...Hunters no more?

Session 47: Murphy's Law

[Admiral_Drake] Time Chart: Later that night
[Admiral_Drake] Location: The Fury
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: ... in your cage?
[Slasher] NRP: Yeah
[Slasher] NRP: Looking through the opening
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: Boy, you can look around...
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[Slasher] NRP: Can't stop me from trying eh
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *hits bars* SHUT UP!
[Slasher] Why?
* Admiral_Drake stands up on the bridge, looking over the controls
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: .... your voice annoys me.
[Slasher] Yeah and your face is greasier than a pizza
[Slasher] But you dont' see me complaining...that much
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: .... you little piece of shit
[Admiral_Drake] Ah, Spectre...I know it's getting late into the night
* Admiral_Drake glances her over
[Slasher] I've been kicking those Tsiv's asses in while your momma was in diapers 
[Admiral_Drake] You look like you're ready to head off.
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *flips switch to zap Slasher*
[Slasher] NRP: HE wants..damnt!
[Spectre] [Um, yeah, sure...]
* Slasher smirks taking the pain
[Admiral_Drake] Anyway, if you're wondering where Paladin is, I had to send him off on an assignment
[Spectre] . o O {Where's Paladin, dammit...}
[Spectre] [Ironic you should say that, sir... I was just wondering that.]
* Shell_X walks onto the bridge and looks around
[Admiral_Drake] ....going to have dinner with him or something?
[Spectre] [...Yeah.]
[Admiral_Drake] Ah, Shell, it's been weeks since I've seen you. Where have you been?
* Shell_X mummbles something
[Slasher] And why can't I have that female guard instead of you pizza boy
[Admiral_Drake] Anyway, are you up to date with our current status reports?
[Spectre] [Well, since he isn't coming... I'm going to head for my quarters.]
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: Listen you little dipshit!
* Shell_X shakes his head
* Slasher yawns
[Slasher] I'm all ears. 
* Spectre salutes to Drake, who apparently ignores her, and she leaves the bridge
[Shell_X] What's been happening?
[Admiral_Drake] Well, yesterday Slasher was proven to be our traitor who has been causing us trouble.  That was proven when he blew every weapon we had on the ship.  He was found guilty in the trial this morning and put in the brig.
[Slasher] Say what ya gots to say while I'm listening
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *takes electrocutor and zaps Slasher*
[Shell_X] Why'd he do that?
* Slasher leaps back
[Slasher] That it?
[Admiral_Drake] ...not quite sure as to his motives.
* Spectre stops in the hallway and leans against a wall, thinking
[Spectre] . o O {Ok, Paladin's out of the picture... I guess this one's up to me... Figures I'm not trained in spying...}
[Admiral_Drake] Oh, *shifts through papers* Avalon joined the Hunters.  I don't think he's aware of our current state.
* Slasher leaps onto his bead and starts to bounce on it
[Shell_X] Ah... *looks a bit confused*
* Admiral_Drake glances at shell
[Shell_X] Anything else new?
[Admiral_Drake] You do know the Hunters are dead, right?
[Shell_X] What!? How'd that happen?
* Slasher leaps off the bed and starts to make noise using a cup rattling against the cage
[Admiral_Drake] ....two weeks ago
[Admiral_Drake] December 5th, to be exact....same day you last saw them
[Slasher] NRP: Snipe let one rip and I lit a match
* Spectre walks slowly down the hallway, planning her "attack" on Index's room
[Shell_X] How?
* Slasher starts singing 1
[Admiral_Drake] ...well, they were outside Xevil's base when you came back.  They went in and had a great battle, our sources say.  The building blew....they didn't get out.
[Slasher] No body knows the trouble I've seen!!! Nobody knows the PAIN!!!
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: Oh ..God..
[Shell_X] You're sure they didn't do one of those last minute escapes?
[Slasher] YADDIE YADDIE YADDIEE!! Nobody knows the sORROW!!!
[Admiral_Drake] ...Quite.  We scanned the planet.  Nothing happened.
[Admiral_Drake] The only energy source was that of the explosion.
[Slasher] No about the female guard?
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: Shut up
[Slasher] I'll start singing again
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *puts earmuffs on*
* Slasher goes back to singing offkey on purpose
[Admiral_Drake] Any other questions?
* Shell_X mumbles something and moves to the science station, pulling up sensor logs for the past two weeks
[Shell_X] Not really
[Admiral_Drake] Ah.  Seen Grave?  He's been hiding lately.
[Admiral_Drake] Computer: Warning - Warning....spacecraft detected.
[Shell_X] Not where I've been hiding
[Slasher] Hey guard, what does that mean?
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *Reads a magazine*
[Admiral_Drake] ....Hrm...what....?
[Slasher] You shouldn't be reading that magazine about Male genitalia
* Admiral_Drake flips on the view screen and sees a shuttle heading for the ship
* Shell_X copies the sensor log to a portable computer and then brings up the data on the spacecraft
[Admiral_Drake] Isn't that...Tsivrixsh in origin?
* Shell_X runs a full scan of the shuttle
[Shell_X] Yes
[Shell_X] What's it doing here?
[Admiral_Drake] ...Damn! 
[Admiral_Drake] Who knows, but it probably isn't friendly
* Admiral_Drake hits alarms and comm systems
[Admiral_Drake] All MPs on duty, report to the hanger bay...repeat, report to the hanger bay
[Slasher] Hey guard!! The alarms are blarring!
* Spectre is snapped out of her thoughts as the alarms go off
[Spectre] Comm] What's up, Admiral?
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[Spectre] NRP: Well, well, it's my teammate.
[Admiral_Drake] Comm: We have a Tsivrixsh shuttle heading for us
[Shell_X] Sir, it hasn't armed its weapons
[Admiral_Drake] Comm: I don't suppose AVALON's on duty, is he?
[Admiral_Drake] ...it hasn't?
[Admiral_Drake] Comm: Repeat, the shuttle has not armed their weapons
[Spectre] Comm] Haven't seen him... Not attacking, eh? I'll check the hangar.
* Slasher tosses a pebble at the guard
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: OW!
* Slasher points to the alarm
* Spectre clicks the communicator off and jogs for the hangar
* Shell_X flickers and vanishes as he downloads himself to the hanger
[Admiral_Drake] ....*lowers the shields for the shuttle*
* Spectre reaches the hangar as Shell finishes downloading
* Shell_X shakes his hand a bit to clear out a bit of static in his resolution
[Admiral_Drake] Comm: ...Shell, see anything?
*** Ryan_Cross is now known as Unknown
* Slasher throws another pebble at the guard
* Unknown docks his shuttle in the hangar
[Shell_X] It's just entering the hanger
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: OW!
* Spectre runs an advanced telepathic scan of the shuttle, only to find it blocked
* Slasher picks up a pebble and whips it at the guards croch
[Spectre] [Well, so much for that.]
* Shell_X mutters to himself as he watches the shuttle
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *has a cup on*
* Slasher tosses a pebble in his hand as he sizes up the guard
* Unknown the doorway to the shuttle opens
[Admiral_Drake] Comm: Paladin, you read me?
* Spectre crosses her arms anxiously
*** EggNog is now known as Paladin`
* Slasher chucks it at the guards hand
* Shell_X tries to scan the insides of the shuttle
[Paladin`] Comm: . . . yea, I'm here
* Unknown figure walks out of the shuttle and surveys the hangar bay (who's in here)
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *lets it hit the shield*
[Shell_X] NRP: Me
[Spectre] NRP: Et moi.
* Unknown the shuttle is sensor blocked
[Admiral_Drake] Comm: We have a...situation....up here. Index is back home in his room, so, head to the hanger.  We have a vistor.  Tsivrixshian too.
* Spectre steps forward
* Unknown is visible as a Tsivrixsh Tsolsejra (Tsivrixsh Prime), like Xevil'sr ace
[Paladin`] Comm: . . .
* Shell_X scans the figure
* Unknown moves to Spectre and ShellX (has a mindshield)
[Paladin`] Comm: Yea, I'll be there
[Shell_X] Uh, hello?
* Spectre offers her hand
[Unknown] ... Greetings.
[Admiral_Drake] MPs: *hold guns at him*
[Slasher] Oh, think your getting smart eh..*grabs a rock and chucks it at the water sprinkler above the guard
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* Unknown after a moment, offers his own hand, a long claw-like hand and grasps SPectre's hand
[Spectre] [Jennifer Arenson. And you are?]
[Admiral_Drake] MPs: What should we ... do sir?
[Unknown] Xrileshr tsilso.
[Unknown] I am Xrileshr.
*** Unknown is now known as Xrileshr
[Xrileshr] I need to speak with your commanding officer.
[Admiral_Drake] Comm: Shell..what's going on?
* Slasher` chucks a rock for the paging button
* Paladin` enters the hanger
[Shell_X] Comm] He wants to talk with you
* Xrileshr glances at Paladin
[Spectre] [Xri...] *trips up over the name* [Xrile... Xrileshr. Ok. Talk with Shell, he's got the contact with Drake.] *points at Shell*
[Shell_X] Any particular reason you want to talk with him?
* Slasher` leaps onto his bed
[Xrileshr] Inform your commander that the conversation will be very important to him.
[Xrileshr] It would be better if I were able to explain it to him in person.
[Admiral_Drake] Comm: Hmmm.
* Shell_X tells the Admiral the message
* Paladin` crosses his arms
[Admiral_Drake] Comm: Escort him here.
[Shell_X] Walk this way
[Xrileshr] Do not worry. I give you my word of honor as a warrior not to harm any on this station, as long as I'm not attacked.
* Shell_X begins walking backward toward the door of the hanger
* Slasher` picks up the mattress and places it against the cage wall facing the guard
* Paladin` coughs slightly
* Xrileshr follows SHell X
* Spectre walks out, but stops next to Paladin
[Spectre] *to Pal* [Where were you, dammit?]
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *zaps him
[Shell_X] So, what type of work do you do?
* Slasher` walks back rubbing his arm
[Paladin`] *Cannot hear psychic communications*
[Slasher`] Was that necessary?!
* Spectre curses telepathically, realising that Paladin has his helmet on
* Xrileshr turns to Shell, 1"You'll find out in moments."
* Slasher` goes back to calling for the female guard
* Paladin` continues after the Tsiv
[Admiral_Drake] Comm: Hmmm...when he meets me and possibly kills me...
[Spectre] [Grrr...]
[Xrileshr] [Yes, Jennifer Anderson. He seems to be immune to psionic communication.]
[Spectre] [Apparently so... Pain in the ass if you ask me.]
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: And if you ask X2...he'll say.
* Shell_X pulls out one of his grav-a-rangs and tries to teach himself to juggle it
* Xrileshr has made no move for the Xvash that hangs for his side, so far
[Xrileshr] NRP: Are we to Drake yet...?
[Admiral_Drake] GM: *cameras follow Xrileshr as they come to the elevator to the bridge
[Shell_X] NRP: No
[Spectre] *to MPs* [Hold back here. I'll contact you if you are needed.]
* Shell_X steps inside the elevator
[Admiral_Drake] MPs: *Stops*
[Xrileshr] NRP: You pronounce his name like: "ZrIl esher" ("I" as in the pronoun "I")
* Spectre gets onto the elevator
[Shell_X] I really hate elevators...
* Xrileshr follows SHell
[Spectre] [Don't we all, Shell, don't we all...]
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: I'll call him Bubba, okay?
* Shell_X presses the button for the bridge after Paladin enters
* Slasher` continues yelling for the female guard
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *curses and puts up the sound proof barrier*
* Spectre listens idly to the elevator music
* Xrileshr is silent during the elevator ride
* Paladin` rubs the back of his neck as he wonders if he should ask the Tsiv to disarm
* Shell_X takes out his data pad and begin reading through it
[Admiral_Drake] Elevator: Thank you for riding elevator rides.
[Slasher`] Damn bastard...I'm about to die and I won't be laid as my dieing wish. Son of a.........
[Admiral_Drake] Elevator: To your left you will see...a wall.
[Admiral_Drake] Elevator: To your right you will see....a wall.
* Xrileshr looks fairly menacing, with his Xvash and long claws, great heat, and glaring armor
[Admiral_Drake] Elevator: Behind you, you'll see....a all.
[Shell_X] I... really... hate.... elevators
* Spectre forms psionic energy in the shape of a falcon, holds it for a second, then lets it dissipate
[Admiral_Drake] Elevator: In front of you, you'll see the door
[Xrileshr] ... Your elevators are a bit... odd.
[Spectre] [No kidding.]
[Admiral_Drake] Elevaotr: When the elevator door OPENS, you may step out.  Please do not stand in the door way, or you'll be crushed.
[Admiral_Drake] Elevator: Have a nice day
[Shell_X] I didn't program it.... but I will soon
[Admiral_Drake] Elevator: *opens*
* Shell_X walks out
* Spectre steps out
[Xrileshr] I would hope this is not a representation of your culture's normal elevators...
* Xrileshr exits the elevator
[Spectre] [Believe me, it isn't.]
* Paladin` drags out
* Admiral_Drake stands there, glancing at them
[Paladin`] It's just . . . an elevator
* Spectre goes to attention, saluting Drake
* Shell_X finds his seet and watches Xrileshr
* Admiral_Drake flips off the screen with Slasher screaming
[Spectre] [Xrileshr...] *trips all over the name* [...sir.]
[Xrileshr] *to Drake* I am Xrileshr.... YOu have me at a disadvantage...
* Slasher` begins kicking the cage door
[Admiral_Drake] ...charmed, I'm sure.  The name's Drake
* Spectre moves to a seat
[Xrileshr] Drake, then. I greet you. Do not worry, I'm not here to harm you.
[Admiral_Drake] Uh...*glances at his weapons* Paladin, could you remove the gentlemen's weapons?  *tries to act professional*
* Spectre shakes her head slightly at Drake's sad attempt
[Admiral_Drake] I would .... hope so
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: Hey, wish for Snipe back
[Paladin`] Hey Xril . . . whatever, would you mind leaving those things in my custody?
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *growls and writes Slasher up*
* Shell_X streaches out in his chair and half-closes his eyes
[Xrileshr] ... I would prefer not to remove my Xvash. But, if it is necessary for your trust
* Admiral_Drake a silent scream continues to show Slasher
[Admiral_Drake] ...a precaution, that's all.
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: er, screen
* Paladin` shrugs, looking deathly haggard
* Paladin` holds out his hand
* Slasher` continues to kick at the cage
[Xrileshr] I would caution you to touch only the handles and not the spikes or blades. *hands him his Xvash*
[Admiral_Drake] .uh..heh heh..ignore the movie behind us..it's a ...rerun...been showing all day infact.
* Spectre glances at the screen with Slasher on it. . o O {Do I really want to save him...? *mentally sighs*}
*** X1 has quit IRC ("The smell of the battle; that adrenealine rush from the danger; Perfect clearity of the moment when you hit your opponent that one final time, whether or not you die or he does. God I miss it." -Wiendigo)
[Admiral_Drake] I was just about to have Spectre go STOP it.
[Xrileshr] I may keep my armor on, I presume?
* Slasher` looks at the camera and waves
[Admiral_Drake] Of course.
[Spectre] NRP: The screen or Slasher?
[Xrileshr] All right. Now that those formalities are over, we can begin.
* Slasher` turns around, bends over and drops his pants wiggling his darey air
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: Slasher
* Spectre stands up
[Spectre] [Yes sir.]
[Admiral_Drake] ...and hurry
* Admiral_Drake glances at the screen, frowning
* Spectre winces as she turns around and jogs for the elevator, getting on and heading for the holding cells
* Slasher` pulls his pants back up turns around and waves
[Xrileshr] First I must give you some background, before I make my... offer to you. It will not take too long.
* Xrileshr glances at SLasher on the screen
* Admiral_Drake eyes flicker over to Paladin and then back to Xril
[Admiral_Drake] Go on.
* Slasher` waves
[Admiral_Drake] [Hey, yo, Shell...]
* Slasher` does a lil jig
[Xrileshr] Before the year of A.D. 2165 in your system, the Tsivrixsh Empire had been ruled for centuries by a body of government known as the High Council.
* Spectre appears on the screen and apparently gives Slasher a good verbal thrashing
* Slasher` turns to her and nods
[Xrileshr] This High Council was made up of 13 of our greatest leaders. They had authority over the Lesser Council and all others below them. Their rule was well-liked by our people.
* Spectre also nods, and walks off of the screen
* Shell_X stays watching Xrileshr with half opened eyes.
* Slasher` sticks tongue at her
[Xrileshr] Though we were an Empire in your terms then, we were much smaller, made up of worlds that were honorable enough to join us.
[Paladin`] And then we killed your Elder.
* Spectre appears back on screen and telepathically says one final thing that seems to affect Slasher
[Xrileshr] *smiles a bit* I'll get to that.
[Admiral_Drake] ....*tries to stay awake*
* Slasher` looks stunned and then gives Spectre a rasberry
[Xrileshr] In 2165, a great warlord was the First of the High Council. However, he seized control of the council and declared himself Emperor. Unfortunetly, he succeeded,.
* Shell_X downloads a Spydirbot to poke Drake
[Admiral_Drake] Ow!
* Spectre says something else
[Admiral_Drake] ..I see...
[Xrileshr] He soon began his new mission: the conquest of all the other worlds in the galaxy. And so, our great starfleets moved in and began conquering the galaxy.
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *Says something to them both*
* Slasher` looks surprised and then nods turning back to the camera making silly faces
* Spectre looks at the guards, nods, says something to him aloud ("He should leave you alone now."), and walks off camera again
[Spectre] NRP: Guard, even
* Paladin` watches the screen out of the corner of his eye, knowning the information Xrileshr is giving
[Xrileshr] The Emperor declared the Thirteen of the High Council the second-in-command of the starfleet. This Thirteenth was known as Tsavra and gave himself the title of "Tson'vlash" or, in English, "The ELder".
[Admiral_Drake] Clown: *juggles on the screen*
* Slasher` turns to the guard
[Slasher`] Can I have my Female guard now
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *yells at the clown*
[Admiral_Drake] ...alright, I'm beginning to see this now
* Spectre the elevator pings as Spectre reaches the bridge and she steps out of the elevator
[Xrileshr] Tsavra and his apprentice, Xevil, soon began their ground assault on Earth, for our fleet was occupied in other areas. I'm sure you know what happened to the Elder and Xevil
[Admiral_Drake] Elevator: That will be 10 gil, please.
[Spectre] [Slasher won't be causing any more problems, sir.] *turns and kicks the elevator door*
[Admiral_Drake] Elevator: And I'm pressing charges.
[Xrileshr] I am a member of Ovsevri Tsil'xro Tsivrixsh Shlitvo vre Tvaxsh, in English, the Last Honorable Warriors of the Tsivrixsh Empire.
[Admiral_Drake] ....you guys have some...strange titles.
* Spectre throws ten gil at the elevator, curses aloud, and storms to her seat
[Admiral_Drake] Elevator: yea, I can buy myself a new paint job for the dent mark
[Paladin`] I'd hate to rush your great lesson here, but what's your point?
[Xrileshr] We commonly refer to ourselves as the "Ovsevri Tsil'xro Tvaxsh" or "Last Honorable Warriors".
[Spectre] [I kinda missed most of this, but you're saying the Tsivrixsh isn't all bad, hmm?]
[Admiral_Drake] I...have to agree with Paladin.
[Slasher`] I want that Female guard, I need to talk to a female!!
[Xrileshr] The point is, our goal is to stop the Emperor and restore governmental control to the High Council. We wish to end this assault on the galaxy.
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *call Spectre*
[Slasher`] Not her!!
[Slasher`] The Female guard..
* Spectre glares at the screen and ignores the call
[Admiral_Drake] ...so, you're going to join us?
* Paladin` chuckles
[Admiral_Drake] Spectre's beeper: beep beep
[Xrileshr] At the risk of insulting you, we do not wish to have the unhonorable races as members of our Empire. Subjugation of them is not neccessary, indeed it is self-destructive
[Admiral_Drake] Spectre's beeper: beep beep
* Spectre turns the beeper onto silent mode
[Slasher`] Alright Guard boy..She's not a guard ok..I want the female guard from last night or whenever 
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: Go have sex with Bubba.
[Xrileshr] You are correct. Since your Hunters seem to be the base of the alliance against the EMpire, I was ordered to try and join with you, and provide a link ebtween our organizations.
[Slasher`] Go screw your pencil sharpner
[Xrileshr] However, intelligence reported the Hunters were destroyed...
[Admiral_Drake] ...and that is quite true
[Admiral_Drake] We are the last.
[Admiral_Drake] And, Sigma's forces too.
* Spectre seems hit by that phrase, but tries not to let it show
[Xrileshr] And your alliance?
[Admiral_Drake] ...crumbling.
* Slasher` flicks the guard off and goes back to yelling for the female guard
* Paladin` waits
* Shell_X sits up
[Xrileshr] That is unfortunate... I had hoped your attack on the Emperor's forces would have weakened them and allowed the Emperor to be dethrowned... Nonetheless, I will remain here for now... Unless you disagrove
[Xrileshr] disagrove=disaprove
[Admiral_Drake] ..er..what could an...extra hand hurt....
[Xrileshr] Then you agree to cooperation between our organziations?
[Admiral_Drake] For now.
[Paladin`] . . . I would take caution and put him in a place where he would not see too much sensitive information
[Admiral_Drake] Agreed.
[Paladin`] We have had some trouble with traitors
* Shell_X sends a Spydirbot to get quarters ready for Xrileshr
[Spectre] . o O {No kidding...}
[Xrileshr] I warn you one thing on that note: This alliance is not permiment. Should you somehow be able to overcome the Tsivrixsh forces and do not stop your assault if the EMperor is dethrowned, then we will be enemies.
[Admiral_Drake] {....traitors these days only have one thing on their minds....}
[Paladin`] Now, what I don't understand, is why you decide to come and aid us when we're weakened instead of just joining the strong united front we once had . . .
[Spectre] NRP: Being traitorous?
[Xrileshr] However, we would not be unwilling to relinquish many of our conquered territories, if need be. Beyond those that wish to stay
[Slasher`] NRP: Yeah gettin laid
[Admiral_Drake] ..who says the power of the Empire would go to you? 
[Xrileshr] UNfortunetly, your alliance crumbled before we could finish planning for this mission...
[Xrileshr] It would return to the High Council. If it is neccessary to change the membership of it, then the Ovsevri Tsil'xro Tsaxsh shall do so.
[Admiral_Drake] Is it true there are only seven more members left in the High Council?
[Paladin`] And then why you didn't help twenty years ago . . .
[Xrileshr] Unfortunetly, yes. Do you wish to know why?
[Admiral_Drake] ...I know why, we killed the other six.
[Xrileshr] But why were they in a position for you to kill them?
[Admiral_Drake] Well, Xevil wanted revenge, but "The Five" were there to set us up in a trap.
[Xrileshr] The Emperor is moving to dissolve the council and take absolute control of the EMpire. That is why the Elder was sent to Earth. 
[Xrileshr] Their deaths in battle are merely a cover for this.
[Admiral_Drake] But the Council would never just die at our hands.  They are fighting with all their might.
[Spectre] . o O {So it isn't the Tsivrixsh, it's conflict within the Tsivrixsh...}
[Shell_X] Earth would be realeased, right?
* Xrileshr to Paladin, 1"You're alliance did not exist 20 years ago... Also... At the moment, we consider your chances of success.. minute at best. That is why haste was not used."
[Xrileshr] Yes, since it did not join willingly and would not meet hte criteria regardless.
[Paladin`] And what aid could we possibly provide you? You see our current state.
[Spectre] [Paladin's got a point. There simply aren't that many of us. What do we have to give you that would actually help in the fight?]
[Xrileshr] You may be of assitance yet. And, enemies of the Emperor are allies of ours.
[Admiral_Drake] ...why do I have a feeling you're leaving things out?
* Paladin` feels something not quite right . . .
[Shell_X] Um, I see one problem
[Spectre] [Sensible way of looking at it... Something isn't right, though...]
[Xrileshr] ALso, I was recently uncovered as a "traitor" to the Tsivrixsh Starfleet of the EMperor. Seeing your current state... It was decided a officer of my calibur would greatly aid you.
[Xrileshr] Of course I am leaving some things out, Drake. It would take much longer for the entire story, and there are things which you do not need to know. However, I assure you that my purposes here are as I have said.
[Shell_X] If the Emperor knows we are working with you to directly overthrow him, wouldn't he try even harder to stop us?
[Xrileshr] If you were to help us in directly working to overthrow the Emperor, I would be very pleased. However, I'm not sure if you will.
[Admiral_Drake] ...only time will tell, really.
[Xrileshr] You must use caution though, as what you [refering to SHell] suggest may indeed come to pass.
[Admiral_Drake] Of course, lately we've been having a problem with the Empire knowing exactly where we are.
[Xrileshr] I would note to you that my strengths are in strategy and leadership, particularly of starships, and in combat.
*** Slasher` has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Xrileshr] Interesting... A spy most likely, of course. 
* Spectre 's eyes run over the monitor, and something crosses her mind; she shoves it to the back to remember later
[Paladin`] We're not going to give you command or strategic control of a starship, tsivrixsh.
[Admiral_Drake] Of course, and we caught him.
* Spectre something clicks in Spectre's mind, but she also shoves it to the back of her mind
[Xrileshr] I'm sorry to say, I do not know who that spy is. It is classified information and therefore I do not have it... If you wish, I could ask that our intelligence work to discover it for you
* Xrileshr turns to Paladin, 1"Obviously not until I have proved loyality to you."
[Admiral_Drake] Well, Xril, you may retire to your quarters...Shell...could you?
[Spectre] . o O {You may not need it, Xril...}
[Shell_X] Sure
[Xrileshr] May I have my Xvash returned now?
[Admiral_Drake] ...Paladin, return him his Xvash.
* Paladin` holds it out disdainfully
[Xrileshr] If you require any information, Drake, then I will give you what I can or am able to.
* Shell_X walks to the elevator, stopping to interface with its systems so it will be quiet.
* Xrileshr takes the Xvash from Paladin and flips it back into its sheath in one blazing motion
[Shell_X] Xrileshr (pronouned correctly), if you could follow me?
[Admiral_Drake] .....*crosses arms*
[Xrileshr] Of course. One more question, first, however.
[Shell_X] Shoot
[Xrileshr] *turns to Drake* Will I be allowed to contact my organization and inform them of this development?
[Admiral_Drake] .....As long as Shell is allowed to monitor you
* Spectre nods
[Spectre] Hey Paladin...
* Shell_X rolls his eyes as he enters the elevator
[Xrileshr] That is acceptable. I would ask you leave my shuttle to me, also.
[Paladin`] Yes?
[Admiral_Drake] Alright.
* Spectre does the typical clear-throat-when-speaking-aloud of the enhanced
[Spectre] Weren't we supposed to have dinner earlier? *winks*
[Xrileshr] I will lower its shielding and you will be allowed to analyze it, but I would prefer to have it availabel for my use.
[Xrileshr] Thank you. I take my leave of you. *enters the elevator*
[Paladin`] Of course, there will be guards posted at the hanger around the clock
* Xrileshr to Shell, 1"I take it that few if any of you speak Tsivrixsh?"
[Paladin`] Uh, were we?  Yea, I guess . . .
* Shell_X presses the floor where he set up Xrileshr's room
[Shell_X] True
* Admiral_Drake steps up
* Spectre rolls her eyes, Paladin obviously having missed the wink
[Admiral_Drake] Sorry to break up your dinner engagement
[Spectre] . o O {Dammit!}
[Shell_X] Acctually I was wondering if you had a database of your language I could study
[Xrileshr] INteresting, since it is very important to know your enemy's and ally's languages. If you wish, I could provide you with more information on our language.
[Spectre] {Yes sir?}
[Spectre] NRP: With the . o O, it's thinking. Without, it's aloud and telepathic. Thought I'd clear that up.
[Admiral_Drake] But I need to get a full comm. wave search out to Sigma's fleet.  We need them to meet us as quickly.  New developments are starting to go underway, I think.
[Shell_X] That would be great, anything about your culture would help as well
[Xrileshr] Indeed, I've been working on a translation to English of a comprehensive grammar and lexicon of our language. I could provide it to you.
* Shell_X gets to the floor and walks out the elevator
[Spectre] {Right on it, sir...}
[Admiral_Drake] ..Tell him to meet us in around Orion's belt.
* Spectre salutes
[Admiral_Drake] He'll know what that means
[Shell_X] How about I just grab it from your shuttle's computer... if you don't mind
[Xrileshr] A good deal of the information is in Tsivrixsh, but what I have translate should be sufficent for you to understand the rest. I would note most of my information is for the standard Tsivrixsh language, not the numerous dialects...
[Shell_X] Dialects tend to only be varients on a theme
* Spectre sighs and slips behind a computer console
[Admiral_Drake] Paladin....it'll take one day for us to meet up with Sigma.  So, you'll have until then to do what you want.  Tomorrow's yours.  But after tomorrow, we'll begin our meetings, and then, we'll execute Slasher.
[Xrileshr] Yes, but the wide distances between Tsivrixsh-speaking worlds and their different psiologies exaggerate that difference.
* Spectre 's eyes, which are hidden from Drake's view, go wide, but return to normal as she looks at the monitor and taps out a few keys
* Paladin` rubs the rough equivalent of his temple
[Xrileshr] I most enter the passwords to give you the information, as I would prefer you not to hack into the system.
[Shell_X] Sure
* Paladin` nods and heads to the elevator
[Admiral_Drake] Oh, and Paladin?
[Paladin`] Yea?
[Admiral_Drake] How did the mob control go?
* Xrileshr takes out a computer pad and hits the keys, Tsivrixsh characters flashing on the computer screen
* Spectre , glad to have semi-privacy, scans for Sigma's fleet while thinking of her plan against Index
[Xrileshr] I have remotely given you access to take the files you need at your liesure.
[Shell_X] Thanks
* Xrileshr is moving down the halls to his room, as the elevator has probably stopped by now
* Shell_X takes out his pad and downloads the information
[Paladin`] Uh, it's under control
[Admiral_Drake] ....good.  Any evidence it was started by...Index?
[Shell_X] Here's where you'll be staying
* Spectre looks up from the keyboard, listening in on the two
[Xrileshr] Somehow, I gather I'll be off duty for a good while now. I'll be available to discuss information with you for a good while, therefore.
[Paladin`] Nothing confirmable, just a few leads
[Xrileshr] If you wish.
[Admiral_Drake] ....right.
* Xrileshr opens the door and glances over the room
[Admiral_Drake] As you were.
* Spectre 's gaze sinks back to the monitor
[Shell_X] Sure, um... there'll be a few security precautions to start however
[Xrileshr] Most likely.
[Admiral_Drake] .......Well, Spectre....Christmas is coming...and it doesn't feel that merry.
[Shell_X] I hope you like it, I adjusted it a bit to what we know about your physiology
[Paladin`] NRP: Is this going to end soon?
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: In 2 mins
[Spectre] [You got that right... Earth's been lost, the Hunters, including Chris, have been lost...]
[Xrileshr] Am I correct in assuming that I will not be able to move about the station with impunity, indeed, outside this room once I enter, I would gather?
[Spectre] [Before long, all hope is going to be lost...]
[Xrileshr] I'll inform you if any adjustments need to be made
[Admiral_Drake] ....if not already
[Admiral_Drake] I'm retiring for the night.
* Admiral_Drake walks off
[Shell_X] Correct, you should call somebody if you need to head around
* Spectre patiently waits on the search, and looks up at Drake
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: I'll let ya'll end it
[Spectre] [See you later, Drake... Maybe things will turn out better...]
[Shell_X] Drake will set that up...
* Spectre looks back at the monitor and silently continues the search
[Xrileshr] I will be making my communication to the Ovsevri Tsil'xro Tvaxsh immeditaly. *enters the room*
[Paladin`] NRP: Then I'm off, I've had a long night.
[Spectre] NRP: Well, I'm finished, you two finish it.
*** Paladin` has quit IRC (*Heads to his quarters for thought*)
[Shell_X] OK *follows because of Drakes orders
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: Looking forward to Slasher's execution....
[Xrileshr] NRP: It can end now if you all want, or I could go on.
[Admiral_Drake] Session Ends

[Red] Time Chart: Same day...same time as part 1
[Red] Location: Red Beard
* Azazel stands on the bridge
* Red sits in his chair
* Mindscape is sitting at the computer/sensor station
* Riptide sits in a chair, nervous, as usual
* Ender` leans in the comm station holding an ice pack on his forhead
* BioHazard is researching virii strains
* Phantasma lays back in a chair, tweaking another weapon.
* Gazer snores while sleeping in his regular chair, cap pulled down over his eyes
* Mindscape is tweaking the shielding systems currently, and close to moving on to working on the weapons
* Red is...doing nothign
* Riptide twiddles his thumbs
[Gazer] NRP: *and somewhere, an angel gets its wings*
[Ender`] Uhh..my head. Feels like a hangover after drinking one of Bio's concoctions
[Red] NRP: Bobo the Angel: Heyyyy.
* BioHazard flicks his index finger, and a dart flows up, and locks into place
[Garland_no_rp] NRP: BOBO!
[BioHazard] NRP: then because he doesnt know how to drive, he hits a cloud, and gets arrested for drunk flying.
* Red taps fingers and glances at the crew
[Azazel] How long until the assualt?
[Red] In just four minutes we'll arrive at our destination
[Red] Gazer set up a few surprises earlier today.
[Sirus] Note to self:Attack means weopons; can't forget those
[Phantasma] Good... I was starting to get bored.
* Riptide tries horribly to hide the fact that he's nervous
[BioHazard] Im ready to go. *loads a vial into his gloves*
* Ender` pops back 5 strong aspirin
* Mindscape mutters absently, 1"[...Of course, of course. We didn't I think of rerouting the auxilary gamma-theta co-energy-feed to the seventh shield protocal, rather than the sixth. It was so obvious..."
[Mindscape] "=]
[Ender`] NRP: Wuh?
[Sirus] Can anyone spare me a gun? or two or three
[Mindscape] [What's the plan, Red?]
[Red] ........*makes a blackhole of Mind's psionics*
* Riptide rolls his eyes, hearing Mind's speech
[Gazer] NRP: Heh, I'm getting Interlude flashbacks with the asprin...
* Phantasma tosses a spare pistol at Sirus.
[Ender`] NRP: Uh oh..
[Sirus] Thanks
[Red] The plan is simple.  Once we arrive, we'll move into the shipping lanes and act like we're going to dock, like earlier.  However, once we move in closer, we'll activate Gazer's 'warnings' to the civilans there.  Then attack.
[BioHazard] All out assault?
* Ender` gets up and drops the bag of ice
* Phantasma loads his boom gun.
[Riptide] [Fun.]
[Ender`] Now remember Az, we aren't the ship Mighty Mouse..
* Gazer scarely hears his name and wakes up
[Sirus] Almost forgot these
* Riptide spins the handgun he was messing with on his finger and teleports it into storage
[Red] ...and if you ever conjure up another mental image like that, Riptide, I'll kill you
* Sirus remembers his daggers
[Azazel] And make sure, whoever's manning the weapons, to hit the dome first.  That should take out all the atmosphere and pressure they have.
[Riptide] [Ok.]
* Mindscape thinks, 1"Wait a second... Who put the beta-gamma energy feed to the fourth protocal... What were they thinking using the standard configuration?..."
* BioHazard loads his twin pistols
[BioHazard] You got it.
[Mindscape] [Sounds good to me, Red. If you need anything tweaked or altered, I can take care of it.]
* Gazer lifts his cap up and stretches
* Ender` checks his all his sensors and then checks his wrist cannon
[Red] ...coming out of hyperspce
* Phantasma finishes loading his cannon.
[Phantasma] Good timing.
[BioHazard] Red, remember to keep this vial close.. *tosses another vial at Red, filled with a bright green liquid*
[Red] ...now.  *it drops out in front of the huge station*
[Riptide] [Let's get this show on the road...] *visibly shudders*
* Red snatches it without looking
* Ender` left eye glows a bright red
* Mindscape runs a sensor scan on the station
[Gazer] "And from heaven on high..."
[BioHazard] Dont want any of my concoctions getting loose in the crew.
[Red] We'll probably be dockign on the station to make sure the owner is killed.  Form a small commando team
[BioHazard] You know what happened last time..
[Red] It'll be led by Phantasma and Biohazard.
[Phantasma] *nods*
[Red] ....Alright, Az, contact 'em
[Riptide] [I wish you'd stop making references to last time... Man, I'm glad nothing's happened THIS time!]
* BioHazard loads one gun, laser sight on
* Riptide tightens his hand guards
* Ender` looks at Bio's weapon
* Azazel hits the comm
[Ender`] Nice gun man..
[Gazer] There's no time like the present, Riptide, 'lest it be worse than the day before.
[Red] Ender and Sirus, you're on deck with Phantasm and Bio.  You too Mind
[BioHazard] I know.
* Riptide scratches his head
[Riptide] [Uh, yeah, ok.]
[Sirus] Yessir
* Ender` checks his pare blaster and places it in it's holster attached to his leg
* Azazel hits the play button on Gazer's message
[Ender`] Gotcha Red.
[Red] Head to the hanger you guys
* Mindscape mutters absently to Ender, 1[...And it's got a 42X re-energization time, rather than the standard 40X..."
[Red] Alright, the message is playing...
[BioHazard] Ok people, you know the problem, we are the solution.
[Red] IF they're smart, they'll evacuate the station
* Gazer checks over his staff
[Mindscape] [Got it.]
* Phantasma attaches the cannon to his arm and gets some extra missiles before heading out.
* BioHazard walks to the hanger, tossing a vial at each one of the members
* Riptide crosses his arms after catching the vial and teleporting it to storage
* Ender` follows behind Bio
* Mindscape catches his vile telekinetically and follows
[Ender`] So whom I with again?
[Sirus] coming..
[BioHazard] If not, they get blown up.
[Red] Alright, Az, lets do it
* Ender` grabs it and places it in a pouch
[Red] Rip, take the weapons
* Phantasma catches the vial, careful not to smash it.
[Riptide] [You got it.]
[Azazel] You mean, the whole break formation and fire on the station thing?  Sure
[Ender`] Yo Bio, Whom I with again?
[Sirus] And....into the pocket you go
* BioHazard picks up a Juggernaut cannon
[BioHazard] You got it Red.
* Riptide sits behind the weapons controls and cracks his knuckles
* BioHazard arms, and prepares to fire at the dome
[Red] Alright, team, make sure you got air suits on
[Red] NRP: We're on a space ship, Bio...like, dir?
* Azazel pulls the ship up out of the lanes and heads toward the station
* Phantasma powers up the omega cannon. "Lock and load"
[BioHazard] Give me the word
[Red] NRP: you're going to go ON station
* Ender` gets into his air suit
* Gazer seals his suit up
[BioHazard] NRP: obviously, still need teh word that we are docked, and able to go.
[Sirus] Very........airtight
* Red glances at Gazer
* Mindscape stays with Bio, activating his weapons
[Red] You plan on going with them on the station?
[Red] Rip..target the dome.
* Riptide double checks the weapons of the ship boredly
* Red sees fighters being launched
[Riptide] [On it, Red.]
[BioHazard] Ok people, get ready...
* Riptide aims the weapons at the dome
[Riptide] [Tell me when.]
* Red grabs comm
* BioHazard arms 4 darts, coated with his special viral strain
[Red] Remember, there will be no air and the gravity will be knocked out and the pressure will kill you if your suit is in anyway damaged.
[Ender`] NRP: Wouldn't you rip through the air suit?
[Mindscape] [...Ready...] *charges his arm cannon*
[Red] Fire.
[BioHazard] NRP: Nope.
[Red] Then target the fighters.
[Gazer] I plan on it, just taking care of a few last minute details....annnnddd done.
[Ender`] NRP: Uh..yeah
* Gazer heads out there with them
* Riptide lets the weapons blaze at the dome
[Red] Az, get into a docking position with the station and then take off ASAP so we can finish attacking the station.
* BioHazard smirks and waits in his Air-suit
* Ender` pulls out the blaster and charges it up
[Red] GM: Dome crumbles then smashes inward
* Mindscape puts up a telekinetically shield, just to be safe
[Sirus] That things gonna break like an egg
[Riptide] [Yeeeeeehah! Your turn, guys!]
* Ender` left eye begins scanning for heat
[BioHazard] Lets rock. Move out people
[Red] NRP: Ignore Rip, we're not docked
* BioHazard waits for the dock
[Riptide] NRP: I meant, the dome's gone, it's up to you know.
* Azazel pulls in front of the hangar
[Red] NRP: *Team leaps out into space*
[Ender`] I'll keep look out
[BioHazard] NRP: Suuuuuuurrreee you did.
* Phantasma taps his foot impatiently.
* Azazel docks
[Red] GM: *fighters hit the Red Beard*
[Gazer] Let's make this good, people, no sense in botching up our resumes...
[Red] Comm: Docked.
[Sirus] This is kinda nice  floating and falling and all
[BioHazard] Lock n load. GO GO GO GO
* Mindscape exits the ship and enters the station
[Riptide] [GAH!] *opens fire on the fighters without thinking
[Riptide] *
* Phantasma heads in.
* BioHazard opens the airlock, and moves in as fast as able to
* Ender` bounces into the station
* Sirus follows
* Gazer claps out his staff and bounds after the group
[Red] NRP: Head to #taw2 those boarding the station
* Mindscape scans the area for people
[Ender`] Remember Down is the floor..*gets to used to the Zero gravity
* BioHazard checks a map
*** Ender` (Ender@ has left #taw
*** Gazer (wiendigo@rc-36.netonecom.net) has left #taw
[Red] ...Az...undock and lets finish the job
* Azazel pulls out rather quickly

[Red] GM: *alarms ring* [Sirus] NRP: do is till need to look at taw1? [Ender`] NRP: Besides the fact that almost everyone would get sick from the Zero gravity.. * Mindscape scans for people NRP: What'd I pick up? [Red] GM: Life signs...no where in sight [Red] GM: *the Red Beard jerks back and flies off* * Ender` scans for heat [Sirus] In what part are we? [Mindscape] [No life signs...] [Gazer] To quote the venhicular, "Let's blow this popscicle stand", quite literally. * Ender` bounces off the walls to move forward slowly [BioHazard] Comm] Red, where are we supposed to be heading? [Red] GM: *Rumble floats in the air* [Red] Comm: ~~~~~~~~~~~~. Bridge. [BioHazard] NRP: Coool..... [Mindscape] [Which way would that be...?] [BioHazard] Ok, to the bridge. *checks a map on the wall* That way *points, then leads the way* * Mindscape follows Bio at top speed * Phantasma propels himself after BioHazard * Ender` bounces off the walls follwing Bio * Sirus trudges along [Red] GM: *a Tsiv. guard hovers in the air, his blood vessels exploded in his face and it's all deformmed* * Gazer floats after the band * Ender` shoots the Tsiv's head with his blaster [BioHazard] Nice sights. [Phantasma] What a mess. * Mindscape avoids looking at it when it explodes [BioHazard] Come for the atmosphere, stay because we have none... [Red] GM: *blood oozes into the air* [Ender`] Had to make sure it's dead.. [Sirus] Hopefully they're all like that [Gazer] Well, it's certain-Ender, was that absolutely nessascary? [BioHazard] NRP: theres air? [Ender`] I don't feel like being jumped ok *** ArmoredFigure (shadezade@ts010d18.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw2 [Red] NRP: No, you kno what I mean * BioHazard shakes his head and keeps going * Ender` scanner picks someting up [BioHazard] We dont have time for this. [Ender`] I see something *points at it* * Mindscape looks at it
[Red] ...Here we go [SOUND] * Red fighters hit the Red Beard * Red is thrown from his seat * Riptide quickly swings the weapons around an opens fire *** Raven_ (shadezade@ts010d18.min-mn.concentric.net) has left #taw * Azazel grunts and begins to take some defensive manuevers * Red is thrown around [Red] ACK1 [Riptide] [Might want to strap in, Red...] *** Phantasma (Kikkyou@CDR6-104.accesscable.net) has left #taw * Red scans the station [Red] Doing so * Red straps in [Red] I'm picking up more lifeforms [Riptide] [So there're still people on it...] [Red] ..heading for the team * Red a blast sails through the air and hits the bridge, blowing the comm. station [Red] DAMN! [Riptide] DAMMIT!
[Red] Comm: ~~~~~~! LIFE FORM ~~~~~~ WAY! [Ender`] Coming this way and fast * BioHazard glances at the figure [Gazer] Grrraaannndddd.... * Phantasma preps a volley of missiles. * Ender` dives to the side and crouches behind a box [BioHazard] Incoming... * Mindscape scans the "it" * Gazer spins his staff * Sirus ducks and rolls * BioHazard draws his pistol, and targets it with the laser * Ender` aims at it with his blaster charged to max * BioHazard prepares to fire the darts and plasma pistol [Red] Comm: DAMN! *comm. cuts out permantly* * Mindscape takes covers and charges his arm blaster and prepares ghis telekinesis * Sirus fires with the "charity pistol" [Ender`] Sirus NO! * Mindscape tries to talk to Red psionically, 1"Red! Can you hear me?" * BioHazard checks the comm * Gazer activates the grav-locks in his boots and holds to the floor, but still can move if needed [BioHazard] SIRUS YOU IDIOT! [Ender`] NRP: are we in Zero gravity? [BioHazard] NRP: yea. [Sirus] What did i do [Mindscape] NRP: I think so. Mindscape's telekineitcially holding himself to the floor, or whatever he wants to be held to [Ender`] NRP: Then wouldn't all the humans get nausios do to lack of gravity [BioHazard] You just shot at something that may or may NOT have been a hostile. [Gazer] You fired first, when we have yet to be fired UPON. -] [ArmoredFigure] PING [BioHazard] NRP: not necessarily. * Ender` eye telescopes to the figure and scans it [Red] NRP: Who is saying nothign to boot * Phantasma braces himself against a wall and readys his boom gun [Ender`] NRP: Unless their used it to [Mindscape] NRP: Did I get contact with Red? [Red] NRP: No [Gazer] NRP: The organic members of this crew would more or less be aliens of somesort, wouldn't they? [Mindscape] NRP: DId I figure out what was approaching? [Red] NRP: The Tsiv and traders [Mindscape] [Tsivrixsh and traders are approaching...] * Ender` leaps over the box and slowly makes his way to the entity * ArmoredFigure glares at the group while brushing off his suit [BioHazard] NRP: well, we are NOT getting a responce from the figure... * Ender` stops and looks at it [BioHazard] NRP: AHH, hes alive!! * Ender` scans it wiht his right eye * BioHazard nods to the figure * ArmoredFigure blocks the scan [Gazer] Which means they're dead, or severely angered... [BioHazard] Sorry about that. Rookies. Cant live with em [Mindscape] NRP: Is this figure human or Tsivrixsh or...? [Gazer] And I opt for angered... [Mindscape] NRP: _______ian, maybe? * BioHazard still has his pistol out, and darts * Ender` waves at the alien [ArmoredFigure] Who... are... you? [Ender`] Ender [BioHazard] I am Biohazard.... * Phantasma still has his boom gun readied. [Mindscape] [Who are you?] [Ender`] You are? [Gazer] Reninald StarGazer, Gazer to my commrades. * Gazer tips his cap [Red] NRP: *which should be in a suit* * Ender` makes his way to the guard [Gazer] NRP: Cap's over my suit, sue me. [Ender`] NRP: err.figure sorry [BioHazard] NRP: *gazers head explodes* [Mindscape] NRP: How are we talking in a vacum, anyhow? With suits on too? [Phantasma] NRP: Comm? [Red] NRP: Suits have speakers [ArmoredFigure] NRP: Comm [Gazer] NRP:....Kill HIM! [Mindscape] NRP: Vacum means no sound... [Ender`] Who are you, If I may ask [Red] NRP: ... SPECIAL suits [ArmoredFigure] And what are you doing here? [BioHazard] NRP: Quit with bloody physics. [Red] NRP: They are heard in your head..like psionics...yeah. [Ender`] We got some cries for help and came to help. [Phantasma] NRP: Speakers don't work in vaccumm... Unless... *has a wierd theory of using electromagnetic waves to have sounds travel through space* [BioHazard] .. We are here... looking for something. [Ender`] Were searching for survivors [ArmoredFigure] Do... you know what happened? [BioHazard] NRP: *shifty eye glance* yea... thats it...... [Sirus] sighs quietly Curse me [Ender`] Not yet.. [Mindscape] [Now, good-bye to you... We must go...] *to others* [Right, guys?] [BioHazard] ......... You were attacked... [Gazer] NRP: Brainwave trancievers, transmit like radio waves, but are picked up as the same frequency as an individual's brain wave pattern. Good enough for ya? [BioHazard] NRP: that reminds me of something from Mad TV... "No soup for you.." [Ender`] May I ask you, what your name is? [Mindscape] NRP: Sounds like artifical telepathy... Yeah, it works [ArmoredFigure] You may not [Gazer] NRP: Sienfeld, dude. [Phantasma] Hmph. [Ender`] Who the hell are you [BioHazard] NRP: IT IS artificial telepathy. [ArmoredFigure] I am myself [Ender`] Not to mention a smart-ass [Mindscape] *to members* [We have a mission... remember?] [Ender`] Well if you'll excuse us, we've got civilians to find [Sirus] What are you addressed as? [Gazer] Dear friend, we're terribly sorry for the premature firing, but if we are to in any sense trust you, your name would be greatly appriciated. [Ender`] Come on men.. * BioHazard nods and shakes his head [BioHazard] Sorry we have.. business to attend to. * Phantasma taps his cannon against his foot. [BioHazard] Move out. *continues on his way* * Ender` bounces forward [ArmoredFigure] Just call me Doctor * Phantasma continues on. * Sirus slinks past ArmoredFigure [Gazer] Well Doc, it's been nice chating, but we really must be moving on. * Mindscape keeps going, 1"Good luck to you escaping." * ArmoredFigure follows them [BioHazard] G'day Doctor. Nice........ meeting you * Ender` scanner picks him up and he turns around [Ender`] What do you want? * BioHazard continues * Phantasma plays [drwho1970.mid] - 16k - [iČ] [ArmoredFigure] I don't know what you guys think you are doing, but I'm going to keep an eye on you [Gazer] ...This is not a good thing
* Azazel checks comm damage [Red] ...it's bad, Az [Red] ....*Sees four fighters head for them* [Riptide] [They're mine...] * Riptide opens fire on the four [Red] We should probably try to enter the new site..*points at the skeleton frames leading inside the station, like the Second Death Star* [Red] There could be a way to the core. * Riptide concentrates on the fighters, sweat breaking out on his forehead, but he nods * Azazel furrows his forehead and heads in [Red] ...here goes the fun * Riptide grits his teeth nervously * Red a blast hits Rip' [Red] s station [Riptide] [GAAAH!] [Red] .....tweleve fighters are following us, Az. * Red unstraps and heads to Rip [Red] You okay? [Riptide] [F... Fine...] * /sound: no such file 'danger.mid' [SOUND] [Red] ......Alright, we can't last much longer * Red points at the time tables [Red] We'll be intercepted in 20 seconds * Riptide looks up, somewhat surprised at Red's concern, but shakes it off. 1[Let's continue onward... The weapons are pretty much out...] [Red] ..so it's up to Az? Joy. [Red] ...10 seconds * Azazel puts it up to full power and tries to make the ship a harder target [Riptide] [Hit it for the core, Az!] [Red] ...AHHH, LOW STRUCTURE! * Red points * Azazel dives beneath it [Azazel] Yea, I see it. [Red] ....*Sees them heading straight for another* [Red] AHHH [Riptide] [DOWN! DOWN!] [Red] UP UP! [Riptide] [SOMEWHERE, DAMMIT!] [Red] Impact in 3 [Red] 2 [Red] 1 [Red] 0 * Red the Red Beard smashes into it [Red] OUF! [Riptide] [WHOA!] * Red hits the controls, cutting his forehead as the entire ship shutters and the lights go out [Red] ...shields reflected us off...thank God * Red emerg. lights come on * Riptide 's seatbelt digs into him painfully, but keeps him in place [Azazel] NRP: I think I'm having some lag problems here [Red] NRP: Yeah, keep it up and we're dead [Riptide] [...Maybe I should fly...] [Red] ....*sees another low bend* [Red] .....4... [Red] 3.... [Red] 2.... [Red] no shields, either * Azazel ducks beneath it [Red] wheee [Red] Fighters: *smash into it* * Red sees another one, forcing them to go up this time [Red] 2 [Red] 1 * Azazel pushes up [Red] ....sheeeeww * Red sees the right wall jutting out [Red] 3 [Red] 2 * Riptide telekinetically hits the controls [Red] 1 * Azazel kicks it forward, diving left at the last moment [Red] ...whoaaaa [Riptide] NRP: Scratch that, then. * Red low ceiling ahead [Red] 2 [Red] 1 [Riptide] NRP: Since it appears that Az is no longer lagging, I'll leave the flying to him [Red] 0 * Red red Beard hits it * Red the top scrapes, knocking dishes out [Red] ....good God! [Riptide] [Whoa... Give me the controls, Az...] *stands up* [Azazel] The blast seems to have hit the controls . . . you won't do much good [Azazel] It's hard enough to control as it is [Red] .... * Red sees a left wall, right wall, and low bridge ahead [Red] 1 * Riptide bites his lower lip, hoping his telekinesis is enough to control the ship * Azazel moves right, left, then up [Red] ...ack [Riptide] [Looks like the controls are working pretty well to me.] [Red] .... [Azazel] That's because I make everything look good [Garland_no_rp] NRP: my head hurts.... I'm off to bed. * Red sees the ground raise up [Red] 2 [Red] 1 * Azazel raises with it [Riptide] UP! [Red] ...shewwww *** Garland_no_rp (loneone@ip86.chicago25.il.pub-ip.psi.net) has left #taw [Red] ...last bit of the ship [Riptide] Brings me to an interesting question. How do we get OUT? * Red up ahead is right wall, left wall, low bridge, right wall, left wall, high ground, low bridge, right wall, left wall, right wall, left wall, low bridge, high ground, right wall [Azazel] I don't know, ask Mr Improv [Red] 6 [Red] 5 [Red] 4 [Riptide] [Um, Az?] [Red] 3 * Azazel moves left, right, up, left, right, down, and avoids the rest [Red] ...Good GOD! * Red the Red Beard crashes [Red] Game Over [Red] Session Ends [Azazel] . . . [Riptide] You serious? [Red] LOW Bridge, he jerked up [Azazel] . . . ok [Red] ....care to try it again, without, avoids the rest? [Azazel] Uh, sure [Red] Cut 2, Begin: [Red] ...shewwww [Red] ...last bit of the ship * Red points ahead [Riptide] [Um, Az?] * Azazel moves left right down left right up down left right left right down up, left [Red] ...*the Red Beard reaches the core* [Riptide] [Pheeeew...] [Red] ...okay, how do we blow it with our controls shot? [Azazel] I don't know, don't we have a torpedo or two? [Red] ...sure do [Riptide] [Only problem is, the weapons console is shot.] [Red] Right. [Riptide] [So... I doubt the couple of remote mines I have in storage won't help much...] [Azazel] Uh, we'd have to get out and plant them manually [Red] ....maybe we could ram it [Red] ...or do that [Red] Who volunteers it? [Azazel] I don't think she can take much more punishment [Riptide] [What, putting the mines out there?] [Red] NRP: Where'd you get THAT idea? [Red] Yes. [Riptide] [I guess I will...] [Riptide] [If I die, I won't be missed... I've got no family, and you guys are the closest things to friends I've got, and that isn't saying much.] *snickers lightly* [Red] ....Rip..... [Riptide] [I'm doing it, no matter what you say, ok?] [Red] .....alright. * Riptide prepares to leave [Red] ...good luck, kid [Riptide] [See you later. If I'm lucky.] * Riptide leaves the ship and runs for the core
Ender`] Why? [Phantasma] NRP: Sorry, couldn't resist. [BioHazard] NRP: hee hee hee [ArmoredFigure] I've got a bad feeling about you guys [Mindscape] *to Bio* [So... Do we let him come, or what?] * Red a silent, unheard warning is going out [BioHazard] ..... *prepares to send his dart* [Ender`] Yeah, and I don't trust you that much either. I advise you go on your marry way. [Gazer] Doc, I'm more then sure the feeling's mutual to my friends here. * BioHazard thinks back, No. we dont. get rid of him, and continue moving on. * BioHazard stops * ArmoredFigure types something onto a panel on his arm [BioHazard] Gazer, back off for a minute ok? [Phantasma SOUND] * Mindscape psionially stops the figure * Sirus thinks-reinforcements? * Mindscape pulls his hand back telekinetically [Gazer] Tell you what Doc, you tell us what you're doing here, and we'll tell you what we're doing here, is it a deal? * ArmoredFigure walks forward unaffected by Psionics [Mindscape] ... [BioHazard] Now, im sorry if you dont trust us, but we have a job to do. We can either take you down, or... *looks at the face of mind as the psionics was broken* Run... [Phantasma] I don't trust him. [ArmoredFigure] I was buying a new power cell for my ship [Mindscape] [I think... That'd be a good idea, Bio..] [Red] NRP: Well, we died [BioHazard] Ah. The power cells are over.. that way *points in opposite direction* [Red] NRP: How are you doing? * BioHazard backs away a bit [Mindscape] NRP: S.....l.....o.....w... [ArmoredFigure] I already have it [Ender`] Then leave [BioHazard] NRP: about to run. [BioHazard] NRP: *pokes the corpses* [ArmoredFigure] I was headed back to my ship when ...this... happened * Mindscape heads forward to where they are supposed to go [BioHazard] NRP: hee hee fun. * Ender` grabs a floating corpse [Red] GM: *tons of corpses float around* [Gazer] Doc, how's about a better up-LOOK! WHAT THE SAMI'S IS THAT??? [Mindscape] I'd advise you to go to it, Doctor, as this station isn't safe now * Ender` pushes it towards the armored guy [Sirus] If you are have just come here to buy a power cell, then why are you concerned with us and our business? * Gazer points behind Doc * BioHazard keeps pace with Mindscape [Mindscape] *to Bio* [How far away are we form the bridge?] [Red] NRP: Paladin killed us...sheesh * Ender` bounces forward falling the two [Red] NRP: That means you guys are doomed too * Sirus backs away * Phantasma jets along. [Ender`] NRP: Surprise..Conspiracy I tell ya..So your dead eh [Red] NRP: He crashed * BioHazard thinks to mind 1"Mind, set this up. On my count of 3, get everyone to throw as many corpses as they can at the armored figure. [Ender`] NRP: He did it on purpose [BioHazard] NRP: Hes a pathetic pilot in the first place. * ArmoredFigure doesn't look back * Mindscape relays the message to the others, save ARmoredFigureof course [Ender`] NRP: Now If it were me..We would've crashed correctly [BioHazard] NRP: .oO{Hee hee hee, i hop they try the antidote i gave them hee hee hee...} * ArmoredFigure begins to glow slightly [BioHazard] .oO{1} * Ender` nods and floats to the bodies [BioHazard] .oO{2} [Mindscape] [1...2...] [BioHazard] .oO{3} * Sirus gets one or two * BioHazard throws as many bodies as he can at the figure, then races off to the Bridge * Phantasma complies. [Mindscape] [3!] *telekinetically throws corpses at Doctor* * Mindscape races after Bio * Ender` tosses a bunch of bodies at the Armored guy, he then hi-tails it to the bridge [Gazer] Well, so much for-*shoves his hat in Doc's face8 MOVE IT! * Phantasma jets after bio [Red] NRP: We're replaying that scene * Gazer dashes after the group * Sirus hurls them and goes [Ender`] NRP: I don't know..Do I have permission to rub it in? [BioHazard] NRP: its gonna happen exactly the same. [Gazer] NRP: Heh, kinda like Star Trek: Generations, eh? [Ender`] NRP: But if it was MAestro, they'ld be floatin around trying to get permission to crash [BioHazard] Ok, Gazer, gover our rear. [Red] NRP: yeah, we entered the ... what's it called? [BioHazard] NRP: Rift thingy [Mindscape] NRP: .... Uh... Nexus * ArmoredFigure throws them off and runs after the group * Ender` leaps onto the bridge and waits to hit the door close [Gazer] Bio, might I ask with what? I have no FIREARMS! [BioHazard] NRP: It was rift. I know it was. [Mindscape] NRP: *recalls the where the Enterprise replays the same scenary over and over, the Enterprise being destroyed alot in it* [BioHazard] Ender, cover our rear. * Phantasma accidently drops a primed mine. * Ender` is on the bridge already * Gazer dives through the door [Red] NRP: damn, crasheda gain * BioHazard tosses one of his pistols at Gazer [Mindscape] NRP: It descibred as a "temporal rift" but was called the "nexus" * Mindscape keeps running * Ender` fires his blaster blowing up bodies * Sirus jumps through the door * Gazer scowls [Red] GM: *ahead, the station hall way is no longer attached and space is seen* * Gazer grabs it and fires shots, trying NOT to kill Doc [BioHazard] Uh oh... * BioHazard grabs a wall trying to stop * Ender` continues to blow up the bodies causing it to get messy and hard to see for the ARmored guy * Sirus now fires..... i guess its called for [Mindscape] [I can telekinetically pull us over...Though it'll be tricky...] [Mindscape] NRP: How far does it go? * ArmoredFigure cloaks [Ender`] Or we could attach a grapple hook *pulls it out of the side pocket* [Ender`] Where'ld he go? * Mindscape psionically tries to locate the figure [Red] NRP: 300 yards [Gazer] We really don't have many other options, Mindscape, DO IT! [BioHazard] NRP: as in open space, or just a break in da wall? [Gazer] Bad just became worse... [BioHazard] GO GO GO * Ender` eye zooms onto the other part and he aims with the grapple hook [Ender`] Everyone grab on1 * Mindscape grabs on and holds 'em telekinetically * Sirus takes a good hold * Gazer grabs on [Mindscape] together * BioHazard fires a toxin dart at the figure, the techno-organic virus tyring to replicate on any metal/flesh it can. * BioHazard grabs hold * Ender` fires a small rocket propelling the grapple [Gazer] Speed is of the essence folks! * Phantasma jets after them, since he was left behind. * Mindscape telekinetically pulsl Phantasma to 'em [Ender`] NRP: Does it attach? [BioHazard] NRP: did the virus take effect or what? [Ender`] NRP: He'ld be see able, I mean he must've gone through soem of the alien blood [BioHazard] NRP: If it did, then the armors out of comission. [Red] NRP: Aye. [BioHazard] NRP: notice i said metal/organic [Red] NRP: ai ai ai ai [BioHazard] NRP: which is what a techno-organic virus does. [Mindscape] NRP: "ai" means "love" in Japanese, you know... * Ender` see's it attach and pulls the retract button and him and the others go flying towards the otherside [Ender`] YEEEHAAA!!! * Mindscape telekinetically holds 'em all together * BioHazard silently watches for the figure [Sirus] more pleasant flying [Mindscape] [WHOOOOOAAA!] [Gazer] This seems like something out of a bad Earth movie... [Red] GM: Godzilla grabs gazer and eats him [BioHazard] Indeed. [Ender`] NRP: Uh? [BioHazard] NRP: LOL [Sirus] Mars Needs Lumber Jacks part II [Gazer] NRP: GM: Facehugger leaps out and attaches to Red's face [BioHazard] .... Looks like Gazer said a mouthful.. [Red] GM: *they are nearing the bridge* [Ender`] NRP: IT's making out with him! [Mindscape] [Long ride....] [BioHazard] NRP: *waits for the kick* * Ender` starts whislting [Ender`] NRP: Well it is... [Gazer] Hold on, I'm going to do something [Ender`] Oh great... [Mindscape] NRP: Technically, Ender's correct, you know... [BioHazard] NRP: i've got 10 min more. * ArmoredFigure decloaks in front of them, his white suit clean of blood. [Ender`] WHAT THE HELL?! [ArmoredFigure] I do not like that * Gazer takes out something his spacesuit tool belt and throws a pak along the hole, which seals over with a gum substance [BioHazard] ..... Why do these people do this when we are close? [Mindscape] [Well... Get over it!] [Red] GM: Cheesy special effects. [Sirus] NRP: is he human or what now? [Ender`] NRP: We across? [BioHazard] NRP: AHHH, 2nd rate B movie special effects! * Gazer 's eyes widen, then looks back at the covered hole * ArmoredFigure picks a grenade of of thin air and throws it at the group * Mindscape blasts the figure at point blank range with his gun towards space [BioHazard] ... Gazer.. * Mindscape telekinetically throws the grenade bacjk at the figure * BioHazard kicks the gernade back hoping not to set it off * Ender` blasts a pulseray from his gun to the side sending them to the left of the grenade * ArmoredFigure the shot misses [Phantasma] Pathetic. [BioHazard] I hate you. * Sirus hurls daggers at him [Mindscape] NRP: At point-blank range I missed? * Phantasma throws a bigger grenade at AF * ArmoredFigure fires a force blast to push the grenade back to the group [Gazer] ...Yi yi yi, major miscalculation on my part. I believe the term is, "My bad"... [ArmoredFigure] NRP: Yes =) * BioHazard sends a flurry of darts to anyone close to the Figure * Gazer hits the floor * Ender` changes the direction of which they are moving * Mindscape teleknietically throws the grenade away from the members * ArmoredFigure begins firing a fully automatic force blasts at the group [BioHazard] NRP: Better hope you didnt get hit by any darts. * Phantasma fires a round from his Boom Gun [Gazer] Wait! i've got another trick up my sleeve! * Ender` continues to take the group to the other side * ArmoredFigure all the darts miss [Red] GM: *the bridge shudders as the owner prepares to escape* * Mindscape teleknietically rips a portion of the hall up and around the figure, trapping him and hurls it teleknietically into space * Sirus hurls himself at ArmoredFigure plunging two daggers into him * Gazer throws another gum pack at Doc [Ender`] There goes the rookie... [BioHazard] We dont have time [BioHazard] Ender, Gazer, GO to the bridge, Ill hold him off. [Red] GM: Sirus connects [Ender`] NRP: How close? * ArmoredFigure ducks and throws Sirus into Gazer's gum pack [Mindscape] [Lets go... That should get 'im!]
[Red] .....Az, you picking up any ships? [Azazel] No, I'm not [Red] ..you think you can navigate back out of here? * Riptide darts around the core, summoning and placing mines at semi-strategic points [Azazel] It really depends on how long we have, unless we can find another way out [Red] ..none. [Azazel] I hope those mines are remote and not timed [Red] ...I didn't...ask [Azazel] Well, if they're timed, it's going to be that much harder to get out in time and pick up the team. If they're remote, we can take our sweet time. * Red works on fixing the comm. * Riptide sprints back for the ship and boards it * Azazel begins to head out [Riptide] [Ok, here's the deal about those mines...] [Red] ....Yes? [Riptide] [The trigger has a 100 mile radius, and it's a LOT farther than that to get out of here, I think.] [Red] ..al ot [Riptide] [We'll have five minutes once I hit the trigger before they go off.] * Azazel takes it out at about 1/4 speed [Riptide] [In other words, I hope the communications systems are working...] *** Riptide (speedblade@ has left #TAW *** Riptide (speedblade@ has joined #TAW [Riptide] NRP: Whoops [Red] *it breaks* well, it was [Red] I sent out a message. [Riptide] [Good... Maybe they'll receive it.] * Red suddenly a transmission goes out and the mines activate [Riptide] [What in the...?] *holds the trigger, having not pressed it* [SOUND] [Red] ...sHIT! [Red] We got five minutes [Riptide] [AZ, GO! Time is short...]
[Red] Comm: ~~~~~~~~. [Gazer] Time to prove I still can vault... [Red] NRP: Connected * BioHazard kicks the figure in his big metal nads (assuming he has some underneath that metal..) * Ender` heads for the bridge [Red] Comm: You got ~~~~ eight minutes [Red] Comm: ~~~oom [Mindscape] [Eight...?! ] [ArmoredFigure] NRP: I threw you * Gazer takes a running start, then plants his pole into the floor and catapults over Doc * Sirus flees [Sirus] any way * ArmoredFigure the suit protects it * Mindscape starts running at high speed [Sirus] NRP: i didnt know your suit was still intact [Red] Comm: Try...five * Gazer runs as hard as he can towrds the bridge * ArmoredFigure graps Gazer in a force field and throws him toward MindScape * Ender` leaps over the Armored figure kicking him in the back, which he uses as momentum to fly down the hallway * Phantasma sets his jets to full and body checks AF * BioHazard was close enough to employ another virus, this one melting through the armor, turning it to Orange flavoured jello * ArmoredFigure falls to the floor [Gazer] Tanj! * Mindscape teleknietically ctaches Gazer and pulls him along with him [BioHazard] NRP: mmm jello.. * Ender` spins around and flicks the AF off * ArmoredFigure the suit appeears unaffected * Mindscape tries to free him from the forcefield [Ender`] Let's go Gazer [Sirus] im useless here..... * Ender` tursn back around and bounces off twards the bridge * Mindscape tries the trapping the figure in hallway and hurling it into space via teleknietisis manuever again * ArmoredFigure fires an antimatter blast at BioHazard * Gazer pulls out a little box and activates it, shattering the shield * ArmoredFigure is immune to TK [Mindscape] NRP: But, the hallway ain't * BioHazard punches the figure with a strenth that could dent steel * Gazer runs along his merry way again * Ender` bounces over Gazer laughing madly * Sirus follows Gazer * Phantasma swings his cannon at AF with all his strength * ArmoredFigure activates jets on his boots ramming into Phantasma [Red] GM: 3 minutes left. * BioHazard narrowly dodges the antimatter blast * Ender` checks his watch [Ender`] Let's hurry!!
* Red up ahead is left wall, high ground, low ground, right wall, left wall, right wall, left wall, low bridge, high ground, right wall, left wall, low bridge, right wall, left wall * Azazel powers up to full [Red] 6 [Red] 5 [Red] 4 [Red] 3 [Red] 2 [Red] 1 * Azazel goes right down up left right left right down up left right down left right [Red] 0 [Red] Shewwww [Riptide] [I hate this part...] [Red] ...DOWN! [Red] 3 [Red] 2 * Azazel goes down [Red] 1 [Red] UP! [Red] 2 [Red] 1 * Azazel goes up [Red] LEFT! [Red] 3 * Azazel goes left [Red] 2 [Red] RIGHT and LEFT AND DOWN! [Red] 3 [Red] 2 [Red] 1 * Azazel goes right left down [Red] ....alright, it's been three minutes * Azazel flicks the controls * Red sees the exit up ahead [Azazel] Somewhat sluggish [Red] ..What?! [Azazel] The controls [Riptide] [There's our way out...] *attempts to contact the others telepathically, knowing it will probably fail* * Red points at the bridge [Red] Head there [Riptide] NRP: Results? Failure, I presume. * Azazel turns the the ship slightly to head towards it [Red] NRP: yes. * Riptide curses * Red sees fighting on the bridge [Red] 1 minute left [Riptide] [Can any of them teleport?] [Azazel] NRP: Or does this ship have teleport capabilitiy? [Red] NRP: Yes. [Red] ...teleport them once the owner is dead * Red points at the life sign [Red] He's alive
[BioHazard] NRP: wait a second... he just killed us all. [Mindscape] NRP: How? * Phantasma activates his jets to counter it [Gazer] Hurrying's good. [BioHazard] NRP: Anti-matter+Normal matter= Entire universe go Boom [Gazer] NRP: Would we hit the bridge yet? * ArmoredFigure crashes to the ground, firing off a wave of force energy * Ender` bounces with all his power dashing at extreme speed [Red] GM: Bridge is 100 yards away [Red] GM: the door is sealed [Phantasma] NRP: Not the entire universe. It cancles out an equal ammount of matter I think... [Sirus] NRP: he is apparently immune to everything is fighting acomplishing anything? * Ender` slams into the door [ArmoredFigure] NRP: Takes a lot bigger quantity than we're talking about [Gazer] Door situation! * Mindscape blasts the door with telekenisis [Ender`] NRP: GODMODER!! [Red] GM: Door opens * Ender` leaps through * Red the air pressure begins to suck out [BioHazard] NRP: still, creates a big enough explosion to take out most of the station. [ArmoredFigure] NRP: MAybe, maybe not * Red it smashes into Ender, the air being sucked out into them * Phantasma grabs the AF and fires his Big Gun at point blank. * Ender` gasps for air * Gazer hits the bridge [ArmoredFigure] NRP: A few molecules? [Red] Owner: NOOO! THE AIR AND GRAVIT---*voice is lost* [BioHazard] NRP: It would have to be the size of an atom * Sirus leaps into the bridge with a smack [BioHazard] Bah your not worht it. * Mindscape holds the air in telekenically [Ender`] NRP: Why would I lose my air? * Gazer grabs onto the doorway * BioHazard races off, eventually catching up with the rest [Ender`] NRP: wait nevermind [Mindscape] [Okay, that didn't work.] [Red] GM: 1 minute left * ArmoredFigure runs after the group firing * Ender` breathes normal again. [Ender`] SO are we supposed to kill him? * Phantasma runs after AF, firing. [BioHazard] GET HIM [Red] Owner: *leaps in his shuttle* [Gazer] Whatever we do, WE DO IT QUICK! * Ender` leaps into the shuttle right behind him * ArmoredFigure drops a mine behind him and keeps running * BioHazard fires at the owner with darts and his plasma cannon * Phantasma throws a high-ex on the shuttle. [Red] Owner: *is hit and dies* [Ender`] Onto the shuttle people..quickly!! * Sirus fires at the shuttle being a horrible shot * Ender` leaps into the shuttle and poweres it [BioHazard] Good, we got em. * ArmoredFigure cloaks
[Azazel] Rip, go man the teleportion station [Red] ...he's dead. [Red] 30 seconds * Riptide nods, and heads for the station wordlessly * Riptide activates the systems and teleports the other team on board [Azazel] All aboard?
[Red] GM: 30 seconds [BioHazard] Now to get out [Ender`] Get on the shuttle!!! * Gazer hops onto the shuttle * Sirus in!!! [BioHazard] Comm] we are good to go, get ous the hell outta here. [Red] GM: *shuttle is broken* * Ender` flips switches powering it to max * Mindscape gets on the shuttle [Red] Comm: ~~~~~~~~~~ [Ender`] Damnt... * Ender` gets out [BioHazard] GO GO GO [Ender`] IT's dead [Gazer] TANJ! [Red] GM: The team is teleported out into #taw
*** Ender` (Ender@ has joined #taw *** Phantasma (Kikkyou@CDR6-104.accesscable.net) has joined #taw *** Sirus (Avalon@sdn-ar-002nctarbP185.dialsprint.net) has joined #taw [Red] ....*glances at the teleports* Please work *** ArmoredFigure (shadezade@ts010d18.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw *** BioHazard (Mightymito@sktnsk01d051601141.sk.sympatico.ca) has joined #taw *** ChanServ sets mode: +o BioHazard *** Mindscape (Avatar@rddfrD006.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw * Ender` lands looking around *** Gazer (wiendigo@rc-36.netonecom.net) has joined #taw * Riptide falls back in his seat [Red] 8 seconds foilks [Riptide] [Go, Az!] [Ender`] WE made it...WE MADE IT!! * Azazel blasts the engines to full * BioHazard materializes * Riptide counts down to himself [Ender`] NRP: AHH WHERE GOING TO CRASH!! [Red] .....4.... [Red] 3.... [BioHazard] Nice job Red. lets get the hell outta here. * ArmoredFigure a additial beam in appears, but nobody is there [Red] 2.... [Red] 1.... [Red] 0 * Gazer slides across the flood, stopping when he hits his head on a wall [Sirus] NRP:well messed up another one * Red the station explodes [Red] HERE COMES THE SHOCK WAVE! [Riptide] [Az! TO THE MAX!] * Ender` scanner begins scanning for anything [Gazer] Uh....OW..... [Azazel] It can't take anymore, captain * Ender` scans the room [Mindscape] NRP: AFK [Red] The ship is already banged up (NRP: And blown up once) [Red] ...dammit, enter hyperspace! [Riptide] NRP: Don't remind me. [BioHazard] NRP: LOL [BioHazard] NRP: outta here. Dad wants on. * Azazel hits the hyperspace * ArmoredFigure a tightbeam comm suddenly is sent out * Ender` scans from heat sensor to energy sensor, to cloaking fields [Red] ....we're ... save. *** BioHazard has quit IRC (Leaving) [Red] ...next stop, the place the hunters died to finish Talon's deeds. * Riptide wipes the sweat off of his forehead [Red] So, your mission easy? * ArmoredFigure a figure shows up [Riptide] [Good job, team...] [Red] ...What the? [Sirus] Hah [Ender`] We've got company Boss.. * Gazer takes off his suit, and puts his cap back on [Riptide] [Huh?] [Red] Rip! Who did you teleport on?! * Azazel sighs and slumps in his chair * Ender` left eye glows a bright red [Riptide] [I didn't do it!] [Ender`] This bastard took a beatin [Riptide] [I only targeted our team!] * Phantasma aims his big gun. [Gazer] He didn't! This is the resistence we met on the station! [Ender`] Don't fire the big gun [Red] .....wait! Don't shoot! The hull is weak enough as it is! * ArmoredFigure decloaks [Riptide] [She can't take any more damage!] [Ender`] He call's himself Doctor [Red] NRP: 'Fact, we died once. * Phantasma nods and switches it to a club grip. [Red] ....Doc..tor? [ArmoredFigure] I'm going to charge you for any damage to my ship [Riptide] . o O {Creative.} [Gazer] Listen, Doc, I don't know about you, but you're outnumbered, out gunned, and if this ship blows, i doubt even you'll survive. [Sirus] You sir have no motive to do any of this [Ender`] What ship. *laughs* [ArmoredFigure] I know! [Red] We're in hyperspace [Red] We'll ALL die [ArmoredFigure] The one that's following us [ArmoredFigure] Or should be [Sirus] Your either very chaotic or a terrible liar [Riptide] [Following us...? Hit the scanners, Az.] [Ender`] Rip, see if he's lieing [Red] ...we're in hyperspace [Red] Scanning wouldn't work [Riptide] [Good point.] [Phantasma] Drop a missile out the back. [Ender`] We'll find out after we come out of hyper space then * Riptide probes Doc's mind, following Ender's suggestion [Riptide] NRP: Lemme guess, blocked? * ArmoredFigure is immune to psionics * Ender` scans AF with his right eye * Riptide drops no hint that he tried * ArmoredFigure blocks the scan [Ender`] Alright, we know your not really Doctor, so what's your name. [Red] ...so, why are you here, Doc? [ArmoredFigure] Ace Hunter if you must know [Riptide] [You want something other than damage compensation. What do you want?] [Ender`] NRP: AHHH!!!! [Phantasma] nrp: Er, What's up doc? [Red] ..Ace Hunter? I've heard the name. * Azazel waits [Gazer] Well Ace, you sure as tanj gave us a run for our money... * ArmoredFigure nods * Phantasma heads off. [Ender`] What do you want with us? [Phantasma] nrp: Gotta get some sleep. G'Night! *** Phantasma has quit IRC (Leaving) [Sirus] Was it because of the gunshot? Or because.... [Red] ..gunshot? [Riptide] [...gunshot?] [Sirus] NRP: remember from me [Red] NRP: We weren't with you guys [Riptide] NRP: We weren't there, remember? [ArmoredFigure] I just have hunches [Riptide] NRP: *honestly doesn't know, anyway* [Sirus] NRP: i know you werent rip * Gazer opints to Sirus *** ArmoredFigure is now known as AceHunter [Red] ....Sirus screwed up....again? [Gazer] Green thumb, itchy trigger fingers. [Ender`] AYe [Riptide] [...Figures. If it isn't me, it's him.] [Sirus] NRP: sorry.. i was talking to Red the GM not Red the captain [AceHunter] Now, can you explain what you were doing there? [Red] .....Well, Ace, I guess you'll be riding with us until we arrive at our destination [Red] ...we were under orders to blow the station [AceHunter] Why? [Azazel] BEcause that's what we do. [Ender`] You could say this man has our balls in a vice [Gazer] I guess "lesurely stroll" won't be credible at this venue... [Red] ...A man named Lord Talon wanted them out of the way so he can make more money. He has in a position we die if we don't comply. [Azazel] You can take up expense questions with our employer, a man by the name of Talon [AceHunter] Him? [Riptide] [You know him?] [Sirus] "employer" [AceHunter] He doesn't make good on his contracts [Red] ....why doesn't that surprise me? [Mindscape] NRP: *is back* [Ender`] REd, how many bombs have we found on the ship as of late? [Red] ....just three. [Red] There's more, though [AceHunter] Bombs? [Ender`] Disarmed? [Red] Aye. [Red] The ship [Mindscape] [Do we have any idea how many more?] [Gazer] So we would die regardless. Well, it's nice to know we're wanted for something.... [Red] is rigged to explode if we don't do as he says [Ender`] How much of the ship has been searched?? [Red] All that we can [AceHunter] Not while I'mn aboard [Red] ....and what does that mean? [AceHunter] Simple, they will not destroy the entire ship while I'm aboard [Mindscape] "they"? [Ender`] If we could find the frequency on which the bombs are activated, we could try to block that one frequency [AceHunter] The bombs [Riptide] [They? Why wouldn't "they?"] [Sirus] I knew you were significant [Red] ...because you are valuable or because you can stop them? [AceHunter] Because I have good luck [Red] .....oh, charmed. [Mindscape] [... Good luck... This is a joke, right?] [Ender`] I don't believe in lucj [Sirus] You sure your not valuable [Riptide] [...Plenty of people have good luck... An old friend of my late father, Jared Carter, is loaded with luck, but bad things still happened to him...] [Mindscape] [There's only facts and exact data, nothing in between... Everything is the result of something, however minute.] [Gazer] A bigger rabbit's foot we'll never find. [Riptide] NRP: As I'm sure you all know, the friend is BJ, not the late father. [AceHunter] OK, then why did you guys miss shots at point blank? [Mindscape] .... [Azazel] Jared Carter . . . [Gazer] My dear Minscape, haven't you ever heard of "devine intervention"? [Red] ....who is reported dead. * Azazel shakes it off [Riptide] [What's up, Az?] [Mindscape] [Okay. Perhaps you can somehow alter the enviroment. That's an ability, still not "luck" but you can call it that.] *** Dias` (Ender@ has joined #taw *** Dias` is now known as Ender^ [Azazel] Nothing, something seemed to ring a distant bell. [Red] ...let him call it luck. We have more important things to worry about [Riptide] [As long as you're on our side... We've got another mission to worry about.] [Azazel] Like killing the Hun . . . targets. [Gazer] NRP: AHHH! Az's a Carter! Kill it! KILL IT! THEY'RE GALAXY WIDE! AHHH! [Riptide] NRP: BWAHAHA! [Ender^] NRP: Az's is a carter? Not another one [AceHunter] I'm not on your side, but for now I'm not planning on shooting you in the back [Azazel] NRP: TAKE THAT BACK! YOU TAKE THAT BACK! [Red] .......Tomorrow we'll arrive at our destination, to see if the targets are dead or not. [Riptide] [Whatever...] [AceHunter] Targets? [Gazer] As long as we don't end up part of the dead... [Mindscape] [And if they aren't...?] [Red] ..you'll see shortly, Ace. YOU should recognize the planet. [Ender^] It's getting late, I advise we all get some sleep [Riptide] [Whether they're dead or not, our mission will be accomplished... We won't fail this far down the road.] [Red] ....we have our orders, Mind..... [AceHunter] And why is that? *** Ender` has quit IRC (Ping timeout) [Mindscape] [... Understood...] [Mindscape] [I will continue to search for the mines...] [Red] ...this planet is a graveyard to many people. Tomorrow, you'll know what I mean. [Red] Session Ends