Session 51: Funerals for Friends

[DeathStar] Time Chart: December 21st
[DeathStar] Location: Memorial Hall
* Drake shifts behind the mike, facing all the Hunters in the crowd in front of him
* Dias stands next to Slasher
* Garland is in the shadows, not seen by anyone
* Diamondback shifts uncomfortably, Blackjack in the aisle next to him in his hoverchair
* Xrileshr taps his long fingers together
[Log] .
*** X2 ( has joined #taw
* DeathStar glances at the shadows, knowingly, but turns back
* Ripple stands next to Slash's coffen, black suit replacing his usual leather jacket and jeans
[Drake] Er, welcome...everyone
[Dias] Slasher: *takes Dias over to Ripple*
*** Gravedigger sets mode: +o X2
* DeathStar sits in his seat, his eyes on Sharlena and Slash's graves
* AceHunter leans against a side wall
[Spirit] .oO( This is the worst birthday ever... Why'd they have to hold the funeral today... -.-)
* Blackjack 's eyes are fixed on Slash's coffin
[Dias] How are you doing Rip?
[Drake] Dearly beloved...
* Gravedigger stands towards the back, his hands folded behind him
[Drake], how does that go?
* Ripple eyes flare briefly, but he stays silent
* Xrileshr glances at the coffin and back at Drake
[Diamondback] [...Wrong speech, Drake...]
* Dias stares blankly at Ripple
* Ariel looks over the coffins... -.-
* Garland has a hard time breathing, looking at Sharlena's grave
* DeathStar is still weak
[Xrileshr] *mutters* Perhaps he should try prescripting his speeches...
* Snipe is still hurt from Garland
[Ripple] .oO{I know... its hard.... *trails off*}
*** Gazer ( has joined #taw
[Drake] ....2 days ago, we lost quite a few of our friends...some of them family to you....
* Diamondback looks at the coffins, shuddering at the thought that he should be in one of them
* Drake waves down at the caskets
*** X2 sets mode: +o Gazer
* Gazer walks in, his cap pulled far down
* Garland clenches his fist so tightly that the bones themselves begin to crack
[Drake] ...Slash, died in battle after the influence of Talon's Endgame got him.  Sharlena, taken from us too soon, by Index's self-destruct blast, Shell X, torn apart by Talon.  And Red, a member of the Red Beards, died to get the team on the meteor.
[Dias] Slasher: *places one hand on Ripple's shoulder*
* DeathStar bites knuckles
*** Riptide ( has joined #TAW
*** Mindscape ( has joined #taw
* Riptide walks in quietly
* Drake waves hand at the next casket
* Ariel actually looks down for once
[Ripple] ....... *focuses his anger around his fist, not knowing the powerful ripplewave forming around it*
[Dias] Ender: *walks in*
[Drake] And Avatar, who's bones were brought to us by the Pirates.  He died in battle against Xevil.  
* Diamondback shakes his head, Blackjack mirroring the motion
[Spirit] Andrew...
[Diamondback] [Andrew...]
[Dias] Slasher: *takes his hand off of Ripple and the looks down at Slash's coffin*
* Garland clenches his teeth, his face contorted, trears running down his cheeks
[Spirit] [Stop mimicing me Chris...]
* Drake tries to think of a speech
[Ripple] ... [Why did he have to die.....]
* Xrileshr silently nods to the fallen warriors
* Mindscape sticks close to the other pirates
* Diamondback ignores Spirit
[Drake SOUND]
[Ariel] It's too bad to have lost such a fine warrior...
[Log] NRP: er, oops
[Ripple] NRP: whoa..
* DeathStar stands up
* Snipe sighs, his face down
* Diamondback loses a tear, thinking about the death of his best friend
[Ariel] NTP: That's a little cheery...
[Drake] NRP: Like I said, oops
* Blackjack pats DB on the back, looking like he's about to cry himself
[Xrileshr] NRP: Drake: Damn! The wrong CD was in the stereo system... Ignore that everyone
[Paladin`] . o O {It's war.  You'd think officers would deal better with death}
[Drake SOUND]
* DeathStar walks next to Paladin
* Drake clears throat
* Ripple steps back from the coffen, tears forming on his eyes
[Drake] Uh, lets move the coffins toward the tubes.
* Riptide stands silently with the other pirates, his arms crossed
[Gravedigger] .oO{I wonder if anyone else's pants chafe as much as mine...}
[Riptide] Let's... take Red, shall we...
[Log] NRP: oops again?
[Dias] Slasher: *places his necklace in Slash's coffin*
* DeathStar reaches out and grips Rip's shoulder
* Diamondback stands up and moves for Avatar's coffin
* Xrileshr believes in honoring fallen warriors and soldiers, but like Paladin he feels that you can get too sad over it, and that the Hunters use too much time for ceremony when they should be working to survive
* Garland grabs his chest and falls to one knee, as they do so
*** Seric ( has left #taw
* Mindscape sadly looks over Red's coffin (it's here, right...?)
* Snipe stands up and aids Diamondback
[Snipe] NRP: Aye.
[Diamondback] Farewell, Ryan Elder... Goodbye, Avatar...
* DeathStar moves to Sharlena's coffin, joined by Drake
[Dias] Ender: *looks at Red's coffin*
[Snipe] Later, Av.
* Ripple looks up at DeathStar
* Diamondback fights back a tear
* Garland feels his heart being torn out over and over
[Ripple] .....
* Spirit is silent... knowing fully well that it was her fault that Av died...
[Mindscape] [Good-bye Red... You put us together... I hope we won't fall apart with out you without and carry on your legacy.]
* DeathStar pushes it into the tube to be fired into space along with the others
* AceHunter walks forward, saluting the coffins
[DeathStar] ...goodbye, Shar.
* Ariel bows her head in a moment of silence for the fallen.
* Ripple bows in silence
[Riptide] [Farewell, Red... Thanks for understanding me long enough to give me a new chance...]
* Snipe keeps his head down
[Drake] NRP: *Watches the five leap out of their coffins and laugh*
*** Xrileshr sets mode: +o Mindscape
[Gazer] To these heroes, we put a face, to these heroes, their memory honored...
[Ripple] NRP: Slash] Ive come back to kill you all! *falls apart* Damn..
[Dias] NRP: Would you knock it off with all the oping
*** Diamondback sets mode: +o Riptide
[Diamondback] NRP: Bwahaha.
* Drake hand reaches out to touch the firing button
[Drake] ...any last words?
[Ripple] ... To the best warriors.
* Diamondback salutes
* DeathStar steps back next to Ripple.
* Ripple Salutes, sharply
[Diamondback] [Farewell, my friends...]
[Ariel] Shaela sengar my friends...
[Dias] Thanks for all the memories and pain *Rubs shouldeR*
* Ripple exactly like Slash did
[Snipe] Later, Av.
* Riptide uneasily salutes
* Xrileshr says a few chants under his breath for something to do, 1"Kevrish jelso shax dslin..."
[Ariel] Rest in peace...
* Drake hits the firing button, it sparks, and the coffins don't shoot out into space
[Riptide] Later, Red...
[Gazer] Goodbye, my friend...
[Spirit] ...
[Drake] ...uh, heh heh
* Drake hits the button again
* Dias looks around
[Snipe] Oh God...
[Blackjack] Great... Don't tell me Slasher's been messing with the machinery again...
[Mindscape] [Farewell, Red...]
[Gravedigger] NRP: And now...EVERYONE DANCE! *plays the Offspring remix*
* Drake keeps hitting it
* Ripple begins summoning his power to open a warp portal
[DeathStar] ...what an idiot....
[Garland] . . .
[Gazer] ...
[Dias] Slasher: Hey, I deny any accusitions about touching it
* Diamondback gets frustrated, still holding the salute
[Ripple] To the depths of space.
* Drake smashes the button into the wall, breaking it
* Ripple opens a glistening purple portal
[X2] ...Do we push?
* Diamondback drops the salute and kicks the machinery
[Ripple] The way Slash came into the hunters was through his warp.  He now leaves the exact same way.
[Diamondback] {WORK!}
* DeathStar watches Ripple
* Dias bows head
[Paladin`] And what about Red and Sharlena, Ripple?
* Xrileshr finishes up his chant, saying (in Tsivrixsh), 1"...And so, death is not the end, and true warriors die to begin again, trusting in their honorable life to give them strength to the future anew..."
[Snipe] And Av and Shell
* Ripple telekeniticly lifts the coffens up through the portal, slowly, and they slowly fade from sight
* Garland winces everytime her name is said
* Diamondback punches the wall. 1"Couldn't even give 'em a proper 'burial...'"
[Drake] ...that's one way of doing it
[Dias] NRP: Man SHarlena sure was cool, why did Sharlena have to die. I like saying that name. Sharlena Sharlena Sharlena
[Gravedigger] Exiting with style...
* Mindscape glances at the other pirates, still unsure what to do, but hoping they'll stick together
[Drake] *glances at the Red Beards* And will you be heading off?
* Riptide catches Mindscape's glance, at nods at him, knowing what he's thinking
* Ripple closes the portal, dropping to his knees drained because of the portal, and the emotional drain of Slash's death.
* Dias shrugs
* Ripple crys
[Gazer] That, we're not sure of yet, captain.
* DeathStar kneels beside Rip
[DeathStar] It's okay, Andrew.
[Mindscape] NRP: Do the pirates have any  ships still?
[Dias] Slasher: *rests his hand on Rip's shoulder
[Drake] Uh, Admiral
[Gazer] Whatever.
* Diamondback hits the wall again, and leans against it, crying
[Drake] NRP: Not really...just a tooth pick?
* Spirit tries her best to comfort Ripple
[Mindscape] [We probably will soon, though, Drake. Hopefully, we'll stay together and do what we always do.]
[Ripple] .... All my life.. he protected me...
[Drake] I can supply you a ship, of course.
[Riptide] [That's what we've always done... No sense in stopping now...]
[Ripple] He was there when that... reploid thing attacked my mother...
[Paladin`] Uh, where exactly did you transport them to?
[Dias] Ender: *remains silent*
[AceHunter] Well chaps, this has been sad and all, but life goes on
[Dias] Paladin, what does it matter.
[Gazer] WE'll only need one temporarily, until we can secure a sutible ship.
[Ripple] NRP: Lets just say the heart of the sun ok?
* Garland rubs his face with his hands, not caring if his hands ae covered with his own blood from training
[DeathStar] ...Ripple, Slash isn't truly dead.  Life does have another stage to it
[Xrileshr] Ace Hunter is correct. You must continue your fight for their ideals, lest they have died in vain.
* Paladin` shrugs
[DeathStar] NRP: That means they cannot come back from the dead!
[Paladin`] I'd wonder where my friends end up.  Sorry.
* Snipe clinches fist
[Ripple] NRP: Slash was vaped anyway...
[Snipe] I'll personally see this war to an end.
[Dias] You had friends? That's a first
[Gravedigger] NRP: With any luck, they're in my room, lord knows it's crowded enough as it is...
[Ripple] NRP: Slash] I resent that
[Ariel] Dias, your just as bad as your "father"...
* Ripple stands slowly, reaching into his pocket
* Diamondback straightens up and pulls his cap out of his back pocket, and points in a random direction with it
* DeathStar continus to kneel beside Ripple
* Gravedigger whaps Dias' head
[Dias] NRP: Nah, he miscalculated the warp and they ended up on the other side of the room
* Dias grabs head
[DeathStar] NRP: What?  *is hit by a casket*
[Diamondback] Ace is right... We've gotta keep moving... Losses come... *sniffs* GREAT losses will come... But we've gotta keep moving...
[Paladin`] Oh, well I see you're broken up about the deaths, Dias.  I'll leave you to your grief.
* Ripple pulls out a disc, and trembles a bit before giving it to DeathStar
[Dias] Ouch..Just hit me while I'm blind
[Snipe] ...uh, Grave, mind if I room with you a little longer, I have a pest problem in mine
* Snipe is trying to control his rage
* DeathStar takes it
[Gravedigger] Sure.
[DeathStar] ..what's this?
[Dias] And yes I am like my father. Ariel.
[Drake] Well...*heads off*
*** Drake has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Ripple] ... I found it in Slash's old room.... on.. the... old HQ....
* Dias turns around and stares blankly
* Ripple nearly breaks down again, but gathers himself
[Blackjack] ...He still has that disc...?
[DeathStar] ...surprised you Hunters actually landed on it.  When I did, it almost collapsed.
* Xrileshr surveys the crowd, not having anything to do now
* Snipe is in a black suit, dressed for the funeral
[Gravedigger] .oO{Looks like Wien's statue's staying in the closet a bit longer...}
[Ripple] ... we.. were.. lucky..
* Snipe steps next to Spirit
* AceHunter walks over next to Xrileshr
[Snipe] Happy birthday.
[Ariel] I would say something about that Dias, but this isn't the time or the place.
* Xrileshr glances at AH
[Xrileshr] Yes...?
[Dias] Sorry Ariel, he rubbed off on me. 
[Spirit] Thanks... Though it's hard to be happy... -.-
* Garland props himself agains the pillar he's hiding in the shadow of, his tears pattering on the ground.
[Ariel] .oO( Unfortuantely )
* Ripple goes over and Hugs Spirit
* DeathStar pockets the disk
* Dias turns to Ariel and stares blankly
[Ripple] Happy birthday.  
* X2 sighs and walks out, going back to the Medbay
*** X2 has quit IRC (Fal la la la la la la, la la la-Go to hell! Ahahahahahaha!)
[Dias] Slasher: cute. 
* Mindscape and the other pirates discuss a few things amongst themselves
[Gravedigger] NRP:...Errr, oops...
* DeathStar sighs, missing his chance to talk to X2.
* Diamondback shakes his head as he puts his Vesperton High School cap on and walks away. Blackjack follows him out, shaking his head.
[Spirit] Thank you Andrew *wipes a tear from her eye*  Thank you...
*** Blackjack has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Ripple eyes flame, looking directly at Slasher
[Dias] It's Spirit's b-day.
* Dias catches it and quiets down
[Diamondback] *to Spirit from hallway* [Forgive me, Andrea... Happy birthday...]
[Dias] NRP:err..Slasher did that
* DeathStar turns to where Garland isd
* AceHunter just remains quietly standing, watching the others
* DeathStar hand trembles, but he shakes head and moves off
[Ripple] shhh *wipes another tear from her eye*
[Gazer] We need a plan, crew.
[Ariel] [It's alright Chris, I didn't expect anyone to remember with... *trails off]
[Xrileshr] NRP: Whereabouts is Drake?
[Snipe] So...are we just going to remain here?
[Snipe] NRP: He's at a bar.
* Garland slams his fist into the pillar, the sound of the stone and his hand both cracking are heard
[Snipe] ...I don't think we should hang out in the memorial hall.  Not good for morale.
* Paladin` looks out into space, says something under his breath, and moves off
[Mindscape] [I say we stay together... Perhaps we can get a shuttle from the Hunters, then buy a new ship and equipment with the saved money, and get back working.]
* Dias walks off and into a wall
[Dias] Ouch...
* DeathStar stops in front of the nearest station and puts the disc in
* Gravedigger tugs on his hood and walks out
[Ripple] *A holographic image of Slash appears*
[Riptide] [I'm gonna agree with Mind's plan... I don't know about the rest of ya, but settling down doesn't sound like a great plan to me...]
* Ariel goes to slip out, but stops seeing the hologram
* Garland walks out of the shadows and for the door
[Dias] Slasher: Uhh..Don't wander off Dias, or I'll have to put you on a leash
[Gazer] I never had any intention of break up the group, I was referring to the other delima at hand. We need a new leader.
[Mindscape] [Red made sure we'd have some emergency... resources hidden in case of something like this. We'll be fine if we can get to 'em.]
[Ripple] [Slash] If you are seeing this, I am dead, kinda goes without saying eh?
* Snipe glances at the hologram
* Garland kicks the door in and heads for his training room, traing several times harder now.
* Ariel smiles slightly
* Dias turns to it
[Ariel] Always had a sense of humor...
[Dias] A wierd one..
[Riptide] [Under any other circumstances, I'd volunteer myself. *smirks* But... How about we make Mind our leader? He seems like the best for the job, even from the little time I've know 'im.]
[Snipe] ..better than yours
[Ariel] Much
* Dias looks at both of them
[Ripple] [Slash]  I leave this message to all the hunters around.  If you ever need help, I will be there.  In Spirit if not body.
[Dias] NRP: Gah...Slasher did that also
* Snipe grins at Ariel
[Dias] Slasher: Quiet you two
[Ripple] [Slash] *turns to stare directly at DeathStar*
[DeathStar] NRP: Death STAR
[Diamondback] NRP: *wonders if Spirit was capitalized for a reason*
[Ripple] NRP: no, and sorry, i keep forgetting that bloody space...
[Xrileshr] NRP: Spirit: Gah! Get outta me
[Spirit] NRP: Uh oh... *looks paranoid*
[Gazer] Mind? Your wisdom on this?
* DeathStar stares back
[Ripple] [Slash] Death Star... i'm sorry I let you down.
* Garland dissapears into combos, moving faster than human eyes and most cameras can percieve.
* DeathStar flinches
[Spirit] NRP: Ahhh!  I've become the supernatural hotel!
* AceHunter watches this go on with detached ammusement
[Mindscape] [... If you'll accept me as leader, then I'll take the job. I won't let you down.]
[Snipe] ...least DS gets looked in the eyex
[Dias] Slash...
[Riptide] [We've got ourselves a new leader, then... At least SOMETHING positive happened today...]
[Dias] Slasher: Why did you have to die...*head drops*
[Ripple] [Slash] I made a vow to myself when I joined the hunters to protect my friends... and I seem to have died before that was accomplished.
[Spirit] [Phantasma] Congradulations Mind.
[Paladin`] . o O {Everybody sobs for the dead and regrets what they haven't said to them.  Nobody ever worries about the living and says what they should before they die.}
* Snipe casts a glance to where Paladin is
[Gazer] I won't object to whoever leads, I'll gladly offer my expertese to whomever needs it.
[Ripple] [Slash] Garland...Paladin.... Ariel... Slasher.. You all were good friends, and I would miss you if i had the capability to.
[Gazer] Red would be most proud, I can safely say.
[Mindscape] [We'll stick around here a bit more, then I'll talk to Drake about him loaning us a shuttle... We could buy it, but they do owe us a bit, and we'd have to ditch it anyway, since running around in an EarthGov shuttle for a prolonged peroid of time wouldn't be a good idea.]
* Xrileshr is silent mostly away from the crowd
* Dias let's out a small laugh
[Riptide] [Might not be a good sign on us, if ya catch my meaning...]
[Ripple] [Slash] Farewell.  I hope I died protecting one of you. *hologram fades*
[Gazer] It wouldn't go far to serve our lifestyle as well, we need one we can make our own.
[Diamondback] NRP: Sure, forget BJ.
[Ripple] NRP: *whack*  Quiet you. 
[Gravedigger] NRP: B-who?
* DeathStar looks down, and shakes his head
[Paladin`] Surprising that Slash prepared for his own death.  
[Diamondback] NRP: *whack*  Quiet you.
* Snipe feels uncomfortable in his suit
[Ariel] Shaela xaengwyr Slash...
[Mindscape] [And, of course, I know someone sources for us to get top off the line equipment cheaply enough for our new ship.]
* DeathStar sighs and walks off
[Ariel] You'll be missed -.-
[Dias] Paladin, would you shut up for once..
[Ripple] ....He was prepared for everything
[Riptide] [Nice to have connections, eh? *snickers*]
[Snipe] ...wonder how hard the great DEATH STAR is taking this
[Snipe] And how prepared for death HE is.
[Gravedigger] Dias, chill man, not a good day to be startin' anything.
[Ripple] Hell.. he even was prepared if I managed to pick up a girlfriend.. *glances at Spirit* which I did...
[Gravedigger] Snipe, you either.
[Snipe] Droppign it.
* Spirit smiles
* Garland a loud crash comes from the training room as DS passes by.
* DeathStar sighs
* Dias yawns
[DeathStar] ...Elayne...watach him
* DeathStar keeps going on, feeling like he can't help Garland right now
* Dias thinks to himself wondering where Elayne is
[Snipe] it just me, or is it odd Elayne and Garland weren't at the funerals?
* Ripple walks off, Ripplewave still full power around his fist
[Xrileshr] *quotes from Tsivrixsh literature absently* "Shran'shaxevle, axravra shrar'n'shaxevle shle?'
[AceHunter] Hey feller, what's that mean?
[Snipe] ...anyway, where do you plan on going to celebrate your b-day, Spirit?
[Dias] Not really Snipe *
[Riptide] [Er... Yeah, whatever you say, alien guy...]
[Gravedigger] NRP: Okay, wait, confused, where are we all now? Gar-Training room, DS-just walked by it, Pirates-Memorial Hall, who else where?
[Spirit] I haven't a clue...
[Snipe] NRP: Snipe is in memorial hall
[Xrileshr] "If he dies, then do they all die?" It's from a fairly well-known Tsivrixsh novel, at least among Tsivrixsh...
[Diamondback] NRP: DB, his quarters, BJ, who cares.
[Dias] :et
[Dias] Let
[Paladin`] Well, goodbye Slash.  You were one of the greats, man.
[Dias] Let's take Spirit out for her B-day
[Snipe] I agree, for once, with Dias.
* Snipe feels like he forgot something
[Garland] NRP: Waaah, I'm in the festive mood, DAMN YOU ALL WHO HAVN'T TURNED IN YOUR STORIES! I wanna 52!
[Snipe] ...hey, guys, is it just me or did we leave Maestro stranded..billions of lightyears away...on that planet?
* AceHunter types something into his wrist pad as he watches Xrileshr
[Ripple] [I agree also...]
[Ripple] NRP: we did.  hee hee hee
[Spirit] *to all but Slasher and Dias* [Please!  Anything but a day with Dias!  You don't need to torcher me!]
[Dias] We left him?! That's a plus
* Xrileshr glances at AH typing
[Diamondback] NRP: Er, oops, I guess.
[Paladin`] NRP: Well I WAS writing it at a furious rate, when SOME SESSION interrupted.
[Dias] NRP: Torture
[Snipe] NRP: .... damn you TCT
[Snipe] Yeah, I suppose we could lose the blind man
[Snipe] How well could he follow us?
[Dias] Quiet Snipe
* Dias smirks
[Gravedigger] Knowing our luck? He'll be here next week.
[Snipe] ...Maestro couldn't pilot here if his life depended on it
* Ripple reappears, out of his black suit, in some dressy cloths
* Snipe remains in his funeral clads
* Mindscape the quiet conversation between the pirates continues
[Dias] Good news. I won't be piloting for awhile.
[Gravedigger] NRP: Stay tunded for the continuing adventures of: Maestro-Lone Hunter!
[Mindscape] NRP: Quiet since half of us telepathically speak, I'd wager
[Garland] NRP: Maestro: *swims to the fury* So what if i can't pilot! I can swim! 
* Spirit is still hanging around in her black dress
[Snipe] Squirrel: *chitters*
* Diamondback teleports back into the Memorial Hall, wearing his street clothes
* Gravedigger exhales...
[Snipe] comes Spectre
[Snipe], DB
[Dias] Hmm, thought you guys'ld be happier knowing that I won't be piloting
[Gravedigger] Let's get out of here, huh?
[Snipe], which one?
[Diamondback] [You think I like being stuck like this, Snipe?]
[Ripple] Lets not try to figure it out..
[Diamondback] *Spectre* [I'm not fond of it either...]
[Snipe] least DB LOOKS better now
* Ripple picks up Spirit in his arms
[Ripple] NRP: LOL
* AceHunter finds a place to sit in a corner and just watches non-chalantly
[Diamondback] ...I'm going to kill you later, Snipe.
[Dias] You think I'm fond of having them in my room?
[Spirit] ^.^
[Snipe] ...*goes silent at the word "kill"*
[Ripple] Come on... we have a birthday to celebrate.
[Diamondback] ...That was called sarcasm, John... Sorry...
[Gravedigger] I think you'd be fond of having ONE of them in your the question is which one?
[Dias] The female but...he could take over easily and *shudders*
[Snipe] Yeah, well, *throws off his Hunter tag name* Lets go
*** Snipe is now known as JohnMcCormick
[JohnMcCormick] Where shall we eat...on the Fury?
[Dias] NRP: throws off his and is known as Dias
*** Ripple is now known as AndrewStryfe
[Gravedigger] 'Sides, at least you don't have 4 guys and a flying lizard rodent in your room, Dias.
[Diamondback] *Spectre* [Hey Dias, there's a surprise waiting in your quarters...]
* JohnMcCormick walks around, looking like a MIB
*** Diamondback is now known as ChrisCarter
[Dias] Yeah. Isn't there like a pizza place some where
[ChrisCarter] Why don't we head for Tony's?
[JohnMcCormick] NRP: *wonders where that lizard is...since he didn't appear in DS' story*
[Paladin`] . . . as much fun as this sounds . . . *walks out, in the direction of the bar*
* AndrewStryfe shakes his head
[JohnMcCormick] ...Tony' back on Earth
*** Spirit is now known as AndreaWilliams
* Dias looks worried after hearing Spectre
[Gravedigger] We could hit Doby's...
[AndreaWilliams] nrp: *hopes she has the name right*
* DeathStar is AT the bar
[Dias] Luckily I can't see whatever it is
[AndrewStryfe] I dont care where you go my friend.  Im taking the lovely lady out to something extravagent
[Xrileshr] ...
[AndreaWilliams] .oO( Andrew... I have to go to my quarters first for a moment... Okay? )
[Dias] Like that 24 hour steak place they got?
[Log] Can I come too?  Wait, I'm a a log.  Damn
[AndrewStryfe] .oO{You got it *appears next to Andreas door*}
[JohnMcCormick] ...Dias, did you just say you were a log?
[Gravedigger] Who put this here?
* Gravedigger pitches the log down a garbage shute
* Xrileshr leans against the wall, deliberating whether to go on duty, return to his quarters, or what... this being a really "fun" assignment for him
[Dias] Probably..
[JohnMcCormick] .....prankesters.
* Dias trips over the log
* AndreaWilliams walks into her rooms silently and pulls a round package out of a box, laying it's contents, a sword, out on a mat in front of her.
* Dias slowly gets off
[Dias] NRP: err..up
* JohnMcCormick eyes a few girls walking by
[Mindscape] *to pirates* [So... have any of you had anything to eat? I'm hungry myself...]
* ChrisCarter shrugs, and leads whoever's coming to Tony's Pizza
[Dias] NRP: She's gonna kill her self Old Japanese Shogun style
[Gravedigger] Uh, aren't we in mourning or something?
[Paladin`] NRP: Hari kari.
* Dias eyes the same girls
[Riptide] *likewise* [Actually, no... What say we head for that party?]
[Paladin`] NRP: kiri, sorry
* JohnMcCormick eyes turn off
[Dias] It's night time GD
* AndrewStryfe waits for Andrea
[JohnMcCormick] Sorry, Grave.
* AndreaWilliams says a silent prayer then stands, and heads outside where Andrew is waiting.
[Gazer] Just at some local dive named Doby's...
[JohnMcCormick] it hot in here, or is it me?
* Xrileshr wanders in the direction of the main "city" place on the Fury
[AndrewStryfe] Ready?
[AndreaWilliams] .oO( Sorry, I just felt I had to say a prayer for Emily... )
[Dias] Nah, it's me John *walks right into him*
* DeathStar leans back on his bar stool, smoking a cigar and looking at his glass, untouched
[AndreaWilliams] Let's go
* AndrewStryfe nods slowly
[Dias] Slasher: Idiot..
[Mindscape] [Well, let's look around for somewhere to eat then...]
[JohnMcCormick] ...a Spanish man called for you yesterday, Dias.
* AndrewStryfe picks her up again, and disappears, warping into the classy resturant on main street
[Dias] I'm heading to the bar. GD, keep an eye on my boy plz. *heads off to the bar*
[Mindscape] NRP: Not neccessarily shown on the session though, unless you all want to...
[Dias] Wha?
* JohnMcCormick sits down on the floor and wipes forehead
* Paladin` sits in the bar, nursing a scotch
[Riptide] [Hey Mind, how about we head for where that Chris kid went to? I hear that place has awesome pizza.]
[Gravedigger] Dude, I'm no freaking babysitter! And I use the term loosely...
* DeathStar glances at Paladin
[Gravedigger] Heya John-o, you okay?
* Dias slows down
[JohnMcCormick] Tired.
[Mindscape] [Fine with me.] *starts for it*
[Dias] Why'ld you stop John?
[Gravedigger] Go get some sleep
* Riptide follows Mind
[JohnMcCormick] I've slept since the mission
* AceHunter sneaks up behind DeathStar
* JohnMcCormick runs hand through hair
* Gazer follows his crew
[JohnMcCormick] X2's waking me up didn't help much
[AndrewStryfe] NRP: Gah, long distance call.. Doubt ill finish the session
* Dias reaches hand towards the voice
* DeathStar head raises slightly
* Mindscape psionically finds DB's location, using that to locate Tony's pizza
[Gravedigger] NRP: Put 'em on hold...*laughs evilly*
[AceHunter] HEY FELLER!
[Riptide] [Nice thinkin', Mind...]
[AndrewStryfe] NRP: no can do.  adios.
[Dias] Let's get going John.
* DeathStar spins around in his seat
* Dias holds hand out
*** AndrewStryfe has quit IRC (Poof)
[DeathStar] Why, Ace, hello.  Been --- 2 days.
* Garland continues to do his combos
* JohnMcCormick takes Dias' hand
[Paladin`] . . . oh god, can't even drink in peace.
[Dias] Slasher: *walks into the bar and sees DS, Paladin, and Ace
* Dias pulls John up
[AceHunter] Well, yes, but we didn't get to talk much earlier
[JohnMcCormick] Thanks, Dias.
* Ariel walks down the street, slipping into the little restaurant across the from Tony's, and orders some okonomiyaki
[Riptide] [There's Tony's right ahead...] *points*
[Gravedigger] The blind leading the tired...
[DeathStar] True.  *waves hand at the seat next to him* Have a seat.
* Log is off rolling through the complex
[Dias] Slasher: *walks over to DS and sits down*
[Mindscape] [Here we are...] *telekinetically opens the door and enters*
[Dias] NRP: err...otherside of bar then
* AceHunter sits down and leans back
* Ariel goes over to Tony's to actually eat.
[DeathStar] And Slasher...been...ninteen years?
* ChrisCarter is seen directing some things, mainly decorations being put up
[Dias] I resent that GD
[DeathStar] NRP: Hey, isn'
[ChrisCarter] [Put that over there... Hey Tony, ready the music!]
[Gazer] Certainly has an earthen atmosphere.
[DeathStar] NRP: t chris in SPECTRE's body?
[Gravedigger] You RESEMBLE that, Dias.
[Dias] Slasher: *turns to DS* Probably. Don't quite remember
[ChrisCarter] NRP: Shapeshifting, DS.
[AceHunter] Kinda sad with all the old guys passing on and stuff
* JohnMcCormick walks along
* DeathStar raises eyebrow
[AceHunter] Right, DS?
[Ariel] That other place may have good food, but the restaurant itself could use a makeover
[DeathStar] ...charming, I think
* Mindscape looks around
* ChrisCarter turns around and watches the pirates enter, thinking they're Spirit
* AceHunter orders a drink
[Paladin`] *mutters* there's a sensitive way to put it
[Dias] Well yeah, but my other sense have kicked in and boy..take a shower *covers nose as he continues to walk*
[Mindscape] [All right, what do you all want?] *to the pirates, of course*
[ChrisCarter] [Ah, good, you're not Spirit... Gives me some more time...]
[DeathStar] Haven't really thought about being old...since my days as a Hunter.
* Riptide glances at Chris
[Gravedigger] That'd be Snipe there, fella.
[JohnMcCormick] Where are we going, anyway, Grave?
[Riptide] [Looks like the kid's readying a surprise party or something...]
[Dias] Slasher: *orders a Russian Vodka*
[AceHunter] I don't do much of it meself, except with all of this dying, it kinda gets to you
[Dias] It is?! 
[DeathStar] Well, Ace, if you did much of it, you wouldn't be chatting.  
[JohnMcCormick] No, it's Grave.
[AndreaWilliams] [Faint, distant voice] *To Chris* [Help me...*fades away*]
[JohnMcCormick] He takes trips into the sewers.
*** CidCarnage ( has joined #TAW
[CidCarnage] hey all
*** JohnMcCormick sets mode: +m
[Dias] Maybe it's me
[Gazer] I'm not quite certain, dear Mindscpe, just reserve whatever you decide for me, I should happen to go sit for a spell.
[Mindscape] [All right, Gazer.]
[ChrisCarter] [What in the... Tony, finish the decorations, I... need to go take care of something!]
[JohnMcCormick] it me or is Grave ignoring us?
* Dias sniffs armpits and his head recoils
[Dias] GAH?! Maybe that wasn't soap I used
[Gravedigger] No, it's Snipe, he's been sleeping since we got back, he hasn't moved from the bed.
* ChrisCarter takes off out of Tony's Pizza, psionically locating Andrea
[AceHunter] That's part of the trick, don't do too much thinking, just kinda cover it over when it starts getting to ya
[Riptide] [Yeesh, what came over him?]
[Paladin`] Or leave.  Like you tend to do.
* Mindscape goes to order and asks Tony (or whoever is at the cash register) if the have an suggestions for what kind of pizza to get
[Paladin`] Oh wait, that's money, not death.  Sorry.
[Dias] Let's goto Tony's, I don't wanna be late.
* DeathStar glances at Paladin
[Paladin`] Sorry, ignore me.
[Dias] DS...
[DeathStar] I think, Ace, that you have a fan over there.
* Ariel grabs a drink, then sits down at a booth, eating her Okonomiyakis
* JohnMcCormick steps into the bar
*** CidCarnage has quit IRC (Leaving)
* AceHunter watches Paladin silently for a moment
* DeathStar turns to Dias
[DeathStar], Dias, right?
* Dias steps in behind John
[ChrisCarter] Tony: Hey David, finish up the decorations... Suggestion, eh? Go with the pepperoni.
[Dias] This doesn't smell like Tony's pizza
[JohnMcCormick] It's a bar...
[Dias] NRP: I meant It was Slasher..sorry
* ChrisCarter sprints to Andrea's location
* AndreaWilliams is still in a fancy restaurant, having dinner with Andrew
[JohnMcCormick] Grave led us to a bar
[JohnMcCormick] How typical
[Mindscape] [All right then.] *orders enough pizza and refreshments for the pirates*
[Gravedigger] So?
* DeathStar turns to Ace
[DeathStar] So, what do you tend to think about?
[Dias] Oh...*sniffs* GAH?! Don't anyone take baths here..
[JohnMcCormick] So, IT *points at DS* is here
* ChrisCarter looks through the window into the fancy restaurant
[DeathStar] ..Slasher, your boy has problems
[Gravedigger] I'd planned on going to the bar, don't know where you guys were going...
[Dias] Who?!
* Gravedigger whaps Snipe
* ChrisCarter doesn't see Andrea, so he enters and looks for her
[Dias] He's blind, leave him alone
[JohnMcCormick] Ow!
* JohnMcCormick tips over and hits table, breaking a few bottles
[Gravedigger] Forgive the lad, DS, he's a bit touched in the head...
[AceHunter] Life, getting through each day at a time
* Dias turns to John and laughs
* DeathStar glances up from his conversation with the vets of TAW and looks at John and Grave
* AndreaWilliams notices Chris enter, and looks up from thier corner table.
[AndreaWilliams] Chris?  What are you doing here?  You look like you ran the whole way?
[DeathStar] Sounds like me
[DeathStar] I learned to take it one day at a time
[ChrisCarter] You... called for... help... So... I ran... here...
[Dias] John fell..
[AceHunter] New guys? *nods toward Grave and John*
[DeathStar] Learning to exhert how much pressure is put on you
[DeathStar] ..I suppose.  They are the next generation of fighters.  One's the leader.
* JohnMcCormick stands up, dizzy
[Gravedigger] Teach HIM that...4*nods to Snipe*
[AndreaWilliams] *blinks*  Call for help?  Why'd I need help?  We're having a wonderful time...
[Dias] Slasher: *downs the Russian Vodka*
[Paladin`] Of course, you should never plan for the future, either.  One day at a time, make sure to screw yourself tomorrow by what you do today.
[DeathStar] Not exactly
[ChrisCarter] Then... Who did...? It sounded like you...
[DeathStar] I said handle problems like that, I never said don't think ahead Paladin
[Garland] NRP: not much for me to do, just sit and watch.
[DeathStar] How do you think I waged a war that was more successful then YOURS
[Dias] John you ok?
[JohnMcCormick] ...fine
[AndreaWilliams] I... I haven't a clue...
[Paladin`] Sorry, I guess I've been looking more at the track record than the plans.
[AndreaWilliams] Spooky...
* Gravedigger grabs a stool and orders up
[ChrisCarter] *Spectre* [Weird...]
[Mindscape] ...
[JohnMcCormick] Sounds like the mighty nerve of DS was hit
* Dias reaches out and grabs GD
* JohnMcCormick sits next to GD
[Gravedigger] White Martian, double down
[AceHunter] Part of the trick is to do what you can, when you can, with what you have
[Dias] GD?! 
*** CidCarnage ( has joined #TAW
* Gravedigger glances at Dias and Snipe
[DeathStar] You sound like you could run a war, Ace.
[Gravedigger] Can't I get rid of you people?
[Paladin`] Thank you Roosevelt.
[AndreaWilliams] *To all psychics* [Alright!  Who's playing mind tricks?]
* Dias grabs a stool he hopes and sits down on it
* Gravedigger turns Dias around and edges him away
[ChrisCarter] *Spectre* [It isn't me...]
[AceHunter] You can't change the past,  the future is yet to come, you can only do stuff in the present
*** CidCarnage has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Dias] NRP: AHA!! It's me. I lost my sight but gained an evil Psychic ability
[Riptide] *to Andrea* [Mind games? What're you talking about?]
* Dias faces away from the bar and asks for a kiddie cocktail
[Paladin`] Yes, you've mastered the concept of time.
[DeathStar] ....*glances at his drink* So, what has brought upon us this topic of conversation - Ace, Slasher, and Paladin?
[Mindscape] *to Andrea* [... Sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about.]
[AceHunter] No, I just worry about running meself... I cause enough trouble as it is
[Dias] Slasher: 
[JohnMcCormick] Listen to the oldies
[Xrileshr] NRP: Too true, Slasher.
[Dias] Slasher: *raises head* Huh?! You were saying something about time?
[JohnMcCormick] They think they know everything
[Paladin`] Probably bitterness at missed opportunities and cynisism for the future.  Or soemthing.
[ChrisCarter] What the hell is going on...
[Gravedigger] They sure as hell know more then you, Skippy.
[DeathStar] Oh, I thought we were all debating like mature people.
[DeathStar] Not
* AceHunter grins under his helmet at Snipe's comment
* Dias reaches out accidently grabbing a girls ass and recieving a smack instead
[Dias] OUCH! 
* Gravedigger grins
[AndreaWilliams] [Well SOMEONE is doing it...  and if it wasn't us... *worries*]
[Gravedigger] Good one, Death.
[DeathStar] Thanks, Grave.
[Paladin`] Especially the "not" to emphasize the immaturity, nice form.
[ChrisCarter] Don't get too scared, Andrea, 'tisn't good for you...
[JohnMcCormick] Bah, good comment?  If I said that, I would have been whacked.
[Xrileshr] NRP: Grave and Death... Hmm, interesting pair
* Gravedigger whacks Snipe
[JohnMcCormick] OW!
[Dias] That wasn't my kiddie cocktail...*feels for the table behind him and turns himself around*
[JohnMcCormick] Dammit man!
[Gravedigger] You get whacked anyway, regardless of what you say.
* ChrisCarter shakes his head
[JohnMcCormick] You know, if we were to use your hand as the ultimate weapon, we would win
* Gravedigger smirks and sips hid drink
[ChrisCarter] I guess we'll figure it out eventually...
* DeathStar glances at Grave and John fighting, stopping his conversation with the others
[Dias] Slasher: *eyes dart at Snipe*
[Gravedigger] Ah, but I already do...4*flexes his eyebrows*
* JohnMcCormick groans and passes out
* AceHunter laughs at something he just though, taking a sip of his drink through his helmet's speaker grill
[DeathStar] ...looks like your friend had too much to drink
* Gravedigger pokes at Snipe
* Dias punches GD in the arm
* DeathStar glances at ACe
[Gravedigger] Boy can't hold his liquor...wait, did he even drink anytihng?
[DeathStar] ...find something amusing?  To enlighten me, I could use it
[AndreaWilliams] [But... who was it...]
[Gravedigger] Ow!
[Dias] GD, ya killed him
* Mindscape the pirates' food arrives and he begins eating
[AceHunter] Experience, who gets it, who doesn't
* Gravedigger turns Dias around and edges him away
[DeathStar] think it's handed out by someone called a GM?  I always thought that myself.
[AceHunter] It's all a matter of whether you survive your mistakes
* Riptide eats a slice of pizza as he watches the decorations go up
[Gravedigger] I'll kill you next if you don't go away, Blind-Alfred.
[ChrisCarter] I don't know...
* Dias punches outward thinking he's still facing GD
* Gazer doesn't eat
* Gravedigger pokes Snipe again
* JohnMcCormick wakes up
[JohnMcCormick] ...what?
[Gravedigger] You passed out, go see '2, damnit
[Paladin`] I should really find another bar
* DeathStar glances at Paladin
[Mindscape] [You all right, Gazer?]
[DeathStar] As much as we enjoy your air condentioning us, with your cool personality, you may leave if you wish
* Dias falls off his chair
* DeathStar glances at Dias
* ChrisCarter shakes his head
[DeathStar] ...Slasher...
* AceHunter finishes his drink in one swollow
[Paladin`] Can't, the stool's too comfortable
[Gravedigger] Hey Pal, here's an idea. Buy a bottle, go back to your room, go into the bathroom, and drink on the can, then you're got yourself a private bar.
[Dias] Woh..
[ChrisCarter] Well, I'm headed back for Tony's... Why don't you drop by later, Andrea?
[Dias] Slasher: What? 
[DeathStar] ...what is wrong with him?
* DeathStar points at Dias
* Dias grabs the stool and pull himself ont it
[Gazer] Yes, I'm just not...really hungry.
[JohnMcCormick] I think he was dropped on his head as child
[AndreaWilliams] Alright.  Have fun, both of you!
[Dias] He's blind.
[Dias] NRP: Damnt..
[Dias] Slasher: He's blind
[DeathStar] ...blind?  What happened?
[ChrisCarter] *Spectre* [Heh heh, ok, see you later, Andrea.]
[Dias] Slasher: That or he's mentally retarted..
[AceHunter] Anyway, feller, I've got to be going, but if you ever need my help and got the credits, call me
[Gravedigger] Well, you know the old saying?
* JohnMcCormick sees DS still not take a sip of his drink
[ChrisCarter] See you then, Andy.
* DeathStar raises hand up at Ace
* ChrisCarter turns and leaves, snickering
* AceHunter tosses DS a comm devices and walks out of the bar
[DeathStar] See you around, Ace.  One day we have to see who has learned more, eh?
* DeathStar takes it, his hand ready for it
[Dias] Slasher: That bastard...Xevil nailed him in the face with a blast that burnt his eyess
[Ariel] [Strife] *wanders in and trys to order a pizza*
[DeathStar] ....*glances at Dias* Think it injured his brain any?
[JohnMcCormick] No, he acted that way before the blast.
* ChrisCarter remembers that he can teleport as he leaves the restaurant, and does so, reappearing in Tony's
[AceHunter] You probably... I never learn, that's why I still have something to live for
[Gravedigger] Nah, he's always been like that...
* AceHunter beams out
[Dias] NRP: His head's too thick to injure his brain..
*** AceHunter is now known as ___
* Mindscape glances at the entering Chris
[Dias] NRP: *bangs his head giving up*
* DeathStar half-wonders where his lizard is
[Xrileshr] NRP: Ace has become an ihabitant of the planet ________!
[Dias] Slasher: His head's too thick to injure what lil brain he has
*** ___ is now known as FlyingLizard
[JohnMcCormick], DS, you plan on drinking any or is that for someone else?
[ChrisCarter] [How are the decorations coming?]
[DeathStar] You'd do good to hush, half-pint.
*** Tenshi` ( has joined #taw
* FlyingLizard as if on queue, the lizard teleports onto DS's shoulder
* Dias turns to John.
[Dias] Show the man some respect.
[ChrisCarter] Tony: Almost finished. I was watching the pizzas in the back while you were gone, they're still a ways from done.
* DeathStar glances at his shoulder
*** Ariel has quit IRC (No route to host)
* FlyingLizard chirps
[DeathStar] 'ello
*** AndreaWilliams has quit IRC (No route to host)
*** DeathStar sets mode: +o Tenshi`
[Gravedigger] AHH!
*** Tenshi` is now known as Ariel
[JohnMcCormick] ..there's our last roomie
[Ariel] [Strife] *wanders in and trys to order a pizza*
[FlyingLizard] *chirp*
* Dias hears the FlyingLizard and get's out of his chair and slowly sneaks towards it
* Log rolls by and hits Dias
[DeathStar] ...did I just see....a log?
[ChrisCarter] Um... What'll it be?
[Ariel] [Strife] I want a pizza!
[Dias] GAH! *grabs the log and chucks it somewhere not caring
[Gravedigger] ...What is this? Invansion of the Killrt logs?
[JohnMcCormick] Drake: OW! SHIT!!! WHO HIT ME WITH A LOG!
[JohnMcCormick] Go'od one
[ChrisCarter] Er... I've gotta check the other pizzas... You take 'im, Tony... *ducks into the back*
* Dias gets up and sneaks towards the lizard
[Gravedigger] NRP: Duh, I go to Evart, I can splle....
[Dias] Here Lizard, Lizard, Lizard..
[ChrisCarter] Tony: Uh... What kind and size?
[Ariel] [Strife] I WANT A PIZZA!
* DeathStar pats the lizard on the head and motions at Dias
* FlyingLizard lifts into the air hissing at Dias
[Xrileshr] *from somewhere in the station* Eh...?! Was that what humans call a 'log' that just flew by me?
[ChrisCarter] Tony: That's obvious... What kind and size?
* DeathStar moves next to Grave
* Dias lunges at the hissing noise
[Gravedigger] Get that damn thing away from me! It ate my socks!
[DeathStar] So, how has Wiendigo been?
[ChrisCarter] *from the back* OW! Where the hell'd that log come from?
* FlyingLizard teleports over to where DS moved to
[Ariel] [Strife] . . . *looks like a nine year old kid*
[Gravedigger] I s'pose I should start at the beginning, huh?
[Riptide] [Hey kid, scram, come back with your parents.]
[Garland] NRP: I thought as far as DS knew, wien was dead.
* Paladin` lifts his head at the mention of WIendigo
[Ariel] [Strife] I want a BIG pizza!
* Dias slams into the ground
[DeathStar] If yo uwant.
[DeathStar] NRP: DS has a network
[Dias] Slasher: Moron *picks Dias up by the shirt and stands him up*
[DeathStar] NRP: you have UO Inc.
[Dias] NRP: Network?
[DeathStar] NRP: UO just died and it was taken over by Dominator Inc.
[Garland] NRP: Thats a corporation! All I have there are yes men, and UO Productions!
* JohnMcCormick head perks up at Wiendigo
[JohnMcCormick] ...who is Wiendigo/
* Dias walks over to Death Star and stares
[ChrisCarter] Tony: Uh... Hey DB! Large pepperoni!
[ChrisCarter] *from back* Got it!
[Gravedigger] Well, after that big ass battle with the planet-killer, he managed to shadow slide back to Earth, though he landed in the Arctic. With him being thought dead, he figured it'd be a good time to maybe rebuild his life.
[Dias] Slasher: The man still alive?
* DeathStar half considers calling Ariel
[Gravedigger] I'll get to that.
[Gravedigger] Yeah, he didn't want anyone to know, though.
* Ariel munches on her Okonomiyaki
[DeathStar] ...I figure.
[Dias] NRP: *and cheryl*
[Paladin`] . . . I knew I recognized the sai.
* ChrisCarter slides the pizza along the counter and disappears back to check the other pizzas
[Ariel] NRP: Where are DS and others?
* Dias continues to stare at DS
* Gravedigger glances at it
[DeathStar] NRP: Bar.
[Gravedigger] Heh, yeah, I'll get to that too.
[Dias] NRP: I resent being called an it
[ChrisCarter] That'll be sixteen gil, kid.
[DeathStar] ...may I help you, Dias?
* DeathStar doesn't bother to look at him
[ChrisCarter] NRP: Tony, even.
[Ariel] [Strife] What's a gil?
[Dias] Wha?! 
* FlyingLizard settles back on DS's shoulder glaring at Dias
* Dias continues to stare blankly
[ChrisCarter] Tony: *smacks his forehead*
[DeathStar] ...Paladin...Dias is drooling on your seat.
* Dias licks his lips
[Dias] Mm...fried lizard sounds good
[JohnMcCormick] ...who is Wiendigo agian?
[Gravedigger] Anyways, he setup his own network using the CorSec disk. And he kept an eye on the world.
[Paladin`] Is he?  Mmm, I'd think that hard since he's on the other side of you.
[DeathStar] ...*glances* Damn, how'd he do that?
* FlyingLizard hisses loudly and sends a small blast of energy at Dias
[Paladin`] From the artic?
[JohnMcCormick] Oooo, DS is going blind
[Dias] Slasher: *Slasher gets up knocks the blast back
* DeathStar catches the blast
[Ariel] Hey Tony
[DeathStar] Knock it off
[Gravedigger] About five years after he was proclaimed dead, I, after escaping my abusive creator, happened upon him, and he trained me for lack of anytihng else to do.
[Dias] I already am blind John
[JohnMcCormick] ...the other DS.
[Gravedigger] That's how I got into the Special Forces, he set me up with it using his contacts.
[Dias] Slasher: Sounds like Wienbag alright
[ChrisCarter] Tony: Yeah, Ariel?
* DeathStar nods
* Mindscape is just about done eating
[Dias] Oh..
[Ariel] Put that pizza on my account
[JohnMcCormick] ...who is Wiendigo agian?
[Gravedigger] Now, no clue. I sure as hell hope he's still kicking.
* DeathStar smirks
[Paladin`] Doesn't sound like Wien . . . to take another into his care
[DeathStar] One could say that
[Gravedigger] DS, I believe you can answer that better than anyone.
[DeathStar] True
[DeathStar] I knew the situation on Earth before Xevil and you guys blew my network core up
[Gravedigger] Oh, and he gave me the sai before I left. He hated my shovel and wanted to give me a "real" weapon.
[Dias] I didn't blow it up...
[DeathStar] Of course not.
* JohnMcCormick is passed out again
[Dias] That thing was a shovel?! 
[DeathStar] I suppose I should brief everyone on the Earth predicament
[ChrisCarter] Tony: Ok... *hits some keys on the computer/register, and gives the pizza to the kid*
[DeathStar] Not use to .... doing briefings anymore
[Dias] That it was some kind of large spoon
[Gravedigger] And can't say that I ever knew how he was with you guys, Pal, though he was still a real hard ass while training me. Always with the training, never any rest.
* ChrisCarter walks back into the front and starts pacing
[Paladin`] So just tell us already. 
* Gravedigger pokes Snipe
[Garland] NRP: Ugh, the boredom.
* JohnMcCormick wakes up
[Ariel] [Strife] Thank ye! *takes the pizza and sits down in the both with Ariel*
[Paladin`] I'm pretty sure we're prepared for the worst.
[DeathStar] Earth as you guys knew it more
[Xrileshr] NRP: No kidding Garland. You could read some Christmas stories like I am.
[Ariel] *looks up* Something wrong Chris.
[Paladin`] Gone or ravaged?
[DeathStar] Ravaged.
[Dias] Eh?! 
[Paladin`] Survivors?
* FlyingLizard flies up and lands on DS's head
[DeathStar] If you can call them that.
[Paladin`] Resistance?
[ChrisCarter] Look around, Ariel... It took a good bit of both paychecks to get this surprise party ready for Andrea...
[DeathStar] Yes.
[Garland] NRP:.....meeeeebie
[Dias] Think it'll ever be the same?
[DeathStar] Dominator heads up the resistance
[Paladin`] How good are the Tsiv defenses there?
[Paladin`] At least that's a blessing.
[DeathStar] Wiendigo met up with the group pretty soon after they began
[DeathStar] ...good.  Real good.
[Gravedigger] If Earth's ravaged, they gotta be pretty dam good.
[Dias] Damn...I had to waste my wish on Snipe..
[Ariel] It looks great so far.  But you'll need to get her here.
[DeathStar] It'll take a fleet to free Earth.
[Gravedigger] At least he got the hell outta Dodge...
[DeathStar] Last I knew, they were heading to Paris
[DeathStar] Then you guys and Xevil brought my information center down
[Dias] Wonder if the curse was me losing my sight...
[DeathStar] ...curse?
[Paladin`] Hopefully the resistance can survive until we can somehow make it back.
[ChrisCarter] I told her to come here after she and Andrew were finished at that restaurant... *sighs* Maybe I'd better go get her...
[Dias] It was umm...Maestro
[Dias] Hard thing to explain
[DeathStar] I see.
[DeathStar] Any more questions?
[Dias] NRP: They're doing the horizontal limbo
[Dias] Are you gay?
[JohnMcCormick] Yeah, who made you the know-it-all-worshiped-God?
[DeathStar] No, but this Juan character looking for you did seem to be.
* Gravedigger sips his drink, then whaps Snipe really hard
[JohnMcCormick] OW!@
[Dias] Where do babies come from? And what's the meaning of life?
[JohnMcCormick] ...well, damn man, everyone BOWS to the man for crying out loud
* DeathStar tries to ignore Snipe
* Dias face turns white
[Dias] NRP: I killed him on earth damnt to hell..
[Paladin`] Maybe the guy's earned a few bows?
[DeathStar] NRP: It's a joke
* DeathStar glances at Paladin
[Dias] NRP: Wait..I wouldn't even know him.
[Gravedigger] Now, to answer your previous question whelp, Wiendigo-Former freedom fighter, fromer mass murder, former Maverick Hunter, current mentor.
[JohnMcCormick] ...*snorts* you would think he was a God or something among men.
[Dias] Geeze. It's nice enough I don't have to see his ugly mug, but do I have to listen to him?
[JohnMcCormick] ...who?
[Garland] NRP: We're not gonna pdo 52, reguardless of the lack of stories, right?
*** AndreaWilliams ( has joined #taw
[JohnMcCormick] NRP: er...?
*** JohnMcCormick sets mode: +o AndreaWilliams
[Paladin`] Heh.  I would say more like Moses during the exodus, but sure, Biblical references are sketchy
* Gravedigger shouts in Snipe's ear
[Gravedigger] WIENDIGO!
[Garland] NRP: Are we gonna do 52?
[Dias] Slasher: Hey DS, you remember that time when the earth was flooded and the frozen?
[JohnMcCormick] ...say what?  My ears are ringing
* AndreaWilliams wanders down to the bar
[JohnMcCormick] NRP: When I get the stories in
[DeathStar] ...yes, Slasher
[Garland] NRP: Yeah but are we gonna do it tonight?
* Gravedigger slyly yanks Snipe's stool out from under him
[Dias] Slasher: You do? Well I don't. Mind tellin me what happened?
[DeathStar] I always wondered if my evil clan went into the dimension with Speed and became the maverick leader there.  Just a thought.
* JohnMcCormick hits the ground
[Paladin`] But you know, I've always been a fan of revenge.  You know, the deaths breeding more deaths, thing.  I say one good planet ravaged deserves another.  Who's up for cleansing the Tsiv homeworld?
[DeathStar] clan = clone
[ChrisCarter] NRP: *shudders*
[JohnMcCormick] Me, oh God, me.
[JohnMcCormick] And that's my next line of attacks
[Dias] Who's up for throwing Pal into the infirmary?
[JohnMcCormick] To find and locate the planet and blow it up
[Garland] NRP: *takes it as a no* Do I have to stick around for the rest of the session, we all know what I'm doing.
[DeathStar] And eye for an eye will resolve nothing
[DeathStar] NRP: No
[Dias] NRP: Uhh no
[Gravedigger] Whoa! YOUR next line of attacks? You sure as hell better not mean us, bucko!
[Paladin`] It's amazing how sarcasm is wasted on the stupid . . .
[JohnMcCormick] are my Hunters.
[Dias] Yeah, I lost my eyes and I can't well take Xevil's eye sight ya know
[Garland] NRP: Kay, cause my friend wants me to do something. Later.
[Ariel] Well... No offence, but things are pretty boring down here today.
[ChrisCarter] ...Dammit, I'm gonna go find her...
[DeathStar] ...I heard that.
*** Garland has quit IRC (*dies*)
[AndreaWilliams] NRP: What's the drinking age on the fury?
[JohnMcCormick] ....*Whacks Dias*
[JohnMcCormick] NRP: like Earht
[Gravedigger] Listen Spanky, YOU can go get yourself killed foolheartedly, WE'LL stay here, thank you.
[Dias] OUCH!
[AndreaWilliams] NRP: That varies within a country
[JohnMcCormick] ...too bad.
[JohnMcCormick] I'll just take the Fury and you with it.  Having fun?
* DeathStar sighs
[Dias] NRP: It's Spain.
[Gravedigger] It took them a few ships to wipe out Earth, man, imagine an entire planet of those things.
[AndreaWilliams] NRP: 16 some places, 18 or 19 in others
[DeathStar] NRP:18
[Dias] DS, can you like knock him out for awhile?
[Dias] NRP: Spain..anytime
[Paladin`] I'd think that the homeworld would be well defended, just the outer boarders.  At least, with the heavy defense.
[JohnMcCormick] ...anyhoo
* ChrisCarter psionically locates Andrea and frustratedly heads for her current location
* AndreaWilliams gets at the drink at the bar.
[DeathStar] It would be a wasted effort, Dias
[JohnMcCormick] HEY!
* JohnMcCormick stands up
[ChrisCarter] [I'm not letting all this go to waste...]
[Gravedigger] Anyhoo nuttin', you're nuts.
[AndreaWilliams] Finally old enough to get one of these legally ^.^
* JohnMcCormick reaches out to grab DS
* ChrisCarter teleports just outside the bar and walks in
[JohnMcCormick] Okay, Mr. God, I'll show you wasted effort.
* Gravedigger sips his drink
[Gravedigger] Yep, he's toast.
[ChrisCarter] Hey, whoa, what'd I walk in on?
* JohnMcCormick grabs DS and actually hauls him into the air
[Dias] What if they don't have a homeplanet. What if they were bred and created as a slave race and they became too powerful and destroyed their creators?
[AndreaWilliams] Hey Chris ^.^
[DeathStar] know, putting me down would be wise.
[ChrisCarter] Looks like we're going to witness a good old fashioned bar brawl...
[JohnMcCormick] That would be a wasted effort.
[Gravedigger] ...Then they're still well enough off to kick our collective butts, Blind Melon.
* JohnMcCormick throws DS out the bar
[JohnMcCormick] Bastard.  *Sits down and notices DS is back in his seat*
* Dias reaches out to grab John's arm but ain't near him and accidently grabs Andrea's butt
[Ariel] Maybe we should go get Mom and 'Fox... !!!
[DeathStar] ...what?!
[Dias] Hey...that doesn't feel like an arm...OH SHIT! *whimpers*
* Ariel spins around and slaps Dias
[JohnMcCormick] ...what?!
[Ariel] (Oops)
[Paladin`] . . . oh boy, violence between teammates.
[Gravedigger] Eh, you want a bar brawl?
* DeathStar smokes his cigar
[DeathStar] Anyway, where were we?
* Gravedigger grabs a bottle and nails Dias in the head
[Dias] OUCH! 
* JohnMcCormick looks back and forth
[Ariel] (Er... Those last two were over here)
[JohnMcCormick] I threw him out
[ChrisCarter] Heh heh...
[DeathStar] That you did
* Dias falls down and the bottle flies towards Chros
[AndreaWilliams] NRP: IRC IS SCREWY!
* FlyingLizard teleports out of the area
[ChrisCarter] HEY! *ducks, and the bottle slams into the wall*
[AndreaWilliams] NRP: I was clicking on different icons and getting the same window... *shudder*
* JohnMcCormick throws a punch at DS, his fist seemingly going through him
[Gravedigger] Man, you don't know your enemy, you don't fight him.
[Dias] Hey, That's achohol abuse
[DeathStar] I don't suppose you would sit down and pass out again, would you?
[ChrisCarter] NRP: Isn't that how BJ go this famous scar? *snickers*
[Dias] Sorry Andrea..
* JohnMcCormick throws another punch, missing
* AndreaWilliams glares
[ChrisCarter] Easy, Andrea...
* JohnMcCormick grabs Grave and whacks DS on the head with him
[Gravedigger] Snipe, let it go.
* DeathStar catches Grave
[Gravedigger] GAH!
[Gravedigger] Thanks Death.
[Dias] I'm blind for Christ sakes. I wouldn't touch you because your Ripple's girlfriend
[DeathStar] No problem.
* JohnMcCormick sits down
[AndreaWilliams] [Hey Chris, 'member that brawl that Jack was always talking about.  The time they were painting and a maverick clown attacked?]
* Gravedigger goes over and sits, then whaps Snipe the head
[JohnMcCormick] OW!
[DeathStar] ...*eyes Snipe* I don't think your is acting like he normally does...something's off.
[ChrisCarter] [Yeah... Yesh, I'd hate to go through that...]
* Dias grabs a bottle of beer and chucks it at the far wall
[Dias] Take that GD!
[JohnMcCormick] Bimbo: *runs by Andrea*
[Gravedigger] ...Take what?
* AndreaWilliams folds her arms and TK bonks Dias on the head.
[JohnMcCormick] This.  *Whacks Grave*
[Dias] You mean your not over there?!
[Dias] Ouch. *grabs head*
* Gravedigger bites Snipe's hand
* JohnMcCormick jerks it back in time
[Dias] Did you guys just hear a clown run by?
* DeathStar throws down some gil
[DeathStar] I'm out of here
[ChrisCarter] Hey, Andrea... Shall we head for Tony's? I don't like where this is going...
[DeathStar] I don't think I can stomach this anymore
[Dias] Slasher: Clown?!
* DeathStar walks past Bimbo, who is drinking a beer, and steps out
[Gravedigger] Maybe now'll Ali over here'll calm down some.
[JohnMcCormick] Who?
[AndreaWilliams] That might be a good idea...
[Dias] Slasher: Me either. I need some sleep *gets up and walks by Bimbo* I HATE CLOWNS! *punches Bimbo in the face and then leavesw the bar*
[Gravedigger] Legendary fighter, read your History, foo'.
[JohnMcCormick] Bimbo: *hits the ground*
* ChrisCarter stands up. 1"Long way or short way?"
[JohnMcCormick] ...Ali?
* Log rolls by and knocks Dias
[Gravedigger] Muhamid Ali. Boxer, 20th century.
[Dias] Ouch! God damnt log
[JohnMcCormick] ...oh
*** Gazer has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** DeathStar has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Dias] Where the hell are those log's coming from
[JohnMcCormick] ...maestro got his hands on that wishing machine and wished logs to attack us?
[Gravedigger] ...Wasn't there a rumor about illegally cut trees on board?
[Dias] I thought it blew up?
[JohnMcCormick] I believe so.
[Gravedigger] Aren't the trees genetically engineered?
[JohnMcCormick] I thought an abnormal amount of toothpicks have been appearing
[Dias] Maybe the trees want revenge
[JohnMcCormick]'re the detective, Grave, you figure it out
[JohnMcCormick] Dias, there's a log behind you
[Dias] That's scary man. The next thing we know, we could be attacked by toothpicks
[Gravedigger] Phh, I'm already swamped in cases as it is.
* ChrisCarter teleports himself and Andrea outside of Tony's
* Dias turns around and punches with all his might
[JohnMcCormick] Drake: *is punched* OW!
[ChrisCarter] Short way. *smirks*
[JohnMcCormick] ...I think Dias in for it
[Dias] Ooops...Your not a log...
[JohnMcCormick] Drake: No, I'm not you idiot!
[Gravedigger] Man, sure wish Spectre was here, wouldn't mind asking her out for a date...
[AndreaWilliams] You really have to teach me that
[Dias] It was the clown.
[JohnMcCormick] Drake: Yeaah, and I'm looking at him right now
[Dias] *points somewhere*
* JohnMcCormick thinks about Matsuoka
[ChrisCarter] [Heh heh, I'll be sure to.]
[JohnMcCormick] Yeah, wis
[Dias] You are?! *looks around franticaly*
* ChrisCarter opens and holds the door open for Andrea
[JohnMcCormick] Drake: *punches Dias and leaves*
[Dias] OUCH! *grabs arm* 
[AndreaWilliams] Thank you Chris, that's awefully kind *enters*
[Gravedigger] Y'know...that blind boy scares me...
[Dias] GD, feel like starting a bar fight?
[ChrisCarter] Tony and everyone else: Surprise!
[AndreaWilliams] O.O
* Gravedigger chucks a bottle at Dias again
* Dias catches it
[ChrisCarter] [Happy birthday, Andrea.]
[JohnMcCormick] did he....?
[Dias] Thanks man *downs it*
[JohnMcCormick] ...he's downing my throw up
[JohnMcCormick] Why did you hand him that bottle?
* Gravedigger watches as the salt shaker he secretly threw too nails dias in the nads
[AndreaWilliams] Thank you!  Everyone!  ^.^
* Dias stops and spews it out all over John
* JohnMcCormick ducks
[ChrisCarter] [Heh heh, it's the least we could do.]
[Paladin`] . . .
* Paladin` exits, stage left
* Dias catches the salt shaker and chucks it back
[JohnMcCormick] I'm gone
[ChrisCarter] Tony: *wheels a cake out from the bake* Chris baked it, so it may be a little... you know...
* JohnMcCormick leaves
[Dias] No your not..
* Gravedigger motions for Snipe to follow him out of the bar, and to be quiet doing it
[ChrisCarter] NRP: back, even
* Dias gets up and walks towards the exit running into things
* ChrisCarter looks around for something to throw at Tony
* Gravedigger holds the doors shut
* Dias rams into it
* AndreaWilliams secretly passes Chris a pepper shaker
[Dias] Ouch son of a...*growls*
[Gravedigger] Oooch...that hurt.
* Dias punches the door
* Gravedigger steps back
* ChrisCarter grins and chucks it at Tony, nailing him directly in the forehead
[ChrisCarter] Tony: Ow! Hey, I was kidding!
* JohnMcCormick heads for Grave's room
* Gravedigger runs past Snipe
* ChrisCarter notices that the pirates are still here
[Gravedigger] Blind man's bluff!
* Dias puts leg out tripping GD
* AndreaWilliams ducks back from the pepper cloud
* Gravedigger leaps over
* Dias and slams a chair into GD's chest
* ChrisCarter sneezes rapidly, as does Tony
[Gravedigger] NRP: Dude, I'm alike already out and down a hall
* Dias walks out of the bar and down a hall
[Dias] NRP: quiet you
[Gravedigger] NRP: HUSH!
* JohnMcCormick arrives at Grave's room shortly after
[ChrisCarter] Well, let's *achoo* start on the *achoo* cake, shall we? *achoo*
* Gravedigger follows Snipe in and slams the door
* JohnMcCormick double locks it
* Paladin` stands on the bridge, wondering who the hell was supposed to be on duty
* JohnMcCormick turns and sees DS isn't here
[Dias] NRP: *wonders where Cheryl is*
[JohnMcCormick] Thank God.
* AndreaWilliams takes the knife and cuts the cake, handing Chris the first piece, just in case.
[Gravedigger] My God, how the hell can a blind guy give chase so well?
[JohnMcCormick] Squirrel: *Sits on the admirl chair, running the show*
[JohnMcCormick] Squirrel: Chitter.  *looks at Paladin*
[JohnMcCormick] ...he's faking it?
* ChrisCarter grins and eats a bite. He starts gagging.
* Dias somehow makes his way to the bridge
[Gravedigger] And the stupidity?
[Dias] Time for some flying lessons!! 
[Dias] Move it Squirrelly *tosses the squirell into a wall and takes the nav helm
[JohnMcCormick] Gifted.
[ChrisCarter] Heh heh, kidding, it's actually not bad.
[JohnMcCormick] Squirell: *panicks*
* Log rolls and bashes Dias
[Gravedigger] Eh, oh well...
[Dias] Sailing, Sailing, Sailing the....many ouch!!
* Gravedigger throws himself on his bed and sleeps
[JohnMcCormick] the ship ... moving?
*** Gravedigger is now known as X1
* Dias presses a button
* JohnMcCormick glacnes around
* Paladin` holds the bridge of his nose and moves off the bridge
[JohnMcCormick] Computer: Self-Destruct has been activated.
[JohnMcCormick] Computer: 1 minute until self-destruction
[ChrisCarter] Oh yeah, almost forgot. Be right back, Andrea. *finishes the slice of cake and walks into the back*
[Dias] That's not good..*hits the same button*
[JohnMcCormick] Computer: 20 seconds until self-destruction, timer has been increased
[Dias] SHIT!! *starts hitting random buttons*
[JohnMcCormick] Computer: 19
[Dias] Comp: Stop the countdown~
* JohnMcCormick hears the self-destruct
[JohnMcCormick] ...oh shit
[JohnMcCormick] Computer: 18
*** JohnMcCormick is now known as Snipe
* Snipe runs up toward the bridge
[Snipe] Computer: 17
[Snipe] Computer: 16
[Snipe] Computer: 15
[Dias] AHH!!!
* ChrisCarter dashes back into the front
[Snipe] Computer: 145
[ChrisCarter] What's going on!? Who activated the friggin' self destruct!?
* Snipe arrives at the bridge
[Dias] Phew...
[Paladin`] Dias, of course.
[Snipe] Computer: 13
[Dias] AHH!!
[Snipe] Who's going to stop it?
* Dias hits a button
[ChrisCarter] NRP: Not here.
[Snipe] Computer: 5
[Snipe] Computer: 4
[Snipe] Computer: 3
[Snipe] Computer: 2
[Dias] Not that one..*hits another*
[Snipe] Computer: 1
* Paladin` hits the clear button
* AndreaWilliams starts passing out cake to those in Tony's
[Snipe] ComputeR: Timer reset.
[Snipe] ..oh..God...we...almost...died
* ChrisCarter sighs in relief, hearing the computer's commands from Tony's
[Dias] Phew...
* Dias slowly gets up
[ChrisCarter] Why does everything have a self-destruct sequence, anyway...
[Snipe] ..YOU'RE FIRED!
* Snipe points at Dias
[Mindscape] *mutters* [...The sooner we get out of here, the better...]
[Dias] I didn't do it on purpose!!
[Snipe] Squirrel: *chitters*
[Paladin`] . . . is that signifigant?
[Snipe] Hell no
* ChrisCarter hands a rectangular-shaped present to Andrea
[Dias] Buh?
[AndreaWilliams] Hmmm? *takes the present*
[Dias] GD was supposed to watch me
* ChrisCarter takes his hat off, runs his hand through his hair, and puts it back on
[Snipe] ....
[Snipe] You are not allowed ON the bridge until you have your sight back
[Snipe] Got it?
* ChrisCarter watches her unwrap the present: A holocube.
* AndreaWilliams opens the present.
* Dias head drops as he walks towards the elevator and instead rams into a wall
[Dias] Ouch..
[Snipe] ...*smacks forehead*
[Dias] Suppose that didn't help me..
[Snipe] And here I thought you said he's die on a mission, Paladin
[ChrisCarter] *anxiously* Activate it...
* Dias makes his way to th elevator and gets in
[Paladin`] Mmm, well, I'm glad YOU and Drake have the bridge so secure.
* AndreaWilliams activates... whatever it is
[Paladin`] You're in charge, remember?  Responsibility, remember?
[Dias] Hey umm Pal..Shut up..
[Snipe] I thought DRAKE and YOU handled the bridge
* ChrisCarter watches and grins as a scene from the two's past plays: A double date, where he is with Jennifer and Andrea is with Andrew.
* Dias closes the elevator doors
[Dias] Comp: floor?
[Snipe] Elevator: *sings*
[Paladin`] Hey, isn't Dias on your team?  Aren't you his CO?
* Dias begins to sing
[AndreaWilliams] Awww...  That's so sweet Chris...
[Snipe] ...alright, Paladin, ZIP it
[ChrisCarter] Thanks... I found that the enhanced can trasmit memories... I placed many of our fond memories into the cube...
[Log] Elevator: *Screams and drops a log on Dias*
[Dias] Hey...the present I got for Spirit..*pulls out a present from his pocket*
[Dias] OUCH!
[Dias] You smashed the gift..bad Elevator
[Snipe] ...I'm going to bed.
[AndreaWilliams] Thank you... Thank you very much...
[Snipe] I can barely walk
* Snipe falls back against the chair and is out
[Dias] Elevator: Stop when your on my floor
[Paladin`] Or command.
[ChrisCarter] Hey, it's the least I could do...
[Snipe] Elevator: But I passed it
* Paladin` walks off
[Dias] Then goto it
[Snipe] Elevator: heeeeey, Mr. Picky bastard
[Dias] Hey I have a...wait I don't nevermind.
* AndreaWilliams plays through a couple of the scenesm ending on one of the entire group, including emily together at Tony's, years before.
*** Snipe has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Log] NRP: Have fun, end it hwen you guys are ready
* Dias gets out of the elevator and makes his way to Tony's by scent
[ChrisCarter] Ah, the memories, eh Andrea?
[AndreaWilliams] Yeah...
* Dias tosses a present towards Andrea missing completely
* ChrisCarter catches the present chucked at him
[AndreaWilliams] I wonder what Ryan and Emily would have done if they were here...
* ChrisCarter looks down
[Dias] Don't ask me what it is. Slasher picked it up
[ChrisCarter] I don't know...
[ChrisCarter] Hrm, Dias actually got ME a present? I hope it doesn't explode...
[Dias] You?! It's for Spirit. It is her B-day ya now
[ChrisCarter] Whoops.
[Dias] NRP: Doh..
* ChrisCarter hands it to her
[Dias] NRP: I so coulda had fun there..
* AndreaWilliams giggles
* AndreaWilliams opens it CAUTIOUSLY
[Dias] Slasher bought it so..
[Log] Death Star: *pops out of the present*
[Log] j/k
[Dias] NRP:NO!!
[AndreaWilliams] NRP: Maybe that should have been "4CAUTIOUSLY"
[Dias] *some langerie(??) is there*
[AndreaWilliams] o.O
[Dias] What is it?!
* ChrisCarter bursts out laughing
[AndreaWilliams] And you said Slasher bought this...?
[Dias] Yeah..What is it?
[Log] NRP: I think she might have liked DS better
[Dias] NRP: Nah..
[Dias] NRP: Ripple'll like it tho
[Log] NRP: *howls*
[AndreaWilliams] Put it this way, if you had bought it, you probally wouldn't have left here alive. *puts it away*
[Dias] What a pack of condoms?
* ChrisCarter catches his breath from laughing so hard
[Dias] NRP: Chris ya glad you didn't open it?
[ChrisCarter] NRP: Needless to say.
[Log] NRP: I wished I had
[AndreaWilliams] You WOULDN'T have left with a reconizible corpse in that case.
[Dias] I wanted to get you some scented candles but Noo..he wanted that
[AndreaWilliams] They'd have to use a DNA scan to identify you.
[Dias] Ahhh..that is so nice *reaches out to give her a hug but grabs Chris instead*
[ChrisCarter] GAH!
* ChrisCarter shoves Dias away
[Dias] Wait a don't have women parts..AHH!! *shudders*
[AndreaWilliams] [He could *grin*]
[ChrisCarter] *both* [Fun-ny.]
[Dias] Oh god..*turns around and pukes*
[Dias] Not funny Andrea
[AndreaWilliams] I thought it was.
[Dias] WATCH OUT FOR THAT LOG!! *points at Tony*
[ChrisCarter] Tony: Wha...? *gets nailed* OW!
[AndreaWilliams] *To both* [ Sorry... ?
* ChrisCarter grins while Spectre snickers telepathically
[Dias] DB..your not gonna do anything sick tonight are you. If you and Spectre are..I'll sleep outside
* ChrisCarter telekinetically picks Dias up and chucks him outside
[Dias] GAh..*gets up and walks back in*
[Dias] I was kidding geeze. Just don't switch bodies ojk.
* AndreaWilliams throws him out next.
[Dias] Wait..Go ah..AHH!
* Dias walks back in breathing heavily.
[ChrisCarter] We make a pretty good team, ya know? *throws him back out*
* Dias comes back in
* AndreaWilliams trips him when he tries to come back in
[Dias] Stop..*walks over the foot*
[AndreaWilliams] NRP: Telekeneticalls
[Dias] NRP: Shoulda said that..
* ChrisCarter telekinetically chucks Dias back out, holding the door closed this time
* Dias grabs onto Andrea bringing her withj
[AndreaWilliams] NRP: How else can I do it from the other side of the room?
[Dias] NRP: But your actually next to the door
* AndreaWilliams turns into a falcon and flys over to Chris as Dias gets booted out
* Dias makes his way to the window and presses his face against it making faces
* ChrisCarter snickers
[ChrisCarter] Another use of omnithropy, hmm?
[AndreaWilliams] [Always useful]
* Dias the window moves and Dias falls down.
[Dias] Gah..that wasn't a window that was a car..
[ChrisCarter] Idiot.
[ChrisCarter] SESSION ENDS