Name: Dominator
Rank: President of Earth
Species: Reploid
Position: President of Earth, Alliance/War Counsel Member
Credits: 0 gil
Quote: "Venerator may be dead, but his dream lives on."
"I will fight for the future of Earth, my world. Will you?"
Power Level: 200
Speed Level: 210

Physical Stats:
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 430
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Green
Skin tone: White
Other Features: Dominator possesses a scar from his forehead above his right eye to his lower right cheek.
Creation date: January 22nd, 2108
Armor: Unknown material

Psychological evaluation:
Dominator strives for a better world, one which he had thought they had secured. The death of his creator and his wrongful exile to the Wasteland had a strong effect on Dominator's psyche. However, Venerator was able to guide Dominator and give him purpose, unlike so many other reploids who were exiled and driven to become mavericks. Despite Venerator's influence, Dominator had been a maverick of the Wastelands on occasions, but now refuses to become one again. Dominator is a strong believer in Venerator's ideals, which are that humans and reploids should live in peace and that Earth should know peace. Dominator is skilled leader and officer, who tries to accomplish his goals within the rules for the sake of preventing chaos. Dominator is best when he serves with other well-trained officers, but unfortunetly he doesn't have this option currently on Earth. Even with the bleak outlook for the future of Earth and the impossible odds of saving it, Dominator will not despair and possesses iron resolve. If Earth can be freed, Dominator is willing to secure its future with whatever means are neccessary within reason. What Dominator wants beyond anything is peace and a time when life can be enjoyed.

RPG Stats:
Exp Level: 34 - 0%
HP: 20,000
Weapons Limit: 11

Name: Strategy
Description: Dominator was designed to be the first in a series of reploids who would be able to, among other things, create excellent strategies with their advanced systems. Dominator's strategic skills have matured and developed in time with experience. During his time as an instructor for the EarthGov Armed Forces, one of the subjects Dominator taught was strategy, both for space and ground battles.

Name: Leadership
Description: As time has passed, Dominator has become a skilled leader and is able to combine his strategic insights with his ability to take command of units well. Dominator is especially skilled at leading units that have been trained and are able to follow protocal well. If not that, he often prefers to work with officers that he has or can train himself. Dominator envisions an excellent team as one that knows each other's strengths and weaknesses well and can act almost as a single organism, protecting each other but accomplishing their goals.

Name: Higher Purpose
Description: Dominator was student and friend of Venerator and believes in Venerator's ideals of peace between humans and reploids and a peaceful, free Earth. This was the driving force that lead Dominator to fight in the Alien War, rather than give up hope after all the years he spent in the Wastelands. Now that humans and reploids are more or less living in peace, Dominator had years of peace. However, Earth has now been devestated and conquered by the Tsivrixsh, and Dominator cannot stand to see all his and Venerator's work destroyed. Therefore, he is now fighting for a free Earth and even if that can be accomplished, Dominator knows much work will be neccessary to restore Earth and is willing to do it.

Name: The Extra Mile
Description: Dominator has never been one to surrender and will push himself to the edge if neccessary to accomplish a goal or protect the team. Dominator has been hardened from his years in the Wasteland, where survival was always bleak but impossible if one didn't fight to survive with all their might. Dominator knows that the future of Earth and the galaxy is at stake and will not stand down, no matter what the odds of survival or victory are.

Name: Power Hungry
Description: Dominator has fought many battles, the most difficult probably being life in the Wastelands. Therefore, Dominator has become stronger and pushed himself to achieve his best. Even during the years of peace, Dominator never forget his skills and didn't grow too soft. Now that war is back on the horizon, Dominator is steadily regain his skills from the past and advancing beyond them. Dominator realizes that often only the strong can survival, and both mental and physical prowess will be neccessary in the battles to come.

Name: Major Enemy
Description: Dominator has a Major Enemy in the Tsivrixsh Empire, whom he cannot forgive for devestating and conquering Earth. Even after the Alien War, Dominator kept an open opinion on the empire and gathered whatever information he could on it, but now he must do whatever it takes to free Earth and if that requires destroying the Tsivrixsh Empire or at least defeating them, so be it.

Name: Compulsion
Description: The many years that have passed since Dominator's exile to the Wasteland have softened his memories of it, but only by a little. Dominator still has a compulsion against being imprisoned or exiled. The current state on Earth is almost like imprisonment, so Dominator only works harder to remedy the situation. Dominator will not be terrified if he is exiled, but rather filled with anger and rage that may cloud his normal judgement.

Dominator was created in 2108, during the maverick wars, by Dr. James Namar. He joined the Maverick Hunters and fought during MMX3. Whenever he could he talked with Namar, who was like a father to him. Dominator continued service during MMX4 and then Zero went maverick in 2110. Dominator reluctantly stayed with the Hunters to try and crush Zero's movement. The death of X and Zero hit him hard, and he took a leave of absence from the MH to think about the future. He stayed with Dr. Namar, who was worried about the ramifications as well. When they returned to Washington DC from Namar's summer retreat in 2111, they found their fears were relized.

Finding a reploid being stoned to death, Dr. Namar quickly intervened with a speech against civil violence. He argued that this reploid hadn't done any damage, it was Zero. He said that it was immoral to hold a member of a species responcible for his species crimes, and asked if they were responcible for any human criminals crimes. His arguement was trenchant enough to stop the mob, but more newcomers came and rallied the mob. The mob began to close in and one human shot Dr. Namar, wounding him. Dominator, filled with rage, attacked the sniper and fended off the humans with all his might. Dominator wounded several and killed others, as they overcame him and killed Namar. Dominator went berserk and fought the mob with all his might. They attacked him violently and badly damaged him. During this time, the human who shot Namar was trampled to death. Dominator was captured by human authorities, who suceeded in breaking the mob up after 20 minutes.

Dominator was tried for murder and assault against humans. He was quickly moved through the "justice" system, and convicted of all crimes. Previously, Dominator's status as a law-abiding member of the MH would allowed him to keep all his rights. Now, he was sentenced to exile in the "wasteland", the land that Zero's missles had destroyed. He was taken to one of the camps outside the wasteland, after several attempts against the guards which he did to try and force them to kill him. He journeyed with a group of reploids, on the other side of the "Iron Gate".

Dominator collasped from his wounds, which were untreated by either Dominator or any other. Another reploid tried to convence him to continue, right before Dominator fell unconcious. He wakes up later, finding himself healed. The reploid who saved him introduces himself as Venerator. Dominator protests against the reploids "wasting" their precious resources on him, but soon finds he must throw away his regrets and past. He becomes friends with Venerator, who soon has to leave. Venerator is going to unite the exiled reploids, so they can all join in to provide for their needs. He leaves Dominator in charge of "Dusktown", the name of their city.

Dominator's life is hard, and every day may mean life or death. The reploids must work all the time, drilling for elusive oil and other minerals in the wasteland, so they can survive. CorSec, the new military group, attacks other cities and maverick groups. Dusktown remains unharmed and the saga of life under harship continues.

By 2125, the reploids have exhausted all their resources and the end may be soon. Venerator returns with news that they are being supplied by a group called REBEL. Though he doesn't agree with its purposes, he has gladly excepted its support. After a party for the return of Venerator and their good fortune, Venerator must leave once again after spending time with Dominator.

In 2134, during CorSec's attempts to destroy REBEL and all supposed Mavericks, Dusktown is attacked. Dominator defends his home valiantly, but fails and the town is destroyed. Dominator somehow survived, and moves on towards the next city. After years of wandering, Dominator finally joins a maverick group in 2141, his hatred of CorSec at its peak. He is a member for 20 years, and his group becomes the strongest current group since REBEL was long since beaten. He discovers that he had been captured by CorSec after the Dusktown battle, when he looses control of himself. Under this control he gives the location of his maverick base to CorSec. He rips out the implants later, and rushes to warn the others, but it is to late. The maverick group is decimated and Dominator survives, though he regrets he did.

Dominator begins to wander and becomes reclusive. Dominator wanders from 2161 to 2179. In 2179, he returns to Dusktown to mourn, as he annually does. There he is found by Venerator, who tells him of the alien attack on Earth and the reformation of the Maverick Hunters. Venerator convinces Dominator that they must save Earth, since its their planet too, and help make reploids accepted once more. They agree to try to get CorSec to be dibanded. Dominator leaves the wasteland with Venerator, after 60 long, hard years.

Venerator is named the leader of the MH by EarthGov, and CorSec's plea to disallowed the new Maverick Hunters is denied by EarthGov. Venerator appoints Dominator his second in command. Dominator finally finds happiness for a short time, as he and Venerator plan out their new team. As their space station around one of the moons of Jupiter, Venerator sends Dominator to find Death Star. Dominator finds DS and convinces him to join. Dominator realizes DS was the leader of REBEL soon after.

However, as a cargo shuttle approaches the docking bay, Venerator is touring the newly finished station. The shuttle accelerates at the last moment and rams the docking bay, exploding with the might of exlposives which it was most-likely carrying, unknown to the station. Venerator is killed in the explosion, since he was close to that area. Dominator is greatly saddened by this, as well as angered at CorSec, who he suspects orchestrated the crash, with renewed rage.

EarthGov now deliberates on whether or not to give Dominator command. When CorSec lobbies that Dominator was a dangerous maverick, EarthGov decides to have him become second-in-command. Death Star is given command of the MH, with Dominator as his second-in-command.

During the year long war, Dominator fought bravely, gathering the pieces needed for the Rune Sword. Helping keep the team together, and aiding Death Star when his sanity was tried several times, Dominator became a legend in his own right and when the war ended and the team was disbanned, he joined the Armed Forces to teach the new generations.

Enjoying the false peace of the next twenty years, he knew it couldn't last, and when the Tsivrixsh attack the Earth again, he was stranded on the dying planet. Forming a resistance, Dominator fought to free Earth once more, joined by Wiendigo. They scored several victories, but when Death Star showed up with the Wraiths, he joined them once Earth was freed. Having won the title of President of Earth, Dominator serves as an ambassador for Earth in the War Counsel of the Alliance, trying to get worlds to join their desperate struggle to free the galaxy.


Rune Sword (close range weapon) Slots Used: All / Slots Left: All Elemental: None/ Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Regular slash 3750 AP / 1 PL Usage
Defense 1 capabilities: Standard parry of melee weapons Block Without Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')
Special 1 capabilities: Can absorb energy attacks Absorb, 10 PL Usage
Special 2 capabilities: Blazing Slash 5,000 AP, 5 PL Usage

Rune Crystals (Special Abilities) Slots Used: 8 / Slots Left: 1 Elemental: None / Status Effect: Multi
Silver Crystal: Can heal Dominator or another teammate. 10,000 HP / 10 PL Usage
Azure Crystal: Allows Dominator to fly or swim at up to a speed of 250 SL. The pressure and stress of these activies does not affect Dominator to an extent. 10 PL Usage
Ebony Crystal: Can make the AP of Dominator's next attack doubled AP Doubled, 20 PL Usage
Grey Crystal: Allows Dominator to become invisible to sight, sound, hearing, and radar or take the form of a target (Dominator gains one weapon the target controlled and all abilities the target possessed). 20 PL Usage
Emerald Crystal: Allows Dominator to control his surroundings to an extent. 20 PL Usage
Crimson Crystal: Establishes a Haste effect +40 SL 10 PL Usage
Teal Crystal: Allows Dominator to slowly gain HP +50 HP, 1 PL Usage
Golden Crystal: The most powerful Rune Crystal, embedded in the center of Rune Sword. The Golden Crystal can activate Golden Prowess for Dominator. Dominator uses Golden Prowess times 2. All of Dominator's AP values are multiplied by 2. However, Dominator looses HP equal to 1/5th of each of the attacks' AP that he uses while Golden Prowess is activated. Golden Prowess can be extremely powerful, but it is very dangerous to Dominator. He has not used it for many, many years now. The upper limit of Golden Prowess is not known, but it is likely Dominator would be killed by it before he reached it. 100 PL Usage

Thunder Bolt + Enhancement (close range/long range ability) Slots Used: 4 / Slots Left: 2 Elemental: Multi/ Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Fires either a normal blast or a semi-circular blast that will hit most enemies in range. 3750 AP, 1 PL Usage
Attack 2 abilities: Fires either a normal charged blast or a semi-circular blast that will hit most enemies in range. 4500 AP, 2 PL Usage
Enemy Ensnare Mounted on the opposite arm as Thunder Bolt's blaster, Dominator can use Enemy Ensnare to fire six long energized ropes which can grapple onto an object, grab a person, and optionally drain the energy of the person it is grabbing. 5 PL Usage
Enhancement Instead of a normal blast, Thunder Bolt can fire a blast in one of the following elemental types: Heat, Cold, or Electricity. 2000 AP, 4 PL Usage, + Elemental Damage

Golden Fury: A modified version of Dominator's final Limit move of the first Alien War. Dominator utilizes the power of the Rune Crystals to strike his target with an extremely powerful slash with Rune Sword. The energy from the Rune Crystals is channeled into Rune Sword by Golden Crystal, causing it to crackle with Golden Energy. The energy highly damages the target and surrounds Dominator, enabling him to instantly activate the bonus of any Rune Crystal he chooses. (15,000AP / Instant Rune Crystal Power Activation - Activated at 5,000 HP or lower)

Redemptive Strike: The power of the Rune Crystal surge throughout Dominator's body and he channel it into Thunder Bolt, creating a blinding blast of energy that stuns and wounds the target. Dominator is surrounded by energy and Rune Sword becomes almost an extension from his arm and he slams it through his target, blasting them backwards. Dominator is healed by the energy from this sensational attack. (30,000AP / Restore HP to Dominator equal to half his starting HP - Activated at 3,000AP or lower)

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