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Unknown Date

Session 201: Phoenix Part I

Trapped in the old reality that Wind originated from (the reality where The Alien Wars Trilogy) was located, those on the run have been so all night and all day, with night falling once again as they transverse the landscape, attempting to escape the Dark Ones after them. With no chance to stop for food or water, the team is close to collapsing from dehydration and the symptons that come from being on the run for so long. Darien, Xanatos, Setsuna, Seraphna, Dias, Cassandra, Michiru, Ariel, and Kyouki all pause to take a break and plan their next move when the enemy catches up to them yet again, forcing them on the run. Suffering from hallucinations, the team is barely able to keep it together when Darien trips over a sign in some ancient language the team doesn't recognize, but Darien does. 'Welcome to Mega City'. Darien, having the memories of Death Star after taking the drugs before their battle with Wind in Session 150, tells them about this reality and how it became the Prime Reality long ago. Exploring around the sand dunes, the team finds a sink hole that leads underground to the ruins of the ancient city. Traveling through what appears to be Slasher's mansion, complete with statues of his penis showing, the team works their way through a different world and place from what they knew. Reaching Slasher's lab, they travel through a series of tunnels and eventually discover one of X1's labs, along with X3, a female X1 lawyer, to their horror. However, introductions are cut short when the Dark Ones begin to bomb the area above them, searching for where they went. After a failed attempt to escape, they find themselves surrounded by over 600 Dark Ones, the main force of the army that was sent to eliminate them, along with a Dark Ship in the sky above. As they begin to attack the weakened heroes, a giant ball of fire begins to fall from the sky, firing beams down at the Dark Ones, and launching what appears to be mechs and fighters. As the flame wears off, they see the PAX is back, and heavily modified, before it leaps away with the Light Engine, seemingly abandoning them in the midst of the chaotic Dark Army that has been decimated by it's attacks. And they are left wondering: just WHAT is going on?


Session 202: Phoenix Part II

Taking place after the events of Session 200, the PAX shudders with explosions as it's forcefully shifted from the one reality back to their own, coming to a shuddering stop while damage alarms wail. Those not stuck in the other reality find themselves in bad shape, with Warren and Chad bleeding on the bridge from the rough transitional impact. Recovering, Warren checks the galactic date and realizes the short time they were in the other reality, they lost over a month in their own, hence it being 8.20. Focusing on engine repair work first, in case the Dark Ones give chase, the PAX crew races against time trying to get the damaged PAX able to move.


Despite three days of repair work, the PAX remains in a complete state of disarray, all their systems damaged and barely functioning. Holding an emergency meeting, Warren announces they do not have the necessary supplies to continue. The jump engines will be offline for weeks, it seems, meaning they cannot jump around looking for supplies either. To Warren's surprise, Cheryl signs up for full time duty, deciding to once again throw herself into the military life despite the fact her father nearly broke her psychologically in the Ridiarium War 10 years ago.


Cheryl and Chad continue to repair the engine work; Cheryl apparantly highly intelligent when it comes to repair work despite her rough demeanor she shows the world. Another way to give General Cran the finger, no doubt. Despite working together, the tension Cheryl feels toward Chad is apparant. Chad is called away by the baby sitter and is shown Aya is now walking on her own.


Working together on the engine core, a highly dangerous job, Cheryl and Chad continue to bicker, mostly from Cheryl's attitude. Their bickering continues to dangerous levels, with Chad commenting on her no longer drinking and Cheryl commenting on his split personality issues. Finally, their real issues come forth: Cheryl saying that Chad is no better than his father, Cran, and that she could care less about his daughter. When Chad agrees and says that all he can do is keep trying to push forward and be better, Cheryl seems to lose the will to bicker. When an explosion goes off that will send Chad to his death, Cheryl doesn't hesitate and uses her whip to catch him, saving his life. Afterwards, Cheryl claims it was reflexive action and walks off.


With the jump engines repaired, the PAX has leapt from system to system trying to find some place to get supplies with no luck. Zephyr, now in military uniform and more confident than ever, surprises Chad when she shows up in her new uniform, having enlisted like Cheryl did a few weeks back. Her assignment so far has been to train the new recruits how to fire their weapons and fight the Dark Ones. Meanwhile, Cheryl and Warren have slowly been getting closer, despite the fact Cheryl drugs Warren's water and knocks him out to force him to get some sleep lest he burns himself out.


Having found an asteroid belt with materials they can use to repair and modify the PAX, Warren has Chad begin the operations. Warren and Cheryl have it out, meanwhile, about her actions in drugging him a few days back, which results in them making out after Cheryl out does Warren verbally, much to her surprise. Still feeling guilt for her actions against his fiance and unborn child 10 years ago, Cheryl doesn't resist and responds to the kiss.


After stripping the asteroids of their materials and the modifications and extra repair work begun, Warren turns their search to finding a planet with food and water. The team slowly regains their morale and begin to fall into daily routines, including teasing one another and slowly relaxing, despite the fact they're all still worried for those stuck in the PRime Reality. Even though 6 days there is about a year here, a lot can happen.


Having found a planet they can dock and resupply on food and water, the group continues their daily work. Cheryl, in an unusual display, is even wearing an earring, and seems to be in a good mood, not even snapping at Chad as she implements her designs to the engine. Even Warren appears to be in a good mood lately - meaning the two are having sex. Zephyr and Marcus grow closer as she trains him to use a pistol and help to become a protector on the PAX. Asking about how old she is, Zephyr - who appears to be 15 - just mysteriouslysays she is in fact not 15.


Warren searches for the missing runes now that the PAX is in better shape and restocked with food and water. Chad begins experiments on finding the Fire Rune as well.


Civil unrest has begun to rise despite the fact the ship is in better shape and the command crew morale is rising, with many trying to see the criminal Phaeton in his cell. Dominick has been working angles to look into potiential threats amongst the population. Zephyr and Marcus continue their training with each other while Cheryl and Chad continue their experiments. Wearing a bracelet now, Cheryl continues to see unusually happy.


Picking up the signal on two runes, the PAX locks in on them. The Fire Rune, on the Dark Ship, and the Lightning Rune in a temple below. Splitting into two groups, the strongest hitting the Dark Ship and the other heading for the temple, the group faces dark corruption and tentacles that attempt to swallow the whole. After managing to defeat waves of enemies, the group attempts to escape in the shuttle with the Fire Rune when Avalon appears on their shuttle and stabs their pilot, Pope, through the chest. They manage to shoot Avalon off and Hotaru/Em form thier dragon gear form to keep the Dark Ship busy firing at them as the shuttle escapes. They manage to escape with both runes.


Using the Fire Rune to power the ship, the PAX is now modified with Supah Fireah Powah. Now they just need an enemy to target.


The final night before they return to retrieve their comrades, a party is held for the team to boost the morale up before what could be a suicide mission. Pope, recovered from his near death experience a few weeks, parties with the ladies and everyone seems to be having a decent time. It seems over the last few months, the team has managed to come together and put aside differences, including Cheryl and Chad. Now all that awaits is to save their friends.


Session 203: Phoenix Part III

With only enough power for about 5 jumps, they jump to Old Earth in the Prime Reality, which is a desert planet now from the thousands of years of decay the reality experienced. Immediately setting the next jump counter, they scan the planet to locate their comrades while a fleet of Dark Ships begin to turn to face them. As they come in, they locate the signatures of their teammates surrounded by 600 Dark Ones, tying into the events of Session 201. Right as the Dark Ships launch their giant tendrils at the PAX, the ship jumps back to their reality. With 30 minutes to plan what to do before the enemy ships follow, due to the time dialation between the two realities, they quickly begin to formulate a plan. Warren's plan goes as follows: We'll jump into the atmosphere of the planet and let PAX drop. We'll engage your Fire Rune adaptor to power up the PAX for one shot. Hit the Dark Ship over the team at an angle we cna crash it without hurting the team. Then we'll launch two gears while the ship drops. Zephyr and I will carry teleport pads that will allow for long range teleporting. The PAX will then do a V-Light Jump behind the moon.

Quickly putting this plan into motion, Zephyr and Hotaru attack the Dark Ones in their gear form to provide distraction and chaos for Darien's group while the teleporters are set up. MAnaging to get the plan off, the group is brought onto the PAX and sent to Peacemaker to have their dehydration fixed and seen to. With everyone back together, they debate what to do about the captured Erevis, who was taken by Wind to keep Wind from destroying them. Darien is against the attempt, saying they could lose many people trying to rescue her from Wind, despite the others wanting to save her - in the end, Warren decides he's going to save Erevis no matter what. A team is put together of those wanting to save Erevis, including Xanatos, Cheryl, Kyouki, Ariel, and more. Darien relents and agrees to aid them by flying them into the planet with a dangerous hyperspace jump right into the atmosphere, using Death Star's old memories to pull it off. They find the Dark Ones attacking Wind and Erevis with hundreds of tendrils, and Wind keeping them off with hyperspace attacks. The Dark One, Desaeus, begins to advance on them when Erevis whispers something in Wind's ear, causing Xanatos to tell Warren to pause in his sneak attack on Wind. Deciding they have no time, Warren orders Zephyr to shoot Wind, and she takes him down.

The shuttle turns around for Erevis to leap up the ramp when Desaeus launches tendrils at it. At that moment, Wind leaps back up, unhurt by Zephy's attack, and grabs the Dark General from behind, switching to his pure energy mode to injure him. Erevis leaps onto the shuttle ramp at that moment. As they fly off, they see Wind tossing Desaeus away and watching them go before he resumes his attack on the Dark Army. When asked what Wind plans to do, Erevis tells them he will take a Dark Ship over and use it to cross back into their reality. Cheryl, meanwhile, is injured having protected Warren from harm. Erevis, herself, seems withdrawn, but promises to remember what they did for her this day. AS they arrive back on PAX, Dominick studies Erevis strangely.

The PAX jumps back to their reality and manages to escape their pursuers. Later that night, a gunshot goes off, making the PAX alarms sound. The computer announces that an unauthorized shot went off in Warren's bedchamber. As they all rush, most half dressed, Erevis fully dressed, they find Warren sitting in his chair, gun in hand, and his brains blown out on the wall. Staring at the dead body, Darien announces he's taking over command. Darien and Cassandra quickly agree they need to contain this information from the general public and keep the scene from being contaminated. Cheryl seems to be in complete shock and disbelief, staring at Warren's dead body as Ariel pulls her away. Zephyr is in shock and says suicide makes no sense as Warren was happy for the first time in his life in a long time. Xanatos and Chad check the footage and find that Warren only had 1 visitor an hour before his death - Erevis. Darien immediately becomes convinced she is working for Wind based on that. When asked by Xanatos what happened on the planet, she says she cannot talk about it due to giving her word, no matter what consequences she may have to face.


Session 204: The Fraility of Man

9 hours after the apparant suicide of Warren Carmichael, the greatest character to ever be made, the team is struggling to put clues together while Cheryl has gone back to drinking like she had before on the trip. Darien, admitting that he's a year behind on Warren's operational plans, puts the entire ship and it's affairs under Cassandra to run so he can focus on the war effort with the Dark Ones. He appoints Chad as his war advisor and battle strategist. After finishing that, Darien explains while there was no clues and it seems Warren indeed shot himself, he believes that Warren had a helping hand in making him - namely Erevis, who visited him for 15 minutes an hour before his death, and that she might have used her psionic powers to make Warren pull the trigger. Arriving at the medical bay to see if the autopsy done by Peacemaker revealed any psionic tampering, they find Dominick waiting there as well. She informs them there was indeed strong psionic tampering done. Dominick points out you could count the number of psionics on the ship that would be strong enough to do such a thing. While Darien prepares to have a closed casket service, he has Cassandra round up Erevis and Xanatos.

Xanatos, meanwhile, has sought out Erevis, who states she is sad she did not take the time to enjoy more of what Warren had created on the PAX while there was still time. When Xanatos points out it sounds if she will be leaving, she only agrees that it does sound that way. When Xanatos pleads with Erevis to tell him if she did it as Cassandra begins to arrive, she merely says sadly that she did not kill him. When he says he'll stand with her, she tells him that if he had to ask, then part of him suspected her, and so she will stand alone. During this, Dias helps a drunk Cheryl deal with her pain, who tells Dias he's changed a lot since she first trained him.

When Xanatos tells Darien he thinks Erevis is innocent, both Darien and Chad agree that Erevis has changed and is clearly working with Wind, having warned him that Zephyr was about to shoot him on the planet so he could fake the hit. Chad says that Wind wanted them to have Erevis back. MEanwhile, Seraphna seeks out Dominick, the counselor, and asks why he is avoiding her, and he states she's been back less than 24 hours but if she needs an emergency session he can fit her in. As she questions him, Darien and Chad question Erevis what happened between her and Wind and she states he will not tell them what happened. When that gets nowhere, Chad asks what she spoke about with Warren - again being told she cannot say. When Chad calls her a liar, she merely says he can believe that if he wishes.

The group is left to debate what power Wind has over Erevis that she would not tell them anything that could prove her innocence, and if she might have killed Warren to protect others. During this, Dominick casually asks Kyouki if she killed Warren; when she says no, he begins to leave trail crumbs that only she and Erevis could have done it and if Kyouki isn't in interrogation, Erevis must be. Leaving hints on how to find out, he casually walks off. Chad suggests to Darien to have Michiru talk to Erevis, due to their connection, and so Michiru is brought in to see how Erevis will react. Clearly angered at having Michiru used against her, Erevis has to work to calm her anger that surfaces. Hugging Michiru, she only says that everything will be fine and to trust her. Chad seems relieved saying this proves that Erevis has not lost her humanity. In the end, with no proof, and people believing her to be innocent, Darien sets her free. Kyouki tells Erevis she plans to kill Wind no matter what, and Erevis warns her to becareful in her judgements to come; during this Dominick listens in on the two. Also during this, Aya keeps saying Ace of Spades to Seraphna in the daycare, so she contacts Chad. After a tense moment, Chad tells Sera that nothing she can do can make her worthy of being in Aya's life.

Later, at the funeral for John McCormick and Warren Carmichael, the two greatest characters ever, leaves the group sad. After the ceremonies, Erevis even contemplates drinking to the dead, despite hating alcohol. After drinking it in their honor, she truthfully comments on it being disgusting. When Xanatos says you just keep trying it until finally you get to like the taste, Erevis comments that is stupid to subjacate yourself to something you dislike to like it eventually. When Xanatos says he worries about Erevis, and always will since he cared for her first over Seraphna, Erevis almost seems coy when she thanks him for worrying about her. Erevis tells Xanatos that she finds he grows on her at times, much like acquiring taste for alcohol. When Ariel stops by and asks Erevis if she did anything to contribute to Warren's death, Erevis seems taken back and hurt at the question. After asking if she spoke to Warren about what happened on the planet, Erevis says they spoke of personal feelings before she leaves after paying for their drinks.



Session 205: Color Blind

Dominick and Seraphna have a session where Seraphna speaks that she feels Spade is still out there, alive, but wondering why he is hiding from her and not helping her. Dominick coyly asks her maybe that by hiding he is indeed helping her in ways she cannot image, doing things that are important. Each of them play a mental game of chess, with Seraphna trying to decide if there is more to Dominick than meets the eye, while Dominick subtlely guides her down a certain path of thinking in regards to her father and Phaeton's seeds of doubt. Eventually the conversation comes to Xanatos and his feelings for Erevis, and Dominick tells her that some people can never let go their old love. In the end, Dominick tells her the team will never forgive or trust her for loving William Spade, a man the team hates, and that her relationship with Xanatos, while doomed due to his love for Erevis, may be the safest course other than being alone. Comforting the crying Seraphna and promising to meet with her later, Dominick sits down and twirls his tea.

During all this, John has left Dias the ultimate gift in the event of his death: an alien race that learned how to send ultimate pleasure to others with a mere touch gave John a cube where the colors had to be aligned to unlock the secrets, and once the cube was touched a countdown would begin before the cube would self-destruct. Having touched the cube already, Dias, being color bind, is totally boned.


Session 206: Third Down and Five Yards From the Touchdown

While the others relax - Dias fondling Seraphna, Xanatos' girlfriend, Erevis playing basketball with Michiru, and Kyouki talking to Shiva to understand more about her powers - Darien and Cassandra continue to look into leads on Warren's deaths. Darien tells Cassandra he discovered that Warren went to see Phaeton 5 times over the three weeks before his death. Since that happened while both of them were off the ship on Old Earth, and Warren left no notes, that means the only person who can give them any information would be Phaeton. Their plans are interrupted when Chad contacts them to the bridge, where he informs them they found the Ice Rune, the 6th one on their search so far. When they state Cheryl is unlikely able to fight anymore, she steps on the bridge in uniform, the only sign of distress being her hair being a mess, and she states she's fine for active duty again. Leaving the retrieval mission to Cassandra, Darien makes plans to interrogate Phaeton.

In the temple, they run into the Dark Ones and Desaeus. Having to battle the powerful Dark General, the group throws everything they have at him. AFter weakening him, they launch him into a black hole. Attempting to pull Setsuna in with him, the others free her and Desaeus is sucked in. Getting the rune and attempting to escape, they are ambushed by Desaeus after he manages to return. Leaping on their shuttle and attacking it, they manage to knock him off and escape back to the PAX, which jumps. With the next rune on the list being Holy, on the hands of Avalon, the team must prepare to take it, even if it means taking his hand.

Later, Seraphna faces Phaeton and they talk about her origin long and hard, and he reveals some of the things and how Cheryl failed Cran as a daughter so he took Seraphna to replace her. And that he took a human girl that was injured and transformed her into the Omega Serena Cran that she is today. And that he saw a man in the Ridiarium War with the power to compel men to shoot themselves. After leaving, Seraphna tells Darien, who was monitoring, that most likely their suspect is William Spade, who is somehow still alive. And that Darien should check to see if Erevis is pregnant, since Michiru is her daughter from the future and they don't know who the father is yet.


Session 207: Gonads and Strife

Having shared the information with Chad about Michiru likely being Erevis' daughter and that she might have been sent back in time so that Wind can achieve victory, and that Erevis would never consent to a pregnancy test, Chad suggests comparing Michiru's DNA against all the men on the ship first. Chad also brings up how a bomb was planted to try to kill John and Erevis to flush out who Michiru's parents were back in Season 9. Darien also begins to make plans to bond the dragoons to others so they can have full strength in the coming war. With Zephyr recovering from the suicide of Warren, her previous pilot, and Cheryl not one to take pilots, that leaves Sera and Ariel to take a pilot. Chad states Cheryl is mentally unstable and her problem needs to be fixed lest she get herself killed on a mission.

Meanwhile, Erevis finds herself drawing people and a conversation with Ariel helps reaffirm some path she has decided to take, thanking Ariel for reminding her of what was important.


Seraphna approaches Darien to be her pilot, despite the short time they've known each other. Despite his protests, Seraphna says she wants him so he agrees to consider it. Ariel speaks with Darien later about Seraphna and seems to disprove the idea.


Things go crazy with Strife and whatnot. Darien meanwhile tells Seraphna that he will do anything to win - lie, cheat, sacrifice anything - to win this war. Finally, he agrees to bond. Meanwhile, Dias works with Cheryl to help her not see herself as a weapon but as something more. And Erevis tells Xanatos she believes he should be truthful with Seraphna about his feelings, having witnessed his uneasiness with her. When Xanatos says he loves Erevis, she finally gets mad and says she is not Katrina and that's who he truly is in love with.

Later, when Xanatos breaks Seraphna's heart, Dominick comforts her.


Session 208: To the Edge of the Universe

When Darien tries to force Erevis to take a pregnancy test, she resigns from the military and not being a true civilian of EarthGov, Darien has no legal measures to take to force it. Moving on, Darien tosses Chad the file on Dominick Cross and mentions he has the same fighting style to Spade. Ariel enters and when Darien tells her he suspects Dominick might be carrying on Spade's work, Ariel mentions she spoke with Erevis about the possibility of psionically transferring your consciousness to another being. Tom Pilot calls them to the bridge where they find a ship floating in space. Ariel launches a probe toward it to investigate. The Dark Ship is revealed to have a giant scar along the surface and they conclude it's the ship Wind took to get back to their reality. While Darien and Seraphna advocate blowing it up, the others argue boarding it and learning more about how Dark Ships work so they can defeat them easier later. Cheryl ends the debate by pointing out it may have the location of the Dark Homeworld and that could bring an end to this war.

With mixed feelings, Xanatos and Chad lead a team of others onto the ship to see what they can discover. The inside of the Dark Ship they find out is much like a stomach - full of tunnels and mucus and other disgusting sounds and noises a living ship may have. Reaching the command center, they find Wind is there, dressed in black and wearing sunglasses. Wind states he's there to help them much to the distrust of the group and that he knows where the homeworld is at. When he states you can't easily destroy pure darkness, Chad guesses the reason he hasn't made a new reality is that Dark Ones would simply follow him there - Wind confirms this and states that is why he planned to destroy their universe, to end the threat and begin again. When asked why he hasn't, he states he has an agreement with Erevis that protects their universe, but won't say what it is yet. Saying he will aid in destroying and scattering the enemy to the sats, Wind heads out, saying he'll meet them there and leaves them to find the homeworld location in the ship logs.

As they wait for Arhn and Myria to come over to help extract the data, they discover the ship is dying and like any orgasm, is spasming. Thus ending Xanatos' boredom. As Arhn uses a psiamp to take the information, they quickly escape the dying ship. Inputing the coordinates on the PAX's bridge, and Dominick looking over his shoulder, Darien 'accidently' swings his hand toward Dominick's face while turning and on reflex Dominick catches his hand, showing he had some foresight that it was coming.

With everyone eyeing him suspicious, Dominick leaves with Xanatos and steps onto an elevator with him while the others scramble to try to contain Dominick, proof that he's like Spade in their laps now. Suddenly touching Xanatos' hand, he apologizes to Xanatos; watching on camera, Darien realizes that Dominick also touched Warren right after they got back from Old Earth. Both of them go their separate ways; Chad says they need Erevis while Darien stubbornly insists on using Em instead. Darien rushes for Xanatos' room as he begins to put a gun in his mouth. Darien rushes for his room, having Cassandra override the door codes, while Chad tries unsuccessfully to contact Erevis while he rushes for Dom's office where Dominick entered. Kicking Xan's chair into him, Darien saves his life. Xanatos then begins to attack the team and Em and Kyouki try to keep him pinned. During this, Chad enters Dom's office and aims at him, charging him with killing Warren. Dominick tries to blow Chad up with explosives, but Cheryl saves him having followed him. Shielding Chad with his body as Chad fires at Dominick, they rise up and see Dom is dead with a shot between his eyes, gun still in hand.

Darien decides they should focus on the Dark Ones first, ending one problem at a time, before seeing what damage Spade might have sown for them down the road.


Session 209: A War of Darkness

Immediately following the events with Dominick, Ariel and Darien share cutting words - Ariel supporting Erevis, stating whatever agreements she has with Wind, it's in the best interest of them all and Darien claiming she doesn't know Erevis as well as she thinks; Ariel responds sadly that maybe she doesn't know Darien as well as she thought and he agrees. Left alone with Siawase and her own thoughts, Ariel is surprised when Erevis speaks up from the corner stating that he likes her and Ariel tells her that cats are drawn to those who wouldn't mind giving them attention, a very deep foreshadowing for Season 12's end and Season 13. Discussing Darien's hate for Wind and his goal to destroy him at all costs, Erevis informs Ariel that Wind and Darien are two halves of the same coin and cannot coexist without the other. Ariel seems saddened that in the end they will destroy everyone else due to their hate for the other. Turning to go, Ariel asks if Erevis plan to abandon her kitten, Siawase; Erevis sadly says perhaps he'd like some time with Ariel for now. Ariel, deciding to do all she can, asks Erevis to allow her to be her sword - to bond with her so they can both do what must be done to save their friends. Meanwhile, Cheryl is disgusted with Serena showing sadness for the death of Spade, calling her the perfect little soldier before storming out.


A briefing is begun of their upcoming mission, with Pope asking Ariel if she was a lesbian after the quick bonding Ariel and Erevis undertook. Bringing up the holoprojector of what they are facing, based on the data they took, they find a dark planet with a dark spidery like station above the planet, with 3 Dark Ships on patrol around it to guard it. Darien estimates the majority of the fleet is out looking for them, giving them a window of opporunity to end this. With 20 Dark Ships inside the creepy station, Darien notes they would never reach the planet in one piece unless they take it out first. Darien splits them into two teams, with the first team will be attacking the furthest Dark Ship on patrol to take it over with Arhn and Myria in charge of the mission to take the ship over with their abilities. Once the ship is under their control, they will attack the nearest ship while the PAX leaps in and joins them in the battle against the third. The team taking the ship includes Setsuna, Arhn, Myria, Kyouki, Terra, Airier, and Marcus. Once the ships are neutralized, Myria and Arhn will remain behind to control the ship while they join the secondary team on the ground. Chad, meanwhile, will be attacking the station with his virus and the plan is once it dies, it'll crunch up and destroy the 20 ships inside. During this, the second team will be on the ground keeping the primary army busy and distracted, and looking for the hive mind to destroy the leader.

Before plans are put into motion, a ship docks with their ship and a face from the old reality emerges - Garland Junior Hianule. A dying, coughing old Garland Junior Hianule, somehow still alive after all this time and using a cane, is before them, to warn them about the Dark Ones. Once they inform him who they are and why they are there, and Wind being on the planet, a jaded old man that he is Garland decides to go involved, to see for himself what this reality's fate will be and much more. Launching their battle plans, all goes according to plan with Arhn taking control of the ship and the team heading down to the planet while she uses it to attack the other ships.


Session 210: A Light in the Dark

As the other team prepares for the ground assault, Darien holds out his hand for the Rune Blade from Ariel. Hesitating, Ariel hands over the blade to the man she's begun to mistrust over the last month or so, and to her surprise he begins to place the Fire, Ice, and Lightning Runes into the blade before handing it back. Erevis says goodbye to Michiru and hugs her before departing and preparing to join the ground assault team. Phaeton, given control of a group of soldiers, launches down to the planet to fight as well, and most likely die.

Jumping to the planet, Darien flies his team down to the planet, comprised of Junior, Cassandra, Xanatos, Dias, Erevis, Ariel, Hotaru, Cheryl, and Seraphna, avoiding Dark Fighters and other strange enemy types. Once on the surface, Giant Dark Ones and tendrils and hundreds of Dark Pets attack them from all sides, forcing the team into a harsh engagement. After a long battle, Wind joins them in the battle, checking Ariel out and nodding to her silently. Whatever deal he made Erevis, he makes no attempt to take Ariel forcefully. Forming Ariel's dragon form with her, Erevis and Ariel attack the Dark Ones, blasting a hole for the team to progress forward. During the battle, Avalon shows up and attacks Ariel, forcing her back to human form as she sword battles him for the Holy Rune, the one thing likely to win this war other than Wind. Battling hard, she defeats Avalon with a slash of her sword, destroying his Dark Armor; he continues his battle and even when he is given a fatal blow, his wounds merely heal. Erevis informs them that the planet itself is healing him, much to even Wind and Junior's dismay. Erevis psionically launches Avalon into the sky and Ariel juggles him with a geyser, then freezes him with the Rune Blade. Slashing him in half, Ariel finally ends the fight and claims the Holy Rune. As he dies, the evil Avalon clone warns Ariel that the Dark Ones cannot be defeated unless someone uses the Dark Rune hidden in the bowels of the planet, and whoever puts it on will be forever corrupted.

With the first wave defeated, the team limps it's way toward the mountain that Avalon indicated, many of them sporting wounds like Zephyr and Cheryl due to dealing with the worst of the Dark Forces. And this is only the beginning.


Session 211: The Dark Rune

Traveling across the landscape, Junior quiet asks Erevis questions, curious about her looking like Katrina and her ties to the past reality. Darien continues to lead them toward the mountian, dead set on destroying Wind and the Dark Ones for good, no matter the cost. With the team injured, it's a slow journey. Right as they arrive, Tom Pilot, after having sex with Kyouki, is seduced into letting her and Terra go down to the planet, much to Darien's dismay. As they enter the cave at the foot of the mountain, Erevis, Em, and Kyouki begin to react with pain as the Dark Ones try to invade their minds. Using her bond with Ariel for serenity, Erevis manages to gain footing and they continue.

Hands emerge from the walls and begin to grab certain members, like Em and Cassandra, and drag them through the floor and walls, separating the team in a divide and defeat tactic. As they search for each other, an evil aura makes them look like the enemy to each other and they injure each other in surprise attacks, then the real Dark Ones begin to flit to and fro between them, attacking and making teammates look like Dark Ones to cause confusion. Managing to defeat the Dark Ones, the team, injured from each other, limp onward, when they run into Deaseus. Fatally injured by Desaeus in a surprise attack from him, Cheryl lays dying as Ariel attempts to heal her with the rune and Seraphna uses medical kits. Weakly, Cheryl asks Ariel if she ever loved Warren after Ariel says that 'he' wouldn't want it to end like this. Ariel says yes, but things couldn't be that way between them and she was overjoyed when Cheryl and Warren found comfort in each other. Asking Ariel how she managed to go on with pain after losing Darien for the one year he was gone, Ariel responds because she still had people to take care of and protect. Also before some of this, the team has faced many traps, including one where they used their own insecurities against them - Erevis and Seraphna being taken by tendrils and spread apart, so that Xanatos only has time to save one before the tendrils impale them. To Seraphna's surprise, Xanatos saves her life from the tendril, allowing Erevis to be stabbed in the stomach, though she manages to limp onward.

During this, Darien continues down the tunnels while Erevis, injured, puts on a brave face. Cheryl tells them to continue with the mission since they can't stay there with her and she'll slow them down, taking a medical kit from them to keep herself alive. Darien and Chad catch up to Kyouki and Setsuna at the Dark Rune, which seems to make Kyouki over eager to attain it. As the others catch up, Erevis says the Dark Rune corrupts, that being this close, the Dark Ones are hoping it will make them all angrier and darker and destroy each other; and that whoever uses the Dark Rune, even for good, will eventually be corrupted and die. And to attain the Dark Rune, they have to face the darkness in themselves to get it. Each of them steel each other to face the darkness within.

Facing the darkness and each other pushes the team to the very limits of their abilities, especially with how deep the dark runs in some of them. In the end, they barely manage to overcome it, with Darien facing the darkness within Ariel, Ariel facing the darkness within Erevis, Setsuna against Id, and so on.


Session 212: Fighting Darkness with Darkness

Reuniting on the other side of another portal, the team tries to recover, their energy running nearly out after battle after battle. Darien labors to take breaths and switches to his left hand since his right wrist is broken, checking their new surroundings. The walls here seem alive and pulsating with evil, indicating their nearing the heart of the planet. Splitting into two groups, the negative emotions begin to get at them, even Zephyr, and the team slowly begins to claw at each other's throats, having to force themselves to calm down lest they give into it. Junior chides them and tells them to rein in their emotions when Desaeus returns, somehow still alive after the last battle, and attacks him in the back. He begins to beat them into submission, using tendrils from himself and the walls to impale and injure those who were on Darien's team.

The other team encounter Wind at the Dark Rune, which is floating in mid-air. Greeting Ariel while Erevis and Kyouki eye the Dark Rune, both attuned to the dark element which allows them to use it, they have to decide quickly who will take the Dark Rune and sacrifice their life for the others. Wind states he will take the Dark Rune and wield it, believing none of them capable, but Kyouki states she plans to take it, much to his amusement. Xanatos states he'd prefer to have Kyouki, who might turn evil in mere hours, having it than someone like Wind, who is a super force that if he went evil would be neigh impossible in stopping. Erevis steps forward and says they are both correct - Kyouki nor Wind should use it, as it was not part of their agreement. When they say he will destroy the universe with it, Wind says that the agreement with Erevis protects their universe and that's why he no longer seeks it's destruction. He will create a new reality and seal it off from their 'corrupted' one.

Kyouki rushes for the Dark Rune, Wind punching her away, but Erevis mentally knocks the Rune from his grasp. When Wind realizes Erevis is keeping it away from both of them, he turns on her, but Hotaru and Ariel and Xanatos shift in front of her to protect her. Xanatos gets the rune in the end and Wind tries to strangle him for it. Knocking him out by bashing his head in the wall, the rune drops and Kyouki psionically yanks it to her, putting it on while apologizing to Erevis. The rune sinks into her body much to Erevis' dismay and Wind's anger. Declaring she'll spend her final hours beginning with Wind's death, a sad Erevis tells her they do not have time to waste energy battling Wind and need to end the Dark One's threat. Wind states they'll be lucky to end the Dark Threat before Kyouki kills them all, and teleports them out.

At the unconscious Cheryl, protected by Em and Pope, an undead Dark Airier comes back to try to kill them, having been killed in the previous battles. Pope and Em work on running, but Cheryl awakens and does battle with him.

Dasaeus continues his battle with the other team; no matter how much they tear limbs off of him, he slowly regenerates his body, though each time is a bit slower. Firing all of Setsuna's grenades into him and forcing him to drop the stolen Water Rune, Darien has the team keep the bits apart from reforming so that Setsuna uses the Water Rune to freeze the bits and destroy them for good. The other team arrives from Wind's teleport and they discuss their plans when Desaeus, against all logic and reason, reforms; until Kyouki uses the Dark Rune to devour his soul and destroy all life in him, much to the horror of the team.

Despite wave after wave thrown at them, Kyouki's Dark Rune devours them, making her stronger and her corruption continues to speed up. After defeating a sizeable force, the team, while wounded and hurt, celebrate their victory, getting closer, though they also notice Kyouki's corruption is sped up. Meanwhile, Cheryl defeats Airier and Pope makes out with Em.


Session 213: I Stared into the Abyss, and the Abyss Stared Back

The weary team continues their journey, only to find Dark Ones beating the crap out of Cassandra. After rescuing her, they are attacked by tendrils; Seraphna pushes Xanatos out of the way of one only to be impaled in the arm saving him, to Zephyr's shock. Xanatos rushes to her and takes her arm, the two having agreed to see if there can be anything relationship wise between them down the road since this entire incident began, with Seraphna saying that she doesn't want to give up love with him just because he loves someone else. Zephyr walks off, hurt that Seraphna would do that for someone else but not her many seasons ago. Even Erevis seems thoughtful, looking at Xan and Sera together, before she moves onward.

As they continue onward, the air begins to feel weightened with stale evil. A barrier up ahead is absorbed into Kyouki's body due to the Dark Rune within her and her hair turns white and her armor black. It's clear she's becoming evil and her resentment to Darien begins to manifest, so Darien drives the team forward before it's too late. The new area is entirely organic and alive, walls throbbing like penises, and it extends all the way to a dark sky. Suddenly, a 4 year old girl holding a teddy bear speaks up, telling them they should not be there and to go away. The team, relaxed around the girl - even though some assume she is just using that form as a trick - question the girl about the place, but she ignores them.

Finally having enough, Kyouki states her intention to kill the child, which seems to perk her interest as she plays with the bear. Taunting the group and getting into name calling, when Dias steps in her face to call her names, she smacks him into the wall with her bear. Kyouki attacks the girl, causing her to cry out in pain. Then she wipes at her eyes, tears of joys on her face, and tells Kyouki she is perfect, just like they hoped she would be, and that she will become their new leader if she survives. Tossing the bear out, it transforms into large mutated cross of a Dark Giant and Desaeus, complete with spidery tendrils coming out of it's body. The girl leaps away and claps gleefully as she watches what ensues.

The battle goes poorly against the powerful creature, clearly the center of the power on the planet, and they strike at it as hard as they can, losing slowly after it steals the Rune Blade and uses the runes against them. Slowly attempting to knock runes out of it one by one, they are slowly losing ground when Cheryl, Em, and Pope arrive to lend a helping hand. The battle continues for a long time, with both sides gaining and losing ground, Ariel and Erevis seemingly killed only to bust free as the dragon form of Ariel, Dias taunting the little girl with his ass - until Kyouki begins to drain the creature's energy to kill it, along with others like Xanatos who she never liked anyway. She begins to have tendrils stab the team as she attacks the creature with more and more power as she drains it. The team gathers the runes and does a joint attack and blows the creature to bits, and Kyouki takes the moment to eat it's soul to defeat it. Dias continues to chase and taunt the little girl, finally boinking her on the head, making her sniffle.

With it dead, Kyouki's transformation and corruption is complete, and she attacks Darien and the others with all her corrupted rage. The girl tells Dias that Kyouki is now their new Dark Leader and she'll kill them all. Dias hits her on the head again and makes her whimper and hug herself; Setsuna suggests they kill her and Dias says Setsuna should just spank her instead. Erevis breaks the dragon form with Ariel and tries to reason with Kyouki, telling her this isn't what she wants to do. During this Dias continues to bop the girl's head and make her whimper in pain and hug her knees. Finally, despite their attempts to talk her down, Kyouki lashes out and Dias pushes the girl and Setsuna out of her tendrils' paths as she goes on the offensive.

Erevis, grabbing Kyouki in a bearhug, attempts to stop her and Kyouki finally decides to focus her attention on the one person she truly hates more than all others: Wind. Wind enters the room at that moment. AS she attacks him with everything she has, he teleports behind Kyouki and uses a hyperspace hand to reach into her stomach and rip out the Dark Rune, which shatters afterwards, Kyouki returning to normal. Kyouki dies in control of herself and Wind turns to Erevis, ordering her to come with him to fulfill their agreement. Wind informs them that he needs Erevis to create his new reality and she agreed to aid him in exchange for theirs to be safe.

Darien steps forward and tells Wind he won't let her take Erevis, that her family is here and if he stood by and let Wind take Erevis simply to save their own hides, they would be no better than Wind himself. Telling the team to step away from Wind so he can duel him one on one, Darien makes a bargain with him; if he wins, Erevis is free. If Wind wins, he will tell him where Centerpoint is at and he won't need Erevis period. As everyone exits the area because Darien tells them it will be too awesome for them to be right there, Dias drags the evil little girl along with the team as they step out. Pulling out his sabre, Darien isn't even able to swing when Wind ports in his face, breaks his arm and rips out the bone, stabbing Darien with it, unaware that Darien had a beacon placed on him before the mission. Serena gets the message from Tom Pilot, ordering him to fire and enact the second phase of the plan; the PAX 2.0 fires down a giant beam cannon blast down at Wind and Darien.

Wind stands there, cackling with energy, angry and in pain as Junior vanishes in the dust cloud thrown up. He fires blind blasts as Junior taunts him. Junior launches a spear at his chest while Wind begins to fry Junior with hyperspace energy. As the team is beamed up, they witness Wind get impaled by the Spear of Destiny. Twisting the spear deep to his energy core, the feedback destroys the Spear and knocks Junior and Wind back from each other. Struggling to stand and reforming his flesh, Wind is aghast that Junior destroyed the Spear, giving up the power and immortality that came with it. Wind retreats in anger while Junior collapses. The little girl informs those not beamed up that they are in grave danger; the moment PAX came into orbit of the planet, the dying brain of the planet would do everything in it's power to destroy it along with the dying planet. Erevis picks up Junior so the beam getting her saves him as well, and the others are beamed up.

They find Darien is alive, having been teleported up at the last second, and is being operated on by Peacemaker. When Chad orders Pilot to retreat, he tells him it's too late and to come to the bridge. Once there, the team finds the PAX is trapped in a dark vortex with a black ball of negative energy flying toward the ship to destroy it. With no power left in the PAX to defend themselves, they are doomed until Arhn, still in control of the Dark Ship they took over, begins to fly in the path of the dark orb. Arhn opens up a portal to look at the stars one last time as the ball hits the Dark Ship, destroying it and vanishing. Arhn has sacrificed her life for the good of the many.

The girl gets the name Billy from Dias, unaware of the sacrifice taking place outside in space. Billy smiles at the name, then bashes his face into the wall, accepting it. Setsuna doesn't bother to stop her. Asking Setsuna if Dias can be her new doll, Setsuna allows it as long as she doesn't make him evil; she agrees since Dias is too stupid. Grabbing him in a headlock, she smiles until he hits her head in the head again, making her whimper. He also gives her the other name of 'Andrea'.


Session 214: Save Tonight, Come Tomorrow I'll Be Gone

Working on rescuing the remaining personnel from the army from the planet surface, still in orbit around it, they find that 60% of their forces were completely wiped out and that Phaeton and his people are MIA. Working on healing and recovering from wounds, and medical bay taxed with the sheer number of people in it, the group slowly goes through starcharts in preparation to jump home once the injured can withstand the jump. Erevis and Ariel share a bed together in medical, cuddled together, giving rise to the rumors of their having sex to quickly bond. Darien also remains completely out of it with IVs pumping him full of pain killers and his arm having to have metal parts placed inside to replace the bone. Billy, for her part, evilly switches people's medical perscriptions. After Dias leaves the medical bay, finished teasing Ariel and Erevis about being a couple, the two discuss it; Erevis stating it makes no sense and why would such likes bother Ariel. After finishing her evil, Billy heads to the bridge to eye it when Setsuna blocks her - when Billy refuses to leave, she simply slings the little evil Dark One over her shoulder and walks out with her. AFter some bickering, Setsuna threatens to adopt Billy, to her surprise. Meanwhile, Aya sneaks out of daycare and asks Ariel for a cookie. When no cookie is given, she begins to cry, much to Erevis' horror, who has no idea how to deal with children. So Aya steals their hospital jello instead.

Meanwhile, someone has accessed Arhn's room and cut it off from the security grid so that Cassandra can't remotely open it from the bridge. Xanatos heads in to investigate, having Dias join him after he leaves the medical bay. Injuring themselves hotwiring the pad, the door opens finally. Inside they find Myria has broken in it and is crying while holding her aunt's stuff. During this, Darien teleports down to the surface alone, despite being high on pain killers, denying any help from Chad when he does so. After a bit he returns with a data crystal that he gives Cassandra, saying it should contain what they need to get home. As they talk, Cassandra notes that Darien's tone indicates he doesn't plan to return with them and he confirms that. Stating that he has things to take care of and he'll stick around until the morning at least.

Heading to the medical bay, Darien informs Ariel of the star charts, and sensing on his awkwardness, asks what is wrong with him. He admits to her he isn't joining them and that he has things to do - Chad, who is there for Aya, assumes it's about Wind, which Darien denies but also says that he won't be telling Chad since he doesn't trust him until he gives him a reason to do so. Clearly hurting from the information, Ariel seems at a loss about what to say to Darien, until she finally asks how long it will be - Darien admitting he doesn't know, but it will be a while. As he begins to exit, Ariel calls out, asking him if he will come back, and he promises that he will indeed come back to her. Erevis comforts Ariel.

During this, Xanatos and Shiva talk until Seraphna contacts Xanatos to come see him; Shiva begins to plant seeds in his mind, asking him why he has to go running to her when she calls him like a dog, making Xanatos hesitate and go he doesn't have to go RIGHT away. Seraphna assumes after he doesn't come that Xanatos is still mad at her due to some of the events that happened during the war. Shiva, pleased at her victory, continues to tease and touch Xanatos, talking to him in a sultry tone while Darien leaves the ship.

While Shiva and Xanatos make out in some ways, Zephyr and Seraphna encounter each other in the garden, discussing their issues over the past year and everything that's happened between them. Zephyr tells Seraphna that she honestly hopes the best for her and that she'll be happy in life, but that she doesn't want to be part of her life because it makes her unhappy. The two part ways.


Session 215: Dark Homecoming Part 1

The PAX returns to the Sol System after finishing it's Light Jump. Standing on the bridge with Cassandra and others, Cheryl holds her stomach, feeling queasy - lately alcohol affecting her more than normal and making her nauseous. As they arrive at Earth, they find no orbital space station anymore around the planet. The comm officer informs Cassandra, now in charge with Darien gone, that no one is responding to their hails on any frequency. Scanning the system, they detect no ships, but it seems that 10% of the cities on the planet have suffered some sort of damage since they were gone. The capital seems to have suffered the most damage since they left and an emergency beacon is going off as well.

Cassandra orders Chad to assemble an away team to retrieve the beacon. Zephyr volunteers to go, as does Cheryl - once she stops feeling sick. Chad also sends messages to Xanatos, Setsuna, Ariel, and Hotaru. As they head to the hanger, Zephyr informs Erevis who joins the group as well. Seraphna volunteers herself and gets on the shuttle as well. AS they fly down, they see the capital is in ruins, buildings shells of their former selves. Rockets launch from a ruined building with no warning and hit their engines, bringing them down - humans peering at them from their firing position. Slamming into a ruined road, the shuttle slides to a rough stop.

As they head out into the city, they find the humans are hiding and that things definitely hint toward some sort of surgical strike on their capital: but by who? Some think it's the Tsivrixsh, and that may explain why it seems Earth was caught with it's pants down due to the truce that was in place before the PAX 2.0 left so long ago. They find dead bodies tied to signs, with crowd pecking at the carcasses, obviously warnings. Chad asks Erevis if she can pick up anyone, and she says there are human minds all about, watching and mindful of them, but she always had difficulty picking an exact location of a person. AS they travel and find a street more intact, Erevis warns them she picks up danger and hostility on the street. Wearing only a simple outfit of a shirt and jeans, not having been prepared for more missions after the Dark War, and the fact it's the dead of winter, Erevis begins to have trouble from the cold affecting her. Xanatos hands her his jacket, which she slides on shyly.

Traveling through a clothing store to avoid the open streets, the team slowly works their way toward the beacon, overcoming ambushes and traps set up by the humans that are left. After some light wounds from one ambush, Xanatos waves off Sera's help and orders her to use her smelling salts on Dias instead. Moving through the mall they got into now, they work their way through it with Zephyr's guidance, since she enjoyed shopping there. Explosive traps are set up and the team finds themselves in precarious positions. One explosion separates Erevis and Seraphna from the others.

After finding Seraphna, they spot Tsivrixsh killing humans in the mall, forcing the team to hide. Erevis arrives a bit later, grabbing a gun from a dead woman to use. Erevis informs Zephyr that Ariel was separated from her as well during the explosion and that she can't sense her in the bond. On the PAX, an impatient Cheryl waits, having not stopped feeling ill in time, when 5 Tsivrixsh Battlecruisers leap into the system. Hailing them, Cassandra answers and is face to face with Xevil. Cassandra tries to bluff him, but Xevil calls it, saying he will destroy the ship and her crew if she doesn't surrender - and to ask Junior, of all people, who has stepped onto the bridge, if he's bluffing. Lowering their shields, the PAX is boarded by Xevil and Skaad and others in the hanger. Once there, Xevil eyes Junior, having the knowledge of the old reality and their rivalry from it, though he seems surprised that the dying Junior is now human, thanks to a last FU from Wind. Demanding Junior's Emerald Sword, and Junior claiming he doesn't have it, Xevil orders Skaad and his people to find it. Xevil then eyes Cheryl and demands they turn over Michiru McCormick to him. After threatening Pope's life if Michiru doesn't, the girl quickly surrenders and heads down to the hanger.

Cutting her arm with a knife, he checks her redblood and sees it's mixed with silver metal. Xevil states that was why they could not identify her father - Junior is, in fact, her father. When Junior says he has no kids, Xevil responds with: From this timeline. And Wind made Junior humor so that Michiru could not be born. He informs them that when Erevis misses the conception date in a few days, and Michiru will not be born and thus cannot have been sent back into the past, a timeline divergence will begin. Junior, angry, begins to see what the plan is as Xevil does - once a new timeline emergences, a new reality will be made, and in that reality the spear of destiny will still exist and be needed to make the new reality. Leaving with Michiru, Xevil promises that he will be sending her back in time to her own timeline.

Back on Earth, after defeating the Tsivrixsh and still finding no sign of Ariel, they run into the human resistance who call themselves the PAX Syndicate, to their dismay. When Xanatos tells Chad they're likely about to run into Red Fox, the humans seem surprised that they know about their leader.

However, before all this, in a hidden scene - when Erevis and Seraphna were separated, Spade, having taken over Erevis' body and just recently, when she was weak from recovering from the war so he could exhert his will, reveals that he's alive to Seraphna. Having been rejected lately by Xanatos, despite their agreement to try to work harder together on the relationship, Seraphna quickly confesses her feelings to Spade, despite the fact he killed Warren. They have sex, with Spade in Erevis' body, thus violating her in the worst way possible since Erevis is forced to witness everything but unable to stop it. Afterwards, Seraphna leaves first to rejoin while Spade makes sure Ariel remains out of the way so she can't warn the others about him through the bond. Spade is back.


Session 216: Dark Homecoming Part 2

The team on Earth is quietly led by the resistance members under Red Fox to meet her. Seraphna hugs Xanatos after being briefly separated again to meet up with Erevis Spade, who is currently MIA herself after the brief battle with the Tsivrixsh agents and meeting up with the resistance. Fox tells them that Xevil attacked shortly after the PAX 2.0 left, and they used some sort of code to shut down the EarthGov Fleet before destroying the helpless ships. Fox then formed the resistance, naming it the P.A.X - People Against Xevil. After discussing how to drive the Tsiv from the city and get to the PAX to warn them, Xanatos quietly asks Seraphna what happened to Erevis since they were separated together and the rebels only brought Seraphna back. Seraphna claims she has no idea where Erevis is and the rebels eye each other, which Xanatos notes. The rebels say they found Sera alone in the basement of the cave in. Xanatos, concerned with a gash on her forehead, tells Seraphna she should rest lest she have a concussion, seemingly worried for her. Hotaru, unable to reach Ariel in the network either, states they need to find Erevis if they're going to find Ariel and have any hope of turning things to their favor.

Back on the PAX, everyone but Cassandra has been quarantined in the medical bay. Debating what to do, Cheryl states that taking the ship is unlikely and their best bet would be to try to escape so they could reach the teleporters and beam down to Earth. At that moment, Siawase is heard in the ventaliation shaft, so Cheryl pulls the little robo kitty out and pets it. While they argue about it being safe or not to even attempt escape, something outside their makeshift cell kills the Tsivrixsh guards, splattering their blood on the walls. Billy opens their locked door, holding a Tsivrixsh head that she tosses at Marcus, scaring the shit out of him - Billy decides that is cute and will keep him as her newest pet. Apparantly the Tsivrixsh made her mad when they told her to get lost. Taking their xvashes, the team follows Junior out of the medical bay. Despite Junior telling them to keep their voices down, when Billy bumps Marcus' arm so the poisoned spikes almost scratch him, he yells out in panic and alerts other Tsivrixsh to their location, forcing Cheryl to tell Junior that the teleporter is their best option now. As they hurry along, Billy piggyback rides Marcus, to his hatred. Reaching the teleporter, they activate it with Pope staying behind to wipe the log so they can't trace their location. His fate as they teleport away is unknown to them for now.

Zephyr continues to be bitchy with Xanatos, reminding him that Erevis is missing when he states he could use a nap and bringing up how he let a tendril stab her. Getting pissed at her and telling her to shut the fuck up, Xanatos is then kicked by Dias who defends Zephyr, and Xanatos tells Dias that he's far from finished with him either, since Dias a while back on the PAX 2.0 gave Seraphna King Red's fruit and made her suffer the affects of the aphrodisiac. Due to their fighting and arguing, the team is surrounded by the Tsivrixsh who stare them. They ask Xanatos if he'd like to kill Dias for their amusement, which Xanatos and Dias seem to take them up on it and insult each other more. Before anything can happen, Cheryl arrives, providing a distraction as Cheryl smacks her ass toward the Tsivrixsh and tell them to kiss it. As some Tsiv remain to watch Xanatos and Dias fake fighting, others move to chase Cheryl, and a few stay with their weapons trained on the one team. Cheryl leads those following her into an ambush and they all manage to defeat the Tsivrixsh.

After fighting a mech and whatnot, the two teams brief each other; Cheryl points out to the others that Junior and Xevil seemed to have a history together and Junior states they have a common enemy - Wind - and that what Xevil does outside that, as long as it doesn't lead to suffering, is not his concern. When Xanatos waves his hands at the ruined capital and asks if this is acceptable, Junior states it is, to the team's anger. Dismissing it and moving on, Cheryl asks the question: who sent out a transmission on all frequencies when they arrived at Earth and why? Chad states they need to find Erevis as their priority until Cheryl brings up that Xevil acted as if Junior was the father of Michiru. Coming to a realization, Chad states: "When Michiru first arrived, Erevis made it very clear that at that point, time would diverge and two timelines would begin to form. If Junior is Michiru's father in the future, than he has to father her otherwise time will diverge completely." And if that happens, Wind would get ultimate power.

Locating Erevis, they arrive to find her facing Skaad and a multitude of Tsivrixsh, along with a battle cruiser. Skaad and Erevis appear to be talking, with Erevis' body language being different and her expression arrogant. Chad contacts Erevis on a channel to clench her left hand if she hears him, but instead Erevis tells Skaad about them being there, alerting the Tsivrixsh, much to the team's horror and disgust. As they rush over, Erevis tells Xanatos that she's glad he's here - so she can see him die. Xanatos finally comes to the conclusion that's not Erevis at all after she insults them and uses curse words; Erevis aims the pistol she took from Xanatos earlier and aims at him, pointing out since when did Erevis ever use guns. At that moment Ariel returns, attacking Erevis from the side and reveals it's William Spade. Erevis escapes on a shuttle when Ariel makes no attempt to stop Spade, and leaves Skaad behind to fight the team. During all this, Wind and Junior argue semantics, Wind saying Junior had no right to attack him without warning, assuming he was evil, when he wanted nothing to do with the creation of the new reality, having opted not to vote on the matter. Junior argues that the Progenitors and Dark Ones should be allowed to wage their war without Wind's interference when Wind reveals they were the first race and they created the multiverse to real as gods, and he was merely trying to bring an end to their reign.

After Wind and Junior are unable to reach a reconciliation, Wind joins the others in their battle with Skaad and the other Tsivrixsh; Wind aids them in destroying them and offers the team his help against Xevil. When they ask why he would do it, he states that Xevil is planning to cause a timeline divergence to create a new reality, where he will gain the powers of reality and have the Spear of Destiny to use. Having used Junior as a pawn, and Michiru, he set things into motion - knowing that Junior wouldn't sire a child with Michiru, which is the moment convergence will begin since in order to prevent it Junior would have to do so. Their only hope is to kill Xevil before the divergence can begin. They agree to join him and take the shuttle left behind.



Session 217: Reclaiming What is Yours

Before leaving for their mission, the team returns to Red Fox's lair. While Dias and Marcus hit on Zephyr, Chad attacks Sera, slamming her against the wall and yelling in her face that she knew about Spade being in Erevis' body. Xanatos attempts to pull Chad off of her and while Seraphna feigns innocence, Chad declares she's lying. Cheryl moves over to help pull Chad off of Sera, telling him to put her down. Chad says that she knew all along; that after Erevis dove to Seraphna in the building which led to them being separated in the explosion. This causes Xanatos to pause and remember that Seraphna came back alone after being tackled by Erevis, and that she changed her story twice. While Seraphna quivers in fear, Chad says that she let them walk into a trap by chasing after Erevis not knowing Spade was in her body and that her story doesn't add up, that even the head wound that she claimed knocked her out lasted longer than normal with her healing, which led to Xanatos telling her to rest while the others searched.

Finally, Seraphna tells them that Spade threatened Michiru's life if she told them and that he has her. Chad claims she's still the same slime she's always been, punching the wall above her head, and walking off after telling her if she wants Spade so bad to go be with him, while Xanatos tells her that she knows Spade better than all of them and that he wouldn't kill his hostages like that so easily, especially when he needs them for his plan. Zephyr, disgusted with Sera once more, walks off, while Cheryl herself seems unsure what to think. Even Xanatos turns his back on Sera and walks off to Wind, asking if he was serious about being able to pull Spade from Erevis; Wind says he was. And Cheryl possibilely gives Sera the best advice she was ever given: if you get a kill shot on Spade, I hope you take it. After speaking with Chad, who says that Sera has lost all chances with him and even if she did take down Spade, nothing would ever change between them, Cheryl says that if he's fucked up just as much in his own way and that if Sera proves her loyality to her by killing Spade, then she'll trust Sera again. Also, Marcus reveals he was in a gang. Whatever.

That night, the team launches into space toward the PAX 2.0 on the P.A.X. Shuttle they borrowed. Chad's plan is to get to the bridge and use the Light Engine before the Tsivrixsh Battlecruisers can blow them up. Some, like Marcus, stay behind at Zephyr's request, fearful for his safety and after having gotten closer to him after the incident with Seraphna earlier that day, where he, Zeph, and Dias cuddled together at the pool side. Wind is sent to distract the battlecruisers and give the team the time they need to get on the PAX. Dodging the blasts from the ships, Xanatos flies them into the PAX's hanger. Skaad taunts them over the speakers and sends a cloaked figure to battle them. As the figure walks toward them casually, some of the team fire shots into them repeatedly. After throwing his guns set to overload and blowing the figure up, they see it was Pope set on some wheels to roll him forward, his face ruined and seemingly dead from their attacks, having been gagged. Skaad laughs at them while Zephyr gags up bile from the smell of burnt flesh. Still barely alive, despite some missing brain matter, Chad believes if they can get him to Peacemaker they can save him. Skaad then sends out a young woman strapped with explosives, who begs them to save her. Xanatos' plan is to shoot her out of her misery, which earns him a punch from Ariel. Xanatos screams at her she can just die and walks off. Ariel has Seraphna do white noise to delay the trigger while Junior teleports in and cuts the strap of the explosives from her and grabs it, shielding her and himself from the explosion.

During this, Spade, in Erevis' body, lands in the hanger with Tsivrixsh, fanning out to get them. Xanatos, having left Ariel and the others to deal with the hostage, runs into Erevispade. Erevispade psionically shoves Xanatos into the Tsiv guards who restrain him. Spade informs Xanatos that the others saved the woman because they are heroes, unlike Xanatos; Spade even seems pleased by it. When Xanatos says that heroes just die, Spade congratulates him on his immortality as a coward. Meanwhile, Chad drags the injured Pope to Myria and Billy, asking Myria to perform surgery on Pope to save his life; Billy offers, holding a scaple, but is turned down for being too evil.

Erevispade battles Dias along with other Tsivrixsh warriors as the team tries to get to the bridge before the battlecruisers decide to destroy PAX 2.0. As Ariel climbs up the elevator shaft toward the bridge, taking the long route, and the others split up to each take on key points, during the battle Erevispade rips down a vent cover and leaps into it, vanishing. When she returns later, landing in front of the others, she no longer acts like Spade, but not like Erevis either. When the one team heading for the computers to take control of them to help those going for the bridge reports that there are explosives, the "new" Erevis grabs a comm and pretends to be Spade, ordering Skaad to deactivate the explosives. He does so and Seraphna and Cassandra take the computers; upon seeing Seraphna, the new Erevis narrows her eyes coldly. When Red Fox asks what is going on with Erevis, Junior states she has five seconds to tell them what it is: she admits she is not Erevis or Spade, but Katrina. Since Spade didn't know to look for her when he took out Erevis, Katrina returned the favor when Spade was distracted mentally. She reveals that back during Season 9, Myria's stunt allowed them both to share the driver's seat of the body - her and Erevis - but that she hadn't wanted to until now. And this Katrina seems to know who Junior is as well, but he gives her a cold shoulder and ignores her concern for his health.

Meanwhile, Ariel, upon reaching the bridge, does battle with Skaad for the fate of the PAX 2.0. She's joined by Cheryl and the two join forces against him, mother and daughter. They tear up Skaad as the others arrive; weakened, Skaad barely is able to hit a button before the bullet kills him by entering his brain. Katrina tells everyone to get back and Xanatos, who managed to free himself earlier, tackles her to the elevator. The bridge explodes a moment later. When Seraphna tries to have the ship jump, at a nother location, nothing happens and the Tsiv cruisers begin to turn and aim at them, opening fire. With hyperspace drives down, and Hotaru and Terra still out there somewhere, Chad orders them to use the Light Engine anyway. Ariel and Xanatos are shocked when they ask Katrina who she is and learn that she is Katrina McCormick. Holding her head, she warns them that Spade's will is stronger than her own and he might gain control eventually.

As Chad, Myria, and Seraphna strain to get the ship to jump, Spade takes over briefly and attacks them and attempts to use a personal teleporter, but Xanatos pins "him" and Ariel breaks the teleporter, right as they do an emergency light jump. Tricking Xanatos into letting him go by pretending to be Katrina, Spade runs to the main teleporters and flips the switch mentally, right as Junior leaps on with him. They teleport away right as the ship jumps. Due to some feedback, Seraphna takes damage and has partial memory damage apparantly, or so it seems. When Xanatos takes her to the medical bay, Billy does cutthroat motions at her, making Seraphna shiver in fear and Setsuna find Billy cute. When Sera continues to display memory loss, Billy hits her over the head with a mallet to fix it.

Junior returns on a Tsiv shuttle, wounded and bleeding and is brought to the medical bay, where Billy strangely avoids him. Junior confesses that Xevil gave him the shuttle to return. Chad, meanwhile, confesses to Ariel he took an unhealthy dose of radiation getting the ship to jump and is dying, asking her not to pass the information onto Zephyr. When Myria says the scans show that Sera's brain is rewired and messed up, Billy tells Xanatos Seraphna willed it to hide her own guilt.



Session 218: The Journeys We Take

Drifting in space and heavily damaged, the PAX 2.0 will not be battle ready again until it has some serious repair work done to it. Seraphna meanwhile shows signs of split personalities, talking to Xanatos about 'Serena' being unstable and soaked with guilt and whatnot. Xanatos begins to learn more than he bargained for, including all that Serena has done and desires. Meanwhile, Cheryl and Cassandra supervise what is left of the bridge and CAssandra's chair, with Cass vowing revenge on the Tsivrixsh for destroying it. When an intruder alarm goes off in the hanger, the team finds a wounded Wind in an energy form laying on the hanger, damaging it due to his form being made of hyperspace. Chad begins to shoot him in the leg with energy shots. Finally, getting restored energy, Wind becomes conscious again and stirs, waking up. Returning to his human guise, Wind states they need a meeting, so Cheryl arranges for one.

AS the meeting begins, Chad states the PAX 2.0 will need at least a month for repairs to be battle ready, and Wind informs them they have less than 2 days left at most. At the meeting, Seraphna states her intentions to try to save Spade and believes there is good in him, and will only put him out of his misery as a last resort. Cheryl states she'll kill him no matter what. The team agrees she will likely be a liability in the battle to come with her feelings for Spade, considering they will have to face him. Finally, Seraphna leaves ,saying if they want her along, to tell her, and Xanatos is angered that they ran off a potiential help. When Zephyr says that he's stupid and that Spade will know their plan before they enact it due to his psionics, Xanatos states they will use her as bait without her knowing.

Outside, Junior and Wind both tell Seraphna her folly and actions will strain this team, leaving it unknown if they will overcome the trials to come. Wind thinks they are a doomed people, while Junior has faith in them. Finally, Wind re-enters the meeting and states the fact of things to come: the divergence cannot be stopped, and only those who are living will be able to take advantage of it. After he steps out, Seraphan asks Junior why he destroyed the spear and not Wind, and Junior says that Wind can only learn from his mistakes if he's alive, not dead. When Cheryl accuses Wind of just wanting to use the divergence to make his own reality, Xanatos asks if that's really so bad - since it'll get Wind out of their hair and they'll have their own reality. Wind gains +50 heart with Xanatos.

Wind states that Xevil is somewhere near Earth, on a cloaked vessel; indicating why Spade seemingly teleported into the middle of space. Chad decides once they get rid of all of the civilians off the PAX 2.0 from the city, they will return to Earth to end things once and for all. After studying their location in space, Junior suggests they go to Jarivan, since it's still a casino resort planet, just like in the original reality, where Chad deducues they will buy their own ship since the PAX 2.0 is too damaged. During this, Seraphna steals a shuttle and leaps away after sending a final signal. With this action, most of the team, except Xanatos, declares that Seraphna is now their enemy if she protects Spade from them, and Ariel says her life if forfeit if this indeed is the case.

As the team prepares to enact their plan, Xanatos and Cheryl have a heart to heart about Seraphna; Xanatos not sure he has it in him to kill her and wondering if Cheryl would kill Seraphna if Ariel ordered it. Cheryl tells him she is no longer just some weapon that blindly follows orders and that she will cross that bridge when she comes to it, since Ariel would never order Cheryl to do what she wanted against her will. Chad also tells Zephyr that he wants her to stay with Aya to protect her while he leads this team, believing himself the only one capable, despite the fact he's dying from radiation poisoning, which he hides from her. Zephyr reluctantly agrees, though she thinks he should stay with Aya. He finally reveals the radiation poisoning, but assures her he will beat it. As things wrap up, Billy begins to follow Junior around, finding him curious.


Session 219: The Alien's War

Several hours later at Jarivan, while orbitting the planet, the team discusses what type of ship they should grab. Junior suggests a prototype ship on display of some sort, something unusual and that they can get easy access to without a lot of crew on it, or guarding it. As they head down to the surface, with Billy taking the controls and flying them crazily along and rolling Xanatos and Dias about the ship comically, Junior and Cheryl discuss what type of ship would best suit their needs on the mission. After crashing, the hijinks continue. Billy, having stolen Xan's ID, spins 100,000 credits worth of material and drags a large box onto the black ship that Junior picked out; as the team gathers on it, she shows off the super weapon she bought.

Junior and Billy bond, especially when Billy kicks Wind in the shin and causes massive damage to him oddly. Using hyperspace, they return to Earth only to find 100 battlecruisers waiting on them. Junior takes control of the controls and flies through them through the gauntlet of firepower as they head for the ship Wind states has Spade and Seraphna. Once they crash into the hanger, they work their way through legions of enemy soldiers, they finally come face to face with Spade in Erevis body, wearing Tsivrixsh battle armor.

Spade attempts to talk them down by saying that the convergence is nearly upon them and is unstoppable at this point, but he has a plan to take over Xevil's body at the moment it occurs and claim the power for himself to end the nonsense. Ariel rejects the offer, drawing her sword and asking Wind if he can keep his word about removing Spade from Erevis' body. wind promises but needs time to gather the power, so the team has to keep Spade at bay, but his power seems to be off the charts now. After getting their asses kicked a while, they realize there are crystals about the room that amp up his psionic power, so they destroy them one by one, evening the playing field. Seraphna joins them and begins to aid them in the fight against Spade, even passing Ariel her sword when she loses it, seemingly working to kill the man she loves. Realizing he has lost, Spade puts the gun under Erevis' chin to blow her brains out if they don't surrender, when Wind seizes him with his power; Spade attempts to hide behind the girls, so Wind rips Erevis in half, but in reality just makes two Erevises, then rips out a mass of energy from the second. The mass of energy becomes Spade and with his jumping ability locked out, the team fires away, plugging him with holes as he bleeds to death. Seraphna informs him she cannot walk his path as he lays dying. She tries to stop Setsuna from beating him more, stating he's already dying, when Junior shoots through her hand and blows Spade's brains out.

Enraged at them for not letting her say goodbye, Seraphna grows colder and hostile toward the team. Meanwhile, the two Erevises that were split off turn to be Erevis and Katrina, Wind having separated them and created a new body for Katrina. Erevis hugs Ariel, glad to be back, while Katrina seems unsure what to do now that she's alive again. Before they can continue, Seraphna pushes her anger aside and informs Ariel that Xevil tortured and killed Hotaru trying to learn where the Guardian Planet was located. Zephyr breaks down in rage, crying and saying it should have been Seraphna, while Cheryl trembles with hot anger and Ariel with cold anger. Katrina and Xanatos share a look, but with all the pain in the air, have no time for more; thanking Wind quietly for bringing them both back, Wind says they will be enemies again one day, and that he just did it for her to have a chance at a happy life.

With emotions still running high, Seraphna says that Erevis must conceive Michiru immediately if they are going to stop the divergence, which makes Xanatos scream at her finally - stating that Erevis does not have to do any such thing against her will. AS they head to rescue what prisoners remain and kill Xevil, Erevis promises Ariel to do everything she can for her - even sacrificing her own life - to avenge the loss of Hotaru.


Session 220: Timeline Divergence

On Xevil's battle station, the team works their way through the station. Katrina fiddles with the incrediblely long hair, since Erevis never cuts her hair really, and puts it in a ponytail, leading to a tender moment where Xanatos jokes with her that she isn't used to such length anymore. During the battles that ensue, he makes sure to protect her from attacks. As they work their way to the brig, they manage to retrieve Terra since she is still alive. Afterwards, they come across a section of grass, which makes Katrina freeze in terror, still having some memories of her past counterpart. As they travel along the sand, it attacks them instead, feeding on their panic; Erevis quietly meditates as they fight it, never molested, and once their emotions are under control, they continue onward. Facing a few puzzles, that Junior fails and almost gets them killed on until Chad takes over, they move onward. Next they face a room full of naked girls that call to Dias. When Xanatos mentions being hungry, food appears on the table. Erevis flatly states that turkey makes Xanatos sleepy and that would be disadvantageous, which causes Junior to laugh - for a moment feeling younger than he has in ages, since he told Erevis that a while back. Chad, wishing Xevil was dead, gets a dead Xevil off to one side. Katrina knocks the food out of Xanatos' hands and Zephyr drags Dias away from the naked girls. As they hurry on, Junior sees his younger self, Wind gets a T-shirt that says "There is no I in God" and Seraphna sees dragoons that accept her for who she is.

Arriving at the throne room, with Erevis leading the way, they are attacked by a hissing Xevil who's only thought seems to be to kill them. He begins to tear the team apart with insane strength and his sanity clearly gone; Wind informs them that he's taken some concentrate drug that he did in the Prime Reality that turned him into Doom, only this being concentrated has made him 10x stronger and more deadly. Stabbing Zephyr through the chest and severely wounding her and batting the others around, he seems nearly impossible to kill. After a long battle, they defeat him and he crumbles to dust.

Immediately, they hear clapping and turn to see another Xevil on the throne. He tells them that they have earned the right to know the truth and Phaeton steps out with a hand on Michiru's shoulder. Phaeton reveals he was sent by Xevil to impede their work and to learn the identity of Michiru's mother so they could prevent her from waking up. He also reveals they threatened Spade by saying they would kill Seraphna if he did not work with them and capture the body. After seeing Spade taking his time in his search and playing counselor in the role of Dominick, Phaeton gave Warren the clues that Spade was around so Warren would hunt him and force Spade to act by killing him.

As the timeline divergence begins, they learn another Xevil having sent Michiru to the past to begin all this and that he promised Phaeton that he gets to rule the Earth of the past's reality. Stepping out of a portal, a large bulky Xevil stands there, called Emperor Xevil. And this one has reality powers. Emperor Xevil tells Wind how he got his power by killing him in the other timeline and then set things into motion from there. Letting Michiru go rejoin Phaeton, he stands there, enjoying the look of horror on the team's faces. Pulling out the Spear of Destiny, it transforms into a two bladed weapon with the handle in the middle, the Emperor holding it before them. Putting shields around his past self and Phaeton, Emperor Xevil proceeds to kick the team's asses as the power levels rise until suddenly a tear in reality appears and a 15 year older John McCormick steps forward, Michiru's "Father" from the future since he raised her after Erevis gave birth to her.

Telling them to all stand back as he defeats Emperor Xevil, John uses his metal hand to swing dramatically toward the powerful foe when he gets taken out by a single swat from the Emperor. John then flips up and punches the spear, causing the energy it was gathering to go wild. Portals open up and Phaeton retreats into one. A bright light flashes and everyone vanishes but the Present Day Xevil, Dias, Zephyr, and Terra. Dias, preparing to defeat him, is foiled when Xevil calls in 50 Tsivrixsh soldiers.

Elsewhere, Erevis, Cheryl, Ariel, Seraphna, and Red Fox all appear on a street, the energy flow taking out a small building and part of the street. They spot Phaeton running off into the distance when they are surrounded by soldiers led by Warren Carmichael, who looks much younger and announces they are under arrest.

Wind, Setsuna, Junior, Chad Winters, Xanatos, John, Katrina, and Michiru finds themselves in the alternate timeline future that Emperor Xevil manipulated into creation just to cause the divergence in the true present. The sky above is dark with lightning and a statue of Xevil can be seen. In the sky, they can see Dark Ones still alive fighting Tsivrixsh Battlecruisers and John announces that this is the result of the endless war between the two has brought. John tells them that they have to find the Emperor as quickly as possible to stop him from regathering the energy to remake reality.

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