Name: Christopher Wayne Carter
Callsign: Diamondback
Rank: Commander
Species: Human Enhanced
Position: Leader of the Enhanced
Credits: 10,000 gil
Quote: "Like the snake, so am I: Wait until the right moment, and STRIKE! And it's all over."
Power Level: 150
Speed Level: 190

Physical Stats - Diamondback:
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190lbs
Hair: Blond, kept shoulder length
Eyes: One blue, one grey
Skin tone: White
Birth Date: August 23, 2181
Armor: Generally forgoes armor in favor of black pants, brown boots, a T-shirt of some color, and, his trademark, a black leather jacket with a red diamond emblazoned on the back

Psychological evaluation:
Diamondback has a very happy-go-lucky personality, is very cocky and brash, and is almost always in a good mood. In battle situations, he drops into a serious personality, though he has a very cocky and flashy way of fighting. Unfortunately, Diamondback has a weakness that he attributes to his father: he will give anything for a good game of cards. This, in addition to his being half omnithrope and a snake lover, earned Diamondback his nickname.

RPG Stats:
Exp Level: 17 - 20%
HP: 13,550
Weapons Limit: 7

Description: The character is an excellent strategist, and can devious excellent tactical plans at ease. They are great at figuring out an enemy's tactics, and guessing their next move.
Game Effects: The character can create and analyze strategies at ease. The player may ask about the opponents' tactical plan after observing them a little and you can reveal things to him. You can also allow their plan to work fairly well.

Medical Skills 1
Description: This character has medium medical skills. They have first aid skills, the ability to aid skilled medics, the ability to fix low to moderate wounds, ect. Note that these skills apply to humans and not reploids. Note that to successfully aid a cyborg with require both medical and mechanic skills.
Game Effects: This character has the ability to heal low to moderate skills, aid skilled medics, ect.

Psionics 2
Description: The character has high power in psionics. This allows them to use powerful psionic weapons, have a power mindshield, and allows them to sense incoming enemies almost always.
Game Effect: The character can now use psionic weapons which are undodgable (those weapons get +5AP or the like in effect), the character has a level 2 mindshield, the character can sense incoming enemies almost always.

Enhanced Senses
Description: This character's senses are enhanced and therefore are better than others senses. Their sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. These heightened senses can be put to many uses.
Game Effects: This character's senses are all enhanced, and are stronger than normal. This can be put to a variety of uses. It will decrease chances of being snuck up on.

Name: Torn Allegiance
Description: The character's allegiance and loyalty is torn between the MH and the collective. They are not completely loyal to either side, and may betray the other (or they may be a double agent or turn traitor). This will highly influence their judgment and actions, as well as their teammates' and leaders' trust and opinions on them.

Name: Cocky and Brash
Description: The character is very cocky, and will often lower their guard during a fight to brag.
Game Effect: The character will often stop to gloat during battle, and is less likely do dodge attacks while doing so.

Just after the disbandment of Maverick Hunter, Jared "Blackjack" Carter and his wife Mirri went back to Earth to settle down and live normal lives. Five months passed, and the couple settled down in a suburb of Mega City, Vesperton, which also was Blackjack's hometown. Mirri was also six months into a pregnancy with their son, who was to be named Christopher Wayne Carter, in honor of Blackjack's fallen friend, Chris Weaver.

On July 5, 2181, Blackjack received a call from the lone survivor of the team that had created the zoanthrope process, John Elder. The rest of the team had been killed in a lab explosion. John, a longtime friend of Blackjack's, was now a part of another team, this time working on a project to give humans advanced psionic abilities. John, who knew about Mirri's pregnancy, offered Blackjack the chance to have his son "enhanced." Understanding Blackjack's hesitation, John explained that he believed that the process was completely safe, and was even including his own son Ryan in the test group. Blackjack said that he would contact John again after he had a chance to discuss the matter with Mirri. The couple talked for a while, and eventually made the difficult decision to allow their son to be used.

On August 23, 2181, Christopher Wayne Carter was born. Not long afterwards, the Carters put their son under the care of the scientific team. The baby became part of a 1,000 member experiment to give humans advanced physical abilities, as well as psionic abilities. The scientists passed off the fact that Chris had two different colored eyes as a birth defect, not knowing that Blackjack's omnithrope ability could be passed down through birth. As a result, Chris received the treatment, even though his genetic makeup was found to be slightly different. Afterwards, Chris was turned back over to his grateful parents.

While Chris was an infant, Blackjack and Mirri grew tekinetic abilities, as he would constantly give them telepathic images if he wanted something, or would use telekinesis and make the couple's lives difficult. As Chris aged, an interest for snakes and a lover for gambling earned him the nickname that crossed the two, Diamondback. At eleven, Chris discovered quite by accident that he held the same omnithropic abilities as his father. He also learned that he was part of a "collective," and could telepathically communicate with the other 999 of the experiment, no matter how far away they were. When Diamondback discovered this, he met with Ryan "Avatar" Elder, his father's friend's son, and found that while within a certain distance from another "enhanced," they shared certain skills and abilities.

Time passed, without anything interesting happening. In 2194, with people all over the world dying from the plague, Blackjack, Mirri, and Diamondback managed to survive the plague, helping Diamondback's aunt/Blackjack's sister Charlotte "Foxfire" to heal those affected. Unfortunately, Blackjack was affected by the plague, and was left paraplegic (paralyzed from the waist down) when he passed out behind the wheel of a car, confining the former Maverick Hunter to a wheelchair.

Five years passed, until the Maverick attacks began to grow more severe. On the way home from school one day, Diamondback ran into a Maverick attack. He became their target rather quickly. Though he tried to take them on and succeeded in taking two of them out, he was outnumbered and quickly beaten back, and would have been killed, had Slash not shown up and taken them out. Diamondback proceeded home, meeting up with his horrified parents. He described the previous events. Slash dropped in on the Carters not too long after he finished, and was shocked at seeing Blackjack, an old friend, in a wheelchair. The two caught up with each other and talked about old times for a while, including Slash's plans to join the EarthGov Armed Forces Special Unit. When Slash left, he dropped a hint that he believed that Diamondback had what it takes to join the Special Unit. Diamondback, realizing that many like him were not lucky enough to be saved from a Maverick attack, and realizing his father's wishes to take out the Mavericks once again, followed the hint and left his home to join the EarthGov Armed Forces Special Unit.

During the events that occured in Shadows of the Past, the Special Unit rescued three of the enhanced's friends, also enhanced: Jennifer "Spectre" Arenson, Charlie "Skyrider" Puckett, and Erica "Shatterstar" Faircloth. The three joined up with the Special Unit after their rescue, doing work in the background.

The six enhanced survived the attack on Earth and made it onto the Fury, where they currently reside. During Endgame, a huge attack from Talon succeeded in killing Diamondback. As a last ditch attempt, Diamondback tried to send his soul into the collective, not knowing whether he'd survive or not. He succeeded, and immediately tried to enter Spectre's body. He succeeded, and the two now share Spectre's body. Both are able to pass control to the other at any time. Because Diamondback is in Spectre's body, Diamondback lost his omnithropic abilities, but in return, gained Spectre's shapeshifting ability.

Due to the work of an old friend of Blackjack, Diamondback and Spectre are now back in seperate bodies, Diamondback in a temporary Reploid body. While still without his omnithropic ability, Diamondback retained Spectre's shapeshifting ability even after he left Spectre's body.

Standard Combat (punches/kicks/etc) Slots Used: 5 / Slots Left: Unlimited Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Punch 1,000 AP / 0 PL
Attack 2 capabilities: Kick 1,050 AP / 0 PL
Attack 3 capabilities: Ram/Headbutt/Throw/Etc 1,025 AP / 0 PL
Defense 1 capabilities: Fist Block/Kick Block No Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')
Defense 2 capabilities: Grab No Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')

Standard Hunter Saber (close range weapon) Slots Used: 3 / Slots Left: 3 Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Regular slash 2,500 AP / 1 PL Usage
Attack 2 capabilities: Charged Slash 4,700 AP / 2 PL Usage
Defense 1 capabilities: Standard parry of melee weapons Block Without Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')

Standard Hunter Rifle (long distance weapon) Slots Used: 4 / Slots Left: 2 Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Level 1 blast, no charge 2500 AP / 1 PL Usage
Attack 2 capabilities: Level 2 blast, charge 1 4,700 AP / 2 PL Usage
Defense 1 capabilities: Cancel out blast of the same level Block Without Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')
Special 1 capabilities: Sniper scope addition for long range accuracy Can hit special targets like gun turrents, etc.

Psionic Disruption Blast (Special Abilities) Slots Used: 3 / Slots Left: 3 Elemental: Psionics / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Form a ball, rectangle, etc. of energy and throw it at a target, or launch a beam of energy at a target. 2500 AP, 1 PL Usage
Counter 1 capabilities: Destroy most oncoming projectiles (lazers, energy blast, etc.) Block without loss of PL or SL (If your SL is higher than attackers')
Special 1 capabilities: Form a clone of a person. The clone can either mimic the original's motions, or Diamondback can control it mentally. 2 PL

Various Pyschic Abilities (Special Abilities) Slots Used: 3 / Slots Left: 3 Elemental: Psionics / Status Effect: None
Special 1 Capabilites: Telephathy, used for communication into one's mind or reading minds. Can also be used to plant a suggestion into someone's mind. Diamondback can communicate with any "enhanced" no matter what the distance is, while telepathy with non-"enhanced" has a limited range. Also, when within a certain distance of another "enhanced," Diamondback and that person share certain abilities. Mind Games
Special 2 capabilities: Telekenesis, used to move things without actually touching it using the power of the mind. Opposing telekinesis can also be used to tear things apart. 2 PL
Special 3 capabilities: Mind Shield Protects against mindattacks from attackers' with lower PL

Shapeshifting (Special ability) Slots Used: 1 / Slots Left: 0 Elemental: None / Status Effect: Shape Shift
Special 1 capabilities: Shapeshifting, One of Spectre's abilities, now usable by either of the two. Allows Diamondback or Spectre to shapeshift. Diamondback is able to shapeshift into nearly anything using the power of the enhanced, and can hold the change for quite a long time. The two are also able to effect limited changes in others, though the changes are not nearly as dramatic, and they cannot be held for as long. +30 range in stats (increase or decrease) depending upon change

Enhanced Psychic Abilities (Special Ability) Slots Used: 3 / Slots Left: 3 Elemental: Psionics / Status Effect: None
Special 1 capabilities: Psychic Healing: Diamondback can heal himself or others with a purifying psychic energy. 1000 HP 2 PL
Special 2 capabilities: Psionic Teleportation: Diamondback can surround himself with psionic energy and move himself from one space to another via teleportation. Teleporation
Special 3 capabilities: Advanced Psychic Scanning: Diamondback's previous telepathic scanning has increased to new levels through practice, and he can now scan for more detailed information, such as HP level, strengths, weaknesses, agility and speed levels, and power level. Scanning

Advanced Psionic Capabilities (Special abilities) Slots Used: 5 / Slots Left: 1 Elemental: Psionics / Status Effect: None
Special 1 capabilities: Heightened Senses - When activated, Diamondback's senses become superhuman. Sight and hearing are doubled, ultrasonic sounds can be heard, smell becomes as acute as an animal's, and touch becomes acute enough to read a printed page by touch. Hightened
Special 2 capabilities: Adrenaline Rush - When used, Diamondback's speed is boosted incredibly Haste (+40 SL), Cannot excede Max Speed though
Special 3 capabilities: Elemental Simulation - Diamondback is able to simulate an element in a psionic blast. This attack counts as both the simulated element and psionic. The elements that can be simulated are: heat, cold, electricity, light, and dark. 5,500 AP, +Elemental, 3 PL Usage
Special 4 capabilities: Ear of Understanding - Diamondback's psionic capabilities allow him to translate a person's voice into English as the voice enters his mind. Diamondback can also share this ability with one other person at a time, allowing the character to hear a conversation in their native language. ++++
Special 5 capabilities: Shadow Fade - Diamondback can partially disappear, and become completely unaffected by anything that is not in his state, though he also cannot affect anything that is not. Diamondback can also perform this on others. 4 PL Usage

Triple Threat
Diamondback forms two psionic clones of himself on either side of him. He then rushes his target, the clones running with him. Dropping to a knee, Diamondback slashes straight upwards with his katana, throwing his target into the air. He and his clones then leap into the air, following the target, telekinetically controlling their flight, and they make five slashing passes. After the fifth pass, the clones dissipate, and Diamondback falls, kicking the target to the ground with a psionically charged kick. Finally, Diamondback flips and psionically charges his sabre, falling and slashing the downed opponent. 15,000 AP

Gambler's Cards, formerly belonging to Diamondback's father, Jared "Blackjack" Carter, these cards each have a different attack, depending on the suit of the card..
Diamonds: A straight flying razor sharp card: 2,500 AP, 1 PL Usage
Hearts: A homing razor sharp card: 4,000 AP, 2 PL Usage
Clubs: Explosive card, 4,050, 2 PL Usage
Spades: A weighted card, can knock out a target: 4,200 AP, 3 PL Usage

Diamond Knight
Power: 30
Speed: 40 + Booster
Agility: 50
Structure: 30 (30,000 HP)
Twin Energy Blades Two energy blades that rest on the wrist of the mech. Are handheld when used in combat. 3,000 AP
Chest Autocannon A cannon in chest that packs a powerful punch of bullets. Can carry 50 rounds in it at a time. Each round = 300 AP
Special: Engines can pack in an extreme speed boost into the mech. +40 SL (for short period of time)