Name: Unknown
Codename: Eve

Rank: Ensign
Species: Human/Tsivrixsh
Position: Mech pilot
Credits: 0 gil
Quote: "I don't know what I'm becoming, but I want to do what I can with that little time I have."
Power Level: 150
Speed Level: 190

Physical Stats:
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: White
Birthdate: December 11th, 2173
Armor: None

Psychological evaluation:
Eve's mental state could be considered to be a little unstable due to the mixing of her human genes with the Tsivrixsh genes. Easily manipulated, she is trying to do what is right, but is fighting her darker side at the same time.

RPG Stats:
Exp Level: 15 - 0%
HP: 12,000
Weapons Limit: 9

Tsivrixsh abilities

Tsivrixsh speed
Tsivrixsh strength
Tsivrixsh abilities

Mental Instability

Eve's goal in life was to be a scientist. When she finally managed to become one, the Tsivrixsh attacked the earth. She was one of the million teleported onto the Fury. There, she became a scientist for the team. While testing Tsivrixsh genes, an accident occurred during an attack and they fused with her. Now, she fights for control of her human side and her Tsivrixsh side. Plus she doesn't know her feelings for Dias and Gravedigger, feeling lost and confused.


Standard Combat (punches/kicks/etc) Slots Used: 5 / Slots Left: Unlimited Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Punch 500 AP / 0 PL
Attack 2 capabilities: Kick 550 AP / 0 PL
Attack 3 capabilities: Ram/Headbutt/Throw/Etc 525 AP / 0 PL
Defense 1 capabilities: Fist Block/Kick Block No Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')
Defense 2 capabilities: Grab No Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')

Eve has the ability to bring about strange powers that cannot be recorded and vary from time to time. Her main ability is to control men's minds and to turn women against each other, despite their bonds.