Seraphna Hianule

"Life is something that only comes by once, take it and enjoy it, darkness can never shroud the light of youth."

Level: 28
HP: 17,400
PL: 230 (Maxed Out)
SL: 220 (Maxed Out)

Species: Lunaris Dragon Rank: Captain Position: Security Officer
Birth date: October 14, 2074 Sign: Libra Age: 136
Hair: Blonde with Blue Highlights Eyes: Emerald Green Skin tone: White
Weight: 115 (varible) Height: 5'7" (varible) 0 gil


Skill Level: 8

Psychological evaluation:
Seraphna is a sturdy woman who has withstood the test of time and an acute case of amnesia. Her tactical knowledge is not natural, but learned over the time she has fought the enemy. The fact that Seraphna began her life mentally anew 20 years ago is shattered with partial return of her memory. She seems to have spells where flashbacks fill her mind, answering questions we have sought for years. She shows a respect and even devotion towards reploids, a product of the fact that she was raised by them, and her father, Dakota Vanguard, is one.

Name: Pilot
Skill Level: 6

Name: Medical Skills 1
Skill Level: 3


Name: Likely To Be Targeted In Mech Battle

Name: Amnesia

Once shrouded in mystery, the past of Seraphna Vanguard, now Seraphna Hianule, can be traced by the accounts of her own memory, supplemented greatly by her "sister" Ariel, and her Father, Dakota. Apparently Sera was born on a Tsivrivxsh Colony called Lunaris (Lou-nhar-is as it is pronounced), it was however, controlled by Humans, and a strange species of what we now label as dragons. There is an attack on the colony by the CorSec Corporation in the records, dating back when the company was under a much different name and different owner. This attack resulted in the exile of many settlers, sending them to Earth. The Kaiser Project, which had been designed to put the mind of one Kaiser, in a reploid, found James Vanguard in the body instead. A psionic transfer of consciousness from one body into another had James share a body with Kaiser, a dragon of Lunaris. Seraphna's biological father is registered as James, yet the mind of the dragon that Dakota can transform into, was indeed Kaiser. A crash course to Earth separated the exile party, damaging Dakota's memory banks and also giving Sera, called Rena at that time amnesia. The records Sera recovered from Lunaris name her Linar Vanguard, but the name Seraphna she keeps as it is the one she consciously remembers. Seraphna was first found by Ariel, a reploid originally made by Dr. Edo. The doctor, in turn raised Sera as Rena, acting as her grandfather. It is believed Seraphna picked up her rustic accent from Uno, another reploid made by Edo. It is now known that Ariel is in fact Seraphna's biological sister, put into the memory banks of a reploid by the same means that James was put into Dakota. When Dr. Edo was accused of harboring aliens, Edo was killed during a riot. Ariel, taking the entire Edo group for dead, joined CorSec for revenge. Over the years Sera had been found, still as Rena, and given to Doctor Cain. He had no use for her and sold her off, never realizing she was indeed intelligent. She eventually became the property of Cran Wily, former President of CorSec. After accidentally hearing some loose CorSec knowledge, Sera disappear from history. During "The Final Battle", Seraphna again appears to move into the spotlight, or at least the blast area, of history. In the same abandoned base in Siberia where X and Zero fought over world fate, Sera was induced with Fritzian-Hyglicerside. The drug gives a permanent or almost permanent amnesia to the victim. By some trick of fate, Sera was hidden by an unknown figure under a lead casing when the nukes detonated. After the battle, Sera is last seen peeking out of the coat of a reploid, wandering the wasteland... Seraphna took her own true part in history during the Alien Wars. Where she rose to the rank of Officer Second Class in the Hunters. Still the lowest ranking member, this can be explained by the notably young age she held at that time. A historian, who found Seraphna, a girl who grew up knowing only wars and conflict, best recorded fighting in the war. He described her behavior as this- "The girl asked me a question today that rather disturbed me, I asked if she was having fun and she replied this, 'What is fun?' Strangely she had never developed the concept of having fun or playing as a child. I only wish I had more time to show proof of the mental damage she has received, then I would be able to legally save these 'enhanced teens'..." -After the wars, Seraphna lived a short life of traveling, as her father had started the life of a mercenary. Soon, in fact a few months after an incident involving an escaped patient from CorSec labs, supposed to be another Living Weapon experiment, the Vanguards settled down. Seraphna earned three doctrines in school, in the fields of Medicine, BioEngineering, and History. Soon Lucas K. Airier entered the stage of Seraphna's life; they fell in love and were married. When Sera learned that she was pregnant, Airier left without a word and never returned, leaving Sera to raise Elayne alone. Seraphna decided to rejoin the military as a scientist, entering Elayne into the academy. Seraphna never foresaw that Elayne would be identified as an enhanced teen. Their separation was made permanent when an attack from Xevil, looking for Airier, forced Seraph to move from Earth. Seraphna began traveling, mainly trying to survive, after exploring Lunaris, she managed to save a warrior names Xvash. Through her travels, she made more friends; eventually they called themselves the Neo-Hunters... Sarlen, Joven, Kern, Leena, and Kris. Everything was going normally for Sera, disguised as a bounty hunter, till a man stepped through a crowd while she fought off cops one day...

Standard Combat (punches/kicks/etc) Slots Used: 5 / Slots Left: Unlimited Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Punch 1,800 AP / 0 PL
Attack 2 capabilities: Kick 1,850 AP / 0 PL
Attack 3 capabilities: Ram/Headbutt/Throw/Etc 1,825 AP / 0 PL
Defense 1 capabilities: Fist Block/Kick Block No Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')
Defense 2 capabilities: Grab No Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')

Naitak Saber (Close-range weapon) Slots Used: 3 / Slots Left: 3 Elemental: Multi / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Slash 4,500 AP, 1 PL
Attack 2 capabilities: Fire Burst - Saber issues a burst of white flame 4,500 AP, Fire Elemental, 2 PL
Attack 3 capabilities: Shocker - Creates an intensive bolt of electricity and fires at enemy 4,500 AP, Electric Elemental, 2 PL

Psionic Capability (Special ability) Slots Used: 4 / Slots Left: 2 Elemental: Multi / Status Effect: None
Special 1 capabilities: Telekinesis 1250 AP, 2 PL
Attack 1 capabilities: Psionic Blast 4,500 AP, 1 PL
Special 2 capabilities: Elemental Control Elemental added, +2 PL
Special 3 capabilities: Psy-burst +1,000 AP to Psionic Blast, 1 PL

Elementalist Discipline (Special ability) Slots Used: 3 / Slots Left: 3 Elemental: Multi / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Fire Art 4,500 AP, Fire Elemental, 2 PL
Attack 2 capabilities: Ice Art 4,500 AP, Ice Elemental, 2 PL
Special 1 capabilities: Healing Art +500 HP, Holy Elemental, 3 PL

Phynexirian Pike (Close-range weapon) Slots Used: 3 / Slots Left: 3 Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Bash 4,500 AP, 1 PL
Attack 2 capabilities: Blast 7,200 AP, 2 PL
Special 1 capabilities: Damage Shell 8,100 AP, 3 PL


Limit 1: The Ties that Bind (Seraphna focuses all her healing energy on her team, the party's life is refilled to max and DEF maxed)

Limit 2: Seraph Recall (Seraphna leaps back and actives all her holy elemental powers at once, a beam shoots out from under the enemy, and another from the sky above the enemy. The two hit and cause holy elemental damage to the enemy, then the beam changes to fire, ice, and then electric, each time causing damage from the element. {15,000 AP Damage, four hits, each separate and to a different element.)


Dragon Form (Sera has gotten large and in charge with this 36' white dragon form that can really be mean and toasty...)
Offensive Capabilities:
Slash (6,000 AP, 5 PL)
Elemental Cone (3,000 AP, All Elemental, 10 PL)

Death Star's Communicator (Special device given to Sera by DS so that she could communicate to anyone, mainly Garland or DS though, through almost anything.)

Mech: ?????