for a certain station in Jupiter's orbit: Maverick Hunter Headquarters.

Blackjack joined Maverick Hunter, and was quickly thrown into the action. To him, Maverick Hunter was one big gamble, and he loved it. Soon after joining, however, three of the members of his team at CorSec - Daniel Johnson, Andrew Lamnon, and Chris himself - were sent to Maverick Hunter Headquarters in an attempt to bring Blackjack back. This failed attempt left Andrew and Chris dead, and a deep grudge buried itself between Blackjack and Daniel, the leader of the small team.

Blackjack spent a short time back in CorSec a good while after joining Maverick Hunter, as he thought he needed some time away from Maverick Hunter to piece his life together. Upon returning, he brought with him his fiancÚ, Freewind. The two married a short time after returning.

After the disbandment of Maverick Hunter, the two moved back to Blackjack's hometown, Vesperton, New York. Eight months later, their son, Chris, was born. A discussion with a friend a month before Chris's birth caused the new parents to give their child to a science team, along with 999 other children, for an experiment known simply as "Project Enhance." The project was a success, and Blackjack and Freewind's lives became a nightmare: telekinesis and a two year old don't mix.

During the plague that struck the world in 2194, Blackjack donated his services to the recovery effort, along with the rest of his family. However, Blackjack himself contracted the plague, and passed out behind the wheel of his car, causing him to wreck. His spinal cord was damaged, confining him to a wheelchair.

As the Special Unit formed, Blackjack found himself unable to join, due to his paralysis. Chris - Diamondback - joined in his place. Blackjack, not one to sit out, allowed himself to be part of yet another experiment: to have an artificial spinal cord placed in his back. The experiment was again a success, and Blackjack could again walk.

However, before Blackjack could join the Special Unit, the Tsivrixsh attacked Earth. Blackjack's family successfully made it onto the Fury, however. Now, Blackjack has joined up with the "Hunters," and is donating what he can to the attempt to take Earth back.

Standard Combat (punches/kicks/etc) Slots Used: 5 / Slots Left: Unlimited Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Punch 600 AP / 0 PL
Attack 2 capabilities: Kick 650 AP / 0 PL
Attack 3 capabilities: Ram/Headbutt/Throw/Etc 625 AP / 0 PL
Defense 1 capabilities: Fist Block/Kick Block No Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')
Defense 2 capabilities: Grab No Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')

Sniper Rifle mk. Delta (long-range weapon) Slots Used: 3 / Slots Left: 3 Elemental: Multi / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Fires a bullet. Mainly used for sniping purposes. 1,500 AP / 1 PL Usage
Attack 2 capabilities: Fires a burst of elemental energy. Mainly used for combat purposes. The element may be chosen at the time of firing. 2,500 AP + Elemental / 2 PL Usage
Special 1 capabilities: The rifle's infrared scope may be used for various purposes, ranging from sniping accuracy to night vision. +++++

Blade of Aperture (close-range weapon) Slots Used: 4 / Slots Left: 2 Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Basic slashing maneuvers. 1,500 AP / 1 PL Usage
Attack 2 capabilities: When double bladed, the sabre can be thrown, and it acts as a boomerang, returning to Blackjack's hand. 1,500/3,000 AP + Elemental / 2 PL Usage
Counter 1 capabilities: Parry maneuvers (Block without loss of PL/SL if your SL is higher than attackers')
Counter 2 capabilities: When double bladed, Blackjack can spin the blade at high speeds to reflect projectiles. 3 PL

Omnithropy (Special ability) Slots Used: 2 / Slots Left: 4 Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Half Form: Blackjack takes on a combination form, usually a bipedal form of an animal. Stats change depending on the type of animal +30 change range; either up or down
Attack 2 capabilities: Full Form: Blackjack shapeshifts into an animal. All of Blackjack's equipment disappears, leaving him to attack with only his body. +40 change range; either up or down

Special Item:

Gambler's Cards. Description - Blackjack's trademark weapon. As Diamondback uses the originals, Blackjack has fashioned a new set for his own use. (13 cards in each suit and 2 jokers)

Hearts - Blackjack throws the card forward, and it begins to crackle with electricity before connecting. (1,500 AP + electric elemental)
Diamonds - Blackjack throws the card, which lights on fire in midair. (1,500 AP + fire elemental)
Spades - Blackjack launches the razor-sharp card, which cuts its target. (1,600 AP)
Clubs - Blackjack throws the card as his foe's head, in an attempted knockout. (1,500 AP + possible KO)
Joker - Blackjack throws the razor-sharp card, which explodes on contact and causes extreme damage. (5,500 AP)

Royal Flush - Using his limited psionic ability, Blackjack forms multiple rectangles of psionic energy and throws them out in a solid barrage of cards. (The Southern KISS method in action) - 15,000 AP (Activated at 5,000 HP or lower)

Jack of Spades
Power: 70
Speed: 20
Agility: 30
Structure: 30 (30,000 HP)
Flame Jets Cannons stored in each wrist, which are capable of firing blazes of flame. Flameshooter (short/mid range) - 7,000 AP
Energy Sabre: A sabre that is almost the height of Jack of Spades. Used for close range combat. Slash (close/mid range) - 7,000 AP
Special: Energy Enhancer - Enhances the attack capabilities of Jack of Spades to incredible proportions. Increases all APs of Jack of Spades by 3,500 AP (limited time: 10 uses - 10 minute break).