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Season 21: Finales


Stardate: 10-583.12.10

Chad Winters is found in the Janus facility, but before his time to begin working. Spade eyes him down and questions his actions, Chad outright tells him he's looking into 'Project Dias'. Spade tells him he won't find what he's looking for in confidence, and in a twist of irony, Chad alludes to going straight to Cran to get the information. Spade sends him on his way. Chad finds Alexander at a restaurant and talks to him about the project, the President urges Chad to not go down the path he seeks, as Dias was in full control of Xavier, and not himself, during the project, making Dias dangerous.

Ignoring this, Chad presses for information. Cran relents, but stipulates that Dias will not be allowed anywhere near Janus after he's woken up. Chad dials Zephyr to ask her to take care of him.

On Jarivan, Cassandra and Rylon enjoy a vacation. Adam pays them a visit, but only leaves them with cryptic words and a leering gaze over Cassandra.

Stardate: 10-583.12.15

Xanatos and Erevis settle together in an apartment, while they take some time to visit the Dragoon Museaum, they run across Chad Winters, who is still taking some time before going to work for Alexander Cran.

Stardate: 10-583.12.17

Xanatos and Erevis set up Christmas decorations, while Xanatos explains to her the meaning of the holiday and shows her how gifts are exchanged. Erevis begins to appears slightly more human. The two go outside to build a snowman, Erevis' pride is challenged, but she relents to accepting Xanatos' smooth talking.

Stardate: 10-583.12.20

Chad and Zephyr meet on the Dragoon colony, Chad introduces Zephyr to Dias, who at this point is little more then a child who can't stop picking his nose. Zephyr agrees to watch over the poor retard and Chad leaves him in her care.

Stardate: 10-583.12.27

Xanatos wakes up early to prepare breakfast for himself and Erevis and finds her missing. He searches all over in frantic worry and finds her outside, sliding about on a frozen lake. Xanatos begins to admit a deep care and worry for her safety. They go inside and discuss things for a little bit, settling down for a relaxing evenings.

Stardate: 10-583.12.31

Erevis and Xanatos experiment with alchohol. Slightly tipsy, Erevis confesses she has started to fall in love with Xanatos, Xanatos takes it in stride, admitting his own feelings and how he has seperated her from Katrina. Xanatos puts Erevis to bed. Erevis wakes a little later, asking for her cat, Sabrina. Remembering that was Katrina's cat, Xanatos urges her to search memories, they find she can recall most of Katrina McCormick's life.

Stardate: 10-584.1.10

Session 101: Separate Ways Part 1

Darien Starr gets his new posse together, mainly people whom previously worked on the station. Xanatos Durran, Erevis, Setsuna and Cassandra Arakawa sit in a van with him. While the planned to have a meeting, they are now chasing down a stolen Janus military vehicle. They run the vehicle into a pole and move on to a housing district, where they find the home that Darien has set up for them.

As they settle in, a pizza boy arrives, and quickly it's discovered that the boy is actually John McCormick. He moves in, fighting his way through Xanatos and the others, trying to get at Erevis. He screams in rage at them living with the person responsible for Katina's death, swearing revenge on Erevis. The cops begin to approach and Setsuna convinces John to flee.

Serena Cran, Christopher Kane and Chad Winters start their first day at Janus. Rising, they set out for the compound shuttle and ride along, witnessing two vans in a high speed chase as they go. When they arrive, Spade greets them and sets them on a contest for the title of Chief Engineer, whoever makes the best project gets the job. Sera and Kane leap into it enthusiastically while Chad goes along with the flow. The sibling love is sarcastically strong in the room as Serena tries to be affectionate with Chad, while Chad tries to ignore her existence.

While Zephyr struggles to teach Dias numbers, and to not eat things that are bad for him, Ariel and Cheryl discuss the colony and it's current state. Dragoon Alpha Hotaru makes her first appearance as the colony cook. She surprisingly fails to poison the colony with her jello. Cheryl begins to teach Dias to act like a man.

Rylon has some time before resuming official duty in the Erusian Military. Meanwhile, Warren and Arhn are in Arhn's place of residence. Warren worries that his presence in Arhn's life will endanger her, they discuss the possible rebellion and the future of Erus. Rylon and Cole have a manly meeting up and talk about dealing with the resistance forces as well. Arhn meets up with Lombardia while Rylon and Cole mess around with Red Fox. On the way back from meeting Lombardia, Warren and Arhn are attacked when they realize they are being followed, Rylon, Cole and Red Fox, sent out to meet up with and help them, don't tell them who they are as they approach and Warren thinks they are part of the attack. After accidental friendly fire, the team comes to it's senses and flees with Arhn.

Stardate: 10-584.1.10

Session 102: Separate Ways Part 2

Xanatos looks around the city for Erevis, who fled in sadness after John's accusations. Setsuna and Cassandra have free time together. Darien delivers the team's vehicles and learns of John's attack, he runs off as well. Xanatos finds Erevis, however, she is in the middle of being choked by John. Xanatos beats John off her, Xanatos talks to John and John leaves in disgust. Darien joins Xanatos shortly after for a chat, Darien expresses his frustration Xanatos simply accepting things as they are and not fighting to get what he wants and needs, in his speech about wanting to be with Katrina then never following through. Afterwards, Setsuna and Cassandra take Erevis shopping for clothes, seeing a long day ahead of them when they need to explain such things as underwear to Erevis. Xanatos meets Blue and they talk about the situation with Erevis.

The contest deadline reaches, and Spade finishes his meeting, sitting down with Serena, Chad and Kane. He looks at each of their proposals, Chad showing off a low production shuttles, Serena showing an easy to store and use exoskeleton mech, and Kane a working holographic training program. Spade decides to give the prize to Kane, making him the lead engineer. Dismissing them for the day, Kane, Serena and Chad head out to celebrate Kane's success.

Zephyr is scarred for life when she sees Dias naked. Cheryl teaches Hotary how to drink. Ariel comments on the situation casually. The Dragoons discover Dias is colorblind when inspecting a mysterious painting. Meanwhile, Team Warren sits in Arhn's house, discussing the power of the Progenitor made planet killer, the Blank Angel. They plan out the search to find and track the missing planet killer. Not that they have any idea of how to destroy it. John later meets up with Ceres, who offers him a place to sleep, the confess love for one another, even though they both understand it may never come to be anything other then unrequited.

Stardate: 10-584.1.13

Session 103: Business As Usual

Darien's team meets for their first offical day. After breakfast he takes them to a secret command center, showing them the various tools they'll have at their disposal on missions, he also informs them of their black ops status, they do not exist as far as EarthGOV is concerned. Kane begins his first offical day as head of the department. After convincing Serena not to make him late with sexy things, they move out to work. Chad meets Eve Summers for the first time and Serena teases him, percieving a crush. The team gets to work.

Cheryl, Zephyr and Hotaru sneak off to track down the mysterious painter. Ariel catches on and goes with them. They follow the trail to a Cartel world where they run into Shiva. With her help they go to a warehouse, following leads. When they arrive they find a book, inside is jibberish, but Shiva notes some Cartel World names. They have a trail to follow. Arhn's group is attacked by a giant bug, a plant to try and kill them off. The group battle and overcomes the monster. However the monster is killed only after it destroys Arhn's home.

Stardate: 10-584.1.15

Session 104: Party Crashers

Chip fits Xanatos with his new eye, Cassandra asks for a boob upgrade. Darien gives his team their first mission, infiltrate a party and gather intel. The mission however, has a slight snag, Chad Winters, William Spade, and Ceres Connor are all present, and all likely to recognize them and blow the entire operation without knowing it. With some security hacking, Setsuna and Cassandra get in and get what they need while Xan and Erevis sneak out.

Spade brings Serena, Kane and Chad out to a large social event for higher ups. Here they think they spot a familiar red head and man with black hair as well as President Cran and his assistant, Ceres Connor, but no one actually manages to catch the mysterious ones. Darien chats with Chad to keep him busy. Serena and Cran talk, Serena expressing she's happy with her job, but feels an urge to expand her abilities as the Omega, and with the lack of Alphas to fulfill her purpose, instead wants to see how far her offensive capabilities can go. She and Kane talk it over. Ceres and Darien have a talk and wish one another luck in their new jobs. After the party, Chad lays his suspicions that Xan, Erevis and Cass were present during the party, Spade is troubled that he didn't sense them.

While Arhn's group waits to go offworld to escape the dangers of political anger, they wait in the Lombardia residence. They attend a party for the higher ups, where Arhn becomes the center of attention due to recent events. Arhn is led outside by Lombarida and Rylon and Cole, who were busy chatting, lose track of her, they freak out and rush outside to find her. Warren explores the garden. Warren discusses with Arhn shortly thereafter about how out of place he feels, realizing their relationship will not last long with Arhn's rising status.

Stardate: 10-584.1.17

Session 105: Take What You Can Get

Xanatos loses count of the missions second one in, Setsuna and Cassandra remind him while Erevis wonders why Cassandra bops her head to music. Darien sets them on a mission related to the recent Janus raids, the mysterious organization VI is after the Origin Substance. Darien sends them out to sea to raid a fake fishing vessel which he believes has clues as to what Origin really is. Cassandra leads a very effective raid on the boat, securing the data and escaping with everyone intact, blowing the ship on the way out.

With Serena taking the day off, Kane and Chad have the joy of commuting to work together, winding up late. When they get there, it seems security if gone and the doors are locked, breaking into thier own lab, they find Spade and Eve unaware of anything wrong. When they mention the strangeness, Spade looks into it and determines there is an intruder. After some looking Chad and Kane wind up in an elevator together, as such odd couples must be trapped in from time to time. It gets even more akward when John McCormick shows up, beating the crap out of them. As Spade and Janus guards corner him, Chad and Kane blocking the exit, John makes an incredible escape thanks to a remote Mech. Spade reveals afterwards that what he took was an experimental chip made to block psionics. Chad finds John after and they talk, John swearing he will kill Erevis, warnings or not.

The Erusian team boards a shuttle and gets themselves up into space and settle aboard a science frigate. Due to Ry getting bored and a too quick reaction from Arhn, Arhn hallicinates that a guard attacks her. Warren just stares.

Stardate: 10-584.1.21

Session 106: Making Enemies

Arriving without getting the notice, Kane and Chad show up for work the next day with the area closed down to repair John's damage. When they go to leave, however, they find themselves under fire, Kane's new car blown up by a rocket. The construction workers and guards seem to be VI agents. And in the skirmish, Eve is taken by Adam, who mockingly laughs as he takes her away. Chad wants to go after her, but Spade denies him. Continuing their search for the painter, Ariel and her daughters run into a man named Avalon. Using superios sword techniques and power abnormal to any human, he easily matches Ariel's abilities toe to toe. After being disarmed, he compliments her and runs off, leaving the group to feel that they are now being hunted.

Arhn and Shretrav have an old fashioned game of Chicken between a Science Vessel and a Tsiv Battlecruiser over some debris from the planet destroyed by a Black Angel. Shretrav winning, she invites the defeated crew aboard and talks it over with them, then asks them to leave.

Stardate: 10-584.1.24

Session 107: Of Brothers and Sisters

Darien's team heads out to investigate the John and the missing chip. While Xanatos and Darien go to do that, Cassandra and Setsuna are redirected to a bank robbery in progress, where they find armed soldiers collecting funds from a bank truck. JOhn and Erevis battle, while Xanatos is held back to watch the proceedings, Darien wanting him to let them play it out on their own. Meanwhile at Janus, Serena and Kane continue to work when Chad loses his patience and demands Spade reassign him. Chad leaves with Spade to respond to the distrubances, and when they arrive, John is defeated by Erevis, but when she refuses to kill him, John decides he has no drive to kill her either, possibly having second thoughts. Chad and Spade let John go free.

Team Ariel continues pursuit of the artist, ignoring the dangers of possible people wanting to kill them. They search a Cartel world, go shopping, meet a man named Kyle with a vase. THey find a lead to head to Eos, but realize Avalon and his possible partners are also following their trail, and likely already on the way. They hurry onward. Arhn's group lands on Itosis, continuing their investigation on the Black Angel. There they meet an information broker and after finding Shretrav had already been there, haggle for information. Getting what they need, they head off after Shretrav.

Stardate: 10-584.1.27

Session 108: Janus Is a Real Painus

Darien's team heads out in disguise on a mission to try and purchase information being sold by a Dean X. THe group heads out, Setsuna notably dressed as a european blonde chick. They follow directions to a warehouse where they meet up with Dean X, who turns out to be dealing with Adam as well. THe mission ends quickly when Chad Winters and Spade burst in, throwing knives and firing guns, the team makes their exit, Spade letting them go as he shoots Adam in the head.

Kane and Sera awake for a rare day to spend with Chad, who is off mission. As Serena gets ready, Kane goes out to meet him, and Adam steps into the room with Serena, locking the door. The two fight as Adam says he wants to leave a "message" for Spade. Serena proves too difficult a hostage to take so Adam teleports out, leaving behind a datapad and a candy bar. Kane and Chad step in to see the chaos left behind, the candy bar evntually explodes, taking out a wall and injuring Kane and Chad, Kane shielding Serena from the blast. When Spade arrives he unlocks the datapad and finds a lead, he and Chad move off to follow it while Kane and Serena go to her apartment, Kane finding she's been constructing an arsenal. They talk and Serena's urge to gain more power seem to have been growing at an alarming rate.

Spade and Chad assault the VI base and come across a blonde and Adam, fighting, the Blonde gets away and Spade shoots Adam in the head before he can teleport away. Afterwards they all meet up at the apartment again and Serena begs Spade to let her rejoin a combat ready team, Spade allows her, while Kane watches darkly, going to be reassigned with her as her pilot.

Arhn's group discusses their course in mid travel, as well as the course of events as they are playing out. Warren urges Arhn to snap out of this and find a solution for the problem at hand, the civil war. Arhn remians lost in thought.

Stardate: 10-584.1.30

Session 109: Doing the Foxtrot

Erevis, recovered from her fight, rejoins the team as they prepare to infiltrate a Casino. With word that Janus has taken custody of Adam, they follow this lead to see if they can find anymore about his activities before that. Infiltrating the casino, they find the dealers all very paranoid about cheaters. After they manage to mingle enough, they find out a little bit about what Adam wants. He wants something hidden in Janus, and he'll do almost anything to get it. Darien decides to think on whether or not he should warn them.

Kane begins his day to find that he's been reassigned to combat. He turns on Serena and yells at her for not consulting him, and she in turn is shocked, as she thought their previous talk about it was enough, and that her pilot would have known the course of action she was going to take. Kane leaves her as she sits quietly and seems to phase herself out of reality to talk to Spade. Spade informs him that he'll be keeping his contract pay and all the credit for his project despite being reassigned. With that assurance he heads home to find Sera hasn't moved an inch since he left her. After trying to snap her out of it, reminding her he loves her seems to bring her out of her 'Omega State'. The two go back into the office together. While Chad and Spade are talking nearby, Spade realizes something might be wrong with Adam's corpse and the four rush to check on it.

It's gone, another body in it's place. Having interrogated him earlier and ended his life, supposedly, Spade counts himself foolish for having not considered Adam's Bionic Body to be self sustaining and self repairing. Spade however, pockets the black substance known only as Origin and sends the three back to the office, Chad to introduce the new kids to their desks.

Ariel's group heads to Igo, where they run into Avalon again, Avalon this time however, tosses Ariel information on a neutral planet, sending her an offical challenge. Ariel may not have to ever response, but one simple fact is made known, Avalon has everything Ariel is seeking. Arhn arrives back at Erus to deliever her news and demand some action. When she goes to see Lombardia, she discovers that Earth has sent an envoy to collect Red Fox, who he claims is a terrorist and the assassin that killed Alexander Cran. Having been completely out of the situation, this comes as a shock to everyone. Before things can become complicated however, they recieve news that the Black Angel is on the move, and heading towards two Tsiv planets.

Stardate: 10-584.2.3

Session 110: Dragoon Hunters

Darien sends his angels to a world under civil war, hoping to get the war taken care of and the winning side on his side. Due to the anture of the world and a female population, Xan and Darien sit out while Cassandra, Setsuna, Erevis and Chip go on the mission. Chip being just girlish enough. On the way they run across a Janus shuttle which seems to take them as hostile, arming weapons and trying to take them down, Darien pilots them out of danger. They get free and go into Hyperspace, hours later they land on the planet and set up camp, introducing the girls to their sexy outfits for the mission. Little Xan is pleased.

Spade distributes four teams to go to four seperate bases, one of which is to carry the Origin Substance for study. Spade assigns himself to the Pluto team, which also contains Chad, Serena and Kane. In route, they are charged by Darien's shuttle. After a little manuvering about with Chad at the helm, they manage to shake him off, when a third shuttle come racing in, a Janus shuttle set to go to Mars. Chad and Spade take it out, assuming that Adam has taken control of it. They are right, when Adam teleports in and holds Serena hostage. Chad shakes the shuttle and Serena gets free, the four holding Adam in a standoff when he declares he will blow himself up if not given Origin. Spade reluctantly gives it over after the others fail to talk Adam down. After Adam leaves, Spade reveals it was a tracking device, Origin never left Janus' Earth base.

Ariel and her team say goodbye to Shiva as she departs on another frigate, having been called away on Cartel business. The team sets down on the neutral planet where Avalon finds them and offers them a day of rest before the challenge. He and his Dragoon Hunters will match any number of fighters Ariel presents, and they will fight in open combat. Cheryl submits herself for combat, though Ariel seems dismissive of letting anyone but herself fight. On Erus, the council meets and approaches Arhn. They have called in the Cartel to assist them, they believe the Tsiv are about to launch an invasion on Erus despite the Black Angel. More disturbingly, are reports that their leader is Xevil, readying to launch from the planet the Black Angel is approaching.

Stardate: 10-584.2.4

Session 111: Say Goodbye to Innocence

Darien's Angels have infiltrated Castle Vox as serving maids. While Erevis sits and drinks with Vox, keeping him busy, Setsuna and Cassandra ambush the general. Disabling and binding the General, Setsuna takes his eye and the two proceed to the vault. While they continue on, Vox grabs Erevis by the throat as she realizes she's been drugged, Vox onto their plans. As Cassandra and Sets sneak their way to the vault and generators, Darien tells the rebel camps to attack, moving his shuttle in. Xanatos leaps out of the shuttle into a window, landing in VOx's room, he taunts Vox into a fight and the group begins to evac. Cassandra and Setsuna get Erevis on the shuttle as Xanatos fights Vox with a Beam Saber. Both men hurt badly, Xanatos runs for it when Vox doesn't seem to fall despite stabs in the chest and a cut hand, Cassandra snipes Vox's head clean of as he runs. Darien gets them back to camp as the rebels assault the castle.

Spade launches an assault on the VI base that the tracking device leads them to. Going in as small assult team, Chad, Serena and Kane go with him. Fighting their way inside, the group shoots down multiple sets of guards before getting into a corner. Adam appears and launches a rocket, trapping them in a collapsed hallway. Before they can react, Kane is shot in the chest by a surprise turret. Chad leads them through an elevator and out to the safety of a shuttle. As Spade learns their own base was hit after they left, Serena tries desperately to keep her pilot alive. It is unlikely he will ever wake again.

Ariel and Cheryl head out for the fight, where they are matched against Avalon and Vyn. The challenge is simple, defeat them and they can have the box they seek. Zephyr and Dias sneak out and run into Vector, who starts a fight with them. Vector shocks Dias in the head and faces Zephyr, the two have a gunfight. As Ariel and Cheryl continue their fight, the ceiling suddenly crashes in from a blast, Zephyr falling down to them, critically injured. Cheryl takes her off for medical attention, Avalon preventing his friends from chasing them. Due to the child being hurt, Avalon lets Ariel take her belongings and go, revealing that he and Ariel have a long history she has forgotten.

Arhn's group hops a shuttle and goes to a facility to meet with Shiva. As they begin to share their information, a ship crashes into the building and soldiers pour out, targetting Shiva. Warren remarks that the only people to know that Shiva was there was themselves and Lombardia, bringign out suspicions about the man. THe fight, repelling soldiers in advanced armor, Warren is injured in the process. The soldiers armor explodes when they are all killed, destroying any proof they were ever there. As they recover, Lombardia comms Arhn, informing her that the council was attacked at the same time. He makes his own suspcions known, someone in her group is a traitor.

Stardate: 10-584.2.5

Session 112: Growing Pains

Darien's team arises to another day, after some disagreements and drama the previous evening, Xanatos comes in late smelling of whores and Darien looks moody. Erevis won't leave her room for most of the time Darien and Xanatos interact, Darien leaves, driving off when Xan tries to talk to him, and the group hangs out, dealing with themselves. Serena waits with Chad and Spade to see about Kane's condition. He's in critical and possible never to wake up. Cran visits and comforts his daughter, as Chad and Cran go off to talk, Serena and Spade discuss their past. Serena requests a week off of duty to sit with Kane.

Ariel and Cheryl are told that Zephyr can't be treated by the local doctors. Ariel agrees to end her hunt in favor of her daughter's life, contacting Alexander Cran and asking for his help in healing Zephyr. They rush back to earth, where Alexander looks over and treats Zephyr. The group is reunited with Chad temporarily, who scolds Zephyr and wishes them all well.

Lombardia insists that there is a traitor in Arhn's midst, which she continues to deny as she's called back to the council. Shiva agrees to an alliance between the Cartel and Erus for a wartime emergency, when John McCormick arrives, challenging Ry to the fight he was promised. Ry accepts and flies out to John's amazing new ship.

Stardate: 10-584.2.12

Session 113: Civil Unrest

While Darien visits Ariel and discusses the artifacts found and their significance, and the dangers of going after the rest with Avalon and his group out, Spade and Chad discuss the raid the previous week and the dangers that Adam possesses now that he has Origin. At this time, newcasts report an attack on ENN HQ while Elayne Trenton is on the air. Darien takes his crew to go investigate, and interrogating Elayne gets her to reveal that she is an Atlantean, or an Atlean as they call themselves. She reveals that members of their species have grown with mankind since ancient times, and she believes the uncovering of the species is merely a distraction that VI intends to use to allow them to do something else. The group, not believing her much, moves on, planning to use her to get artifacts.

Angela returns to base and after being chided by Chad, leaves without a fight, she calls Zephyr on the way to her apartment and tries to talk to her, the bridge between the Omega and the other Dragoons still clear. She offers Zephyr a gift of a weapon she's been building, but her ulterior motive is clear to the others, she wants to come up to see them before they depart, Ariel agrees to let her come up.

Meanwhile nearby Erus, Warren remains in critical condition as the battle between the Mhyr and the Yloi commences. As two sides rage, Arhn sees the folly in what is happening, Erus is weakening itself on the advent of a Tsivrixsh assault. To end the conflict, she addresses both sides, calling for a ceasefire and a surrender of the Yloi, to make both sides equals. The Myhr however, do not trust her, and Lombardia disagrees. As the Tsivrixsh gate in and begin to reinforce the Myhr, Arhn begins to activate her last plan. The Tsiv begin to bombard the planet as Arhn activates an Ancient Keeper ship.

Stardate: 10-584.2.16

Session 114: Betrayals and Alliances

The Dragoons consider the dangers of the Dragoon Hunters, then continue their journey without much regrets. Arriving at a bank, following clues, Ariel gains access to a safe box through a DNA encoded lock and discovers a piece of a map. In orbit around Erus, a war breaks out, as Arhn launches the Keepers against the combined Myhr and Tsiv forces. The battle quickly becomes a massacre, until a bomb goes off in the command ship, nearly killing Lombardia and taking out it's weapons. Rylon is revealed as a traitor, but Arhn is not done yet. She threatens to take out the entire area with a Black Hole if fire does not cease, temporarily stunned, even the Tsivrixsh back off. Rylon makes his way to the planet, when a transmission lights up his screens, Warren Carmichael, alive and awake, stares him down, declaring that he will take Rylon apart piece by piece. The battle moves down to the planet, where all four factions are about to clash over dominance of Erus.

Spade talks with Serena and convinces her to quit working for Janus in order to concetrate on Kane, due to her devastated state with Kane in a coma. Spade and Chad work to track down Adam's actions when they notice an attack on an apartment building. It is quickly identified as Elayne Trenton's. At the apartment, Darien sends Xanatos in to check on her after Elayne tries to evade them using an underground Atlean network. Unable to hide, she decides to let them watch. Soon thankful for their presence when a group of VI agents attacks her. Elayne shows off a small armory of advanced alien hardware as they take down the attackers and flee in a shuttle. Elayne hops on board with them while they evade, after which, Darien sends her home, where she walks off from her ruined apartment making a call. Serena heads into the hospital to see Kane when someone attacks her, knocking her out with an injection, Adam makes his way out with Serena just as Kane wakes up.

Stardate: 10-584.2.14

Session 115: The Cran Legacy

Kane, Spade and Chad gather in the hospital, as they try and track what happened to Serena. Trace radiation points to Adam, and Alexander Cran, worried for his daughter, steps in with his resources. Alexander reveals to the group that Serena's optimum pilot has always been Chad, due to his adaptive mind. However, the next best thing would be the previously kidnapped Eve Summers. Realizing they intend to turn Serena into a weapon for VI, the group rushes to Adam's base, an army of Janus behind them. At the same time, Darien's group infiltrates, looking for the same girls and more importantly it seems, the Origin. Both groups run into Serena and Eve who fight them to escape, calling them all evil and spitting curses at them. Adam aids in their escape, and the three mostly get away because Spade and Darien's fight comes to a head, the two attacking each other over Darien's ambitions.

Ariel's group finds themselves under attack by the Dragoon Hunters once more, however, this time they manage to escape completely unscathed. While they had to fight, it all seemed to be one big cover, as Ariel stepped out of the engagement with the second set of coordinates she needed to find her goal, which more and more seems to be more then just a marker of her origins. On Erus, the ground conflict rages for 10 hours before a kamikaze attack on the Yloi claims the life of Lombardia. John attempts to talk Rylon out of his actions, however, the man remains convicted. Warren rejoins the others as he begins to upload a virus turn the tide of the war, as the enemy knocks on their door. Mhyr forces from other worlds show up, siding with the Yloi, finding Rylon and the Erus Myhr's actions dishonorable. The tide begins to turn towards sanity.

Stardate: 10-584.2.16

Session 116: The Erusian Legacy

On Earth, discussions occur, Chad and Alexander have a heart to heart about Chad's future while Darien discusses with his team the decision to back off on VI for a time while Chip fixes their equipment. Hearing about the battle rising in Erus, the team decides to go investigate what has happened. The Dragoons continue their journey, facing a temporary stop when they hit an asteroid, as a second careens towards them, Hotaru steps out into space to destroy the rock, saving the ship.

The final battle for Erus erupts, Cartel troops appearing to hold back Tsiv and Myhr forces from Warren's compound, long enough for the virus to take effect, rendinering the enemy forces in space weakened against attacks. In desperation, the Tsiv power their main cannon, the Prototype ship does the same, as the two weapons clash, both fleets are hit, it's then that John's ship moves into action, attacking the Tsiv Flashship as a final group of enforcements, Red's Pirates appear in space to ambush Tsiv troops as both Mhyr forces duke things out. Warren and Rylon face off on the planet, an incredible battle which ends with Warren and Rylon sealed in a room to die based on Warren's designs.

At the last moment, Warren and Rylon are beamed out onto John's ship, where John makes both sides sit down and settle for peace.

Stardate: 10-584.2.17

Session 117: Of Mothers and Daughters

Erevis must deal woth memories of Katrina when a call comes in that Katrina's father has died. She and Xanatos attend the funeral, and Erevis begins to wonder what she has taken from Katrina. Ariel and her daugthers arrive on the Volcano world the clues have led them to, and there they meet Avalon and his fellow Dragoon Hunters. He reveals to them that he and his fellows were created to erradicate the members of Ariel's race, so specific were his instructions that he makes it plain that the Alphas are not targets, only Ariel. In spite of this, her daughters refuse to leave her to fight alone, Cheryl pairs off with Vyn, Zephyr with Vector, and Hotaru goes scythe to scythe with Scythe.

Darien's group arrives at Erus to see the destruction, a lot of talking and resolution goes on while Warren and Lomardia remain in critical condition. The much faster to recover Rylon must face his former friends, now branded as a traitor while Erus lays under the hands of the Tsivrixsh.

Stardate: 10-584.2.17

Session 118: Avalon Rising

Spade sends Chad to Eve's house to recover some personal belongings, hoping it can help reverse the brainwash. Chad recovers a diary, however, he faces an assassin and narrowly escapes the house before it explodes behind him. Someone came to remove all evidence of Eve's past life. Ry speaks with Arhn, realizing there is nothing left for him, he departs, while Warren awakens to the restriction of a wheelchair, the chances of him walking again are questionable. Warren claims he will go after the Black Angel as a man who faces the enemy in front of him. Arhn tries to offer him the ownership of the Progenitor artifacts but he turns it down, heading off to do battle with his Enemies.

Ariel and her daughters face off against Avalon and his men. Hotaru proving that even a pacifist can step up to the plate in times of need. Hotaru bests Scythe, narrowly escaping Scythe's attempt to self detonate with her in tow. She then dramatically faints while Zephyr is in trouble, Dias comes to Zephyr's rescue and the two overpower Vector together. However, they are still outmatched, until Ariel's battle with Avalon ends in Avalon deciding he cannot kill Ariel. He turns his blade on Vector, taking him down. Cheryl, having won her own battle, joins them as the last falls and Avalon hands over the box.

Stardate: 10-584.2.20

Session 119: Thy Numbers Depleted

Chad is on his way to work when Spade clues him in about agent movements around the President's office. However, when he arrives, it's too late, the President has apparently been killed by an assassin using explosives, Spade barely surviving the blast. Darien's group looks into the location of another base, and despite Xan's failed attempts to be suave, the trio manage to get the location they sought, returning to base at the news of Cran's apparent death, with no body, they can only assume death or abduction, Darien suspecting things are about to get painful. Ariel changes direction for Earth on a whim at seeing the others again before they go off to seek the coordinates.

Warren brings his team down to the planet again to meet the threat of a bug attack. However, they instead face Fury, who attempts to kill them, along with the bug. They just barely make it out of the fight alive, Fury making away with an unconcious Red, Warren unable to move as Cole is stabbed in the stomach. The blood slowly draining from him.

Stardate: 10-584.2.22

Session 120: The Lies a Heart Can Tell You

Xanatos finds John at the front door, he proclaims he's found the way to restore Katrina and get Erevis out of her. John enters the house as Xanatos protests, but Erevis goes with John without a fight, and Xanatos doesn't stop them. Darien returns and eyes Xanatos in judgement, the man leaves and begins to get lost in drink, knowing he's let the woman he loved die. Warren's group chases down Fury. Cole is fixed and helps with the search, going down to a planet and instead of finding her, they find Fox, alive and well. It's a trap however, and Cole is nearly killed by an explosive, however, he manages to scrape by. Reunited with Fox, the group heads away, glad Fox is at least alive.

Having been indoctrinated by Adam, Serena now lives in the VI base fully believing she always has been a part of the unit. Adam takes her from a beach house that she and Eve were staying at and displays before her Alexander Cran. Handing Serena a gun, Adam orders her to kill Cran, Serena's brainwashing begins to falter at the command, and just as she starts to freak out, her personality radically changes and she attacks Adam. The Omega, awakened by Serena's stress, reveals herself as the one who takes over whenever Serena blacks out, and here she steps up to protect Serena's happiness. However, Adam planned for this and seal them away. After a long talk, Alexander forces Omega to shoot him, the event and the effort to hide the memory from Serena knocks her out. When she awakens, VI is scanning her, and Serena, in confusion, asks what she's done. VI relocates her to a prison, beginning to figure out how to remove the flaw from their perfect weapon.

Stardate: 10-584.2.24

Session 121: A Legacy of Giants

Darien calls a meeting of his team, announcing that Erevis is dead, pointing to each of them, Xanatos, Setsuna and Cassandra and addressing how they are all to blame. He tells them of how they all stood by and let it happen, and informs them that Katrina is a vegetable in the hospital. He dismisses them, permenantly, dismantling the team and walks off. The three go to the hospital, where they all blame John for the occurance in turn. John seems to care less about their blame and moves on, feeling what he did was right. He notes that they don't have time however, strange sightings in space, Serena and Cran both going missing, Earth screams Ground Zero.

Darien contacts Chad and informs him that he and Kane are seeking out Serena, and offers Chad the choice to join them in the hunt. He accepts, and the two move to join him. Ariel and her daughters on the way, Darien outlines his plans to use Zephyr to hunt down Serena. When they all agree, Zephyr attempts to contact her and after a bit of effort, manages to contact the confused girl, who sends them the image of a beach house.

In the eve of the Black Angel running amok, the unthinkable happens, Warren's group joins sides with Xevil in order to hunt it down. Settling and planning together, they make preparations to launch a search. And then the difficult part will come when they finally do.

Stardate: 10-584.2.24

Session 122: The Omega Strain

The team gets ready to launch and heads out, usign Zephyr as a guide, during the trip, Zephyr holds her head and screams, claiming she felt a part of Serena die. Darien deducts that it is the Omega being killed off by VI, he informs the group of Serena's weakness, that she is a strongly submissive personality, having formed a split selt who's strong and capable to get through situations. With Omega dead, Serena is free to be tamed, and with that, they can expect trouble. As they reach the beach house, Serena and Eve rise from the water in a Dragoon Gear form and begin to attack, soon revealing an unexplored Ultimate Dragon form, taking wing and becoming a real nightmate for the team. Cheryl and Angela leap on Angela to try and take her out, but diving underwater, she shakes them off. Chad and Zephyr form a gear and Serena and Zephyr clash in the water, while Serena is kept busy, the others prepare to recieve the brainwashed pair. Chad pushes Zephyr into the second form and Zephyr goes completely feral, soon the two sister dragons are fighting wild, soon overpowered, Serena and Eve are forced to deform and regroup.

Landing on the Sand, they are overpowered by the others and pinned. The group tries to bring them to their senses. Serena hides within herself, the barely survived Omega resurfacing. Omega reveals her crimes and that she is dying, using the device Darien brought to restore Sera. As she does, Eve breaks free and takes Chad hostage, demanding her Sera. Eve breaks the machine before it can be used on her, as Ariel kneels to help Sera remember her past. Sera's memories slowly start to reform for her.

Warren's group, aware of the attempt by the Tsiv to take the Black Angel and take it to Earth, rush there to prevent it's destruction.

Stardate: 10-584.2.28

Session 123: The Road Less Traveled

Chad and Kane work hard to get Eve and Serena to awaken. Serena, in her raw form, is too afraid to drop her bond with Eve and Eve's bond with Serena is what holds her against everyone. They attempt to tell her who she is and why she must drop it, but Chad's forceful nature continually makes Serena hesitant. Warren arrives at Earth to deliver news of the Black Angel, and due to it's speed and when it will impact, the only option available to everyone comes up, someone must die to stop the Black Angel.

Stardate: 10-584.2.28

Session 124: The Angel's Touch

The group continues to try and recover, Serena breaks down and removes her bond with Eve, trusting her mother's words. It leads to a breakdown in their psyches, Chad guides Eve to think straight while Serena struggles to remember herself. Kane reports to Ceres about the situation and on behalf of Darien asks for an evacuation, Ceres informs them it's already under way, and mentions Hodges has declared the Black Angel an act of war from Erus. While this goes on, Darien plans out the attack strategy, launching two shuttles, one with a worm hole engine inside it to create a means of destroying the Black Angel. However, the volunteers are still needed, when no one steps up to the plate, Zephyr answers the call.

Flying the shuttle up, it impacts the Black Angel, the second following it's path and slamming into the ship, causing the wormhole to form and destroy the ship. Zephyr, as it turns out, is teleported to the Aquarius at the last moment and survives. With the advent of everyone surviving the attack, people begin to settle down, consequences can wait till morning.

Stardate: 10-584.2.28

Session 125: The Legacy Left Behind

Standing on the beach, things come to a head. Serena, remembering things now, goes to see Kane, who, while glad to see she still loves him, cannot bear to be around her, saying she cheated on him, and calling for a seperation. Xanatos must deal with the reality that he not only killed one, but two women with one stone. Friendships begin to form, Zephyr states she's going to join the military and work with Darien. Chad discovers that Serena was the killer of Alexander Cran, though brainwashed, Zephyr prevents him from confronting her, a saving grace for the woman who starts to lose it.

Stardate: 10-584.3.1

With Cran's death made public, Hodges becomes the new President. Commodore Starr is promoted to a General and his unit restored, funded and made official. Spade is given Janue, Chad and Serena are left Cran's fortune, the estate going to Chad while Serena gains a tidy inheritance, she is not charged for Cran's murder. Hodges begins a new anti-Alien campaign all across Earth. Chad explores his mansion and learns more about his father. Darien constructs his new unit, most of the old team choosing to go with him, even Kane. Serena finds herself alone, uninvited to the group and let's Kane going, going back to Janus where she's accepted. John chooses to leave Earth, taking Dias and Hotaru, and whoever else wants to come with him along.

The team, once united, begins to split up once again.

*summaries by Seraphna