...Hunters no more?

Session 48: Next Time, Try Reading the Index

[Admiral_Drake] Time Chart: 1 day later
[Admiral_Drake] Location: The Fury
* Admiral_Drake stands in a small makeshift arena with Avalon and Xril
[Slasher] I say, where's the female guard.
[Spectre] NRP: Shall we split chans for this one?
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *mutes Slasher*
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: yay, head to #index
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: er, Pal and Spect
*** Spectre (speedblade@ has left #TAW
*** Paladin` (soupman@cc49170-a.mtpls1.sc.home.com) has left #TAW
* Xrileshr scans the arena, memorizing the scenery
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: And anyone else not in the arena
* Slasher bangs on the cage bars
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: or in the cell
[Avalon1] NRP: keep in mind that i dont know whats going on if i dont make sense here
[Slasher] NRP:Me?
[Admiral_Drake]  NRP: That'd be you
[Admiral_Drake] ...Alright, Cadet Avalon...Xril, say hello to each other
[Avalon1] hello
[Xrileshr] I greet you, Avalon. Tsilso Xrileshr. I am Xrileshr.
[Admiral_Drake] You're the only Cadets aboard the station
[Avalon1] glad to make your accquantince......
[Admiral_Drake] And some of the few Hunters left alive after the big battle  (See Session 43)
[Xrileshr] And I assure you, I'll prove my skills to you, Drake.
* Xrileshr flexes claws
[Admiral_Drake] Xriril is an alien...one of the race we're fighting
[Avalon1] NRP: i wont need  APs for this will I?
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: Nah.
[Xrileshr] NRP: Doubt it; since my bio isn't done yet either
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: LACTOSE!
* Avalon1 un scathes standard issue sword
[Xrileshr] That's Xrileshr, and yes I am a member of the Tsivrixsh Tsolsejra, or, in English, Tsivrixsh Prime
[Admiral_Drake] ...alright, I would have you fight each other, but I don't know your strength yet.
[Avalon1] NRP: so that means no fighting does it?
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: Noooo
[Admiral_Drake] So, you'll battle these droids
[Xrileshr] As a team, I presume?
* Slasher continues to yell for the female guard
[Admiral_Drake] ...after a number of hits, they'll drop down.
[Admiral_Drake] IT doesn't matter your strength
[Admiral_Drake] You may
[Xrileshr] And our objective is to...?
[Avalon1] As a team or independantly?
[Admiral_Drake] Though you'll each of your own score
[Admiral_Drake] To score higher than the other.
[Xrileshr] Time limit?
[Admiral_Drake] This is for your rank Ensign.
[Admiral_Drake] 5 minutes.
[Xrileshr] Or droid limit?
[Admiral_Drake] Unlimited.
[Xrileshr] Understood. Is it legal to attack each other?
[Admiral_Drake] ....Skip that part.
[Avalon1] I wont stoop to that
[Admiral_Drake] Guard: *ignores him*
[Xrileshr] Will they rematerilize on a one-destroyed one-rematerlized basis?
[Xrileshr] I'm simply attempting to learn the rules.
[Admiral_Drake] For awhile, then two will appear, then three.
[Xrileshr] They will be armed?
[Admiral_Drake] ....of course.
[Slasher] Just call her down here so I can talk to here, then I'll shut up and be out of your hair
[Avalon1] Im ready to lose when you are....
* Admiral_Drake frowns at Avalon's ego
[Avalon1] That doesnt mean what you think
[Xrileshr] NRP: More like Avalon's non-existant ego
[Avalon1] It doesnt mean what you think either
[Xrileshr] How many robots will face us at the start?
[Slasher] Oh come on Guard guy, geeze i'm going to be executed soon, can't you atleast do that for me
* Admiral_Drake calls in the female
[Avalon1] It means that i dont care who wins
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: Guard does
[Admiral_Drake] ....1 each
* Admiral_Drake steps out of the arena
[Slasher] Thank you
* Xrileshr draws his Xvash in a whirl, and gets into battle stance (has enhanced Power Level stats)
* Admiral_Drake the lights dim
* Slasher sits on his bed and waits
* Xrileshr vision is better than a humans, so he scans the area, using his "semi-eyelids" to shield them from damage
* Avalon1 hell with the standard issue......
* Avalon1 draws demon sabre
[Admiral_Drake] ....*Two robots leap out, one attacking each of them*
* Xrileshr rememebrs the exact layout of the arena from what he looked at
* Xrileshr in a flash, his xvash slashes the robot in half
* Admiral_Drake robot isn't slashed in half
* Avalon1 cuts upwards into the droid with the demon sabre
[Xrileshr] NRP: Oh yeah
* Admiral_Drake it merely pangs
* Admiral_Drake Avalon's robot pangs
* Xrileshr kicks him in the same motion, then hits it with his claws
[Avalon1] Of course
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 1: *throws Xril after the third pang
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 2: *tackles Avalon*
* Xrileshr Xvash flips and recovers, legs bending backwards and catapolting his Xvash into the robot
* Avalon1 teleports behind the droid and slashes him
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 1: *Vanishes*
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 2: *pangs and punches Avalon*
* Slasher sits on his bed waiting for the female guard
* Xrileshr slashes his robot oncemore
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 1-2: *smashes leg into Xril's jaw*
* Avalon1 cuts into it diagonally
* Xrileshr flips robots' leg into wall and slashes with his Xvash
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 2: *pangs*
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 1-2: *pangs twice*
* Xrileshr slashes twice in a motion with the Xvash, throwing hte robot in the second slash
* Slasher starts whislting while waiting
[Avalon1] NRP: i should wait for it to attack right?
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: nah
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 1-2: *slams hand into AValon's nose*
* Xrileshr telekinetically damages the bot
* Avalon1 gets out the other beam sabre
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 1-2: *pangs*
[Xrileshr] NRP: The same robot is attacking both of us?
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: yep
* Xrileshr slashes again, and uses telekniesis
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 1: *kicks Avalon*
[Admiral_Drake] Comm: oh, shit, the droids are out of control!
* Avalon1 slashes the robot twice with both sabres
* Xrileshr blasts robot 1 with telekinesis
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 2: *blows*
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 4: *leaps out*
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 10: *jumps out*
* Xrileshr flips and slashes robot 4,
[Slasher] Where are you female guard...
* Avalon1 turns on the nosfuratu crest
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 4: *Explodes*
* Xrileshr activates Jvexrashaxav (" andslashes
* Avalon1 begins to bite and rend robot 10
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 10: AAACKKKK!!    HEEEEELP!!!
* Xrileshr pulls 10 away from aavalon telekinetically and slashes it
* Avalon1 draining it of power
[Admiral_Drake] Robot 10: *falls down*
* Xrileshr blasts it with telekinesis
* Avalon1 fires twice at #4 with demon buster
* Xrileshr then slashes it with his Xvash
[Admiral_Drake] Comm: Simulator ended.
[Xrileshr] NRP: 4's dead, Av
* Avalon1 charges the buster
[Slasher] NRP: I want my female guard damnt..
[Admiral_Drake] ....here, I got a better idea....
[Xrileshr] ... That was abrupt.
[Admiral_Drake] Slasher, go to #cell
* Avalon1 fires the charged  blast at 10 thn
*** Slasher (Ender@ has left #taw
[Admiral_Drake] Here's a newer version of the robot the Hunters trained with back in the old days
[Xrileshr] NRP: Sim ended, Av
[Xrileshr] NRP: Wait one moment... He's programmed to counter basically anything
[Avalon1] Ok you win
[Admiral_Drake] NRP: I know
[Xrileshr] Apparently Drake has more in mind...

[Admiral_Drake] Location: Bar * Gravedigger sleeps, slumped over a table [Spectre] [Poor guy... Took the death of the Hunters hard...] [Admiral_Drake] NRP: No, he's just taking these sessions hard * Spectre also suspects that Grave just got too drunk * Paladin` waits [Spectre] *to Pal* [Time's pretty short... We've got the rest of today to clear Slasher...] [Paladin`] Mm-hmm *drinks* [Paladin`] And what do you suggest we do at this point? [Spectre] [...I was hoping you had something. All I can think of is to search Index's room.] [Paladin`] Well, I've never cared too much about Slasher anyway. The only thing that really gets to me is the fact that Index is going to get away with betrayal [Spectre] [I don't know too much about the guy, but I already don't like 'im... But I'm with you... Next thing you know, Index'll be getting away with murder or something.] [Admiral_Drake] NRP: *a scream can be heard* [Paladin`] NRP: Is that a GM or a real NRP? [Admiral_Drake] NRP: Real NRP [Spectre] NRP: Ryan's keeping me posted... I'm aware what that scream is. *snickers* [Paladin`] The only thing that crosses my mind is a confession from Index. Perhaps beaten out of him. [Paladin`] NRP: *Wonders, idly* [Spectre] [I've tried a mental scan, but that bastard's immune to psionics.] * Gravedigger rolls off the table and hits the floor [Gravedigger] Unnhh...OW.... [Spectre] [Sheesh. What's up with him, anyway?] * Paladin` kicks GD [Paladin`] Wake up, we've got a problem [Gravedigger] OW! *holds his head* Ow, that wasn't good either... * Spectre grins * Gravedigger pulls himself up [Paladin`] You happen to have any ideas about proving Index guilty? [Gravedigger] Like what? Besides the fact half of our teams' dead of course... * Paladin` shifts his gaze to behind the bar and stares blankly for a moment [Spectre] [That's not the problem. Slasher's gonna die, and Index is going to get away with treason. Now, Slasher dying in itself isn't bad, it's just Index's getting away with treason.] * Gravedigger rubs his head. 1"Gah, talk any louder and my brains gonna be all over your boots..." [Paladin`] WHAT WAS THAT? [Gravedigger] Have you tried breaking into his quarters and looking for anything incriminating? * Gravedigger flinches [Paladin`] No, we checked a tape of his quarter, however [Spectre] *to Grave* [Well, I suggested that, but high and mighty ignored me.] [Gravedigger] He tends to do that, doesn't he.... [Paladin`] Do what? [Gravedigger] Well, you probably should...should...should...6*ralfs* [Spectre] [Nothing. Now, what's the plan? I still say we check his quarters...] [Paladin`] You really think he's going to leave anything incriminating lying about? But for lack of a better idea . . . [Gravedigger] Unngggg...sorry about your boots, Pal... * Spectre stands up [Spectre] [Let's try it... Can't hurt us... Probably won't help, but can't hurt...] [Admiral_Drake] GM: *sounds of fighting can be heard in the Arena* *** Retrieving #index info... [Gravedigger] Well, i'm sure he wouldn't LEAVE naything just laying OUT, that's why you gotta search... [Spectre] [Sounds like the rookies are having fun...] [Gravedigger] Clues...stuff out of the norm... [Paladin`] Lead on, then * Spectre heads out of the bar, headed for Index's quarters * Gravedigger tries to block out the sounds [Spectre] [These walls are too thin... You can hear anyone training through them...] * Gravedigger follows the dynamic duo, for lack of anything better to do [Paladin`] They're, uh, actually pretty thick bulkheads . . . [Paladin`] I think the doors are just open [Spectre] [...] [Gravedigger] Either that, or they're really beating the shit out of each other... * Spectre reaches the (NRP: dreaded) elevator, and calls it * Paladin` mutters something roughly resembling a comment about "as bad as" and "grass" [Admiral_Drake] Elevator: *opens* * Spectre glances at Paladin before stepping on * Paladin` steps on * Gravedigger stumbles on, the proceeds to barf again [Spectre] [Geez, Grave, hold it in...] [Paladin`] . . . aren't you a reploid? [Admiral_Drake] Elevator: oooo, is he SICK? [Gravedigger] Guhhhh....sorry.... [Gravedigger] Yeah, but doesn't mean I don't eat if I want...and that certain stuff doesn't react well with the systems... [Paladin`] No, he just enjoys the occasional expulsion of digestive substances. Would you move? [Admiral_Drake] Elevator: oops [Admiral_Drake] Elevator: *shakes, but doesn't go up* * Spectre beats on the button [Admiral_Drake] Elevator: *moves* [Spectre] [That's what I thought.] * Gravedigger looks at Spec for a few moments [Gravedigger] Wait...I don't know you...who ARE you? [Spectre] [Whoops. Jennifer "Spectre" Arenson. Nice to.. uh, meet you.] [Admiral_Drake] NRP: Chaos in the arena [Paladin`] . . . [Admiral_Drake] Elevator: *arrives* [Gravedigger] Likewise. Sorry 'bout the shape I'm in, not normally like this, s'just mourning kinda makes a person sink into areas they don't normally go, y'know? * Paladin` carefully steps over the results of GD's drinking * Spectre doesn't respond; rather, she steps over GD's vomit and gets a sad look on her face as she walks out * Paladin` clenches a fist but keeps walking [Gravedigger] Man, I'd hate to be the cleaning crew that has to get that out... * Gravedigger steps over carefully and follows * Spectre remains silent as she walks for Index's quarters
[Avalon1] Waht?? * Xrileshr sheaths his xvash [Xrileshr] I believe, Avalon, that the simulation is over. [Xrileshr] A rather intriquing battle, I must say. [Avalon1] I wouldnt [Xrileshr] Though, more variety of attack should be programmed into the robot. * Admiral_Drake walks in [Avalon1] Id call it repetative [Xrileshr] That Trainer. * Xrileshr moves over to Drake [Avalon1] So..... * Avalon1 strolls over to the two [Admiral_Drake] ...so? [Xrileshr] How did we do? [Avalon1] nothing////jsut thought you would have a comment [Admiral_Drake] ...Oh, yes. *finishes drinking his coffee* [Admiral_Drake] That was real good. [Avalon1] NRP: the / is near the . [Admiral_Drake] You're both Ensigns [Admiral_Drake] Congrats. [Xrileshr] Ajra kvashl'vri shra kvelsor... ANd so the foolish fall. [Avalon1] It was either that or the other verdict [Xrileshr] Understood and accepted. [Avalon1] Thank you [Xrileshr] I assure you, my training for the Tsivrixsh military covered all this and much, much more. [Avalon1] Ive been wondering the earth for a 100 years not much training there [Admiral_Drake] ....*stands there* [Admiral_Drake] Oh, yes? [Avalon1] shall we depart at this point? [Xrileshr] Unless I'm needed elsewhere, I will continue to train, as I am know well warmed-up. [Avalon1] I guess i will stay to keep up face then [Admiral_Drake] ...well, I think I'll go find Paladin and Spirit [Admiral_Drake] They are wandering around (in #index) the station * Xrileshr does something resembling a kata with his Xvash; his movements are intricate and practiced, his Xvash seemingly precariously whirling around [Admiral_Drake] Have a nice day. [Xrileshr] SHall I accompany you? * Admiral_Drake walks off [Admiral_Drake] No, no thanks
[Gravedigger] Pal, you familar with the security systems at all? [Admiral_Drake] Guards: *Stand outside Index's room* [Paladin`] Uh, not they're operating systems. If push comes to shove, I can probably cut a wire or two, but not much beyond that [Spectre] [Ok, this is where I come in. Hang back.] [Gravedigger] Waaaittt, I've got an idea.... * Spectre starts to step forward, but stops [Spectre] [What?] * Gravedigger morphs into an exact replica of Index [Spectre] [...That's my line.] [Gravedigger] Well, how do I look? [Paladin`] . . . you should probably see a doctor about that [Gravedigger] ... [Spectre] [Damn ugly.] [Spectre] [I don't see any change.] * Gravedigger walks ahead and stops in front of the guard [Admiral_Drake] Guards: .. *glance at him* What the fucking hell?! [Spectre] [Now we hope that Index isn't in there...] [Admiral_Drake] Guards: *Grabs Grave* IMPOSTER! [Gravedigger] Uh, excuse me? Who are you and what do you think you're doing outside of my room?? [Spectre] [Which was my plan... Go up, make sure Index isn't in there, THEN go in...] [Admiral_Drake] Guards: *slaps on restraining collars on Grave* [Gravedigger] WHAT? GET your filthy hands OFF of me this instant! [Gravedigger] I walk out to get a sandwhich and THIS is what happens? I'll have your jobs for this! * Paladin` attempts to concentrate to get an idea [Admiral_Drake] Guards: Come on you imposter! Index is already IN there [Admiral_Drake] Guards: *drags Grave off* [Paladin`] Well, that took care of the guards . . . [Paladin`] Shall we go pay Index a visit? [Gravedigger] No, I'M  not! I'm out here because I came out to get a sandwich! [Spectre] [I've got an idea about getting in...] [Gravedigger] If you buffoons knew what the hell you were doing, you'd have seen that! [Paladin`] Which is? * Gravedigger rants grow fainter [Admiral_Drake] (Grave, go to #cell)
* Slasher leaps out off the bed [Slasher] HEY!! I never caught your name from last time we met [Admiral_Drake] Female: uh... [Slasher] Uh? [Admiral_Drake] Female: Wells [Slasher] Wells eh..that's a new one for me [Admiral_Drake] Female: Crystal Wells [Slasher] Nice name, if you don't konw mine, it's Slasher [Admiral_Drake] Female: I figured that..your name tag and all [Slasher] Oh, that's what that's for.. [Slasher] So do you actually think I'm cute, or do you just have some strange attraction to people who are going to die [Admiral_Drake] Female: ...... you're one weird guy [Slasher] Yeah..It's what I'm best at [Admiral_Drake] Female: oooo [Slasher] Your the first to appreciate my wierdness. [Admiral_Drake] Female: Really? Hard to believe. [Slasher] Heh...wish my son was here... [Admiral_Drake] Female: son? *** Gravedigger (wiendigo@rc-36.netonecom.net) has joined #cell [Admiral_Drake] Guards: *carry Index in* [Slasher] Adopted actually..he died on that planet.. * Slasher eyes Index [Gravedigger] You idiots are making the biggest mistake of yuor careers! [Admiral_Drake] Guards: Uh huh, sure [Gravedigger] Did you even BOTHER to think that maybe the one in MY room is the IMPOSTER? [Slasher] NRP: Index or GD? [Admiral_Drake] Guards: Sure he is, 'Index' [Gravedigger] NRP: GD posing as Index [Admiral_Drake] Guards: *throws Grave into the cell with Slasher and Bubba* [Slasher] Hey Grave.. [Gravedigger] How would YOU know, smart guy? Did you even BOTHER to think of that??? [Slasher] This is Crystal..*points to her* Crystal this is grave [Admiral_Drake] Guards: *walks off* * Gravedigger ignores Slasher, because if he acknowledges, his cover's blown...not that it already isn't [Gravedigger] You can't LEAVE me here! [Admiral_Drake] Guard: Shut up, da' both of you [Slasher] Sorry about my Grave's rudeness [Gravedigger] ...HEY! This guy's commiting suicide over here! [Admiral_Drake] Guard: Thank GOD! [Gravedigger] ....I HAVE RIGHTS! * Slasher walks to the cage and looks at Crystal [Gravedigger] I want a lawyer down here, PRONTO! [Admiral_Drake] Guard: Yeah, the right to shut up. [Slasher] Guess...You should get going... [Admiral_Drake] Female: I guess...since your friend here is... mad. [Gravedigger] You have the right to GO TO HELL, you fat sizzling bacon PIG doughnut-eating lazyass! [Slasher] If you want to be that kind..yeah...*kisses her hand* [Admiral_Drake] Guard: *drops his doughnut and zaps Grave* [Admiral_Drake] Female: *giggles and leaves* * Gravedigger shakes, then his image sort of ripples, but not noticebly. * Slasher sits on his bed [Slasher] GD, I advise you just be quiet.. * Gravedigger turns to face Slasher [Admiral_Drake] Guard: At least I'll be rid of you all in 2 days. [Slasher] Hey Guard, go back to whackin it your lil corner [Gravedigger] I'd advise YOU to shut your mouth! 6*motions to quit calling him GD* * Gravedigger starts signing to Slasher, hoping to hell he understands [Slasher] Whatever...*falls asleep* [Gravedigger] ...You imprudent little whelp! I demand a new cell! [Admiral_Drake] Guard: With Bubba? [Gravedigger] ...NO! Away from these morons! * Slasher starts snoring [Admiral_Drake] Guard: I'll bring in Drake if you keep this up *** Admiral_Drake is now known as Index [Gravedigger] Good, maybe you SHOULD! Seeing as though I'M Index, and you idiots are letting the imposter run FREE! * Slasher finally notices that it is index [Slasher] I'm going to kill you...*gets up froms his bed* * Gravedigger eyes bug out of his head [Slasher] You got me in all this trouble. Hey Bubba, this is the man that caused me to be put on deathrow [Gravedigger] HELP ME! He's going to kill me! [Index] Guard: *zaps Slasher and Bubba* * Slasher takes it and throws a punch at GD-Index [Gravedigger] ...Thank you. Now, would you PLEASE let me out and go apprehend my-AHH! [Index] Guard: Paperview boxing * Gravedigger ducks and dives into the corner * Slasher spins around and throws another punch at GD [Index] Guard: *zaps Slasher* * Gravedigger dives again * Slasher takes the zap and picks up GD by the throat
* Spectre holds her hands out, her eyes shining purple. Purple energy surrounds Paladin. When the energy fades, Paladin is still there, only with a Tony's Pizza Delivery uniform and a pizza in his hand [Paladin`] . . . don't tell me this is actually an ability of yours . . . must come in handy for fashion trends [Spectre] [Now, you knock, and I morph into something small and go in. I'll play it by ear from there...] [Paladin`] . . . * Paladin` rings the buzzer and pulls his hat down * Spectre morphs into a housefly * Paladin` keeps his finger on it [Admiral_Drake] Index: Go away. [Paladin`] Hey man, I got a delivery here [Spectre] [Sound convincing...] [Admiral_Drake] Index: .... I didn't order anything [Paladin`] The order came from these quarters. [Admiral_Drake] Index: Did not. [Paladin`] It's for a guard Sanchez. Horatio Sanchez. [Spectre] [When he does come out, keep him busy...] [Admiral_Drake] Index: Talk tothe guards outside. [Paladin`] . . . there are no guards outside. [Spectre] [I'll knock him out from behind, and we'll search.] [Paladin`] You think I would talk to you if there were? [Admiral_Drake] Index: Since I'm listening to a little someone say they'll knock me out, I think I'll stay inside. [Paladin`] . . . what the hell are you on, man? [Admiral_Drake] Index: "Man"? [Spectre] NRP: Yeesh. Me screw up. [Paladin`] Yea man, pranks come out of my pay check. I'm not going to knock out a potential tipper. Have I said anything else, weird, though, man? [Admiral_Drake] Index: Leave it outside. [Paladin`] Are you gonna pay me? [Admiral_Drake] Index: Hell no. [Paladin`] Well UP YOURS, man! You're damn well gonna pay me *keeps his finger on the buzzer* [Admiral_Drake] Index: GAAAAAAHHHH! [Admiral_Drake] Index: *swings the door open, snatches the pizza box and hits Paladin with it, and slams the door, the money left outside * Spectre gives up, flies to the door, morphs into a dust mite, crawls under the door, and morphs back into a housefly. Keeping hidden, she waits for the right moment. [Spectre] NRP: Ignore that. I flew in while the door was open. [Paladin`] Hey man! Where's my tip?! *** Avalon1 (Avalon@sdn-ar-001nctarbP262.dialsprint.net) has joined #index [Admiral_Drake] Index: FORGET YOUR TIP! [Paladin`] AFTER ALL THAT?! * Spectre flies above Index and reverts in midair, falling and nailing Index over the head in an attempt to knock him out [Admiral_Drake] Index: *walks to the door, stepping on Spectre* *** Xrileshr (Avatar@rddfrD006.snowcrest.net) has joined #index [Spectre] NRP: Nyah, mine came before yours. [Xrileshr] NRP: *isn't sure if Xrileshr's actually here, but will watch at least* [Admiral_Drake] Index: *Rubs head and smashes into the door, the door falling on Paladin and nailing him in his pizza outfit* [Paladin`] NRP: OW! MY ACHIN PIZZA OUTFIT! [Avalon1] NRP: are we here after all? [Spectre] NRP: We got a KO? [Admiral_Drake] nRP: We're in the Fury, so, you could walk in this hallway *** Admiral_Drake is now known as Index * Index stands up [Index] What the hell?!] [Paladin`] Errraaaaah . . . you could just say no tip [Spectre] . o O {THAT didn't work...} * Paladin` decks Index in the jaw [Index] OUF! * Index hits the wall * Spectre nails Index from behind * Spectre over the head [Index] GAHH! * Xrileshr walks down the room, Xvash sheathed [Xrileshr] room=hall..... [Index] Guards: *Walks the opposite way of Xril towards the groop * Index shakes heda * Spectre rams the butt of her sabre into Index's temple [Index] Paladin!? * Paladin` looks around * Index grabs the sabre and throws it [Paladin`] Where?! * Xrileshr catches sight of the group and wonders what's happening [Spectre] [Ah shit, this backfired...] * Avalon1 arrives after a minute or two * Paladin` spins around and catches his heal on Index's temple [Index] Guards: *runs towards them* [Index] Index: RAGH! [Paladin`] Uh, run. * Xrileshr hand moves to Xvash, 1"What's going on here?" [Spectre] [Damn! Move it!] * Index grabs Paladin [Index] YOU'RE GOING NOWHERE! * Paladin` throws Index towards the guards * Spectre hits Index one last time and runs for it * Avalon1 is confused never having met anyone * Index re-throws Paladin [Index] Guards: *Grabs Paladin* [Xrileshr] ...?! [Index] .....THEY ARE ATTACKING ME! HELP! [Index] *to Avalon and Xril* * Spectre makes it around a corner * Paladin` burns through his "pizza shoes" and thrusts away from the guards * Avalon1 tries to catch Specter [Xrileshr] What do you have to say to this? *to the attackers* [Spectre] . o O {This is doing wonders to my rep...} [Index] Guards: AAIEEE! * Index trips Paladin * Paladin` rolls onto his stomach and quickly gets up * Xrileshr grabs Index by the shoulder, 1"I recommend you stay by me at the moment..." [Xrileshr] Until we sort this out. [Index] ...*is bleeding* [Index] They're ... going to... get away! [Spectre] . o O {Gotta help him... But with the rookies against me... Urrgh...} [Xrileshr] To where? * Avalon1 apparently loses Specter??? [Index] ANYWHERE [Xrileshr] We're all on teh same ship. [Index] GM: No, you got specter [Index] Yes, yes, stop he! [Index] her. [Index] Drake'll never believe me * Xrileshr grabs comm, 1"Drake, we have a situation."
Drake: *walks in* WHAT'S the problem? [Gravedigger] GACK! [Index] Drake: SLASHER!! DROP HIM! * Gravedigger thrashes wildy and kicks Slasher in the nads * Slasher drops him * Slasher is caught off guard and drops to one knee * Gravedigger rubs his throat [Index] Drake: Index!? [Gravedigger] Sir! SIR! I've been framed! These buffoon guards apprehended me thinking I'm an imposter! [Index] Drake: ... impos---*gets a comm from Xril and runs off* * Slasher gets onto his bed [Index] Guard: You two can fight again [Gravedigger] ...Eep... * Slasher is still recovering from the shot to the groin [Slasher] I will kill you Index... [Index] Guard: Sure..he'll die, with you [Index] Guard: Soon 'as Drake clears this little mishap [Slasher] Shut the hell..up guard.. * Gravedigger gulps [Gravedigger] The justice system on this ship is incredibly misguided... * Slasher gets up slowly and advances towards Index [Index] Guard: I know. [Gravedigger] Holditholditholdit, don't you come ANY closer! * Slasher throws a punch high and then bring his knee into GD's gut [Gravedigger] UGH! * Gravedigger coughs heavily [Gravedigger] Wh...why? * Slasher slams GD-index into the wall above Bubba [Gravedigger] So-o you're going to sink to my leve...go-oood, *cough*, knew you had it in...ya... [Index] Guards: *roots* [Slasher] No, bubba will *throws GD into Bubba* [Gravedigger] *cough* So, have tohers do your dirty work...*hack*, nice... [Index] Bubba: *smashes Grave*
[Index] Guards: *runs at Paladin* [Spectre] [GAH! Let me go!] [Xrileshr] What do you mean? [Paladin`] . . . * Spectre , being a more experienced fighter, shoulder-throws Avalon into a wall [Paladin`] Tsiv, you are currently holding the traitor of this ship [Avalon1] to spectre what the hell is your part in this-i can tell when someones lying [Index] ..ME?! * Avalon1 reels * Xrileshr hisses, 1"Shuman vru shravre kvexrevri xrianer...." [Spectre] [My purpose is to prove the traitor - which the Tsivrixsh holds - is guilty of treason!] [Xrileshr] Then, I assure you, he is quite safe until judgement can be passed. [Index] ...SLASHER'S the traitor! [Index] And he's in the BRIG for it! [Index] READ the logs [Avalon1] but continues to give chase [Xrileshr] You will all remain here with me and the security officers until this is sorted out. [Paladin`] I've known Slasher for a long time, he's too much of an idiot to pull of anything this complex [Avalon1] I say we hold them all and ask questions later [Spectre] [Great, the alien gets official...] [Xrileshr] What, then, is you proof against this "traitor"? [Xrileshr] Paladin? [Index] Drake: *Steps in* [Avalon1] GM? are we all in the same room or what now? [Index] Drake: WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON? [Index] NRP: use this for those type of messages [Index] NRP: Same room * Spectre suddenly wishes she could sink into the floor [Index] THEY ATTACKED ME! [Xrileshr] Avalon and I stumbled upon these officers facing each other. [Index] Guards: They did.... [Index] Drake: *Glares at Paladin and Spirit [Index] Drake: You attacked him1? [Xrileshr] Paladin and SPectre claim Index is a "traitor" rather than Slasher. [Index] Drake: No proof of that. [Xrileshr] I did not say there was. [Avalon1] hmmm [Spectre] [If you would only allow us to search his room, we could prove his guilt!] * Paladin` glares right back at Drake [Index] Drake: .... search his room [Xrileshr] If you have any proof, I would suggest you speak it now. *to SPectre and Paladin* * Index raises eyebrow [Xrileshr] Shall I do so, Drake? [Index] Drake: Go ahead. [Avalon1] NRP: do i have your icq Xril? [Xrileshr] NRP: We're next to it? [Index] NRP: Yes, the doors broken down [Paladin`] That is why we're here. We have no proof beyond words in private and educated suspicions. [Xrileshr] NRP: Wasn't online for some reason. Yes, I have ICQ * Xrileshr moves to Index's room * Index snorts [Avalon1] NRP: but am i on your list? [Index] Drake: *steams* [Index] *to Avalon* Thanks for helping me. * Avalon1 follows confounded [Xrileshr] That is not a reason to attack him, though, Paladin. I would note that you should have procured your proof beforehand [Spectre] *to Pal* [Yeesh, if there's nothing there, we're toast...] [Xrileshr] NRP: *points Avalon to query*& [Index] NRP: He can't use query* [Xrileshr] What am I looking for, Spectre and Paladin? [Xrileshr] NRP: Oh. [Xrileshr] NRP: Look in #taw, then, INdex * Index hands Avalon a signed autograph by him [Xrileshr] NRP: INdex=Paladin [Spectre] [Records of contact... Communicators... Anything that would help prove our friend here guilty...] [Avalon1] I would help anyone in that situation good or..........evil [Xrileshr] Drake, shall Specter accompany me on the search? * Xrileshr opens the door to Index's room [Index] Drake: Negative. [Index] Drake: Take Avalon [Xrileshr] Understood. Follow me Avalon. * Xrileshr looks around Index's room (description?) * Spectre thinks about trasmitting the knowledge of what they are looking for, but realizes that Drake could catch it, thus she doesn't [Index] NRP: A normal every day room....a mirror on one wall...bed in the corner, closet, dresser, and that's it * Avalon1 follows still dumbfounded [Index] Guards: *tell Drake about the imposter Index* [Xrileshr] Begin the search, Avalon, and report anything out of the ordinary. Try not to disturb the belongs too much however. This may turn out to be idle suspicious [Xrileshr] suspicion [Index] Drake: IMPOSTER Index?! PALADIN! * Paladin` glares at Drake [Index] Drake: Who is he....tell me * Xrileshr begins looking through the dresser [Index] GM: *there is no guilty evidence in the dresser* * Avalon1 looks under beds and bookcases always look under * Xrileshr checks behind and around the mirror [Paladin`] Who am I? [Index] GM: Avalon finds nothing but dust [Xrileshr] NRP: And me? [Index] Drake: WHO is the Index locked up on the brig? [Avalon1] the closet [Index] NRP: You too [Index] GM: *a skeleton falls out of the closet* * Xrileshr looks under the bed * Avalon1 examines it.......any skeletons [Paladin`] Index isn't locked up in the bridge, he's standing right there * Xrileshr flips around toward the skeleton [Paladin`] NRP: Brig, even [Index] Drake: No, I SAW Index on the brig! [Xrileshr] Comm: Drake. We have found a humanoid skeleton located in Index's closet. [Avalon1] NRP: is that real or a figure of speech [Index] GM: *The skeleton is...fake* [Index] Drake: Wht!? [Xrileshr] NRP: D'OH! [Xrileshr] Comm: Apparently... It is fake. [Avalon1] Its a figure of speech i think [Index] My research * Xrileshr picks it up and looks it over [Paladin`] . . . well, Index obviously moved if he's here now. And why would he have a fake skeleton? [Xrileshr] Comm: I am continuing my search. [Index] Drake: Spectre..tell me who the Index on the brig is or join him * Xrileshr looks through and under the bd [Index] GM: The room holds no guilty evidence * Spectre glances at Paladin, and lowers her eyebrows at Drake [Avalon1] whether hes guilty or not hes clean [Spectre] [If you have your way, we're joining him anyway.] [Index] Drake: Then you and Paladin will spend the rest of month in the brig [Xrileshr] Comm: I have found nothing unordinary or that can possibily prove his guilt, besides this odd fake skeleton. [Index] Drake: Then you are both removed from duty...permantly. [Index] Drake: Come on out then. Your job is done. [Spectre] [I don't want to work for a jackass like you anyway. Good riddance!] * Xrileshr exits and meets up with them * Avalon1 sheepishly follows [Index] Drake: You will escort Spectre and Paladin to the brig, Xril and Avalon * Xrileshr looks at INdex, 1"What is the purpose of your facsimile skeleton?" [Index] I was working on some research for X2. [Paladin`] Why are you protecting Index? Are you part of it, Drake? * Avalon1 shivers [Index] Drake: No, I'm not. That's why I have guards on him. But I said don't step out of line. Attacking him stepped out of line. [Xrileshr] I'd note, Paladin, that as of yet no evidence has been revealed. [Xrileshr] And, a skeleton was neccessary for that? [Index] Drake: You have to play by the rules, Paladin. I wanted Index caught, but you broke them. Game over for you [Index] ... he's X2. [Index] Hey, you wanted me caught!? [Index] Drake: ... remove them, Xril and Av...to the brig. [Xrileshr] ... I'm unsure as to your meaning, however, I see. [Avalon1] come on, lets go [Paladin`] I'd note, Tsivrixsh, that this won't be forgotten. [Xrileshr] Understood, Drake. [Paladin`] Why have you taken X2's skeleton? [Xrileshr] And I'd note, Paladin, that I attempted to find your evidence to the best of my abiltiies. [Index] (Head to #cell) [Xrileshr] It was not there. I am acting under our commander's orders. There is nothing to suggest believing you at this moment, I'm afraid. * Spectre throws every curse she can think of, and then some, at Index
*** Avalon1 (Avalon@sdn-ar-001nctarbP262.dialsprint.net) has joined #cell * Gravedigger grabs Bubba's wrist and jams his fingers into the side of Bubba's eye [Avalon1] what? [Index] Drake: *Walks in* STOP THAT NOW! *** Spectre (speedblade@ has joined #cell *** Index is now known as Admiral_Drake *** Paladin` (soupman@cc49170-a.mtpls1.sc.home.com) has joined #Cell [Admiral_Drake] ...alrght, Avalon...take their weapons [Gravedigger] *cough* Thank you sir... *** Xrileshr (Avatar@rddfrD006.snowcrest.net) has joined #cell [Admiral_Drake] Xril, place this collar around both of their necks * Xrileshr escourts Paladin and Specter to the bridge * Avalon1 cautiously removes their weopons * Admiral_Drake hands Xril two collars * Spectre hands over her issued weapons; her only weaponry [Admiral_Drake] This will keep Paladin's armor from being of any use to him [Spectre] [Take the damned things.] [Slasher] More lambs for the slaughter.... [Admiral_Drake] ---Hush, Slasher. * Xrileshr moves to Spirit, 1"Do not attempt to stop me. I am sorry I must do this so soon after our meeting, but it is neccessary. * Xrileshr puts the collar on her * Admiral_Drake walks over to "Index" [Spectre] *to Xri* ['Tis ok... I don't hold grudges.] * Xrileshr puts the collar on Paladin [Admiral_Drake] Listen, imposter, you better damn well tell me who you are or spend the rest of the month in here, with these two, and then be fired along with them. [Xrileshr] You should learn a less in subtlety. I will review this situation and attempt to make my own judgements [Slasher] Why hush..it's only the truth, your only killing the ones that can save this whole mission.. [Admiral_Drake] They attacked an officer. [Admiral_Drake] They broke the rules. [Admiral_Drake] YOU are a traitor [Admiral_Drake] And HE is an imposter. * Avalon1 murmurs " the truth will come out and the lies will come out" [Paladin`] [Specter, maybe the imposter we inserted might be able to find teh evidence] [Xrileshr] Paladin is the security officer, why not check his room beforehand. [Gravedigger] Sir, could we please hurry up with my release, I have urgent experiemetns to get back to... [Gravedigger] Sir? * Slasher turns around and punches the wall denting it severly [Paladin`] I'm not a security officer, Tisvrixsh. * Admiral_Drake slams his fist into the cell at Grave [Gravedigger] Admiral Drake, it's ME! Index! Why won't anyone believe me? My imposter is currently running loose! [Admiral_Drake] TELL ME WHO YOU ARE OR YOU WILL BE FIRED! * Spectre nods [Xrileshr] Hm. I was under that impression. [Gravedigger] I...AM..INDEX. [Xrileshr] Enter the cells now, so my attention may turn to INdex. [Admiral_Drake] ....Fine. You will be discharged too [Spectre] You do realize you're talking to the wrong guy, correct, Drake? * Xrileshr looks over Index and GD [Admiral_Drake] ...so, now we only have 3 Hunters.... * Paladin` kicks Spectre * Xrileshr scans them both psionically [Gravedigger] Go get X2 if you don't believe me! [Admiral_Drake] GM: Scan - Grave is fake * Gravedigger tries really hard to pass himself off [Spectre] Ow! Hey! *catches the point, but says nothing* [Admiral_Drake] Index: ... so? [Xrileshr] As far as I can tell, Gravedigger does not appear to be Index... * Avalon1 senses telepathy [Admiral_Drake] ..wait [Xrileshr] Perhaps a sensor scan would aid this? * Admiral_Drake pints at the Index in the cell [Paladin`] NRP: *Whaps forehead* [Admiral_Drake] You're saying HE'S Gravedigger? [Admiral_Drake] Index: Grave?! [Gravedigger] WHAT? What are you TALKING about? I AM Index! I don't know what the hell that imposter's done, but I'm Index, damnit! [Xrileshr] That was my impression. [Spectre] NRP: The scan wouldn't have worked any other time. Figures. [Xrileshr] NRP: I didn't screw up, did I? [Admiral_Drake] ....so, the only Hunters left are now Avalon, Xril and Shell x? [Admiral_Drake] Charming. [Admiral_Drake] You ALL let me down [Xrileshr] NRP: I mean, he is GD, isn't he? [Gravedigger] How the HELL could I be Gravedigger? Since when could Gravedigger change forms??? * Admiral_Drake walks off [Xrileshr] I may be wrong I'd note. [Avalon1] Doppleganger [Slasher] Damn rookies, think they know everything [Admiral_Drake] Guard: like a soap opera... [Xrileshr] NRP: Who's in the cells and does anyone else need to be? * Gravedigger points at Xr [Gravedigger] Admiral Drake! Didn't you HEAR that??? [Admiral_Drake] NRP: they are all in their places. [Admiral_Drake] Index: *Glances at Grave* Have fun. Laters. [Xrileshr] This organization is falling apart rather quickly. Perhaps I will be reassigned soon. [Admiral_Drake] Index: *strolls off cockily* [Avalon1] I know nothing......... * Slasher reaches at Index through the cage [Xrileshr] However, I will look into the situation for you. *to Spectre and Paladin* [Slasher] I will rip you apart you stupid bastard [Gravedigger] You'll PAY for this, you IMPOSTER! [Spectre] *muttering* I have a severe feeling that Drake's in on this... [Paladin`] Oh, peachy. * Gravedigger sighs and slumps onto the cot, still in Index form [Xrileshr] I don't suppose I should look for anything in paticular? [Gravedigger] Nice going, Bloodhound Gang... [Paladin`] And since when is that *points at Avalon* and the thing *points at Xrileshr* hunters?! [Spectre] Something. ANYTHING that will damn Index... [Xrileshr] NRP: Erm, can I hear them and they me? [Spectre] Since yesterday, Paladin... They were the ones training... [Gravedigger] You didn't find ANYTHING? [Avalon1] Im a hunter since i wondered here [Paladin`] Ah. So our standards have dropped that low. [Admiral_Drake] You guys can end the session, night *** Admiral_Drake is now known as DS_GONE [Slasher] NRP: Just end it now.. [Xrileshr] I would hope I am not wasting my time here. The Ovsevri Tsil'xro Tsaxsh was under the impression this team was important... Now, it is dying. [Xrileshr] Farewell. *exits [Xrileshr] Session Ends