...Hunters no more!

Session 44: Startgame

[Admiral_Drake] Time Chart: December 7th - 2 days later
[Admiral_Drake] Location: Fury - Orbitting Death Star's Planet
[Admiral_Drake] .....*Stands on the bridge, it unnaturally quiet*
* Slasher walks onto the bridge
[Admiral_Drake] .....I called you all here  *nodding at Slasher, Pal, Grave, and Ariel* to discuss .... 'what happened'.
* Slasher sits down
[Paladin`] What's to discuss?
[Admiral_Drake] ...well, they are dead.  And the Alliance was shakey when they vanished (Session 40).  Now they Alliance is making moves to break up.
[Gravedigger] I'd rather not, thanks.
* Slasher crosses arms not caring
[Gravedigger] Figures, buncha damn cowards...
[Admiral_Drake] ...dammit people!  Don't you see what's happened?!  We lost our only elite fighting force and now we've lost the war!!
* Gravedigger shoots a glance at Drake
[Paladin`] . . . uh, I thought we lost the war when we lost Earth.
[Slasher] It was bound to happen soon enough
* Admiral_Drake jabs finger at Paladin
[Admiral_Drake] Listen, Mr. AWOL, we were WINNING.
[Gravedigger] And what the hell would you like us to do about it? What CAN we do, huh?
* Admiral_Drake throws hands up
[Admiral_Drake] I've been scanning the planet for 2 days now.  They aren't on it...alive anyway.
[Ariel] I don't care about the rest of you, but I'm not giving up my fight even if I have to resign to do it.
[Paladin`] Beg your pardon?  What fight were you watching?  Empire vs one ship . . . Even if we had beaten Xevil, we still wouldn't be "winning"
* Slasher looks at Ariel
[Slasher] Paladin, just shut up.
[Admiral_Drake] ...we beat Xevil.  All reports indicate that.  We beat the Five.  And we beat their super weapon, you ass!
[Gravedigger] No one ever mentioned giving up, this is just one hell of a retreat n' regroup.
[Admiral_Drake] ...Grave's right
[Paladin`] Oh, suck it Slasher.
[Slasher] For once
[Slasher] Oh go get shot 
[Admiral_Drake] I'm pulling us out and we're going to be on the move.  There's rumors that the Tsvi. are very interested in the Fury's location.
[Ariel] We regroup and take the fight to them.  Now that sounds like a plan.
[Admiral_Drake] ....wrong, Ariel.  We don't have the manpower.
* Gravedigger looks to Pal
[Ariel] What do you say we do then?
[Admiral_Drake] Index: Bah, I say this is crap.
[Slasher] Go into hiding, fake our deaths?
[Gravedigger] Well Mary Margaret Sunshine, you're acting commander, what's our move?
[Admiral_Drake] Wrong, Grave, I'm the commander.
[Ariel] Even if we start picking off small outposts, it's still worth it
[Admiral_Drake] As Admiral, I out rank Paladin, who was deranked.
[Paladin`] . . . demoted, admiral?
[Slasher] Yeah you quit Pal, you get demoted because of it
[Admiral_Drake] ....aye, check the logs.  Snipe did it before the mission against the Ti'dah.
* Admiral_Drake enters the cordnets
[Paladin`] Well, your show, your problem.
[Slasher] Were we heading?
[Admiral_Drake] We're moving out.  We'll keep moving, we'll keep hidden, until we can get the Alliance straightened out
[Admiral_Drake] I'm going to make a run for the Foreigner Inc. HQ.  It should be deserted after their defeat.
[Gravedigger] Alright, whoopdeshit, Paladin's demoted, I'd be next in line then. And Drake, as long as there are some of us left, I don't give a rat's ass about who you think you command.
[Admiral_Drake] ....Wrong, Grave, I command, you little shit, and you don't have the authority or the brainpower to run the show.
[Paladin`] And what would you do differently, anyway?
[Admiral_Drake] Me and Sigma were put in charge of the fleet.  And I'm moving the fleet out.
[Admiral_Drake] Anyone of any objections to my choice of location?
* Slasher mutters
[Slasher] What if they have men waiting for us there
[Admiral_Drake] Then we'll blast them with the few ships we have left that haven't run off like dogs.
[Gravedigger] Look Cap'n Stubbing, you're in charge of the fleet, NOT what's left of the Hunters. Until we figure out OUR next move, we're follwoing you, remember that.
[Slasher] They seem to know were we always are. 
[Admiral_Drake] Index:  Unlucky?
[Ariel] I nice plump target I say...
* Admiral_Drake hits the hyperspace button
* Slasher looks at Index
[Slasher] There is no such thing as luck. You stupid moron
[Admiral_Drake] Index: Yeah, only the strong and smart live.
[Admiral_Drake] PAUSE
Session Close: Tue Nov 23 20:29:55 1999

[Red] Time Chart: December 15th
[Red] Location:  Sha'dra - Outside the Imperial Information Center
* Red stands on the roof, holding his scanner
[Red] ....everyone, report in.
* Ender` sits next to Red looking with his optical eyes
* Riptide stops slashing the air with his twin daggers
[Ender`] Right behind ya boss
* Mindscape glances at the readings on his internal computer
[Gazer] Gazer, check point Charie.
* Biohazard appears, bright yellow Biohazard sign flashing
[Riptide] Right here, boss.
[Biohazard] Here.
[Azazel] If you cannot see what's in front of you, what hope can you have?
[Mindscape] [Mindscape, ready.]
[Gazer] ...The hope to see what's behind you, instead?
[Phantasma] NRP: Gotta go =P
[Red] Alright, let me tell you the mission plans.
[Biohazard] NRP: Cya
[Riptide] [Start talking...]
[Phantasma] NRP: My parents have the worst timing =P
[Ender`] Start talking boss
[Biohazard] Get on with it.
*** Phantasma has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Red] ...don't get flippity with be, 'Tide.  YOU may be new, but the rest of us have been together a long time.
* Mindscape absently flickers some psionic energy above his hand
* Riptide snorts
* Ender` continues to scan/look around the area w/ his mechanical eyes
[Red] Inside the building you see in front of you is the information center of the galaxy...and many others.  I want it to help further move our plans.
* Ender` looks at it zooming in w/ his eyes
[Gazer] NRP: Think I get it now...
[Red] We're here to take the data Falcon 5v.5.  It'll be Mindscape's job to hack that information.
[Mindscape] [Excellent idea... Information is power...]
[Biohazard] Capture?
[Biohazard] Covert ops?
* Riptide nods
[Red] We're going in the hold fasion way, sneak in...sneak out.
[Biohazard] NRP: I love that game... err, falcon 4 anyway..
* Mindscape grins, 1[Always up to a hacking challenge.]
* Gazer cracks his knuckles
[Riptide] [Sneaking... My specialty...]
[Gazer] My specialty.
* Ender` switches eyes to heat sensor mode and searches for people
* Biohazard cracks his knuckles
* Gazer glares at Tide
[Red] I know I say this all the time, but we're a family...I stick my neck out for you, you stick out your neck for others.
[Gazer] That's my line, bucko.
* Riptide teleports his daggers away
[Biohazard] Of course.
[Riptide] [We'll see about that later.]
* Ender` stands up
[Red] ..Ender, have any stragities?
* Mindscape psionically masks himself, allowing himself to be visible to the other pirates
[Ender`] None really. 
[Riptide] [That's "strategies," fearless leader.]
[Ender`] I can't seem to find any cameras
[Red] Alright, don't make fun of me accent/.
* Biohazard glares at 'Tide
[Red] ....Gazer.
[Mindscape] [If you'd been with us more often, you'd see our skill comes in the execution, rather than the planning, Riptide.]
* Riptide shrugs
* Red points at the control panel to the hanger
[Gazer] Roger wilco.
[Biohazard] Red, we could sneak in through these vents *points* and I if Mindscape would use me as his hacking tool, we could get in without setting any alarms off
[Red] I want your to sabotage the hanger controls so they can't follow us.
* Gazer hits his belt and a compartment opens, revealing his tools of trade
[Red] Alright, Bio - you two, move through the vents.  Take Ender with you, his scanner could help.
* Ender` nods
[Biohazard] Gotcha.
[Gazer] Way ahead of ya, mon capitan.
* Biohazard flips into the vent
* Ender` walks over to Bio
* Ender` leaps into the vent
* Mindscape enters the vent, and psionically obsures Ender and Biohazard from the minds of any who might be near
* Red glances, his red eye glowing, though he is a human
[Riptide] NRP: Maybe it would be good to follow my idea of multiple teams/multiple channels right here.
* Gazer kneals next to the panel and starts on it, using a torching tool
[Red] Azazel?  Head to the ship and get it ready.  I want to move out of here fast.
[Biohazard] Ok, Ender keep ahead, and scan for heat sources.
* Ender` switches his eyes sensors for heat
[Red] NRP: Alright, End, Rip, etc, head to #vents
* Gazer pulls his weldier's goggles down
* Azazel sighs
[Azazel] Sure, right
* Azazel walks to the ship
[Biohazard] NRP: gotcha
* Riptide stands there
[Red] NRP: Well, out of here with you!
[Riptide] [Sure, pick on the new guy.]
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[Red] ...Riiiip
* Gazer whisltes as he sabatoges the control panel
[Gazer] NRP: Er, whistles even...
[Red] ...*points at the doughnut shop* I want a doughnut
[Red] GM: *guard comes near Gazer*
[Riptide] [Pfft.]
[Red] Go on, if you want your pay.
* Gazer notices the guard out of the corner of his goggles and stops, then stands up slowly and calmly
* Riptide sighs and blinks out of existance
[Red] Guard: *walks towards Gazer*
* Gazer whistles cooly as he turns around to face the guard
[Red] Guard: *Sees him* HEY!
[Gazer] Huh? Yes?
[Red] GM: *at the doughnut shop, a woman is waiting for Riptide, with a doughnut and a folder*
[Red] GM: *guards head near the ship Az is in*
* Riptide raises an eyebrow, but catches the hint
[Riptide] [Now that's service. Thanks, m'lady.]
[Gazer] For what, my good fellow? I happen to be a maintaince worker from Juncture 315 here on an ergent repair session from the main offices.
[Red] Woman: No problem.  Kinda' cute.
[Red] Guard: I wasn't notified!
[Red] GM: *guards spot the ship*
* Riptide grins
[Riptide] [I'm a little busy right now, but...] *scribbles something down on a napkin and gives it to the woman* [...call me sometime, ok?]
[Gazer] Sorry sir, not my department, I just work here. now, if you'l lexcuse me, I've desperately must get back to work or there's going to be a massive flooding on the lower levels. Pardon me.
[Red] Woman: sure thing
[Red] guard:....fine
* Riptide takes the doughnut and folder and walks out of the doughnut shop, teleporting once he's outside
[Gazer] Thank you, have a good day, and be sure to take a minute and enjoy the stars, won't you?
[Red] GM: *guards hit the alarms*
[Red] What the hell!?
[Red] Someone blew it!
* Azazel blinks suddenly
[Red] Guard: *runs off to the alarms*
[Gazer] Huh?
* Riptide reappears next to Red
[Gazer] Great, bunch of shiny new green thumbs...
* Gazer hurridely gets back to work
[Red] GM: *guards lock down the ship*
[Mindscape] *psionically to Riptide* [What's your team's status?]
* Red grabs the folder and woofs down the doughnut
[Red] Thanks, Rip
[Riptide] *psionically to Mindscape* [Somebody just blew it... Alarms are blaring, and the ship's locked down...]
* Azazel attempts to take off
[Red] GM: *guards burst into the ship and aim weapons at Azazel*
[Red] .....damn!
* Riptide suddenly realizes that he should've bought a doughnut
[Red] This was running smoothly too
[Gazer] Comm: *whisper* Oh monsuier Eric le Red, we've got a situ out here....
[Riptide] [Nothing's ever easy, my friend...]
[Mindscape] *to Riptide* [We'll work quickly. Keep us updated.]
[Red] Comm: Yes?
[Riptide] *to Mind* [You got it.]
[Riptide] NRP: Who needs communicators? *laughs*
* Azazel smirks and raises his hands
[Gazer] Comm: Ship's under lock and key, surrounded by a well rounded batallion of armed guards.
[Red] Guards: Move it slowly!
[Red] Comm: So I see. How goes the hanger?
[Azazel] Uh, I can't . . . you locked it down
[Red] Guards: We mean YOU
[Azazel] Well, I see that, there are no other pilots around
[Riptide] *to Red* [Should we do somethin'?]
[Red] Guards: Come on, smart ass.
[Gazer] Comm: I'm almost done, but they're apprhending dear Az
[Azazel] Yea yea, I'm coming
[Red] ....not a thing we can do.  We just hope Az's combat skills, which you'll be amazed out, comes through
* Riptide nods
[Red] Guards: *shove Az out of the ship*
[Azazel] . . . you're blocking the doorway
[Red] Guards: We'll block more than that *Step out*
* Gazer finishes and tugs down on his cap as he gets up, signaling he's done if REd can see him
* Red nods and turns to Rip
[Red] Lets head to the ship
[Red] Tell the others to move it
[Riptide] [Got it. Let's go.]
[Riptide] *to all in vents* [Message from Red. Move it!]
[Mindscape] *to RT* [We've got Falcon 5v.5.]
* Azazel takes in the number of guards quickly and crosses his arms, hiding his charging guantlets
[Red] Guards: Move it!
* Gazer starts wandering around the hangar aimlessly, trying not to look conspicuous
* Azazel turns
[Riptide] [Message from MS, Red. They've got the Falcon.]
* Red leaps down from the roof and lands on the ground
[Red] Good.
[Red] Let the bird fly
* Riptide follows Red off of the roof
[Azazel] Hey, but . . . *brings his fist into the side of the first guard's head and then jumps back
[Red] Guards: *open fire*
* Red grabs a staff and cracks it over a guard's head
* Azazel closes his wings around himself and lets the blasts reflect off
* Riptide teleports Twin Hawks into his hands and slashes an X-pattern over two guards faster than they could blink
* Gazer throws out his hand and an extending staff flies out
[Red] Well, Az, you blew it...again.  
[Riptide] [I take it that's... typical.]
[Azazel] Is it?
* Gazer spinning it, he trips a guard then smacks one in the chest
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Biohazard
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[Red] Guards: *are taken out*
* Biohazard runs past, picking up Red
[Biohazard] MOVE
[Red] What?!
[Gazer] Might I suggest a hastey departure?
*** Ender` (Ender@ has joined #taw
* Biohazard checks watch
[Biohazard] I left em a gift
[Riptide] [Things must not have gone well on your side either...]
* Mindscape follow Bio, running
* Azazel steps back aboard the ship
* Gazer follows in hot pursuit
[Red] ...Az, lets get 'er in the air
* Ender` runs towards the ship
* Riptide gets a surprised look on his face, suddenly replaced by realization
[Red] GM: *the hanger door begins to open*
* Biohazard jumps on board, as the C4 detonates, taking out the base
* Azazel takes it slightly above the ground
[Biohazard] NRP: err computer core
* Riptide jumps on board
* Ender` leaps into the shuttle
[Mindscape] [We're got the file, but guards and a detenator are bvehidn us.]
* Azazel lifts away from the explosion
* Mindscape jumps into the shuttle
[Red] ....Bio, you know how I feel about leaving that big of a mark into our opponets...
[Biohazard] Meh...
[Riptide] [Ok Red, explain something... What was that folder I gave you?]
[Biohazard] Sorry boss.
[Gazer] A most explosive gift I must say, reminiscant of my great aunt Merile's chilli deluxe.
[Ender`] Red, I got the file.
[Red] Hmm?  Oh, that was information.  It seems that there's someone interested in us.  I wanted infomation on them.
[Red] ...don't remind me, Gazer.
[Mindscape] [Their defenses were simple to crack with Ender and my talents combined...]
[Riptide] [Hmm... Can't help but be noticed in this group, heh heh.]
[Biohazard] NRP: AHHH, sounds like Zafnib (aka Fizban from Dragonlance)
[Red] Good job, Ender.  It'll be useful, after this next mission.
* Ender` pulls out the jack connects one end to his right eye and the other to the main comp
* Red leans back in his Captain's Seat
[Azazel] Oh, by the way, if you're going to criticize, I'll just leave without you next time.
[Biohazard] NRP: *pokes out the eye* hee hee
* Ender` starts to download a copy into the main computer
[Red] ....*reads the folder given to him by Rip*
* Riptide pulls on his hand guards, then tightens his headband
* Mindscape leans back at a a seat by the computer
[Red] Okay, Az, head to the planet Uri'a.
[Gazer] For a group of our talents, I must say, this was a pretty underchallenging exploit.
[Mindscape] [Uri'a? Why're we heading there?]
[Red] ...sorry, Gazer, don't want another run like that time in the Drayon system, do we?
* Azazel enters the coordinates into the puter
[Riptide] [Hey, with me on the team, how could we lose?] *snickers*
* Ender` stands there downloading the copy\
[Biohazard] ... No way in hell..
[Red] We're heading there to get learn more about a man called Lord Talon.
[Mindscape] [What's his importance?]
[Gazer] At least some of us know when NOT to provoke a sleeping galfax.
[Red] Seems he's very interested in us...I want to know why.  We're going to break into his private estate tonight and find out why.
* Ender` finishes the connection and unhooks the jack
[Riptide] [Breakin... Sounds fun.]
[Red] Don't remind me.  Az and the Galfax wasn't fun
[Biohazard] Good.  My favorite thing to do.  Covert ops.
[Ender`] Red, a copy of Falcon 5v.5 is in the main comp
[Red] Good job, Ender.
* Gazer checks his repel line
[Ender`] Thank you.
[Red] You'll all be nicely paid tomorrow, after we learn about Lord Talon.
[Mindscape] [Good... That data should come in handy]
* Biohazard checks his personel cloaking field
[Ender`] What's so important about the Falcon, if I may ask?
[Gazer] Please tell me we're going to get to do some wall scaling, you know I love wall scaling.
[Red] Lets say it holds plans about the Tsvi. trade routes...I want to intercept some of their special cargos.  That planet did business with them.
* Mindscape activates his cybernetic claws, which surround his arm and he flexes it, 1[Good... My systems could use a few updgrades...] *deactives the arm and it returns to normal*
[Ender`] Aright
[Red] Plenty of it, Gazer....Lord Talon has 200 feet tall walls around his estate.
[Biohazard] Indeed.
* Biohazard smirks
* Ender` downloads all that happened from his eye again and watches it
[Riptide] [Hmm, the taller the wall, the more fun it is to get over, eh Gazer?]
[Gazer] About as good as the mountains on Mt. Dartain back on good ol' Alanor.
[Biohazard] Any word on the guards? I've been dying to try out my new virus..
[Red] .....try not to kill them, Bio....
[Biohazard] I wont.  This one only stuns them.
[Red] Remember Manonth?  He almost wiped us out due to your little "Testing" spreee.
[Azazel] And what's wrong with a little death?
[Mindscape] [Hopefully this Lord Talon has some half-decent computer systems...]
[Red] ...you know my feelings, Az.
[Biohazard] Hey, I got it under control didnt I?
[Azazel] Yeah, yeah
[Gazer] A change of pace, eh Biohazrdous?
[Riptide] [Ok, once I'm payed, I'm outta here... I get better conversation with a rock...]
[Red] ....fine by us, Rip.
* Ender` finishes watching all that happened and he walks over to Bio
[Red] You wouldn't understand, 'family.
[Biohazard] Yea.
[Ender`] Your not talking about the incident with Manoth are you?
[Azazel] Well, people are more comfortable with their own intellectual peers, usually.
[Mindscape] [How fars away is Uri'a anyway?]
[Red] ...*caught Az's slam*
[Red] ....another 7 hours.
[Red] You should all rest up
* Riptide caught it also, and doesn't do a very good job of keeping his hot temper under control
[Gazer] My dear Riptide, if you wish to speak culture, then by all means, test my level of expertese.
[Red] NRP: So I can start a new time chart.
[Biohazard] Gotcha Red
* Biohazard walks to his quarters
* Gazer reclines in his chair and pulls his cap down
[Mindscape] [But, we do well as walking zombies don't we? Back when we were running from the Trazviri...]
* Ender` walks to his quarters and leaps into his bed
* Riptide throws his hands into the air and storms to his quarters
[Red] Time Chart: 7 hours later
[Riptide] NRP: Probably a broom closet. *snickers*
[Red] Location: Lord Talon's Estate
* Red crunches on a hill, 500 yards away from the walls
* Biohazard hands a vial to Red
* Red glances at it
[Red] ...your new toy, Bio?
[Biohazard] In case anyone gets hit by my viral spikes.
[Red] Ah.
* Ender` takes it and his eye magnifies it to where he can see it
[Biohazard] Im loaded already.
* Red pockets it
* Riptide takes a knee, surveying the walls
[Riptide] [This'll be no problem...]
[Red] Okay...Gazer, want you to scale the wall and open the side rear gate for us
* Mindscape looks the area over
[Gazer] Done and done.
[Red] ...Ender said there was no guard activity there
[Biohazard] NRP: *steals Rip's knee* HA HA HA *took the knee and runs off*
* Ender` eyes switch to x-ray mode and he scans the walls
* Mindscape psionically masks Gazer
[Ender`] Nope, I don't see any
* Gazer flings his cable up over the top and starts up
[Riptide] NRP: I'm the thief, dammit! *steals it back*
[Mindscape] [After we get in, if I may ask...?]
[Red] Alright, Riptide....try to steal some ID badges when we're in there, got it?
* Biohazard activates his personel cloaking field, the group around him fading away from sight
[Biohazard] Good, still works.
* Riptide loosely salutes
* Biohazard deactivates it
* Ender` continues to scan through the walls searching for any guards
[Riptide] [You got it, boss.]
[Red] Bio - Az, you run body guard for me, Mind, and Ender as we try to get into Lord talon's computers.
[Red] GM: *sharp wind hits gazer*
[Biohazard] You got it *small darts form at his fingertips*
* Mindscape psionically masks himself
[Red] Alright, lets head for the rear gate.
[Red] Chop chop
* Red jogs off
* Ender` jogs towards it
* Biohazard follows Red
* Mindscape follows Red heading toward the gate
* Riptide jogs towards the gate
* Azazel flies just behind Red
* Gazer reaches the top and drops a line over the side, then slides upside down
[Biohazard] Red, you need a way in, say the word, i say i have about 7 minuts of cloak still in this thing before i need a recharge
[Riptide] [This wind's pretty rough... I hope Gazer made it over.]
[Red] GM: *a lazer can be seen below Gazer*
* Gazer wraps his legs in the rope and stops
[Red] I hope the other's on the Red Beard, are fine.  (that's their command ship, which they've been gone from for 3 days)
* Red reaches the gate
[Gazer] Ahhh...a REx 12-7, the old model, effective, yet rustic
* Ender` reaches it next ot Red
* Biohazard arrives moments after ender
[Red] ...hmmmm, Gazer's running behind.
[Azazel] Great time to worry about it, chief.
* Gazer manuvers around and drops to the ground
[Mindscape] [If we're obscured ourselves well enough from the Tsivrixsh and our other... uh... admirors, they should be all right...]
* Ender` scans through the wall looking for Gazer
* Riptide glances at his watch
* Red shrugs
[Red] You know who we left behind, you should be worried too.
* Mindscape is at the gate now
[Ender`] I see him. He's making his way over here
* Gazer slides along the wall and snaps the lock to the gate
[Mindscape] [Yes... I sense him too.]
* Red pushes it open
* Ender` crawls underneath it
* Biohazard follows, pistol in one hand, other hand equiped with darts
* Red steps over a laser
[Red] Alright, we're in
* Mindscape enters, careful to avoid tripping lasers
[Red] Riptide, we need those ID Badges for the next line of security.
* Azazel quickly looks about, taking in every detail
* Ender` flips over the laser
[Gazer] Sorry about my haste, hit a small snag, nothing this old philoispher couldn't handle
* Riptide slinks in and sticks to the shadows, handgun in hand, as he steps over the same laser and watches his step
* Ender` eyes switch to heat mode
[Red] Ender...nearest guard?
* Gazer flips over the laser and lands on his hands
* Ender` points to his left
* Red nods Riptide off to that direction
[Riptide] [Great, we've got a showoff on our hands.] *snickers lightly*
* Biohazard powers up his Infrared scanner, and looks for laser tripwires
[Ender`] About...*checks his readings* 100ft. coming this way
[Red] ...coming this way?  Perfect.
[Riptide] [Got it... I'll have his ID card faster than you can say "Rip's got his ID card."]
[Mindscape] [You sure I can't just force the guards to see us wearing badges, Red?]
[Red] Gazer, set up some way for us to get out.  They might have this way covered.
[Ender`] Rip's got is id card
[Gazer] The limits of my abilities far outdo this simple trick, my friend.
[Red] We need it for the machines, Mind
* Riptide disappears to the shadows, avoiding the lasers
[Mindscape] [Ahh.]
* Ender` contines to looks for other guards
* Biohazard looks around seeing??
* Mindscape keeps a psionic lookout for nearby guards
[Red] GM: *a head is another huge steel wall around a building*
[Biohazard] NRP: infrared laser scanner active, any laser tripwires?
* Riptide returns, an ID card in hand
[Red] NRP: Plenty, scattered around
[Gazer] Roger Crimson
[Riptide] [See, what'd I tell ya?]
[Biohazard] Wow, nice red christmas.
[Ender`] Bah, your 5 seconds slower than last time
* Gazer heads back towards the wall
* Red takes the ID Badge
[Red] Alright, lets move out
[Riptide] [Really?] *glances at his watch* [I'll be damned, I am.]
* Red navagates through the lasers
* Mindscape nods and follows Red
[Ender`] Your gettin slow in your age
[Riptide] [See any other targets? I need to redeem myself...] *snickers*
* Red glares, his hair graying
* Ender` walks over all the lasers
* Biohazard flips over a few, then steps over a few more
* Gazer sets up some devices and egerly awaits his compatriots return
* Riptide follows Red's path through the lasers
* Red reaches the door and slides the ID Card
[Red] Alright, hack the password for me, Mind-Ender.
[Azazel] I'd take slow experience over hasty ineptitude anyday.
* Biohazard watches for guards
* Ender` places his jack into his eye and into the computer
* Mindscape activates his psionic powers, enhancing Ender's abilities and breaking through the computer's defenses
* Ender` starts to tap at things in the air
[Red] ...*a cold wind blows over them*
[Red] I hate this time of year...
[Ender`] Almost...*starts to tap faster in the air*
[Biohazard] Jeeze this is cold out here... *pulls jacket closer*
* Riptide aids Mindscape's assisting
[Red] GM: *guards start they journey towards them*
[Ender`] Come on..
* Azazel lets the wind ruffle his hair
* Biohazard a dart grows longer from his hand
[Red] ....I don't like this.  Tell Gazer to come join us.
[Biohazard] Take him out Red?
[Azazel] There is no better time, if only because it is the present
* Red at Az
[Mindscape] [...Almost...]
* Ender` starts tapping faster
[Red] Remember, keep comm. silence,
* Mindscape boosts his psionic aid, psionic hacking through the computer
[Riptide] [Come on, Ender... We're countin' on ya here...]
[Ender`] I...think...
[Biohazard] Red, should i take him out NOW or not?
[Mindscape] [Won't be a problem, Red.]
[Red] Now.
* Biohazard grins and fires the dart at the guards neck, the toxin effecting him almost instantly, knocking him out cold
* Ender` continues to hack for the password
[Red] GM: Password hacked
[Azazel] Alright, I'm going to get Gazer
[Ender`] Got it!
[Mindscape] [That's one of the most cluttered systems I've seen in awhile...]
* Ender` yanks the jack out and types the password in
* Red slides open the door
[Red] Good job.
[Riptide] [Good thing 'Hazard had that virus...]
* Ender` nods and then walks in
* Azazel heads back to the front gate, quickly flying when lasers or walls don't crowd him
* Mindscape walks in as well
* Riptide shivers lightly and walks in
[Biohazard] NRP: why you think im called Biohazard anyway?
* Red props the door open with a note for Gazer and Az to close it
* Gazer notices Az
[Red] Alright, lets head in
* Red walks down the security hallways
* Ender` follows behind Red scanning
* Mindscape scans the halls for people as he walks
* Biohazard follows, watching
[Ender`] NRP: WHERE's Blue?
[Red] GM: Cameras hidden in the walls
[Gazer] Well Azazel, to what do I owe this surprise visit?
[Riptide] [That cloaker would be nice, Bio...]
[Ender`] Red, watch out for the cameras in the walls
* Red stops
[Red] ....where?
[Azazel] I'm to bring you to the others
* Ender` points them out
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* Azazel motions
* Biohazard activates his personell cloaking field
* Red nods
[Red] Alright, gotcha
[Gazer] NRP: Session duder
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[Biohazard] 7 minutes and counting
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Garland
* Riptide throws up a psionic cloak, blocking him from the view of the cameras
[Ender`] They did a nice job of playing them tho
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[Ender`] I got this one Bio. Save your cloak
[Biohazard] Keep within 5 feet of me
[Riptide] NRP: Scratch that
* Mindscape psionically mutters absently, 1[... Why would they want to reroute camera data through a X-encry-path? ... That would obscure visibility 0.02%...]
* Red follows along Bio
* Ender` eyes start emitting a jamming frequency again
* Mindscape keeps close to Biohazard
[Gazer] Alright, let us depart to join them, shal lwe?
[Biohazard] NRP: the jamming wouldnt effect anything in the cameras if they were monitered
[Garland] NRP: lemme guess, came in mid session.... perfect.....just perfect....
* Biohazard keeps moving
[Ender`] NRP: Damn..
* Ender` stands next to Bio and follows
[Azazel] Sure, watch the hazards *points them out as they travel*
* Red sees the hallway go right
[Gazer] Lead the way, and I shall travel with caution
[Biohazard] Lead on, we have *checks watch* (?) remaining
[Red] NRP: 6?
[Riptide] [Take it to the right, I guess...]
* Red brings out a magnet and attaches it to the wires
[Red] Alright, *hits it* you can turn off your cloaking
[Ender`] Red, what are you doing?
[Red] The cameras are magnetized to show the last two minutes of film..over...and over.
[Ender`] Nice job
* Biohazard deactivates the cloaking field
[Red] That should help our two lone friends.
[Biohazard] Good.  Remind me to get this to a recharge station
[Riptide] [Now why didn't I think of that...] . o O {They don't have to know I know zip about machines... Heh heh...]}
[Mindscape] [...Now if there cameras were modified with a DX-42 and moved through the Y-encry-path, they'd be much harder to jam...]
[Gazer] Well well well, what do we have here...
* Gazer reads the note Red left
[Red] ....Mr. Technical.  Alright, Mind, *points at the next door which has a security droid passing over it* how do you propose that?
* Ender` scans the hallway for anything
[Azazel] And what does it say?
[Riptide] [Whoever the resident assassin is can take it, doncha think?]
* Ender` left eye starts to glow red
[Biohazard] ... you got it.
[Red] .....destroy it, and the alarms go off
[Gazer] One minute my friend, it takes even I a moment to decipher Red's handwriting...
[Riptide] [Ok, scratch that...]
* Ender` eyes stops glowing red
[Biohazard] What if its incapasitated?
* Red points at the wires running through the walls
[Red] ...it'll stop moving, alarms go off.
[Gazer] Ah, we've got to close the door after us.
[Mindscape] [I hack into their system psionically and try to devert order them to a new locaiton...]
* Biohazard a dart forms on his finger
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* Gazer puts his arm out
[Red] ...wrong, it's only designed to run here
[Gazer] After you.
* Red muses
[Mindscape] [Shut them down then?]
* Ender` thinks
[Biohazard] Humm. Open door, let one pass, close door?
[Red] Shut them down, the computer will stop getting feedback...alarm goes off.
* Azazel walks through briskly
* Riptide scratches the back of his head in thought
[Biohazard] Continue?
[Ender`] Anyway to silence the alarms?
[Red] ...I don't know, can you?
* Gazer wlaks through, shutting the door gently behind them
* Ender` looks for a panel
[Ender`] I can try
[Red] GM: *no panels*
* Ender` scanners switch to pick up wiring in the walls
[Riptide] [So whaddawe do?]
[Red] GM: *picks up tons of wiring*
[Mindscape] [What if we were to cause the robots to overload calculating data, tying the main computer up as well? We could try to have it reroute power from the alarm system...]
[Biohazard] Hey, Ender think you can wire up an interface, or some crosslink thing?
* Ender` jams his ion knife into the wall and makes a panel
[Biohazard] I could infect the system with a virus..
[Red] ....that'd buy us some time, Mind, but they would send someone down here to check
[Ender`] They'll detect it Bio
[Red] Virus..easily picked up and alarms go off.
[Biohazard] Not if it fuses everything it touches
[Riptide] [And by the time they sent someone, we'd be long gone...]
[Mindscape] [... If Ender can get a link into the main computer systems, we can just shut the alarms off.]
[Red] .....trust me, bio
* Ender` pulls the wall panel he just made away and pulls out some wires
[Biohazard] .... bah
* Ender` begins to scan each wire looking for the alarm wire
[Red] ..what was that?
[Red] GM: *ten alarm wires found*
* Gazer waves
[Ender`] Red, found something
* Azazel begins to hum a classical tune from the 21st century
[Gazer] Ho good fellows, we've arrived.
* Gazer joins the others
[Red] ......alright, Ender...and?
[Mindscape] [Send a few ion pulses down the wires, Ender. That should mute 'em.]
[Ender`] I've got 10 alarm wires. Only prob. don't know which one is the correct one
[Red] Welcome back
[Gazer] And a welcome it is to be back.
[Red] Left some good exits?
[Gazer] And then some.
[Ender`] I could Mindscape, but if I screw up.
[Red] ....go for it, Ender.
[Biohazard] NRP: Away, checking burn status
[Riptide] [No choice...]
[Ender`] Go for the Ion?
[Red] We've been here way longer than we should have.
[Red] Aye.
[Mindscape] [Don't worry. Their systems complying time should greatly reduce the chance the alarm systems will recover from an ion pulse quickly anyway.]
* Ender` left eye sends out 10 ion blasts that enter into each of the 10 wires
[Red] ...alright, lets move past the droid and hope that worked.
[Ender`] Aright, it's done. Let's hurry
[Biohazard] NRP: 3 tracks to do, be about 8 min before complete
[Azazel] Alright, it's my turn to say alright
* Red opens the door and steps through
* Riptide sneaks past the droid, following Red
* Mindscape attempts to cause the droids to ignore them
* Ender` follows behind Red
* Mindscape follows Ender
* Gazer sneaks after the group
* Biohazard follows Red
* Red gently shuts the door after the last of them pass
* Red they are inside a fabulously rich mansion
* Ender` scans the room
[Red] GM: No traps
[Biohazard] .. Nice
[Ender`] It's clean
[Red] ...that's nice.
[Gazer] And unto to victors go the spoilers....
[Ender`] What are we looking for
* Biohazard looks around
* Biohazard for anything of value that isnt bolted to the floor
[Red] The computer room.  Should be near his bedroom. Lets go upstairs
[Red] GM: *tons of stuff*
* Riptide looks around and smiles evilly
* Ender` climbs up the stairs
[Mindscape] [Then we hack into his computer and see what he knows about us, am I right?]
* Red walks up the stairs, grabbing a priceless vase.
* Azazel quitely flaps up to the top of the stairs
[Red] Right, Mind.
[Biohazard] NRP: *walks out with wheelbarrow and piles of stuff*
* Mindscape follows Red
* Riptide stays at the bottom of the stairs for a minute
* Ender` grabs a diamond
[Ender`] I like this. *pockets it*
* Biohazard walks up, picking up an ivory statue
* Riptide teleports various priceless items to his storage back on the ship
[Biohazard] This dude is rich.
* Ender` sees a peeing statue and grabs it
* Red takes the vase and smashes a mirror with it, breaking both
[Biohazard] NRP: AHH LIGHT!
[Ender`] Hey Red, think this'll look good in my room?
* Ender` holds up the peeing statue
* Red throws the remains of the priceless vase away and opens a secret entrance
* Gazer slips out an old looking book from the bookshelf
* Azazel whirls to face Red
* Riptide heads up the stairs, teleporting a few items on the way up
[Red] I will NOT have that on the ship
[Ender`] Fine *
[Azazel] . . . did you really need to make so much noise?
[Red] ....yes?
[Biohazard] NRP: *notes the resemblence between Ender and the statue*
* Azazel looks around for any movement
[Ender`] Didn't like it that much *tosses it over the side 
* Red walks through the passage
[Red] GM: *Statue crashes*
[Gazer] As much as I detest thievery...I'm sure Mr. Talon won't miss this much...
[Ender`] NRP: *poses nude like the statue*
* Riptide has an evil grin as he meets up with everyone else, holding a huge diamond
* Biohazard scans the passage for traps
* Riptide chucks it into the air, it disappearing in midair
* Ender` pulls his ion knife an he starts to cut up painitings
[Biohazard] NRP: AHH MY BRAIN!! *burns it8
* Gazer slips it into a pocket of his jacket and follows the group
[Ender`] How bout this nudey painting?
[Red] GM: no traps
* Mindscape scans for any other people near
[Gazer] And have we all a hefty bounty?
[Red] GM: Scan blocked
* Riptide scans for any other valuable gems in the area
* Red steps out into the huge courtyard where the bedroom is
* Ender` tries scanning
[Red] GM: Scan blocked
* Riptide snaps his fingers
[Riptide] [Figures.]
[Ender`] Red...
[Red] ...what, Ender?
* Biohazard laughs as he sees the bedroom
[Ender`] My scanner ain't working
[Biohazard] Man, this guy is STUPID
[Mindscape] [Psionic scans blocked as well....]
[Red] Voice: Is that so?
[Ender`] This has been too easy
[Red] ....oh no.
[Ender`] Oh crap...
[Gazer] Me thinks we've been found out.
* Red turns around as 100 guards aim their weapons at them, scattered all around the courtyard
[Riptide] NRP: Why do I think of McNeil from BoF3? *sees a fat guy chasing a hot chick around the bedroom* Ok... THAT'S why...
* Ender` pulls the diamond out of his pocket
[Mindscape] [... Should've deactivated the intercom system while I had a chance...]
[Gazer] Oh my.
[Red] ....*raises hands*
* Ender` places it over his left eye
* Biohazard whirls around, laser scope flashing at the voice, a dart forming on his finger
[Riptide] [Uh oh...]
[Red] Don't do anything stupid, guys
[Ender`] Red...I can fire my laser beam..
[Red] Lord Talon: *steps out* Welcome to my trap, Red Beards.
[Riptide] [You do that, and they open fire on us...]
[Mindscape] [What would you suggest then? Too many to brainwash...]
* Azazel studies the guards, the sides of his lips twitching slightly. A grin begins to form
[Red] .....*grimaces* Lord Talon.
[Gazer] Stupid is a relative term in this situation, dear captain.
[Biohazard] NRP: *Checks* nope, try blond beard.
[Ender`] But it'll disperse after reflecting from my diamond
[Red] ....that means don't attack them.
[Gazer] As I said.
[Ender`] Aright.
[Red] Lord Talon: ... are you all done chatting or do you want to know why I lured you here?
* Biohazard holsters his pistol, and the dart deforms
[Biohazard] Might as well, seeing as you are gonna tell us anyway.
* Ender` beginds to study with his m.eyes
[Red] Lord Talon: *is a humanoid alien with cat like eyes*
[Mindscape] {If you'd care to enlighten us with the data?}
[Gazer] If we can chat over a nice cup of earl grey, then by all means, let us continue this conversation.
[Ender`] I hate cats...
* Ender` looks around the room
[Red] Lord Talon: *glares* I brought you here because you're going to do a few jobs for me.  If not, the bombs I had planted on your Red Beard ship will explode.
* Riptide smacks his forehead
* Biohazard eyes narrow
[Gazer] And I suppose we would soon resemble swiss cheese?
[Red] ......*Glares* Shouldn't have brought in that maintance crew.
* Mindscape frowns
[Riptide] *to Red Beards* [What'd I tell you!? I TOLD you to install those alarms!]
[Biohazard] And whats to stop someone from killing you...?
[Red] Lord Talon: *waves hands at the guards* Them.
[Biohazard] Ah... I see.
[Riptide] NRP: to = we shoulda
[Gazer] And a handy group they are.
* Mindscape scans Talon for a mindshield and if so checks its power
[Biohazard] NRP: *twitches, and guards blast him*
[Red] Alright...wht do you want us to do?
[Red] Talon: *blocked*
* Ender` scans Talon w/ his eyes
[Red] Talon: You will be aiding the Empire a little.  Not mine, but the Tsvi.  We want you to run a few errands for us.
[Ender`] What kind of errands?
[Mindscape] ["Us"? You work for the Tsivrixsh then?]
[Gazer] Well then, this is a curious turn of events...
[Red] Talon: *frowns* Actually, no.  You will aid the Empire, but you're really sticking a dagger into their back
[Ender`] I like that
[Red] *Grumbles* Not my idea of fun.
[Red] OR Smart.
[Biohazard] ..... 
[Gazer] Eh tu, Brtue?
[Red] Talon: That's why you're doing it.
[Azazel] Aid them by hurting them?  What the hell are you talking about?
[Riptide] NRP: NO! We just finished Julius Casear in English! *kills Gazer VERY brutally*
[Ender`] Then can we kill you?
[Biohazard] NRP: Bah, i still remember the 500 lines i was supposed to memorize two years ago
[Red] Talon: First off, we want to know if the rumors of the Maverick Hunters being dead are true.  Second, we want you to destroy the Tsvi station in Galtz.  Lastly, if the Hunters turn up alive, I want you to kill them and make it look like they attacked the station.
[Gazer] NRP: Just  now? Damn, I covered it last year...
[Red] Ender...shut up
[Riptide] NRP: I'm a sophomore, genius
* Ender` looks at Red
[Mindscape] [The Hunters? They're supposed to be pretty strong...]
* Red is looking worried
[Red] Talon: Hardly.
[Gazer] NRP: ...Hey, whadda ya know, right time I guess...
[Ender`] I've always wanted to take on that Dias guy
[Azazel] The Hunters?  Didn't they die about 20 years ago?
* Biohazard glares at Talon
[Biohazard] And WHY are we supposed to kill them?
[Red] Talon: I have my reasons.  That are not of your business.  Now, you are dismissed.
[Mindscape] [You forgot the data we got on 'me, Az? A "special unit" from Earth took their name recently...]
* Red catches the thrown folder
[Gazer] Those were the MAVERICK Hunters, simple Azazel, this was a different crew.
[Riptide] [I think he means the recent Hunters, not the Maverick Hunters...]
[Azazel] Ah, wannabes, gotcha.  Well, no problems, except . . .
[Azazel] Will we be paid?
[Red] Talon: Ah, so you do know the Hunters.   Good.  You fell into that one.
[Red] Talon: You will be paid by not having your guts splattered.  Fair enough?
[Ender`] Yeah
[Riptide] . o O {Works for me...}
[Red] .....great.
[Biohazard] NRP: *curses again* bloody burner.  oh well, so 2 seconds of TAWmegamix are cut off, along with 2 seconds of Play hard. ANYONE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!
* Ender` pockets the diamond
[Red] NRP: Me!
[Gazer] Bloodshed never solved a lawyer's fee, sounds fair.
[Mindscape] [Well, we'd better get this over with quickly...]
[Azazel] . o O {visions of an eviscerated Talon}
[Ender`] NRP: Uh yeah..I do
[Biohazard] NRP: then your not getting a CD.
[Red] NRP: Hey!
[Riptide] NRP: As long as my themes are all right, it's cool.
[Biohazard] NRP: neither are you. *wipes em off list*
* Red walks off
[Ender`] NRP: He told me to say it
[Red] Lets go, guys
* Ender` follows behind Red
[Mindscape] NRP: Hey, what's 2 seconds? I'm fine wiht it...
* Biohazard moves along
[Red] NRP: *drops a house on Bio*
* Riptide sighs and walks after Red
[Gazer] Parting is such sweet sarrow, but not in this matter.
* Mindscape moves allow with the others
[Biohazard] NRP: Im melting.. melting.. oh what a world what a world....
[Riptide] [...would you stop quoting Shakespeare?]
* Ender` tosses the diamond he stole hand to hand
* Gazer departs with his crewmates
[Red] Alright, lets go get our ships...grab some supplies from a nearby station, and head to the planet he mentioned on here.  *Waves the folder*
[Ender`] Least I got this.
[Gazer] Would you rather I quoted Carlin?
[Azazel] *whispers* And can we get a message to the Red Beard?
[Mindscape] [Sounds fun...]
[Red] ...I would rather you think of a plan to turn all this on Talon.  I want him dead.
[Ender`] They probably got our ship rigged
[Red] Undoubtedly.
[Riptide] [Let's hope the Hunters are dead. I hear the Special Unit wiped out those two Mavericks on Earth...]
* Biohazard smirks
[Mindscape] [Just give me a chance to get into his mind...]
[Gazer] Since we do we decide the fates of others?
[Biohazard] You want it a painful death, or quick one?
[Ender`] I'll start working on a plan now Red\
[Azazel] Look, teleport a message to the ship about the bombs, hopefully somebody won't bungle disarming them
[Riptide] [Since I started worrying about fighting...]
[Red] ..later, later....
[Red] We're heading to the Red Beard ourselves.
[Red] Why not tell them personally?
[Mindscape] [And I heard the mavericks were nearly wiped out long before that... Not much of an achievement...]
[Ender`] Why not.
[Riptide] [Good point.]
[Azazel] So he's letting us disarm the bombs ourselves?  . . . something's messed up here
[Red] Personally, the hunters don't impress me.  They are probably dead.  I just want to find out, and blow the station, and if they are alive, we'll kill them.  Because we're the best, right?
[Biohazard] Damn straight.
[Ender`] Yeah..the best.
[Riptide] [Not really. If we do it, he's got new workers. If we don't, we're out of his hair.]
[Azazel] I thought you hated killing
[Mindscape] [Correct as usual.]
* Gazer starts to glare at Red
[Red] I do, but I value my and your lives more.
* Red enters the ship
[Biohazard] NRP: .oO{*gets the worst feeling that Bio and Rip are gonna meet..}
* Ender` starts working towards the shuttle
[Ender`] What if they don't attack us?
* Ender` walks onto the shuttle
[Mindscape] NRP: *ain't gonna meet Avatar, that's for sure*
* Mindscape follows Red into the shuttle
[Gazer] With all due respect, captain, we're thieves and tricksters, not hired hitmen, I'm sure we can do without the murder.
[Red] ....we'll deal with it when it comes?
[Biohazard] Whatever dude.
* Gazer steps onto the shuttle
[Red] ....I know, Gazer, but Talon's got us by the balls.  What do you suppose I do?
* Biohazard hops onto the shuttle
* Riptide steps onto the ship
[Biohazard] Hope he doesnt twist.
[Gazer] I suggest we perform an illuion like the ones we are most renouned for.
[Ender`] Why not fake our deaths like the last time
[Red] Doesn't matter....the Hunters are dead.  Got it?  So, calm down
[Biohazard] Yea lets get going.
[Biohazard] NRP: How much longer?
* Azazel lifts it off the ground
[Red] NRP: Over as soon as we're done debating
[Ender`] Who's flying]
[Riptide] [Yeah, let's get this over with. I don't like working for no pay.]
[Gazer] I'll be calm only after this matter is resolved.
[Mindscape] [If all goes well, this will be a fairly simple mission...]
[Azazel] The pilot
[Red] Should be.  Next stop, home.
[Red] Session Ends