Season 1: Ideals

Season 2: Suspects

Season 3: Dragoons

Season 4: Honors

Season 5: Realities

Season 6: Seperations

Season 7: Revelations

Season 8: Targets

Season 9: Universes

Season 10: Darkenings

Season 11: Divergences

Season 12: Endings

Season 13: Changes

Season 14: Beginnings

Season 15: Reckonings

Season 16: Journeys

Season 17: Legions

Season 18: Multiverses

Season 19: Differences

Season 20: Plans

Season 21: Finales

Timeline: 10-581.8.6

Session 1: Pilot

Every member of the new PAX team slowly makes their way aboard the station, meeting and getting to know one another, slowly falling into positions on the station. Some, like the suspicious Serena Cran, go as far as to volunteer for work outside their duties. After each member is aboard, interrogation begins, with the nature of the project and the opposition both in the military and the senate, evaluations are conducted by security. Serena, Red Fox and Ariel find themselves scruntinized, the only real suspicion remaining on Serena, who's father, Alexander Cran, is the very General leading the opposition against the station.

The group is then brought into a training session where they have their general skills tested, primarily with fire arms. All seems to be going well as every seems capable of hitting targets, until Serena Cran takes the plate. After missing horribly on her first try, she begins to exclaim how she hates weapons, when closing her eyse, she fires three perfect kill shots to the shock of the group. Denying she even fired the gun, Serena appears to be completely innocent of her own prowess as they continue excersizes. Warren and Venerator, along with Xanatos discuss the possibilities of the team, while Serena takes on an unusually freindly interest in Dragoon Alpha Ariel.

Timeline: 10-581.8.15

Session 2: Hostage

A man takes a government building hostage, demanding to see Alexander Cran. The PAX team arrives to attempt negotiations with the hostage taker, Venerator makes the first move and exchanges himself for the rest of the hostages, leaving negotiations in Serena's hands. Warren wishes to go in guns blazing to end the situation, while Serena Cran insists on negotiations. After heated debate, Serena makes contact, after introducing herself, the man seems placated, and oddly obessed with her. The man demands to see her, threatening Vennie's life in order to get what he wants. Serena heads up with Ariel as an escort, while Red Fox tries to get a sniping position that works. Serena enters the room and the man begins to rant, looking over her, speaking about how beautifully made she is, how evolved and perfect. While the team tries to decide if the madman things Serena is either the object of obsession or purely artifical, Serena herself is confused by his words.

Roberts is coaxed into a firing position by Serena, when shot, all seems to go to hell as Ariel discovers carefully placed explosives. A struggle quickly occurs as Serena seems to blank out, pouncing the man and going for the detonator. This seems to please Roberts, who struggles all the more. Venerator breaks free and attempts to warn Serena of the danger, but she becomes entirely focused on her desperate task. Ariel's attempts to break into the room cause Roberts to fall unconcious, and Serena finally gets the detonator. Venerator talks Serena back into the world, getting her to hand over the detonator as Roberts flatlines. Leaving a world of questions.

Timeline: 10-581.8.25

Session 3: Purple

Planet Amora becomes the next scene as the team arrives to negotiate peace with the artistic, spiritual, but mitilary irrelevant peoples. While the peace talks go on the other members of the team explore the planet and enjoy some of it's culture. Slasher does a bit of shopping while Xanatos finds himself having to take the part of the dashing hero when a female Amorian turns up in his way, being chased by some males. Xanatos bravely decides to let things be as they should and makes his way away as the four men are disabled by sudden wailing from the alleyway. Slasher rescues Xan and takes him out to dinner. The team discusses what is right and wrong during a diplomatic mission when Venerator lets them know negotiations were successful.

Later on, Serena and Xanatos have a discussion aboard the station about repiaring and modifying the shuttles and gears, after which Xan and Serena decide to head down to Europa for some fun.

Timeline: 10-581.9.10

Session 4: Security

The security team discusses something interesting that comes up, a camera anomoly appears to have picked up something bending the light under it for a short time. Lt. Akai is brought in for questioning about stealth technology, and her equipment gone over as it appears someone is sneaking around the station unauthorized. Between her and Dragoon Alpha Ariel, they determine that a stealth suit of some sort is being used. Meanwhile a new member of the team arrives, the new medical officer and a member of the diplomatic team, Cynthia "Peacemaker" Zolnerowich. As she arrives she finds only a cheerful Serena Cran in the hangar bay to greet her, after a short exhange, Cynthia makes her way deeper into the station.

Timeline: 10-581.9.11

Session 5: Xevil

Security gathers to discuss the findings of Ariel and Akai, and they agree a very simple plan must be enacted, they need to search the quarters of every crew member in order to find the stealth suit. Going floor by floor they begin to check for the rogue suit. After some unsuccessful attempts they finally locate the suit in an engineer's room. Quickly arresting the engineer they find he's a suspect in several terrorist cells and wanted by Janus. Coming to collect the sabetour is none other then William Spade, a man said to know everything before it can possibly happen, a perfect strategist. He and Serena exchange words as could be expected between Alexander's right hand man and the "Lady Cran" as she is so often referred to. Svenson is handed over to Spade's custody. Warren gives out a simple warning to Xanatos, be wary of William Spade.

Timeline: 10-581.10.1

Session 6: Diplomacy

While aboard a light cruiser headed to a diplomatic discssion, the team's ship is intercepted by a Tsivrixsh vessel. They are contacted and invited aboard for a peaceful meal to be shared, seeing no alternative, Venerator agrees and most of the team heads out on a shuttle to visit the craft. There they are greeted by Xevil and Skaad, and escorted into a room to share a meal of Tsiv booze and cuisine. While the team stomachs it all down, a conversation about war and peace is held. Xevil seems entirely unimpressed with the team until Serena speaks up, quoting ancient emporers and other such things that could only have come from her father's teachings. Xevil seems pleased with her, and eventually the dinner ends, everyone sent on their way. Serena, who is far too young to be drunk off the booze, is treated thanks to Warren oddly carrying about a supply of detox pills. The team continues on towards their goal.

Timeline: 10-581.10.5

Session 7: Birthday

The team arrives on Cienna and Serena, Katrina and Peacemaker are put to their first test as rookie diplomats when they are left to the negotiations without the aid of Venerator. While waiting they discuss the growing relationship with Ariel that Serena seems to be growing and her odd absorbption with machines. When they get in the meeting room, it is another matter entirely as they spend more time explaining Earth as a people rather then peace negotiations, this works to their advantage however, as the Ciennans agree to a peace treaty.

Timeline: 10-581.10.14

Session 8: Miscommunication

While in a brief lull between missions a special day occurs for one crew member, Serena Cran has a birthday. Between greetings and some gifts from various crew members, and the most pleasentness seen between Warren and Serena to date, everything seemed perfectly normal, as an invitation to an Engineers Party on Europa gets sent out to the crew. Alexander Cran arrives to pay his daughter a visit for her birthday, along with William Spade. After showering her with gifts and taking a short time to look at the station, the Janus crew departs. Slasher, Katrina, Serena, and Red Fox head down to Europa to join the party.

With a lot of drinking, dancing, and building things (a common occurance around drunk engineers) the four cut loose and try to have some fun. After mingling and getting to know the station crew a little better, they escape back home.

Timeline: 10-581.10.29

Session 9: Jungles

Upon entering the atmosphere of anotehr world, on their way to a peace talk, the PAX shuttle suddenly explodes, a large section falling away and Dragoon Alpha Ariel falling with it. The shuttles makes an emergency landing as they manage to save Ariel from the fall, a quick discussion and Venerator decides to go speak to the aliens alone, leaving the team to get things sorted out. Warren shows clear suspicion that Serena's modifications to the shuttle are the reason it went down, despite her honest assurances to the contrary. The team is then attacked by the natives of the planet, possibly due to a misunderstanding, in the rush to avoid cover, the team is split up, having to find their own away to safety. Xanatos flies down a second shuttle and the team starts to get aboard to retreat, group by group. As they all get aboard, they head back off the planet, Venerator states they'll restart negotiations. When Slasher attempts to pin the entire debaucle on Serena, Warren unexpectedly comes to her aid, in the short time he was with her he seems to have decided she wasn't at fault. The list of suspects begins to narrow as to the great sabatouer, down to the security team itself... and General Venerator.

Timeline: 10-581.11.15

Session 10: Negotiations

Heading towards another planet to attempt negotiations, things seem less then good for the track record of the PAX shuttles as a missle shoots them down on the way to the city. Crash landing in the jungle, the team slowly makes their way through the jungle, avoiding such dangers as rickety trunk bridges, snakes, and big hungry looking cats. Sera manages to make a pet out of one of the cat cubs, causing some further problems as a back up shuttle heads down to pick up the team. Barely escaping with their lives due to more missle attacks, the team gets back to safety and Vennie decides to quietly deal with Sera's new pet before it grows big and hungry like it's mother, who almost ate them all.

Timeline: 10-581.11.29

Session 11: Parties

Arriving on the planet Feron the team makes a successful landing and moves in to begin negotiations. Serena is notably absent, not having made it in time to get on the shuttle heading out. They are unfortunately told that a better offer has been placed on the table, and in no short order the team realizes that the Tsivrixsh and Xevil are behind that offer. While Venerator continues to try and beat that offer with his diplomatic team that remains. Warren is annoyed to discover Serena did in fact make it, having fallen asleep in the shuttle while working on it. Taking her and Ariel, he attempts to uncover the Tsiv negotiatiors, and in the process the three manage to get a recording of Xevil stating he does not intend to honor this generous over to the Feronians. Playing this recording for the Feronians, they eject the Tsiv from the planet and take up Earth's friendship.


In light of their success, the PAX serves a ballroom celebration to announce it's continued success in the next year, as it's contract has been renewed. The members of the PAX crew are in their finest as they celebrate, all of the big names, including the President and Alexander Cran. After mingling and many exchanges, some friendly, some not so friendly, the team settles into dinner to hear the announcement from the President himself. The group begins to make holiday plans to see their families, Cran attempts to get Ariel to go with Serena for the holiday, however Venerator intervenes.

Timeline: 10-581.12.27

Session 12: Venerated

Elayne Trenton is on the station to give Vennie and interview. Since the station has been deemed successful, the public cries out for coverage and the news networks rise to the occasion. After a successful interview from Venerator, Elayne moves on to weaker prey to attempt to get some controversy, she begins to interview Xanatos when disaster strikes. A shuttle crashes into the hangar bay, exploding like a bomb. All inside the hangar are killed, after a quick headcount, they discover to their shock and horror that General Vennie Cartwright numbers among the dead.


General Cartwright is buried to the mortified view of the entire crew and others. General Cran gazes over the crew with an accusing eye as he parts from Serena to walk off in disgust, apparently accusing each and every single one of them, save for his own daughter. With the sabetouer not yet found, the same person is suspected of this murder, the only question now... is who is it?

*summaries by Seraphna.