Name: *ch¡r¿*
Callsign: Kiki

Rank: Ensign
Position: None
Credits: 10,000 gil
Quote: "¿Chirp?"
Power Level: 70
Speed Level: 110

Physical Stats:
Height: 3'
Weight: 50
Wingspan: 10'/5' Hair: None
Eyes: Gold
Skin tone: Dark Green, Almost Black
Birth date: 2199

Psychological evaluation:
Kiki is similar to most of its race. They use a highly complex language where a single word - via syntax, inflection, and situation - can carry more information than more races can impart in an hour. This means that most races (even with translation equipment) can usually very little of the content and that Kiki's race often get bored even trying to speech slow enough for other languages. They often get fed up with computers other races uses simply because it is too difficult to work at such slow data transfer rates. Kiki itself is a scout, sent to observe other races. Like most scouts, Kiki was off the homeworld and has never seen another of its own race. Kiki is cautious since its first symbiote (Shell X) was killed.

RPG Stats:
Exp Level: 10 - 0%
HP: 10,700
Weapons Limit: 7

Mechanic Skills

Enhanced Senses
Quick and Agile

Computer Incompetence
Can't speak human standard

Kiki was born after his egg was purchased by Shell X in an alien flea market. Forming a symbiotic relationship with Shell X, Kiki went on a few missions until Shell X's death. He cautiously hung around the Wraiths (then known as the Maverick Hunters) without revealing his presence. Recently it acquired enough courage to appear openly, but even then it took a while for it to be discovered that Kiki was indeed sentient. This is mainly due to Kiki's trouble with computers and language difficulties. Although Kiki is barely a year old at this time, it would be considered a bit slow for its race.


Psychic abilities (Special abilities) Slots Used: 3 / Slots Left: 3 Elemental: Psionics / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Telekinesis; throw, knives, etc. 750 AP, 1 PL
Special 1 capabilities: Bubble: Creates a telekinetic bubble-shaped 'ship', around a target. The 'ship' is invisible, but generates it's own air supply. It is also capable of short hyperspace jumps. Often it is used for teleportation. Due to it's small sized it can even perform jumps in atmosphere. Attacks go through the 'ship' unaffected by its presence. 2 PL to use
Counter 1 capabilities: Psychic Adjustment: Kiki can increase psionic abilities of those near it. Because of this field, psionic attacks against Kiki, although still doing damage to Kiki, are reflexively returned at the same power. 7 PL

Natural abilities: (Short-range weapons/abilities) Slots Used: 3 / Slots Left: 3 Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Each of Kiki's limbs has retractable claws that also allow for finer manipulation of objects or to attack. An internal air-gun like arrangement allows them to be fired and barbs keep them stuck in the target. When sheathed, internal systems rebuild them. 750 AP, 1 PL
Special 1 capabilities: Kiki has a pair of wings able to fly or glide. The wings have a 5' span each, although they can fly when not fully extended or fold entirely into skin sacks (which can hold other objects as well). The wings are made of a semi-solid gel, so although they appear to be made of the same skin as the rest of the body attacks pass right through them without effect. Flight allows Kiki to dodge attacks easier. Flight
Counter 1 capabilities: Buildup: Kiki absorbs electrical energy (including attacks), and can use it to enhance attacks. Adds electric damage to attacks - 700 AP, 1 PL

Biochemical Manipulation (Special abilities) Slots Used: 3 / Slots Left: 3 Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 Capabilities: Acidic Spit: Keeps damaging a target. Kiki can adjust the acid not to effect certain targets. 70 AP per minute, 2 PL
Special 1 Capabilities: Biogel Spit: A biological gel, that repairs things. It simulate any material including other biologicals, allowing it to heal organics as well as machines. If it is not used to repair damage, it also can create barriers and small objects. 500 HP, 1 PL
Counter 1 Capabilities: Internal Adjustment: When Kiki's claws touch a target, "natural" attacks from the target do not hurt Kiki. Ex. Fighting attacks, Psi, Chi energy, and standard blasts from reploids. Non-natural attacks such as hand weapons, or attacks that are converted from basic energy are not affected. 5 PL Usage


Intuition: A special sense of some Kiki's race, it allows them to see into the past or the future and even effect time to a limited respect.

Attack: Shadows: Attacks a target with the possibility. The shadows of other alternate universe temporarily intrude on our own, hitting the target with at dark force. 1,500 AP, 3 PL
Special: Time Sense: Kiki can sense the past and future to some extent. When Kiki looks at something, Kiki not only sees the present state of the object but the past and possible futures as well. When in a game of chance or battles, this allows it to make decisions on what is to come. - 2 PL Usage
Special: Time Shards: Extends time for Kiki and objects it chooses (must be touching them). Works similar in effect to a time stopper. Kiki does not have to use it to stop time, but can use it to speed or slow time. Kiki can hold it longer (relative to Kiki) the closer to real time. This can also allow him to move when a time stopper is active. - 4 PL Usage
Special: Link: Allows Kiki to link with a sentient being, allowing it to understand it, and to act as an interpreter for Kiki. This even allows instantaneous communication across interstellar space.