Season 1: Ideals

Season 2: Suspects

Season 3: Dragoons

Season 4: Honors

Season 5: Realities

Season 6: Seperations

Season 7: Revelations

Season 8: Targets

Season 9: Universes

Season 10: Darkenings

Season 11: Divergences

Season 12: Endings

Season 13: Changes

Season 14: Beginnings

Season 15: Reckonings

Season 16: Journeys

Season 17: Legions

Season 18: Multiverses

Season 19: Differences

Season 20: Plans

Season 21: Finales


Session 35: Funds

The PAX Station is facing it's worst enemy yet, budget cuts. With the Engineers starting to riot and the amabassadors all on edge, the PAX unit begins to think of ways to make and save money just to get by for the remaining six months on their contract. Arhn comes up with an interesting proposal to Katrina, ensuring a much stronger Erusian support to the station and increased funding from the alien nation. While this is surprisingly brought up in the senate, the security team begins to check into some suspicions reguarding Serena Cran's nature. Warren and Slasher manage to obtain a sample of Serena's hair and sneak it off for testing. The senate comes back accepting the Erusian proposal, and hope renews for the failing PAX team as money once again flows.


Session 36: Enemies

The team arrives on the Sloeth homeworld, an aquatic race with many interesting examples of technology which could prove very useful to EarthGov. Unfortunately, plans for a quick treaty are ended when they dsicover Xevil and his fellow Tsiv are already on the world, attempting to head the team off in securing a treaty with one of their own. Before debate can really begin, Ry cries out his outrage at the presence of Xevil and challenges him to single combat. The Sloeths decide to use this combat to determine their choice in who to side with and the fight begins. Xevil and Ry face each other with equal ferocity, but inevitably Ry falls prey to Xevil's strength and nears his own death. Ry defiantly stands even has Xevil readies to kill him when the Sloeths demand an end to the battle. They decide to force an alliance with the EarthGov based on the bravery of Ry, rather then the superior power of the Tsiv.


Session 37: Pictures

The museum for the Ridarium War makes it's grand opening, the top news story and no one on the station seems the least bit interested in exploring the past, except for the Erusian Ambassador and her bodyguard. Then Elayne Trenton arrives with a simple mission, to get information on Warren Carmichael, a hero of the Ridarium Wars. While Warren avoids the nosey reporter, she presses Xanatos for information reguarding the man before the war and after, trying to find why the happy and confident man portrayed in the war could become the quiet and isolated person he is today. To get him to come out, Elayne crosses the line no one else would dare, she begins to report on Rebecca Tanner, Warren's dead fiance and the woman who was to have his child. Warren's patience breaks and he assaults the news crew while Elayne hides behind her ruse of being in a shuttle while she digs even further. Warren manages to stop himself from killing her, and the team sends her packing, however the damage has been done, and Warren branded for his worst side.


Session 38: Trials

The trial for the Anarchist, John McCormick is held and the PAX team attends, with his sister, Katrina in command of the PAX team. Meanwhile on the station, Cassandra Arakawa reports in for duty  John McCormick is brought to trial for his crimes and in defiance to his very sentance he spits in the face of the court. As he's brought out o the courtroom, John makes his escape. Loyalties become quickly divided as the actions of one man bring out the monsters in many. Kane double crosses Serena's trust by moving to contact john and warn him about Cran's intended ambush, letting him know that Serena is a Dragoon. Serena Cran attempts to stop John from escaping, unleashing her Dragoon abilities for the first time of her own accord, her actions fail to stop John and only further move to expose her for who she is to everyone. After the team returns to PAX station, Serena and Xanatos talk and in an emotional moment, Serena admits to who and what she is, and Slasher and the security cameras witness every moment of it. Warren recieving this information reports Serena Cran's Dragoon status to the military.


Session 39: Immunity

The secret is out and Serena Cran is facing arrest and prosecution as an illegal Dragoon. Moving swiftly she seeks asylum with the Erusian government, which Ahrn gives her with little hesitation. The team moves in on this a little too slow and find themslves unable to arrest Serena due to diplomatic immunity. EarthGov and the Erusian Acendancy find themselves at odds in a Human Rights case, with the alien nation oddly in favor of human rights. As debates rise in the Senate, the Janus position of defending Serena Cran looks grim until Alexander arrives on the station and after some debate, convinces Arhn to speak on behalf of Serena in front of the Senate. Moved by her and a mysteriously placed and quickly covered video of Serena expressing her own feelings over the news, the Senate quickly changes their stance, agreeing to not move against the diplomatic immunity and to restore the relations to both nations as they debate Serena Cran's fate.


Session 40: Reprocussions

Weeks pass and the station grows tense with the mounting issues taking over the thoughts of many. While Arhn and Ry observe and try to curb Serena's loyalties away from her father, the crew must deal with an increasingly unruly crew while the Erusians upgrade and fix up the station as per their contract. Shiva becomes deeply interested in Slasher's side hobby, designing gear and equipment. Xanatos and Cassandra must deal with a riot which breaks out between the Engineers and the Erusians while the rest of the team begins to attempt to figure out the puzzle that is Alexander Cran's plans involving Serena.


Session 41: Realions

The team travels to the planet Realion, for the first time taking along their Vapaad Ambassador, Kieran. When meeting with the Realion's a fight breaks out and the people they meet soon turn out to be rebels attempting to break free of a tyrannical government. A terrible question is brought up as the team witnesses the executions of innocents. Do they side with rebels and help them fight a war, bring the tryants into PAX, or leave them alone? Choosing the last option the team leaves, leaving an ill feeling in their mouth. In response to the incident Katrina resigns her post as leader of the unit and Warren Carmichael is appointed the head of the diplomatic team until such time as a new leader can be decided.


Session 42: Differences

After several weeks taking time to catch up on his new duties, Warren begins his first active day as head of the diplomats. Making stops to meet with Shiva and Arhn, Warren reviews some treaties and agreements with them, setting his place firmly as the leader. Meanwhile, Ry attempts to exert his position above the engineers, getting into a fight which results in one injured and angry engineer. The security team meanwhile goes over the stability of the station as Xanatos tests out his position as the man in charge on security. Ry is sued for assault and battery, and Sera and Arhn team up to make him rest.


Session 43: Pirates

The team follows an unusualy mission of peace, tracking down pirates who are frequenting Cartel space in an attempt to get them to leave without force. The team encounters the pirates and in a standoff are placed in the most terrible of situations, dinner with the hostile faction. The Captain of the pirate vessel seems particularly interested in the women of the crew, namely Ambassador Arhn, and shows off his most prized find, a special red fruit which causes the one who eats it to become terribly aroused. After some haggling and the failed attempts by the captain to get lucky with Arhn, the pirate captain agrees to start raiding in a different area, the tryannical planet the team had visited earlier.


Session 44: Infection

On Earth colony Replica Kane comes face to face with William Spade, and after a one sided brawl, Kane is dragged off to face his destiny. Meanwhile on the PAX station, Serena Cran's birthday arrives and her only present, a fever. As the fever rises, news that the Dragoons have started to show berserk behavior due to a virus spreads, Katrina arrives as an investigator and brings Serena to the medical lab for monitoring. Rapidly Serena degrades, losing both health and sanity as the team watches her with guns aimed at her head. At the eleventh hour, Warren returns to the station with a sample of Alexander Cran's blood, the cure for Serena's sickness, bringing her from destruction. With the revelation that the Omega is not fully a Dragoon, but a human clone comes one last surprise as several Dragoons arrive on the station led by Alpha Cheryl. They have one mission: Kill Serena Cran.


Session 45: Virus

The Security Team takes on Alpha Cheryl, a force to be reckoned with. The battle rages and Warren, despite his deep ill feelings for Cheryl, steps out of the fight to bring the Ambassadors to a safe place during the fight. As the Ambassadors flees, the fight begins to go poorly for the team, Cheryl having an inhuman ability to track and deflect the attacks of all of them with ease. As things turn for the worst, the tide is turned with the arrival of John McCormick, who brings the fight to a new level. As Cheryl continues to face them, an explosion tears through the hangar, Cheryl deviates from her plans to help save everyone as vacuum begins to suck the hangar dry. The team is saved, and a weakened Cheryl is given the chance to escape to fight another day bu Slasher.


Session 46: Birthright

Warren deals with the loss of his chance to exact vengance for the death of his wife and child by firing Cassandra and demoting Xan's use of power on the station. While Cassandra rectifies her chances with Warren, Darien arrives, shortly thereafter Cran arrives to tell the truth of the Omega Project in the plain sight of everyone dragged into this incident. The origins of the Alphas are given more light as Dragoon Mother, also known as the masquerading Alpha Ariel is given more background and the purpose of the Omega is revealed. Serena is to be the new Mother of the Dragoons, saving them from themselves when a mental breakdown would make them dangerous to everyone, even themselves. A birthright given to Serena due to her very creation, a clone of Alexander given Mother's genetic coding. As the truth sinks in William Spade appears with the final challenge for Serena, a test to see if she is worthy of her birthright. Her challenger is Dragoon Mother, and the man to interrupt the hour crashes aboard the PAX station, gun in hand, Kane.


Session 47: Family

Serena Cran is placed on a crossroads. With all of this truth out and the varied factions standing in play, she must make her first descision as the Omega, her pilot. Guns aimed at each other, all those in play stand off waiting for the first shot to be fired while Serena and Ariel go at it in a verbal duel, since Serena refuses to fight Ariel for power. The circle of conversation rolls on when things turn bloody, Ariel walking away enrages Serena and she fires at Ariel's back, Warren taking the shot for her. Slasher antagonises Serena leading to her firing at him, and in her anger while fighting him, another power of hers creeps out as a Beta's fist punches Slasher out of her way. Kane in an argument with Warren fires at him, and Kane's hand is injured in retaliation and he is arrested. Placed under pressure as both Spade and Kane are about to be shipped off to prisons unknown, Serena chooses one to prevent them from going to jail, choosing William Spade as her pilot. Warren releases Kane from charges, a ploy to push Sera in a direction he'd hoped for failed. Now William Spade is saved from incarceration, the pilot of the Omega Dragoon.


Session 48: Pauses

A week passes and the crew are still sorting themselves out. On Earth tensions are rising as news of teh rogue Dragoons has spread, while Serena's status as a human is brought into question, this time in her favor. While Earth debates the team enjoys an eerie quiet in the storm, resting and recovering from recent events and discussing matters with one another. Xanatos and Ry discuss thier feelings and go thier seperate way. Arhn and Serena discuss Serena's position now that the revelation of her humanity as come forward. Slasher applies for the duties of Chief Mechanic and with the backing of Ambassador Shiva, Warren approves his new position and gives him dual assignment.


Session 49: Dragoons

Dragoons begin to rampage, Janus bases burn and the situation on board the PAX station grows ever tense. News of a Dragoon attack on the closeby Europa colony catches wind and security sends down a team to investigate. While the team faces off with Cheryl, Ariel and the McCormicks, Seraphna picks up on another impending attack on the station, moving Warren to evacuate the diplomats. While Serena is left alone on the station to fight whatever danger is coming the team attempts to parley with the Dragoons and negotiate. Xanatos attempts to contact Warren to discover something shocking. The Diplomatic shuttle, the diplomats, and Warren have been kidnapped.


Session 50: Lost

Several days since the kidnapping of the diplomatic staff and Slasher goes to follow a lead on Io. Meanwhile the senate votes Serena's status as a human and EarthGov citizen in her favor and give her an offer, a one time chance to prove her usefulness in tracking down the Dragoon threat. Given command of the station Serena finds it more then a little difficult to seize the cooperation of the team, and garrisoning Janus soldiers and Dragoon Betas on the station doesn't earn her any favors. Ry moves on his own to rescue the diplomats on his own while Seraphna preps the group to track down Dragoons. Slasher and Xanatos decide to follow along and play tin soldiers for now, until they can expose and take down Sera.


Session 51: Heat

Serena Cran starts her hunt for the Dragoons, much to the crew's annoyance. After a quick talk attempting to gain the cooperation of the team, a signal comes in alerting the group of another Dragoon attack and Serena issues out orders for the team to intercept. Xanatos, Slasher, Kane and Cassandra, along with a Janus team of 6 elite troopers, Albert, and Serena with two of her Beta Units travel to the Janus base. There they battle the Illusion using Wyndom and the impressively fast Vanguard, most of the Janus Squad wiped out and Serena injured, the group manages to survive the ordeal with two less Dragoons in the world. Slasher and Xanatos continue their display of noncooperation with Serena, only to discover that she encouraged it on purpose, as they eyes of EarthGov looks down on them with annoyance.


Session 52: Spaded

The team recovers from the ordeal at the Janus base and while it does, Cran brings some interesting news to his daughter. William Spade has been released into Serena's custody to act as his polit for the remainder of the ever mounting war with Mother. The team is not in the least bit pleased to see Spade on the station again. Spade is left in Serena's chambers while Serena and Kane finally discuss the issues between them, Serena appearing weaker and weaker a person as she goes along. Slasher confronts Spade who in only a few lines, manages to shatter Slasher's thoughts and insence him. Warren and the Ambassadors arrive back at the station, having been saved by Ry while the team was kept busy with the Dragoons. Warren orders Serena and the rest of Janus off his station and takes back command.


Session 53: Ascension Part 1

The PAX council convenes to discuss their position on the Dragoon War. As one they agree that PAX as a group should side on the freedom of the Dragoons, as for aiding them, all but the Vapaad step up to the plate, the mysterious creatures choosing instead to take neutral position. PAX rushes to Colony Rio where the war has already started, Serena and Spade with an army of 100 Beta Units against Ariel, the Alphas and their allies. The battle begins to claim Alpha lives when Ariel recieves a black box, injecting the contained serum grants her ability to counteract the Omega control and stop Serena's ability to dominate the Alphas. In response Spade and Serena prepare to use Serena's Dragoon Mech form, bring the fight to even ground.


Session 54: Ascension Part 2

Seraphna and Spade prove a dangerous combination as a formed Dragoon, the entire team works in unison to combat them as they attempt to figure out their weaknesses. As the defenses of Serena Cran begin to break, they move from simple to complex as Serena engages her second form, a full fledged mechanical dragon. Serena holds a metaphorical gun to the heads of all those involved as Warren bares the strongest weapon in the war, reason. Between Ariel, Kane and Warren, Serena is talked down, and instead of choosing destruction she chooses the freedom of the Dragoons and peace. Warren and Serena meet face to face once more and shake on the agreement, while EarthGov pulls out it's forces, PAX has won, with the cost of a few Alpha lives. PAX is renewed in it's contract for another year and several of it's residents are now gone, either to new homes or off to other factions.


Session 55: Reflections

Warren and company are invited to visit a planet inside Tsiv space by Darien Starr. Upon arrival they find it to be the ruins of what was once a world inhabited by the people who originated the Dragoons. As they search, joined by Katrina, Ariel and Cheryl, they take a walk down memory lane for Ariel, who has a hard time recollecting anything abou the past that led her to be discovered on Earth in a crashed ship. Ultimately they discover a computer which may hold the information Ariel seeks about her origins. After making a copy of what they can, the team departs to avoid trouble with the Tsiv.


Session 56: Defeats

Upon attempting to leave Tsiv space by jumpgate the team finds themselves stopped by a black object in space. Soon they are tractored aboard a hidden vessel to discover themslves the prisoners of the Tsiv. To make matters more horrifying, Xevil and Skaad are in command and the team has several ambassadors with them. The team is captured and placed in a holding cell only to shorrtly thereafter break out. In the escape Ry finds himself leading the team off the ship aboard their own shuttle while Warren sacrifices himself to ensure the team can escape. Warren is in enemy hands and is left behind, held behind a wall of politics and borders as the team returns to base. Xanatos makes his report on the situation, lying and stating that only he and Warren went on the trip to the Dragoon world in order to save the rest from trouble. They are left with simple orders, keep peace until a suitable replacement can be found. The Janitor seems excited at the possibility of promotion.

*summaries by Seraphna