John McCormick

"This is just had to ask 'What next', didn't you?"

Level: 53
HP: 20,000
PL: 230 (Maxed Out)
SL: 270 (Maxed Out)

Species: Human Rank: General Position: Wraith Hunter Leader
Birth Date: August 3, 2179 Sign: Leo Age: 21
Hair: Reddish Brown Eyes: Dark Blue Skin tone: White
Weight: 150 Height: 6'" 50,000 gil


Skill Level: Max

Unknown Factor
Skill Level: 9

Psychological evaluation:
Having changed alot since becoming the leader of the Special Unit, one could say John's personality has changed alot toward his outlook on life. Since it was discovered he had a new strain of the Doom Virus that broke out on Earth and wiped out both humans and reploids, John's physical condention has been worsening along with his strength and his powers increasing, destroying his body even more. This has made him more reclusive and he isn't as cheerful as he used to be. While reaching an understanding with himself and the others, he has a lot of mental scars that cannot be erased. All military before, he used to keep clean cut and well dressed as per Armed Forces style. However, since everything, he's lost all caring about military style and has allowed his hair to grow long and uncut. No longer the jokester, the strain of command and then losing it to Death Star has made him think upon situations now and he's grown more cautious when it comes to others...yet with the virus certainly going to kill him, he has become all the more reckless with his own life...

Name: Stealth and Disguise

Name: Enhanced Senses




Name: Reckless with Life

Born on August 3rd, 2179, the year the aliens first attacked, he was barely a few months old when the Hunters were started up and sent out to battle the aliens. During his first year, his family worked on scientific ways to help EarthGov and CorSec, while the Hunters battled the aliens. The Hunters ended up winning before the McCormicks could do much. The following years, John grew up learning scientific stuff, like building reploids, something one of his ancestors did before the Maverick Wars. He didn't really care for the knowledge and dumped most, except the simpliest skills in it.

By the time he was fifteen, 2193, he got into many fights with his family and ended up leaving home, his highschool education never completed, though he was smart enough to get by without it. He joined the EarthGov Armed Forces quickly after and began to train at the young age, most thinking he would never succeed.

By the time he was sixteen, 2194, the plaque hit Earth. His entire family was wiped out, finally ending the McCormick line, making him the last one. Not bothering to attend their funerals, he concentrated on his training and helping with what he could, since many approached him due to his last name. He wasn't much help and by the time the plaque was destroyed, he was well on his way to becoming a good soldier.

Getting into a few relations, John kept moving on, never finding a real mate in life. Either that, or he couldn't commit to anyone. By the year 2198, his skills were good in fighting, but he kept freezing up in battle, not being able to fight. His bosses found him hopeless and quickly gave him a desk job. He stayed like that until 2199, when he learned of the Special Unit being formed and that they needed the best of the best. He knew his skills were formiable, if he just could work around his reluctance to battle, so he quickly signed on, surprisingly no one objecting to it. Infact, his supierors actually seemed to like the idea he was going to join.

Signing up to the Special Unit, John stayed away until they actually got the wing for the unit completed and moved in, getting ready for the training ahead to see who would remain on the team. When he joined, he got bunked with Gravedigger as his roommate.

From there, the Earth destroyed and John being made the leader of the Hunters, the new name the Special Unit gave themselves, he's struggled to keep the team together and outrun the aliens. However, the strain grew to be too much and he began to break - and when Death Star took control of the team later on, after a virus had been discovered in his system killing him and ruining his judgement, he was forced to take second seat.

However, John began to mature a little during the time period Death Star took control of the Hunters and when Death Star went missing, sacrificing his life for the team, he was finally in enough control to know what was best for the team. He appointed 3 joint leaders, himself, Garland, and Wiendigo to lead the team so no one person would have to bare the load of leading the team. Since Death Star's disappearance, he has taken it upon himself to try and make up for the gap that was left behind. So far, that has failed....

Armor: Tsivrixsh Armor
- 1/2 AP absorbed
- Electricity conducted without damage

Standard Combat (punches/kicks/etc) Slots Used: 8 / Slots Left: Unlimited Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Punch 2,400 AP / 0 PL
Attack 2 capabilities: Kick 2,450 AP / 0 PL
Attack 3 capabilities: Ram/Headbutt/Throw/Etc 2,425 AP / 0 PL
Defense 1 capabilities: Fist Block/Kick Block No Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')
Defense 2 capabilities: Grab No Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')
Special 1 capabilities: Charging Virus Power +500 AP; 1 PL used now
Special 2 capabilities: Virus Influence -1 PL used, - 500 HP
Special 3 capabilities: Super Speed Ability Blurs moves so fast; - 0 SL

Standard Hunter Saber (close range weapon) Slots Used: 3 / Slots Left: 3 Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Regular slash 5,250 AP / 1 PL Usage
Attack 2 capabilities: Charged Slash 12,000 AP / 2 PL Usage
Defense 1 capabilities: Standard parry of melee weapons Block Without Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')

Standard Hunter Rifle (long distance weapon) Slots Used: 4 / Slots Left: 2 Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Attack 1 capabilities: Level 1 blast, no charge 5,250 AP / 1 PL Usage
Attack 2 capabilities: Level 2 blast, charge 1 12,000 AP / 2 PL Usage
Defense 1 capabilities: Cancel out blast of the same level Block Without Loss of PL or SL (if your SL is higher than attackers')
Special 1 capabilities: Sniper scope addition for long range accuracy Can hit special targets like gun turrents, etc.

Black Hole Aura (close range/long range ability) Slots Used: / Slots Left: Elemental: Dark / Status Effect: Blocks Psionics
Attack 1 capabilities: Creates a mass of energy of an unknown type to throw into an opponet Basket Ball Size - 5,250 AP, 1 PL / Increased Size - 12,000 AP, 3 PL
Defense 1 abilities: Creates a dark aura around him to protect against light attacks -1/2 AP of all light attacks, 1 PL
Special 1 abilities: Absorbs Holy attacks when tapped into the Black Hole Aura Holy asborbed

Tsivrixsh Scanner (not a weapon) Slots Used: 2 / Slots Left: 4 Elemental: None / Status Effect: None
Special 1 ability: Can get detailed readings on Power Levels, Speed Levels, Stamina, and HP, plus any weaknesses, if there are any. Scan
Special 2 ability: Can translate Tsivrixsh and a few other languages into any language Translate

Deadlocks (Wide-range abilities) Slots Used: 6 / Slots Left: 0 Elemental: Multi / Status Effect: Multi
Counter 1 capabilities: Has 13 cyber balls that can block any attack at any speed until they are stopped Each ball - 5,000 HP, 4 PL Usage
Special 1 capabilities: Can use the balls to use slow/ice on someone Ice - 5,250 AP, Slow, 4 PL Usage
Special 2 capabilities: Can use the balls' chemicals to use haste/holy on someone Holy - 5,250 AP, Haste, 4 PL Usage
Special 3 capabilities: Can use the balls to use stun/electricity on someone Electricity - 5,250 AP, 40% Stun, 4 PL Usage
Special 4 capabilities: Can use 4 balls to to surround someone and throw up a shield Blocks all attacks until all 4 balls are destroyed
Special 5 capabilities: Can use 2 balls to allow him to hover and fly Flight

Power drive. 15,000 AP - Activated at 5,000 HP or lower; Need 50 PL

Combo 9. 30,000 AP - Activated at 3,000 HP or lower; Need 90 PL

Heaven's Messenger. 45,000 AP - Activated at 1,500 HP or lower; Need 160 PL

Viral Destruction (Final Limit). 60,000 AP - Activated at 500 HP or lower; PL at 300 - SL 230

Due to his virus, Snipe's powers literally can explode out of control, allowing him to control all psionics around him by deadening them. This also helps to cloak the team from enemy scans through psionics. However, is he now a walking time bomb?
Snipe also has the powers to deaden pain that goes through him and thus not allow himself to stop for even a fatal wound. The virus seems to be the key to reaching his next level, however, will it kill him first?