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Season 10: Darkenings

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Season 21: Finales



Dias and Marcus, exploring a dark cave on a barren world, come across what is known as Pandora's Box, which they believe has great treasure. Upon opening it, however, dark magics and creatures are unleashed upon the universe, while a hand grabs Dias' face, turning him black and Marcus begins to get hairy.

Autumn of 10-586:

Raquel, walking along in a depressed stupor, finds a strange animal that looks see-throughish. An inugami named Lilith. Upon taking it home with her, they form a pact of master and Inugami. Slowly the two begin to bond in strange ways, with Raquel seeking a friend in Lilith. Overtime, Raquel reveals herself to be Weapon IX and that Weapon IV, Ripple, was taking care of her until someone killed him. Lilith vows to help Raquel seek revenge.


Chad Winters, having arrived at Angela Bennet's apartment, slides her paperwork detailing one of Cran's research labs on another planet. Although it has to do with genetic research, Angela asks why bring it to her and Chad informs her a Bennet used to run the facility. Saying he'll need another person with him - and Bennet's kid would be useful, Angela asks about Aya, which Chad informs her Seraphna will be watching. Angela agrees.

Ignoring her attempts at conversation, Chad Winters pretends to be asleep in the shuttle ride to the planet when something goes wrong in transit hyperspace and an explosion makes them veer wildly in hyperspace. Knocked out of hyperspace by a second explosion, they fly toward a giant blue like planet, descending toward the ocean. Angela barely has time to mutter that this will hurt before they slam into the ocean and black out.

When Angela awakens, in pain, she finds herself washed up on a beach. Next to her is a dead Chad Winters, but after she performs CPR, he revives. Despite saving his life, Chad refuses to talk to Angela, so she tells him to recover there while she checks out the location; an hour of traveling in a circle brings her back to Chad, revealing they are on an island, with a jungle interior. That night, still lacking food, they have managed to make a fire with wood. Despite saying only two things - both in regards to food - Chad then walks off into the woods without another word.


Working together to survive - Chad fishing and Angela cooking and doing other womanly chores - their days go by in boredom, with Chad not saying much of anything due to his lack of personality. A super storm begins to sweep in and pour down on them as they retreat to the jungle for shelter, the tempature dropping rapidly as well. Together they work on a makeshift shelter. Despite being weak, Chad insists on doing most of the work himself and builds a fire. Angela asks him if she thinks they'll ever get out of there, but Chad only gives her a look and silence. Despite apologizing for her past actions, Angela is ignored by Chad. The next day, life resumes as normal


Life continues with few words, and all action. Their tans building and their shelter growing, the two continue day by day.


Angela, finally having enough of the silence, tells Chad it's time to talk, asking him why he's so angry with her and acts the way he does with her. Despite telling Chad she wants to fix things he tells her not everything can be fixed - despite others around him making mistakes, apparantly Angela's sins are too high in his opinion, despite the amount of times she's saved his life or gone out of her way for him. Chad tells her she clings to people because she needs someone to cling to and Angela agrees that she isn't much of a loner, but that he's wrong about her in other ways. He tells her that even if she tries to let go of the past she never will and that she will never feel complete and that's why he can't stand her. The conversation soon switches to the bond she has with Zeraphna and Chad believing she keeps the bond out of fear and need to be with someone; when Angela responds Zeraphna could just as easily break the bond, Chad tells her she could care less and that she's using Angela as a tool. When Angela asks Chad how does he know she isn't doing the same thing, he challenges her to break the bond. She tells him she's not breaking the bond for his satisfaction and lose the edge she has when it comes to protecting her friends; she points out she became human in the first place by taking the DNA Changer, which Zephyr accused her of being incapable of taking. Chad tells her that may be the case, but that part of her jumped for joy when she felt the power of the bond and how it felt good. Chad refuses to help her when she claims she has no one else, and tells her people will always use her for their own benefits like the pawn she presents them - making her wonder if Zeraphna will do the same thing. Chad tells her she will always seek out someone to control her because she's weak.

When Chad accuses her of working for EarthGov's leaders by running Janus, she throws back in his face that Cheryl and Warren - even Zephyr before she got deaged - did so. Ignoring the Zephyr bit, Chad tells her that Cheryl and Warren had been MIA for the past 10 months and no one knows what they were doing, which Angela points out could be something for EarthGov since Warren said duty came first last he spoke to her. In the end, she tells him she refuses to blindly leap and Chad walks off in the jungle, almost as if in disgust, since the leap is against what he egged her to do. Rain begins to fall. After a bit, Angela informs him she broke the bond, and Chad responds with disappointment and disgust, claiming she can't stick to her own convictions; when she begins to laugh, he stares at her and she tells him she didn't break the bond, she wanted to see what he said. He then informs her she's incapable of change and if she wants to prove it she should break the bond. Chad goes back to ignoring her and Angela ponders if the prophecy Billy told her a year ago has any weight.


Session 251: One Year Later

Raquel and Lilith

Roughly a year has passed since the two have made their pact to discover who killed Ripple. Sensing a dark presence, the two find a strange man at their doorstep, one who puts Lilith's hair on end. Though he looks like your average tourist, the inugami can sense there is something wrong. When he tells the inugami he has information on Ripple, Raquel quickly hurries over to learn what he knows. He tells her that he was killed by two lowly humans and that his soul is trapped - but Raquel could free it. Showing them a picture of Billy, he tells them that she has his soul. Handing Raquel a black gem, he informs her if they weaken Billy, then stab her with the weapon this forms, it will draw out his soul. Despite Lilith's alarm, Raquel seems eager to proceed and the man gives her a map with circles drawn out showing where the two men regularly go. After he leaves, when Lilith tells Raquel she should not trust him, she agrees the man is using her for his own goals and that he is a monster. But she does not mind being his tool for a little while if it means saving Ripple's soul. Using the gem, Raquel transforms it into a scythe that seems to absorb light than reflect it.

Cassandra Arakawa Anti-Terrorist Hunter Group

After the events of the past year, Cassandra has teamed up with Setsuna, Theron, Vyssa, Pope, and Miranda (Em). The business has not been doing well. Also in the past year super natural occurances have been on the rise. After getting reports of two whackjobs fighting a fire hydrant, Pope shows Cassandra the photo - Dias and Marcus. They head out to pick them up. By the time they arrive at the hydrant, they find it damaged and reports coming in of flying buildings now. Heading over to the incident, they find buildings lying in the courtyard, with Pope wondering if Dias and Marcus are behind this. When something that looks like a Dark One with a tail emerges, followed by a werewolf, the team takes aim only to discover the werewolf is holding a bloodied Billy. The two beings detransform back into Marcus and Dias. Cassandra demands an explanation from the two, so Dias begins to inform them what happened...

Dias and Marcus

After spending another day fighting crime like superheroes, Marcus and Dias meet up with Billy, who is now five years old and taunts them in a friendly like manner on their skill level. She then begins to torture Marcus like they were a couple, earning glares from people, despite Marcus trying to get her to stop. While they all goof around, a dog covered in runes (Lilith) moves up behind them, it's mouth dripping red. At that moment something explodes down the street and water gushes into a cafe. Arriving at the cafe, they find a fire hydrant shooting water everywhere and waitresses wailing for Dias to save them; all the while the dog follows them. After battling it for a bit and defeating the fire hydrant and the dog having slinked off, they find themselves with a new problem as Billy is suddenly attacked. She rushes off after something in the crowd, despite the attack coming from the other way. Losing the two after another attack, they try to follow her blood trail but instead come along to find a crushed jewel. They soon find Billy being circled by two people - one a 12 year old girl and the other a woman with dog ears and tail, and runes on her body. Raquel and Lilith. As Lilith forms a gravity well, Raquel stabs Billy in the chest with her sycthe. Raquel whispers something into her ear and begins to pull something out of Billy. Dias leaps down and lands on Billy, knocking her away from Raquel. Raquel holds the soul and absorbs it into her as Billy mutters she thinks she's dying. Dias and Marcus, thinking they have Billy's soul, attempt to fight while Lilith advises Raquel to run, but Billy informs them she never had a soul - that they took Ripple's soul from her. Wounded and angry, Lilith brings the four buildings down and steps through the ripple that Raquel is now able to make - Raquel stepping through her own as well. Marcus leaps for Billy as they crash down on them. Elsewhere, Raquel pleads with a wounded Lilith to live, and she complies.

Cassandra Arakawa Anti-Terrorist Hunter Group

When Cassandra annoyedly tells her team to arrest the two, Billy tells her not to - that they saved her. Setsuna hurries to get Billy to the hospital since her healing isn't working for some reason. For whatever reason Dias and Marcus deny being a Dark One and a werewolf, going as far as to break Em's camera to try to hide the evidence. At the hospital, the doctor tells them that she's unusual for a child but after insisting they let her crush a jewel she had, she got better. The doctor notes her wounds are healed now but she is weak and should rest for a week. When they step into the room, Billy has escaped in a child sized hole in the window. The team and Marcus/Dias head out to find her, with the idiot duo finding her first and informing the team. They pick up Billy and head off with her.

Dias and Marcus

When Billy awakens, they question her on the attackers; Billy responds she's never seen them before but they're definitely not Dark Ones. However, once they get back to their apartment and turn their back, lose Billy after she sneaks out on them, covering her trail.

Cassandra Arakawa Anti-Terrorist Hunter Group

They receive a rather vague report of something attacking men and a location, but nothing more than that. Arriving at the park where it happened, they find several men shaking with what appear to be hiccies on them along with tiny scratches. Investigating they find a small cat with a sex drive and wings. When it goes after Cassandra's breasts and slurps on them, Setsuna shoots it dead. Theron, mourning the poor horny kitten, pauses when more mews are heard from the sewers where the first emerged. Pope declares it an invasion while Em takes pictures for her scrapbook on her new camera. Theron quickly closes the lid to the sewer. After a moment, a giant furry cat with wings smashes through the ground, the size of a tank - and it eyes Cassandra's breasts. Pope retreats to the van, honking the horn for the others to get in. Once they're all on - and Setsuna having been knocked on by the cat, Pope drives like hell with it chasing them. Setsuna fires away as she holds onto the hood of the van. Cassandra, also climbing up to the top, fires and damages the terrible pussy. The flying cat opens it's mouth and Cassandra fires a shell into it, making it explode all over the street and buildings. Back at their base, Cassandra and Setsuna shower to feel clean again when a shadow of a kitten falls over the curtains; opening it up they find a kitten -- a normal one, with Theron pausing sheepishly. He is run out by sprays of water and Pope declares he loves this job.

Ariel, Zephyr, Erevis, and Megumi

Taking a trip to Famfrit, the three travel via ship. Zephyr, now 13 years old and apparantly aging normally now, is their pilot, despite the fact it unnerves Megumi. It's clear the four are a time of family, with Ariel, Zephyr, and Megumi falling into light bantering and the young girl clearly having affection for Megumi by teasing her endlessly. Finally having enough of the young girl's teasings, Megumi wanders off to find Erevis in the other room, making Zephyr sulk, not intending to run off "Miss Kitty". Finding Erevis in the sleeping area meditating in a dark hood and cloak over her tactical suit with gloves on, Megumi watches the young woman. Erevis has, since Centerpoint, lost her psionic abilities and been working instead in pushing herself in other areas - such as getting a pilot license and learning to wield a green bo that vanishes when she no longer needs it. Sensing Megumi's presence, Erevis opens both her eyes to ask if they are there. After being told no, the two banter a moment about how Zephyr tires out Megumi and Erevis pointing out a year ago, she did the same thing to others. They also discuss Erevis - Megumi thinking that once she fixed her eye she would be moving onto make ammends and Erevis tells her what Wind told her and that Xanatos wanted to be happy - so she is trying to do so, even if she is still searching for it. Megumi hugs her arm and they share some tender words, with it clear Megumi is slowly falling for Erevis in a romantic way, even if she is clueless to it.

Zephyr pauses as she eyes her calculation book, then begins to bawl as they fly towards a black hole, wailing she messed up a single number and apologizing as they are about to die. Erevis takes over piloting and tries to turn them around but they seem caught in the pull. Megumi, having studied engineering over the last year, works on getting the ship to allow them to enter hyperspace, since there is an error. After they work together the two jump the ship away into normal space. They head on their way while Zephyr sulks with Ariel in the bedroom about Megumi being right. As they arrive at Famfrit, they are attacked by manifested crystals from ships. Despite hailing them, they are greeted with silence. When she identifies herself as Famfrit, Megumi gets a set of coordinates by a gruff, no nonsense voice. Landing at a military post, they are surrounded by Famfrit in military uniform.

Going out first while Erevis uses her goggles to see in the darkness, Megumi approaches the Famfrits. They inform her she will be taken into custody to answer questions while they hold her ship and companions. After some dramatic shit and a scuffle with the military they attempt to escape and are separated - Megumi and Ariel in one location, Zephyr and Erevis elsewhere. The dramatic shift leads to Megumi accidently killing a famfrit commander. Dragging the body with her, they go searching for the others, Ariel feeling Zephyr to the west. Hearing laughter and a whistle, Megumi drops the body and runs off, with Ariel chasing her. Strange things begin to happen to her as the Fairlights, freed when Pandora's Box, discreetly play tricks on her and show her images of her mother and father. They become real and grab onto her, asking where she was as they hold her tightly. Ariel moves to try to stop but she is held up by images of Wind, trying to slow her down. As it all fades, Megumi seeing what happened to her family, she berserks like on Centerpoint and struggles against Ariel to break free.

Rampaging, she destroys the entire military compound despite Erevis, Zephyr, and Ariel's attempts to stop her, killing hundreds of famfrits in her rage. When it finally settles down, guilt takes over and she plans to stay behind to accept the consequences when more arrive. She tells the others to leave, but Erevis refuses to do so, staying with her. Zephyr, a bit traumatized by seeing so many killed and Megumi covered in blood, faints so Ariel takes her back to the shuttle, unsure what to do; when Zephyr wakes back up and says they should go, Ariel, not wanting to leave her friends behind, stabs herself in the stomach. Zephyr freaks out at seeing this, blaming Megumi for it; Erevis, sensing what happened, pulls Megumi into the ship and takes off, having them escape the planet and Megumi heals Ariel's wound. Stunned that Ariel would do that, and feeling the sensations as her pilot, Erevis becomes withdrawn and more Progenitor like, slowly becoming her old self.

Chad and Angela

Angela beats up on a tree while training. Finding her cheerfulness annoying, Chad makes snide remarks and tells her if he wants her to be less grumpy to stop talking. While fishing in the deep, Chad is attacked. Angela saves him again. But then it attacks Angela. Chad saves Angela from dying, pissed off at her going in. They go back to shore. Chad cuts his side and bleeds black ooze out from a wound. Angela thanks him for pulling her out. That night, a comet streaks in, slows, and lands, a shuttle, with two strange humanoids with guns; Chad talks to them.

Later, they find themselves on a mining ship. Promising to wire them the money to get home, the captain of the ship takes them toward Earth over a long week and a half journey.


Erevis, Megumi, Ariel, and Zephyr

While on the long trip back to Earth due to the damaged ship making it take five times as long, the four people, having begun to grow apart due to the events of what transpired, are brought into a dream like state where they experience many strange things. Megumi has two personalities inside it and Ariel, in armor, walks along as they try to find Erevis along with Zephyr, who refuses to play along. They find two Erevises, one looking like Wind, the other asleep in a crystal with the help of a guide, a strange girl in white that is one of the Fairlights in disguise. During this another Ariel, Shadow Ariel, plays with Bestial Megumi in the briars. The Progenitor Erevis addresses them, saying she is the true Erevis, and that the other Erevis sealed her emotions away after what happened so she could function. One Megumi feels abandoned, the other wants Erevis; both Ariels call Progenitor Erevis resentful for her truthful words. Ariel finally breaks past and grabs the crystal, sobbing as she holds it, and one Megumi decks the other. In the end, they break Erevis out of the crystal and everyone makes up - though Zephyr does not participate, instead watching silently. The girl that helped them shrugs and vanishes and they wake up in the ship.


Session 252: Soul Searching

Dias and Marcus

Dias and Marcus save a kitten from a tree. Then they call Cassandra about Billy. Then they go to Cassandra's house to find Billy. Then Dias snoops in Cassandra's master bedroom. They find Billy after a bit, wearing a cute red ribbon and white dress. After calling Cassandra to tell her she hates her - for letting Marcus and Dias come over - she moves to the kitchen. They follow and as she begins to eat, she tells them to call her Andrea. After they both switch to the name she lets them eat Cassandra and Setsuna's plates, while a hostage situation plays out at a hotel... When Marcus comments she should cook for them, she tells them that she's a kid and cooking for two grown men is sad and that she's not his wife. Then they all color together. It's clear Andrea is somewhat off as she refuses to go out because it's dark and other quirky things.

Cassandra Arakawa Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

With only supernatural assignments now, the group finds them selves on site at the park where they find the bodies of three men drained of blood and naked. Cassandra's team begins to look into possible vampires. Ignoring annoying comm calls from Marcus and Dias about Billy, the group looks into vampires. Going to the Blood and Dancing Bite Club, they realize it's dark and call up to tell Billy that Marcus and Dias will be babysitting, then go in undercover into the club. And find it's a S&M club. Cassandra and Setsuna head in while Pope, Em, Vyssa, and Theron play back up in the van. While the two try to figure out how to get past the bouncer, Theron walks in to stretch his legs, tricks the bouncer, and gets into the backrooms. Vyssa follows to save him from any trouble he might get into. Cassandra, seeing how he got in, follows Vyssa into the back to find Theron. Finding a strange woman, Theron, recalling the men died from having their penises drained of blood, asks to have his penis sucked on. The woman pulls him into an office right as Cassandra and Vyssa come into view. Using cyberoptic cameras to peer under the door, they see Theron on the bed; busting in they walk in and find him pantless on the bed, but since it's a trap, the woman wraps powerful arms around Cassandra from behind and bites into her neck.

Vyssa attacks the woman who dodges, but lets them go. She then uses magic so they can't move, only to have a masked man with a sword that was in the club earlier run in declaring he will save them - then trip and collapse. He restands, somehow able to move and pulls out his sword, charging the vampiress and swinging - and slashing part of the bed in two. This allows Cassandra and Vyssa to move again. The two attack and stab the woman with blades until the man tells them to cut off her head; Vyssa finally manages to do so with a knife after splattering blood all over herself and Cassandra. Ripping off his mask, Cassandra sees an 18 year old man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He explains his sword protects him from magic when four more vampires arrive. Pope enters and sets them on fire. When asking Pope why Theron moved without orders, Pope shrugs; Cassandra mutters about maybe needing his little blue girl to keep him in line.


Session 253: Unnatural Occurances

Raquel and Lilith

Lilith has managed to survive and while still hurt, is busy maiming breakfast for Raquel like usual. After breakfast, Raquel puts on her equipment she got from Ripple and her new weapon and they head to a hotel where they terrorize a hotel manager. Cops and media soon arrive as they hold him hostage but no sign of the targets. More time passes and Lilith stubbornly crushes a car and hurls it at people, waiting...

Dias and Marcus

Dias and Marcus are babysitting Andrea (Billy) at Cassandra's house while the team is out of town on a mission. Dias brings her a cake, saying today is her birthday - since she doesn't have one - and she tries a bit. However, it soon becomes a cake fight between Dias and Marcus as they hit each other in the face with it while Billy moves to the other end of the table to resume coloring. After they goof around more, they discover Billy is gone and the holovid playing of a hostage situation in a hotel. Apparantly a repeat situation from what happened four days ago. They watch on the holovid as someone runs for the door but is jerked back by a gravity well. Then another crushes a car and hurls it. Billy, sitting on the edge of the roof to the house, watches the two head off and plan how to deal with the two. Stealing Cassandra's sports car, they drive off.

Raquel and Lilith, Dias and Marcus

Dias and Marcus arrive at the hotel and argue with the cops to be let in to deal with the situation. The car they drove in is crushed by Lilith however. After bullshitting their way past the cops, they head toward the hotel to deal with the situation. Battling their way toward the hotel, the two try to outsmart the two inside. Splitting up once near enough, Marcus heads to the back door and is shot through it by Lilith who, predicting their simple actions, randomly shot through it on a whim. It strikes him in the chest and sent flying into the garbage. Marcus partially transforms and rushes off about a block before passing out and collapsing, leaving Dias alone to deal with the two deadly femme fatals.

Crawling along the roof Dias escapes a trap the two laid for him by simply avoiding it by dumb pure luck. He leaps across to the next building and slides along it toward Marcus. Lilith and Raquel ripple chase them. There, they do battle with Dias. Dias begins to use Dark Beams like Dark Ones, trying to hold both of them off. Forming a super Gravity Well, Lilith sees Raquel recklessly still fighting Dias even as it grows bigger and tackles her away. Dias then leaps into a dumpster himself. The building collapses afterwards. Despite the fact Dias and Marcus might be dead, the two find themselves without any more energy so Raquel, code name Spirit, uses a ripple for them to escape.

Meanwhile, Dias and Marcus awaken in a bed later. Naked. It seems Billy saved their lives and dragged them back to Cassandra's house. After getting dressed and putting Billy to bed, they plot how to get stronger; and blame Cassandra's crushed car on the two girls

Cassandra Arakawa Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

Finding themselves in the Rainforest State, the bodily remains of 10 humans lay - torn limb from limb. Tracks lead deeper into the jungle. Cassandra states their objective is to hunt it down and terminate it, but leave enough for the lab to examine. When a spider lands on Pope's back he freaks out and flails, and when Theron informs him it's going for his neck, he falls down a hill and out of sight. The others follow and find a giant hole in the ground, but no sign of Pope. As they study it, a big hairy dog like creature stands behind Theron, fangs dripping with drool and the size of a man; it knocks Theron into Cassandra, sending them both down the hole. Then it leaps out of sight as the others fire at it. Cassandra activates her goggles and finds they are in a cavern full of human bones and remains. At least they find Pope down there. With everyone else but Setsuna going into the pit, the wolf man returns and battles her above. She manages to scare it off for the time being.

Suddenly, they come across the masked vigilante again, who seems surprised to see them as well. He helps Setsuna get them out of the pit with a rope. After realizing they are lost in the jungle, and the man is gone again, they decide to have Cassandra play bait, smearing blood on her and having her take point. However, things go bad when the wolfman bites Cassandra; despite being shot, it runs off. The masked man steps back out and informs them that if they don't kill the original wolfman that bit her, Cassandra will become one, too. During this, Vyssa, having run off, is thrown in a hole again and again as she does battle with the wolfman. Theron shoots it in the back three times and runs it off. They all join together, including the vigilante, and hunt it down. They manage to defeat it and it reverts to a naked female, and Cassandra feels her urge to eat the team gone. Cassandra offers the vigiliante a job and he accepts, telling them his name is Drake.

They go to Rio to party at a topless beach; Cassandra receives a picture of a naked Dias and Marcus in her bed while Theron hits on Cassandra, saying her unavailability makes her hot. Setsuna decides he'll never find anyone. It's true.

Chad and Angela

The meet Zeraphna at the airbase after they land, who comments gibbly that she totally didn't mind watching a child for two months as Aya runs to greet Chad, hugging him. After telling Chad he will be charged extra, Zeraphna joins Angela who wants to talk to her about the bond - Chad telling her she's an idiot as they walk along. When asked why she has never broken the bond, Zeraphna responds that it's useful if she ever needs power. After a tense talk, Zeraphna tells her just to break the bond if she wants and Angela does so, walking over to inform Chad; when Chad asks Zeraphna if she wants ice cream, she walks off without a word, so Chad does so as well, leaving Angela standing there alone.


Angela and Darien

Later, she meets with Darien in his prison cell. The two banter a bit about if she slept with Chad since he likes them young, and Darien responds he's had sex twice this month in prison, indicating rape by other prisoners. Though it's hard to tell if he's serious. Angela vows to get him out of the cell no matter what. When she tells him she broke her bond with Zeraphna, Darien stares at her in shock and surprise. She tells him she will get stronger on her own and Darien accepts that. Complimenting each other's looks, since Angela is tanned and filled out and toned from the island, and Darien has buffed up in prison, Angela says if he wasn't with Ariel and trails off. Darien clears his throat and tells her she will find someone eventually. When the guard announces their time is up, Angela promises to talk to him next week. Once outside, Angela eyes the data disc she was given, and realizes Zeraphna didn't want to break the bond after all.

Marcus and Zeraphna

Marcus and Zeraphna bump into each other on the streets as he's walking around. He tries to make friendly banter with her, which she makes cold banter back. After pressing her and ignoring her insults when asking her about how she's been, she tells him, reluctantly, fine. After threatening to walk off, she does just that but Marcus follows her anyway. Marcus offers her the hand of friendship, but she informs him she doesn't need friends. Marcus then offers to pay her to help him deal with Raquel and Lilith and he needs to find a facility that supports four times normal earth gravity training. Walking off again, she tells him if he wants the latter she could ust drop a 1,000 ton block on him and be done with it. Marcus shows her the scar Lilith gave last time they had an encounter, shooting him through the chest. Finally relenting, she tells him that kind of training will not help him and seems to develop a tick when he finds that strange. Looking hurt for the first time at her attitude toward him when it comes to the situation, he admits to her that Dias is loving it but he's not and that he has something painful to show her and tries to lead her into an alley, which makes her think he wants sex and she immediately rejects the notion and shows disdain at being touched.

Marcus, Zeraphna, and Dias

Transforming into a werewolf in front of her, Zeraphna activates her scythe in surprise and tells him she will kill him to save him from the curse. At that moment that Dias lands behind her, startling her for a moment and distracting her. Marcus transforms back and tells her to calm down. She finally has her weapon vanish. She offers to kill the child for 10,000 credits for them but they claim that they don't want her killed. When Dias says they want her to train them, she states they don't train; when he brings up Aya, who she taught how to kill others and other things out of desperation of babysitting for two months, she says that was a rare exception. When Marcus says fine to the payment, she says she wants half up front; stating he doesn't believe she can manage it anyway so why should he pay her, Zeraphna shrugs and walks off. Marcus turns and walks off the other way after telling them they'll never talk again. Dias goes to a bar.

Marcus and Zeraphna

However, he suddenly is beside her again as she's walking along. He says she gets she has no vested interest in their fight but for some reason, despite not liking her, he doesn't like the idea of her never talking to them again, making her twitch a little. When asked why she doesn't change since she doesn't like herself or anyone else, she tells him she believes committing suicide a sin and cowardly; Marcus dryly asks if everything with her is killing and she says that she is an Omega. Pausing, Marcus realizes she her dislike stems from Angela and tells her he hates her too for being so wishy washy and what she did to Billy; when he brings up why he can't fanthom her being bonded to Angela, Zeraphna snaps that Angela broke the bond. When he asks her why she didn't break the bond, Zeraphna gets angry and defensive for some reason. Finally, she jabs Marcus' chest with her finger and asks why he wants to be her friend and that she won't bone him like Angela would have done. Marcus counters that he isn't interested in that (liar) and that maybe he's so stupid he likes her company, making her twitch more. Reaching an apartment building, she leaves the door partially open and goes inside; Marcus peers in asking if she's going to say goodbye and she retorts she figured he'd just walk on inside like he's been doing so far. Marcus finds the apartment bare with only a couch, maps of the city, and a bedroom. When he compliments her on her dedication, eyeing all the marks on the maps, she responds that he wants to exploit her talents; annoyed Marcus says he's decided he doesn't want her help with the enemy just to show her that's not his intent. When asked why she thinks he wants to exploit her, she tells him everyone does: Angela did until she felt she no longer needed her strength. Chad Winters did it with watching his kid for two months. And then she just says Phaeton's name and no more.

Finally, Zeraphna just throws out why they don't get the sex out of the way since Marcus claims if he offered her drinks she'd assume it. Then she warns him she doesn't make the same offer twice. When asked if she tries to form emotional connections with sex, she tells him it's just a physical act that feels good for both people. They have sex. Zeraphna, though, takes charge during it and afterwards looks smug. After a moment, he asks if he's suppose to go now and Zera tells him he isn't sleeping there, so Marcus gets dressed to go, telling her he's not done trying to make friends with her. After he leaves, she pulls out a child's toy and studies it

Marcus and Billy

After leaving, Marcus is attacked by random objects until he finds out who's doing it: Billy. Telling him she smells her on him, she turns to go but he grabs her, despite her attempts to break free. She begins to cry and call him a big idiot and Marcus suddenly realizes what she's talking about and apologizes. She tells him she came just to make sure he wasn't lying dead somewhere and found him having sex with someone he barely knows. Despite his attempts to follow, she yells at him hurtful things and he finally turns and goes the other way as it begins to rain.


Session 254: The Natural Price of Things

Raquel and Lilith

Back at the scene of the last battle, Lilith tracks a scent with Spirit (Raquel) following. They find the Arakawa Residence and knock on the front door, confronting Billy. When Billy refuses to give up Marcus and Dias, Spirit begins to stab her. When Billy tells Spirit she's a monster now like she is, Spirit rips out a soul painfully, telling her she's better than Billy and that's why they want her now and Billy is just trash. Telling Billy to deliver a message to the two to meet her at the scrapyard, or she'll deal with the rest of her family; she then tosses Billy aside and walks off with Lilith to the scrapyard.

Marcus and Dias

While goofing off around the town, they get reports that a pale black haired girl of about 5 years of age was stabbed outside her home. Stealing a car and driving to Arakawa's house, they find no sign of Billy, but a lot of blood. Smelling the scent of their enemies, they are surprised when cops pulls up to arrest them for car theft so they run to the scrapyard to the north.

Raquel and Lilith, Marcus and Dias

Billy arrives in a 12 year old form, violet eyes blazing with anger as she faces against Lilith and Spirit. However, by chance, Marcus and Dias arrive. The scrapyard, being Lilith's domain, is one big death trap for the three. It's a very, very brutual battle that draws blood on both sides and injuries all around. During it, as Lilith is especially abused, Spirit grows more and more irrational with her desire to kill them, forgoing even Lilith to achieve it. Finally, Lilith has her blade fade, stating she can't fight monsters while serving one. Dias, in his Dark One form, throws a punch for Lilith's gut after she says that, but a weak Billy steps in the way, taking the hit to the face, telling him to stop, surprising both Lilith and Dias. Spirit, consumed by the gems she was given now, is surrounded by a dark dome of energy and inside becomes a Dark One; Billy tells them they have to stop her and that she's just being used. Dias and Marcus battle Dark Spirit and Lilith watches helplessly without any spirit energy now. The brutal fight continues, with Lilith doing what she can with damaged weapons, even using her railgun with Billy as a tripod. Dias and Spirit fire dark attacks into each other that form a giant blackhole that begins to suck everyone in; Lilith tries to use a gravity well to stablelize her and Billy and Spirit uses a ripple to get distance, then feed more energy into it to make it bigger, not caring if they all die.

Cassandra Arakawa Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

In the ruins of the old capital in Mega City, the team is investigating the reports of recent strange and mysterous deaths surrounding the area over the last few month. Due to it being day over in Japan where the other scene is taking place, it's night time here. As they head in, on the outskirts of the city, they find chewed on bodies and brains missing from the corpses. Despite Drake's objections to going inside, they head on in. Soon they are surrouned by the undead and begin to battle legions of zombies; due to how many died in Mega City when Xevil attacked it so long ago, they are quickly outnumbered. Finally driven on top of the mall roof, they find themselves surrounded on all sides below. After Drake stresses again this is why you never go into cities when there's something like possible zombie outbreaks, they lurch onto the roof. Ordering a retreat, Cassandra and her team cut a way through the zombies. Reaching the edge of the city, with zombies following, Drake notes they need to carpet bomb the city and label it a biohazard. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure watches them as they escape. Vyssa, mentioning she feels someone is watching them, leads Drake to find a string of beads. Leading them to wonder if it's voodoo and perhaps the undead were blowfish victims (Cassandra's idea) or real zombies, the mystery is left unsolved.

Back in Japan and reporting the incident to EarthGov, the team gets a report from the police about her house being wrecked and Billy kidnapped, with the two suspects being sketched: Dias and Marcus, much to Cassandra's annoyance. When reports of darkbeams comes in at a scrapyard, they head that way. Arriving outside the scrapyard, they can tell weird shit is going down with dark beams glowing, a dark matter bomb (blackhole) growing, and things flying about. As they stare...

Raquel and Lilith, Marcus and Dias

Dias finally leaks into the black hole and vanishes; the dark matter bomb (the blackhole) explodes into tiny pieces that fly out in all directions, striking Spirit, and a naked human Dias laying dead in the crater that's left behind from the explosion.

Team Cass, Raquel and Lilith, Marcus and Dias

Marcus reverts from his werewolf form back to normal in front of the team, cradling Billy, while Drake checks on the Dark Ones he saw (Spirit and Dias). With Dias human again, he aims his sword at Spirit since she remains a Dark One, even if she is wobbling. When Billy rejects their help and wobbles over to Lilith, who is raging at Spirit that she has lost her way for revenge, the others find Dias has lived somehow, with a faint pulse. Billy pulls out a crystal and breaks it after asking Lilith if she cares for Raquel. It sucks in all the dark energy from Spirit and then shatters, knocking the three down. The dark entity flees after being ripped out. Too weak to attack anymore, Spirit asks Marcus if he plans to kill her like he did her brother. He informs her that they killed Ripple because he attacked them mercilessly like they just did, then asks Cassandra's team to arrest them. Lilith, now in dog form, makes Drake comment on arresting a 12 year old girl and her dog.

Billy, despite being gravely injured, asks Spirit to end this; she has her brother's soul back and they saved her life just then from the dark entity before it fled. Spirit, sobbing, says Ripple just wanted Dias back in the fold, and Billy tells her he attacked them mercilessly when they refused. And it's time to move on. Dias is who Dias is going to be and you can't force change, unfortunately. Spirit tells Lilith she isn't going to fight them anymore. When Billy says the only way she can heal is with soul energy, Spirit hits her chest and returns the one she stole earlier, healing her wounds. Setsuna orders Drake to take the two to the base for now while she takes Billy home; on the way there, Drake strikes up conversation with Lilith.


Marcus and Zeraphna

Marcus goes to Zera's apartment building and hits her button. She buzzes him in and they talk. He tells her he beat the two girls but lost part of his middle finger and that it hasn't regrown back, but he's too proud to ask Winters for money to get it repaired. Finally setting her datapad down that she was working on, she cuts off his small talk with an offer of sex which he turns down for a walk, to her bewilderment. As she gets dressed, he also mentions food, then a date, which she dismisses a trival and a waste of time. When he asks what sort of girl she is, she informs him she's a no ties kind of girl; Marcus tries to say since he's paying for dinner, he gets to bitch, but she says she'll pay her half making him frown. Small talk that goes poorly to bland, he finally gets her to agree to let him pay and they sit to eat ramen. Asking her to tell him something that no other friend knows, she tells him she has no friends, making him frown since he wants to be her's; but before he can sulk further she tells him blue is her favorite color. Marcus tells her his is musicals. Despite her biting banter, and the fact she pays for her half anyway, but on the way she confesses he finds his looks appealing or she wouldn't have slept with him. Once back inside, she slams him against the wall and has her way with him sexually. Afterwards he is sent on his way by Zeraphna, though she tells him after he pussies out on kissing her that he could have if he wanted.


Session 255: A Matter of Laughter

Cassandra Arakawa Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

Cassandra, Marcus, and Setsuna visit Secure Facility 3-3-1 and speak with the doctor there about Spirit and Lilith. The doctor states he isn't really sure what they can do since Marcus and Dias decided not to press charges and there's no precendent for arresting a 12 year old girl and her dog before. He states he was hoping since they specialize in the supernatural if they would take custody of them, considering Cassandra and Setsuna's background in the military. Marcus just smiles as Cassandra agrees and is given custody quickly. They take Spirit and Lilith and head back to HQ when Drake calls them about a bigwig military guy being there. When they arrive, they find General Thompson along with the rest of their team waiting, who informs them they had to nuke Mega City to get rid of the zombie infestation. After being insulted by him, Cassandra demands to know why he is there and he tells her the government can't be having some half-cocked dangerous organization running around unchecked. Right as he's about to shut them down he gets a message from someone that pisses him off and he tells her she apparantly has friends in high places. He informs her the government is sending some representative to oversee things but warns her not even "he" can protect Cassandra's unit from Thompson forever before he storms out.

The representative steps in and smiles at them: Katrina McCormick. When asked who their savior is, Katrina playfully tells her she can't tell that information, but he is the broody type. She sits down and lets them conduct business as usual, and they decide Spirit and Lilith will remain at the HQ for now until Cassandra's house is repaired. As the group banters and Drake stumbles around Lilith like a love sick puppy, Katrina studies Spirit and mumbles the two souls prophecy, since Angela is no longer in the running.

Erevis, Megumi, Zephyr, and Ariel

Meanwhile, in a person ship, Erevis, Megumi, Zephyr, and Ariel are on it. Megumi and Ariel wake at the same time and find the ship entering the atmosphere; comming the bridge, they find the strangest thing when Erevis talks unlike anything before, stretching words and saying widdle Megumi, then making cultural references that make no sense like Red Hot Chilli Peppers after Zephyr's name. As they go to the bridge, Erevis keeps her hood up without facing them, and they rapidly approach Tokyo. Humming the song 'Zephyr' and acting crazier, she informs them Zephyr is in the cabinent behind the crackers and Megumi goes to check on her; Ariel turns the chair around to face Erevis and sees a clown face and nose and Erevis goes "Hey hey hey". They crash into a building.

Cassandra Arakawa Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

The team, watching the holovid as they eat, watch a shuttle crash into a building and confetti come flying out afterwards. After it collapses, a clown comes running out holding three dolls. The Erevis Bimboed Clown runs and shoves her face into the camera and calls out the Hunters, making Katrina recoil. Then Erevis Bimbo shoves the camera down her shirt to show off her "animal balloons" to the world. The team heads out and arrives at the building to find only the three dolls, which are actually muppets, of Ariel, Zephyr, and Megumi. And they're alive. As Megumi the muppet bawls that her love has lost her mind, the team is left reeling with trying to figure out what is going on. Pope punts Muppet Megumi away after she hits him and Muppet Ariel forms a foam sword. Cassandra, twitching, orders the team to find Erevis and see if they can figure out who is controlling her. However, Erevis finds them. After honking Vyssa's boobs, she runs off in a dust cloud, leaving the team to wonder when cartoons invaded, to Lilith's bafflement. When Cassandra mutters they need team cohension here, Erevis agrees, leaning on her shoulder and eating a carrot. Setsuna manages to punch her and she goes to turn herself in but Marcus tells her he isn't into clowns, causing Erevis Bimbo to gain glowing red eyes and turn him into a muppet in retataliation.

When asked to stop, Erevis then freezes in place, perfectly still - then crumbles to dust. Reappearing behind Vyssa, she declares the dust a bitch for turning to dust, then turns Vyssa into a muppet. Lilith attempts a gravity well that Erevis eats, turns into a bloated Erevis, and rolls away, gaining size, rolling up Marcus who was chasing her in anger at his penis being a tiny foam thing now. Rolling up a building, she is finally stopped when Theron throws a dagger and makes her pop, exploding her guts all over - that tastes like jam and jelly. A normal Erevis lays in the middle of the jam. Back to normal and confused, when Megumi Muppet hugs her, she states she is a doll. Meanwhile, a robotic clown stands behind Cassandra, making gestures like Drake who is trying to figure out the situation. The clown then reveals his identity: Bimbo the Clown!

Erevis informs them that this an entity from the old reality that Wind hailed from. After being told that bimbos are big breasted women, Bimbo gives Marcus the Muppet big breasts and blonde hair, declaring him Mini Bimbo. He begins to break the fourth wall and inform Marcus the other players hate him so their characters hate him, making him sad. Megumi finally comes up with a tactic to defeat Bimbo: "if it defies all manner of laws, then all we need to do to defeat that is... find a law it cannot break, even with a lack of sense?" Em replies that makes a certain amount of sense while Setsuna says it makes NO sense. Bimbo, meanwhile, draws with a crayon on Cassandra and makes her a cyborg again - and triple D cup. When Megumi declares herself too bored to think out more of a tactic, Bimbo falls over dead - for a second, before ripping Ariel in half, though it doesn't hurt her. Tossing Ariel aside as Megumi continues on about how uninteresting this is, Bimbo declares himself totally way interesting. The others join in and Bimbo reels, saying he's a clown and funny! Spirit points at Marcus and says he's funnier and he's not a clown; Lilith agrees, despite having no sense of humor. He waves at Cassandra, who is flying around by her boobs and Setsuna holding her, declaring he made lesbians fly and that's funny. The others disagree, though Vyssa finds it absurd; each time she goes on about how absurd it is, Bimbo regains some lost strength the others have sapped with their words. Finally, after the others keep going on about how Marcus, despite being an idiot, is funnier, he points at Marcus, declaring he will decide the fate of the world; all he has to do is make Bimbo the Clown laugh.

The joke used, while Erevis sows Ariel back together, is this:

* Marcus` nods. "Ok ok ok. Knock Knock."
<Bimbo> Who's there?
<Marcus`> Dias.
<Bimbo> Dias who?
<Marcus`> No that's the joke. Dias.
<Bimbo> Dias is the joke?
<Marcus`> Yep.
<Spirit> "...Dias is A joke..."
<Bimbo> ... .... But--
<Lilith> "Agreed. That is truth."
* Marcus` nods, motioning to Spirit and Lilith.
* Megumi nods toward Marcus. "Yeah, I agree."
Bimbo grabs his head. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
<Marcus`> See. They get it.

Bimbo is defeated and explodes into confetti, everyone returning to normal. Zephyr, once back to normal, runs off. They all head off, not noticing the clown dog vowing to make them laugh another - then it licks it's own ass.

When they arrive back at the HQ, except Erevis who went to see Durran's grave and Ariel who is looking for Zephyr, Katrina asks how it went and Setsuna declares they will never speak of it again. Megumi laments, outloud in the van with Theron and Vyssa while the others go inside: "I will remember to consider this in the future, but for the future to move forward I am... worried that I will never regain miss Zephyr's and miss knight's trust. Miss Erevis I... I have spent a year attempting to remedy my mistakes with her, and I will spend another dozen gladly." Not feeling comfortable to be around Erevis while she's at the grave, and unsure if she should be there at all, she has Theron keep on driving past the gravesite for now. Terra arrives to greet Megumi when they get to the house Megumi lives in with Erevis. At the HQ, the team relaxes and Billy shows some cute evil sides. Marcus tries to get Cass and Sets to pose for his art class drawing. He fails.

Erevis and Ariel arrive at the others after leaving the cemetary; pulling her hood up and in a somber tone, she goes hey hey hey, making everyone but Ariel freak out before Ariel warns her not to break them. Erevis made a joke. Erevis, when asked by Megumi if she will be joining Cassandra's unit, states she will not be joining any units. Ariel says she needs time to recover, as well, so Megumi decides against joining too. When asked about Zephyr, Ariel responds she thinks she's needs some time for now, but finding her will be happening soon on her list. As Erevis heads to her house with Ariel, who is staying there, they tell Megumi she is welcome to come along. Giving Megumi her hood and cloak to shield from the sun, they head home and Megumi manages to weasle her way into sharing a bed with Erevis. Once there, they begin to drink and talk and Megumi acts like a cat. At the HQ, Lilith uses Spirit as a shield from Drake's smiles and puppy dog looks.

Marcus and Zeraphna

Going to Zeraphna's apartment after failing to draw Cass and Sets naked, he talks to Zeraphna, same ol' routine. When pilots are brought up, Zeraphna gets pissy and declares she doesn't need a pilot at all. He explains that Zephyr said sometimes it wasn't all it was cracked up to be and Zera declares she loves being a pilot; when asked what it's like to be bonded, but Zeraphna finally explodes, telling him to back off and using curse words, shocking him. Pausing awkwardly afterwards they both apologize to the other. After a moment Zera tells him that Angela just broke the bond like it was nothing; surprised it bothered her, Marcus asks why she was't relieved since it was Angela, she has no answer. She states bonds aren't worth it anyway and she does fine on her own without the baggage a pilot brings. Marcus chides her angerily that with that attitude she can't get stronger that you need others when you fail to help you get better. Zeraphna states, if she ever had to get a pilot, she'd pick the most genetically and mentally adequate candidate; when Marcus asks if she'd pick him, she says no. After Marcus gets uppity she says she wouldn't pick him if he were the last man on Earth and enters her room; after a moment of nothing, he steps in and eyes her on the bed. Hiding her face with the pillow, she continues to deal with that which is Marcus Jones. After getting up in his face and exchanging insults, they have wild sex again. After it, they wrestle to prove Marcus is stronger and he actually wins with wolfman powers. Forcing her to let him take control of the sex this time, Zeraphna has no choice but to comply. Afterwards, while lazily relaxed, she still throws him out; he tells her to consider the pilot thing and she tells him to call next time. As Marcus leaves, Billy watches him quietly from the roof.


Chad and Zephyr

Coming home to his apartment building, he finds Zephyr sitting in the lobby, hugging her knees. Looking at him, she squints and asks if she knows him and Chad tells her they used to know each other. When he asks her if she's hiding she replies that she just felt safe here for some reason. Accepting his offer to come inside, though she flinches when he mentions Ariel's name, she follows him into his apartment. Aya runs out and the two stare at each other awkwardly. Going mommy when seeing her, Zephyr struggles and says she faintly remembers her; while Chad goes to make two sandwiches, she awkwardly puts an arm around the girl as she chatters away at her. Together they share a meal with Zephyr watching Aya intently. After Aya goes to her room to play, Chad and Zephyr share an awkward conversation with each other. After it looks like Zephyr might leave, Chad offers to tell her what their relationship was like in the past and goes into details about Eve and Aya. When she pauses him and tells him he should be honest with Aya and tell her about Eve and not have Zephyr be a fake mom, she cuts him off when he says she could be and tells him she doesn't want to be her mom. When asked why she was there, she admits she felt like she should be then adds mothers aren't dependable. When Chad tells her friends can share details, she tells him, in an offput tone, that Ariel tried to kill herself in front of her and didn't even care enough or love her enough to stay with her; all she cared about was that 'stupid Erevis and Megumi' and she didn't matter. Zephyr bitterly says she doesn't need anyone.

In the hallway, Zephyr passes Angela who is there, not recognizing her, while Chad chases after her, ignoring Angela. He tries to calm her down and Zephyr rambles in tears that he said even he hurt her; who is dependable when her own mother stabbed herself in the chest after telling her how alike they were. Angela silently listens in, twitching. Shaking as she begins to relive it, Zephyr mumbles about how Ariel's blood was all over her hands, clearly on the verge of snapping. Falling to her knees like she's shut off, Zephyr is propped up by Chad who tells her Ariel loves her, he's sure of that and pulls her into a hug and she hugs him tightly back, going to sleep while holding him.

Chad and Angela

Stepping out into the hallway after putting Zephyr on the couch, Chad demands to know where Ariel is at; but before she agrees to tell him, she shows him papers saying she was honorablely discharged from the military for being AWOL for two months and tells him she's homeless. She tells him no one is hiring teenagers and her funds are frozen right now and she needs a place. After a lot of arguing, he agrees to take her in but on these conditions: "Here's the rules and I swear to god if you don't follow them I will kick your ass to the curb so damn fast you're going to wish you got a dishonorable discharge instead. This is my place and I'm god in there. You will not question anything I say to MY daughter or to Zephyr. You WILL get a job within 2 days even if it's flipping burgers. You will pay rent and you will find your own place to move into. And you will not BLUSH." Afterwards, she hands him Ariel's frequency. Serious, this is no laughing matter!

Chad, Ariel, Erevis, and Megumi

Arriving at Erevis' place, Chad is greeted by a rope trap set by Erevis, who apologizes after hanging him upside down. Cutting him free, she catches him with a free arm as Megumi comes to watch; curious about her using her arm, he asks her what number he is thinking about and she responds with with "why would I know that?" Concluded she lost her psionic abilities, she admits she seems to have lost the ability to enhance the latent abilities in her body - starting about one month after the battle with Wind. Megumi asks why he is asking all these questions, leading the two to debate the merits of asking 'friends' their abilities and whatnot out of the blue, combat readiness or not. When asked about the rope, Erevis responds she is after a kidnapper. When Erevis asks what brings Chad to her doorstep, he tells her that he's there to talk with Ariel. Despite Megumi mentioning her attempting to kidnap the delivery boy, Erevis does not pay attention, a rare thing for her, as she watches Chad go to the back. Erevis then sits on the front steps with Megumi after closing the door, not wanting to listen in on the conversation.

Chad backhands Ariel across the face in greeting and Ariel doesn't stop him. Demanding to know how she could do that to Zephyr of all people, Ariel meekly says there is no excuse for what she did. When Chad asks why it happened, Ariel tells him she broke; that after walking through so much blood after condemning her friends for her sense of morality she broke. Ariel tells him they massacred an entire settlement (military settlement) but Chad finds it hard to believe Erevis would kill an innocent, as well as Ariel, but she says it happened; Chad snarls that he'll ask Erevis for the truth if he has to do so. Unable to have Erevis and Ariel dragged through more, Megumi steps into the back and tells Chad what happened - how her actions led to the massacre that killed 1/3rd of her people. Waving his hand at Megumi, Chad asks her if that is what led Ariel to try to kill herself and make Zephyr lose faith in people, which he considered her unique and wonderful trait. Ariel responds that she lost her sanity and acted and he, all of people, know what it is like to get caught up in things out of one's control; Chad agrees but tells her right now he sees someone not worthy of Zephyr - a weak shell of a person that won't stand up, not can't stand up. During this Megumi begins to slowly berserk, grabbing her eye. He asks her what she plans to do to fix this and Ariel says she doesn't know.

Megumi stumbles out and apologize to Erevis about replacing something, then shatters one of the rocks in the garden. Meanwhile, Ariel tells Chad she is a soldier, not a psychologist and she isn't sure how to fix this. Chad tells her what Zephyr said about Ariel loving Megumi and Erevis more than her and angers Ariel, saying it's not true; she may have given that impression but it's certainly not true. Erevis rips her own sleeve off to wrap up Megumi's hand who mumbles that to Zephyr she appears to be a monster that took precendent to her mother over her own daughter. When Chad gets nastier, telling her that to Zephyr, a 13 year old girl, it is truth and denying it means she hopes it'll blow over; he asks her if she thinks Darien would just let it blow over and tell her it's all okay and it'll be well in the end, earning Chad a "you're fucked in the head" look from Ariel. He tells Ariel she needs to fix this and Ariel responds once she can walk, she will; tossing her her crutch, he motions for her to get moving. During this, Erevis tells Megumi she is not a monster and that some things others have to fix between themselves and that they can only be there for them as they do. Outside, Chad and Megumi get into another spat and Chad tells her he does not forgive murderers and will not let her near Aya; that he, unlike Erevis and Ariel, will not forget newborns and innocences she slaughtered when she took out 1/3rd of her planet. Finally, Erevis speaks up softly, asking them to both stop; she tells Chad: "What Megumi Zhenmei did is a sin and a grave mistake. She took lives. I, also, have taken an innocent life. Does my sin weigh less than hers? Do your sins weigh more than mine? I do not believe there is a simply black and white. We all see justice differently. We all approach our mistakes differently." When Chad says what's important is to never lose oneself in darkness, she responds she knows darkness all too well, being born into it.

Chad tells Erevis to inform Ariel that Zephyr is staying under his care currently, then leaves. Ariel, having stood there listening, is quiet, not going to comment on the situation. Megumi changes the subject and asks Erevis if she has ever played Go! She says she wants to do some writing tonight and for the two to work on healing Ariel so she can get stronger. Megumi encourages her to go see Zephyr face to face as she heals her, she tells Ariel to let her know what she has decided and that she won't let Chad Winters force decisions on her friends that they aren't ready for. She returns to Erevis and Erevis feeds her a meal since she seems unable to write. When Megumi asks why she is trying to write when she isn't a writer but a painter, Erevis tells her she wants to finish Xanatos' book. As Erevis cooks, Megumi flirts poorly and it goes over Erevis' head.

Erevis. Megumi, and Dias

However, any potiential affairs are ended when Dias, suddenly in the room, leans over and smells the soup and compliments how good it smells. Megumi flails wondering how he got past her and he tells her it was easy with her doey eye look. Erevis accepts it in stride and sets out enough bowls to include Dias. Also Megumi gets high on catnip.

Chad and Zephyr

Returning to his apartment, Chad finds Zephyr and Aya playing like two kids, one 13 and one 3. When Zephyr asks where Mr. Winters went he merely says "a friend's". And sets down the chinese he brought. Zephyr excuses herself to the bathroom and Chad pauses, then follows, finding her trying to open the window; she tells him he went to see mom and he admits it. Then she asks if she's coming there and Chad says if she doesn't want to talk to her, he will allow her that choice. After a bit of talking and Zephyr telling him he's what she is finding odd about this place, despite her attempts to remember, they return to the main room to eat with Aya - who already has food all over her face. They begin to ease into conversation, with Aya asking for another pony for her upcoming birthday. When Zephyr asks what happened to the pony then Chad admits he doesn't know. The two banter and Zephyr slowly relaxes.


Erevis' Place

Megumi finally comes off her catnip high and wakes the next morning with no memories of what happened, finding herself in one of Erevis' t-shirts, sleeping next to her under the blanket. Waking up Erevis tells her she acted just like a cat and seems pleased, petting her like she does Siawase. As they begin to make breakfast, Dias chimes in he hates hot stuff when Megumi adds lots of peppers to the food, suddenly there again like a lost puppy. Sitting down to eat in only their shirts, they eye Dias oddly as he mentions how drafty it is, joining them in the meal, the lewdness lost on them that their nipples are hard. While Dias talks on the phone after offering Megumi a necklace with a bell, they discuss what his intentions might be. Erevis concludes that Dias probably just likes cats, since after the catnip and the bell for Megumi, it seems focused on her. After getting off the phone and seeing Erevis has been drinking a red juice and her pale skin has been flushing, he sniffs it and flushes it down the sink quickly saying it's bad. Asking her what it is, Megumi is told by Erevis she does not know - that she found it in the fridge - but it's very sweet. Trying to get her to take a shower, Dias tries to play it off as her being drunk, even as Erevis begins to get antsy in her seat. When Dias begins to talk about he won't leave until after he fights with Erevis - after Megumi tries to shoo him off -and describes their sweaty bodies, Erevis excuses herself and hurries off. Once Erevis is gone, he tries to sell Megumi a can of King's Legacy to bolster her courage with Erevis. Only for 99.99. Downing the can after a bit of banter, Megumi heads into the restroom after Erevis steps out. Erevis' hair is damp and she's fully dressed now. Megumi returns after puking it into the toilet. Dias' plan foiled.

After all the banter, Megumi asks if Erevis is ready to play; after discussing what they want to play - alone - and making Dias horny, the two head into the bedroom and Erevis gets a seriosu face like she's about to do battle, ready to defeat Megumi in Go! After teaching her the rules, the two do battle. However, Erevis quickly begins to lose, scowling from it. Eventually, Megumi asks her to close her eyes and Erevis complies. Megumi slowly works up the courage to kiss Erevis, taking too long so that when she begins to lean forward, Erevis opens her eyes and declares loudly she wants to do battle again, startling Megumi so she falls forward and their lips touch, her tongue slipping into Erevis' mouth. Acting on startled instinct, she bites poor Megumi's tongue as she jerks back in surprise, like she did with Xanatos so long ago. After a moment, realizing what she did, Erevis apologizes profusely.

Finally, Megumi admits she had planned to kiss Erevis all along, making her pause. Confused by her answer, she tells Megumi she thought kissing was between two people being intimate. After a bit Megumi tells her she wants to become closer and possiblely intimate. Megumi explains that at first she stayed with Erevis because she felt guilty, but that slowly began to change as she began to fall for her. Erevis thanks her for being honest and apologizes for not seeing her feelings sooner. Erevis then tells her a bombshell: "Megumi Zhenmei, I have never seen much point to intimacy. I always considered it something humanoids needed to fit into this world, something they desired, but I never felt the pull. When I got emotions, I was hurt a lot at first, so I felt it easier to be alone, and to control my emotions. But Xanatos continually pursued me for a relationship, so I felt I should give him what he desired. I did not know how to be in a relationship, and I knew I caused him a lot of pain as he struggled to try to make me enjoy life. I always felt he would have been happier with someone else. But then you helped me realize I did love him. I loved all of you because you are all dear to me. And I was intimate with Xanatos because I loved him, and I knew he wanted it. I have no particular desire to mate or have children. And, of course, you are of the same sex, so being intimate would not be biologically forthcoming. And I do not think I am the sort of person who would be receptive much in a relationship of that nature. So I do not think I can provide you with that. Do not mistake me. I do love you, Megumi Zhenmei. You are a good friend."

It's clear her words hurt Megumi as she half-turn away, rubbing at her eyes, but then she begins to laugh at biologically forthcoming, saying she hadn't even gotten that far and was just thinking about kisses; during this Erevis watches her sadly, knowing she has hurt one she loves. Megumi tries to reassure that while it hurts she's glad that Erevis has not closed herself off and can make such decisions. When Erevis tells her she is sure Megumi will find someone else to love someone die, she calls Erevis an idiot and says she is where she wants to be, even if her feelings are never returned. Erevis touches her with her bare hand and Megumi feels a strange tingling sensation that isn't unpleasant. Asking her about it, Erevis tells her since she lost her psionics she has begun to notice unusual things about her body. Such as touching electronics and scrambling them, so she wears gloves. Going back to their relationship, Megumi tells her she will not lose and that she will keep being honest to herself, and Erevis smiles. After a bit it goes back to biologically forthcoming, with Megumi giggling at an indignant Erevis.

As they leave, they find Ariel outside the door, who heard the entire thing from the kitchen as she got the leftovers from the kitchen. Teasing Megumi after she grabs her head, not even sure how to biologically forthcoming, Erevis offers to tell Ariel to her horror; then Ariel adds that she already knows about how they were feeling due to her bond with Erevis, deepening Megumi's horror when she learns a strong bond can share sensations, which makes her realize she indirectly kissed Ariel. Suddenly bowing, she asks Ariel to teach her how to kiss!!! Enough to leave Erevis breathless and speechless next time; Erevis quickly downs the juice Ariel gave her and Ariel is left perplexed at the famfrit. After getting nowhere, Megumi excuses herself and returns to the bed, and cries quietly in the dark.

Erevis talks to Ariel about her troubles the last few weeks and tells her that she is family and her burdens are shared by Erevis herself; she gives her advice to tell Zephyr the truth about why she lost her sanity and the rational behind it, and her belief of their love will connect their hearts and mend bridges. Ariel admits she hopes so, because even though she has many children, Zephyr has always been her baby to her. After admitting she loves being a mother to Zephyr, Erevis encourages her to hold onto that and not think about being a bad mother; that even if she can't provide a stable life, Zephyr was never the type for anything less than adventerous.

Later at lunch, Erevis comes home to find Megumi in nothing but an apron, the collar, leash, and the bell, making stew and humming; Erevis seems more surprised about the meal she's making. However, when Ariel steps out, Megumi turns tomato red with embarrassment at being seen in such a scandalous state. Erevis, oblivious, asks Ariel to tell Megumi she is being cute and so she unclips the leash, saying "there - cute." At that moment Dias walks in and squeals in joy at the sight, nosebleeding and falling over. Erevis grabs him and throws him out of the house, informing him he will knock before entering from now on. After returning, Erevis eats the meal while Megumi flees to change, enjoying the stew with Ariel; when Megumi returns, it's in one of Erevis' kimonos and Erevis' expression softens to the trained eye. Erevis excuses herself a moment, leaving Megumi and Ariel to talk, with Ariel telling her she is just trying to hard - Erevis isn't oblivious, but she's trying to communicate in a language that she doesn't understand, and in Ariel's opinion, Megumi doesn't quite grasp either.

Erevis finally returns in a catgirl outfit that Xanatos bought her back on PAX3 over a year ago; complete with ears and tail and she's even wearing a bell with it, with her hair taken out of the ponytail so it falls down to her butt. She sits down and begins to eat as if this was perfectly normally, apologizing for being late. Ariel smirks and takes a sudden interest in her food while Megumi gapes - making Erevis ask neutrally if something is wrong. Megumi hugs her with a Nyu!, apologizes, and returns to eating. When there's a knock at the door, Erevis answers in it and causes Dias to have another nosebleed and faceplant. They leave him then, have more dinner, and Ariel goes back to her guest room; eventually Megumi checks on Dias and lets him in but once he sees Erevis doing dishes, crashes again until she uses a neck pinch. After some banter because Megumi keeps answering all of Dias' questions toward Erevis, Megumi offers herself as her personal meditator or meditiating clerk. Erevis accepts the offer, despite Megumi having only been joking.

When another knock occurs, Erevis answers it and finds Marcus. He tells her he seems to have lost his retard, so Erevis informs him he is inside. Calling back inside that a man is seeking him, Erevis brings out Dias who is now wearing a bathrobe. After calling Erevis an ex-clown and insulting her so she goes to her bedroom, Marcus goes inside to apologizing, asking why Megumi is there and if she has a job; admitting she has none since she no longer tutor Zephyr after the incident, she asks if she should be getting a job, having not considered it living with Erevis. Knocking on the bedroom door to bring out Erevis, who is back in normal clothing, he apologizes and she accepts. After that he redirects his focus to Megumi, telling her she can't live like a savage like on Kiliek; Erevis encourages her to get a job only if she desires to make some credits on her own. He also tells her, once he learns that she is in love with Erevis but not vice versa in a couple way, that it is wrong and she should move out. Erevis assures her it is fine. Their conversation finally annoys Erevis enough she excuses herself.

After the two continue to banter with Megumi, they finally seek out Erevis in the backyard, where she's at her training posts, smashing her fists into them. Marcus, studying her form, compliments her after she breaks one, surprising her that he managed to sneak up; he corrects guesses she doesn't have her abilities anymore and she confirms it. When asked about her style, she tells him she will not tell him and that he cannot help her find weaknesses, but doesn't do it in a bitchy way; Marcus tells them he's sad he never made friends with them sooner since they seem like good people. When he lectures them about certain things, Erevis watches him silently, almost standoffishly, until he leaves. After he leaves, Erevis breaks a post with her left hand and then grabs it with the other. Erevis states she hit harder than intended because she does not like Marcus, but can't decide why. She then leaves to shower alone, leaving Megumi dejected. Afterwards, they get into bed and Megumi discreetly heals her hand while asking if she figured out why she is anger; Erevis states maybe the morning will give her a clear mind on why.

Also, while Chad is slowly being driven insane at his place living with three girls, Aya shows her father's side when she doodles on his designs with pure genius behind it.


Session 256: School Days

Erevis wakes up to find Megumi drunk with sake bottles and acting silly. Apparantly having admired Erevis all night, Megumi is completely out of it to Erevis' dismay. When there's a knock on the door, she runs over to answer it and finds Terra. Asking to come in, Terra walks in anyway despite Megumi shaking her head, making her pause drunkenly, then shrug and close the door. Megumi drunkenly rambles to Terra about Zephyr wanting to kill her, probably, and maybe Chad and a few others. She then seeks Erevis, opening the bed room door and revealing her half-naked as she gets into a kimono. Finishing getting dressed, Erevis greets Terra finally. Erevis, having hidden the sake bottle, informs Megumi enough is enough and moves off to prepare breakfast, inviting Terra to join them. When Terra asks Megumi what is wrong, she tells her she couldn't sleep as she looked at what she couldn't have, causing Erevis to falter a bit during the cooking. After Megumi skips off, Terra asks Erevis what is up and she assures her that people haven't been threatening Megumi and Chad is only agitated over what happened regarding Zephyr. Setting out enough plates for even Ariel, Erevis sits to begin eating when Megumi returns. Megumi seems completely sober now and eats normally like nothing happened. After eating they talk to Terra, who sounds lonely without Megumi around, still trying to find herself. Watching how Megumi reacts, Terra guesses why Megumi went with Erevis, but is coy enough about it for Erevis' sake. This continues. But meanwhile...

Cassandra Arakawa Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

The unit stands over the body of a dead female high school student with two puncture marks in her neck, but no blood loss. They debate what sort of creature could have done it, with Cassandra wondering if it's an energy vampire. And for some reason, Dias is there as well, since Marcus has offically joined the team. Drake, thinking he recognizes the uniform as a school near there, looks into any other deaths matching this MO for Cassandra and finds three others - all students from the same school. While Dias antagonizes Spirit and Lilith, and Drake getting a headache, Cassandra tries to keep on task, throwing out hypothesis that it might be a student or an employee at the school. Cassandra says their best bet is to place an agent into the school, but only a select few of them are even close - Spirit, who is 12 years of age, and Dias and Drake, who appear to be 18. Lilith manages to shrink her age down to that of a high schooler as well. When Drake tries to hide behind Lilith not to get drafted, she freaks and ages even younger and hides behind Spirit, suggesting retreat. They decided to head back to the HQ for now to plan and see if Katrina can fake them records to get into the school.

Once there, they begin to discuss this, with a dismayed Katrina trying to keep up with all of this. During this, the door opens and Angela steps in. Asking if this is Cassandra's outfit, Angela is lied to by Marcus due to his hate for her, which she ignores; Cassandra tells her she's in the right place. She tells Cassandra she's there looking for a job so, while pinching her nose, Cassandra asks if she'd be up for an undercover operation, since Angela is 17 physically. Despite Marcus shouting noooooo again and again, the two discuss it. Even Katrina has hostility toward Angela, suggesting Megumi since at least she wouldn't screw the principal when Angela retorts she'd kill half the school. At that moment, Spirit walks in appearing to be 17 years of age, telling them they have no reason not to send her now, the only tell tale sign being her blonde hair and mismatched colored eyes. With no one paying attention to her now, Cassandra uses the bullhorn to get attention. As Cassandra lines out the situation, Katrina pauses a moment, thinking she hears bells - Fairlights! Suddenly everyone hears the bells and everything goes black, followed by a single painful headache.

A creaking sound is then heard and opens up light pouring into the shed. They find themselves all wearing school uniforms, at the exact ages they were last at and Vyssa appears to look human. All of them baffled at what happened, they find themselves at the school now. Finding a mirror in the shed, they discover they appear to be teenagers in the mirror, even if they look their normal age to everyone else. While not sure what is going on, Cassandra seizes the opportunity and tells them to mingle with the student body and ID the energy vampire. They all head and out comically mingle with the students and deal with classes. With their various ages, they find themselves separated a bit, a few in a class here and there. Lilith, appearing 15 to Spirit's 17, is especially depressed. There's a few candidates they find, like a stalkerish male following a female, or the goth student, but nothing concrete. And the Stalker-san who has grenades and machine guns because he is a specialist. He even seems to radio in them as suspicious people and trees seem to move outside. When they return to classes they find a herb in Cassandra's desk and when Setsuna sniffs it, it makes her suspiciously tired. As Dias is headed back to class, Principal Cedarton stops him and directs him to his office.

Erevis' Place

During this, also, Megumi calls Cassandra on Terra's cellphone that she borrowed; stepping out of class, Cassandra speaks with Megumi tells her she is curious about seeking employment with though she has no idea what a specialist unit is about. While Cassandra explains what they do, Ariel comes to the breakfast table, wondering when Erevis' house became so popular. While Megumi continues, Ariel asks Erevis if she can get a favor from her, so the two head to the front door. Seeing the two step out, she begins to panic and only half-pays attention to Cassandra, randomly listing her qualifications to her. Ariel, telling Erevis she needs to speak to Zephyr, looks ready to confront her daughter; Erevis nods and moves to get the vehicle ready, which is a sportsy luxury car. Cassandra tells Megumi they will talk more later since she's at an awkward moment for some reason. Thinking Cassandra is not interested, she asks her to be plain if she is not interested, otherwise she can be found at Erevis' place; during this Terra grabs her and drags her out to the car Ariel is getting into. Music blares as Erevis adjusts things, making her jerk but she begins to tune it out. The loud music makes Megumi drop the phone in pain and Cassandra just hangs up. After being told how to turn it down, Erevis turns the music off and drives them down the road, after hitting a mailbox that Terra tells her to watch out for, but by the time she looks up it's gone due to being flattened. It becomes clear Erevis can't drive well as she studies the map to get to Chad's apartment instead of the road, making Terra panic. Comedy ensues. After nailing a lawn gnome, she gives Ariel the map and focuses on driving.

Chad's Place

After terrorizing Tokyo with her bad driving and lack of knowledge of road rules, they arrive at Chad's apartment. Ariel informs her she broke several laws and the fact she doesn't have a license for cars is against the law as well, causing Erevis to lower her head in shame. Megumi vows to help her learn with books and Ariel agrees to teach her as well; then she gets out and heads for the apartment while Erevis and the others remain in the car. Erevis sulks about her driving in the meantime while Megumi and Terra sit on the outside of the car. Buzzing Chad's apartment, she gets Aya who, after being told it's Ariel and asking where Zephyr is, informs her mommy is in the back with daddy. Aya buzzes her in. Using a stepstool to unlock the door for her, she lets Ariel inside the apartment. Shouting for mommy and daddy to come to the door, Zephyr walks around the corner in a man's shirt that's several sizes too large for her, looking frustrated about something, but pauses when she sees Ariel there. Several emotions cross the young dragoon's face and she eyes the balcony like she might bolt, but Ariel tells her she only wants to talk and to please not run. Chad tells Zephyr he and Aya will be in the study if she needs her and leaves the two alone.

Ariel apologizes for taking so long to get there, saying it took a while to get her strength back and that she didn't want to fall on her face and make things worse, which Zephyr bitterly retorts happens when you stab yourself. After apologizing for what happened, Zephyr says in a hurt tone how does one make up for wanting to die and if she loves her murdering psychotic friend so much she go be with them. Ariel tries to explain to her what went through her mind, struggling to put it into words the young teenage would understand. Asking her how she would feel if she shot Aya, Zephyr tries to counter she didn't shoot Megumi and Erevis, but Ariel states she put them in front of the gun and walked away and that was like killing them to her. She bitterly shouts that Megumi killed all those people and deserved to be left behind and if Erevis wanted to stay there then that was her own fault. Moving to the balcony, Zephyr eyes her hands and tells her how much blood there was and that she didn't want her to go. Ariel comforts her and Zephyr asks if she's still friends with Megumi and Ariel responds that she can't accept what she did, but it's not her place to judge Megumi; her family was killed by those people. Zephyr bitterly tells her she'll probably kill them one day and Ariel promises to protect her if that happened, but that Megumi has changed. Zephyr, looking at Ariel, tells her she doesn't want to lose her again, and Ariel promises she won't like that again; the two hug each other with both crying. Afterwards, Zephyr asks what now and Ariel says she'd love it if she'd come with her, but Zephyr says she can't be around those two right now. When asked if she hates them that much, Zephyr can only eye the ground and ask if she's going back to their place. Ariel says she will go to Darien's place if Zephyr comes with her and she agrees as long as those two aren't there. Zephyr says she'll have Chad drive her to Darien's and Ariel says for them to meet later that afternoon since she needs to get her things from Erevis'. Aya, not wanting Zephyr to go, is promised by her that she will come to visit often and Ariel says they can come over any time.

Out at the car, during all this, Megumi and Terra talk while Erevis sleeps about various things, including her feelings toward Erevis and Xanatos. And how Zephyr was the first person around her age to become a friend and a semi-rival, since she was there as Zephyr grew 13 years over that year, and that she's pained that relationship is over. Too much to read over. Ariel returns and informs them she was forgiven, but Zephyr still doesn't want to see the two, making Meg sad, but glad for Ariel. Back at the house, Megumi goes into the bedroom and finds the sake, getting drunk again to Erevis' displeasure. She refuses to go out and say goodbye to Ariel who has finished packing, so Erevis leaves her there and sees Ariel off. As they do, Megumi goes into the backyard and forms crystal spires, attacking them and Erevis tells Ariel she does not understand Megumi sometimes; Ariel confesses she doens't understand her any more either. She leaves Erevis contemplating things.

Cassandra Arakawa Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

By the time school lets out, the others have not seen any sign of Dias. Everyone lists who they suspect and Angela writes it into her notebook. At that moment Dias can be seen with Cedarton who sends him on his way; he joins the others. Dias seems completely different and a good student, being friendly and asking Angela for help with math. When he dumps Marcus' offer to chase girls and tells him slapping people is bad, he leaves with Angela, leaving Marcus stunned. The group splits up to make themselves targets. Cassandra and Sets run into Erevis and Megumi, who does not believe them, Angela teaches Dias math while she follows one of the targets, and so on. Megumi debates apologizing to the delivery boy Erevis just beat him but has a hang over from drinking with Erevis after the soup. In the end, they do not get any help from Erevis. Meanwhile, Marcus sneaks back into the high school and is caught by Principal Cedarton; lying to him about starting a detective agency looking into bad students, Cedarton lets him go but says he's not allowed in the back rooms at the gym.

Arriving back at HQ, they are attacked by Billy with a knife, but gravity beats her when Setsuna intercepts. Despite telling them who they are, she reacts suspiciously like Erevis and throws her knife at them when they keep trying to get inside. Billy finally relents and accepts it's them, but remains nervous since she's used to recognizing anyone and can't with them. Dias continues to act strange and they finally put together he went to see the principal. Pausing, Katrina points out they're missing someone: Drake and Angela. Angela, it turns out, is safe, having forgotten the meeting. While Cassandra sticks the herb under the scanner, Pope points out they got another murder and the ID matches Drake's. Cassandra orders the others to stay there as Katrina, Setsuna, and herself check it out. Marcus defies her orders and gets in the van anyway. Billy also grabs the back of the van.

On the way there they are pulled over by cops who want an ID; one lowers from the ceiling and Cassandra uses it to get them by. Waving them on, Katrina comments Billy is truly evil, smiling, as they leave the cops behind. Arriving at the scene, Setsuna slips past the cops and looks at the victim: the goth kid. Same MO as the other murders. Back at the HQ, they debate what to do; they agree Cedarton is suspicious and should be looked into, and settle on asking other students about him.


Session 257: The Principal of the Matter

After getting the team up and out of bed, with Billy appearing to be 18 and in a school fuku to get Marcus attention but when Em gets it instead pisses her off, Cassandra leads them to begin class. Billy flirts with guys once there and walks off toward the gym, annoying Marcus. At lunch, while Billy wines and dines the popular kids, Drake returns, all whistles and smiles. He joins the Karate club members and looks, for all purposes, to be serious about the talk. As this goes on, the various members are slowly acting more like teenagers to Cassandra and Setsuna's dismay. Cassandra and Setsuna begin to try to learn more about the principal, finding him the most suspicious so far, but are unable to see into his office; class begins again and Katrina and Theron are missing since they did not join lunch. Classes end and they return, the perfect students now.

Angela, following one of the suspicious boys to the roof and getting locked there, is stuck while the others are unable to reach her; the principal arrives and runs the team off by saying he will call the police. Forced to retreat for now, they move back. As the boy edges her closer to the roof talking about her not being afraid, the team, debating what to do, suddenly sees her fall three stories to the field. When Marcus reaches the roof, he finds it empty of anyone. They hurry down to Angela and find her dying, Billy casually not being helpful. An ambulance drives up and takes Angela, so they put a tracer on it. Marcus, worried for her, hurries to the hospital. Chad arrives due to Billy calling and Marcus and Vyssa talk to him while Cassandra and Setsuna prepare to get ready, since Dias, Katrina, Drake, and Theron are useless and Lilith is acting her age and hanging on Katrina, though she does turn up after Katrina goes to bed. When a report of another dead kid comes in, Chad tells them to meet up with Cass while he does recon. The victim is IDed as Dustin Maday.

The remaining few - Cassandra, Setsuna, Marcus, and Vyssa - head out at night. Tomoe (Lilith) follows. Breaking into the school, they encounter a mysterious figure that moves about, seemingly taunting them. While they split up and go inside, the figure on the third floor, Cassandra encounters Cedarton the Principal on the roof, despite being cloaked. He tells her this is after hours. The figure shoots at Marcus as he approaches; meanwhile Tomoe runs into Billy and Setsuna into Chad. Cassandra and the Principal argue about her having detention and him beign a suspect. Touching her head he makes her pass out. He then begins to rewrite her brain to be a good student who wants to be class president one day and quit having lesbian relationships. When her suit sends out a distress signal they head for the roof. When Marcus accuses him of taking student's lives, Cedarton seemingly knows nothing. Having enough, Cedarton walks off on Marcus as the others watch. As they follow, they spot Billy and Tomoe battling the lunch lady who has fangs. Setsuna and Chad keep on Cedarton, the former not about to have her girlfriend brainwiped, while the others deal with the lunch lady from hell. When Billy rips her own shirt open to find her crystal, Marcus finally takes notice of her body to her annoyance. Finally, Marcus beheads her.


The next morning, the group finds themselves back to normal and at the HQ as if nothing happened; the investigation strangely ended after Chad got the urge to go home and properly raise his child. Cedarton went onto become the principal of the year as well. To Cassandra's annoyance, she receives a letter from Cedarton stating for her to behave and act proper and that he's watching her.

Dias and Marcus

While talking about things, Marcus and Dias let it slip outloud that all the supernatural is their own fault because of Dias' actions. Billy, having recorded it, reveals herself. When they refuse to kiss each other she uploads the recording, though Marcus still catches her when she slips. After some more incriminating evidence she leaves and Marcus asks if Dias really isn't bothered that no one respects them. Dias states he'll just prove them wrong when the time comes.


Marcus and Zeraphna

Calling Zeraphna, Marcus tries to get her to talk to him when she says she's not interested and busy, stating he's tired of everyone considering him annoying and incompetent. Despite remind him time and time again they only have sex and no friendship, Marcus pushes it until she hangs up and pulls the plug on her comm. Shouting her name loudly to get her to come to the window, Marcus is stunned to learn she would kill him in an instant if he didn't stop. When he tries again, she aims her gun and charges, making Marcus tell her that she's won, he won't care anymore and he'll go away and if she changes her mind she can come to him. Walking off, he sends her one final message on the datapad: "You probably wont even read this, but I realized I pushed too hard. Coulda been the gun in my face that gave it away. Anyway, I was wrong and i'm sorry, whether that means anything or not. You don't want me around, which is fine, but if ever you actually feel like talking to me, don't hesitate to call." The relationship is over.

Ariel, Megumi, and Erevis

Going to visit with Megumi because she's been avoiding her, Megumi tells Ariel they should cut all ties and no longer speak, making Ariel, once back inside, break her crutch in frustration. When Ariel tells her what happened, Erevis blames herself, thinking Megumi has changed toward Ariel since entering her heart back on the ship when the Fairlights got involved. Overhearing, Megumi asks Erevis to come into the bedroom and she explains her reasoning, making Erevis act harshly toward her and tell her that her actions are unhonorable and cowardly. Telling her she is taking the easy route out, Erevis returns to Ariel as Megumi hides under the bed. Erevis tells Ariel what Megumi is doing and both eat their food in silence while Megumi shivers at the anger radiating off.


Session 258: Stained Green

Erevis and Megumi

Megumi talks to Erevis about being withdrawn, apologizing for her mistake and vowing not to cut herself off from Ariel and to find a way to fix things with Zephyr. After patching things up and Erevis getting her to call her Erevis instead of Miss Erevis, but setting limits on showers, Erevis agrees to allow her to sleep with her still. After her shower, Erevis initiates a cuddle with Megumi in the bed. She admits she likes to cuddle something and shows her lion plushie she used while Megumi was hiding from her - called Warren due to the scowl. Erevis bought him a year ago. Erevis declares that they should buy Megumi a plushie/stuffie. Unable to drive them to the store, they have to walk, Erevis vowing to attain a driver's license. Once there, Erevis wavers at all the cute stuffies and plushies in the store. Getting Megumi a tiger and Erevis casually buying a fox plushie, they head out to buy Megumi new clothing. After eating fish a store, Erevis vows to learn how to make fish.

Cassandra Arakawa Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

Angela returns to the team on crutches after her fall last mission; so far it has been a quiet week. She reveals Dustin did, in fact, push her off. Terra visits the group and looks around. She mentions she is curious to join but is also waiting to talk to Miranda (Em) who hasn't come in yet. Also during this Drake tries to talk and flirt with Lilith, making little progress so far. Katrina arrives with a case - a man cut to pieces outside Tokyo with no sign of anyone else ever being there. On the way there Katrina learns Dias has a camera set up in Erevis' bedroom facing her bed, pissing her off more since they have a similiar body; Dias pays her off with 90% of whatever profits he gets though Katrina doesn't actually shake on it. Arriving at the scene, they find the dead body chopped into unidentifiable pieces, blood splattered all over the grass. Moving about the hiking area, Katrina points out it seems a little too quiet even with winter approaching.

When a bear steps out and Lilith gravity wells it to the grass, it's suddenly cut into tiny pieces in a blur of movement. Hearing a terrible noise, they hurry back and find their van completely destroyed. When Drake gets stabbed by a blade of grass and they slow down the recordings on the van, they realize the grass did it; and they are surrounded by miles of grass. A tidal wave of green grass chases and battles them. Whoever it consumes, it gains their powers. After a long battle they blow it up and things seemingly return to normal until a tiny green alien pops out and goes Bobo. Seemingly harmless, Dias takes him as a pet. But once back at base, Pope freaks out and shoots Bobo to death after Dias throws him in his face.


Erevis' Place

Drake drives Cassandra to Erevis' house to see Megum after getting the directions from Terra. Once there, Cassandra meets with Erevis and Megumi. Erevis apologizes for doubting Cassandra when she was looking like a teenager and assures Cassandra she will get to the bottom of whoever cause it. As they share tea, they talk about Megumi wanting to join and appearing to look about 15 years of age at best. Cassandra then admits she wanted to talk with some friends and get away from the unit. When Erevis begins to ask her questions about her relationship with Setsuna and how it is biologically forthcoming and how it works, Cassandra expresses being uncomfortable, to which Erevis apologizes. However, it somehow leads to Cassandra saying that women can have sex for pleasure, making Erevis color with embarrassment. When asking how Setsuna is, Cassandra assumes she means at sex and explains, making Erevis more embarrassed and coughing on tea. Bringing the conversation to her team, upon hearing most of them drive her nuts, Erevis questions why she doesn't fire them to which she gets the meat shield response. After Erevis leaves to get tea, Cassandra deduces with Megumi's behavior that she is in love with her. Megumi thanks her for giving Erevis another opinion to hear on the matter.


The Park

Erevis meditates at the park with Megumi when Dias shows up for their battle. It is an epic battle that goes for quite a bit with Erevis managing to stand up but is distracted long enough for Dias to grab her breasts and twists her nipples, making her squeak in surprise and pain. Afterwards, angered beyond words, she begins to advance, as does Megumi. Megumi attacks Dias, causing Erevis to pause in surprise, and Dias looks angered as well, going after her. Erevis gets between them and both Dias and her are knocked back from his attack. Injured and unable to continue the fight, Erevis rests on Megumi while Dias berates Megumi for interfering. Erevis forces herself to continue the battle despite her condition and he beats on her more until she concedes. Dias, not in better shape, falls to his knees while Megumi helps Erevis. As Megumi heals Erevis, Erevis tells her the pond will soon free and she will take her to iceskate on a date. They return home.

Erevis' Place

Once there, and inside, Angela comes to see them. After a bit of talking, Megumi suddenly asks Erevis if they can kiss, surprising her, but learns Megumi was only seeing if one of them would blush. When Angela asks where Ariel and Zephyr are at, Erevis tells them they are at Darien's residence to Angela's surprise; Erevis informs her he gave it to them last year. When Angela asks why they don't live together, Erevis questions the need - Angela explains her point of view on how being close to one's dragoon/guardian can make the bond stronger but Erevis points out that once Darien is released from jail and marries Ariel, she doubts he will want Erevis living with them; Angela seems a bit depressed but agrees that Ariel makes Darien happy. Sensing Angela's unhappiness, Megumi offers to let her stay in the guest room if it is alright with Erevis, knowing she must be sad with Zephyr no longer at Chad's place. Erevis agrees.


Megumi awakens in the grip of a sleeping Erevis while Angela cooks breakfast for them. After eyeing the food, Erevis eats it while Megumi snoozes lazily like a cat; Angela confesses she doesn't know what to say or do so Erevis says they can sit in silence if she would like. When Angela states she thinks she's being a bother, Megumi who has awakened and begun eating tells her that is not so - not a lot happens here, they just enjoy the quiet instead of being near everyone else who thrives on noise. After Erevis falls asleep and Megumi cuddles up, Angela asks Megumi if she's interested in Erevis. Megumi tells her that she hopes to become more. When Megumi asks Angela if she has anyone she's interested in, Angela tells her she did, but Fox died on Centerpoint.

Later, after breakfast, Darien Starr comes up so they all decide to go see him; however Erevis' plans to drive are foiled again and again. They get into a taxi driven by Dias; only Angela notices in shock while Erevis, eyeing Megumi freaking out at her almost being hit, feels her chest which makes her freak out more. Due to his driving making them fall on each other, Megumi bites her inner thigh making Erevis think they are more intimate now, blushing hard enough to put Angela to shame. Once there, Dias gives Angela a box that sets off security and gets her put in holding for a few hours. Finally they are able to see Darien after Angela is searched thoroughly three times on her guardian's recommendation. He chides her on not being careful with her body - seeing the crutches - and greets the three, though seeing the two back from the trip makes him murmur since Ariel hasn't come yet. When he learns Chad is her guardian he begins to laugh. Angela says she will see if Ariel will do it for her and Darien writes down a complex number if she refuses. Megumi then explains what happened on famfrit; afterwards Darien states he should get back to his cell, having been quiet while listening. When Megumi tells him to get out as soon as possible due to people needing him, his look is one that labels her a loose cannon and she somehow knows he won't be taking her out for ice cream again any time soon. When Angela tells her she shouldn't go telling people that, you can't change the past, Megumi states she won't hide from her past actions. Seeing Megumi has hurt herself by digging her fingers into her palms, Erevis tends to it and kisses her lips softly. Angela calls in a shuttle and heads to Ariel's while Erevis and Megumi head home.

On the way Erevis asks Megumi why she loves her and gets a lengthy response that she mulls over, and Megumi gives her a lotus hairpin for her long hair. Once home, getting the urge to return the gift, Erevis returns to a room she has rarely entered lately - her painting room. She draws a sleeping Megumi curled like a cat and gives it to her. Megumi tells her she is thinking of going to school and Erevis encourages it. Afterwards, they wrestle. As they snuggle up to sleep, Megumi tells her she loves her and Erevis responds she loves her back.

Darien's Residence

Arriving in her shuttle, Angela meets with Ariel. When asked what brings her there, Angela tells her she is looking for a legal guardian that won't drive her insane. Ariel tells her she needs to ask Zephyr before making any such commitments. When Angela brings up her past mistakes, Ariel tells her this time it isn't her mistakes she's taking into consideration.


The Park

Today, Erevis battles Chad Winters. It is an epic battle. Going at it, each of them understimating the other, soon both are winded, Erevis' ribs causing her trouble; she begins to augment her strength with her hyperspace as Chad eggs her on. As her energy begins to wane, so does her strength and speed. Soon Chad manages to hit her hard enough she can't breathe and she concedes; he jabs her again to help her breathe a bit better. Afterwards she asks if Chad will help Megumi enroll into school. He points out holes in her idea to get Chinese citizenry to bypass needing a guardian. Afterwards, Erevis shows him a few of her techniques and vice versa. When asked if she uses hyperspace to augment her explosive palm thrust, he remains silent on the matter. Turning back to Megumi, Chad says he will get the ball rolling on school, but makes a slight about worrying about student's lives, which makes Erevis frown. He also mentions he knows the perfect school with the perfect principal. Yawning and tired from expending energy, Erevis and Megumi lay down at the park; with Erevis drawing as Megumi rests. Megumi states she will seek out Ariel as a guardian if it comes down to that. Marcus walks up to see the two and engages in conversation, bringing up he was worried there were ill feelings since last time Erevis did not appreciate his opinions. He apologizes for his rudeness. Megumi tells him she thinking of going into school to fix her humanity and maybe some of her issues with Darien, Ariel, and Zephyr. Marcus seems curious how one changes people's perspectives of them. Erevis returns with a hotdog and informs them she was told that if she did not purchase and eat a hotdog it was now a true park experience.

Marcus brings up Angela as Erevis trains a bit to the side, finding it surprising they are hanging out with her; when he learns, after asking what Megumi thinks of her, that she should not mind if they were sisters, he indicates the past history between her and Erevis, but she tells him what is in the past should stay there - not to be forgotten but neither dwelled upon or else people's opinions can't change of a person. Marcus then moves over, touching Erevis suddenly and commenting on her stance. He asks to see her palm move after she demonstrates it on him. Megumi freaks out in the background at how they are touching one another to demonstrate moves. Megumi asks to try it out on him and throws him into a tree from the force; he ignores her apology afterwards and her request to heal any damage she might have caused. After ignoring her a bit more, he bows to Erevis and then tells Megumi if she ever wants a path to redemption from others she must first learn control, then leaves.

Darien's Place

Angela returns the next day to see what Ariel's answer will be after talking to Zephyr. She tells her that Zephyr isn't comfortable with anyone else in the house right now but she will try to get things moving along so Angela can be declared her own person. An hour later, using a phonebooth, Angela calls the number Darien gave her.


Session 259: Fairlights

Raquel (Spirit)

Waking up at her own place, Spirit finds no signs of Lilith. Feeling her inugami far, far away, Spirit quickly dresses when an arrow is on the floor when she comes back out. It has pinned a note that taunts her. Going to the roof and eyeing Mt. Fuji, she heads back in and gathers her weapons and items quickly. She travels to the mountain and she finds Lilith in a maid outfit at a strange cosplay tea party. Acting strange, Spirit tries to figure out what is going on when there are bell chimes and Lilith begins to pour tea for a newly arrived girl with white hair and tawny yellow eyes. Taunted by the girl, she attacks and she finds herself transported to another time and place. Finding nodes with spirits and souls within, Spirit lashes out and cuts them down, screams heard through the place; the girl in white commenting that's a strange way to save a friend - destroying pieces of her and her memory. Pausing, Spirit tries other tactics to escape until she puts on her bracelet to leave her body behind and finds herself standing over herself at the tea party still, both herself and Lilith collapsed. Making her way to the shrine, she vows to save Lilith.

Cassandra Arakawa Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

Lounging about the base like they have been lately with no real cases, when a strange girl that appears to be at the end of a high school age in a college uniform, with dark black hair and dark eyes, the team is surprised to hear she is looking for Drake - as is Drake. The girl tells him she is Hisui and that she friends with Lilith and Megumi; they apparantly had a date set up for today. As Drake listens to her, he seems distracted, his head tilted a bit toward his sword. Apparantly Lilith is worried Drake is not very popular so she came to see him. When she asks about his sword, he becomes guarded and tells her he is busy. She tells him they were going to have a festival on the mountain but he remains firm on the matter; after she recites all their names in strange manner after getting annoyed by Dias, Dias shuts the door on her. After she is gone, Drake tells them they have a mountain to go to. Annoyed at the others for being slow, Drake heads off without them. An arrow left in the door with a note gives some clues and lots of text, but Dias and Marcus seem unable to comprehrend it and Vyssa and Terra appear somewhat useless. Setsuna, Em, and Theron watch the four head off toward the mountain as Cassandra comes out of the shower, wondering what is going on. Everyone goes except Theron and Em, who don't want to get involved with obvious traps and decide to remain on call as back up.

Ariel, Zephyr, Megumi

Due to an arrow in the door with a note, Ariel goes on to finish breakfast when she finds Zephyr missing; reluctantly she follows the obvious plot device. Reaching the mountain, she finds Megumi at a shrine. She tells her she received a note telling her of danger to the two so she came looking. When she learns Zephyr is missing, Megumi asks to help and is surprised when Ariel allows it. Inside they find Zephyr who seems disgusted that Ariel has teamed up with Megumi. Heading back home, Zephyr is stopped by Megumi who says she can't go until she faces her. Zephyr warns her she will put her down even if her mother won't. When Megumi bars her path with crystal spires, Zephyr fires her dragoon bustah at Megumi who barely dodges; she again tells her to back off but Megumi refuses. As Ariel stands there doing nothing, Zephyr begins to fire her hand guns at Megumi who keeps getting in her way. Megumi asks her after she deflects the shots if that's all her hatred for her can manage. When Megumi throws a dagger at Zephyr, Ariel steps in the path and blocks it with her own body; Zephyr begins to shake as she stares and begins to breathe erratically as she grabs her face. As she runs away, they awaken in the shrine with their real bodies on the ground and the sounds of voices nearby. Zephyr begins to run again and Megumi gives chase with Ariel lagging behind.

Cassandra Arakawa Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

Arriving at the mountain, they hear bells that sound somewhat familiar. Dias and Marcus arrive at a shrine by a lake first with the others still moving in their direction. As they get close, a giant dragon bites Marcus and drags him into the lake. It spits a wolf back out into Dias before he can react. Then Dias is dragged into the lake and so Marcus follows as the others arrive. Soon blood shows, fur, then an arm; minutes pass as they watch the lake. Soon the dragon busts out of the lake with the two fighting it. They fire on it as it tosses Dias to the ground, killing him, and it dives back in. Cassandra revives him with CPR. The dragon returns and the battle continues until it finally collapses into dust as Drake exits the shrine. He informs them there was a shikigami inside it.

Suddenly Hisui appears and greets them to their festival to celebrate the weakness of the soul of humanity. Drake suddenly remembers where he senses her energy before - tied to the bells that went along with the school incident in the past. The girl tells them Angela Bennet is the perfect example of the festival and snaps her fingers, bringing them to some mystical place. They find nodes of Angela's memories including previous incarnations. While Marcus deals with a crying child Angela who feels worthless, Drake tries to find them a way out. Finally he stabs himself and fades away. The others eventually are feed somehow and wake back up - Spirit and Drake standing there with an arrow in a broken crystal ball. Drake explains he figured doing something outrageous would focus Angela's mind to free them. They proceed to exit the shrine.

Ariel, Zephyr, Megumi

Megumi finally tackles Zephyr to the ground and screaming to be let go, Zephyr fires at her gut and shoots the startled famrit. Using her tail to wrap the wrist, Megumi eyes Zephyr form a second one and fire at her throat, which she bites onto; Zephyr self-destructs it.


The group, exiting the shrine, sees Megumi and Zephyr fighting each other. As they arrive, Megumi snarls at them to stay away, half her face blown off; Zephyr's hand is bloodied and burnt with some fingers missing. Struggling to crawl away from the others, Zephyr is helped by Dias, despite the fact Megumi clings with one hand, still mumbling apologizes. Dias then punches her across the face and Terra returns the favor to Dias' face. Drake tells Cassandra the team is going to kill themselves while the illusionist just watches. Terra threatens to kill both Dias and Zephyr while Zephyr lays shivering, freaking out, as Marcus bandages her hands. Dias turns to help Zephyr and Terra attacks his foot with flames. Angela gathers her fingers quickly as Ariel walks up finally, eyeing the group with anger. Ariel demands to know what Zephyr thinks she's doing as the girl shivers, freaking out, and Megumi heals herself rapidly. Ariel begins to yell at Zephyr instead of helping her, asking her what she thinks she's doing trying to kill Megumi for simply trying to apologize and hurting them both. Zephyr, getting angry at her mother, tries to run off again but collapses a bit away, sobbing and holding her head. Megumi, pissed off, turns her irate feelings toward the Fairlights and vows to find them. As the rest of the team tries to figure out the secret of the shrine, mother and daughter fight verbally. When Ariel refuses to leave her alone, she forms a gun and puts it to her head, telling her she'll follow her example then. But due to the others' tampering at the shrine, she is distracted as the world begins to shrink. As one of the Fairlights fights them, they soon make her grow ears and a tail - her true form. A fox woman - a Kitsune. They manage to battle a bit more but suddenly another identical one appears, only their outfit being different - white and black. And they declare it's time for round 2.


Session 260: One Soul, Two Bodies

The battle with the two Kitsune rages on. It's a long battle as they pound on the twins who work in tangent with each other. They prevail and find themselves back at the shrine again. None of them have any apparant wounds as they are now in the real reality again. The girl informs them they fought inside her soul and they won, both of them laying there exhausted. As Megumi approaches the two to finish them off, Zephyr slides in front of them to protect them. When she asks why Zephyr would defend them, she tells her they are defeated and unless she wants to repeat what she did on Famfrit, to back off. The girl in white agrees with the others they should be put down, the one in black never talking. Marcus, Drake, Dias, and Angela side with Zephyr against the others and Megumi tells them there is some kindness in them before walking off. When Drake presses Cassandra to make a decision on the fate of the Fairlights and she refuses based on having been out of it, he states he understands and bids the team farewell, moving to go saying this isn't a team. When Cassandra decides to pull out, a voice speaks about how the mighty have fallen; Spade stands a ways off, hands in his trench coat pockets. Spade states he's impressed at how the group has fallen into utter despair over the last few months. Spade states the two girls - Freyja (white) and Chii (black) are coming with him. Spade begins to attack the group, expertly striking them - even Megumi who has returned.

Spade informs them the prophecy will be fulfilled and they can't stop him, knocking their attacks aside with inhuman strength. He manages to get Freyja and fly off with her; at a high altitude he throws down attacks until a shuttle with missiles hits him back down to the team where the battle resumes. A dark beam blast takes out the shuttle and Chad Winters falls down, caught by Zephyr who is knocked down hard. Freyja, giving Zephyr a boost of energy, allows her to form a Divide Dragoon Bustah and fire it at Spade, engulfing him. After the smoke clears a Dark One stansd there, giant with horns, red eyes, and a tail. At that moment, Zeraphna arrives on the scene as it turns back into Spade. She suddenly --- attacks the team, glowering with dark energy! Spade informs her that the soul with in is already theirs. He informs Angela it is only a matter of time before her soul is their's as well since they share a soul - killing one and the other will follow. Chad tells Marcus that Zeraphna was killed when he tries to talk to her. Spade grins and activates a giant mech with Zera.

Aiming it's gun at Cassandra who had been charging, Spade declares he now has the bigger gun. A dark barrier prevents their attacks from working as it begins to charge up it's super weapon; at that moment Drake dramatically returns. He uses his sword to drive a small hole into the barrier that's preventing them from escaping and the team dives through it. Sealing it back, the super attack misses them. Except they realize they never got Cassandra out and she was trapped inside. They reopen the barrier and see only half of Cassandra is left. Barely alive, Cassandra is carried by the team toward the van, Megumi trying to keep her alive as the Dark Mech chases them, firing death from above.

Drake begins to drive away with the majority of the team in the van, leaving any stragglers behind, while Cassandra gurgles words to a panicked Setsuna. Chad takes his bike and Freyja, Ariel, Chii, and Spirit/Lilith take Dias' cab since they were left behind. The Dark Mech chases the van and fires away, and it slowly begins to take damage trying to dodge the shots. Right when it looks like the van is about to be destroyed, Earth Defense Forces fly in and drive it off as they arrive at the hospital. Spade contacts them by their comm and states he detects two lifesigns in Chad's apartment: one is his daughter, but who is the other? Chad quickly speeds off for his apartment when Spade states that it is a unique signature and deduces it's the 'hyperspace chick'. The Dark Mech, still up in the air and attacking the defense forces, fires toward a building in the distance. Marcus comms Erevis to warn her since he fell out of the van and Chad picked him up, but it's too late as it strikes the building, destroying it. Zephyr helps the wounded Angela in the van, apparantly no longer remembering her grudge; Cassandra is also taken into surgery to try to save her life, Setsuna looking over her. Drake asks the question of who is going to lead them now; when Vyssa volunteers, he just helps Angela into the hospital. Spirit and Lilith head to the HQ to ask how to defeat the Dark Mech; Billy says she doubts they can and that they should take Angela's soul and soon. Billy warns when her soul is corrupted, they will be invincible. When she learns of Freyja/Chii being possible candidates, she heads off to kill them if necessary.

Chad and Marcus arrive at the ruins of the apartment building where dozens lie dead or wounded. After searching, he finds Aya who hugs his leg, sobbing because her toys are destroyed. Aya points to where Erevis landed painfully on the sidewalk, soaked in her own blood. Apparantly she shielded Aya with her own body and dived out the window before the blast. She is alive, but in serious pain. Freyja and Ariel arrive since Freyja brought her there; she begins to heal Erevis when Chad aims his gun at her. All during this, the battle in the sky rages on, with mechs being shot down by the Dark Mech and crashing everywhere. One slams into Billy as she three hunt the Fairlights and Angela. Freyja continues her healing despite Chad aiming at her and accusing her of things until even Marcus tells him to shut up. The Dark Mech, meanwhile, lands on the hospital itself and begins to charge up, blowing it up. Debris flies around and one lands on Theron, crushing him; at least during this Chad quits aiming at Freyja. Managing to get the majority of the team to safety before the building attack, they continue to debate how to stop the monsterous thing.

As it demands the twins, something from orbit flies down, striking the Dark Mech and damaging it. It flies up to meet the shape that's zooming down. While this happens, Drake asks Angela to trust her and stabs her with his sword; when Spirit checks for her soul, she can't find it. Drake tells them he's keeping her soul in his sword for safekeeping while he keeps her body animated; Angela begins to sit up. He hands Angela her sword and tells her she needs to find someone to pilot with and stab Zeraphna in the heart with the sword. As Drake falls over weak and exhausted, Angela decides to try to find Zephyr. In the sky, the shape turns out to be a new type of mecha that battles the Dark Mech. The Dark Mech turns into a giant dragon to do battle now in the sky. It then aims down at the city and fires a super blast to destroy it, leaving the mecha it's only defense.


Session 261: That Which Binds

Myria, piloting the mecha Madara, flies down in front of the dark beam and opens a hyperspace portal to move it off, causing an explosion in the air from contact with atmosphere. This knocks the Dark Dragon Mech away as well. Some of the taller buildings explode and rain down debris upon them. As Myria begins to fall down toward the city in her mecha, the dragon comes zooming back and tackles her, flying them both downward toward the city. The mecha does a subspace teleport and leaves behind explosives for the dragon to run into, damaging it more. It finally crashes and after another strike against the dragon, the mecha is damaged beyond repair after Lilith throws it into the path of the beam the dragon fired; Billy yanks Myria out afterwards as Angela goes to Zephyr's position. Finding her, she tells Zephyr they have to bond to defeat the dragon; Zephyr protests on the grounds she doesn't know her and bonds require trusts. She has to kiss her to start the bonding process, making Angela blush, and they manage to synch and bond. Forming a mech, they draw the sense of the dragon who flies toward them, and fires a dark beam at them. They manage to dodge it and do battle with the dragon. The battle knocks things down at Chad and the others near him; the Fairlights each take a person - Chii takes Erevis and Freyja takes Ariel - so Chad can carry Aya to safety. Using a Divine Dragoon Bustah, they hit the Dragon hard and catch Ariel before she goes flying. When they turn the dragon is gone and Spade suddenly plants something on the back of Zephyr's head before flipping off; the explosion is a powerful one that destroys all it touches as it goes off so Zephyr cuts the bond in a panic so they drop, landing in a bloody mess - Zephyr's blood, due to her head wound. Chad is thrown into a car with Aya, who is KOed in his arms.

Zeraphna tackles Angela while Ariel seeks help from Freyja and the two fight. As the fight goes on, Freyja is shot in the face with a dark beam before she can reach Zephyr. He openly attacks her to keep her at bay, declaring her soul their's. During this, Angela manages to stab Zeraphna in her heart finally. Her soul is drained out into the sword and she collapses. Spade finally takes Aya hostage with his telekenetics after others join in and intefere, threatening to kill her if anyone interferes. He begins to choke Aya despite Chad's pleas to take him instead, insisting Freyja surrender to him but the girl resists. Freyja tries to attack Spade to free Aya, but he breaks Aya's neck, complimenting her level of commitment to living and vanishes. As the others slowly arrive at the position, they all stare at the dead body of Aya Winters. Chad, in rage, begins to fire at Freyja and finally shoots her in the heart, killing her; Spade appears and takes her soul, then returns Aya's to her, congrulating Chad. Chii, finally showing emotions, calls them both bastards. When Spade tells her to come with him or be corrupted from afar, Chii tells him she's always been corrupted, she just loved her sister. Everyone begins to attack Spade now while Drake cuts Chii's hand to protect her from Dark One's influence. He then cuts his own hand and mixes their blood, doing a binding spell that will protect her and give her some of her abilities back. Chii, stating since Freyja's last order was to protect Erevis, she supposes she will help the team for now, but mutters how weak she is now. Spade manages to escape for the time being.

At the hospital, the team tries to recover from their severe wounds. Katrina shows up to tell them the General they made enemies with after the zombie incident is calling for their heads due to the damage to the city. She states that after so much damage, public opinion is against them and she isn't sure how long their benefactor can protect them. She says for now, while they are under review, the unit isn't going to do anything for the time being. Despite the group wanting to go out and do something, she says for now they have to keep a low profile and let things sort out and that a group of 8 won't change the course of things, especially if they get put in jail for doing things. Aya, remaining in critical condition, is watched over by Chad and Megumi states she doubts even she can help her. He tells Erevis that he took someone's life to save his daughter's and he doesn't regret it and that should sicken him to his core. When Chii, listening in, tells Chad he did the right thing, he threatens her life if she doesn't walk away from the room and never come near them again (Aya and Chad). Angela, meanwhile, berates Ariel for bringing Megumi near Zephyr again and calls Megumi a monster, despite the kindness shown her by Megumi a few days ago. Ariel accuses Angela of having never changed and being worse than Megumi in betraying and killing people, which Angela is flabbergasted at due to the body count difference. Angela, accusing Ariel for never shedding tears for daughters she sent into battle, gets slapped and Ariel tells Angela she is not her daughter; Angela accuses her of never trying to accept her. As the fights and infighting continues, Megumi puts it best: "Even now that the physical chaos has ended, those two kin are tearing one another's throats, Mister Dias is making life miserable for as many as he can, we have a soul-less with no direction in retrieving it, and... Well, we do not know what to do anyway." The doctors finally step in and order the two to leave and stop disturbing Zephyr's rest.


Katrina McCormick Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

Zephyr has recovered at the hospital and is alert again, as does Aya, though both are weak. Aya, however, has moved in with Erevis since she allowed the two stay with her and Megumi. Angela, having no home right now, has been put in the HQ temporarily. Katrina eyes the assembly at the HQ and she states the last few months have been a mockery of things. She notes some of them are new and don't feel a connection to those around them, but she asks everyone to pause for a moment and ask themselves why they are in the unit. When Dias blurts out he's there to watch Spirit and Lilith so the don't kill anyone, Katrina tells him to shut up which pisses him off since he begins to stir the unit again. She continues, stating they can't be chained by the past anymore: "We cannot be chained by our past actions. All of us come from somewhere. The fact is we're here together now. Some of us are killers, some of us were nothings, some of us are heroes, and some of us jsut whatever. The fact is we're a team now. A unit. The closest thing to family. And if you can't trust the person beside you, then this unit is going to fail. So, Dias - and Marcus - if you cannot trust those next to you, please go." Marcus states not to associate him with Dias and that he has no problem dropping past grudges. When Dias indicates refusal she asks him if that's what John would do: hold a grudge or would he move past it and forge a new path for himself. Despite telling her that's a lowblow he states he won't forgive or forget even if he can work with the team. When Lilith makes a a comment about 'the cat' it offends Terra and she tries to start something, so Katrina asks her to leave if she can't let things like that slide; Terra steps out. She informs them they need to learn to control their comments and reactions to said comments, glancing at Dias who kicks his chair and moves to the kitchen. Katrina states the clean slate will be enforced and they will walk. Katrina states that when Cassandra recovers and returns she will lead them but until then Katrina will fill in. Chii is left to wonder what to do so Marcus introduces her to the HoloVid.

Katrina goes into the kitchen and tells him to tell her what is wrong with him; he remains defensive and evasive. Telling him she's forgiven those who have wronged her, such as Angela and Erevis, he can as well - a hero can't blame others and not see the good in them. Dias finally agrees.

Erevis' Place

Terra stops by to see Megumi after leaving the team; Megumi, watching Aya with Chad, tells Terra the girl is not how she imagined her to be, due to Aya being withdrawn and only answering in one word sentences if she can. Terra, seeing Erevis step into her bedroom, goes to follow when Erevis stops her, stating she wishes to be alone, closing the bedroom door. Terra follows Megumi to the kitchen and Chad ignores her question as he steps into the backyard; making tea, Megumi is asked if she is being mistreated and she states no - though the young famfrit seems bitter toward Erevis lately and showing more emotions. After drinking her tea hot, she goes out to her spires in the backyard to hit them, Terra following. The two talk about traits and skills and usefulness. Terra brings up that the unit is now Katrina's and that she is a hypocrit because she didn't stop Lilith from calling Megumi 'the cat'; yet when Megumi calls Lilith 'the dog' she doesn't react, which Megumi points out, stating perhaps Katrina expected more out of Terra and to overcome her own ego. She leaves Terra on that note and knocks on the bedroom door softly, but gets no response.


Session 262: Cereal Killer

Katrina McCormick Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

The team relaxes in the HQ - Chii still watching the HoloVid, though despite her lack of emotions and being made of negative energy she attempts to uphold Katrina's rules- when Katrina arrives with an assignment. She states they apparantly have some sort of serial killer going on and three deaths occurred this morning while eating their cereals, their faces contorted unnaturally and falling into the bowls. Chii concludes it must be a human since only they would come up with something so senseless and baseless as a 'cereal' killer. They take the van to the first victim's place. As Katrina talks to the cops, she sends them inside to look for clues. Because of Dias' stupidity, the cops think they are fake and throw them in jail. Pope and Em manage to get them out and the officer apologizes. When Dias tries to take the officer's badge, Pope and Em are thrown in with them. Katrina, agitated, uses one of Pope's "special" cigs to relax while she waits for Lilith and Spirit to get them out, which they do.

Back at the crime scene, the team studies it for any sort of clues since there was no sign of a struggle. Katirna, studying the cereal, sees it's called Omega Cereal, peering at Angela questioningly; Angela states the company is under someone elses' control for the next seven months. Katrina states they will split into two groups, with one going back to HQ to scan the cereal, milk, and body for poisons, while the rest of them head to the next crime scene - since the milk is Omega Cow Milk. Theron, Myria, and Vyssa head back to HQ while the rest of them walk to the next crime scene since it's close by. The next scene is much like the first except there's no box of cereal for them to look at. Katrina informs them when asked about the order that they don't know yet but the information came in from an anonymous tip that they're still looking into. Marcus, while snooping in the fridge, finds Omega Cow Milk, and Em finds the Omega Cereal in the garbage bin. Chii points out that if it's empty, then he was either really hungry today or been eating it for a while just fine while the other cereal had quite a bit left in it. The same is true for the milk, only reversed in the situations.

Back at the HQ, Billy eats Omega Cereal as the others work. Lilith can't smell anything and the scans on the cereal turn up nothing. Myria then combines the two in a test tube. A strange chemical balance occurs but fades away in seconds. Billy, eyeing the Omega Catelogue while Myria tests various rations to see the results, informs them there is no Omega Cereal or Milk in it. Myria finds a chemical compound not native to Earth in her results - it's a poison extract from the planet Jarivan. Theron goes to inform Katrina and her team, who have arrived at the third victim's home. There she finds one of Dias' cards that he gave her earlier - Dias seeing the card pauses an eyes the guy's twisted, horrorfied face once more and begins to curse. When Chii asks if he's a customer of his, Dias says nope then says poor Johnann - suddenly at that moment police bust in and aim their weapons at Dias, telling him he's under arrest for the murder of the three victims - they apparantly all worked for Dias' company and they found poison in his apartment. Across the street a man eyes Dias and waves before driving off. Dias freaks out and begins try to break free, stating he knows the man - the casino owner he ruined over a long time ago.

The team regathers at HQ as Katrina explains what happened. Em and Marcus provide Chii a description of the man so she can draw it for the team. Katrina also informs them the anonymous tip came from Dias' apartment apparantly. Katrina then pauses and clears her throat as she realizes something, informing them Erevis and Megumi may be in danger due to some of Dias' businesses - mainly him putting cameras in their house and selling the video feed. Drake and Angela go to check it out while the other wait for either the drawing or a photo to be found of the suspect.

Erevis' Place

Erevis fixes a nice bowl of Omega Cereal when Megumi comes lumbering out, commenting on her being up early but Erevis informs her it's noon now. Terra, who now sleeps at the place despite not being invited, wakes up on the sofa. When Megumi asks if they will sleep normally again soon, Erevis asks if she does not enjoy the hallway and gets a negative in response. Since Aya currently has Little Warren, Kit, and Darien (the stuffies) Megumi says it's lonely. When Erevis puts Omega Milk into the cereal and brings it up to her lips, Drake busts in to stop her and tackles the table while Angela tackles Erevis. Drake stomps on the cereal while Angela asks if Erevis is okay and Megumi and Terra get angry at the intrusion. When Drake realizes that Erevis has no underwear on he fates into the cereal so Megumi kicks him away. When Angela accidently slips and calls herself Omega Seraphna she earns strange looks.

Katrina McCormick Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

Finding the manager's location, they move on scene and find boxes of Omega Cereal inside and iamges of Dias all over the place, with the words HATE written all over them. At that moment the Casino Owner steps out holding a can of gasoline and threatens to burn the evidence; he tries to get the lighter to light, having a difficult time. He then realizes it's the lighter Dias gave him a long time ago and falls to his knees, screaming no. He just weeps like a broken man as Marcus arrests him. As they free Dias from the cell, the casino owner is dragged past Dias, vowing revenge on him for ruining him. They pause though when they learn Dias sold the cops images of Angela tackling the half-nude Erevis - sadly for him Erevis and Megumi are there, and angry. However, another officer arrests them for selling porn in a police station. Once again the team is in the jail cell, along with a pissed off Erevis and Megumi.


Angela tells Marcus that lately she's been conflicted; Zeraphna's soul is strong and she finds it strange that she was able to live her life for only one person, herself, and be satisfied and happy, while Angela always neeed someone else. Marcus mentions at least one bright side is she no longer needs Chad as a guardian and Angela admits she wishes she knew who her new silent guardian was that took over after the call she made. Since Drake is there and forced to hear it all, they switch the conversation to him - from him being a virgin to how long he's been a paranormal hunter, which he swiftly evades. Marcus bemoans Katrina, after drinking Red Fruit, didn't find him attractive and he quietly teases Angela for having a crush on Drake, who is a virgin. When Angela falls on him and flusters him, he accidently drinks red fruit - as does Angela. Drake opts to ignore it and resumes on his chips while Angela gets all hot and bothered - and then Drake runs when he sees that to a bedroom, locking the door. Billy leads Angela into a bedroom with a camera as she gets worse. She manages to escape and runs back into the main room as Katrina arrives. Angela dry humps Marcus, but gets control and runs into her own room, locks the door, and masturbates. Marcus, after asking Katrina why she doesn't find him appealing, informs him he has no charm. Seeing glitter on Kat's face he learns she likes to dress up for parties sometimes and tells her he isn't like most girls on the team - being confident in her looks and sexuality. After laying it on thick about her eyes, Katrina admits Marcus is a charmer after all. When he asks what happened with Shiva, Katrina looks distant and says it's not something she wants to talk about and Marcus leaves her alone for the night.


Erevis' Place

Aya seems to be doing better, joking and talking more and acting more animated about the place now. Erevis eats as well and Megumi comes in from outside of training, her hair hanging down to her knees. When Chad won't let Aya grow her hair that long, she storms out. Chad chides Erevis for eating so little and comments on mass and loss if she doesn't eat properly. Promising to keep a mind to her weight and Chad asking if she's lying to him, Erevis stiffens and leaves after being insulted. Marcus knocks on the door and Aya answers, greeting him as the wolf man; apparantly he's brought a turkey. Erevis, stepping out in battle uniform pauses and sees the turkey, smiling and commenting that makes you sleepy. Erevis, deciding not to wait for this "Thanksgiving", has everything set in motion to eat turkey that day. Chad passes on the meal and so the others enjoy it, with Chad getting mad at Marcus for giving Aya sweets; when Marcus brings up Dias' name, Erevis mood drops a few notches. The conversation switches a few times until Marcus brings up wrestling can be sexual and whatnot and the only way Megumi can be close to Erevis, when Megumi asks to wrestle. Aya, being there, asks what sexual is and he tells her something she can only do at 18; when Aya leaves he mumbles "or 15" causing Chad to nerve pinch him since it was directed at him. Erevis fixes him and Aya makes him pretty with make up. Aya then hugs Megumi and tries with Erevis but she retreats to train. Megumi watches him train and Marcus tells her sometimes things aren't meant to be since she looks depressed. Somehow the talk turns to deflowering Angela leading Erevis and Megumi to wonder why a woman would have flowers in them.

Soon when talk of Megumi's affection toward Erevis comes up, Erevis leaves, leaving the two men to tell Megumi she's a bad person for trying to force herself on Erevis with sly remarks like wrestling and whatnot. Megumi states she is refraining from risque things and respecting Erevis' stance. When they ask what happens when someone seriously gets hurts because of her jealous a noise in the house distracts them and Chad busts into the shower to see a naked Erevis being hugged on her leg by Aya. Erevis relents and allows Aya to shower with her; meanwhile Angela knocks on the door and Megumi answers it, clenching her teeth before relaxing. She hands Megumi overdue rent for Chad. As Marcus steps out, Megumi tells him she will take his lesson to heart about her temper; Angela eyes her judgementally. Terra then shows up and just walks in as Angela heads off. Seeing Chad acting smug Megumi asks him, since he says people never change, if he would kill again for Aya; when he says yes, she asks how that is different from destroying a military base to keep them from killing people again. Chad tells Megumi she and Angela are a lot alike and brings up how they both approached Zephyr; Megumi informs him she doesn't intent to approach Zephyr again if she would end her own life to stop her. If Zephyr ever decides their memories are worth something, she will forgive Megumi on her own eventually.

Katrina McCormick Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

Marcus and Angela talk on the way back to the base and Marcus mentions if she wants to get stronger in hand to hand combat she should seek out Dias; not like he's going to rape her anything right? They arrive back at the HQ and find Chii watching soaps; when she hears them she quickly changes channels in the middle of a love scene, embarrassed at being caught. When Marcus asks Chii if she's interested in physical relationships with people, she denies it at first, but then admits she might be a little curious. When Chii reveals she doesn't get it because she can't have an orgasm, she tells the two Freyja was a priestess and thus chaste. Chii tells him if he helps get Freyja back, though, she wouldn't give a damn about any celibacy oath. Marcus tries to get Myria to drink some red juice since Angela and Chii look to young, but Myria outsmarts him. Chii then grills Myria to learn all she can on the Dark Ones. Later she cuddles her on the couch due to seperation aniexty from Freyja.


Chii declares she is not a lesbian. Marcus and Angela continue to get close as friends, training and playing with each other, while Chii continues to cling to Myria who has stolen Theron's credit identity. Meanwhile, Erevis, Chad, Aya, and Megumi enjoy and play in the snow, Megumi fascinated by Erevis' fascination with snow. Erevis wins by hitting the tree so all the snow buries Chad.


Angela tries to flirt with Drake and get closer, the two trading questions and answers to things, though Drake seems more civil than interested. They eat pizza then look for evil.

The Park

Erevis takes Megumi ice skating, teaching her how to move about the ice by wrapping her arms around her from behind and skating around with her. When Megumi causes them to crash, the apologizes for making this unfun by not being inexperience; Erevis responds that she is having fun and guides Megumi along once again, who begins to smile. Erevis then begins to do complex moves, and Megumi watches, enchanted. Afterwards, Megumi gives her a crystal snowflake to be part of a pendant one day.


Katrina McCormick Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group

Katrina is found working out in the training; before Chii can enter to ask her questions Dias and Marcus enter with the every day mumbling routine. Marcus tells Katrina she should avoid Chii, which brings the girl to her attention. When Dias mentions Marcus and Angela have been spending a lot of time together, Marcus asks Katrina if that takes him out of the running to be a suitor; she informs him he was never in the running. Chii begins to ask questions of Drake, making Katrina ask why she is paranoid; she brings up that after nearly tearing the team apart, Chii should take a moment and get to know everyone. Chii brings up it's hard with Drake gone all the time and having Freyja's paranoia she finds his selflish actions troublesome. When asked if Katrina holds a grudge toward what they did, Katrina says no; wariness, yes. When offered to have her back washed, Katrina states she thought Chii was a pessimest and Chii responds with Freyja gone, she feels she's slowly becoming her own person, whoever that may be. Chii follows Katrina to the showers. Chii is startled to learn that Katrina personally arranged it for Chii to remain there instead of a military lock up. She states if Katrina is willing to put such trust out, perhaps she should try the same. She seems even more moved when Katrina assures her she has no ultior motive toward Chii.

Asking Katrina to help her dress because Freyja always did it, Katrina helps the girl gently and compliments her body and the style of clothing, making her flush. She also tells Chii a girl should always take advantage of their body as long as it isn't too slutty. Katrina is surprised to hear Chii lusts since Freyja didn't want the emotion. After she finishes, Katrina tells Chii she should live her life as she wants to live it, as long as it doesn't hurt others or cause strife amongst the team. As they step back into the training area, Chii declares that she, Katrina, Marcus, and Angela should sleep together since it will be a positive influence. Marcus is all for it so Katrina says they can all take a nap together then and they use Cassandra's bed since it's massive. With clothing optional, they all get into it. Chii latches onto Katrina once in bed and Angela does the same with Marcus.

After Chii tries pressing her luck too far on sex, Katrina slowly turns to face her, going into seductive mode and asking her if she truly wants this; Chii says she wants to experience at least most things in life at least once. Katrina slowly seduces Chii while Marcus and Angela watch; the kitsune varying between tense, shy, flustered, and horny. After flustering, she whispers in Chii's ear if she wants her to be a bad girl and Chii says she's tired of being a shadow, so Katrina begins to make love to her. Marcus and Angela do, too. Afterwards, Katrina holds Chii, stroking her arm almost possessively. Later, Dias rapes Angela in her sleep while Katrina thought he was merely teasing her.

When they wake up, Angela and Marcus talk about how she acted toward Billy once when Billy informs Angela indirectly that Dias banged her while she was asleep. Marcus jerks and begins to sneak off when Angela looks at him. Trying to hide, he's given away by Billy and Angela demands to know if he was just using her for kicks for him and Dias. Marcus tells her he didn't think Dias would go that far and Anglea shakes her head in disbelief at trusting him when he used her. He apologizes to her but she states she isn't sure how one forgives this. Finally she decides to give him the chance to make it up to her. She asks him to help her sort herself out and be close to her to help her and support her. He agrees and once Angela steps out tells Billy that wasn't cool to do to him. Billy tells him he should be the one who watched out for who put their penis in his girlfriend and Marcus states Angela will never be his girlfriend. She berates him for even having sex and Marcus states he's a guy and he has to entertain himself somehow. Staring at him darkly, Billy agrees he's a little boy who can't keep his throbbing piece out of some meat and walks out. Later, he bitches at Dias for making him become Angela's BFF and not even caring he fucked her. They go on about Angela in the store and Drake, having been buying items, walks off after hearing them.

When Chii wakes up in bed, the two talk about what happened and Chii asks why she made fun of her earlier, to Katrina's confusion; realizing she means the seduction, Katrina apologizes if she gave that impression but it was very serious - and nice - to her and she thinks Chii cute. Chii explains to her that no matter what connections she makes, she can't give up Freyja and her connection to her and Katrina promises to help her save her sister. Chii tells her if she isn't playing with her or intending to use her, then she will let Katrina know how she has to get Freyja back - by consuming her captor alive, which has risks of her being taken over but she thinks Freyja can help her beat anything. Katrina promises to support her and gives the kitsune a hug. When Chii asks if the sex they had is just for when others are around or not, Katrina tells her they can do it any time she wants - alone or not. Chii then asks even after they get Freyja back and Katrina says yes. Chii also vows to get Freyja to join in, even if she has to tie her up to do it. Then have more sex.

Erevis' Place

As Megumi makes breakfast, Aya paddles out and greets her as Kitty Meg, the first instance of "kitty" being attached to Megumi. When Erevis awakens, they talk about Megumi wanting to fix things that have gone wrong and her feeling that her time is running out, melting away like falling snow, which causes Erevis to begin to panic a little at the idea of losing her. She also tells Erevis that when Cassandra's team finally makes their move to end things once and for all she wants to be part of it. She also tells Erevis while she has learned how to supress her emotions, Megumi has learned how to embrace her own. Erevis states she will join the team with her and causes Megumi to outcry at that, wanting to protect her. Throwing it back at her, Erevis states she does not want to lose someone she cares about either. Megumi relents on the promise that when the time comes Erevis kisses her, still fearful her time is short. After a wrestle where Erevis pins her arms to the bed and flusters Megumi, they go to sleep.

Later when Megumi wakes up and trains, Terra shows up to talk. Aya, talking excitedly and happily to Megumi about how she keeps warm, skips off to tell Chad how neat Megumi is and Terra tells Megumi she is suspicious of the child as a troublemaker. Chad comes in and threatens Megumi like normal despite being in her house with Erevis as a guest and then Marcus shows up to see Aya. Chad asks why he wants to be part of his child's life and Marcus states he just wants to give the kid a little fun since Chad is no bucket of sunshine. Chad deduces Aya as an excuse to check out Erevis' breasts and tells her so. Embarrassed, Erevis retreats and Marcus tells Chad he's a petty shit. Erevis returns in big clothing as does Aya who is excited to see the wolf man with chocolate. Chad refuses until after summer, so Aya opts to play with Marcus instead.


Ariel finally goes to see Darien in prison. He asks her how Famfrit went and she defines it as interesting, making his gaze harden for a moment. Asking to change the subject, Ariel tells him how much she's missed him. After some weak time, Ariel admits what happened and Darien tells her things will be better eventually; he lets her know Megumi told him what happened and he probably scared her by his reaction but he didn't like hearing Ariel hurt herself. He also says he wishes she came sooner to talk to him about this and she tells him she didn't want him to see her at her weakest. Darien states he thought they were suppose to see each other at their worst and best times. Afterwards they slip into easy joking.

10-586.9.10 (One Year Ago)

Session 263: Warren Carmichael Returns Seeking a Traitor

Warren Carmichael and The Lost Year

Exactly one year ago, Warren, Cheryl, and SPoC discuss the fact someone on the team is a Dark One who has been working against them; Cheryl points that they also want Warren dead. SPoC pulls off his mask to reveal a woman. He tells her the only way to prove SPoC is not a Dark One and to be part of the team is to see what happens after a mortal wound. SPoC agrees and pulls off her tactical suit and Warren greets her to the team as he fires.

Later, Steve the guy in the mask that smiles and SPoC, are onboard PAX3, heading into the security room. While SPoC gets all the video files of the weeks leading up to the battle on PAX, Steve fires a machine gun to distract and scare the crowd of people. Once done they teleport onto Cheryl's ship and she eyes Steve as he pulls off his mask to reveal Warren. Back on Earth they review the tapes as Cheryl changes Ben's diapers. Finding nothing, Warren declares they need to work on a Dark One detector. Deciding he knows one inventor that can help, Warren and SPoC go to see Dr. Light of the Light Engine. He states he believes that Dark Ones might have different reality signatures and his Light Engine could be converted into some sort of detector. As Dr. Light goes to start up a demonstration, a shot hits it from Dark Ones entering the room and a portal into reality opens up, dumping out a girl. With Dr. Light dead and the Dark One Phaeton entering, having declared they finally caught up to Warren, they fight their way out of the building, grabbing the confused girl on the way. After getting out, Warren detonates the entire building after him.

Back in his home, Warren eyes the girl despite his wounds from the battle while Cheryl holds Ben. Telling them they're coming in, the girl cries and asks who they are and Warren, in annoyance, aims his gun at her, stating he needs to check to see if she is a Dark One when Cheryl tells him to knock it off. The girl calls him dad and claims to be Jennifer Carmichael. Saying she's lying and making the girl cry, Warren leaves with SPoC and tells Cheryl to watch the girl. They go to see Darien in prison, he slides Darien a number to memorize, saying he has to go underground and Darien is the only one he can trust. Despite Darien's sarcastic remark, Warren walks out, knowing he'll do it.

Back at his apartment, they get everything packed together, the girl sobbing and Warren tells her to call him Carmichael or he's leaving her behind; sobbing daddy a few more times, Warren turns to leave her when she finally gives in and brings her along, destroying his apartment on the way out to cover his tracks.


Now in a secret military bunker compound in the woods, Warren works on a device that can detect Dark Ones still. He scans himself and SPoC and then Jennifer, getting a different tone from her than they got. He tells the two Jennifer is from another reality which is why her story didn't make sense, yet had hints of truths. Though she wants to consider him her father, he informs her they aren't even the same reality makeup and to call him Warren; when he learns she's 13 years old, meaning she's his dead daughter that was killed by Cheryl in the Ridiarium War, he twitches a bit. Warren tells her time does not flow consistently between realities and there's a good chance, since the multiverse was only a month old, in her reality 13 years passes to their month - though it is a theory. He tells her even if he could send her back, which he doesn't know how, there's a chance they will all be dead. Refusing to answer her question about why there isn't another her in this reality, Warren states they need to focus on hand and get their hands on a Dark One to run the scanner on to see if it'll detect it. Warren tells SPoC that Jennifer will need all the training she can get in the months to come and that it's her job to train her. And so begins her brutual training under SPoC.


Jennifer's training continues and the results are slowly beginning to show off now. Afterwards she shares a meal with Cheryl and Warren; Cheryl complimenting her on her table manners to jab at Warren and his grunts. When he gets seconds, Cheryl snarks that she knew the bastard liked it. When Jennifer asks again what happened to her and mom in this reality, he tosses her a folder to read and walks out.


Jennifer's training has improved her skills considerablely and she has gotten improvements under SPoC and Warren. When Jennifer opts to go for the win instead of getting her cookie for the day, she gets it but Warren gets the cookie, telling her that one shouldn't lose what's important just for the sake of a win. Warren tells her in a few more months they will be putting their plans into operation and she'll have to be ready by then.

10-587.11.24 (Present Day)

Katrina McCormick Anti-Supernatural Hunter Group




Session 264: The Darker Sides of You

With the EarthGov election nearing, the PAX Station is somehow posted with posters of Alexander Cran, who is running for election as President of EarthGov, much to the disgust of many on the station, including Cassandra Arakawa, who spends her time ripping down any poster she finds these days. To add to the disgust, General Cran arrives on the station with his daughter, Angela while Ambassador Arhn and Shiva have a meeting, Warren sets up guard outside it to protect the Ambassador. Darien, in charge of the station's operations, meets with Cran as he lands, along with Katrina there due to her being the chief ambassadorial role. Sending Angela to go over the security of the station with the rest, Cran speaks with Chad about his designs and other projects. After giving him two gifts, Cran mysterious says she has an eye on Chad's career before moving on with his tour. When Angela tries to question Darien about how Ariel is - calling her mother - he brushes her off and sends her off until the tour is over. As they leave, Cran comforts his daughter, telling her to look toward the future.