[20:54] <13@DeathStar> 5
[20:54] <13@DeathStar> 4
[20:54] <13@DeathStar> 3
[20:54] <13@DeathStar> 2
[20:54] <13@DeathStar> 1
[20:54] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[20:54] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-589.5.16
[20:54] <13@DeathStar> Location: House of a Bald Man
[20:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya steps back into the house after coming home from classes.
15[20:56] * 13Chad`Winters sits outside beside the pool, his datapad in his hands.
[20:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya sets her bookbag down and peers out back glass door at Chad
15[21:00] * 13Chad`Winters has his eyes closed, and his breathing is shallow
[21:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya opens the door quietly and moves to sit near Chad
15[21:03] * 13Chad`Winters shifts his hand to his nose, rubbing it.
[21:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya clears her throat quietly.
15[21:06] * 13Chad`Winters opens an eyes and looks over at his daughter. He opens both eyes quickly, a smile appearing on his face. 1"Hey princess. How was school?"
[21:06] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Um. It was okay. 6* She fidgets with her skirt
15[21:07] * 13Chad`Winters shifts his seating so he's facing Aya now. 1"But something happened? Do I have to have a 'talk' with another boy again?"
[21:08] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Huh? 6* She blinks. "You've talked to boys?"
[21:08] <13Chad`Winters> Uh, no. 6He waves his hand. 1"Somethings bugging you."
[21:09] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Umh. Yes. 6* She shakes her head, getting back on track. "Jennifer and Chii want me to join the school's martial arts club."
[21:09] <13Chad`Winters> ...Chii? 6He raises an eyebrow
[21:09] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> She was in school today, for some reason
[21:09] <13Chad`Winters> And she wants you to join the martial arts club?
[21:10] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Yes. Jennifer says colleges care about that, and if I don't join, I'm, uh, ... less than I should be
15[21:11] * 13Chad`Winters raises an eyebrow. 1"And what do you think?"
[21:11] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I don't know. I've never thought about clubs before
15[21:12] * 13Chad`Winters nods. 1"But what do you think about what Jen said?"
[21:12] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I don't know. 6* She frowns. "I don't like how she phrased it."
[21:14] <13Chad`Winters> Either do I. 6He crosses his arms now. 1"But it's not something you'll have to worry about, honey. You'll have colleges fighting to get you to go to theirs.
[21:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods. "I don't think I want to be in a club, really. I'd rather focus on studying. Plus, everyone around here has been helping me learn things for self-defense. Mr. Starr showed me how to use a sword - it was a stick. 6* She adds. "And miss Erevis and Megumi have shown me things."
15[21:28] * 13Chad`Winters leans forward now. 1"I'm fine with whatever you want to do Aya. So if you don't feel like joining any clubs than I'll stand behind you on it. And you can tell Jen, that if she gives you any grief over it I'll beat her up."
[21:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya giggles. "I don't think that'll be necessary. I just don't like fighting - Jen said it was self-defense, but I learn more here than I could at school."
[21:31] <13Chad`Winters> Well you do have a great teacher.
[21:32] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> You're all great teachers. Each of you is really patient with me. Especially Miss. Erevis. She never seems to get annoyed when I ask questions. And Mr. Starr's sword lessons are really fun - though I don't think I'd really want to use a sword and hurt anyone
[21:34] <13Chad`Winters> It's why I taught you pressure points and nerve clusters. So that you can disarm and disable an opponent while doing minimal damage.
[21:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods. "I used them on Chii today. It surprised her."
15[21:42] * 13Chad`Winters raises an eyebrow at that. 1"Chii? She attacked you?"
[21:42] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> No. She was disappointed after she beat everyone in the club up, so I offered to spar with her. She looked sad, so I thought it might cheer her up
[21:45] <13Chad`Winters> She's beating up people now?
[21:45] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Well, she challenged them and they accepted
[21:46] <13Chad`Winters> You goto school with a bunch of students that'll beat up a 7 year old?
[21:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya considers, then nods
[21:47] <13Chad`Winters> Maybe we should stick with you being home schooled. 6He leans back, tapping his chin
[21:51] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> ... Daaaad. 6* She whines
[21:51] <13Chad`Winters> What?! 6He looks innocent
[21:52] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I like school!
[21:53] <13Chad`Winters> Even if it's full of teenagers that try to beat up a seven year old.
[21:54] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I don't hang with them
[21:56] <13Chad`Winters> I'm just teasing you.
[21:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya pouts a bit, but smiles
[21:57] <13Chad`Winters> I'll just have to tell Cheryl to put a shorter leash on her pet.
[21:58] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Um, she might not like it if you call Chii a pet.
04[21:58] -Jack- session?
[21:59] <13Chad`Winters> No, probably not. 6He moves his legs to another chair, resting them on it
[22:00] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Aunt Cheryl is scary when she's mad
[22:01] <13Chad`Winters> She can be, I normally give her a bottle of booze when she gets mad.
[22:03] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Um. Is that really a good thing?
[22:04] <13Chad`Winters> It distracts her long enough for me to get away.
[22:06] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> But it's bad for her to drink every time she gets mad at you. 6* She seems to be indicating Cheryl gets mad at him a lot
[22:07] <13Chad`Winters> She used to drink all the time.
[22:09] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> And you don't try to get her to stop?
[22:09] <13Chad`Winters> I tried. But she's more stubborn than even I am.
[22:10] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> But you buy her alcohol when she gets mad at you. 6* She notes dubiously
[22:10] <13Chad`Winters> Another joke.
[22:10] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Oh. 6* She pauses, then sighs at her own gullibility
[22:12] <13Chad`Winters> The only thing worse than an angry Cheryl is a drunk angry Cheryl.
[22:13] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Really?
15[22:13] * 13Chad`Winters nods. 1"I tend to make myself disappear when that happens.
[22:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya giggles. "So you're afraid of her."
[22:15] <13Chad`Winters> Yes, but let's not go around telling her that. 6He rubs the back of his head. 1"That's the last thing she needs to know."
[22:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya giggles more. "I'll just tell Zephyr so she'll tell her."
15[22:16] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue, eyeing his daughter. 1"I'll make you not study."
[22:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya pauses, then frowns. "O-Okay. I won't tell her."
15[22:17] * 13Chad`Winters sighs and reaches over, nudging his daughter. 1"That was another joke."
[22:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya pouts. "I can't tell when you're joking or not."
15[22:19] * 13Chad`Winters rubs his chin. 1"I'd never keep you from studying, honey."
[22:19] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Okay. So I can tell Zephyr, then?
[22:19] <13Chad`Winters> God no.
[22:20] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> You're joking. 6* She smiles and moves for the house. "Well, I have to go study and talk to Zephyr. Bye, Dad."
[22:20] <13Chad`Winters> That wasn't a joke. 6He makes a face at his daughter.
[22:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya giggles. "You're funny." 6* She moves inside
15[22:21] * 13Chad`Winters sighs, than just shakes his head, smirking.
[22:22] <13@DeathStar> -END-

[21:01] <13@DeathStar> 5
[21:01] <13@DeathStar> 4
[21:01] <13@DeathStar> 3
[21:01] <13@DeathStar> 2
[21:01] <13@DeathStar> 1
[21:01] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[21:01] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-589.6.24
[21:01] <13@DeathStar> Location: Darien's House
[21:01] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis sits by the pool - she has put on no weight, but doesn't look like she feels well this morning
03[21:02] * Xanatos is now known as Drasek
15[21:03] * 13@Drasek steps up by Ereivs, kneeling down by her. "Mornin, luv."
[21:03] <13@Drasek> NRP: erevis even.
[21:03] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Mmm. Morning.
[21:03] <13@Drasek> Oi, doesn't look like you're feelin so hot.
15[21:03] * 13Chad`Winters steps out of the shower, wearing gym shorts and no shirt, his hair wet and his face clean shaven.
[21:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore stands around by the pool with a serving tray next to her
[21:04] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> It is rather hot today. 6* She notes . She appears to be wearing a wrinkled blouse and shorts today.
03[21:04] * Jennifer` is now known as Sam
15[21:05] * 13@Sam steps out of Darien's office, already up and active for the day, walking to the kitchen, wearing a white blouse and slacks.
15[21:05] * 13@Drasek makes a slight face as he glances up, as if looking at the sky would determine the temperature. "Hmmm, a bit." He glances at Erevis. "Sure you've just not got morning sickness?"
[21:06] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hrm. Perhaps. 6* She leans her head back.
15[21:06] * 13Chad`Winters moves down the hallway and into his room, shutting it behind him
15[21:07] * 13@Sam pours herself some coffee and steps out into the back quietly.
15[21:08] * 13@Drasek smiles slightly. "Want me to get you some water, then?"
[21:08] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> No. 6* She makes a slight face at the idea
[21:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr yawns and moves out to plop down at the kitchen table, face first
15[21:09] * 13Chad`Winters steps out his room, wearing a t-shirt and the same gym shorts. Hes moves down the hallway to Aya's room and knocks on the door.
15[21:09] * 13@Drasek nods once. "Well, give it a bit of time and it should pass."
[21:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* No response.
[21:10] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Very well. I will endure. 6* She shifts along the diving bar
15[21:11] * 13@Sam walks over to Drasek and Erevis, sipping her coffee.
15[21:11] * 13Chad`Winters knocks on the door again, his hand moving to the door knob
[21:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* No response.
15[21:12] * 13Chad`Winters checks to see if it's locked
04[21:12] <13@Drasek> You need me, luv. Just give a yell. Might even rub your feet if i'm feeling kind enough. *he straitens up, glancing at Sam as she approaches.*
[21:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Nope.
[21:12] <13Chad`Winters> Aya? 6He opens the door.
[21:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Her bed is made up neatly.
09[21:13] <13@Sam> "Good morning you two."
[21:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis just makes a slight sound of acknowledgement
15[21:13] * 13Chad`Winters scratches his head and shrugs, shutting the door and making his way to the kitchen
15[21:14] * 13@Drasek nods once. "Aye. Not for some."
15[21:15] * 13@Sam frowns and looks at Erevis. "What is wrong?"
15[21:15] * 13Chad`Winters steps into the kitchen, glancing at Zephyr.
[21:16] <13Chad`Winters> Rough night?
[21:16] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> 'ate mornings...
[21:16] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis just chills - saving her energy
[21:16] <13Chad`Winters> Makes sense. 6He moves to the fridge. 1"Want something?"
[21:17] <13@Drasek> Mornin sickness, luv.
09[21:17] <13@Sam> "I see... is there anything I can get for you Erevis?"
[21:17] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> No.
[21:17] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Mmm. Warm milk.
[21:18] <13Chad`Winters> Breakfeast of cat champions. 6He pulls out some milk and grabs a glass then moves to the microwave.
15[21:19] * 13@Sam nods respectfully. "You may want to try an unsweetened carbonated beverage, it can help settle stomaches."
15[21:19] * 13@Drasek taps his chin slightly. "Didn't know that."
[21:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis shifts a bit, then promptly loses her balances and falls into the pool
09[21:20] <13@Sam> "Something like a seltzer or ginger ale might wor--- Ere!"
15[21:20] * 13@Sam hops in after her.
[21:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr makes a ha ha ha sound
15[21:20] * 13Chad`Winters moves over to Zephyr, setting the glass of warm milk down for her
[21:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shifts her hair out of her face. It seems to be braided and combed nicely these days. She drinks it
[21:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis does the classic sputters and draining man splashes.
[21:21] <13@DeathStar> *drowning
15[21:21] * 13@Sam pulls her up to the side, somewhat graceful in the water.
15[21:21] * 13Chad`Winters sits down across from her and opens a bottle of water.
[21:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis coughs, holding onto the side, soaked. She apparantly has no idea how to swim
15[21:22] * 13@Drasek kneels down to peer at them, eyeing them. "Don't quite see the point of hanging near a pool if you can't swim, luv."
15[21:22] * 13@Sam pats her back to help the water come out, holding onto her to keep her from slipping back in. "Are you alright Erevis?"
[21:22] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I-I am fine. Thank you. 6* She blinks her eyes a few times, then Drasek. "I am told that pools cool one down."
[21:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr drinks it all and sets it down
[21:23] <13Chad`Winters> Better?
09[21:23] <13@Sam> "Only when you submerse yourself in the water Erevis..."
15[21:23] * 13@Sam slowly helps her along the side to the stairs of the pool and the shallow end.
[21:23] <13@Drasek> Yeah, when you get in them luv. You feel cool now?
[21:24] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Yes. 6* Erevis climbs out; her shirt clings to her, showing she lacks a bra
[21:24] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yep. Thanks.
04[21:24] * 13@Drasek eyes Erevis' breasts, then glances at Sam to see if her mosquito bites are showing too.
09[21:25] <13@Sam> "If you stay near this side it shouldn't be a problem though." * Sam has about the same size thank you, and with a white blouse on what do you think!
15[21:25] * 13Chad`Winters nods and leans back in his chair. 1"Whats on your agenda for today?"
[21:25] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I have not had good encounters with water, so I have yet to learn.
[21:25] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Dunno
04[21:26] <13@Drasek> Huh, this is my lucky morning. *he mumbles, probably more to himself, he reaches out a hand to help Sam out, unless she already is*
15[21:26] * 13@Sam takes the hand and pulls herself out with his help, looking down. "I will have to change again."
[21:28] <13@Drasek> Shame. *he notes slightly, glancing at Erevis* Need a towel, then?
[21:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis just sits. "I will dry soon."
15[21:29] * 13Chad`Winters nods. 1"Where is everyone?"
[21:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr nods behind her at the glass door
15[21:29] * 13@Sam sits next to Erevis and looks at her in concern. "Perhaps I can help teach you to swim?"
[21:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head. "Oh?"
[21:29] <13@Drasek> Yeah, you try not to vomit. I'll be around. *he turns and moves towards the sliding door to the living room*
15[21:29] * 13Chad`Winters glances out the back door. 1"Oh."
09[21:31] <13@Sam> "It will be helpful if you fall into deep water again and I am not around."
[21:31] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. You believe it will become a natural occurrance?
[21:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr grins at him. "Some observant guy you are."
09[21:31] <13@Sam> "No, but I do not discourage the possibility of it happening again."
15[21:32] * 13@Drasek slides the door closed behind him as he moves onward into the kitching, past those in the dining room, he's whistling.
15[21:32] * 13Chad`Winters scratches his neck, than eyes her, grunting. 1"Better watch it, you'll wake up with itching powder in your underwear.
[21:32] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Very well. I will learn.
[21:32] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Oh, do you touch my underwear when I don't look, Chad?
[21:33] <13Chad`Winters> What else do you think I do with all my free time?
[21:33] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Pervert.
15[21:33] * 13@Sam frowns a little. "There is one problem, I need to obtain swimwear."
[21:34] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I see. You went swimming a moment ago without it
09[21:34] <13@Sam> "Yes, but I have ruined my outfit due to such."
[21:34] <13Chad`Winters> Well you did say I needed to get laid.
[21:34] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> And touching my idea is part of that plan?
09[21:34] <13@Sam> "I need a proper bathign suit... perhaps we should get you one as well?"
[21:34] <13@DeathStar> *underwear
[21:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis glances at herself, then up. "I do not see why I need one. Clothes are fine."
[21:35] <13Chad`Winters> No, obviously that's just because I"m perverted.
09[21:35] <13@Sam> "They encumber you in the water, you can swim much better in the proper attire."
[21:36] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. Then I shall swim naked, so I am not encumbered at all.
[21:36] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Nice. 6* She glances at Drasek. "Do you sniff my underwear, too?"
09[21:37] <13@Sam> "But then your modesty will be compromised, you are a married woman now."
15[21:37] * 13@Drasek walks back into dining room holding a beer, he peers at her. "Why would I do that luv? I'd rather sniff you."
[21:37] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> So because I am married, I cannot be naked?
[21:37] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> How sweet... 6* She eyes him oddly. "I think."
15[21:38] * 13Chad`Winters rubs his forearm and then takes a drink of water.
04[21:38] <13@Drasek> What can I say, I'm just one big bucket of romance. *he plops down, taking a drink from his beer* If you hurry Chad, you can see Revi and Sam's breasts. They fell into the pool. *he nods towards him, winking*
[21:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes Drasek, then turns to look out the door
15[21:39] * 13Chad`Winters grunts, not moving
09[21:39] <13@Sam> "Not in front of anyone other then your Megumi, I believe that's what's expected at least."
09[21:39] <13@Sam> "I have no palce to say that's how it is done however."
[21:39] <13@Drasek> Least Zeph is interested. *He notes, taking another swig*
04[21:39] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> ... 6* She just eyes Sam for now, then at the sky
[21:40] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> You better not be feeling her up in your mind
[21:40] <13@Kit> <Megumi> I think I am a bad influence on Zephy.
09[21:40] <13@Sam> "Oh come with me to get a bathing suit, I would love to spend time with you and Megumi. I bet she'd love to help you pick out something nice."
15[21:40] * 13Chad`Winters glances over at Megumi. 1"What would possible make you think that?"
[21:40] <13@Drasek> Me? *he arches a brow* Please, luv. I'm not a daydreamer.
[21:41] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I do not want to get a swimsuit. 6* She notes, crossing her arms, frowning
[21:41] <13@Kit> <Megumi> The fact that she is thinking of feeling up my wife in her mind.
[21:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr peers at Megumi slowly
[21:41] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> ... 6* She jerks, then points. "You say shit like that and I just might!"
[21:41] <13Chad`Winters> You don't say? 6He looks at Zephyr now
[21:42] <13@Kit> 6Megumi seems dressed in a yukata, but hidden behind her sunglasses, even indoors-- heads for the fridge without noticing Zephyr's accusation, yawning.
15[21:42] * 13@Sam nods a little and looks at the water. "If that is how you feel then I will not push any further Erevis."
[21:42] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> ... 6* She hops up and runs for the door. "Doing it right now!"
15[21:43] * 13Chad`Winters leans back in his chair, watching Megumi now
15[21:43] * 13@Drasek watches Zephyr run off, and then glances at Megumi.
[21:44] <13Chad`Winters> You realize Drasek. If Megumi doesn't stop her, that means anyone can feel Erevis up.
[21:44] <13@Drasek> Well, unless Revi decides to smack them down. But I think I could make up a reason for her not too. *he nods once*
[21:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr opens the back door, calling out. "Moving out to do it now!"
[21:45] <13Chad`Winters> I'd just wait until the hormones go wild. It'd be easier.
[21:45] <13@Kit> 6Megumi closes the fridge, having recovered a glass of tea. She sips it, then tilts her head to the room, perhaps looking at them, or maybe Zephyr. 1"...Not just anyone can feel up Erevis... geez.."
[21:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr marches out, leans over, and grabs Erevis' breasts, and squeezes. The redhead stares at her
[21:46] <13Chad`Winters> Oh? And who can?
15[21:46] * 13@Sam looks at Erevis, then up at Zephyr, eyes wide. "What... is going on here...?"
[21:47] <13@Drasek> Apparently just other women.
[21:47] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Chosen ones, of course.
[21:47] <13@Kit> 6Megumi sips the tea, moving for the door.
[21:47] <13@Drasek> Doesn't really seem fair if you ask me, though.
[21:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr stands up and bows, then suddenly is invisiblely pushed into the water. She flails and falls in
[21:47] <13@Kit> <Megumi> You are found... unworthy." 6Giggles.
[21:47] <13Chad`Winters> Apparently Megumi doesn't believe in monogamy.
15[21:47] * 13@Sam sighs, glad they are on the shallow side.
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr stands up, her hair all over now. She spits out water. "HEY."
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> You were making honking sounds in your head. 6* She states flatly.
[21:48] <13@Kit> <Megumi> You reap what you sow. Right, Erevis?
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis just tilts her head
[21:49] <13Chad`Winters> Is it me, or is Megumi actually acting mature for once?
[21:49] <13@Kit> 6Megumi smiles at her, then goes to sit at a table, still hidden behind glasses. She sets out her datapad, then stretches, yawning again, before setting to typing something lengthy.
15[21:49] * 13@Drasek rubs his nose slightly, then shrugs. "Maybe getting a toss or two shaped her up."
[21:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr leans up and grabs Megumi's chair, and yanks it toward the water
[21:50] <13Chad`Winters> Interesting. 6He taps his chin
[21:50] <13@Kit> 6Megumi stands up once they're close, relieving it of weight, looking back to see the effect it has on Zephyr pulling it.
[21:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr goes flying back into the deep end with the chair
15[21:50] * 13@Sam quietly gets up. "Please be more careful around the water Erevis." She bows and turns to go inside.
[21:50] <13@Kit> 6Megumi walks over and sits down at the other chair, turning her datapad.
[21:51] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr just lays at the bottom of the pool, not moving
[21:51] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis bows back once.
15[21:52] * 13@Sam sighs and looks back at the pool, then goes in after Zephyr.
15[21:52] * 13@Drasek rubs his head slightly and then tosses his beer in the trash as he stands, moving towards the sliding gladd door.
15[21:52] * 13@Sam goes under to the bottom and pulls her up to the surface.
[21:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr flails when she's grabbed
15[21:53] * 13@Sam comes up nearly letting go of her from the flailing, "C-Calm down! You are safe now!"
[21:53] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I-I didn't need help! I was setting a trap!
[21:54] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Ahh... finally." 6She saves what she was working on, and closes it, slumping onto the table.
15[21:54] * 13@Drasek shakes his head and reaches out a hand when he nears the pool's edge. "Maybe another time, bit."
09[21:54] <13@Sam> "But you were under water! A-And not moving!"
[21:54] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> ARGH
[21:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sighs and takes the hand
[21:55] <13@Kit> 6Megumi peers up and tries to give all three of them an unseen push back in.
[21:55] <13@Drasek> Mental note, Sammael, Dragoon's don't breath underwater.
15[21:56] * 13@Sam looks down, moving to the edge herself and staying there. "I am sorry, I did not know this."
[21:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr hangs onto Drasek - if he goes, she'll go
15[21:56] * 13@Drasek urks and stumbles, trying to catch himself.
15[21:56] * 13Chad`Winters watches them from inside.
[21:57] <13@Kit> 6Megumi smiles widely, giggling from the table.
[21:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shifts to save herself by jerking to the side
15[21:57] * 13@Drasek pauses in an awkward sort of pose, one leg lifted, an arm up high. He lets out a breath. "...."
[21:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr just mumbles and moves back inside to her room
[21:58] <13@Kit> 6Megumi gets up and walks over, tilting her head at Drasek's poise.
[21:59] <13@Drasek> ...this suit is very expensive, if I were to get it wet, It'd be ruined. I wouldn't be happy about that. *he says to Megumi, shifting himself proper.*
15[22:00] * 13@Sam remains in the water still, looking sad.
[22:01] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Well, looks like you did not need help.
[22:01] <13@Kit> 6Megumi shakes her head, then turns to go inside.
[22:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis leans where she was sat, drying out in the sun, eyes closed
15[22:02] * 13@Sam starts to pull herself out of the water.
15[22:02] * 13@Drasek glances down at Revi. "Your woman gets right under my skin, luv." He lets out a breath, shaking his head.
[22:03] <13@Kit> 6Megumi leaves the datapad back in her room and then passes by Zephyr's, inclined to gaze at it a moment before walking out to the living room.
[22:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis opens her eyes. "I do not see how that is possible."
15[22:04] * 13@Drasek smirks at Erevis. "Word to the wise, luv. Basic is only around 30% literal."
[22:04] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Then why use it?
15[22:04] * 13@Sam pulls herself out dripping wet and heads inside quietly, heading for Darien's office.
[22:05] <13@Drasek> Why not?
[22:05] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> That is not a good answer.
[22:05] <13@Drasek> Because it answers nothing. *he nods in agreement*
[22:05] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> ... I believe you 'get under my skin'.
[22:06] <13@Drasek> See, that wasn't so bad, eh? *he smiles at Erevis* It's all about the expression. Not so much the words.
[22:08] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I see.
[22:09] <13@Drasek> If I say you're cuter than a button, it's not that you are so, literally, it's just a way to say that you're attractive. Anywho, hope you feel better, luv. *he gives a slight nod, moving back towards the door*
15[22:09] * 13@Sam enters the office to tell Darien something.
[22:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien's isn't around
15[22:09] * 13@Sam frowns a little and shrugs, just heading to her room to shower and change.
[22:10] <13@DeathStar> -END-

[22:30] <13@DeathStar> 5
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> 4
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> 3
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> 2
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> 1
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[22:31] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-589.6.27
[22:31] <13@DeathStar> Location: Darien's House
04[22:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis stands in the pool, wearing a shirt only right now. She just eyes Sam blankly right now
15[22:33] * 13@Sam stands in a blue bikini, in the shallow end with Erevis. "OKay... the best way to start is to learn to level your kicks. Come to the side with me."
15[22:33] * 13@Sam moves to the side of the pool.
[22:33] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> You want me to kick...?
[22:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis follows her to the side
09[22:33] <13@Sam> "I'll show you."
[22:33] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I know how to kick
[22:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* She makes a kick
[22:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Literally
09[22:34] <13@Sam> "No... I'll show you."
15[22:34] * 13@Sam holds onto the side and faces towards the outside of the pool, she starts to kick her feet out behind her, the motion making her body stay afloat on top of the water.
[22:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis stares at her
[22:35] <13@Kit> 6Megumi sits on the edge of the pool, dangling her legs in the water. She's wearing a yellow two-piece with strings tied in bows at either hip and behind her back, hair tied back with matching yellow ribbons into one large braid aside from the shorter lengths. She brushes the bangs out of her eyes and peers the two.
15[22:36] * 13@Sam stops kicking and comes back down to her feet under the water, standing again. "Now you try."
[22:36] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> ... ... 6* She frowns, glancing to the side, seeming reluctant.
[22:37] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Go on, beloved.
[22:37] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> But I will look silly.
[22:38] <13@Kit> 6Megumi grins slightly. 1"Have to start somewhere. You did not know how to walk once, right?"
[22:38] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I have always known how to walk
15[22:38] * 13@Drasek steps into the kitchen from the door to the basement, glancing around, he moves through the dining room into the living room, then moves down the hallway, eventually getting to Zephyr's door. He knocks on it twice.
[22:38] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Really? How did you learn, then?
09[22:38] <13@Sam> "It's not about looks. It is about overcoming a challenge, the water is like a force which wishes to take us under, we must resist it."
[22:38] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I do not remember. I was pure energy. I simply moved as I needed.
[22:39] <13@Kit> <Megumi> How is moving along water any different?
[22:39] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> What?
[22:39] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> This body sinks.
09[22:39] <13@Sam> "Then make it float Erevis. Try it."
[22:39] <13@Drasek> Gee, luv. That's a nice way to great a bloke.
[22:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis sighs and takes the side, then begins to do the kicks.
[22:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* A pause, then Zephyr opens the door, a shirt and shorts on. She eyes him. "Oh, it's you. Whatcha need?"
09[22:40] <13@Sam> "I'm going to help you stay afloat for the first few tries, do not be alarmed."
[22:40] <13@Drasek> NRP: greet* :S
15[22:41] * 13@Sam puts her hand gently under Erevis, pushing gently up against her stomach, helping Erevis maintain a straightness against the water.
15[22:41] * 13@Drasek gives a slight shrug. "Well, bit. It is just me after all. What do I usually want?"
[22:41] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Probably naked girls.
04[22:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis glances at her, to make sure that's all she does - she looks as if she might rip Sam a new one if her stomach is injured, but she relaxes after a moment
[22:42] <13@Drasek> Well. *he glances up slightly at that, as if thinking* Nothing wrong with naked girls. But I thought i'd pester you for a bit.
[22:42] <13@Kit> 6Megumi tenses, leaning forward a bit, frowning, then relaxes when Erevis does.
[22:42] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> How?
09[22:43] <13@Sam> "OKay, good, you're keeping afloat..." *she withdraws her hand* "Keep up the kicking a little longer."
[22:43] <13@Drasek> Dunno, what's on Bit's agenda?
[22:43] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Nothing.
[22:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis keeps kicking - she's in good enough shape that she doesn't seem to tire
[22:44] <13@Drasek> Nothing. *he rubs his ear lobe* Huh, didn't think you'd be doing nothing. What with you being active usually.
[22:44] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I do nothing every day for the past 3 months
09[22:45] <13@Sam> "Alright, you can stop now, this may be very fast. I'm impressed."
[22:45] <13@Drasek> You'd think I'd expect otherwise. Well come'on then, let's go do something.
09[22:45] <13@Sam> "Even under water, using that kicking motion is a sort of propulsion, so if you kick like that towards the bottom of the pool, your body will rise to the top."
[22:45] <13@Drasek> NRP: To think* Not you'd.
[22:45] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Like? 6* She eyes him. For whatever reason, she seems moody
[22:46] <13@Drasek> Something is better than nothing, eh? Come'on, unfurrow that brow and get ready.
[22:47] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Get ready to do what? I can't pick what to wear if I don't know what you have in mind
[22:47] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I see.
[22:48] <13@Drasek> Not sure myself. It's the whole, winging it bit.
[22:48] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Mmm, the basics, anyway.
[22:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr just sighs and moves to put on her shoes and steps out into the hallway, her body language clearly saying she'll be difficult and moody
15[22:50] * 13@Drasek whistle casually as he moves towards the front door, stepping out.
[22:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis peers at Megumi for explanation
[22:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr steps out, arms crossed
09[22:51] <13@Sam> "Now we'll work on the other half, your arms."
[22:51] <13@Drasek> Something on your mind, bit? *he glances at her as he moves for Angela's ex-car.*
[22:51] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> No
[22:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis peers at her arms.
[22:52] <13@Drasek> Fair enough. I won't ask why you seem to be upset, then. *he opens the door, getting in*
[22:52] <13@Kit> 6Megumi sets her sunglasses aside and curves her arms forward, slipping into the water, giving gently sways of her feet to move through the water rather than alternating kicking and just letting her arms rest back. She surfaces near the two, gently swaying her hands back and forth to stay afloat.
[22:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr gets inside, leaning in the seat.
09[22:52] <13@Sam> "I'm going to hold you a little bit and help you out into slightly deeper waters, stay calm alright? Kick lightly as we go."
[22:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya moves over and sits on the diving board to watch them
[22:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis eyes her at the 'calm' bit, a blank expression
15[22:54] * 13@Drasek starts up the car. "Care for a smoothie, then? Not very manly of me, but I just can't resist that Sherbert with Strawberries." He backs out, then heads off away from the house.
[22:54] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Nah.
[22:54] <13@Kit> 6Dawn sits at the table in the kitchen, eyeing Aya through the window rather than paying attention to the datapad in front of him. It's clearly Dawn, because he's typing without looking and holding an espresso in the other hand, sipping.
15[22:54] * 13@Sam takes that as an okay and swims out with her a little bit towards the deep end, where her feet no longer touch the bottom. "Kick slowly, and use your arms like Megumi is."
15[22:55] * 13@Sam seems to keep afloat just fine with only her legs.
[22:55] <13@Kit> 6Megumi leans back and turns her body in the water to move back, twirling, then as she faces them, resumes swaying them back and forth to tread.
[22:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis begins to move her arms and kicks slowly as ordered
15[22:56] * 13@Drasek glances at her. "When I said I wouldn't ask what was wrong, that was me asking what was wrong, luv. You seem upset, and that just makes me all sorts of depressed."
[22:56] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Don't want to talk about it. 6* She eyes him. "But if you want to get yourself a smoothie, go for it."
15[22:58] * 13@Sam slowly lets her go, allowing her to stay afloat on her own.
[22:59] <13@Drasek> Doesn't seem to be worth it, enjoying it all to my lonesome. *he has his left hand resting on the steering wheel, while leaning on the arm rest between the seats* Fair enough though. You know that if you decide to talk about it, I'm here and all that. *he nods to her once, glancing ahead* Hmmm. Tell me something, what's something that you love to do?
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis keeps moving straight, then impacts against the side
[22:59] <13@Kit> <Megumi> You should be pretty good at this, beloved. Hint; the more fluid you make your movements, the less energy you'll waste in doing them by not resisting the water unnecessarily.
15[22:59] * 13@Sam stops her just before she gets to the side.
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Eh? I don't know
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis looks at Megumi, tilting her head
09[23:00] <13@Sam> "Good work." *she slowly guides her to turn the other way* "If you use your arms as though you were pulling yourself along the water, you can go faster."
[23:00] <13@Drasek> Ah come'on bit. What's something you enjoy doing that you've not did in a while? I bet I know, fishing. You love to fish, don't you?
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> No. No I don't.
15[23:00] * 13@Drasek glances at her. "Obviously that shows that I've not the slightest clue, then."
[23:01] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> *shrugs* There's nothing I really want to do
15[23:02] * 13@Drasek frowns. "You hungry then? At least I could feed you."
09[23:02] <13@Sam> "Try swimming back to the shallow end now Erevis."
[23:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods, then begins to move as she was taught, faster though
[23:02] <13@Kit> 6Megumi moves around side of Erevis and swims along side of her, swivelling her shoulders back and forth, moving with just the swerving motion of her legs alone
[23:03] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Not really. 6* She glances out the window. "Sorry. Just not in a good mood, I guess."
15[23:04] * 13@Sam dives under the water, coming up at the palce where Erevis would find the end of the pool at.
[23:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya goes crosslegged, leaning forward as she watches, remembering being taught how to swim by Meg
[23:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis reaches the end, then eyes her shirt annoyedly as it clings to her, showing everything.
[23:05] <13@Drasek> It's alright, bit. For as long as i've known you, you rarely get in bad moods, I'm sure I can let it slide this once. Guess I'm just a little down that it's nothing I can help you with. *he seems to not be turning around, probably just driving*
15[23:05] * 13@Sam smiles at Erevis. "This is why I recommended swimwear."
[23:05] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I do not desire swimwear.
[23:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis crosses her arms again, huffing
09[23:06] <13@Sam> "Why?"
[23:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sighs. "Guess I'm just trying to figure out what to do with myself
[23:06] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I am gaining weight. A swimsuit would be useless. 6* Despite the fact she hasn't put a pound on yet.
[23:07] <13@Kit> <Megumi> You would be fine for now-- and eventually it would fit again, beloved.
[23:07] <13@Kit> 6Megumi leans back, drifting along the water with her eyes closed peacefully. Eventually she pauses and rests, opening one eye and waving at Aya.
[23:07] <13@Drasek> Yeah? Like, life goals?
[23:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya waves back
[23:07] <13@Kit> 6Inside, Dawn eyes a message, replies to it, and goes back to eyeing out the window, sighing.
[23:08] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Not going to swim, Aya?
[23:08] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Mmmm. Just trying to decide what to do with myself. I've never been on my own, and I really feel like a fourth wheel these days.
[23:08] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> N-No.
09[23:08] <13@Sam> "Yes, you will be able to fit into it again just in time at any rate. You should not grow out of it before the season for swimming is over."
[23:08] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Why not...?
[23:08] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Um. I-I don't really have any swim suits.
[23:09] <13@Drasek> Thought it was supposed to be thi-Oh. I see. Well luv, being the bum that I am, I can't really tell you which way or the other, but maybe you could get a job or go back to school or something like that?
[23:09] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Well, clearly beloved did not need one." 6She giggles. 1"Do you want to borrow one of mine?"
[23:09] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Um. I'm not sure if I'd fit into yours.
[23:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis sighs. "I suppose I can allow Megumi to pick a swim suit for me."
[23:09] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Go...back to school...?
[23:10] <13@Drasek> Or to school. There's a community college not far from here, I bet you might enjoy that.
[23:10] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Doubt it.
09[23:11] <13@Sam> "Good. Perhaps we can make a trip of it? I have not been spending enough time among all of you of late."
[23:11] <13@Kit> 6Megumi blinks at Aya. 1"Why would you not fit..?"
[23:12] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Um... 6* She just turns red faced and doesn't elaborate.
[23:12] <13@Drasek> Yeah? Well I never was one for studying, myself. *He glances at Zephyr after turnin a corner* What about the military, ever given the thought of going back? It was essentially your life for so long, after all.
[23:12] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Didn't like what I had to become. No. I was just thinking about moving out, maybe finding a little job again. 6* She lets out a sigh
[23:12] <13@Kit> 6Megumi moves to the side and climbs out. 1"Come on, Aya. I need oil, anyway."
[23:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya just nods slowly, and rises
04[23:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once to Sam, then watches Megumi, clearly checking her out
[23:13] <13@Drasek> Moving out, bit? *he frowns slightly at that* You don't sound that pleased over the idea. Starting to miss spending so much time with Megumi, are you?
09[23:14] <13@Sam> "Perhaps we should bring Aya along to get a suit of her own."
[23:14] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I sleep with them every night, and things are nice and all, but I don't like how I feel like I'm a third wheel. And when the baby comes around, well, they're going to be a family unit. And I've never been on my own.
09[23:14] <13@Sam> "I will ask her father."
15[23:14] * 13@Sam looks at Erevis. "Do you feel confident in your ability to stay afloat now?'
[23:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once.
[23:14] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Yes.
09[23:15] <13@Sam> "Perhaps I should go ask now, unless you want me to oversee some more swimming for you."
[23:15] <13@Drasek> It's tough luv, being thrown out into the world. You know, everyone else, they really don't care if you win or lose, I think that's one of the hardest parts of getting out on your own. Sure you've got your friends and family, but they all have lives to, right?
[23:15] <13@Kit> 6Megumi sways a little-- maybe because she knows Erevis was looking, but leads Aya inside. Dawn panics and ducks his head a little as they walk through.
[23:15] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> If you wish to do so, you should.
[23:15] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yeah...
[23:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya follows along after Megumi
[23:17] <13@Kit> 6Dawn glances at them walking down the hall and sighs. Megumi leads her into their bedroom and then browses in a dresser.
[23:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya stands there politely, watching
[23:17] <13@Drasek> It's that time in your life that you really start to become who you'll be for the rest of your life. You'll probably just want to break down and cry a times, but all you can do is persevere. Course, finding a bloke to take care of you is a good cop-out.
[23:17] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Uh huh. 6* She eyes him
[23:18] <13@Drasek> Though then you'd be like Angie. *he notes, glancing at her*
[23:19] <13@Kit> 6Megumi pauses then ah-hahs. She steps away from the dresser wielding the bottom in one hand and the top in the other for the black bikini she wore at that beach in a fond flashback.
[23:19] <13@Drasek> I've got it. We'll get you an instrunment and then we'll start a band, how about it? Drasek and Zephettes'. Eh? *he smirks glancing at her*
[23:19] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Right. Uh huh. 6* She just looks out the windows. "I don't have musical talent, sorry. Tone deaf."
[23:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya swallows. "T-That shows a lot."
[23:20] <13@Drasek> It's alright, bit. Most bands use prerecorded material anyhow. *he looks ahead* Where would you go? If you moved.
[23:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shrugs
[23:21] <13@Drasek> What would you do? If you got a job?
[23:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shrugs
[23:21] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Aw, it will be fine. You are only amongst us.
[23:21] <13@Drasek> Hmm. Well, I personally think you should start designing clothes. What you did for Revi's wedding, that was really good. Maybe you could even go into planning. What do you think?
[23:22] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Blah. I hated doing that
[23:22] <13@Kit> 6Megumi rummages again, then hands her the sarong that went with it.
15[23:22] * 13@Sam slowly gets out of the water and looks back at Erevis.
[23:22] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> It was fun since it was for her, but I'm no designer.
[23:22] <13@Drasek> Gee, bit. I'm running out of ideas. You're hard to motivate.
[23:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya takes it, then mumbles a thank you and turns to head for her room
[23:23] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Hm. Too shy to change here? Hee.
[23:23] <13@Kit> 6Megumi shakes her head.
[23:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya looks embarrassed now
[23:23] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Sorry.
[23:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis begins to practice
[23:24] <13@Drasek> Don't be. You've no reason to be sorry. I can only really give you suggestions, it's you that has to make the decisions about yourself. All I can do it be a good bloke and be there for you, try to make you smile, even though you're down. And if I can't, well that's my fault, not yours.
[23:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr studies him now.
[23:25] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I'm pretty sure it's all on me on how I feel, Drasek
[23:25] <13@Drasek> Didn't say it wasn't, luv.
15[23:26] * 13@Sam watches her for a little bit, to be sure she's going to be fine on her own.
[23:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis seems to have picked up on it quickly
[23:26] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Worry not. I am merely teasing, Aya. If you must go, you may go.
[23:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods and hurries to her room
15[23:26] * 13@Sam smiles with satisfaction and heads inside, pulling a towel around herself, heading for Chad's door.
[23:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr glances out the window, then leans back in her seat
[23:27] <13@Drasek> You're a brilliant girl, Zeph. I have faith in you. *he eyes are the road ahead, as the are moving into some traffic*
[23:27] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Thank you. 6* She smiles for him
15[23:28] * 13@Drasek glances at her. "Maybe you should be an actress then?" He smirks slyly.
[23:28] <13@Kit> 6Megumi returns to the poolside, getting a disappointed look from Dawn, who goes back to working.
[23:28] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hah. I can't act.
[23:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis swims about the pool
[23:28] <13@Drasek> Why not? You ever tried?
[23:28] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> You all see through me as it is when I don't say what's on my mind
[23:29] <13@Drasek> Maybe that's just because we know you too well, luv. But a stranger'd probably be clueless.
[23:29] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Uh huh.
[23:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr gives him a look of disbelief
[23:30] <13@Kit> 6Megumi smiles at her and dives into the deep end, keeping near the bottom of the pool as she swims her way over below Erevis.
[23:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis looks down, then loses concentration
15[23:30] * 13@Drasek shakes his head. "Well then, you're not going to get anywhere unless you try. Act out something for me."
[23:31] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Like what?
[23:31] <13@Kit> 6Megumi curves up, wrapping an arm around her to hold her up as she surfaces, laughing.
[23:32] <13@Drasek> Hmm. Your pet cat Megumi left you a surprise on the rug. You come home from a busy of working as a waitress to find the mess. And...go.
[23:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr just stares at him, incredulously
[23:32] <13@Drasek> What?
[23:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis blinks, then wraps her arms around MEgumi, kissing her
[23:33] <13@Kit> 6Megumi's eyes widen before returning it, forgetting to keep them afloat for a moment.
[23:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis kisses her under the water then
[23:34] <13@Drasek> Maybe you could learn another language and be an interpreter for someone? God knows I could use one every once in a while.
[23:34] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> HMph.
[23:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya moves out into the living room in the bathing suit
[23:35] <13@Drasek> The point is. You never know if you like something until you give it a try. Can you believe I used to hate beer? That is, I thought I did.
[23:36] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Nice thing you forced upon yourself.
[23:36] <13@Drasek> Ah drinking is a horrible habit, I'm just lucky it doesn't affect me like it should.
15[23:36] * 13@Sam knocks on Chad's door.
[23:37] <13Chad`Winters> 6There's silence for a moment then the door opens up and Chad stands there. 1"Yes?"
09[23:38] <13@Sam> "Hello Chad, I was going to head out shortly to help Megumi and Erevis find Erevis a swimsuit, and it came to my attention that Aya does not have one, would it be alright if we brought her along to purchase one?"
[23:40] <13@Kit> 6Dawn peers over from the kitchen into the living room-- and stares.
15[23:40] * 13Chad`Winters looks at her, than rubs the back of his neck as he thinks, he clicks his tongue. 1"It did get destroyed. Yeah I can't see why not."
[23:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya moves out to the pool
[23:40] <13@Kit> 6Dawn turns in his chair as she goes by.
[23:41] <13Chad`Winters> If she's ok with it, yeah. 6He pulls out a holocard and hands it to her.
[23:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes him, then is silent.
15[23:41] * 13@Sam smiles and nods respect fully, taking it. "I will ask her now that I have your permission. If she refuses I will return this immediately."
15[23:42] * 13Chad`Winters nods and moves back inside, shutting the door.
[23:42] <13@Kit> 6Megumi starts pleasantly drowning with Erevis
[23:42] <13@Drasek> I'm sorry that I can't seem to give you a good idea, bit. You'd think I would know just what you like, but maybe i'm getting senile.
[23:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis blinks, then kicks upward
[23:42] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Maybe.
[23:42] <13@Kit> 6Megumi gasps for air upon surfacing
15[23:43] * 13@Sam heads back out to the living room. Looking for Aya now. She eventually wanders out to the pool.
15[23:43] * 13@Drasek frowns. "Ah come'on, you're not supposed to agree."
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya sits on the diving board, watching the two make out
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Sorry.
15[23:45] * 13@Drasek glances at Zephyr again and frowns. "I was just joking around, bit. Man, this really does have you troubled. Tell you what, let's go get you one of those placement tests done, see if that'll point you in the right direction."
[23:46] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> ... 6* She looks at him oddly.
[23:46] <13@Kit> 6Megumi heaves, giggling at Erevis weakly. Then glances past her, waving to Aya again. 1"Did you change just to sit there...?"
15[23:46] * 13@Drasek looks at her slightly. "What?"
[23:46] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Um, well....you two look like you're having fun
[23:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis takes MEgumi's hand and moves it under her shirt, nonchalant like
15[23:46] * 13@Sam is watching herself, a brow arched. "That is an interesting concept."
[23:47] <13@Kit> 6Megumi blinks at Erevis, blushing. 1"B-Beloved..?"
[23:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis smiles at her, as if no one could figure out what she's doing
15[23:48] * 13@Sam blinks a little and walks around to join Aya near the diving board. "Do you also find this fascinating?"
[23:48] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> N-No
[23:49] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Wh-what are you doing..?
09[23:49] <13@Sam> "I see."
[23:49] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I am having you touch me. You do not like it?
04[23:49] <13@Kit> <Megumi> *gulp* Yes, b-but Sam and Aya are... staring.
[23:50] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. I hear it is better if people watch.
[23:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shrugs
15[23:50] * 13@Sam tilts her head. "Aya, I was planning on taking Erevis to get a swimsuit soon, Megumi is coming. Your father has approved of the trip if you would like to join us."
[23:50] <13@Drasek> Well is that a yes or a no?
[23:50] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> No thanks
[23:51] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Oh. I-I guess so
[23:52] <13@Kit> 6Megumi turns utter red but lets Erevis do as she wants.
09[23:52] <13@Sam> "Great, we will go when the other two have calmed sufficiently and are through with their fun."
[23:52] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis hugs her in the pool, wrapping her legs and arms around Megumi
[23:52] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> A-Alright
[23:53] <13@Kit> 6Megumi jerks a little and tries to keep them afloat
15[23:53] * 13@Sam looks at Aya in concern. "Are you alright Aya?"
[23:53] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Yes.
15[23:53] * 13@Drasek shifts slightly and glances at Zephyr. "Fair enough luv."
09[23:53] <13@Sam> "Alright then."
[23:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis just moves them slightly to the shallow end with her mind
[23:54] <13@Drasek> I'd rather you not be moving out, luv. But that's your business. *he takes a turn, probably taking them back towards the house*
[23:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr glances at him, then out the window. "I'm sure Megumi would say the same."
[23:54] <13@Kit> 6Megumi pauses as she feels the floor of the pool and smiles at Erevis, leaning in to kiss her again, wrapping her arms around in turn
[23:56] <13@Drasek> Yeah. Probably. Doesn't mean it'll stop you. You're a stubborn girl.
04[23:56] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis returns the kiss, oblivious to Aya and Sam. Aya looks another direction
15[23:56] * 13@Sam tilts her head. "What are they doing exactly?"
[23:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr hmms.
[23:56] <13@Kit> 6Dawn rises from the kitchen table, twitching a little, and heads for Chad's door, knocking.
[23:57] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I don't know. 6* She doesn't look
09[23:57] <13@Sam> "It would be rude to interrupt them, perhaps we should wait elsewhere and give them privacy?"
15[23:58] * 13@Drasek glances at her, then looks ahead. "I've decided you should be a pro wrestler."
[23:58] <13Chad`Winters> 6There's a silence and then the sounds of foot steps and then the door opening. Chad eyes Dawn. 1"Yes?"
[23:58] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Right. I've decided you should be sober all the time.
[23:58] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Um, I-I don't think they'll kiss long.
[23:58] <13@Kit> 6Dawn eyes him, twitching more than before, but mumbles. 1"...Pool.." 6Before moving down the hall.
[23:59] <13@Kit> 6Megumi reaches down to support Erevis by placing her hands along her rear, taking a break to breath, glancing about the water.
09[23:59] <13@Sam> "I will let you know when it is safe to look again Aya."
[23:59] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Okay.
[23:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis sighs dreamily.
15[23:59] * 13Chad`Winters crosses his arms as he eyes Dawn, standing there for a moment.
15[23:59] * 13@Drasek smirks. "I am luv, just the idea of you in one of those spandexy outfits. Why that's an interesting mental image."
15[23:59] * 13@Sam seems to collect herself enough to figure things out, shielding Aya's eyes in case she for some reason peeks too early.
13[00:00] * Day changed to Wednesday, August 13th 2008.
Session Time: Wed Aug 13 00:00:01 2008
[00:01] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Pervert.
[00:01] <13@Kit> 6Megumi leans Erevis against the side of the pool and starts to kiss her again, reaching up her shirt since she wanted that earlier.
[00:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya mumbles. "A-Are they done?"
15[00:01] * 13Chad`Winters steps out of his room, reaching behind him to shut the door. He starts moving down the hallway towards the pool.
09[00:02] <13@Sam> "They have started again."
15[00:02] * 13@Drasek smiles slightly. "Ah, bit, I think you'd look right beautiful."
[00:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis returns the kissing, apparantly enjoying the touching
[00:03] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> You would, perverrt.
[00:03] <13@Drasek> Good thing i'm a big ol mean heartless bloke, else calling me a pervert so much might hurt my feelings.
[00:04] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Or you're a pervert.
[00:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya covers her own face.
[00:04] <13@Kit> 6Megumi reaches to undo the button on Erevis' shorts, moving to kiss her along the collarbone instead, having forgotten all about people being around as well.
[00:04] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Um, Me-Megumi...? Are you done? 6* She calls out
09[00:05] <13@Sam> "They are... getting worse."
09[00:05] <13@Sam> "It is perhaps ideal if we get out of here Aya."
[00:05] <13@Drasek> Come'on bit, that's not fair. I was only joking around.
[00:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sticks out her tongue
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis does a slight moan sound, holding onto Megumi tigher.
[00:06] <13@Drasek> Alright maybe I am a pervert. But you should be flattered really.
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods, standing up, holding her face. She slips and falls right into the pool
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yeah?
15[00:06] * 13@Sam gasps and jumps in after her.
15[00:07] * 13Chad`Winters makes his way to the pool and steps out side, raising a brow at the two making out and then Aya slipping in. He quickly begins moving towards the pool side.
[00:07] <13@Drasek> Not very many that I call beautiful. You know.
[00:07] <13@Kit> 6Megumi pauses slightly, thinking she heard something, but Erevis' moan overtakes it. She pauses again hearing splashing.
15[00:07] * 13@Sam saves another person from the life sucking pool, pulling her back up to the surface.
[00:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya swims to the surface without needing help
[00:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya stares at her father, eyes widening. "Hi Daddy."
[00:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis pauses, glancing at the others, tilting her head. "Others are swimming/"
[00:07] <13Chad`Winters> Hey, you alright? 6He holds his hand out towards her.
[00:08] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Y-Yep. 6* She takes his hand awkwardly.
15[00:08] * 13@Sam looks up at Chad as well, looking freaked a bit. "Sh-She slipped, I am sorry!"
[00:08] <13Chad`Winters> It's fine. 6He moves to help her out.
[00:08] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Mm, she fell, it seems." 6Takes her hand away from Erevis' shorts and out from under her shirt, blinking.
15[00:08] * 13@Sam helps as best she can.
[00:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis looks disappointed, but folds her hands together
[00:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya is pulled out, sheepishly smiling
04[00:09] * 13Chad`Winters looks over at Megumi and Erevis, shaking his head slightly. He reaches a hand out for Sam.
[00:09] <13@Kit> 6Megumi stares blankly at Chad.
[00:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head, blinking
15[00:09] * 13@Sam blinks a little and takes the hand.
15[00:10] * 13Chad`Winters grunts and pulls her out.
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr considers his words, eyeing him, then ahead.
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> So I'm beautiful, hm?
[00:10] <13Chad`Winters> You two ever heard of a room?
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I have heard of a room, yes.
15[00:10] * 13@Sam helps herself as Chad helps her, making it easy, she stands and looks down sheepishly herself.
[00:10] <13@Drasek> Aye, bit. You are.
[00:10] <13@Kit> <Megumi> We sleep in one.
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> How am I compared to Erevis, then?
[00:11] <13@Drasek> Why Revi? *he glances at her*
[00:11] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> You debated dating her before.
[00:11] <13Chad`Winters> I hear they are a wonderful place for messing around. 6He stands up, wiping his wet hand on his shirt
[00:11] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> This is a fact.
[00:11] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Messing... around..
[00:11] <13@Drasek> Looks had nothing to do with that, bit.
[00:11] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Ouch. But you didn't say how I compared, either
[00:13] <13Chad`Winters> It's a lot more private too. 6He glances around, clicking his tongue.
[00:13] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> This is also a fact.
[00:13] <13@Drasek> Can't weasel our of it, then? Well Revi's in Katrina McCormick's body, and that bird is quite attractive. But it is more than just a body thing. Beauty comes from both the body and the mind. So, in comparison, I think you're more beautiful than Revi.
[00:13] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Really? 6* She blinks at that
[00:14] <13@Kit> <Megumi> I think he wants us to leave.
15[00:14] * 13@Sam looks down still at the ground.
[00:14] <13@Drasek> Revi's naive, and while she has the body, she doesn't really show off how attractive it is.
[00:14] <13Chad`Winters> I just think you should consider other peoples feelings
[00:15] <13@Kit> 6Megumi blinks, looking insulted now.
[00:15] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> She runs around naked.
[00:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis looks down, as if chided and sad.
[00:16] <13@Drasek> Yeah and if you've seen it once, it's nothing new. She doesn't manage her hair, she doesn't wear anything sexy.
[00:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr just laughs at Drasek. "Wow, you don't pay attention."
15[00:17] * 13@Drasek glances at Zephyr. "Guess not. Revi's important to me, but I don't look at her like that."
15[00:17] * 13Chad`Winters runs his hand through his hair, which he has been letting grow out.
09[00:18] <13@Sam> "I-It is just that... Aya is still young and such a display in front of her is... is inappropriate."
[00:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes out the window
[00:18] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. I was unaware she came back. I apologize. I will not kiss Megumi Zhenmei anymore
[00:18] <13@Kit> 6Megumi blinks cluelessly, then turns red.
[00:19] <13Chad`Winters> That's not it. Nevermind me. 6He waves his hand
09[00:19] <13@Sam> "I-It is okay you get like I get when... ---uh-uh nevermind..."
04[00:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya eyes Sam now
04[00:19] * 13Chad`Winters looks over at Sam now.
15[00:19] * 13@Sam looks away awkwardly.
[00:19] <13@Drasek> Maybe i'm just an old man that has a specific look in mind. *he says after a bit, shrugging*
15[00:20] * 13Chad`Winters raises a brow, getting that interested look on his face.
[00:20] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yeah? Like what?
04[00:20] <13@Kit> 6Megumi eyes Sam as well, tilting her head
[00:20] <13@Drasek> Dark Hair. Always seem to look at hair first, and darker hair was always my thing, I guess.
09[00:20] <13@Sam> "W-We should go soon... if we wish to... purchase suits before shops close..." *she makes an escape route*
[00:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya doesn't look like she wants to go now with these people
15[00:21] * 13@Sam looks at Aya, then the other girls. She blinks a little. "It may be two different trips now..."
[00:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr squints at Drasek. "I was thinking about going pink."
[00:22] <13@Kit> <Megumi> If we are going shopping, then beloved and I should change.
[00:22] <13@Drasek> Yeah? Well I'm not sure I would like it, luv. But you'd at least get noticed.
[00:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr smirks
[00:23] <13@Drasek> If only I had hair to dye. *he says with a dramatic sigh*
[00:23] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> It's the first thing I notice, too. The hair. 6* She teases
04[00:24] * 13Chad`Winters eyes Sam a little longer than looks down at Aya. 1"Something bothering you?"
[00:24] <13@Drasek> It's why I shine it so much, I know the glare'll catch your attention. *he smirks*
[00:24] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Um, n-no.
[00:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr peers at him. "I mean actual hair. It's what draws me to a guy. Lots of hair." 6* She says seriously
[00:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis climbs out of the pool and helps Megumi out
[00:25] <13Chad`Winters> You thinking about going to get a swimming suit of your own?
15[00:25] * 13@Drasek glances at Zephyr. "Must be why outburst of eternal love went unnoticed, then.'
15[00:25] * 13@Sam looks at Aya. "I can take you without the other two if you wish Aya."
[00:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sticks out her tongue
[00:25] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Um.... 6* She doesn't seem too thrilled with that, either.
[00:26] <13Chad`Winters> You could always ask Zephyr to take you shopping.
[00:26] <13@Drasek> I'm sure if I tried really hard, I could grow some hair. *he notes after a bit*
[00:26] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I-I guess we should all go. Let me get dressed. 6* She hurries off
[00:26] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yeah?
[00:26] <13@Drasek> What would you do then, if I walked through the door one day and had these long flowing locks of hair, as long as yours even.
15[00:26] * 13@Sam frowns, looking at Chad. "I am afraid I may have placed pressure on her."
[00:26] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Freak out
[00:27] <13Chad`Winters> No, I don't think so. 6He scratches the underside of his chin
[00:27] <13@Drasek> Freak out meaning you wouldn't be able to stop smoochin on me, or freak out...heart attack.
[00:27] <13@Kit> 6Dawn jerks as Aya comes down the hallway, grabbing his nose and turning away. Megumi leads Erevis inside to change, also passing by him.
[00:28] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Not sure.
[00:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya peers at Dawn. "Are you okay?"
[00:28] <13@Drasek> Maybe I should try and we'll see then?
[00:28] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> If you can do it
[00:28] <13@Kit> 6Dawn nods slowly, gazing at her over a shoulder.
15[00:28] * 13@Sam nods slightly and looks away. "Perhaps you should come along? I am afraid she will be uncomforterable."
[00:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr grins
15[00:29] * 13@Drasek arches a brow. "Well, then. That sounds like a challenge to me."
[00:29] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Are you in pain?
[00:29] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hee. If you can do it
[00:29] <13@Kit> 6Dawn frowns slightly and shakes his head, letting his hand drop and sighing.
[00:30] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Okay... 6* She moves to go on to her room
[00:30] <13@Drasek> Let's hope it doesn't backfire and it grows out the opposite end, eh?
[00:30] <13@Kit> 6Dawn hangs his head and goes back to the kitchen table, sitting.
[00:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya turns back to peer at Dawn. "Can I ask a question?"
[00:31] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I--ew.
[00:31] <13@Kit> 6Dawn pauses, then turns slowly. He nods.
[00:31] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Why did you walk away from Dad? He was going to let us do the dinner thing.
15[00:31] * 13@Drasek snorts a laugh. "Least we'd know then that it would be the heart attack and not the smooching.
[00:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr makes a face
[00:32] <13@Kit> 6Dawn winces slightly, almost looking annoyed. 1"...Don't... like acc... usat... ions. ...just... being honest... to self."
[00:33] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I see. Okay, then. 6* She nods once, then gives him a smile that's a bit more sad, and moves to her room.
[00:33] <13Chad`Winters> Think so? 6He looks at her.
[00:33] <13@Kit> 6Dawn sits and smacks his forehead to the table.
15[00:33] * 13@Drasek smiles, "Alright, so let's make a wager on this."
[00:34] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> A wageR?
[00:35] <13@Drasek> Why not? A bet.
15[00:35] * 13@Sam frowns and gives it thought. "She may be a little less comforterable purchasing such a thing with you watching, but I cannot help but feel myself and the other girls as company make her feel put off as well."
[00:36] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> What sort of bet?
[00:36] <13Chad`Winters> It's possible, but I can always walk away.
[00:37] <13@Drasek> You win, I'll do something embarassing, dress like a gal or some nonsense like that. I win, you go out on a date with me.
[00:37] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Uh huh. Alright.
[00:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shrugs. "Sure."
[00:38] <13@Drasek> Yeah? You'd better get your dinner dress ready then, I can already feel it in my noggin.
[00:39] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Mmmhm. Maybe you should get a dinner dress ready. I can already feel it failing
09[00:40] <13@Sam> "Come with us at least to the store then, I believe that would be best."
15[00:40] * 13@Sam nods a little, and holds out the holocard, slightly wet.
[00:40] <13@Drasek> No faith, luv. None at all. *He finally makes it back to the house and parks.* You give me a little time, just wait.
[00:40] <13@Kit> 6Dawn whistles from the kitchen doorway.
15[00:41] * 13Chad`Winters takes the holo card and slides it back into his pocket.
[00:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr gets out of the car
[00:42] <13@Kit> 6Dawn twitches as no one looks at all, so he whistles louder
[00:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore steps out and peers at Dawn
[00:42] <13@Kit> 6Dawn blinks at Fiore, and hangs his head slightly.
[00:43] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Strange.
15[00:43] * 13@Drasek gets out after shutting it off, moving after Zephyr. "So tell me bit, how upset would you be if I just shave my head everyday, and my hair growns normally?"
[00:43] <13@Drasek> NRP: grows*
[00:43] <13@Kit> <Dawn> ...Can't... talk loud... enought o... get their... attention..
04[00:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore looks at Chad and Sam. "Pay attention." 6* She calls out
[00:43] <13@Kit> 6Dawn reels from Fiore.
15[00:44] * 13Chad`Winters crosses his arms. 1"I'll get changed." He turns, eyeing Fiore than moves back inside, making his way to his room
[00:44] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Anything. Else.?
15[00:44] * 13@Sam nods and heads inside as well.
[00:44] <13@Kit> <Dawn> It ..failed.
[00:44] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Pretty upset.
[00:44] <13@Drasek> But a bet is a bet, luv.
04[00:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore throws a rolling pin at Sam.
[00:44] <13@Kit> 6Dawn catches it, perhaps predicting.
[00:44] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Then I'd have to do bad things to you
[00:44] <13@Kit> <Dawn> Wrong.
[00:44] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Why?
[00:44] <13@Drasek> But I'm a prevert, luv. That just sounds attractive to me.
[00:45] <13@Kit> 6Dawn shakes his head. 1"Wrong... per.. son."
[00:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr groans
[00:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore pauses, then moves in front of Chad
15[00:45] * 13@Drasek smiles and pats her shoulder. "You can't win, luv."
[00:45] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Probably not. Guess you should have your way with me now.
15[00:45] * 13Chad`Winters pauses, eyeing Fiore. 1"Yes?"
[00:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore bows respectfully, clearly not liking to do this, but then points at Dawn.
15[00:46] * 13@Sam stops to watch, tightening her towel around herself.
15[00:46] * 13Chad`Winters glances behind him and into the Kitchen.
[00:46] <13@Drasek> Obviously. Since i'm such a nasty bloke, it's a wonder I haven't already.
[00:46] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> It is. 6* She crosses her arms. "Must be afraid of me."
[00:47] <13@Kit> 6Dawn twitches again, taking to being ignored nicely.
[00:47] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Please. Speak. To. Him.
13[00:47] EM Unknown command
15[00:47] * 13@Drasek glances left and then right. "Or your sister Cheryl." He gives her a frightened look, then smiles. "I'll go get on with the hair growing, then." He moves away from the front door, to the entrance to his basement.
15[00:47] * 13@Sam shrugs and heads to her room to get changed.
[00:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr steps in and eyes Chad, Fiore, and Dawn
[00:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore eyes Dawn. "Speak now."
[00:50] <13@Kit> 6Dawn jerks slightly at Fiore's command, then eyes Chad. 1"... ... ..Hello."
[00:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore hangs her head, apologetically.
[00:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* To Chad.
[00:51] <13Chad`Winters> Hi. 6He turns to leave.
[00:51] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Speak seriously. 6* She says loudly to Dawn
15[00:51] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue, wiggling his finger in his ear
[00:53] <13@Kit> 6Dawn frowns slightly, then holds his arms, more of a habit picked up from posing as Fiore. 1"Not... Inten... tion... to hide. ...just... make.... sure."
[00:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore steps out of Chad's way. So he can continue if he wants
[00:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr steps forward. 6*"We understand that, Dawn." 6* She wraps an arm around Chad. "Chad doesn't mean to seem rough with you, but I think you should listen to his concerns. It would mean a lot to Aya."
[00:57] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> After all, he is her father. Walking away won't win points. 6* She notes.
[00:57] <13@Kit> <Dawn> ..A...greed. She... looked... sad." 6He closes his eyes.
15[00:57] * 13Chad`Winters eyes Zephyr, his face neutral, making it hard to determine.
[00:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr kisses Chad's cheek. "Be honest, just try to phrase it diplomatically. Imagine he's an alien race you have to win over to your side."
[00:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr moves to the couch, sitting down
[01:00] <13Chad`Winters> What she said. 6He states simply and turns, moving to his room.
[01:00] <13@Kit> 6Dawn eyes Chad leaving and sighs.
[01:01] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Chad
[01:01] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Talk to the boy. Or else this is going to go on and on
[01:01] <13@Kit> 6Dawn looks to Zephyr curiously.
15[01:02] * 13Chad`Winters pauses. 1"I planned on it Zephyr. I'd just rather goto the mall with the others right now."
[01:02] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> something tells me Aya would wait for you to settle this
[01:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr smiles sweetly.
[01:03] <13@Kit> <Dawn> ...It's... fine. I'm... not... going any... where.
15[01:03] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue as he looks up at the ceiling.
[01:03] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Do you want me to tell your POV?
[01:03] <13@Kit> 6Dawn closes his eyes, smiling slightly. 1"Oneesama... needs... swimsuit... anyway."
[01:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore glares at him
[01:04] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Negative.
15[01:04] * 13Chad`Winters turns and moves into the kitchen and grabs a chair, sitting down. 1"That's my daughter you're talking about."
[01:04] <13@Kit> 6Dawn pauses, blinking at Chad in confusion
[01:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sits beside Chad, taking his hand under the table. All he has to do is squeeze for her to speak
[01:04] <13@Kit> <Dawn> ...A... ra..?
[01:04] <13@Kit> 6Dawn points to Fiore. 1"Oneesama."
[01:05] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> He is talking about.... previous subject
[01:05] <13@Kit> <Dawn> ...Oh.
[01:05] <13@Kit> 6Dawn takes a chair, offering one to Fiore.
[01:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore blinks, but sits
15[01:07] * 13Chad`Winters takes a deep breathe and lets it out. 1"I'm going to be forward with you Dawn. I don't like the idea of you dating my daughter. The fact she's 16 and that you could be anyhwere from 19 to 24 doesn't sit well with me."
[01:08] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> And she's technically four. 6* She adds for Chad
[01:08] <13@Kit> <Dawn> ..." 6He looks to Fiore. Only in time with her memories would he know his actual age.
[01:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore blinks. "Desire age answer?"
[01:09] <13@Kit> <Dawn> ...Four..?" 6He peers up, frowning slightly. 1"... ...Sixteen..?"
[01:09] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> When she was three, she was aged rapidly to 15.
[01:10] <13Chad`Winters> Didn't give her a lot of time to grow emotionally and mentally.
[01:10] <13@Kit> 6Dawn blinks a few times. 1"...Fact..? ...Intel...ligent. ...Though... na.. ive."
[01:10] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Oh, her mind is a 16 year olds. She lacks the experience of a 16 year old.
[01:11] <13@Kit> 6Dawn glances down a little. 1"..Un... derstood."
[01:11] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> It's why Chad is so protective, Dawn.
[01:11] <13@Kit> <Dawn> ..Sim... ilar.
[01:11] <13@Kit> 6Dawn looks at Fiore slightly.
[01:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore listens for now, hands on the table
[01:12] <13Chad`Winters> If you want to believe that.
[01:13] <13@Kit> 6Dawn tilts his head toward Chad, confused again. 1"...be...lieve... what?"
[01:13] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Chaaaaad. 6* She squeezes his hand
03[01:14] * Drasek is now known as Marcus
15[01:14] * 13Chad`Winters eyes Zephyr then looks back at Dawn. 1"Irregardless, I'm not comfortable with it, but I told Aya I'd allow it with some rules and that I had to talk to you first. And when I gave you that opportunity, you insulted me by walking out.
[01:15] <13@Kit> 6Dawn shifts in expression, looking annoyed. 1"...Tone... accusing of... treach...ery."
[01:16] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Chad just wished you had come to him first. Aya is his little girl. You understand that, right?
[01:16] <13@Kit> <Dawn> Yes." 6He nods.
[01:16] <13Chad`Winters> I won't lie. I would've told you no, but I'm a man of rations. Which means I wouldn't have been as mad.
[01:17] <13@Kit> <Dawn> Un... concerned.... answer.
[01:17] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> What do you mean? You can use your datapad if you need
[01:17] <13@Kit> 6Dawn closes his eyes calmly. 1"... Ask.. ed... Aya... first... because... what she... wants.. is... most import... ant... to me."
15[01:18] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue.
[01:19] <13@Kit> 6Dawn opens one eye, tilting his head away from Fiore. 1"...Would... have ask... ed... Chad Win ...ters.... then.
[01:19] <13@Kit> <Dawn> With... out. Fail.
[01:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore just keeps quiet, though she doesn't seem to support the idea
15[01:20] * 13Chad`Winters goes to say something than stops himself.
[01:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr leans a bit against Chad, as if happy
[01:21] <13Chad`Winters> You insulted me Dawn, it's as simple as that. If you really believe in what you said, you wouldn't have walked away.
[01:24] <13@Kit> <Dawn> ..Not... sorry... walking away... from in... sult. Sor...ry... walking... away hurt... Aya. ...talking now... not.. e... nough, but... start.
[01:25] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Chad didn't mean to insult you - he meant use the datapad instead of one words.
[01:25] <13Chad`Winters> It's faster.
[01:27] <13@Kit> 6Dawn frowns, looking embarassed, then slowly, somewhat discreetly reaches for it.
[01:27] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Now, he could have phrased it better, but that's what he meant.
15[01:28] * 13Chad`Winters sighs.
[01:29] <13@Kit> 6Dawn shifts it around, glancing off as he types effortlessly upside-down. [Sorry.]
[01:30] <13Chad`Winters> The real question is, why should I let you date my daughter in the first place?
[01:31] <13@Kit> 6Dawn looks back at Chad, then Zephyr, then Chad. Wondering if that was a serious question.
[01:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr nods.
[01:31] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> He means, with the age difference, why should he take the chance.
[01:31] <13Chad`Winters> And in general.
[01:32] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> You plan to ask every boy that "in general?
[01:32] <13Chad`Winters> Just the first couple.
[01:32] <13@Kit> 6Dawn types out [First couple..? How many do you plan Aya to go through?]
15[01:33] * 13Chad`Winters looks over at Zephyr. 1"Do I have to answer that?"
[01:33] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> No. Lets stay focused, you two
15[01:34] * 13Chad`Winters looks back over at Dawn. 1"So, why should I?
[01:34] <13@Kit> 6Dawn [Aya is a person unto herself with her own life. It's unfortunate that such an unnatural event occured, but as it stands, unless it's going to be reversed in some way, which would no doubt cause even more trauma given her adjustment to the present...]
[01:35] <13Chad`Winters> That doesn't answer my question.
[01:35] <13@Kit> 6Dawn [It only seems natural she can live as she truly appears. Otherwise she will be a middle-aged woman before you are satisfied with her mentally, right?]
[01:37] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> It addresses the 'in general' bit - AYa being her own person. But Dawn, you're much older than her, probably - so why are you interested?
[01:39] <13@Kit> 6Dawn stares at Zephyr. [Until you told me, I wasn't aware of such a difference in age. It had no bearing.]
[01:40] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I meant her being 16 and you probably being 20.
[01:40] <13@Kit> 6Dawn continues to stare. [Four years is not very much of a gap when considering married couples on Earth.]
[01:40] <13Chad`Winters> She's 16. It's an issue.
[01:40] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Perhaps. But it's a big gap when she's not quite an adult yet.
[01:41] <13@Kit> 6Dawn eyes upward then shakes his head. [Are you considering her a child still or not...? I am confused.]
15[01:41] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue.
[01:42] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Let me give you an example. I'm 15 age wise, and I look almost 18. But I'm not sure I consider myself an adult.
[01:42] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Aya is 16. She's not what I'd call an adult. You are an adult.
[01:42] <13@Kit> 6Dawn [I see. So you do not consider dating whatsoever.]
[01:43] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I don't have parents to tell me what to do, either.
[01:43] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I think Chad would be --- more relaxed if he knew your intentions with AYa
[01:43] <13Chad`Winters> Or if you were 16 yourself.
[01:44] <13@Kit> 6Dawn looks distraught at Chad. Considering the high schoolers he was watching. [My intentions are to spend more time with Aya besides serving coffee and tea.]
[01:44] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Do you intend to have sex with her?
15[01:45] * 13Chad`Winters tilts his head slightly, a Warren look on his face now
[01:46] <13@Kit> 6Dawn jerks, looking incredulous. [Why would I do that?]
[01:46] <13Chad`Winters> Than why talk about dating and marriage?
[01:46] <13@Kit> 6Dawn peers at Fiore now.
[01:46] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> It's an evolution of relationships. I'm wondering how far you'd be willing to go, if you Aya and got together now.
[01:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore eyes Dawn, as if ready to hit him if he answers yes
[01:48] <13@Kit> 6Dawn [As you say, evolution. Not a direct outcome.]
[01:48] <13@Kit> 6Dawn [You may have time to sit and plot and think of all these things, but until now, I had not thought of them.]
15[01:48] * 13Chad`Winters leans forward now. 1"So you're saying you just want to be friends than?"
[01:48] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Let me say this -I think she's too young. Would you wait until she reached the right age?
[01:49] <13@Kit> 6Dawn [Well, of course.]
[01:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr peers at Chad
[01:50] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> So you won't have sex with her until she's 18?
15[01:51] * 13Chad`Winters clicks his tongue.
[01:51] <13@Kit> 6Dawn nods, tilting his head as if it would've been obvious.
[01:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr waits for Chad to speak
15[01:54] * 13Chad`Winters shifts his free hand upto his face as he rubs it, clearly not liking this.
[01:54] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> How about you tell him your rules, then, Chad?
[01:56] <13@Kit> 6Dawn peers slowly at Chad.
15[02:01] * 13Chad`Winters lowers his hand. 1"This first date of your's, there will be kissing or things. You'll take it slow with her, if you push anything on her and I find out, you'll answer to me directly. There will be no sneaking out in the middle of the night and above all you will mind what I tell her.
[02:02] <13Chad`Winters> I'd make you put a chip in your nose but it was destroyed the first time my house was blown up.
[02:05] <13@Kit> 6Dawn [Anything I would not have expected?]
[02:05] <13Chad`Winters> And one more thing. When you're around her, you'll dress like a guy.
[02:06] <13@Kit> 6Dawn seems to consider something, peering at Fiore again
[02:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore eyes the table
[02:09] <13@Kit> 6Dawn shrugs gently.
15[02:09] * 13Chad`Winters looks over at Zephyr. 1"Anything I'm forgetting?"
[02:10] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I don't think so
15[02:10] * 13Chad`Winters looks back at Dawn. 1"So are we clear?"
[02:14] <13@Kit> 6Dawn nods, holding up an OK sign with a hand.
15[02:16] * 13Chad`Winters stands up finally.
[02:17] <13Chad`Winters> Aya, you can come out now. 6He calls out
[02:17] <13@Kit> 6Dawn blinks a few times.
[02:17] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Aya jerks from the hallway, then slips out, head down, looking like she's ready to be spanked
[02:18] <13@Kit> 6Dawn reels back into Fiore
[02:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore falls over
15[02:18] * 13Chad`Winters turns to look at Aya. 1"You walked into about half of it, I'm guessing?"
[02:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods. She's dressed in a casual pink shirt and shorts
[02:20] <13Chad`Winters> And are you fine with it?
[02:20] <13@Kit> 6Dawn lends a hand to help Fiore up, wincing apologetically.
[02:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore adjusts her maid outfit
[02:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods quickly, looking down. "If you don't mid."
[02:20] <13@DeathStar> *mind
[02:23] <13Chad`Winters> It doesn't matter if I do. 6He rubs the back of his neck. 1"You two have a date to set up."
[02:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya looks guilty at that first line
[02:24] <13@Kit> 6Dawn eyes Aya and winces slightly.
[02:25] <13Chad`Winters> I'll be in my room. 6He pulls out his holocard and hands it to Aya.
[02:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya takes it, still looking down
[02:26] <13@Kit> <Dawn> ...Shop...ping... with ... father. Right? ...Lat...er.
[02:26] <13Chad`Winters> Get something nice to wear. 6He leans down, kissing her on her forehead and turns to go into the hallway
[02:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya looks at Chad, then looks down. "I don't think he wants to now."
[02:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sighs and stands up.
[02:27] <13@Kit> <Dawn> ..Sorry.
[02:29] <13@Kit> 6Megumi looks to Erevis around the corner. 1"...When do you think we should say we are ready?"
[02:29] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. Perhaps now. It seems awkward.
[02:29] <13Chad`Winters> I said it's fine. You two can figure out the details and let me know later.
[02:29] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> So you don't want to go with us...?
[02:29] <13@Kit> 6Dawn points to himself, squinting.
[02:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya was asking Chad
15[02:31] * 13Chad`Winters rubs the back of his neck. 1"You sure you want me with?"
[02:31] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> If you don't want to, that's okay.
[02:33] <13@Kit> 6Megumi nods to Erevis and moves out into the living room/kitchen area.
[02:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis follows after Megumi, dressed in a hip styled blouse and loose pants today
[02:33] <13Chad`Winters> I'd probably just stand out. I'm sure if you asked Zephyr, she'd fit in better. A girls out thing.
[02:33] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Sure, I'll do it. 6* She glances at Megumi awkwardly, then down.
[02:34] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Yay! Zephy's coming?
[02:34] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> It would appear so
[02:34] <13@Kit> <Megumi> We will have to make sure she tries on many things.
15[02:35] * 13Chad`Winters looks over at Zephyr. 1"Thank you." He leans in close to Aya. 1"Make sure you buy her something nice, please."
[02:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods and hugs Chad
[02:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr blinks. "Wait, what, me?"
[02:36] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Of course!
[02:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes Megumi. "Why do I need to try on things?"
15[02:36] * 13Chad`Winters hugs her back. 1"And try to protect Zephyr from Megumi's doll fetish."
[02:36] <13@Kit> 6Megumi grins at her. 1"Need something nice to play in the water when you finally peel that coat off."
[02:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr jerks, shoving her hands in her coat
[02:38] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Okay. 6* She smiles at him. "I love you, Daddy."
[02:38] <13Chad`Winters> I love you too. 6He kisses her on her forward and moves off into the hallway
[02:38] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> T-Tch.
[02:38] <13@DeathStar> -PAUSE-

[19:25] <13@DeathStar> 5
[19:25] <13@DeathStar> 4
[19:25] <13@DeathStar> 3
[19:25] <13@DeathStar> 2
[19:25] <13@DeathStar> 1
[19:25] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[19:25] <13@DeathStar> -RESUME-
[19:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shoves her hands in a coat. "So who's driving us?"
15[19:29] * 13@Sam looks at Zephyr a little lost. "I... I didn't think of that... perhaps Chad?"
[19:30] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> He just said he isn't going.
[19:31] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis stands there silently, then speaks up. "I will drive."
09[19:31] <13@Sam> "Oh... I see."
15[19:31] * 13@Sam looks at Erevis, then at the others. "I am not sure I remember how to drive properly."
[19:32] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Beloved can manage." 6She hands Erevis the keys, then cheerfully makes her way to the door. She's wearing a simple wrap skirt around the bathing suit, apparently, and a light violet button up, only buttoned at two points.
[19:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis is wearing a blouse like shirt that shows a lot of her chest, and khaki shorts. Her hair is done in two pigtails. She nods and moves after, and Aya follows in suit, quiet so far. Zephyr moves along, hands in her coat still
15[19:35] * 13@Sam follows along, changed into a blue blouse and skirt which goes to her knees, her hair dried and tied back into a pony tail.
[19:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis gets into the car and powers it up. Zephyr gets in the back, as does Aya.
15[19:39] * 13@Sam gets into the passenger side seat and buckles up.
04[19:40] <13@Kit> 6Megumi eyes Sam, then gets in back, hugging Zephyr
04[19:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis eyes Sam long and hard
15[19:40] * 13@Sam blinks a little, looking like she was a bit out of it, she looks back at Erevis, then at Megumi, "Sorry, did you want to sit here?"
[19:41] <13@Kit> <Megumi> You are fine, I suppose." 6She squeezes Zephyr, trying to get some kind of reaction
[19:41] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr blinks as she's hugged, glancing at her, then seems to blush a bit. "W-What?"
15[19:41] * 13@Sam looks between them, as though unsure of what to do now.
[19:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis glances ahead, content now that Megumi is playing with Zephyr, it seems, as if needing that to focus on driving
[19:42] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Hee, you have been really quiet lately, Zephy!
[19:42] <13@Kit> 6Megumi eyes her, grinning. 1"Are you planning more mischief?"
15[19:42] * 13@Sam sits back and smiles a bit, quickly dismissing her troubles as she often does.
[19:42] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Oh, uh, n-no. 6* Zephyr squirms, not having put forth her catnip idea to Erevis yet.
[19:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya sits there, quietly listening
[19:46] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Well, that does not sound very Zephy-like.
[19:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes her, then squeezes her chest. "Then how's this?"
[19:47] <13@Kit> 6Megumi pauses, blushing, then giggles and grabs her back. 1"A bit trite!"
[19:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr jerks. "Maybe I'll molest your wife!"
04[19:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis peers at Sam, then ahead. Apparantly studying her silence.
15[19:48] * 13@Sam looks back at her curiously.
[19:48] <13@Kit> <Megumi> I am sure she would find it difficult to drive if you were fondling her like this." 6Squeezes Zephyr's chest, wiggling her fingers.
[19:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr twitches, flailing her arms. "Aya, help me."
[19:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya blinks. "Um...Miss Megumi, could you, um, stop?"
[19:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis ignores a yield sign, probably not knowing what they mean, and then speeds up at yellow lights
15[19:52] * 13@Sam watches what she's doing curiously.
09[19:52] <13@Sam> "I think... yellow means slow..."
[19:52] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. I believe it means speed up. Most vehicles do so.
[19:53] <13@Kit> 6Megumi blinks at Aya, and sheepishly lets go of Zephyr, pouting as she sits back.
[19:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr snickers at Megumi, openly.
09[19:53] <13@Sam> "I see."
[19:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once, and moves into the mall parking lot
[19:55] <13@Kit> 6Megumi sticks her tongue out at Zephyr, then scowls out the window
[19:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shifts and lays on Megumi's lap, stretching to add to her cuteness/sexiness factor
15[19:56] * 13@Sam continues to observe, probably taking how Erevis drives as a lesson.
[19:57] <13@Kit> 6Megumi jerks, trying not to look at Zephyr
[19:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis parks the car.
[19:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya climbs out quickly.
[19:58] <13@Kit> 6Megumi eyes Aya vacate and grins suddenly down at Zephyr.
[19:58] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr blinks, then looks around panickedly.
[19:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis steps out, forgetting the keys again
[19:59] <13@Kit> 6Megumi swarms her with tickling.
15[19:59] * 13@Sam climbs out and stumbles a little, frowning at the disorientation. "Mmm... this does not happen when Darien drives me places."
[19:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr jerks, laughing and twitching. "Bad, Meg-kitty!"
15[19:59] * 13@Sam looks inside the car and leans back in, taking the keys and pocketing them.
[20:00] <13@Kit> 6Megumi leans her head down and kisses Zephyr to shush her, tickling her a bit longer, then stopping, drawing away smiling.
[20:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr's red faced after that, hands back in her pocket. She looks a bit like a school girl right now, eyeing the sky.
15[20:01] * 13@Sam watches the girls as she walks, arching a brow a little.
[20:02] <13@Kit> 6Megumi saunters along to Erevis' other side, giggling at her and handing her the keys, quietly reminding her that she needs to start remembering them on her own.
[20:03] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Please lead the way, Sammuel Hendricks. 6* She blinks, taking the keys. "I forgot again." 6* She sighs
15[20:05] * 13@Sam begins to walks towards the mall through the parking lot.
[20:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis takes Megumi's hand now, holding it with a smile as she walks, looking pleased to just be touching Megumi
[20:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya and Zephyr share a glance, then follow
15[20:07] * 13@Sam heads into the mall and looks about, actually stopping at one of those overly complicated directories.
04[20:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head, thinking Sam would know, since she bought one recently.
15[20:07] * 13@Sam nods a little, "Follow me."
15[20:08] * 13@Sam heads deeper into the mall, she seems to be walking very carefully.
[20:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis follows along, holding Megumi's hand still. She shifts so she sort of is leaning on Meg, too tall lean her head on her shoulder
[20:09] <13@DeathStar> *to lean
[20:11] <13@Kit> 6Megumi smiles up at Erevis and shoulders the weight best she can.
[20:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis doesn't put more than she could handle. It seems she knows Megumi's limits
15[20:13] * 13@Sam leads them into a seasonal clothing shop which seems to only sport swimsuits at the moment, she turns to make sure no one got lost.
[20:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis steps in and peers about, then at Megumi. "Would you select a swimsuit for me, Kitten?"
[20:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr and Aya move inside next, glancing around
15[20:14] * 13@Sam takes a special interest in seeing what people select.
[20:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr peers about, moving with Aya to motion at swimsuits. She seems to be leading her toward bikini types.
[20:18] <13@Kit> 6Megumi hrms, and leads Erevis along, glancing at the modest end of two-pieces.
[20:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis folds her hands together, after letting Megumi's hand go, peering with curiousity. "You may select whatever you would like to see me in. I do not mind."
[20:22] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Just thinking ahead a little." 6She holds up one resembling skirting bunched together to form ridged cloth and sewn around pieces of a typical bikini, moving it around to place it in front of Erevis.
15[20:23] * 13@Sam cotninues to watch, idly looking over bikinis for herself.
[20:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis glances down, then up at Megumi
[20:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr selects a green bikini that's very modest for Aya,
15[20:27] * 13@Sam looks over at Zephyr and Aya, "That one looks nice."
[20:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods. "T-Thank you." 6* She moves to try it on, leaving Zephyr standing there with her hands in her pockets
[20:29] <13@Kit> 6Megumi nods, then drapes it on Erevis.
[20:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods. "Should I try it on?"
15[20:33] * 13@Sam looks at Zephyr, "Do you have one yourself Miss Zephyr?"
[20:33] <13@Kit> 6Megumi nods. 1'Yes, please."
[20:33] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Somewhere, I'm sure I do
[20:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis bows and moves to the changing room
[20:34] <13@Kit> 6Megumi dangles a white bikini in front of Zephyr. Or lack thereof.
[20:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr jerks, eyeing Megumi, then it, then Megumi. "No way. You wear that!"
09[20:35] <13@Sam> "Perhaps you should pick one up while we are here Zephyr?"
15[20:35] * 13@Sam watches them battle.
[20:35] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Alright. For you... I will wear it, Zephy.
[20:36] <13@Kit> 6Megumi nods with certainty and makes a break for the changing room.
[20:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr gapes it
[20:36] <13@DeathStar> *at her
[20:39] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> <Y-You are?!>
15[20:40] * 13@Sam watches the silent exchange with interest.
[20:40] <13@Kit> <Megumi> <Want me to show you out there or in here? Hee!>
[20:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr jerk, red faced again
[20:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya walks out after a bit, examining herself
[20:42] <13@Kit> <Megumi> <Mm? No answer? Okay, I am coming out!>
[20:42] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> <eee!>
15[20:43] * 13@Sam turns her attention to Aya.
09[20:43] <13@Sam> "Very nice Aya."
[20:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya smiles. "Thank you." 6* Zephyr gives a her a smile, too, nervously
15[20:47] * 13@Sam looks between them, "It appears modest enough to meet Chad's approval as well."
[20:47] <13@Kit> 6Megumi saunters out in the other suit, leaving title to the imagination. She boasts toward Zephyr.
[20:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes her, then looks around, as if wondering if people are staring. She does look like she's 17, after all. Aya stares, wide eyed. Erevis steps out next, then peers at Megumi, tilting her head and watching
[20:49] <13@Kit> <Megumi> I wonder how it would react to water.
[20:50] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> It'll probably fall off. G-Geeze.
[20:50] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. I enjoy your swimsuit, Megumi. Perhaps I can get one as well.
[20:50] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Oh, perhaps. But it is white, Zephy.1" She smiles.
[20:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya just covers her face
[20:50] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> *groans* Not you got her wanting one
[20:50] <13@DeathStar> *now
15[20:50] * 13@Sam looks at Megumi, "You will attract many onlookers with that suit."
04[20:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis frowns at Sam's statement, then eyes people around, as if daring them to try anything. For a moment she looks like her old goddess self.
[20:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* A few boys go back to their business at the swim trunks section
[20:52] <13@Kit> 6Megumi smiles at Erevis, then laughs. 1"Never mind it, Zephy. I already have two."
[20:52] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Oh, so you're not going to wear it now? I think Erevis will be disappointed.
15[20:53] * 13@Sam nods a little to herself. "I will need something a little less showy myself..."
[20:55] <13@Kit> 6Megumi eyes Zephyr, then looks to Erevis quetioningly. 1"Mm, you will be disappointed...?"
[20:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis cups her hands together, then gives a smile. "I think you look very nice in it. I feel a stirring of lust within myself when I look upon you in it."
[20:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr begins to snerk, then laugh
[20:56] <13@Kit> 6Megumi pauses, and eyes Zephyr, blinking
[20:56] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> She just admitted she lusts after you. That's great. Hee hee
15[20:56] * 13@Sam looks between them. "These suits can work that well?"
[20:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya does the classic, if I can't see them, I can't hear them routine
[20:57] <13@Kit> 6Megumi blinks at Zephyr some more. 1"Should she not..?"
[20:58] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> No, she should, you're very pretty and look good in it. It's just that when I think of Erevis, hearing her proclaim lust for someone isn't something I thought I'd hear
[20:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head
04[20:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr grins at Sam. "Apparantly."
15[20:59] * 13@Sam smiles a little. She seems to be planning something in her head.
[20:59] <13@Kit> 6Megumi smiles at Zephyr, then heads back into the dressing room to change back to her yellow one and the over clothes.
04[20:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis peers at Sam. "You are planning to incite lust."
09[21:00] <13@Sam> "I-I... maybe... yes..."
15[21:00] * 13@Sam looks down shyly.
04[21:00] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> <Nice ass!> 6* She pauses, glancing at Sam. "Eh? On whom?"
[21:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya lowers her hands now.
09[21:02] <13@Sam> "I-I..."
15[21:02] * 13@Sam looks away from them now looking more shy then Aya.
04[21:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis peers at Sam, then turns suddenly to find a bikini like Megumi's. Zephyr eyes Sam. <Zephyr> I don't see you hanging out with Drasek or Chad any...
09[21:03] <13@Sam> "I-It is a private matter..."
04[21:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes her, then narrows her eyes, as if realizing something. She moves off to another part, and Aya peers at Sam, blinking, then moves to find some nice clothes for her date, and get Zephyr something
15[21:05] * 13@Sam watches her go, looking a little flustered, though not worried. She then sets about selecting something for herself.
04[21:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya picks up a nice, modest dress, and then grabs a shirt with kittens on it for Zephyr. Erevis meanwhile has picked herself a bikini like Megumi's, and moved into the changing room. Zephyr remains looking at clothes, far from Sam
15[21:08] * 13@Sam looks back at Zephyr and frowns, walking over to her.
[21:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr discreetly moves as if checking out something on the other side
09[21:09] <13@Sam> "Zephyr... is something wrong...?"
15[21:10] * 13@Sam moves after her, not taking a hint apparently.
[21:10] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Huh? Why would you ask that? 6* Megumi would feel a tenseness from Zephyr right now
09[21:10] <13@Sam> "You got quiet, frowned, then walked away, not you are subtly attempting to keep a distance from me."
04[21:11] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> .... 6* She eyes Sam
15[21:11] * 13@Sam looks back at her quite blankly. "Did I do something to offend you...?"
[21:12] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Well, either I'm off base, or you're trying to get Darien or Dawn to lust after you, as they're the only two males left in the house. And since Dawn is going out with Aya, that leaves only one man
[21:13] <13@Kit> 6Megumi returns, stretching her arms over her head, but gazing around for Zephyr worriedly.
[21:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya moves to change into her normal clothing
09[21:14] <13@Sam> "Well yes, I am sort of seeing Darien... I did not think it proper to discuss such a thing without knowing how open he wishes to be..."
[21:14] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Tch. 6* She just looks away, clearly mad now
09[21:14] <13@Sam> "Wh-What is wrong...?"
[21:14] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Oh, nothing. Just the fact you're seeing a man you've known like 2 months.
09[21:15] <13@Sam> "...I do not understand... is there a customary amount of time...?"
[21:15] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis walks out in her bikini that barely covers anything. She adjusts it as she walks along toward Megumi, then folds her hands together behind her
04[21:16] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> YOU DON'T JUST LEAP INTO SOMEONE'S DAMN ARMS THAT YOU JUST MET. God, you ARE so like Angela it PISSES me off. 6* She just shoves past Sam and moves for the exit
15[21:17] * 13@Sam nearly falls over, looking shocked and confused, she just stands there quietly.
[21:17] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Z-Zephy...!" 6She looks apalled, but moves to more quickly chase after her.
[21:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis stands there, eyeing the scene, then Megumi. Something tells her that Megumi's mind won't be on her suit. She sighs a bit, but understands
[21:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr steps out of the store by the time Megumi would catch up
15[21:21] * 13@Sam looks down, confused and upset, she finds a spot to sit alone and looks out the way Zephyr went.
[21:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya steps out, blinking as she sees people gone. Erevis is already moving back to change, so Aya moves to awkwardly buy her stuff
[21:23] <13@Kit> <Megumi> ...Wh-what was that, Zephy...? Did something happen?
04[21:23] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Oh, just that Darien and Sam are seeing each other. 6* She mutters angrily as she walks along. "I bet they're all over each other."
04[21:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya moves to Sam. "Where is...everyone?" 6* She asks timidly, and Erevis steps out to buy the two bathing suits, using the remaining money on her card
09[21:26] <13@Sam> "They are... outside... I am sorry Aya..."
[21:28] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Sorry? For what? 6* Erevis moves back over and sits as well
[21:28] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Somehow... I doubt that.
09[21:29] <13@Sam> "I-I am not exactly sure... but I upset Zephyr..."
[21:29] <13@Kit> 6Megumi moves to walk alongside her, grasping her hands behind her back. 1"...Seeing each other? That's... strange."
[21:29] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Oh, I believe it very much. Maybe I'll ask Darien. Or hell, ask Erevis. She probably already knew with her mind psionics
04[21:29] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I should have seen it - Darien barely around, Sam always in his office. Both of them gone all the time on some 'Gear' project. Gear my ass. Unless they're fucking on the gear ass.
[21:32] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> What happened?
[21:32] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Mm, you still think of Mama Knight's ties so strongly..?
09[21:33] <13@Sam> "She did not take the news that I have been seeing Darien very well."
[21:33] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I think it's ridiculous. She knows the man like 2 months. And yeah - I do, Megumi. 6* She moves for the exit.
[21:34] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> O-Oh.
[21:34] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> ... 6* She doesn't comment, since she hasn't been addressed
09[21:34] <13@Sam> "I do not understand it."
[21:35] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Darien Starr was engaged to Alpha Zephyr's mother, who died. 6* She states softly.
09[21:35] <13@Sam> "O-Oh..."
15[21:35] * 13@Sam looks up in surprise. "I did not know this..."
09[21:35] <13@Sam> "Wait... Angela was not the only one?"
[21:36] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Angela Bennet loved Darien Starr, and once Ariel was gone, she tried to put herself in his life as his mate. Alpha Zephyr was not pleased, due to the fact not much time had passed since Ariel's death
15[21:37] * 13@Sam frowns at the many different reasons this news is troubling.
09[21:37] <13@Sam> "I... I do not know what I should do here."
[21:38] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. I cannot tell you what to do either.
[21:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr finally exits the mall. "I'm going to walk home." 6* She yells out at Megumi, still going.
[21:39] <13@Kit> <Megumi> <I would prefer you did not..> 6She looks glumly after her
04[21:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr doesn't respond. It's clear, mentally, she isn't riding home in the same vehicle as Sam
15[21:40] * 13@Sam looks down. "I will walk..."
[21:40] <13@Kit> <Megumi> <I can stay with you, or return after we take the others home...>
[21:41] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> <Go back to Erevis. She wanted to show off her bikini. And I'll be gone before you get back.>
[21:41] <13@Kit> <Megumi> <That is the thing I fear.>
[21:41] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Walking will not solve anything. And you are not familiar with the area.
[21:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr gives her a mental squeeze. <Be Back by tonight.>
15[21:43] * 13@Sam sighs and nods. "Very well."
[21:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis stands. "Lets us go find Kitten."
[21:45] <13@Kit> <Megumi> <Very well.> 6She sulks, and turns to head back toward the shop.
[21:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya stands as well
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis and Aya move out, and meet up with Megumi
15[21:48] * 13@Sam follows behind them quietly.
[21:51] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis gives Megumi a smile, holding a bag of her things. "Are you okay, Kitten?"
[21:52] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Mmh. Sorry to worry you.
[21:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis shakes her head. "You desired to go after Alpha Zephyr. I understand."
04[21:53] <13@Kit> 6Megumi puts a finger to her lip and turns slowly, to eye Sam curiously.
04[21:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya fidgets as she peers at Sam and Megumi
15[21:53] * 13@Sam looks down, visibly upset still.
[21:54] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Dame, dame. That will not do at all."
[21:55] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> ... Dame?
[21:55] <13@Kit> <Megumi> 'Stop.'
[21:55] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Oh.
[21:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head. "So when someone calls me a dame, they are telling me to stop?"
04[21:56] <13@Kit> 6Megumi snickers, leering up at Sam. 1"That look shant do a thing for you."
[21:56] <13@Kit> 6Megumi smiles at Erevis. 1"Dah-may. Not Day-muh."
15[21:56] * 13@Sam looks confused. "I-I am sorry...?"
[21:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis pauses, then jerks, bowing her head, probably embarrassed at her mistake
[21:57] <13@Kit> <Megumi> I think your resemblance to Angela will upset her more than anything now-- So resembling her self-pity is likely a bad habit if you are to win Zephy over at all.
09[21:58] <13@Sam> "I... simply feel bad that I caused Zephyr to be upset. I did not know Darien once was with her mother or I would have taken more care."
[22:00] <13@Kit> 6Megumi giggles. 1'That may make her angry as well."
[22:01] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Shall we head home and swim?
15[22:01] * 13@Sam frowns and nods. "I will try to put the event out of my mind then."
[22:01] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Oh, do not do that.
[22:02] <13@Kit> <Megumi> You might make me angry if you ignore Zephy.
15[22:03] * 13@Sam looks lost now.
09[22:03] <13@Sam> "I will simply do what I feel is right then."
[22:05] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Simply this, simply that. Are things so... simply done?
[22:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head. Aya seems to fidget, like she wants to ask something
09[22:06] <13@Sam> "I hope they are."
[22:06] <13@Kit> 6Megumi pauses at, giving a sad grin. She turns, dangling the keys as she walks along. 1"Beloved, the honors..?"
[22:06] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis takes them, smiling. "Thank you."
[22:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis moves out to the car and gets in, powering it up. Aya gets in the back seat.
[22:11] <13@Kit> 6Megumi sits in the back, opposite of Aya
[22:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya peers at Megumi, wondering if she'll be groped now
15[22:13] * 13@Sam gets in the passenger side once more.
[22:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis drives them along
[22:16] <13@Kit> 6Megumi looks to Aya after a while, blinking innocently.
[22:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya smiles at her, innocently.
[22:17] <13@Kit> <Megumi> What are you thinking of, Aya..?
[22:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya gulps. "Um, w-well..."
[22:17] <13@Kit> 6Megumi smiles wide.
[22:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya looks away, nervously.
[22:20] <13@Kit> 6Megumi just giggles and leans on her door, looking out. 1"Cute."
[22:21] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis pulls up and stops at the house
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya climbs out and smiles at them. "Thank you for taking me."
[22:25] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Thank you for tolerating us, Aya.
[22:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya smiles, and moves off to find Chad
04[22:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis stands there, peering at Sam and Megumi
15[22:27] * 13@Sam quietly gets out, bowing, "Thank you for driving Erevis."
[22:27] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Well, Sammael. I believe we should go our ways now. Perhaps you should think on what you really want and what you are willing to cast away for it.
09[22:28] <13@Sam> "I do not need to."
09[22:28] <13@Sam> "I know what I want. I have chosen and I will pay the prices costed to me."
[22:28] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Hm. It is saddening to know that the friendship of many is worth so little thought.
[22:29] <13@Kit> 6Megumi smiles toward her, squinting. 1"So be it. Beloved, shall we? I believe we have more swimming for us this evening. Hee."
15[22:29] * 13@Sam looks at her seriously. "What is your love worth?"
[22:29] <13@Kit> 6Megumi gets out, stretching, then stares at her with a solemn, blank look. 1"Time itself, of course."
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis bows and moves to take Megumi's hand, to go inside
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya knocks on Chad's door
[22:30] <13@Kit> 6Megumi moves with Erevis.
09[22:30] <13@Sam> "Then do not question me over the cost of mine."
[22:30] <13@Kit> Who did." 6She waves a hand.
[22:30] <13Chad`Winters> One second. 6He calls out, but it's clear he's talking to someone/
15[22:31] * 13@Sam frowns a bit more and heads inside.
[22:31] <13@Kit> 6Megumi leans forward as she walks, twitching slightly as she huffs. 1"Sheesh. Just as snarky and argumentative. Perhaps its mematic?"
[22:33] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> She believes herself to be in love with Darien Starr. I imagine that anything that seems to threaten that position would have her respond in kind.
[22:35] <13Chad`Winters> 6The sounds of foot steps can be heard and the door opens up. 1"Hey princess." He steps back for her to step inside
[22:35] <13@Kit> <Megumi> Foolish, really. I think her wrongly so, but it would be silly of me to act on it. I feel Zephyr's behalf, after all.
[22:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya moves inside with her bags. "Hi, Dad. Did I interrupt you?"
[22:36] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. Do you think it wrong for them to be together?
[22:36] <13Chad`Winters> No it was fine. I was finishing up anyways. 6He moves to his chair, sitting down. 1"Did you find something?"
[22:37] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I got a dress. It doesn't reveal anything.
[22:38] <13Chad`Winters> I trust your judgement. 6He looks at her. 1"Did you get a swim suit too?
[22:38] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I did. 6* She pulls out each item and lays it on the bed for him to see.
[22:38] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I picked up a shirt for Zephyr, but she left, so I can't give it to her yet.
15[22:39] * 13Chad`Winters looks over at the clothes with interest. 1"Nice dress. Cute swimsuit. He looks over at her. 1"She left?"
[22:39] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Yes. She got upset.
15[22:39] * 13@Sam enters Darien's office when she gets in and doesn't leave it for a long while.
[22:40] <13Chad`Winters> Can I ask why? 6He rests his arm on his arm chair and rests his head on his hand
04[22:40] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Sam upset her.
04[22:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien sits at his computer, peering at Sam.
[22:41] <13@Kit> 6Megumi smiles at Erevis. 1"It would not be fair for me to answer that."
[22:41] <13Chad`Winters> I see. So she walked home?
15[22:41] * 13@Sam takes a seat and tries to hide her upset look./
[22:41] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Just as we fight to be together, despite what others think, she is doing the same. 6* Erevis hugs Megumi
[22:43] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I think so. I don't know how long it will take her
[22:45] <13Chad`Winters> It might be awhile. Do you want me to try and get a hold of her to see if she's fine?
04[22:46] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I don't know. She seemed really upset. It seems Miss. Sam and Mr. Starr are seeing each other
15[22:46] * 13Chad`Winters raises a brow, his face getting that interested look for a moment until he clicks his tongue. 1"Makes sense."
[22:47] <13@Kit> 6Megumi giggles and hugs her back. 1"Mm, enough of this, for now, huh?"
[22:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods. "Yes. I wish to spend all my time with you now enjoying your company and love."
[22:50] <13@Kit> 6Megumi grins at her. 1"I say we get back to the pool while we have it to ourselves..."
[22:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis peers about, then nods. "Yes. Let us."
04[22:50] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Do you think she'll forgive Miss. Sam?
[22:50] <13@Kit> 6Megumi hurrysneaks along with Erevis toward the pool
04[22:51] <13Chad`Winters> Given time she may. 6He shifts, leaning forward now. 1"It depends on how she takes it. If she feels that Sam is really Angela, than it maybe harder for her to.
[22:52] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Why harder?
[22:54] <13Chad`Winters> Well Angela confessed her love for Darien within 6 months of Ariel passing away. And I know Zephyr was upset because Angela had said she didn't like Darien that way.
[22:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods. "But Angela died to save Darien. Wouldn't that make it easier?"
04[22:55] <13Chad`Winters> Possibly. But that's where the other end comes in. If she doesn't believe Sam is Angela, than this is a woman who's only known Darien for two months and already jumped on him.
[22:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya considers this, nodding. She sighs. "I wish I could do something for Zephyr."
[22:56] <13Chad`Winters> Maybe when she get's home you can do something special for her to cheer her up.
[22:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods, then takes her items. "I'll go think of something to do for her, then, Dad."
[22:57] <13Chad`Winters> Cuddle with her. It'll make her feel better. 6He leans back in his chair.
[22:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya smiles. "Okay. Thank you, Dad." 6* She kisses his cheek and moves out
[22:59] <13Chad`Winters> I'm going out tonight. 6He looks at her as she walks to the door
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya pauses. "Going where?"
[22:59] <13Chad`Winters> To the bar.
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> You're...going to a ... bar? 6* She eyes him uneasily now
[23:00] <13Chad`Winters> Cheryl's picking me up around 10.
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> O-Oh. You're going to drink with Aunt C-Cheryl...? 6* She looks even more worried
15[23:02] * 13Chad`Winters nods.
[23:04] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I thought you hated...drinking...
[23:05] <13Chad`Winters> I'm only having a couple beers, honey.
[23:06] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Alright... 6* She says dubiously, but moves to go. "Have fun." 6* She steps out
[23:06] <13Chad`Winters> I'll let you know when I leave.
[23:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods
[23:07] <13@DeathStar> -END-


[20:34] <13@DeathStar> 5
[20:34] <13@DeathStar> 4
[20:34] <13@DeathStar> 3
[20:34] <13@DeathStar> 2
[20:34] <13@DeathStar> 1
[20:34] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[20:35] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-589.7.1
[20:35] <13@DeathStar> Location: HQ
[20:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr finishes stuffing an ice cooler into one of Darien's vehicles, parked outside the HQ so people like SPoC can get in
[20:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* She's wearing a bikini that's blue, it seems, with a sash like cloth wrapped around her waist. Erevis sits with the bathing suit picked out by Megumi. And Aya is reading a book, dressed in her own
[20:37] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC steps out of the front door, wearing her military pants and plain white shirt. A small backpack over her shoulder.
15[20:38] * 13@Jennifer` stepus out after her with her gym bag, presumably not carrying training clothes today.
09[20:38] <13@Jennifer`> *steps
[20:41] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC makes her way to vehicle, smiling at Zephyr.
03[20:42] * KulixExploded is now known as Kulix
15[20:43] * 13@Jennifer` follows after her still, she smiles to Zephyr quietly.
[20:43] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hey. 6* She gives SPoC a nod, sliding on her trench coat when she's done to put over body. She peers at Jen, then at SPoC, then at Jen, raising a brow.
[20:44] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> She desired to come along.
[20:45] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Ahhh. 6* Zephyr shifts to make more room in the van
15[20:45] * 13@Jennifer` looks down a little. "If it's alright that is..."
[20:45] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC nods and gets inside, sitting next to Zephyr, her top can be seen under her white shirt and it's a vibrant red.
15[20:46] * 13@Jennifer` gets in and takes a seat as well.
[20:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr quirks a brow at the girl getting on in before she says anything, but just shifts to lean back
[20:48] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I have made sure to bring along what you have told me to, Zephyr.
15[20:48] * 13@Jennifer` seems to be following SPoC's lead.
[20:49] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> That's good. I look forward to seeing it. 6* Erevis gets into the driver's seat. Cheryl walks out a moment later in a shirt and shots, moving to take shotgun
[20:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya sits in the back with her book, engrossed in it
[20:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis powers up the van and begins to drive. Cheryl leans back, already a beer in hand
15[20:53] * 13@Jennifer` sits quietly by SPoC.
[20:55] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I hope that we will have fun today. This will be the first time that I have gone to a beach to enjoy it.
[20:55] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I'm sure it'll be great. 6* Cheryl drinks her beer in response
[20:57] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC peers around at everyones choices for a swim suit
[20:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl's swimsuit is hidden under her clothes, but it appears Zephyr is moderate and Aya modest.
15[21:00] * 13@Jennifer` is wearing a blue bikini under a t-shirt and a skirt.
[21:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl drinks another beer, then offers one to SPoC
[21:01] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC eyes the beer, tilting her head. 1"Is it normal to drink at the beach?"
[21:01] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> For adults.
[21:01] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC nods than takes the beer. 1"I will wait until we reach the beach than."
[21:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl chugs on her own beer, then gets a whiskey and drinks it. Zephyr relaxes a bit, a grin on her face
15[21:04] * 13@Jennifer` looks at SPoC, not ever remember seeing her drink before.
[21:04] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> Does this taste like milk tea? 6She looks over at Cheryl
[21:04] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Fuck no
[21:06] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> That is good. I found out that I did not like milk tea.
[21:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr snickers
[21:08] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks ahead at Zephyr. 1"Zephyr, when can we have another date?"
[21:08] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hm. Soon, I guess. Have anything you want to do? 6* Cheryl peers at the two
[21:08] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I enjoyed our last date. It was, fun."
15[21:09] * 13@Jennifer` looks between SPoC and Zephyr wide eyed now.
[21:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr taps her chin. "Maybe we can go camping in the woods outside Tokyo. Survival training like."
[21:10] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks down at the floor for a moment than up at Zephyr. 1"Yes. I would enjoy that very much."
[21:10] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Really? Then we'll do it
[21:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl drinks her whiskey, still staring, and Aya peers up from her book
[21:11] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC smiles, a look of happiness on her face. She looks over at Jennifer, smiling at her.
09[21:11] <13@Jennifer`> * Jennifer smiles back and looks a little more then curious.
[21:12] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> So, you two are dating?
[21:13] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC slowly looks over at Cheryl. 1"Yes, we go on dates."
[21:13] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Mmmmhm. Do you two kiss?
[21:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr blinks, then realizes were she's going with this
[21:13] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC tilts her head. 1"Kiss?
[21:13] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> We hug.
[21:13] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Awww.
[21:14] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I do not understand. 6She blinks in confusion
15[21:14] * 13@Jennifer` looks at Zephyr now with a look of worry.
[21:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl snickers and looks forward
[21:15] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks up at Zephyr quickly. 1"Was I supposed to kiss you?"
[21:15] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Ha ha. No. 6* She grins embarrassedly
[21:16] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks relieved at that. 1"I was worried that I did something wrong."
[21:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr kicks the back of Cheryl's chair once, causing the woman to grunt
[21:17] <13Chad`Winters> 6SpoC eyes Zephyr than moves, kicking Cheryls chair once too.
[21:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl jerks. "What the hell?"
[21:18] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC quickly looks out the window
[21:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes Zephyr now, who looks innocent
[21:19] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> Will there be plenty of things to draw while we are there?"
[21:20] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yeah. Lots of things
[21:20] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I believe that I will enjoy this beach trip even more than.
[21:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr grins
[21:21] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> You can even draw us
[21:23] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> That would be acceptable? 6She looks at Zephyr than Cheryl. 1"You will let me draw you this time?"
[21:23] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Tch. I won't hold still.
[21:24] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks over at Zephyr. 1"She is a difficult one to draw."
[21:24] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> That she is
[21:25] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks back at Aya. 1"May I draw you too?"
[21:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya blinks, looking up from her book. "I-If you want to."
15[21:26] * 13@Jennifer` just sits quietly, looking at Zephyr curiously still.
[21:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis turns onto a road leading to the beach
[21:26] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> Yes. You have very good bone structure so it will be fun to draw.
[21:28] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Thank you... 6* She smiles a bit at the compliment
[21:30] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> You're welcome. 6She looks ahead at the red-headed goddess. 1"May I also draw you...Erevis, correct?"
[21:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head. "If you desire to do so, you may. And I am Erevis Zhenmei, yes."
[21:31] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC nods. 1"Thank you very much. Did Zephyr also tell you to wear a sexy swimsuit?"
09[21:31] <13@Jennifer`> "Zhenmei...? Like Neko-Sensei?"
[21:32] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Megumi Zhenmei picked out my outfit. 6* She just tilts her head at Jennifer, giving no response.
[21:33] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I see. 6She just nods, folding her hands in her laps.
[21:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis stops outside the beach territory, parking the vehicle. She steps out - her hair is styled with chopsticks
15[21:36] * 13@Jennifer` looks at Erevis still.
[21:37] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC opens the door and gets out, looking around.
[21:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr stretches. Her hair is styled with braids again today
[21:40] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> Yes. 6She looks at Erevis and Zephyrs hair then looks at her shoulder length hair.
15[21:41] * 13@Jennifer` gets out and pulls the tie out of her hair, letting it down.
[21:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis carries out some of the coolers, despite being the pregnant one - though it isn't showing yet - and moves down to the beach. Aya bookmarks her book and carries it with her after Erevis - her hair is longer than her shoulders, but shorter than her waist. Zephyr moves after
[21:45] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> Why is everybody's hair so long? 6She asks as she carries her bag after them.
15[21:46] * 13@Jennifer` blinks a little and looks at SPoC. "I... thought people liked it long..."
[21:46] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hm? I wouldn't say everybody's is long - Erevis is, yeah, and I'm in second place, I suppose. 6* Most of her hair is waist length
[21:46] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoc> It is longer than mine.
[21:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl gets out with her beer. "Yours is fine."
[21:47] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks at Cheryl. 1"Thank you." 6She eyes Cheryls beer than remembers hers, moving back to the van to get it
15[21:47] * 13@Jennifer` nods, 'I like your hair Natalie..."
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl grabs her beer cooler and moves after Erevis
[21:48] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC grabs the beer and moves after the others. 1"Thank you Jennifer."
[21:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis sets up a place and puts in an umbrella, then lays out towel. She lays down and applies sun lotion
03[21:50] * Kulix is now known as KulixGone
[21:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya sets under an umbrella and begins to read
[21:51] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC eyes them setting up and sets her bag down, pulling out a towel. She sets it out neatly then pulls out her sun screen and reads the bottle.
[21:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr yawns and moves out to the water, letting it hit her legs.
[21:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl takes a towel and lays down with her whiskey, drinking it in the hot sun.
03[21:54] * Xanatos (kjjgkjhg@CPE-76-177-81-207.natcky.res.rr.com) has joined #erevis
03[21:54] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Xanatos
[21:54] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC sets it down then undoes her pants, lowering them. She than pulls her shirt up and takes it off, revealing a very red, skimpy two piece swim suit.
[21:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl reaches over and pulls her shirt and shorts off, wearing a bikini barely covers her nipples and lower region. She scowls a bit. Clearly she didn't pick it out
[21:56] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks over at Cheryl than tilts her head. 1"I see that you too are wearing a sexy swimsuit."
[21:57] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Yeah. 6* She chugs her whiskey.
15[21:57] * 13@Jennifer` holds her t-shirt a bit enrvously.
[21:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr stretches and moves to sit down by the others
[21:59] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks over at Zephyr. 1"Is this adequate enough?"
[21:59] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yeah, you look great, SPoC.
[21:59] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks down at herself than at Zephyr. 1"Thank you. Where is your sexy swim suit?"
[22:00] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> This isn't sexy enough? 6* She peers at herself.
[22:00] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> Cheryl's is far more...revealing.
15[22:01] * 13@Jennifer` toys with her shirt still, not taking off her clothes.
[22:01] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC begins to apply sun block.
[22:01] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yep. If the wind blows hard enough, we'll get to see everything
[22:01] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC lokos back at Cheryl, perhaps thinking on that.
[22:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya flips a page in her book, peering up at Cheryl, then down, apparantly embarrassed just seeing her
[22:02] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks back at Zephyr. 1"Please take off your coat so that I may look at your swimsuit."
[22:02] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr nods a bit, then stands up, sliding the coat off and onto the towel
[22:03] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> You look very beautiful. 6She smiles at her.
[22:03] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr blushes a bit, waving her hand. "Thanks. I-I'm not that great looking."
[22:05] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> Do not be modest. 6She holds the lotion out to Jennifer.
15[22:05] * 13@Jennifer` blinks, looking up at Natalie shyly, still fully dressed.
[22:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sits down, and Cheryl gets another bottle of whiskey. Erevis relaxes, closing her eyes and enjoying the wind
[22:06] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks at Jennifer now. 1"You should remove your top and pants. The sun feels wonderful on the skin.
15[22:06] * 13@Jennifer` blushes, "I-I-I..."
[22:06] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> It is ok. 6She moves to help her take her top off.
15[22:08] * 13@Jennifer` goes wide eyed, but lets her help, soon parted from the safety of her shirt and only in a blue bikini top. She starts to work her skirt off.
[22:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl watches the two
[22:08] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> There. Now you should apply this sun block. 6She holds it out to her.
15[22:10] * 13@Jennifer` takes it and looks away from everyone shyly as she stands in her bathing suit, starting to put on the sunblock.
[22:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl goes back to her whiskey, and the rest don't seem to pay her any mind
[22:10] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC sits down now, staring out at the ocean. She than blinks and opens up the beer, taking a sip of it, making a face.
[22:11] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Drink it quickly. You'll get use to the taste
[22:12] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> Are you sure? This tastes as bad the milk tea I tried.
[22:12] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Yep. I'm sure
[22:13] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC frowns then puts her lips to the botte and starts to drink it quickly
[22:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl nods as she does so
[22:14] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC finishes the bottle , making another face. She suddenly burps. 1"I am sorry."
[22:14] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Nice. Want another?
[22:14] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I do not know. 6She looks hesitant.
15[22:14] * 13@Jennifer` looks at Natalie worriedly, she doesn't like drinking.
[22:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl drinks her whiskey, holding out another beer, wiggling it
[22:15] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I believe I should let my stomach settle, before having another.
[22:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl nods and sets it down beside SPoC, finishing her whiskey with a sigh. Zephyr meanwhile has has head on Erevis' lap, eyes closed, as if snoozing
[22:16] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC smiles to Cheryl then reaches into her bag, pulling her drawing book and a pencil. She looks over at Zephyr, tilting her head slightly. 1"Zephyr, what are you doing?"
[22:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr doesn't respond. Erevis peers down. "She is sleeping."
[22:17] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> Why?
[22:17] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I believe the heat. I hear it makes some people desire naps
[22:17] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> Than why goto the beach?
[22:18] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Perhaps she desires a nap on the beach
[22:18] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC sits there for a moment. 1"That is a valid point." 6She nods to Erevis than starts drawing the two.
15[22:19] * 13@Jennifer` looks around, she walks over to Aya.
[22:19] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> If you desire to wake her up, squeeze her breasts. She will wake up quickly.
[22:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya is still reading her book, so she pays Jen little mind
09[22:20] <13@Jennifer`> "Whatcha reading today?"
[22:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya glances up, distracted from reading. The cover clearly states it's something to do with crystals and shaping them.
[22:21] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> How is that possible?"
[22:22] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> The sensation. 6* She goes back to watching the water
15[22:22] * 13@Jennifer` smiles a little nervously, she was trying to make conversation foolishly.
[22:22] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I see. I will let her rest for awhile if she is tired.
[22:22] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I'm reading about crystals.
[22:23] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Very well. So you enjoy to draw?
[22:23] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> Yes. I also enjoy painting and carving things.
09[22:24] <13@Jennifer`> "Like... gemstones? Or like the ones you and Neko-Sensei make?"
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> You know she doesn't like that name, right?
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods. "I enjoy to paint and carve, as well. Though I have not carved."
[22:26] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I find it very rewarding.
[22:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once. "Is carving like drawing?"
15[22:28] * 13@Jennifer` blinks a little, 'I thought it was an affectionate name... I'll stop it then."
[22:28] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> She doesn't teach anymore, either. 6* She notes, as Meg hasn't attended the school at all over the last semester.
[22:29] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC rests her hands on her pad, thinking on it. 1"Yes. You could say it is. It is like drawing something on a round surface.
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis considers. "Interesting."
15[22:30] * 13@Jennifer` frowns a little. "Is it proper to address a former teacher normally after they've finished teaching you?"
[22:31] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> You should try it sometime. I find that it is best to let your hands do the thinking and to not plan anything out
[22:31] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> I call her Miss. Zhenmei. 6* She glances back down at her book
[22:31] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. I will do so one day, then. 6* Erevis peers at the water
09[22:31] <13@Jennifer`> "Okay, I'll call her something normal then."
[22:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya smiles and reads more
15[22:33] * 13@Jennifer` looks at the others to see what they're up to.
[22:33] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I apologize, I have not given you my name. I am SPoC.
[22:33] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> It is nice to meet you ... SPoC. I am Erevis Zhenmei
[22:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl is drinking, and Zephyr is snoozing
[22:34] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> So you enjoy drawing, too?
[22:34] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I do. 6* She nods once more. "I find it relaxing and peaceful, as well as a means to expression myself."
15[22:36] * 13@Jennifer` sits next to Aya and stretches a little.
[22:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya flips a page on her book, reading it still
[22:36] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I am not sure why I draw. 6She slumps slightly as she thinks on it. 1"As long as I can remember, it is what I have done."
[22:37] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. Perhaps you should think on why you do it, then
15[22:38] * 13@Jennifer` gets up and starts walking out to the water.
[22:38] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> Hmmm. I have never put thought into trying that. I have always accepted it because it made me happy.
[22:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods once
[22:40] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> What do you like to draw?
[22:40] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Landscapes and people.
03[22:41] * KulixGone is now known as Kulix
[22:42] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC smiles. 1"I also enjoy that." 6She finishes up and holds the pad to Erevis
[22:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis studies the pad
[22:43] <13Chad`Winters> 6It's a quick sketch of the two.
[22:43] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I find that I like to draw or paint right after a mission.
15[22:43] * 13@Jennifer` wades into the water a bit on her own.
[22:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tilts her head. "It is well put together. ... Is that so?"
[22:44] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC nods taking it back then pulling the sheet off, handing it to Erevis 1"You may have this. And yes I do."
[22:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis takes it and bows. "Thank you."
[22:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl watches Jen. "Don't drown."
15[22:47] * 13@Jennifer` waves to Cheryl and sighs a bit, only going in about knee deep.
[22:47] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC turns to watch Jennifer now, drawing again. 1"I find it is when my memories are strongest."
[22:48] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. Memories of the mission?
15[22:48] * 13Chad`Winters nods.
[22:48] <13Chad`Winters> NRP: SPoC
03[22:48] * Chad`Winters is now known as SPoC
[22:48] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> That would be logical, as it had just occurred
14[22:49] * Megumi (Kit@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
15[22:50] * 13@Jennifer` splshes around a little, getting herself all wet, cooling off in the water.
[22:50] <13SPoC> 6SPoC nods. 1"The ocean is very beautiful."
[22:50] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Yes. It is
[22:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr yawns and sits up, then stretches. She moves over to the water
15[22:52] * 13SPoC watches Zephyr curiously for a moment then looks back down agian, drawing some more
[22:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr steps in to the water and dives out a bit into the waves
15[22:55] * 13@Jennifer` giggles a bit and swims after her.
[22:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr surfaces, completely wet now. She stretches in the water
[22:58] <13SPoC> <SPoC> Hmmm. Is swimming fun? 6She looks over at Erevis
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Yes, it is indeed
[22:59] <13SPoC> <SPoC> Than let us go. 6SHe stands up and moves over to Cheryl, grabbing her hand to lead her to the water.
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl blinks as she's dragged. "What? Why am I going?"
15[23:01] * 13@Jennifer` comes up a little later near Zephyr.
[23:01] <13SPoC> <SPoC> I am curious to see if the wind will take your top off. 6She looks at her, a serious look on her face
[23:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl gapes. "What?! Why do you want to see that?!" 6* Erevis rises and follows
[23:02] <13SPoC> <SPoC> I am kidding. 6She smiles and keeps leading her to the water
[23:02] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> No you're not! 6* She reaches the water, eyeing it.
[23:03] <13SPoC> <SPoC> Yes I am. 6She says seriously. Than stops, eyeing the water herself.
14[23:04] * Xanatos (kjjgkjhg@CPE-76-177-81-207.natcky.res.rr.com) Quit (Quit: Client Exited)
[23:04] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> You first, SPoC.
[23:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes the two, then waves. "Get in, you two." 6* Erevis slips in past them, then sits so the water hits her and she feels the sand moving under her
[23:04] <13SPoC> 6SPoC looks at Cheryl than nods, taking a step into it
[23:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl sighs and steps into the water after her, making sure her top is secured with a hand. Aya peers up, all alone now, blinking
[23:07] <13SPoC> 6SPoC turns to look at Aya then motions for her to join them. 1"Come join us. The water is...Fine."
[23:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya nods and closes her book. moving over to the ocean
[23:10] <13SPoC> 6SPoC takes several steps into the water so that it's upto her knees and she stares down at the water, she than looks over at Cheryl. 1"Why are you holding yourself like that?"
[23:10] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> You have me paranoid now that it'll fall off.,
[23:10] <13SPoC> <SPoC> Why would you buy something that would fall of easily?
[23:10] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Chii got it
[23:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr splashes Jen once
[23:10] <13SPoC> <SPoC> That seems impractical than.
[23:12] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> It's so she can oogle me.
[23:12] <13SPoC> 6SPoC tilts her head.
[23:12] <13SPoC> I do not understand
[23:12] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Admire my body. Lust after me.
[23:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr dunks Jen under the water since she's out of it
[23:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya moves into the waters now
[23:13] <13SPoC> <SPoC> I see. Would it not be easier with your clothes off? 6She looks over at Zephyr, watching her
15[23:14] * 13@Jennifer` eeps and comes up splutterign, splashing back
[23:14] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Sometimes it's fun to undress someone in a sexy outfit, too
[23:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr swims away with a grin
[23:15] <13SPoC> 6SPoC looks back at Cheryl, not really sure what to make of that. 1"I will remember that."
15[23:16] * 13@Jennifer` swims after her, grinning a bit.
[23:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr swims about, going under water
[23:16] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> You'll get it one day.
[23:17] <13SPoC> 6SPoC nods and takes several more steps out into the water, going waist deep. She looks over at Aya. 1"I am also sorry for not introducing myself. I am SPoC."
[23:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya bows. "We've met before when you've taken Jennifer to school."
15[23:18] * 13@Jennifer` swims about, looking for her. "No fair!"
[23:18] <13SPoC> 6SPoC pauses a moment, than simply nods. 1"Yes. I apologize for forgetting. You are Chad Winters daughter, Aya, correct?"
[23:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr remains submerged.
[23:19] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Yes, ma'am.
15[23:20] * 13@Jennifer` looks about, swimming in a circle.
[23:20] <13SPoC> <SPoC> Thank you for being friends with Jennifer. 6She bows to her.
[23:21] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> It's my pleasure, ma'am. 6* She smiles friendly like. Zephyr rises behind Jen and grabs her swimsuit bottom, tugging it
[23:23] <13SPoC> 6SPoC smiles back then looks over at Cheryl again.
[23:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl is shifting about the water slowly, her top on
[23:24] <13SPoC> 6SPoC begins to slowly move in behind Cheryl
[23:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl stretches, and pulls out her whiskey she brought with her, drinking it
[23:25] <13SPoC> 6SPoC slides up behind Cheryl, than splashes her.
[23:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl makes a face, turning around to eye SPoC sloooowly.
[23:26] <13SPoC> 6SPoC blinks, looking at her. 1"Did I do something wrong?"
[23:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl takes water and splashes her back. Zephyr, seeing no reaction, tugs the bottom part right off to get one
[23:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya watches SPoC and Cheryl
[23:27] <13SPoC> 6SPoC stares, then eyes Cheryl, splashing her back
[23:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl stares again, then splashes harder
[23:27] <13Kit> 6Three shurikens splash into the water past Cheryl.
[23:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl turns slowly
[23:28] <13Kit> 6Chii stands on the beach in a green one-piece child's swimsuit with a translucent skirting about the waist and a bow behind it, laughing.
[23:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis turns back to see if Megumi and Chii have arrived finally
[23:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya blinks, then hope she doesn't walk on the shurikens
[23:29] <13Kit> <Chii> You were right, Cherry.
15[23:29] * 13SPoC turns to look at the beach. 1"It would appear Chii is here now."
[23:29] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Right?
15[23:31] * 13@Jennifer` eeps and struggles.
[23:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr takes Jen's top now as she stands there, and moves off with them
15[23:31] * 13@Jennifer` is struggling, so she fights that off.
[23:31] <13Kit> <Chii> It was fun to undress your sexy outfit.
[23:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr swims away
[23:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl jerks in the water
09[23:32] <13@Jennifer`> "H-Hey come back with my bottom!"
[23:32] <13SPoC> <SPoC> You allow a 7 year old child to undress you? 6She looks at her curiously now
[23:32] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Has no one noticed she become big again...?
[23:32] <13SPoC> No. 6She frowns now.
15[23:36] * 13@Jennifer` swims after her.
[23:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr runs to shore with the bottom
[23:36] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> She can
[23:37] <13SPoC> <SPoC> I see. That is good for you than.
15[23:37] * 13@Jennifer` sits in the shallows, "H-Hey! Bring that back Zephy!"
[23:37] <13Kit> <Chii> Yep, so why don't you come over here and let me get big for you." 6She grins, holding her hands out-- but on the beach.
[23:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr hands it to Chii. "Here."
[23:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes her. "Pass."
[23:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis rises to move to greet Megumi as the others play
[23:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shrugs helplessly at Jn
[23:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya blushes at Jen, glancing away
15[23:40] * 13SPoC looks at Cheryl again and splashes her
15[23:40] * 13@Jennifer` pouts a bit. "Chii! Bring me that!"
[23:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes SPoC, then moves to try to dunk her under the water
15[23:41] * 13SPoC easily goes under, not expecting it and she tries to rise back up
[23:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl lets her
[23:42] <13Kit> <Chii> No thanks." 6She eyes Jen, just dropping it on the beach, then looks back at Cheryl.
[23:42] <13Kit> <Chii> Oh, so you prefer my body as it is!
[23:42] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> I'm not stupid enough to fall for that!
[23:43] <13Kit> <Chii> Well, if you won't make me older, obviously you like me the way I am. I'm touched, Cherry. It's moving.
[23:43] <13SPoC> 6SPoC coughs out water and wipes her face dry of water. 1"I was not expecting that."
[23:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl rolls her eyes, then peers at SPoC. "It's why I did it."
09[23:44] <13@Jennifer`> "CH-CHII! Please!"
15[23:44] * 13@Jennifer` blushes hard and looks down at the water, having a mini panick attack.
[23:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya goes to the beach to get it
[23:45] <13SPoC> <SPoC> I see. 6She moves to grab Cheryl, swinging her right leg into hook Cheryl's from behind and drop her into the water
15[23:45] * 13@Jennifer` looks up to watch Aya in relief, fidgiting from embarassment.
[23:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl splashes into the water
[23:46] <13SPoC> 6SPoC peers down at the water and Cheryl.
[23:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl surfaces, sputtering, without her top.
[23:48] <13SPoC> <SPoC> It would appear that water was your tops weakness and not the wind.
[23:48] <13Kit> 6Chii eyes Aya approaching and pauses, then smiles widely, holding up her hands. 1"Ayahime! Hold me!"
[23:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl blinks, glancing down. "Tch!" 6* Aya blinks, then takes the bottom and holds out her arms for Chii
[23:49] <13Kit> 6Chii holds up and latches around Aya's neck
[23:50] <13SPoC> 6SPoC looks around for Cheryl's top
[23:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya smiles at Chii. "Hello, Miss. Chii." 6* She moves back to the water. Cheryl's top is seen floating along behind SPoC
15[23:51] * 13SPoC turns around and grabs the top. 1"I believe this is the part where I walk away with your top."
[23:51] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Yeah, lets skip it and just get my top back
15[23:52] * 13@Jennifer` creeps closer to eye, staying with her rear under the water.
[23:52] <13SPoC> Yes. 6She turns and holds it out to her.
[23:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl reaches to take it
15[23:52] * 13SPoC gives it to her. 1"Perhaps you should buy a top that does not fall off so easily.
[23:53] <13Kit> 6When Chii's feet touch water she jerks and squeals. 1"Ahh! It's too cold, Ayahime..."
[23:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl grunts, placing it back on
[23:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya gives her a smile. "You'll get use to it." 6* She holds out the bottom to Jen
[23:53] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> I'll probably do that
[23:54] <13SPoC> 6SPoC nods then moves to push Cheryl into the water again
[23:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl topples in. She reaches to grab SPoc's feet and try to trip her
[23:55] <13SPoC> 6SPoC goes under.
[23:55] <13Kit> 6Cheryl's top would need to be tied, since it was cut by a shuriken between the chest-- granted this means it's tighter if she does.
[23:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl rises now, hrmphing
[23:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl blinks, eyeing it
13[23:55] EM Unknown command
15[23:55] * 13@Jennifer` takes the bottom and quickly goes about slipping it back on.
15[23:56] * 13SPoC rises up from under the water and moves her hair from her eyes.
[23:57] <13Kit> <Chii> Well, the only way to get used to it quickly is..." 6She hops from Aya's arms and splashes into the water-- not surfacing.
[23:57] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Chii...?
[23:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl works to tie it.
[23:58] <13SPoC> 6SPoC watches. 1"What happened to your top?"
09[23:58] <13@Jennifer`> "Chii!?"
[23:58] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> It got cut.
15[23:58] * 13@Jennifer` looks around.
[23:58] <13SPoC> 6SPoC looks around, confused. 1"How is that possible?
[23:59] <13Kit> 6Chii surfaces on the other side of SPoC. 1"Heheheh."
[23:59] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> It's Chii. I just accept it as it goes. 6* Aya peers at Chii, sighing in relief
13[00:00] * Day changed to Friday, August 15th 2008.
Session Time: Fri Aug 15 00:00:01 2008
[00:00] <13SPoC> 6SPoC looks at Cheryl than at Chii. She looks over at Jennifer. 1"Jennifer. Please becareful of sharp objects that Chii has placed in the water."
[00:00] <13Kit> 6Chii grins, holding up Cheryl's bottom, then the shurikens from earlier in her other hand. 1"Good to know you don't object."
[00:00] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> The hell?!
09[00:00] <13@Jennifer`> "I-I..."
[00:01] <13SPoC> 6SPoC looks at Chii then tilts her head. She than reaches to dunk Chii under water
[00:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl feels herself, then eyes Chii
[00:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr runs back into the water
[00:02] <13Kit> 6Chii gargles as she's dunked, jerking out to gasp, choking on water.
09[00:03] <13@Jennifer`> "Ewwww..."
15[00:04] * 13SPoC pulls her hand back and watches Chii.
[00:04] <13Kit> 6Chii leaves her tongue out, making a face. 1"Egh. Saltwater.."
[00:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl sorts at Chii, and begins to search her
[00:04] <13@DeathStar> *snorts
[00:06] <13Kit> 6Chii jerks at Cheryl, then pulls away, moving quickly to resume putting SPoC between her and Cheryl.
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr grabs Chii from behind, hugging her. "Hi"
[00:07] <13SPoC> 6SPoC turns to look at Zephyr hugging Chii
[00:07] <13Kit> 6Chii pauses, then leans her head back, jerking. 1"Ph-Phinee..!"
[00:08] <13SPoC> <SPoC> That is Zephyr.
[00:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl goes to get her bottom, but Zephyr runs with Chi
[00:08] <13Kit> 6Chii makes a startled sound. 1"Wh-what are you doing..?"
[00:09] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Playing. 6* She hands Chii off to Jen as Cheryl stalks them
[00:09] <13SPoC> <SPoC> It would appear that you are not going go be getting your bottom back easily, Cheryl.
[00:10] <13Kit> 6Chii blinks a little as she's put to Jen's care. 1"Wh-what am I? A beachball..!?"
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> *snarls*
09[00:10] <13@Jennifer`> "I dunno!"
15[00:10] * 13@Jennifer` holds Chii and looks at her oddly.
[00:11] <13Kit> <Chii> Um. Cherry's coming for you, Jen.
[00:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl charges Chii and Jen
[00:13] <13SPoC> Jennifer. It would be wise to get rid of Chii.
[00:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl leaps at Jennifer
[00:14] <13Kit> 6Chii jerks and leaps up onto Jennifer's shoulders, then springs to kick off her head, both pushing Jennifer below Cheryl and propelling herself over Cheryl in a somersault.
15[00:14] * 13@Jennifer` eeeps and leaps back at the same time, winding up going under the water.
[00:14] <13SPoC> 6SPoC narrows her eyes momentarily
[00:14] <13Kit> 6Chii begins wading away
15[00:15] * 13SPoC begins to move to intercept Chii
[00:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl turns, then charges after Chii
[00:15] <13Kit> 6Chii kicks furiously toward the shore
[00:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr swims along side Chii
[00:16] <13Kit> 6Chii blinks at Zephyr. 1"Phinee."
15[00:16] * 13SPoC continues moving after Chii, using her full sized body to catch up
[00:16] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hi. 6* She tries to grab Chii before SPoC can
15[00:20] * 13@Jennifer` comes up a bit of distance away spluttering a little.
[00:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr snags Chii
[00:21] <13Kit> 6Chii gulps a little, gazing up at Zephyr, then around for Cheryl
15[00:21] * 13SPoC looks at Zephyr as she approaches. 1"You will relinquish her."
[00:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl is nearing Zephyr now
[00:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr looks at the two
[00:22] <13Kit> 6Chii stares at SPoC. 1"H-huh..? Wh-what do you want?"
[00:22] <13SPoC> You will apologize for kicking off Jennifer's head.
[00:22] <13Kit> <Chii> What..!?
[00:23] <13Kit> 6Chii scowls. 1"Fine, next time I'll let her space out and get utterly crushed by an oncoming raging Cheryl. Like the one behind you."
[00:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr begins to escape ot the side
15[00:23] * 13@Jennifer` comes up to them all wobbly and dizzy. "What happened?"
[00:23] <13SPoC> <SPoC> The damage done would not have been as severe.
[00:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya watches so far, not getting involved - she doesn't want a rampaging bull on her
[00:24] <13Kit> <Chii> ...Yeah. Keep telling yourself that.
[00:25] <13Kit> 6Chii squints. 1"Complain at someone who pushes you out of the way of being hit by a bus because you scuffed a knee."
[00:25] <13SPoC> That is not the same situation. You could have injured Jennifer.
15[00:26] * 13@Jennifer` wobbles and leans on SPoC.
[00:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl tackles Zephyr finally
[00:29] <13Kit> 6Chii screeches curses that exchange to garbled noises as she drops into the water, losing both Cheryl's bottom and her shurikens
[00:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl looks for the bottom. Zephyr staggers
[00:31] <13Kit> 6Chii surfaces and spits out water.
[00:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr coughs out fluids as well. Cheryl gets her bottom finally
15[00:32] * 13SPoC looks over at Jennifer. 1"Are you ok?"
09[00:33] <13@Jennifer`> "I think so Natalies, can the world stop spinning now?"
15[00:33] * 13SPoC frowns and leads Jennifer back onto the beach
[00:35] <13Kit> 6Chii stares a little at the scene. 1"Wow."
[00:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr shakes her head, and shrugs
[00:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl picks up Chii now
[00:35] <13Kit> <Chii> Hey Cherry, next time we fight Legion, you should throw me.
15[00:36] * 13Kit blinks over at Cheryl picking her up. 1"I do more damage leaping off things than kicking or punching, apparently."
[00:36] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> It's because you're fat. 6* She grabs her swimsuit. "Now, lets see how you like being naked."
[00:37] <13Kit> 6Chii jerks, peering down at Cheryl's hand. 1"Y-You wouldn't. I mean..." 6She coils her body a little, taking on the look of an innocent little girl. 1"I-It's a one-piece.."
[00:38] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Oh, you're right. Lets make you big, then. 6* She focuses on it, trying to see if she can make Chii do it
[00:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes the two now.
[00:38] <13Kit> 6Chii blinks, frowning at Cheryl a little.
[00:38] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Need help?
[00:38] <13Kit> <Chii> Y-You can take on your big sister?
[00:39] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Totally.
[00:39] <13Kit> 6Chii stares.
[00:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes Zephyr slowly. She drops Chii, then tackles Zephyr, submerging them both
15[00:39] * 13SPoC leads Jen to her towel and has her sit.
[00:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis sits with Megumi, talking with her about things. She nods at SPoC.
15[00:40] * 13SPoC nods back, giving Erevis a smile
[00:41] <13Kit> 6Chii surfaces again, gasping and whining a bit.
15[00:41] * 13@Jennifer` sits with the towel, looking wobbly still.
[00:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl and Zephyr remain gone
[00:43] <13Kit> 6Chii stares at the water for a moment, then takes a breath and holds her nose, sinking to look underwater
[00:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya sits on the beach, watching Chii, then up at SPoC and Jen, then back down.
15[00:44] * 13@Jennifer` smiles dizzily at Aya.
[00:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis speaks up to SPoC. "Did you enjoy the water?"
[00:45] <13SPoC> <SPoC> Yes. It was very fun. I will have to come back again.
[00:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods, then hugs Megumi. "This is Megumi Zhenmei."
15[00:47] * 13SPoC looks over at her and waves. 1"Hello MEgumi Zhenmei. I am SPoC>
[00:48] <13Kit> 6Megumi looks to SPoC. 1"...We have met before, have we not...? Your name is Spawk?"
[00:49] <13SPoC> Yes it is SPoC.
[00:49] <13Kit> 6Megumi wonders a moment, then smiles. 1"It does not seem like a usual earthling name. Pleasure to meet you. I am Megumi."
15[00:50] * 13@Jennifer` shakes her head and hops up.
[00:50] <13SPoC> I do not believe that Megumi is a normal earth name either.
[00:52] <13Kit> <Megumi> I am not of Earth.
[00:52] <13SPoC> I see. That would explain the name than.
09[00:52] <13@Jennifer`> "Megumi? Isn't that a Japanese name?"
[00:54] <13Kit> 6Megumi smiles toward Jennifer. 1"Commonly. Zhenmei is chinese."
09[00:54] <13@Jennifer`> "Well that's not too weird then."
[00:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis listens quietly.
09[00:55] <13@Jennifer`> "The three asian cultures borrowed a little from each other in everything, and China and Japan had a lot of periods where cultures crossed."
[00:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* In the water, Zephyr and Cheryl are struggling with one another, wrestling for dominance.
[00:56] <13Kit> 6Chii stares at the battle, having forgotten who to cheer for at this point
15[00:56] * 13@Jennifer` rubs her head, a full recovery.
[00:56] <13Kit> 6Megumi tilts her head slightly. 1"Three..? There are far more than three."
09[00:56] <13@Jennifer`> "Sorry, three primary, or major cultures."
15[00:57] * 13SPoC eyes the two and moves over, grabbing her pad and starts drawing again
[00:58] <13Kit> 6Megumi giggles. 1"I see."
[00:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis snuggles Megumi, her head on her chest, listening to them talk
09[00:59] <13@Jennifer`> "So your name is actually pretty Earthlike then."
[00:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr grbas Cheryl's top and yanks it off, so Cheryl yanks off her bottom. The two glare and continue, not needing air
[00:59] <13Kit> <Megumi> Would you say the three primary are chinese, japanese and thai? Korean? Vietnamese? Mongol?
15[01:01] * 13SPoC starts to tune them out, drawing a picture of the ocean before her
[01:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr goes flying out of the ocean
[01:04] <13Kit> <Chii> Phinee." 6She watches the flight arc.
[01:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr covers her private area as she goes up, then comically comes back down
09[01:04] <13@Jennifer`> "China, Japan, and Korea... before the whole state divide thing happened."
09[01:05] <13@Jennifer`> "The asian languages all sort of spilled out from the three."
[01:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya has scooted over to learn, as she's a nerd. Zephyr lands in Cheryl's arms as she rises up, who throws her out again toward the shore
09[01:13] <13@Jennifer`> "It's all really odd, every nation's adapted the whole Basic thing, but every region likes to hang onto their old languages, kinda like how they used to hang onto Latin in the distant past, long after it was no longer a commonly used way of speaking."
[01:14] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Latin is a language from the old realities of yore - it somehow filters into every reality
09[01:15] <13@Jennifer`> "Yeah... realities..." *she frowns* "I guess some things just don't change?"
[01:16] <13Kit> <Megumi> Perhaps not.
[01:18] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Many things do change, however.
[01:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sits on the beach, grabbing her towel to cover herself, hrmping
03[01:18] * SPoC is now known as Dias-SuperCharged
[01:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes Chii now, advancing
[01:18] <13Kit> 6Chii blinks, realizing that and starts backing up, whining. 1"Ph-Phinee, you lost..!?"
[01:19] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I can't legally shoot he!
[01:19] <13@DeathStar> *Her
[01:19] <13Kit> <Chii> Well, I suppose she lost too. ...Her top again.
[01:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl sneers. "You're about to lose a lot more. Question is do you want to be big or small?"
[01:20] <13Kit> 6Chii winces, backing up more. 1"Wh-what kind of question is that..!?"
15[01:20] * 13@Jennifer` looks over at the show.
[01:20] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> You're getting naked - do you want to be a big girl, or small? Because you better age yourself if you want to be big. 6* She snatches at Chii
[01:24] <13Kit> 6Chii's eyes widen as she's grabbed, focusing quickly and enlarging, squealing loudly as her chest becomes constricted and gains a wedgie in two respects. 1"Agh..!"
[01:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl rips off the top as she grows, thrown back, once again.
[01:24] <13Kit> <Chii> D-Damn... a-and th-this was a stretchable one t-too..
[01:24] <13Kit> 6Chii blinks and crosses her arms over her chest. 1"Ch-Cherry!"
[01:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl sits up, holdin the ripped top half. "Victory." 6* She spits out water. Erevis tilts her head
[01:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya looks away.
09[01:25] <13@Jennifer`> "Th-That was all she wanted?"
[01:27] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. It would seem so
[01:27] <13Kit> 6Chii retreats to the beach and moves to crouch behind Zephyr for protection-- as if still small
[01:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr blinks, glancing at Chii, then grabs her in a hug. "Big plushie now."
[01:28] <13Kit> 6Chii blinks at Zephyr, blushing slightly. 1"Pl-Plushie..?"
[01:29] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Heh heh
[01:31] <13@DeathStar> -END-


[23:43] <13@DeathStar> 5
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> 4
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> 3
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> 2
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> 1
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-589.7.24
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> Location: HQ
[23:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Chii and Marcus are in the HQ, probably plotting what to do for Katrina's birthday after she get backs from doing something that Paladin got her to do to get her out of the HQ
03[23:44] * Drasek is now known as Marcus
15[23:44] * 13@Marcus stands there, tapping his chin. "So should we get a bunch of strippers?"
[23:45] <13@Kit> 6Chii stares at Marcus. 1"Are you being serious?"
[23:45] <13@Marcus> Uh, No?
[23:47] <13@Kit> <Chii> Wouldn't she like something classy? It's Kat.
[23:47] <13@Marcus> Kat? Classy? You sure we're thinking of the same fiery red head?
[23:50] <13@Kit> <Chii> The one that likes to be bitten.
[23:51] <13@Marcus> You watch where you're biting, or i'll bite you. *he points at her* So I've got something planned already, but I figured I would help you get the rest set up. I really think she would just be happy with everyone gathered around to celebrate with her.
[23:53] <13@Kit> <Chii> Probably. But she'd also like a massive orgy. So.
[23:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl steps up to the others, wearing a bra with the little things having off where her nipples are at and shorts. "So, am I dressed right?"
[23:54] <13@DeathStar> *hanging off
15[23:54] * 13@Marcus glances at Cheryl, then does a double take. "...."
[23:54] <13@Kit> 6Chii eyes Cheryl, then looks to Marcus. 1"Depends."
[23:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl shakes her chest to make them spin
15[23:55] * 13@Marcus pauses and starts laughing. "That's the most hilarious, sexy thing i've ever seen. You've got talent, Cheryl."
[23:56] <13@Kit> <Chii> Wow, he is easily amused.
[23:56] <13@Marcus> I'm a guy. What do you expect?
[23:56] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> He should see what else I can shake. 6* She stops after a moment, hand on her hip. "I just figured if this was a birthday for McCormick, she'd want half-nude women and men."
[23:57] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> I asked Dias if he'd do the half-nude men quota.
[23:58] <13@Marcus> God, he'll be glad too, I bet.
[23:58] <13@Marcus> But yeah, I guess so. Chii probably knows Kat more than me.
Session Time: Thu Aug 14 00:00:00 2008
[00:00] <13@Kit> <Chii> Well, hey. If it's just us three we can always give her the you know.
[00:02] <13@Marcus> How about we'll give her one wish, and if that's it, then we'll go for it. *he moves over to a table, eyeing the decorations they have*
[00:02] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Whoa whoa, why am I getting dragged into this?
[00:03] <13@Marcus> You're Chii's woman. You've got to do as she says.
[00:03] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> *snorts* She's my pet.
15[00:04] * 13@Marcus glances up over his shoulder at Chii. "You're probably right."
[00:04] <13@Kit> 6Chii just smiles brightly at Marcus.
[00:04] <13@Kit> <Chii> Hey, you said you were curious, Cherry.
[00:04] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> What? No. I'm not that curious, thank you
[00:05] <13@Kit> <Chii> Huh, you were all over her that last time." 6She gazes off, snickering.
15[00:05] * 13@Marcus crosses his arms, watching the two.
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Tch. I can flirt
[00:06] <13@Kit> <Chii> Flirting usually means interest!
[00:06] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias slides infront of the doorway, wearing a chefs hat, but holding some wax and some waxing strips. 1"Alright Marcus. I've got the main part taken care of. All we need to do is wax you and we'll be ready."
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Or an agenda.
[00:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl begins to snicker.
[00:07] <13@Marcus> Wax...me? That wasn't part of the deal.
[00:07] <13@Kit> 6Chii sneers at Cheryl. 1"It's her birthday. I'm sure she'd enjoy topping you."
[00:07] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Dude, you're fucking hairy.
[00:07] <13@Marcus> I'm not that fucking hairy. I keep myself taken care of you prick.
[00:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl sneers at Chii. "If you want to make her birthday so happy, you go do it."
[00:08] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> ...Fine. 6He tosses the wax and strips away and pulls out some shaving cream and a shaver. 1"We'll shave you than, but it'll itch."
[00:08] <13@Marcus> Ah god. Let's just do the wax. I would hate to look like a mutt, scratching his head.
[00:09] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Seriously?!
[00:09] <13@Kit> 6Chii makes an innocent face. 1"Y-You would leave me to a fiery redhead all alone?"
[00:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl crosses her arms. "Yes. And if you did it, I'd beat your ass for being unfaithful to your drunken blonde."
[00:10] <13@Marcus> And i'd beat your ass for leaving me out. *he moves over towards Dias* Let's get this over with. And you're not getting around my balls, man.
[00:10] <13@Kit> <Chii> Tempting..
[00:10] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Oh dude this is gonna be awesome. 6He grabs the wax and strips and moves down the hallway
[00:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl glares. "W-What?"
15[00:11] * 13@Marcus lets out a sigh, walking after Dias now.
[00:13] <13@Kit> <Chii> It's almost like being rewarded, hee hee.
[00:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl crosses her arms, looking huffed now. "Tch."
[00:14] <13@Kit> 6Chii points and breaks out laughing. 1"Don't worry about it. I have a gift for Kat already."
[00:14] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> ... what gift? And if you say me, I'll beat your ass.
[00:14] <13@Kit> <Chii> Nah, you don't fit in a card.
[00:14] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> In a card?
[00:15] <13@Kit> <Chii> Yep.
[00:15] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> You got her a card?
[00:15] <13@Kit> <Chii> You want to know what I got her?
[00:15] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Yeah, sure.
[00:15] <13@Kit> 6Chii beckons Cheryl in close.
[00:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl leans in
[00:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl jerks and swings her fist down at Chii's head
[00:16] <13@Kit> 6Chii cries sharply and slumps on the floor, groaning.
[00:16] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Bitch!
[00:17] <13@Kit> <Chii> J-joking... uah...
[00:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl glares at her
[00:18] <13@Kit> 6Chii looks up at her with tearful eyes. 1"...I-It's just my report card."
[00:18] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Oh. That thing you got with the As.
[00:19] <13@Kit> <Chii> Shhh!! I don't want people to know.
[00:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina enters the base, and a beep sounds from Paladin's guards to let them know
[00:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes upward, then the messhall. "Are we suppose to d osomething?"
[00:22] <13@Kit> <Chii> Hmm... Hide!
[00:22] <13@Kit> 6Chii scrambles to hide under a chair
[00:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl pauses, then moves behind a wall support. The Happy Birthday Katrina is only half up, saying day Katrina
[00:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina moves down a hallway, humming
[00:24] <13@Kit> 6Freyja appears in the room and eyes the incomplete wording with an arched brow-- levitating up to fix it.
[00:25] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias slides out of a side hallway, quickly pulling off a chef's hat. 1"Hey Kat."
[00:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina peers at Dias. "Hello, Dias. Are you cooking something?"
[00:26] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron steps into the mess hall and peers around, tilting his head.
[00:26] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Uh...This? Nah. I dated a really hot chef last night and we kinda...swapped rolls
[00:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Scar walks into the messhall as Katrina. <Scarina> Gasp! You guys shouldn't have!
[00:26] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Oh, did you? So she's a superhero now? 6* She smiles.
09[00:27] <13@Sam> * Jennifer steps into the mess hall as well, yawning a bit as she enters, she blinks and looks at the two Kats.
[00:27] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron makes a slight frown and glances over at Kat, he clears his throat. "Surprise." He then turns and moves back into the kitchen.
09[00:27] <13@Sam> * Jenn sees one, after shaking her head.
[00:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Scarina giggles and begins to strip. "Lets party!"
[00:28] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC steps into the messhall herself and moves over, looking over at Scarina. 1"I apologize for being late."
[00:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes the stripping "Katrina", then at Chii, deadpanned.
09[00:28] <13@Sam> * Jennifer widens her eyes as she's corrupted.
[00:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Scarina leaps on SPoC and hugs.
[00:28] <13@Kit> 6Freyja turns to the imposter and frowns. 1"If you wish to ruin the occasion, please come back later.
09[00:28] <13@Sam> Jennifer> "Kat...? SPoC...?"
[00:29] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC stands there, not sure what to do
[00:29] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Oh yeah totally. But you totally missed my play on words before.
09[00:29] <13@Sam> * Jennifer stares as her therapy bills rise.
[00:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Scarina sighs, turns back into Scar, adn walks off
[00:30] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Hm. Swapped rolls. 6* She pauses, then giggles.
09[00:30] <13@Sam> * Jennifer looks ready to gouge her eyes out. She walks over and hugs onto Natalie.
[00:30] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> There we go! 6He claps his hands together then puts his arm around Kat shoulder, deftly tossing the chef's hat to the side. 1"So how's your day going today?"
[00:30] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron steps back out and glances around. "Did I miss the party already?"
[00:31] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Alright. I had to do some errands for the General.
03[00:31] * Sam is now known as Jennifer`
[00:32] <13@Kit> 6Freyja finishes fixing the banner and lands softly, moving to sit calmly.
[00:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin enters the messhall and moves to stand i na dark corner, so he can't be seen
[00:32] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC blinks as Jen hugs her, again. 1"It is alright Jennifer."
09[00:33] <13@Jennifer`> "H-He was so creepy..."
[00:33] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron peers at Jen and SPoC. "Hmmm." He tilts his head, then walks over and sits down at a table, eating his sandwich, since he probably just came to the mess hall to eat.
[00:33] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> That is to be expected from Scar.
[00:33] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Yeah? So what did you pick me up?
[00:34] <13@Marcus> <Theron> Jennifer, he has been here for quite some time. You should be accustomed to his ways already. *he notes, glancing up slightly*
[00:34] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Theron, this is a party. Quit eating in plain sight.
09[00:34] <13@Jennifer`> "I-Is Kat going to be here soon? I need reality to wipe that horrible mental image away now."
15[00:34] * 13@Jennifer` blinks and looks over at Theron. "I don't have a good track record with Scars."
[00:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina moves along to the mess hall. "I didn't get any requests to get you anything. Did you need anything?"
[00:34] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron pauses and glances up at Cheryl. He takes his sandwhich and moves over to the corner, to eat over there.
[00:35] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias stops. 1"Really? I could've swore I told him I needed more clean boxers."
[00:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina makes a face.
[00:35] <13@Marcus> 6* Dias' comm beeps.
[00:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl motions at SPoC and her leech to hide. Ben comes running in, and Cheryl jerks, snatching him and holding him with her
15[00:36] * 13@Jennifer` hides.
[00:37] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron eats his sandwich with his back to them, since he's not supposed to be eating in plain sight.
[00:37] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias eyes his comm then smiles at Kat. 1"Well, I gotta get going. So you can go ahead."
[00:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina nods. "Alright... I'm sure you can get your own boxers, though." 6* She moves on for the mess hall.
[00:38] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias waves and suddenly dashes off back to his evil doings
[00:39] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron dusts himself of crumbs, eyeing the others hiding, he remains where hs is.
[00:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl points at Theron, then points behind the counter. Seh gives him a look of death
[00:40] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC hides behind Paladin
[00:40] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron arches a brow and bows slightly, moving to get behind the counter.
[00:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina enters the messhall
[00:41] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Marcus...?
[00:42] <13@Marcus> * Theron stands up stiffly. "Suprise?"
[00:42] <13@Kit> 6Freyja waves-- Chii hops out from under the chair and practically squeals. 1"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
[00:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl leaps out. "Surprise." 6* She notes gruffly, then shakes her top.
[00:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin walks out. "Happy birthday."
[00:42] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC steps out from behind Paladin. 1"Hello Katrina."
15[00:42] * 13@Jennifer` hops out, "Happy Birthday!"
[00:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina blinks in surprise, then smiles at them. "You all."
[00:44] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron shifts and knocks some crumbs from the side of his mouth. He glances at Katrina's reaction and then smiles slightly, since it is a good one.
[00:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina gives Jen and Chii a hug, smiling at the rest. "I didn't realize you all knew."
[00:45] <13Chad`Winters> 6A huge cake appears in the entryway to the messhall and starts to wheel into the center. It's all lit up.
[00:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina blinks, staring at the cake now. Cheryl eyes it as well
15[00:45] * 13@Jennifer` hugs back and smiles.
[00:46] <13@Marcus> <Theron> I am just as surprised as you are. *he bows*
[00:46] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias steps out from behind it. 1"I present to you. The masterpiece to this epitat of birthdays." 6He turns motioning towards the cake.
[00:46] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> You made an actual cake? 6* She notes in disbelief.
[00:46] <13@Kit> 6Chii eyes it fishily.
[00:47] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Well...You know. 6He coughs, eyeing the cake. 1"I SAID EPITAT OF BIRTHDAYS!"
[00:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina peers at it now, expectantly.
[00:48] <13@Marcus> 6* There's a muffled OH, and then Marcus jumps out of the cake, wearing something one of those chip and dale guys would wear.
[00:48] <13Chad`Winters> 6A Speedo?
[00:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl stares, her jaw dropping, and Katrina's eyes widen at Marcus in a little speeo.
[00:48] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC tilts her head slightly. 1"What was Marcus doing in the cake?"
15[00:48] * 13@Marcus adjust his little boetie. "Surprise."
[00:49] <13@Marcus> * Theron tilts his head, looking awkward. "I do not wish to eat that, now."
15[00:49] * 13@Jennifer` looks up and is scarred for life again.
[00:49] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Oh. My. God. 6* She begins to stare in shock, a grin forming n her face as she covers her face.
[00:49] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias bows towards Katrina than stands upright. 1"Happy Birthday."
15[00:49] * 13@Jennifer` stares, broken.
[00:50] <13@Marcus> Yeah, happy birthday darlin. *he smiles widely, then glances around* Psst, Dias. How do I get down?
[00:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl snorts and begins to howl with laughter
[00:51] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias turns to look at Marcus. 1I don't know. I was expecting Kat to just leap in there with you.
[00:51] <13@Marcus> Oh. *he pauses and then wiggles his eyebrow at Kat.* I uh, heard you wanted something sweet.
[00:52] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Dude, it was totally my idea. He came crying to me, asking me what he should do. So I came up with this beauty.
[00:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina lets out a giggle laugh.
[00:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr steps in, running late. "Hey, I'm here like you---holy crap." 6* She stares
15[00:52] * 13@Jennifer` shakes her head a little and looks away sheepishly.
15[00:53] * 13@Marcus sighs. "Geeze man, way to make me look like a tool." He glances at Zephyr. "Hey, Zeph."
[00:53] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr keeps staring. "Is this my sexual dream or this real?"
[00:54] <13Chad`Winters> Dias pulls out a camera and takes a picture of Marcus then looks over at Zephyr. 1"No, I'm over here."
15[00:54] * 13@Marcus arches a brow at her, then glances at Dias. "Wow man, you suck." He shifts and leaps over the edge, making sure to land away from the cake. Though now his speedo body is now fully viewable.
[00:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina laughs some more, moving over and wrapping her arms around Marcus after he's out, giving him a kiss on the lips right there
15[00:56] * 13@Marcus smiles, holding onto her. After a bit he breaks off the kiss. "So. I bet you'll never forget this birthday."
[00:56] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> I think that's a given.
[00:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr peers at Dias, then Marcus. "Wow, you guys are nuts." 6* Her long hair is let down this time, though the longest part is braided a bit as not to drag.
[00:57] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> You haven't seen me in awhile and that's how you respond to me? That hurts. See if I come leaping out of any cakes for you birthday.
15[00:58] * 13@Marcus smiles at Zephyr, then motions. "Most of this was Chii, letting everyone know about it and everything."
[00:58] <13@Kit> 6Chii stares up at Marcus, raising an eyebrow
[00:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sticks out her tongue. "Thank God." 6* She says to Dias, then grins and moves over, picking up Chii. "Well, good job, little sis-in-law."
[00:59] <13@Kit> <Chii> H-hey.. put me down...
[00:59] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> But I want to hug you
[00:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr hugs her like a plushie
[00:59] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias moves over to the cake and scoops a piece out, taking a bite out of it. 1"I got to wax Marcus chest. It was glorious."
15[00:59] * 13@Jennifer` giggles a little.
[00:59] <13@Marcus> Really I just had to show up. *he notes, flicking his speedo strap* And well, endear some pain.
[00:59] <13@Marcus> NRP: endure*
[00:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina smiles at Chii. "Thank you." 6* She pauses, then studies Marcus' waxing job
15[01:00] * 13@Marcus dusts his shoulder off and flexes slightly, turning so she can get a good look at his butt. "Yeah? You like?"
[01:00] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> You look very good. 6* Cheryl just howls with more laughter.
[01:00] <13@Marcus> Yeah you just keep laughing over that tassles!
[01:00] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> He wouldn't let me wax his nuts so his penis looks like Abraham Lincoln.
03[01:01] * Megumi (notany@cpe-72-177-72-110.austin.res.rr.com) has joined #erevis
[01:01] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr makes a face. "Did not need that image."
[01:01] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron walks up to the cake and peers at it. 1"This was not touched by Marcus?"
15[01:01] * 13@Marcus pauses and glances at Dias. "Dude, you have no idea what my nuts look like."
[01:01] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Some of it wasn't. 6He motions at some spots.
[01:01] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> You're right. But thanks to me, they all have an idea.
14[01:02] * Kit (notany@cpe-72-177-72-110.austin.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[01:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina squeezes Marcus' butt. "I think your penis looks very nice."
[01:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr keeps hugging Chii, shaking her head. "I should have stayed home."
[01:02] <13@Marcus> I'm sure a few of them already know that I keep myself managed down there, thanks. *he jumps when she squeezes his tush* Well thanks. I think so too. *he smiles*
15[01:02] * 13@Jennifer` rubs her face. "Mental images are starting to make my brain feel fuzzy..."
[01:02] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks over at Jen. 1"Perhaps you should go lie down than."
[01:03] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron tilts his head, then moves to sit down, probably not wanting to get into the cake and ruin Kat's party.
[01:03] <13@Marcus> So. What'd you get me? *he looks to Kat, expecting a present*
[01:03] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Oh, I think my gift will have to wait until we're alone
09[01:04] <13@Jennifer`> "I wanna stay for Kat's party though... I'll endure."
[01:04] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias slides over to Kat. 1"What about my gift?"
15[01:04] * 13@Marcus lets out a whistle, smiling. He swats Dias.
[01:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina eyes him, then looks at Marcus. "Ask him."
[01:04] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias scowls, rubbing his head then looks at Marcus. 1"Yeah, where's my present ass."
[01:05] <13@Marcus> I just gave it to you, you want another? I can give em out all day.
[01:05] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias eyes him with narrowed eyes. They suddenly shift to a very mischevious look.
15[01:06] * 13@Marcus eyes him. "What?"
[01:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr carries Chii to a seat and sits with her in her lap. Cheryl plops down beside Zephyr
[01:06] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron peers at them.
[01:06] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Nothing. 6He sllides behind Kat, giving her a hug, making sure not to crush his piece of cake. 1"Happy Birthday once again."
[01:06] <13@Marcus> <Theron> When do we get to eat cake?
[01:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina blinks. "Thank you, Dias."
[01:07] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias smiles evily at Marcus and hops back, making his way towards Zephyr/Chii/Cheryl
[01:07] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Um, go ahead, Theron, I guess. 6* She smiles
15[01:08] * 13@Marcus watches Dias carefully, eyes narrows, then glances at Kat.
[01:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina shrugs
[01:09] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias plops down onto Cheryls lap.
15[01:09] * 13@Jennifer` walks up to Kat and shyly pulls out a box from her pouch.
[01:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes Dias
[01:09] <13@Marcus> 6 *Theron bows his head and moves over to cut himself a piece, one that Dias pointed out that Marcus didn't touch, then cuts another, he offers one out to Kat. "I apologize I do not have a gift for you. Happy Birthday."
[01:09] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Excuse me?
[01:09] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias looks back at her. 1"What? Chii get's to do with with Zephyr."
[01:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina takes the cake. "It's okay. Thank you."
[01:09] <13Megumi> 6Chii continues to squirm from Zephyr. Then pauses, eyeing Dias.
[01:09] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> You're not a cute like Chii
[01:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr holds on, hugging her
[01:10] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron bows his head and moves over to eat his cake quietly and happily.
[01:10] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> True. I'm better looking. 6He holds the piece of cake up to Cheryls face.
[01:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina takes the present, too. "Thank you, Jen."
[01:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes the cake, then Dias, then the cake. "You are SO not about to feed me cake."
[01:10] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias plops it against her mouth
15[01:10] * 13@Jennifer` blushes and smiles, "You're welcome Kat."
[01:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl is forced to open her mouth with a ragh
[01:11] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC walks upto Kat and hands her a 8x11 wrapped gift
[01:11] <13@Marcus> I'll give you your present after everyone elses. Since mine will be so much better. *he smiles, and wraps his arms around Kat from behind, kissing her on the cheek, then stepping back so people can give her gifts.*
[01:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina takes a bite of cake, and opens the present. She pauses t otake SPoC's, too, and sets it to open next. "Thank you, Natalie."
[01:11] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias wiggles it into her mouth, making sure to make a mess
[01:11] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC bows slightly. 1"Happy Birthday."
[01:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl reaches around to grab his leg and squeeze, hard
09[01:12] <13@Jennifer`> * Inside the box is a simple, but silver braclet.
[01:12] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias tenses, his race going red. He wipes some frosting onto her nose off his finger
[01:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl snarls. Zephyr eyes the two. <Zephyr> Wow, that's totally cute, you two
[01:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin offers Freyja some cake
[01:13] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias just motions with his hand, in too much pain to say anything
[01:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl lets go and tries to swallow cake and stuff. Katrina winks at Marcus, and opens SPoC's gift.
[01:13] <13Chad`Winters> 6Inside is a painted portrat of her.
[01:14] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Thank you, you two. These are both wonderful.
[01:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina smiles widely.
[01:14] <13Megumi> 6Chii peers upwards at Zephyr upside-down. 1"C-Can I go now..?"
15[01:14] * 13@Jennifer` smiles. "GLad you like it!"
[01:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr lets go, sighing
[01:14] <13Megumi> 6Chii blinks at Zephyr, then sulks at her reaction.
[01:15] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias lets out a huff of pain. 1"So how's the cake?"
[01:15] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Go on and beat up Dias for caking your girlfriend.
[01:15] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Messy. 6* She mumbles trying to wipe her mouth clean, missing her nose.
[01:15] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> And lick her face clean or something
[01:15] <13Megumi> 6Chii jerks and huffs. 1"Sh-she can handle herself."
[01:15] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> I'll clean it up for her than. 6He wiggles his eyes at Cheryl
[01:15] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Dias might do it for you
[01:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl narrows her eyes
[01:16] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Katrina eats her cake, leaning on Marcus now
[01:17] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Try it. 6* She notes, the threat in her tone
15[01:17] * 13@Marcus me leans his head over to kiss her shoulder. "Be right back." He turns and moves to run out of the mess hallq uickly.
[01:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin watches the white boy go
[01:17] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> You win. 6He goes to get up then suddenly tries to grab her face and lick her nose.
[01:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Crazy white people.
15[01:18] * 13@Jennifer` settles down with some cake now.
[01:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl jerks as he licks her nose. "H-Hey!" 6* She looks embarrassed a moment then growns and tries to shove him off her lap
[01:18] <13@DeathStar> *growls
[01:18] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias falls onto his ass, laughing.
[01:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl wipes her nose. "I'll beat your ass!"
[01:19] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Like in the bar?
[01:19] <13Megumi> <Chii> He'd like that.
[01:20] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Tch! 6* She throws a napkin tray at Dias
[01:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina watches Marcus go.
[01:20] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias stands up and claps his hands together, only to get hit by a napkin tray in the face.
[01:21] <13Megumi> 6Chii mumbles embarassedly to Zephyr. 1"...B-Be right back, Phinee."
[01:21] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> One day he's going to try to get in our bed, Chii, I just know it
[01:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr nods.
15[01:21] * 13@Marcus walks back in, holding a decorated bag, since you know, men can't wrap gifts for shit.
[01:22] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias eyes Cheryl as he rubs his face. He suddenly leans forward. 1"Do I have to remind you-"
[01:22] <13Megumi> 6Chii just smiles at Cheryl. An odd, high-pressure sort of blank smile.
[01:22] <13Megumi> 6Chii skips merrily to Kat.
[01:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl throws the napkins at Dias
[01:22] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias shakes them off then moves over, plopping onto Zephyr's lap.
[01:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr makes a face. "Owww."
[01:23] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> ...Are you calling me fat?
[01:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina studies Marcus. "What's in that?"
[01:23] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I'm a tiny girl!
[01:23] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias tisks and stands up, picking her up by her waist and switching spots.
[01:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr blinks, going red faced. "H-Hey!" 6* She peers down panickedly.
[01:24] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> So this is how Cheryl feels with Chii.
15[01:24] * 13@Marcus motions towards Chii. "After her."
[01:24] <13Megumi> 6Chii eyes Marcus' giftbag, and then her envelope. She hangs her head. 1"Nah, never mind."
[01:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina peers at Chii, then leands over to take it. "Please?"
[01:25] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> W-What?! 6* She eyes him.
15[01:26] * 13@Jennifer` watches things quietly, enjoying cake.
[01:26] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> So what does Zephyr want for her birthday?
[01:26] <13Megumi> 6Chii hangs her head, but holds her hands up with the envelope
[01:26] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Can I get you AND Marcus in my cake?
[01:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina takes the envelope, and opens it to look inside
[01:27] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> You'll have to ask Kat for permission since she owns his balls, but I can't see why not.
[01:27] <13Megumi> 6It's a simple card with a Cupid being shot by a comical devil with a bow. In it is her folded up quarterly grades.
[01:28] <13Megumi> 6Chii sneaks away
[01:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina smiles, then reaches out to snatch Chii in a hug. "Congratulations, Chii."
[01:29] <13Megumi> 6Chii urks and squirms, frowning. 1"I-It's nothing."
[01:29] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Thank you for giving this to me, sweetie. 6* She kisses her cheek
15[01:29] * 13@Jennifer` giggles a little more as she watches the Chibi.
[01:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr peers at Kat and Chii, then at Dias. "Maybe get Theron in, too."
[01:30] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron glances up, tilting his head, a mouthful of cake.
[01:30] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Really?
[01:30] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Why not? 6* She smiles devilishly.
[01:30] <13Chad`Winters> I kinda have a one penis rule.
[01:30] <13Chad`Winters> NRP: Dias
[01:31] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Oh? Surely you're sure enough of your manhood and all that stuff that Theron and Marcus won't intimidate you
[01:31] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Well Marcus doesn't count. And Theron, well..Erusian males are kinda...6He taps his leg then just motions the size to Zephyr
[01:32] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron eyes Dias oddly and then shakes his head, going back to his cake.
[01:32] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> I suppose it's like a 1/4 of a penis. So I could be fine.
15[01:32] * 13@Marcus leans on a table, waiting for Kat to be done with Chii.
[01:32] <13Megumi> 6Chii just scowls-- like she used to-- blushing, then escapes to run off back to Zephyr
[01:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina smiles and goes back to Marcus
[01:33] <13@Marcus> Well I don't think I can top that. *he says with a sad sigh*
[01:33] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> You didn't get all As?
[01:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr rolls her eyes, peering at Chii when she comes back. "Dias is afraid of Theron and Marcus."
[01:34] <13@Marcus> You kidding? I'm dumber than a box of rocks. *he smiles and holds out the giftbag.* I would wrap it, but you know, i'm a man.
[01:34] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Dude, I've been training with Theron. My god can he roundhouse kick."
[01:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina takes the giftbag and smiles, opening it up
[01:35] <13@Marcus> 6* Inside is a type of box, for jewelry.
[01:36] <13Megumi> 6Chii hops back into Zephyr's lap and stares at her, since that seemed to make her happy. 1"Theron and Marcus, huh?"
[01:36] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias hurks, since Zephyr's sitting on his lap
[01:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr grins at her, enjoying Dias' hurking. "Yep. And Dias. All in a cake. Yummy, hm?"
[01:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina peers at the box, then takes it in hand and opens it slowly
[01:39] <13@Marcus> 6* It's an silver necklace with an emerald pendant.
[01:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina smiles. "It's beautiful." 6* She takes it, moving to Marcus to put it on for her
[01:40] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias stretches his arms then slowly brings them intowards Zephyr's sides
15[01:40] * 13@Marcus takes it and shifts to put it on her. "I figured it would go with your eyes."
[01:41] <13Megumi> <Chii> If you say so. Sounds rotten, to me.
[01:41] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Thank you, Marcus, I appreciate it
[01:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina turns and kisses him on the lips again
[01:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr giggles at Chii, oblivious to Dias
[01:42] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias starts tackling her sides
15[01:42] * 13@Marcus smiles and returns the kiss. "I'm just glad you like it."
[01:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr jerks as she's tickled, beginning to laugh uncontrollable. "H-Hey1" 6* She squirms
[01:44] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> What? I can't hear you over the laughter. 6He keeps tickling
[01:44] <13Megumi> 6Chii yelps as Zephyr begins to move about chaotically, and tries to keep from falling.
[01:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr keeps laughing. "S-S-S-Stop!"
[01:46] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Swap?! Alright. 6He shifts spots, tickling elsewehre
15[01:46] * 13@Marcus kisses her once again. "So, how happy was your birthday?"
[01:46] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Pretty happy. 6* She puts an arm around him.
[01:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr jerks the other way. She tries to gasp for Chii to help her
15[01:47] * 13@Marcus puts his arm around her waist, glancing around at the others.
[01:48] <13Megumi> 6Chii wails, bouncing about, she clutches onto Zephyr, crying loudly
[01:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina peers at the three bouncing around. "I think Dias is very happy, too."
[01:48] <13@Marcus> And he calls me a pedo. *he tisks*
[01:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl leans around Dias' shoulder. "Are you molesting my sister and my girl?"
[01:49] <13@Marcus> 6* Theron rises quietly and disposes of his garbage, he then moves towards the exit, bowing slightly to Katrina before leaving.
[01:49] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Just your sister. Your girls molesting your sister tho.
[01:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl flicks his ear
[01:50] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias scowls and swings one arm back to grab for her waist
[01:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl makes a snarl sound
[01:50] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Mmmmm. 6* She watches, a hand on her chin, apparantly enjoying the show
[01:51] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias continues his assault on Zephyr and tries to start his assault on Cheryl
[01:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina wraps an arm around Marcus. "Lets go back to your room for now." 6* She takes her gift
[01:52] <13@Marcus> Yeah? I thought you'd never ask. *he shifts to lead her out*
[01:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl snarls as she's tickled, refusing to laugh in stubbornness, and Zephyr twitching as she holds Chii as well. The ultimate battle continues another day
[01:52] <13@DeathStar> -END-

[01:58] <13@DeathStar> 54
[01:58] <13@DeathStar> 3
[01:58] <13@DeathStar> 2
[01:58] <13@DeathStar> 1
[01:58] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[01:58] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-589.11.5
[01:58] <13@DeathStar> Location: HQ
[01:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* X, having earned the right to get her own room finally on the base, spends her day transversing the base hallways with a rather blank stare at things, taking it all in
[01:59] <13Kit> 6Lilith accompanies her as per usual, providing a tourist style, detached commentary when inquired.
[02:00] <13Kulix> *Sardis likewise is transversing the base hallways. His gaze seems fixed on a datapad, having been spending his time making detailed documentation of human and erusian technology. He's been studying every machine he can find, including the shuttles.
[02:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* X passes Sardis with no glance
[02:03] <13Kit> 6Lilith just sizes Sardis up as she passes.
[02:04] <13Kulix> *Sardis glances up at X in the hallway, stopping " I wasnt aware they let dangerous criminals walk around unattended. " he says towards X as she passes
[02:05] <13@DeathStar> <X> I was unaware they allowed enemies of a defeated and subjugated planet on this base
[02:06] <13Kulix> <Sardis> No longer an enemy it seems. Our new 'emporer' has decreed an alliance. Disgusting really, but we all have to work for a living. Just how did you manage to convince them to let you out of your cell?
[02:07] <13Kit> <Lilith> By not harming individuals that insult mistress.
[02:07] <13@DeathStar> <X> An alliance. Hm. From a broken empire, that is a rather bold statement - to place yourself as allies to those who beat you
[02:08] <13Kit> <Lilith> Losing with style.
[02:08] <13Kulix> <Sardis> What can I say? The Humans have huge egos, even if they are genetically inferior.
[02:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* X moves onward now. Her purple hair has been growing longer again, though she lets Lilith style it as she sees fit
[02:09] <13Kit> <Lilith> Physically inferior, perhaps. To be genetically inferior would mean they could not defeat you.
[02:09] <13Kit> 6Lilith bows pollitely to Sardis. 1"Which they have,"
[02:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl works out in the training room, pounding away on her training bot. The two trade epic blows with one another
[02:10] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Silly wench, I was never defeated. *he waves to her dismissively* I suggest you be on your way. Play patsy to your master. Go on, before the chain becomes taught.
[02:11] <13Kit> 6Lilith inclines her head. 1"Hm. No dignity." 6She notes, before moving along.
[02:11] <13@DeathStar> 6 *X moves into the training room
[02:12] <13Kit> <Lilith> ...The dragoon is stronger. Or... restored, more proper to say.
[02:13] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hm. She was easy to take down before
15[02:13] * 13Kulix shakes his head at Lilith, watching as they move into the training room
[02:13] <13Kulix> *Sardis
[02:17] <13Kulix> *Sardis walks towards the training room, curious at the subtle sound of servos. he eyes the training bot as it comes into view
[02:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl smashes the bot back against the wall again and it depowers. Cheryl sighs, hands on her hips, wearing her typical tanktop and shorts combo. She moves over to examine it
03[02:21] * Dias` is now known as Chad-Sleep
[02:22] <13Kulix> *If she is perceptive, Cheryl would notice Sardis standing over her shoulder, examining the bot aswell
[02:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl depowers it for now, deciding to look at it more later. She rises and turns to eye X, Lilith, and Sardis. "Well, now there's an unusual trio."
[02:23] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Trio..? Oh, you mean them. *He kneels, examining the machine in more detail
[02:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl crosses her arms, eyeing Sardis
[02:24] <13Kit> <Lilith> Do you require a sparring partner, Lady Cheryl?
[02:24] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Why. You offering?
[02:24] <13Kit> <Lilith> If my mistress requested it, I would oblige.
[02:25] <13Kulix> *Sardis begins sliding panels aside, peering into the bot
[02:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl puts a foot on Sardis' hand. "Don't touch it."
[02:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes Lilith and X, then shakes her head. "It's cool. I'm fine."
[02:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* X looks at Lilith, blinking. "You want to spar with the Dragoon?"
15[02:27] * 13Kulix slowly glances up at Cheryl " I'd suggest you move this foot. "
[02:27] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> I suggest you stop touching my shit.
[02:27] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Perhaps I will.
[02:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl uses her foot to move Sardis' foot off the bot, but takes it off as well
[02:28] <13Kit> 6Lilith inclines her head to X. 1"She requires something stronger than that machine can offer."
[02:28] <13@DeathStar> *Sardis' hand
[02:28] <13@DeathStar> <X> Interesting.
[02:29] <13Kulix> *Sardis stands " Confrontational as always. What ever happened to your mother? " he asks
[02:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl just eyes him. "Never had one. If you're looking to insult, I suggest you try harder."
[02:29] <13Kulix> Insults arn't my style. I gather information.
[02:30] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Right. Insults aren't your style. 6* She snorts at that one
[02:30] <13Kulix> <Sardis> I cant help it if most people are bumbling fools.
[02:30] <13Kit> 6Lilith eyes Sardis, X would sense a spark of amusement for once.
[02:31] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> It's always the world and never you. 6* She rolls her eyes
[02:31] <13Kulix> *He shrugs " Predictable response. Altho your doing yourself a diservice by not letting me examine this machine. I could have it fixed in a matter of minutes. "
[02:32] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Of course. 6* Her tone is patronizing
[02:32] <13Kulix> *He begins to walk away " What else should I expect however? Dont let the Tsiv near anything. He might destroy it. " he doesnt seem affected by Cheryl's patronizing tone.
[02:33] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> When you're done whining, be sure not to cut your wrists. 6* She shifts to stretch
[02:34] <13Kulix> <Sardis> How EVER will I manage without cutting my wrists? I think I might need your help Cheryl, during those long and lonely nights when I just cant help but feel like throwing it all away.. oh woe is me *his voice patronizing as he nears the exit
[02:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl looks down from her stretch. "Huh? Did you say something?" 6* She blinks, having apparantly tuned him out
[02:35] <13Kit> 6Lilith's humor grows slightly. 1"I am reminded of an addage from my memory. 'If you wish to prove one's foolishness, allow them to prove it themselves.'"
[02:35] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Only that I need a woman like you in my life. Ciao. *he rounds the corner, exiting the training facility
[02:36] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> What a sweetheart. 6* She peers at her bot, then leans over to make some adjustments
[02:36] <13@DeathStar> <X> Then the dragoon is letting the Tsivrixsh prove his own level of intelligence?
[02:37] <13Kit> <Lilith> Perhaps.
[02:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina does her reading in the mess hall as usual, relaxing casually as she sips tea
14[02:39] * Ariel (Enjeryuu@blk-89-239-1.eastlink.ca) Quit (Quit: Client Exited)
[02:41] <13Kulix> *Sardis walks into the mess hall, throwing his datapad down on the table with Katrina. He plops down in the seat across from her.
[02:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina glances up at Sardis. Since the beginning, she hasn't seemed to like him very much, but she apparantly still acts cordial. "Mr. Sardis."
[02:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* X decides to move on and examine more of the base
[02:43] <13Kulix> <Sardis> So it all started when I was 5.. My parents were always away and all I could think about was- wait, maybe I'm starting a bit to fast. Hello Ms. Katrina.
[02:43] <13Kit> <Lilith> Another time, then, Lady Cheryl." 6She bows, then moves to follow X.
[02:43] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Sure.
[02:44] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> May I ask you something, Sardis?
[02:44] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Anything.
[02:45] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Why do you approach people in the manner you do with your --- "jokes"? 6* She asks curiously. "You project an offputting, offensive personality out toward people, from what I've seen."
[02:48] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Why? Well lets see.. *He folds his hands under his chin looking into the distance as if thinking
[02:49] <13Kulix> <Sardis> I'm in a strange place for one. Its a bit disconcerting to be thrust into the den of the enemy, wouldnt you think? Making friends has never been my strong point, so I never saw the need to try. Instead, I go for a different approach.
[02:50] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> The approach of alienating everyone?
[02:50] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Isnt it obvious by now? I do so intentionally. I watch your reactions. From the sidelines its easy to forget about ol' Sardis as continue with your lives normally, acting like I'm not here.
[02:50] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Which gives me a better vantage point to gather information.
[02:51] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Which is why I'm here after all.
[02:51] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> I see. So you have no desire to fit in at all then.
[02:51] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Not to mention the way people react, and defend themselves, gives you a deeper glance into their psyche right away than casual conversation.
[02:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* X moves into the mess hall and eyes the buffet of food. She seems to be studying it like a child
[02:54] <13Kulix> <Sardis> I wouldnt say that at all. Infact I'd argue that I already fit in.
[02:54] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> No, Sardis, I wouldn't say you fit in - you project yourself as an outsider, instead of trying to work to better further Tsivrixsh and human relationships. The General has you on probation all the time for your conduct.
[02:56] <13Kulix> <Sardis> You'd better get used to it Katrina. I am what I am, and sending me back isnt going to help 'further Tsivrixsh and Human relations'. Compared to most Tsiv I'm pretty mild. I dont beleive in candy coating shit- if you cant handle me, what makes you think Humanity is ready for the Tsivrixsh?
[02:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina shakes her head. "I'm not going to force you to change who or what you are, but it doesn't mean people are going to simply accept you who you are. Right now your people have been taken over by the PAX relationships, and it may stay that way a long time if our peoples can't find some way to co-exist. I'm not going to judge what humanity is ready for, but if you can't show your fellow teammates concern and thought, then you (cont)
[02:59] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> shouldn't expect the same in return."
[03:00] <13@DeathStar> *relationships = races
[03:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* X gets a meal of various things and sits down. She samples her meals curiously, since she's used to Dias providing food
[03:03] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Oh I'm very concerned about my teammates. I think about them and their relationships all the time. Its not me that has a problem with others- its others who have a problem with me.
[03:03] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> People will have a problem with you if you look down on them and don't attempt to find common ground with them, and if you're not courteous with them.
[03:08] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Perhaps. It yeilds a different set of reactions however. I will move onto that phaze when I am ready. *Does he have this planned out or something..?
[03:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina shakes her head and sighs
[03:09] <13Kulix> <Sardis> I'm a little disapointed in how seriously everyone takes everything around here tho. I admit I'm a bit shocked by some of the reactions I DO receive.
[03:11] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Maybe people are testing you like you test them. 6* She notes, picking her book up. "Sardis, if your goal here is to test people for reactions, I cannot approve of such a thing - it's dishonest and speaks of a calculated level of coldness." 6* She goes back to reading
[03:14] <13Kulix> <Sardis> So I suppose this means you dont want to talk to me about childhood trauma or any other of the usual counselor subjects?
[03:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* X watches Sardis as she eats, apparantly taking an interest in him, it would seem, due to his encounters with the team.
[03:15] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> I'm not the team's counselor, Sardis - I talk and help friends. But you have no desire to make friends. So, no, I don't want to talk to you about your trauma
[03:16] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Ouch. And you say I'M cold.
[03:17] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> If you don't want to honestly change, then there's no reason to speak.
[03:18] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Tell you what.
[03:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina looks at him.
[03:19] <13Kulix> <Sardis> I'll make an effort to change- if you agree to go out with me.
[03:19] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> In what type of manner?
[03:20] <13Kulix> <Sardis> I'll actively seek a few positive encounters if you say.. Go with me to dinner.
[03:20] <13Kulix> <Sardis> And to a NICE restaurant. Not like this place *he eyes the room
[03:21] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Well, I'm already going out with someone, so I'm not sure if that would be appropriate. Unless of course you strictly mean dinner
[03:21] <13Kulix> *Sardis ponders for a moment, then gives a sly grin " Of course. "
[03:23] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Very well. I'll accept your proposal
[03:24] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Excellent! Then how about Saturday? No plans?
[03:24] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> That'll be fine
[03:26] <13Kulix> *He pops the table with his hand, sweeping up his Datapad* Great. See you then. *He chuckles to himself, heading for the exit
[03:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* X watches him pass by, speaking up. "Do you plan to brainwash the female when you take her away from the view of others?
[03:28] <13Kulix> That all depends on her own proclivities. *He replies, heading out
[03:28] <13@DeathStar> <X> Interesting
[03:28] <13@DeathStar> -END-

[22:03] <13@DeathStar> 5
[22:03] <13@DeathStar> 4
[22:03] <13@DeathStar> 3
[22:03] <13@DeathStar> 2
[22:03] <13@DeathStar> 1
[22:03] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[22:04] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-589.11.15
[22:04] <13@DeathStar> Location: HQ
03[22:04] * Sam is now known as Jennifer`
[22:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* A nice mid-November day.
[22:04] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> *working in her laboratory.
15[22:05] * 13@Jennifer` steps out of one of the training facilities, rubbing the back of her head and yawning a little, she's been taking a lot of courses. Looking down at her hand, she turns and heads towards the mad science department.
[22:09] <13Kulix> * Sardis enters the Lab, datapad in hand " Ah, the beautiful Myria, hard at work as preusual. Done anything useful today? "
[22:09] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> ...why are you in here again...?
[22:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* X runs into Jennifer as she moves down a hallway
[22:10] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Do I have to spell it out for you again? I work here.
15[22:10] * 13@Jennifer` looks up in time to sidestep her, tilting her head a little. "Hey..."
[22:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* X peers at her, looking her up and down
[22:11] <13Kit> 6Lilith yawns a little behind X.
09[22:11] <13@Jennifer`> "Do I know you...? Oh hey Lil." *she looks at her from around X*
[22:12] <13@Jackieness> No, you don't!
[22:12] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> No, you don't!
[22:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* X looks at Lilith, then at Jennifer, then at Lilith. "You know this child?"
[22:13] <13Kit> <Lilith> She is the daughter of the former commander.
[22:13] <13@DeathStar> <X> Interesting. If it is a former leader, why does it's child remain?
[22:14] <13Kit> <Lilith> Besides the current commander, it would not surprise me that this child is the only one with a sense of duty to rival my own.
[22:14] <13Kit> 6Lilith inclines her head. 1"However, where she places that is currently beyond her understanding."
[22:15] <13@DeathStar> <X> I see. 6* She looks at Jen. "Do you wish to work under Lilith?"
15[22:16] * 13@Jennifer` frownsa little. "Well... I work here now. U-Under Lilith?"
[22:16] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Well appearantly I do- otherwise I wouldnt be here, now would I? *He walks over to a terminal, setting his pad down and begins typing* I'm a scientist of sorts, afterall, and this small base doesnt have enough laboratories to pass around to individual researchers.
[22:17] <13@DeathStar> <X> Yes. It is decided. You shall work under Lilith. 6* She nods. "Not your sense of duty has been placed."
[22:18] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> That doens't even make sense!
15[22:19] * 13@Jennifer` looks at her in confusion. "I work for Paladin though... am I able to do both?"
[22:19] <13Kulix> *Sardis turns in his chair, giving Myria an incredulous look* You truely dont understand?
[22:19] <13Kit> <Lilith> Is this wise, mistress? I already serve one, so having a child under me is...
[22:19] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Your logic is completely circular!
[22:20] <13@DeathStar> <X> You do not want her? ... I understand
[22:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* X nods, moving onward, taking the path Jen was taking
[22:20] <13Kit> 6Lilith blinks a bit, not understanding what X understands, but follows her, looking quite confused.
15[22:22] * 13@Jennifer` frowns and walks along then, heading towards Myrias
[22:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* X stops at Myria's as well. "What is in here?"
[22:23] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> *flailing her arms infrustration!
[22:23] <13Kit> <Lilith> The base's science facilities that have been appropriated by Myria since no other being required or wanted them.
[22:24] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Circular logic would imply that there is another alternative not being presented. Would you like to present an alternative to this HQ's lack of multiple laboratories, genius Myria?
[22:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* X nods and moves into the lab now
[22:24] <13Kit> 6Lilith follows X inside.
[22:25] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Yes! Use one of the other laboratories!
15[22:25] * 13@Jennifer` heads in as well, looking for Myria. "GOtta get my hand checked on."
[22:25] <13Kulix> *Sardis turns in his seat, eyeing the newcomers " One of the none existant ones. Gotcha. "
[22:26] <13@DeathStar> <X> Erusians and Tsivrixsh work together? I thought they were mortal enemies
[22:26] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> There are two that way! And two more that way! This is my private lab! The base has human science staff too!
09[22:26] <13@Jennifer`> "I wouldn't use together lightly, it's a strong word."
09[22:27] <13@Jennifer`> "And I think Myria's been working too long. She's halucinating by the sound of it."
[22:27] <13Kit> <Lilith> Lady Myria, these other science laboratories you speak of are merely two classrooms, an infirmary, and a supply closet.
[22:28] <13@DeathStar> <X> Erusians are mentally unwell?
[22:28] <13Kit> <Lilith> Forgive me for contradicting you, but you have commandeered the only fully-functional laboratory upon taking residency on this base.
[22:28] <13Kulix> <Sardis> As I've observed, yes.
15[22:28] * 13@Jackieness twitches.
[22:28] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> twitches.
[22:28] <13Kulix> <Sardis> The lot of them. Just what are the three of you doing here, anyway?
09[22:29] <13@Jennifer`> "Miss Myria? I think I need to get my hand adjusted, I'm starting to grow out of the fitting."
[22:30] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Alright, let's see it. *goes to get her tools*
[22:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* X blinks, watching. She seems to have missed Sardis addressing her
15[22:31] * 13@Jennifer` nods and fidgits with her hand, closing her eyes and after a bit, pulling her hand right off her arm, revealing circuits and a fitting panel in the arm.
[22:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* X observes the hand, making note of her weaknesses
15[22:33] * 13@Jennifer` hands the otherwise real looking hand over to Myria.
[22:33] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Let's see. How long until you stop growing? *tinkers with the hand*
15[22:34] * 13@Jennifer` blinks a bit. "I think... growth mostly stops in the early twenties... I'll have to research it."
09[22:34] <13@Jennifer`> "So... five to seven more years most likely."
[22:35] <13Kulix> *Sardis watches as Jennifer reveals the cybernetic appendage. He doesnt seem to be paying any attention to X " Impossible to create an apperatus that adjusts itself, shifting the nuero relays as her nerves grow? "
[22:36] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> "...son't distract me..."
[22:37] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Dont get distracted. *he sighs, glacing towards X and Lilith* We seem to be running into eachother alot lately. You sure your not stalking me?
[22:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* X peers at Sardis. "I do not intend to destroy you, so what need would I have to stalk?"
[22:38] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Ok, how is this?
[22:39] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Raw sex appeal?
[22:39] <13@DeathStar> <X> Raw sex appeal? What is that?
15[22:39] * 13@Jennifer` frowns a little and takes the hand back, plugging it back in, she messes with it a bit and it starts to move again. "Hmm..."
[22:39] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Better?
09[22:39] <13@Jennifer`> "It doesn't feel tiny now compared to the other one."
[22:40] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Its beyond you. Nevermind. *He returns his attention to the console, organizing information he uploads from the Datapad
15[22:40] * 13@Jennifer` pulls out a pen and holds it in her hand and flips in between her fingers slowly. "Coordination is good..."
[22:40] <13@DeathStar> <X> Nothing is beyond me. 6* She notes stubbornly.
09[22:41] <13@Jennifer`> "I was wondering... could you adjust the strength a little? I've figured out how to make it act more like a cyberntic hand when I need to... but sometimes when I get stressed it goes a little nuts."
[22:41] <13Kulix> *Sardis eyes her from the side momentarily, shifting his eyes back towards the screen
[22:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* X crosses her arms. She seems insulted like a kid now
[22:42] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Nuts? How so?
09[22:42] <13@Jennifer`> "I've bent the metal in teh side of a van and tore a couch cushion to pieces."
09[22:42] <13@Jennifer`> "Wasn't trying."
15[22:44] * 13@Jennifer` frowns a bit and flexes the fingers in the hand one by one. "A way to quick recharge it in case I use the little special thing you did to it would be cool too."
[22:44] <13Kulix> *Sardis remains quiet, not responding to X's display
[22:45] <13Kit> <Lilith> He does not pose much importance, so please disregard his senseless behaviour, mistress.
[22:45] <13@DeathStar> <X> Understood.
[22:46] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Ok. Let's see it again.
15[22:46] * 13@Jennifer` fiddles with it some more and gets it off, handing it back over.
[22:47] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Let's see... *tinkers with the hand again*
[22:48] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Yes, please do me the favor.
15[22:48] * 13@Jennifer` looks at X, "You still haven't told me who you are..."
[22:48] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... I am Weapon X.
09[22:49] <13@Jennifer`> "Huh, cool name."
[22:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* X blinks at that. "Cool...name?"
09[22:49] <13@Jennifer`> "Yes."
09[22:49] <13@Jennifer`> "It's like out of a manga."
09[22:49] <13@Jennifer`> "You're a Weapon like Mr. Winters and Dias?"
[22:50] <13@DeathStar> <X> Correct.
[22:50] <13@DeathStar> <X> I was designed to be the ultimate fighting biomachine
15[22:52] * 13@Jennifer` nods a bit, looking her over now. "I believe it."
[22:52] <13@DeathStar> <X> That is good.
[22:54] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> *continues working*
15[22:54] * 13@Jennifer` crosses her arms, apparently not put off by her own lack of a hand, she's been this way for a while. "So what happened with Raquel? I haven't seen her around and Lilith is following you around now."
[22:54] <13@DeathStar> <X> Weapon IX is missing.
[22:54] <13@DeathStar> 6 *X frowns, still not happy to bring that one up
[22:55] <13Kit> <Lilith> Weapon IX is in the comany of Sir Drake.
[22:55] <13Kit> <Lilith> Weapon X is now my mistress, hence my 'following her around.'" 6She looks indignant at saying that.
09[22:55] <13@Jennifer`> "What's with the designations? Don't like saying names?"
[22:55] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Just how many 'weapons' are there?
[22:56] <13Kit> <Lilith> Ten.
[22:56] <13@DeathStar> <X> There are only four functional weapons, however.
09[22:57] <13@Jennifer`> "Raquel, Dias, Mr. Winters, and X."
09[22:57] <13@Jennifer`> "I guess Aya is sorta like... a half-Weapon?"
[22:58] <13Kit> <Lilith> You may think of it that way.
[22:59] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hm.
09[22:59] <13@Jennifer`> "I don't know too much about you guys except you're powerful fighters like the Dragoons."
[23:00] <13@DeathStar> <X> We are designed as weapons
[23:00] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Ok, this should do it.
[23:01] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Two arms, two legs, a torso, head... Pretty unique design. My compliments to the creator.
[23:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* X blinks at Sardis. "Unique design...? We were designed to look human so we can easily submerge ourselves under cover and eliminate our target."
15[23:01] * 13@Jennifer` smiles and takes the hand back, plugging it in and testing it again slowly.
09[23:02] <13@Jennifer`> "So you were made by someone not interested terribly in galactic warfare?"
[23:03] <13@DeathStar> <X> I was made to kill the other Weapons.
[23:03] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Now you have to mentally switch on the enhanced capabilities.
[23:03] <13Kulix> <Sardis> By looking human and.. blending in. gotcha.
09[23:04] <13@Jennifer`> "Sounds kinda redundant..."
15[23:04] * 13@Jennifer` looks at Myria. "Oh, kay."
15[23:04] * 13@Jennifer` concentrates a bit, point the hand downward just in case.
[23:05] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> "Also, I replaced the existing power cell with a smaller unit and added an emergency capacitor."
09[23:05] <13@Jennifer`> "Cool, so I won't have a dead hand if I use it?"
[23:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* X peers at Jennifer. She doesn't look impressed with it's design
[23:06] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> That's right. The capacitor is rechanged from environmental energy sources.
[23:07] <13Kulix> <Sardis> You know, with all of this equipment, you'd think we could just clone the girl a new arm. *He continues typing, not looking away from tshe screen during all of th
09[23:07] <13@Jennifer`> "I... think that sounds cool."
[23:07] <13@DeathStar> <X> That is possible.
[23:09] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Well, that will take time.
15[23:11] * 13@Jennifer` nods, "It's good for field work... say Ms. Myria?"
[23:12] <13@DeathStar> <X> You are a scientist, then? 6* She asks Sardis
[23:13] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Me? No. I'm a dabbler. *He says, surprisingly modestly
[23:13] <13@DeathStar> <X> Then you dabble in things? What do you dabble in?
[23:13] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Yes?
[23:13] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Oh this and that. Mostly that.
[23:14] <13Kulix> <Sardis> But science has been a hobby for quite some time now.
[23:14] <13@DeathStar> <X> I see.
[23:14] <13Kit> <Lilith> He is a jack of no trades.
09[23:14] <13@Jennifer`> "I just thought about somethin... what do I do when you go home?"
[23:15] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Ouch. Stings. So I assume your bitter about our first meeting.
[23:16] <13Kulix> <Sardis> You must be quite attached to this one *He eyes X
[23:16] <13Kit> 6Lilith inclines her head blankly at Sardis, not following.
[23:16] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Hmmmm... *tilts her head to the side* ...I don't know.
[23:17] <13Kulix> *Sardis returns to his work. Lilith's understanding of little consequence to him.
09[23:19] <13@Jennifer`> "Think maybe I can come visit somehow?"
[23:19] <13@DeathStar> <X> Attached to me? She is my inugami.
[23:19] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Of course.
09[23:21] <13@Jennifer`> "I'll have to figure that out then."
[23:22] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> What's to figure out?
[23:24] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Inu.. ancient earthen word meaning dog.. Gami.. relating to spirit. Like a dog to its master, of course.
[23:24] <13Kit> <Lilith> Gami means 'guardian.'
09[23:25] <13@Jennifer`> "Well, how to get there."
[23:25] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Forgive me, my study of ancient earth tongues isnt quite complete.
[23:27] <13@DeathStar> <X> You are forgiven
[23:27] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Why thank you, I feel so clean.
[23:27] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> All you need is a ship.
[23:28] <13@DeathStar> <X> Clean? What does hygene have to do with forgiveness?
[23:30] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Are you aware that those words kill 99.9 percent of bacteria, indiscriminate of their origin? Actually, I think I was coming down with a cold before we had this conversation.. Oddly enough, I feel better now.
15[23:31] * 13@Jennifer` frowns. "I suppose if I stay in the military..."
[23:31] <13Kit> <Lilith> His understanding of the proper use of basic is also inherently flawed..
[23:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes Sardis. "He is insane."
[23:31] <13Kit> <Lilith> Agreed.
[23:33] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Or you can calll me and I can arrange for a ship!
09[23:35] <13@Jennifer`> "Th-That's kind of you."
15[23:35] * 13@Jennifer` links up at her.
09[23:35] <13@Jennifer`> *blinks
[23:37] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Mmmm-hmmm!
[23:37] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Not as insane as you might think, I'm afraid.. altho I admit it is tempting to lose myself down that black pit of nonsensical ravings. Narrowly, I have escaped.
[23:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* X stares. "You are a most interesting specimen."
15[23:38] * 13@Jennifer` gives her a hug. "Thanks for the help with my hand."
[23:39] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> You're welcome.
[23:39] <13Kulix> *Sardis turns his head, eyeing X "Likewise, beautiful."
[23:39] <13Kit> 6Lilith steps afront X suddenly.
15[23:40] * 13@Jennifer` looks between X and Sardis, staring.
[23:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* X blinks at Lilith. "What are you doing, Lilith?"
[23:40] <13Kulix> *Sardis smiles at Lilith
[23:40] <13Kit> <Lilith> I disapprove of his gaze upon you, mistress.
[23:40] <13@DeathStar> <X> What is wrong with his gaze?
[23:41] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Huh?
09[23:41] <13@Jennifer`> "It's creepy."
[23:41] <13Kit> <Lilith> I feel it lecherous.
[23:41] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Now now.. lets not get jelous. There is enough of me to go around, and your quite the looker yourself.
[23:42] <13@DeathStar> <X> You are offering yourself to everyone?
[23:42] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Not everyone.
[23:42] <13Kit> 6Lilith scowls, hrmphing. 1"My attractiveness is testament to my skills. As one cannot break my guard well enough to leave a scar."
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> <X> Then you are offering yourself to Lilith?
[23:43] <13Kit> 6Lilith jerks, eyeing X now
[23:44] <13Kulix> <Sardis> I was only offering myself to you. But your friend here doesnt appear to appreciate being left out.
[23:45] <13Kit> <Lilith> That is right. Mistress is my friend, and I do not approve of lesser beings casting themselves upon her.
[23:45] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Good puppy.
[23:46] <13Kit> 6Lilith nods twice quickly.
[23:46] <13Kulix> *Sardis only chuckles to himself, shaking his head* Your loss. *he shrugs, returning his attention to the terminal
14[23:46] * DeathStar (Gilmore@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
03[23:51] * DeathStar (Gilmore@ has joined #taw
03[23:51] * ChanServ sets mode: +o DeathStar
[23:56] <13@DeathStar> <X> He is casting himself on me?
[23:58] <13@DeathStar> <X> He is offering himself to me. Very well. You may work for me.
[23:58] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Oh delightful. Perhaps you'd like me to fetch the newspaper?
[23:59] <13@DeathStar> <X> I do not read the newspaper.
[23:59] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Me either.
13[00:00] * Day changed to Sunday, August 17th 2008.
Session Time: Sun Aug 17 00:00:01 2008
[00:01] <13@DeathStar> <X> Interesting.
[00:02] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Isnt it?
[00:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* X begins to peer about Myria's lab, rudely going through her things
[00:03] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Omega cokes under the table. The lock combination is 174359.
[00:04] <13@DeathStar> <X> These Omega Cokes are valuable/
[00:04] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Oh, vastly. They are a source of unmentionable power.
[00:04] <13Kit> <Lilith> To Lady Myria they can mean life or death.
[00:04] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> H...hey!
[00:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* X nods, then goes to the safe, beginning to open it
[00:05] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> Get away from there!
[00:06] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Toss me one, would you?
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* X ignores Myria, opening the safe. She takes one, peering at it, then at Sardis, preparing to throw it at him - at high speeds, since she's like that
[00:07] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> STOOOOOOOP! *runs at X*
[00:07] <13Kulix> *Sardis eyes X's posture, nodding for her to throw it.
[00:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* X throws it at Sardis, then takes her own
15[00:08] * 13@Jennifer` watches silently, rubbing her head.
[00:08] <13Kit> 6Lilith moves afront Myria, narrowing her eyes. 1"Do not harm mistress."
[00:09] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> That does it! Get out! All of you! out! out! OUT!
[00:09] <13Kulix> *Sardis snatches it out of the air, spinning in his chair to keep the momentum from disturbing carbonation as he pops it open, taking a long swig, stopping himself as the chair turns a full 360
15[00:09] * 13@Jennifer` looks a little hurt towards Myria but quietly leaves.
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* X peers at Myria blankly. "Make me."
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* X drinks the omega coke
[00:10] <13Kulix> *Sardis watches Jen leave " Wow, Myria, how inconsiderate of other people's feelings.. "
[00:10] <13Kulix> <Sardis> I really didnt peg you as the type.
[00:11] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> You're offering them my private things!
[00:11] <13Kulix> <Sardis> No- I didnt give them the code to your room.
[00:12] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Whats with these accusations?
[00:12] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> My stash!
[00:12] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Is getting low. I think you need to buy some more.
[00:13] <13Kit> <Lilith> Dishonorable swine! When accepting one's gratuity you must give some in turn. The least you could do is replenish it for her!" 6She turns away from Sardis, huffing.
[00:13] <13@Jackieness> .myr They don't seel them anymore!
[00:13] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> They don't sell them anymore!
[00:15] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Then.. make some more? *He doesnt seem to even hear Lilith's comment
[00:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* X tosses the half-drank coke into the trash. "It is disgusting."
[00:16] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> *falls flat on her face*
[00:17] <13Kulix> *Sardis turns in his chair, hitting a few buttons at the terminal. " Dispatch a cleanup crew to the lab, the floor needs some cleaning. "
[00:18] <13Kulix> *Sardis stands from his chair, picking up his Datapad " Well, kids- As fun as its been, I think I'm going to wander aimlessly in the hallways. See yah. "
[00:18] <13Kit> <Lilith> Good riddance.
[00:18] <13Kulix> *He leaves without another word, tossing the can in the trash as he passes
[00:18] <13@Jackieness> 6<12Myria6> ...I...hate him...
[00:19] <13Kit> <Lilith> He is crude and unamiable.
[00:19] <13@DeathStar> <X> He is interesting
15[00:20] * 13@Jennifer` walks through the hall, heading to the lounge to rest a bit.
[00:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr walks onto base, her hands in a trench coat. Her waist length hair is left down, with the long end done up like a braid. She apparantly is here to bug Cheryl
[00:22] <13Kit> 6Chii runs in beside Zephyr, then trips and hits the floor face first. 1"..Nh-aghhh!"
[00:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr peers at Chii. "You okay, Chii-chan?"
[00:22] <13Kit> 6Chii sits up, rubbing her forehead and growls. 1"Stupid shoes..."
[00:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr holds down a hand to her. "Here."
[00:23] <13Kit> 6Chii blinks and takes her hand, getting to her feet and dusting off the pretty typical sailor fuku, a ribbon tied near the end of her hair, making a tiny tail. She glances at Zephyr. 1"Phinee?"
[00:24] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hi.
[00:24] <13Kit> <Chii> What're you doing here? Come to piss of your sister?
[00:24] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yep. 6* She walks along.
[00:25] <13Kit> 6Chii pauses, then strolls along beside her. 1"Hee."
[00:25] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Are you enjoying school still?
[00:26] <13Kit> <Chii> Mmhmm, mmhmm. We fingerpainted today. Want to see?
[00:26] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Sure. 6* She gives the girl a smile.
[00:26] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Micro Chii. Strange Person. *He says in greeting to them as he passes them in the halls
[00:27] <13Kit> 6Chii rummages in a case she's carrying and then whips out a crinkled paper, holding it up to Zephyr, ignoring Sardis completely.
[00:27] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr waves at Sardis, seeming like she doesn't mind he's a Tsivrixsh. She peers at the crinkled paper, taking it in hand
[00:27] <13Kit> 6Instead of being flowers or animals, Chii's apparently is a stylized rendition of a samurai and a ninja. The ninja is cutting the samurai in half a la classic iajutsu poses.
[00:27] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hey, this is pretty cool. Did you get an A?
[00:28] <13Kit> <Chii> Hee. The teacher threw it away after making this face at all the blood.
[00:29] <13Kit> 6Chii imitates a horrified expression.
[00:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr giggles. "That's funny."
15[00:31] * 13@Jennifer` passes by the two in the halls, smiling a bit. "Hey Chii, Zephyr."
[00:31] <13Kit> 6Chii puts her hands behind her head, grinning smugly. 1"So I dug it out and went to the counselor about it. Got an 'A' for skill, with a noted distaste for appropriate material."
[00:31] <13Kit> <Chii> Hey Jen.
[00:31] <13Kit> <Chii> Get your hand taken care of, yet?
09[00:32] <13@Jennifer`> "Yep, shouldn't accidently try to crush things now."
[00:32] <13Kit> <Chii> Always a plus.
15[00:33] * 13@Jennifer` smiles a bit and nods. "Yep, shouldn't have any power issues now either, she did her mad science thing."
[00:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr grins as she listens, admiring the picture, then hands it back to Chii
[00:35] <13Kit> 6Chii puts the painting back in her case and smiles at Jennifer. 1"Careful. Never know what mad science's side affects may be."
[00:35] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> So who was the polite Tsivrixsh?
[00:36] <13Kit> <Chii> Huh? There was a Tsivrixsh?
[00:36] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Ha ha. Ninjas can't be unobservant
15[00:37] * 13@Jennifer` looks at Zephyr.
[00:37] <13Kit> 6Chii huffs. 1"I'm in schoolgirl mode! ...besides. I think we got a new one a ways back, but he's a real jerk so I just decided to ignore his existence."
09[00:38] <13@Jennifer`> "He was... polite to you?"
09[00:38] <13@Jennifer`> "You've never met him and he was polite? For reals?"
[00:38] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Mmmmhm.
09[00:38] <13@Jennifer`> "Wow."
[00:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina reads in the messhall, like usual
09[00:38] <13@Jennifer`> "That was Sardis, he's the resident 'hand of the emporer' on the team."
[00:39] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> So he's high ranking in the Tsivrixsh army?
09[00:39] <13@Jennifer`> "By the way they think? He's probably the janitor."
[00:40] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Wow, talk about rude.
09[00:40] <13@Jennifer`> "Just saying, nothing on him. They probably think this is a bad post."
[00:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr clicks her tongue like Chad
15[00:41] * 13@Jennifer` frowns a little. "Just like Aya's dad."
[00:41] <13Kit> <Chii> Creepy, isn't it?
[00:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr rolls her eyes and moves on toward the training room, since Cheryl is there a lot
[00:42] <13Kit> <Chii> I should let her borrow my uniform, or maybe Cheryl's...
15[00:42] * 13@Jennifer` watches her with that frown and looks back at Chii. "...Uniform?"
[00:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr grins at Chii. "Did you like her uniform?"
[00:44] <13Kit> <Chii> Ha ha. Maybe you should ask her.
[00:44] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Did you know she asked where I found it? I think she went there herself. Maybe she got other uniforms.
[00:45] <13Kit> <Chii>Hmm, interesting.
09[00:45] <13@Jennifer`> "What kind of uniforms?"
[00:45] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> You're too young.
09[00:46] <13@Jennifer`> "Do you mean her military uniform?"
[00:46] <13Kit> <Chii> Sure, Jen. She looks hot in her uniform.
15[00:47] * 13@Jennifer` looks at Zephyr who is maybe a little younger looking then her now.
[00:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr looks 17, so that's doubtful
[00:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Going on 18
[00:49] <13Kit> <Chii> You have any memories with the uniform, Phinee?
[00:49] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> N-no!
15[00:49] * 13@Jennifer` blinks a little, still lost.
[00:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr blushes.
[00:49] <13Kit> <Chii> Hee, 'cause when I mentioned it, I could taste a little... you know. In your aura... makes me curious. Never felt that from you before.
[00:50] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr flails. "B-be quiet!"
[00:50] <13Kit> 6Chii pauses, putting her hands behind her and rocking on her heels, looking like an innocent little schoolgirl.
[00:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr crosses her arms, hrmphing.
15[00:51] * 13@Jennifer` frowns a little. "Is this somethign sexual?"
[00:51] <13Kit> <Chii> Nope.
[00:51] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> See if I get you any more clothes to enjoy Cheryl in.
[00:52] <13Kit> 6Chii puts her hands behind her head, grinning. 1"Well, she does her fair share of enjoying me."
[00:52] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr sticks out her tongue
[00:53] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> So, Jennifer, got a boyfriend, yet?
09[00:53] <13@Jennifer`> "Wh-WHa... me?"
09[00:54] <13@Jennifer`> "Nope. I-I... I'm waiting till I'm older." *she looks away shyly*
[00:54] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yeah? Like 30?
[00:54] <13Kit> <Chii> A lot older.
[00:54] <13Kit> 6Chii hees, and leaps up to give Zephyr a high five.
[00:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr returns it
[00:56] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Scar leans over JEn's shoulder. "You could always practice with me on how a boyfriend is like."
[00:56] <13Kit> 6Chii suddenly scowls at Scar, moving to Zephyr's opposite side and clutching at her clothing
[00:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes the man, putting a hand on Chii's head
[00:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Scar gropes Jen's butt, since she seems to have gone in shock
[00:58] <13@DeathStar> <Scar> Whaddya say?
15[00:58] * 13@Jennifer` slowly looks up and him and frowns.
[00:58] <13@DeathStar> <Scar> Lets go to my room and I'll show you all the basics. 6* He tries to lead her by her butt
15[00:59] * 13@Jennifer` eeps and squirms away from him. "H-Hey! None of that!"
[01:00] <13@DeathStar> <Scar> None of what?
09[01:00] <13@Jennifer`> "Y-You had your hand on my butt!"
[01:00] <13@DeathStar> <Scar> Did I? 6* He looks at his hand, blinking. "If you're going to be my girlfriend, you should get use to my hand on you."
[01:01] <13Kit> <Chii> Kinky.
[01:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes Chii, then the two
09[01:02] <13@Jennifer`> "Wh-Who said I was gonna do that! You've got Wolf!"
[01:02] <13@DeathStar> <Scar> But if you want to skip basics, we can go to advanced stuff. Me. Wolf. And you. Naked.
[01:02] <13Kit> <Chii> Real kinky.
[01:02] <13@DeathStar> <Scar> You can join in, too, Chii.
15[01:02] * 13@Jennifer` goes beet red and backs away a bit. "N-No thanks... I-I-I..."
[01:03] <13Kit> <Chii> You can stay the hell away from me, you bastard!
[01:03] <13@DeathStar> <Scar> FAir enough. I'll get Cheryl to join us. 6* He hands Jen some red juice. "Here, thirsty?"
15[01:04] * 13@Jennifer` blinks a bit, looking down at it then up at him. "A-A little... what is this...?"
[01:04] <13@DeathStar> <Scar> Juice.
15[01:05] * 13@Jennifer` looks at the other two nervously.
[01:05] <13Kit> 6Chii leans up to whisper to Zephyr. 1"If she drinks that she deserves it."
15[01:05] * 13@Jennifer` frowns at Chii.
[01:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr peers at Chii, then at Jennifer. She waits to see if the girl will stand up for herself.
15[01:07] * 13@Jennifer` looks back at Scar. "I don't think I can accept this Scar."
[01:07] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Scar looks visiblely saddened and he begins to sniffle. "W-Why? You don't l-like me?"
09[01:08] <13@Jennifer`> "I have sorta... a really bad history with your siblings."
[01:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Scar turns his back. "I-I understand..." 6* He walks off, utterly crushed
09[01:10] <13@Jennifer`> "Sorry... Mr. Scar."
15[01:10] * 13@Jennifer` frowns a little, not really sure if she is sorry.
[01:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Scar continues out of sight without another comment
[01:12] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Well, good for you
15[01:12] * 13@Jennifer` sighs a bit and frows more, looking at the other two. "Good for me?"
[01:12] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Standing up to him.
09[01:12] <13@Jennifer`> "Oh... thanks."
15[01:13] * 13@Jennifer` rubs the back of her head a little. "He's like the other ones but... well less forceful."
[01:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr hmmms thoughtfully
15[01:15] * 13@Jennifer` looks back the way he left. "I kinda feel bad for the guy really. He seems a little too absorbed in his mischief."
[01:15] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> You plan to let him play with you?
[01:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes her
09[01:16] <13@Jennifer`> "Oh hell no."
[01:16] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> What do you plan to do the juice?
15[01:17] * 13@Jennifer` looks down, realizing she still has it.
09[01:17] <13@Jennifer`> "What is it? Do you know?"
[01:17] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Probably King Red's Fruit.
09[01:18] <13@Jennifer`> "King Red's wha?"
[01:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr peers at her, then shoves her hands in her pockets. "It, uh, makes you horny. Very badly."
15[01:19] * 13@Jennifer` frowns. "I see. I think I'll hold on to this for now."
[01:19] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> You plan to use it? 6* She holds out a hand. "I should probably take it."
09[01:20] <13@Jennifer`> "I plan to dump it in the sink."
[01:20] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hm. Alright.
[01:20] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> I'm surprised Scar has the money to buy that stuff. Cheryl told me a fruit is like 50 credits
09[01:21] <13@Jennifer`> "Oh I bet he's on the payroll or something..."
09[01:22] <13@Jennifer`> "Else he's got Ms. Wolf buying them."
[01:23] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> So the sniper girl likes him? 6* She asks curiously
09[01:24] <13@Jennifer`> "Far as I've heard they're really intimate. She gets all... you know, with him right in front of people."
15[01:24] * 13@Jennifer` looks disapproving.
[01:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr hmms, studying Jennifer. "You don't like them kissing in fornt of people?"
09[01:26] <13@Jennifer`> "Kissing is a really light, nice way of describing it."
[01:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr looks confused now. "What do they do?"
09[01:26] <13@Jennifer`> "It's never light and hands are involved."
15[01:28] * 13@Jennifer` blushes a little.
[01:28] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Oh. 6* She blinks, then gets it. "Oh."
09[01:29] <13@Jennifer`> "Yeah..."
[01:29] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Well, I need to go find Cheryl. Nice talking to you, Jen. 6* She waves and moves off
09[01:30] <13@Jennifer`> "Yeah... see you later Zephyr."
15[01:33] * 13@Jennifer` heads to the mess hall, cup in hand.
15[01:36] * 13@Jennifer` passes by Kat, with teh cup, heading for the kitchen.
[01:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina reads her book
15[01:39] * 13@Jennifer` comes back with the empty cup and a bottle of water, sitting near Kat.
[01:40] <13Kulix> *Sardis enters the training room, gazing around for inhabitants
[01:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr seems to be gazing about for Cheryl, hmming
[01:41] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Its the strange person from the halls. What are you doing here if not training?
[01:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr turns around, blinking. She appears to be 18 years old, a bit short at about 5'3, with long dark hair. She peers at him. "Hello, polite Tsivrixsh. I'm Zephyr. Just looking for my sister, Cheryl. Seen her around?"
[01:42] <13@Jackieness> NRP: Nighties
09[01:42] <13@Jennifer`> "Good book?"
03[01:43] * Jackieness (Psy@h85.6.90.75.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) has left #taw
[01:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina looks up from her romance novel. "Yes it is . Good afternoon, Jennifer."
15[01:43] * 13@Jennifer` smiles happily. "Afternoon Kat... busy day?"
[01:44] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> No. Fairly relaxing
[01:44] <13Kulix> <Sardis> So you Cheryl's sister? *He leans in, studying her face in build, comparing it to Cheryl's
[01:44] <13Kulix> *He leans back " No actually. I was somewhat hoping to find her here. "
09[01:44] <13@Jennifer`> "Ah, been busy for me." *holds up her hand* "See? All adjusted!"
[01:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr is a good handful of inches shorter than Cheryl, since she stands at 5'10, and looks nothing like her in the least, since Zephyr is based off Beckensale and Cheryl not. She also appears to be less muscled ,but since she's in her trench coat, it's impossible to say
[01:45] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Really? Why?
[01:45] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> That's good. I'm glad Myria could help you with it
15[01:46] * 13@Jennifer` nods. "She made some more improvements too.:"
[01:46] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Various reasons. To chat the most prominant I suppose. What of yours?
[01:46] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> That's good.
[01:47] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> To bug her.
[01:47] <13Kulix> <Sardis> To bug her.. And why praytell would that be worth your time?
[01:48] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Because it's fun. 6* She gives him a good natured smile
[01:49] <13Kulix> *He gazes down at her, studying her demeanor. He grins after a moment, showing a glint of his teeth* Fun. Yes, I imagine it would be.
15[01:49] * 13@Jennifer` leans over a little. "So are you doing anything tonight?"
[01:49] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> So what's your name? 6* She doesn't seem to be put off by the glint
[01:50] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Yes. 6* She nods.
[01:50] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Sardis Tsinvi. And yours?
[01:51] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Zephyr.
09[01:51] <13@Jennifer`> "Mmm? Anything interesting? Date with Marcus?"
15[01:51] * 13@Jennifer` grins a little, looking a bit chipper then usual.
[01:51] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Well, Zephyr, Perhaps we can search for her together? I'd like to see you two reunited.
[01:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina gives her a mysterious smile. "Maybe. Do you have any plans this evening?"
[01:52] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Really? Why's that? 6* She leans forward, studying him with a mischievious look.
15[01:53] * 13@Jennifer` yawns a little. "Study, practice some guitar and pass out early... unless I can get Natalie to do something."
[01:53] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Just playing my part as a good sumaritan.
[01:54] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Besides, if you find her first you'd have done the work for me.
[01:54] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Mmmmhmm. 6* She smirks, then shrugs. "Sure, we can look together." 6* She peers about the training room, then steps into the hallway. "So, do you like it here?"
[01:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina nods as she listens
[01:55] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Like it here? A place is a place, just like every other. My needs are met, so I suppose I 'like' it here well enough.
[01:56] <13Kulix> *He follows her into the hallway, peering about. " She could be in her room.. I doubt she's in the rec room, she spends her time sleeping and training mostly.. somewhat antisocial I've observed. "
[01:57] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Or at the bar. But yeah, Cheryl's a bit antioscial. So, you don't like this place more or less compared to other places you've been?
[01:58] <13Kulix> <Sardis> I suppose you could say I like this place, as it offers a chance to further my career, and living with humans and erusians alike has been quite an enlightening experience.
[01:59] <13Kulix> <Sardis> When you say Cheryl's sister, do you mean biological?
[01:59] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yeah? That's neat. 6* She pauses as he asks his next question. "Well, we're half-sisters, technically. All the Alphas come from the same mother, but our fathers were different donors."
15[02:00] * 13@Jennifer` smiles at her, "Not sure what that would be, but... I like doing stuff with her."
[02:01] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Interesting. And Cheryl told me she didnt have a mother. Why is that?
[02:02] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Well, we were made as experiments. Ariel didn't really consent - she was unconscious. And even after she had a hand in our lives, she never treated Cheryl like a daughter - more like a sister, than anything.
[02:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina nods. "Have you been making an effort to hang out with other people?"
09[02:03] <13@Jennifer`> "Much as I can... I hang with Chii... kids at school too."
[02:04] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> That's good.
[02:04] <13Kulix> <Sardis> So Alpha Ariel is the mother.. *He trails off, remembering the encounter with alternate Ariel
15[02:04] * 13@Jennifer` sits back a bit and sips her water. "Schedule's pretty busy now though with all the military lessons and keeping straight As."
[02:05] <13Kulix> <Sardis> How did Ariel feel about being used without her consent?
[02:05] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> How's that going?
[02:05] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> She never talked about it.
[02:05] <13Kulix> <Sardis> I imagine it would be quite disconcerting.
[02:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr nods. "Yeah. It would be, I think."
[02:07] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Terrible. Poor Ariel.. *He stops infront of Cheryl's door, knocking twice
09[02:07] <13@Jennifer`> "Less time for fun then I figured... but I'm learnign things, lots of things."
14[02:10] * DeathStar (Gilmore@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
03[02:20] * DeathStar (Gilmore@ has joined #taw
03[02:20] * ChanServ sets mode: +o DeathStar
03[02:21] * DS (Gilmore@ has joined #taw
[02:21] <13DS> 6* Zephyr stops beside Sardis. She seems reflective right now. After a moment, Cheryl opens the door, in her tank top and shorts, looking as if she just woke up. She gives Zephyr a smile, then eyes Sardis, confused
[02:22] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Good morning Cheryl. You look bright and cheery as ever.
[02:23] <13DS> <Zephyr> Good afternoon, Cher. 6* Cheryl straightens up, eyeing the two, then Sardis again. "Ha ha ha"
[02:23] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Ha.
[02:23] <13DS> <Cheryl> What are you two doing together?
14[02:23] * DeathStar (Gilmore@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[02:23] <13Kulix> <Sardis> I found your sister who was looking for you. I decided to accompany her in the search.
03[02:23] * DS is now known as DeathStar
03[02:24] * ChanServ sets mode: +o DeathStar
[02:24] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hi! 6* She gives Cheryl a big hug, causing the woman to eye her.
[02:26] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Yo. 6* She pats Zephyr's head, then eyes Sardis. "Thanks for keeping her company, then, I guess."
[02:28] <13Kulix> <Sardis> It happens. I dont suppose you'd like to visit with me for a while?
[02:28] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> You... ... want to visit. 6* She repeats slowly, eyeing him now. Zephyr peers back, then shrugs. <Zephyr> He seems nice enough to me
[02:30] <13Kulix> *Sardis only smiles back at her charismatically, as if to say " of course! "
[02:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes him, then shrugs. "Come on in then." 6* She moves inside. Her training bot is in there, as well as a bot that looks like her. Zephyr eyes it, and all the parts laying around.
[02:30] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Creepy.
[02:31] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> You shouldn't waste your childhood while you have it, Jennifer. You'll look back and regret not spending more time being a kid
[02:32] <13Kulix> *Sardis enters the room, looking about " So this is what you've been doing with your time? Whats this look alike doing here? "
[02:33] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> It's a pet project. 6* Ben is on the bed, playing with a toy wrench. Zephyr pokes CherylBot.
15[02:33] * 13@Jennifer` frowns a little. "People keep saying that... but what am I not doing...?"
[02:34] <13Kulix> <Sardis> I wasnt aware that you were interested in robotics Cheryl.. *He kneels beside the CherylBot, examining it's components* Planning on using it for pranks?
[02:35] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> You're pretty much busy every day. Most kids your age have time to spend with people outside school and enjoy their weekends.
[02:35] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Something like that. 6* She does her evil smirk. Zephyr shivers
09[02:36] <13@Jennifer`> "Yeah but... most kids don't have to worry about supporting themselves when they turn 18."
[02:36] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> You plan to leave Natalie's care when you turn 18, then?
09[02:37] <13@Jennifer`> "Well... I don't know... I mean... she's already done so much for me. It feels like..."
[02:37] <13Kulix> <Sardis> It would be useful to controll at a distance. *he moves his hand over the bot's face, toying with its expressions to check its articulation
[02:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* It seems to be shut off right now.
[02:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* So it's expressions don't move easily
[02:39] <13Kulix> *Does it's skin feel different?
[02:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* It feels pretty authentic to real skin
[02:39] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Maybe I'll take it out instead of you
[02:40] <13Kulix> *Sardis stands, looking over the bot one last time, trying to pick out any noticeable differences between it and the real Cheryl. This could be trouble.
[02:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina nods slowly. "I still say you'll regret overworking yourself like this. We only get one childhood, Jen.'
[02:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* It seems pretty much like her. It even seems to be pretty real body wise, since it's naked.
[02:41] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Build it yourself? *He turns back to the two of them
[02:42] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Yeah. 6* Zephyr seems to be poking it's breasts, making a creeped out expression
[02:42] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Whats the matter Zephyr?
[02:43] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> It looks and feels real. Creeeeepy.
[02:43] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Maybe I should let it hang out with you more - then I can drink beer and sleep.
[02:46] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Tell me it isnt capable of its own action. One Cheryl is quite enough, but two? I might have to resign.
15[02:46] * 13@Jennifer` frowns a little more and considers. "I... I'm not sure... I really like the traiing and all the cool things I'm learning."
[02:46] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> I'd be a hero. 6* She jokes. "Why, don't like Cheryls?"
[02:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina just nods once, taking her book in hand. "Alright then."
[02:48] <13Kulix> <Sardis> I just dont think I could bare the thought of copycat ruining the unique flavor of life that is our beloved Cheryl. *he jokes back*
09[02:48] <13@Jennifer`> "Think I'm foolish?"
[02:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr peers at the two
[02:49] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> I'm not going to judge you on what you do. If it's what you to do, then you should do what makes you happy. I was just trying to impart some advice on what I think. 6* She gives her a smile.
[02:49] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Well, that's quite nice of you. I'll see if you can tell us apart once it's activated.
[02:50] <13Kulix> <Sardis> I bet you will.
15[02:50] * 13@Jennifer` smiles back and blushes a little. "Oh."
[02:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl watches Ben, navigating him away from the edge of the bed with her hand, then back at Sardis. "After I'm done revamping the training bot, I'll let you take a look at it if you want."
09[02:52] <13@Jennifer`> "What was your childhood like?"
[02:52] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Very pleasant. I had a lot of fun as a kid, especially with John as my brother
[02:53] <13Kulix> <Sardis> Rather generous of you. *He smirks, noding as he watches Cheryl deal with Ben* And here I thought you had no motherly instinct, just a cold killing machine.
[02:53] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> I try to branch out. 6* She notes.
[02:54] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Cheryl's a marshmellow. <Cheryl> KEep that up and I'll beat your ass like I did on the beach
[02:56] <13Kulix> *Sardis blinks, his expression as if a light has gone off in his head. " I see. Actually- I had better get going. I should go make sure Myria hasn't killed herself yet. "
[02:57] <13@DeathStar> -END-

[15:50] <13@DeathStar> 5
[15:50] <13@DeathStar> 4
[15:50] <13@DeathStar> 3
[15:50] <13@DeathStar> 2
[15:50] <13@DeathStar> 1
[15:51] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[15:51] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-589.11.17
[15:51] <13@DeathStar> Location: Hell Quarters
[15:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* X studies the location of Dias' room, as if studying the best way to kill him at night. She stands in the hallway, peering at it
[15:53] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Comic books litter the floor, his bed is not made and there's 2 gold statues resting in the quarters. The walls are covered with various posters of super heroes and chicks in bikini and his closet, opened, only has his uniforms hanging neatly
[15:53] <13@DeathStar> <X> Disgusting
[15:54] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias pops up from behind the side of his bed. 1"Huh? What is?"
[15:54] <13@DeathStar> <X> Your living space.
[15:55] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias peers around. 1"Well it may be a little messy, but it's not disgusting."
[15:56] <13@DeathStar> <X> ...
[15:57] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> What? It's my room. It should reflect who I am. 6He crosses his arms stubbornly now.
[15:57] <13@DeathStar> <X> So you are disgusting?
[15:57] <13@Chad`Winters> No. 6He hrmpfs.
[15:57] <13@Chad`Winters> NRP: Dias
[15:58] <13@DeathStar> <X> You said you reflect your room.
[16:00] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> ...Whatever. 6He grabs his bed and lifts it up, looking under it
[16:00] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... 6* She eyes under his bed now
[16:02] <13@Chad`Winters> 6There's a pile of magazines and comic books under it. Dias just pushes the bed up against the wall and starts fumbling through the comic books and magazines
[16:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* X gets bored after a moment and turns to move on down the hallway
[16:03] <13@Chad`Winters> 6The sound of the bed falling back down can be heard and Dias look at X, a comic book in his hand. 1"Where you going now?"
[16:03] <13@DeathStar> <X> To a less disturbing locale.
[16:04] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> It's just comic books and clothes. What's the big deal?
[16:04] <13@DeathStar> <X> I shall put a match on your floor and demonstrate your room's weakness
[16:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* X stops at her own door, which is next to Dias' room
[16:05] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias' eyes go wide. 1"You wouldn't dare."
[16:05] <13@DeathStar> <X> I would. Hold a moment. 6* She steps into her room, leaving the door open
[16:06] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias slowly leans over to look into her room
[16:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Her room is empty of anything resembling homeliness. Though she does have tons of clothes in the closet. She moves to retrieve some matches on her dresser
[16:08] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Boring. 6He glances around innocently.
[16:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes Dias. "Boring?"
[16:08] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Plain. Dull. Lacking thereof anything that makes it unique.
[16:09] <13@DeathStar> <X> It is just a room
[16:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* X moves for the door with her matches
[16:09] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> And so is mine. You can't say that about your room, without saying that about mine.
[16:10] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... 6* X tries to move past him to the hallway
[16:11] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias shifts slightly. 1"We should totally go buy some stuff to make your room reflect you. And no, no you're not going to burn my room down.
[16:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* X moves toward his room. "My room reflects me." 6* She stops at his room, and begins to try to light a match
[16:12] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias coughs, blowing at the match. 1"So you're saying your plain?
[16:12] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... 6* She lights a match again and drops it in a ripple, so it appears in the middle of the room as it falls.
[16:13] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias freaks out and runs into his room to stomp out the match.
[16:13] <13@DeathStar> 6 *X smiles happily at his expression.
[16:13] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> These things are priceless, X.
[16:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* X crosses her arms. "Then what will you do about it?"
[16:14] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Well I had planned on selling some of them and giving the others to Zephyr.
[16:15] <13@DeathStar> <X> I was referring to my attempt to destroy them. 6* She pauses at the mention of Zephyr. "Is she your woman?"
[16:15] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Huh? Zephyr? Nah, she's just a really good friend.
[16:15] <13@DeathStar> <X> So that is why she gets your comics.
[16:16] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Yeah. If you want some, you can borrow them whenever.
[16:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* X hmphs and begins to walk away. "Whatever. Your comics are stupid." 6* She seems insulted.
[16:17] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> What? Now what did I say wrong?
[16:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* X just fumes as she walks
[16:17] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias slaps his forehead with his free hand and moves out after her. 1"Seriously, what now?"
[16:18] <13@DeathStar> <X> She is given comics, yet I can only borrow them. 6* She notes sourly.
[16:18] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Oh. 6He rubs the back his neck than holds out the one he pulled out from the pile under his bed. 1"You can have this one."
[16:19] <13@DeathStar> <X> As if I would want your weak attempt at friendship. I will kill you one day when our agreement is done.
[16:20] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Hah, yet you'd get mad that I didn't give you one.
[16:20] <13@DeathStar> 6 *X pauses, twitching at that, not knowing how to come back
[16:21] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> That's what I thought. Take it. 6He holds it out to her still
[16:21] <13@DeathStar> <X> No.
[16:22] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Than don't take it. Instead, I'll just pile the comics infront of your door until you finally accept them.
[16:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* X crosses her arms. "I want the comics that you were going to give this Zephyr, then."
[16:22] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> But than what will I give her?
[16:24] <13@DeathStar> <X> I do not care.
[16:26] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Fine, I'l let her know. 6He sighs.
[16:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* X seems appeased again, and looks relaxed. "Does this mean...we are ... friends?" 6* She asks carefully
[16:27] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias looks at her. 1"Well yeah."
[16:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* X seems queasy at the idea
[16:30] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Something wrong?
[16:31] <13@DeathStar> <X> It is my duty to eliminate you, not think of you fondly and enjoy your company.
[16:32] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Huh...Makes sense I suppose. 6He rubs the back of his neck. 1"Well you'll figure it out eventually."
[16:33] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... ... 6* She eyes Dias. "Do you...want to be friends?"
[16:34] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> It's better than enemies.
[16:34] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Scar walks up and slaps X's back. "I'll be your friend; your special friend. Here, have this drink." 6* He holds out a glass of red juice
[16:34] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias eyes the red juice and quickly grabs it, downing it.
[16:34] <13@DeathStar> <Scar> DUDE!
[16:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* X stares, then eyes Dias. "You took his offering to me."
[16:35] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Yeah... you're not giving her any of King Red's fruit.
[16:35] <13@DeathStar> <Scar> She's totally fuckable. I've never done a purple haired chick before
[16:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes them both
[16:35] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Than dye wolf's hair purple.
[16:36] <13@DeathStar> <Scar> Come on, share the love. You're after the Cheryl girl anyway.
09[16:37] <13@Sam> * Wolf at that moment leans in. "Hard to dye dark hair."
[16:38] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Bleach it first.
[16:38] <13@DeathStar> <Scar> Fine. LEts see. That leaves...SPoC. 6* He gets another cup ready and heads off
[16:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* X watches him go. "I do not like him."
[16:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* X lifts her hand as if to blast him
09[16:39] <13@Sam> * Wolf sighs and follows after him. "I'll give it a try." *She stops to stand in X's way, a look in her eyes.
[16:39] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias rests his hand on hers. 1"He's an alright guy. You just gotta watch him carefully."
[16:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes Wolf. "Are you challenging me?"
09[16:39] <13@Sam> Wolf> "If you're attempting to hurt Scar, any time."
[16:39] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias eeps and shifts between the two. 1"Woh there Wolf. Go chase down your horn dog of a guy."
[16:40] <13@DeathStar> <X> I'll destroy you. 6* She notes to Wolf.
09[16:41] <13@Sam> * Wolf glances at Dias and sighs. She looks back at X. "Not before I rip out your throat. Any time X." *She turns and walks after Scar.
[16:41] <13@DeathStar> <X> Now will be fine.
[16:41] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> There's be no destroying of anyone. 6He quickly looks at X. 1"She's just mad at you because Scar's getting bored with her."
09[16:41] <13@Sam> * Wolf turns and has a gun out and charging, not sure which target to aim at yet. "What was that?"
[16:41] <13@DeathStar> <X> I will be glad to destroy you now.
[16:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Scar slides into the rec room, and holds out a glass to SPoC. "Hey, you look thirsty. Here you go."
[16:42] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias looks over at Wolf. 1"Drop the gun, or I'll call Paladin. Now."
[16:42] <13@Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks at the glass, eyeing it. 1"I did not request anything to drink."
[16:42] <13@DeathStar> <Scar> I know, but I wanted to offer it to you, to get to know you
09[16:43] <13@Sam> Wolf> "Then you can explain to him that Miss Parole is threatening people."
[16:43] <13@DeathStar> <X> I am not threatening you. You said you wanted to battle.
[16:43] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Scar techinically tried to give her a roofie.
09[16:43] <13@Sam> Wolf> "Scar tried it with the kid too, we all know he's harmless."
[16:43] <13@Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I see. Thank you very much. 6She takes the glass and sets it down on the coffee table infront of her.
[16:44] <13@DeathStar> <Scar> It would make me happy if you drank it now. 6* He notes.
[16:44] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Uh huh. If you really think that, than you're not that bright. So walk away.
[16:44] <13@Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks up at Scar 1"But I am not thirsty at this time. Plus I am also busy drawing."
09[16:45] <13@Sam> * Wolf narrows her eyes at Dias. That doesn't encourage her to move.
[16:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Sensors begin to beep, detecting the weapon charging. The cameras turn to focus on Wolf.
[16:45] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Fair enough. 6He taps his comm. 1"Paladin, we have a situation."
[16:46] <13@DeathStar> <Paladin on Comm> What's going on?
09[16:46] <13@Sam> * Wolf still doesn't move.
[16:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Scar gives her a sad, pleading look
[16:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* X stands there, wiating for Wolf to begin the battle, it seems.
[16:46] <13@Chad`Winters> <DiasComm> Quickly put, Wolf won't lower her gun at X.
09[16:47] <13@Sam> * Wolf keeps the weapon aimed, threats and intimidation just seem to piss her off.
[16:48] <13@DeathStar> <Paladin on Comm> Wolf, holster your weapon immediately.
09[16:48] <13@Sam> * Wolf holsters it slowly. "Sir."
[16:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin steps into the hallway. "Explain yourself, immediately."
[16:49] <13@Chad`Winters> 6SPoC frowns then takes the glass, taking a quick drink and setting it down. 1"There. Are you satisifed now?"
09[16:49] <13@Sam> Wolf> "Do the words 'I will destroy you' carry any weight with people these days or am I just the only one?"
[16:49] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> You did threaten her.
[16:49] <13@DeathStar> <X> You said you wanted to attack me. I agreed to destroy you.
09[16:49] <13@Sam> Wolf> "After."
[16:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin eyes the two, then Wolf.
[16:50] <13@DeathStar> <Paladin> Did you say you wanted to attack her?
09[16:50] <13@Sam> Wolf> "You got ready to go after Scar, I got in your way. You're the one who started with the threats."
[16:50] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> She simply said she didn't like him.
09[16:50] <13@Sam> Wolf> "I said I'd challenge her if she started attacking."
[16:50] <13@DeathStar> <X> To go after Scar? I had no intentions of injuring him. I merely intended to make him walk into a wall for trying to poison me.
09[16:51] <13@Sam> Wolf> "That's injuring."
[16:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin crosses his arms. "Wolf. You pulled your gun on her for that? You didn't even think to handle it or contact me?"
[16:51] <13@DeathStar> <X> If that is injuring, then you are in the wrong line of work
09[16:51] <13@Sam> Wolf> "I'm sorry, I'm supposed to let her attack and THEN get help?"
03[16:52] * Xanatos (jbobo@h229.227.90.75.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) has joined #taw
03[16:52] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Xanatos
[16:52] <13@DeathStar> <X> I was not going to attack you until you finished initiating a challenge.
[16:52] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias crosses his arms, still standing between the two
[16:52] <13@DeathStar> <Paladin> I don't see how walking int oa wall is an attack. If Scar has been trying to poison people, that puts him in big trouble
09[16:52] <13@Sam> Wolf> "Well there was no threat then, because my gun wasn't goign to go off till you made a move."
[16:52] <13@DeathStar> <Paladin> You pulled a gun on her and didn't think to work it out. Wolf, give me your weapons right now.
[16:52] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Let's atleast clarify that it's not poison but King Red's fruit juice.
09[16:53] <13@Sam> Wolf> "Sir, I don't think to work things out with people who've tried to kill us before."
[16:53] <13@DeathStar> <PAladin> Don't back talk me, Wolf. Do as I ordered.
[16:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin holds out his hand, clearly angry.
09[16:53] <13@Sam> Wolf> *growls and pulsl the gun out, handing it to him*\
[16:54] <13@DeathStar> <Paladin> If your solution is to pull a gun on any situation, then you're clearly in the wrong unit. You're going to your quarters until I say otherwise. Now I'm going to deal wiht Scar and his attempts at drugging people for sex.
[16:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin walks away.
[16:54] <13@DeathStar> <Paladin> And Dias. Keep a tighter leash on X.
09[16:54] <13@Sam> WOlf> "Maybe I am."
[16:55] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Yes, Sir. 6He frowns, clearly not happy with this.
[16:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin eyes Wlf's backtalk
09[16:55] <13@Sam> * Wolf walks to her quarters, giving the other two a look of death.
[16:55] <13@DeathStar> <PAladin> That's it. You're off the unit.
[16:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin walks on now
09[16:55] <13@Sam> Wolf> "Fuck it. I'll be packed in an hour."
[16:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* X watches the chaos going on, then eyes Wolf.
[16:56] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Come on, X.
[16:56] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias motions down the hallway, the opposite way
[16:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* X begins to follow Dias, obeying
[16:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* PAladin steps into the rec room while Scar eagerly awaits to see if SPoC is getting horny. "My office. Now." 6 *Scar looks up, then frowns and stands
[16:57] <13@Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks at Paladin. 1"Sir?"
[16:58] <13@DeathStar> <Paladin> If he's given you anything to drink, have yourself checked out. 6* He orders SPoC, then grabs Scar and hauls him toward his office
09[16:58] <13@Sam> * Wolf gets to her room and starts packing her bags.
[16:59] <13@Chad`Winters> <SPoC> Understood. She stands up, grabbing her things and quickly moves out to the medical bay.
[16:59] <13@DeathStar> <X> I do not understand. Am I not allowed to challenge people?
[17:00] <13@DeathStar> <X> Or accept challenges.
[17:00] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> There's a place and a time for them, X. 6he rubs the back of his necj,
[17:00] <13@DeathStar> <X> Where is the place and when is the time?
09[17:01] <13@Sam> * Wolf finishes, not having much that isn't regulation, and grabs her things, a dark look on her face, she starts to head out.
[17:01] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias For example, me and Cheryl'll talk a lot of smack to each other and we'll challenge each other to a sparring match in the training room.
[17:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Wolf's door is locked on her. It seems she'll be escorted when Paladin's ready
09[17:01] <13@Sam> * Wolf growls and sits on her bed, brooding.
[17:02] <13@Chad`Winters> 6SPoC steps into the medical bay, slightly flustered.
[17:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* The doctor looks at SPoC. "Fever?"
[17:02] <13@DeathStar> <X> So I challenge them to face me in the training room?
[17:03] <13@Chad`Winters> <SPoC> No. I drank something that the general wanted me to get checked out on. 6She sits down, breathing heavily now
[17:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* The doctor nods and begins to run scans. "Looks like you've been given an aphrodisiac." 6* He gets some drugs to counter it
09[17:05] <13@Sam> * Wolf punches a wall and grumbles, slowly calming, even if she can't stop looking pissed off. "Fucker kicks me off because the bitch threatens me... what the fucking hell."
[17:06] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> It get's kinda complicated I guess. When Cheryl and I have sparring matches over something like that, we have no intention to kill or injure each other badly. Just to make the other person back down or give up.
[17:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin finishes with Scar and transferring Wolf, and two guards arrive to escort Wolf off the premises.
[17:06] <13@DeathStar> <X> I did not say I would kill her. I merely intended to destroy her. Is that not the point of a fight?
15[17:06] * 13@Sam looks up at them. "Take me to the commander first please."
09[17:06] <13@Sam> * Wolf
[17:06] <13@DeathStar> <Guard> No, ma'am. Our orders are to take you off base.
[17:06] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> When you say destroy, what do you mean?
09[17:07] <13@Sam> Wolf> "Comm him, tell him I want to talk."
[17:07] <13@DeathStar> <Guard> No ma'am. IF you don't follow us, we'll be forced to stun you.
[17:07] <13@DeathStar> <Guard> If you want to contact the General later at your new base, you may do so then
09[17:07] <13@Sam> Wolf> 'I'm coming, comm him."
[17:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* The guard stuns Wolf instantly.
09[17:08] <13@Sam> * Wolf slumps over, having been in the middle of standing up to go.
[17:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* The guards just carry her off.
[17:08] <13@DeathStar> <X> Completely defeat her capability to wage the battle
[17:09] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Maybe you could use defeat instead of destroy since it comes off as if you're going to kill the person.
[17:11] <13@DeathStar> <X> Alright.
[17:12] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> There's a place and a time for when you should fight someone. When it comes to disputes between between here, fighting should be your last resort.
[17:13] <13@DeathStar> <X> I would not have attacked her if she did not accept a challenge. It would be aggressive if I did
[17:14] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias looks at her, than nods. 1"I believe you. So now that that's all taken care of, what do you wanna do?"
[17:15] <13@DeathStar> <X> I don't know.
[17:16] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> I still think we should decorate your room.
[17:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* X looks at him. "Why?"
09[17:19] <13@Sam> * Jennifer meanwhile, has a sandwich, and it is delicious.
09[17:19] <13@Sam> * Jennifer sits in the mess hall, studying as she eats.
[17:19] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Cuz it'd be cool.
[17:20] <13@Xanatos> 6* Theron sits down across from her, also with sandwich, he tilts his head to peer at her and discover what she is studying.
09[17:21] <13@Sam> * Jennifer seems to be looking at a math book, a history book closed nearby it.
[17:22] <13@Xanatos> <Theron> Study for exams, perhaps?
[17:22] <13@Xanatos> NRP: studying.
[17:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes him. "We shall see."
09[17:22] <13@Sam> Jennifer> *looks up and swallows a bite* Studying all the time... gotta keep my grades up."
[17:23] <13@Xanatos> <Theron> You're correct, grades are most important. However, are you keeping up with your training like I asked?
[17:24] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> So how are you enjoying being able to walk around freely?
09[17:24] <13@Sam> * Jennifer nods. "Going through motions as part of my physical training."
[17:24] <13@DeathStar> <X> It is typically interesting.
[17:25] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Well, you do look a lot better.
[17:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* X glances at him. "How does my look appear better?"
[17:26] <13@Xanatos> <Theron> I hope you have not forgone the practices with the weapon I loaned you. *he says with a slight nod*
[17:27] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> You look healthier now that you're out and about, compared to how you used to always look rund down
[17:27] <13@DeathStar> <X> Yes.
[17:28] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Well that's good.
09[17:28] <13@Sam> * Jennifer shakes her head. "I'm practicing every chance I get."
[17:29] <13@Xanatos> 6* Theron bows his head, and then takes a bite of his sandwich. He eats at a steady pace, then swallows and speaks again. 1"If you need furthur instruction, do not hesitate to ask."
[17:31] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Well as long as everything keeps going the way they do, I bet Paladin might allow you to come on missions with us.
09[17:31] <13@Sam> Jennifer> 'I'd always like to learn more." *she closes the math book, done with the chapeter*
[17:31] <13@DeathStar> <X> That is unlikely. People see me as an enemy still
[17:31] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Than change their views.
[17:32] <13@DeathStar> <X> Why would I care to change their views?
[17:32] <13@Xanatos> <Theron> Of course. However you must not overwork yourself. You are yet still a youth.
[17:33] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> You want to come on missions, right?
[17:33] <13@DeathStar> <X> No. Why would I desire to aid you all?
09[17:33] <13@Sam> * Jennifer frowns a little. 'I know... I know..."
[17:34] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Why would you not want to?
[17:35] <13@Xanatos> 6* Theron tilts his head and holds up a slight hand, as if to keep her from going into a rant, probably something he picked up from being around Myria so much. 1"Perhaps I could teach you the art of meditation. If you have not already learned it."
[17:35] <13@DeathStar> <X> You are my enemy.
09[17:35] <13@Sam> * Jennifer blinks a bit. "I haven't really..."
[17:36] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Everyone else isn't tho.
[17:36] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... If your General wants my aid, then he can ask. But I will not 'prove' myself.
[17:36] <13@Xanatos> <Theron> It is quite excellent in clearing ones mind. Perhaps it will help you from feeling... 6* He pauses, as if thinking of the right word.*1 "Overwhelmed."
[17:36] <13@Chad`Winters> 6SPoC looks at the doctor than nods. 1"Thank you very much. I feel much better now."
[17:37] <13@DeathStar> <Doctor> I'm glad. You're very lucky, young lady. Men use this to rape women and make them think they're willing participants.
[17:38] <13@Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I will take note of this. Thank you again. 6She goes to stand up
09[17:39] <13@Sam> * Jennifer looks down a little. "It is all a bit much... but I want to help the team as much as I can. It's..."
[17:40] <13@Xanatos> 6* Theron finished up his sandwich while she talks, he tilts his head slightly. 1"Perhaps you feel as if you owe the team some sort of dept?"
[17:40] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Fair enough. Give them enough time and they'll see you as an ally and a friend
[17:41] <13@DeathStar> <X> Doubtful.
09[17:42] <13@Sam> * Jennifer nods, "That's some of it... you guys have saved me on more then one occasion... but you're also Dad's team, the people he trusted to help him on missions... I guess it's a sort of... duty."
[17:43] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> You'd be surprised.
[17:43] <13@DeathStar> <X> People seem quick to shoot me or attack me or poison me. 6* She sounds jaded
[17:43] <13@Xanatos> <Theron> Jennifer, I do not believe that your father wanted this sort of life for you. It was this life that led to is early demise.
[17:44] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> You can't use your experiences with people like Wolf or Scar to decide how everyone else will treat you.
[17:44] <13@DeathStar> <X> IX attempted to end my life as well despite me staying in my cell
[17:45] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> She's an idiot. And if I could find her, I'd bop her head for doing it too.
[17:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* X looks at him. "You would hit her for me?"
15[17:45] * 13@Sam looks down a little. "He wanted me to decide for myself what I wanted... I want to do good with my life, like he did."
09[17:45] <13@Sam> * Jennifer
[17:46] <13@Xanatos> <Theron> Very well. *he bows his head once, not one to argue* Then perhaps you should meet me tomorrow so I can futhur assist your training.
[17:46] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> What she did was wrong and unfair, it's not something I look highly on.
09[17:47] <13@Sam> * Jennifer nods a little, "Alright. What time?"
[17:48] <13@Xanatos> 6* Theron glances up slightly, thinking. 1" I will leave that up to you. If I am not on a mission, I will be free."
09[17:49] <13@Sam> Jennifer> "Okay."
[17:50] <13@Xanatos> 6* Theron stands and bows slightly. 1"Good day." 6* He turns and steps for the exit.
09[17:50] <13@Sam> * Jennifer smiles a bit. "You too Theron."
[17:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* X nods slowly
[17:51] <13@DeathStar> <X> Do you like me better than IX?
[17:51] <13@Xanatos> 6* Theron says nothing else, since nothing else should be said, and he steps out like that, leaving Jennifer to herself.
[17:52] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Well yeah.
09[17:52] <13@Sam> * Jennifer frowns and sits in her teenage confusion. She sighs and puts the books away.
[17:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* X nods, and likes Dias a bit more
[17:52] <13@DeathStar> -END-

[01:10] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-589.11.22
[01:10] <13@DeathStar> Location: THE PARK
[01:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* X wears a light coat for the weather, earmuffs on, and a hat. She stands there, eyeing the fall going on winter scene of the park, then slowly looks at Dias
[01:11] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias claps his hands together, wearing a a heavy hooded sweatshirt and a stocking cap. 1"So what do you think so far?
[01:13] <13@DeathStar> <X> I am not impressed
[01:14] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Really? 6He looks over at her now.
[01:14] <13@DeathStar> <X> Really.
[01:15] <13Kit> <Lilith> I like such places." 6She wears a heavy coat over an outfit of khaki shorts, a grey tank top and a small vest, the runes on her arms and legs and face visible as always, light on her dusky skin. Despite this, she doesn't complain about the cold.
[01:15] <13@DeathStar> <X> It looks dead.
[01:15] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Huh...6He rubs his hands together. 1"Well it is fall."
[01:16] <13@DeathStar> <X> Then it is more impressive in not-fall?
[01:17] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> You could say that. 6He eyes the trees. 1"I'm sure when the leaves turn colors it's even more impressive, well atleast for those that can see color.
[01:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes the trees, peering at the various colors.
[01:19] <13Kit> <Lilith> It is peaceful.
[01:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* X squints, seemingly restless with peaceful.
15[01:22] * 13@Chad`Winters reaches up, adjusting his stocking cap. He than checks his watch.
03[01:22] * Chad`Winters is now known as Dias`
[01:23] <13@DeathStar> 6*X squints at him checking his watch now. "You have somewhere to be?"
[01:23] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Nope. Just timing things.
[01:23] <13@DeathStar> <X> Timing?
[01:24] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Yeah. The ramen shop about 3 blocks away has kick ass lunch special.
[01:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes him, then eyes the park. "What do we do in a park? Stare at it?"
[01:25] <13@Dias`> <Dias> You know how you meditated and stuff? 6He looks at her again.
[01:27] <13@DeathStar> <X> Yeah.
[01:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* X peers about the park, eyeing some kids play on a playground.
[01:28] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Think of it as the same thing, than.
[01:28] <13@Dias`> <Dias> A way for some people to wind down, relax.
[01:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes Dias again, then the park. She looks at Lilith. "Are you relaxed?"
[01:28] <13Kit> <Lilith> Yes, mistress.
[01:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* X hmms.
[01:30] <13@Dias`> <Dias> So what do you think of the park now? 6He looks at her curiously
[01:30] <13@DeathStar> <X> Boring. 6* She admits.
[01:31] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Yeah, can't argue that. 6He nods in agreement. 1"What isn't boring than?"
[01:31] <13@DeathStar> <X> The base.
[01:33] <13@Dias`> <Dias> So you hungry yet?
[01:33] <13@DeathStar> <X> I could consume food. 6* She nods once, then points at the playground. "What's that?"
15[01:35] * 13@Dias` looks over at the playground then at her. 1"It's a playground. A place to have fun. He looks at her, curiously. 1"Want to check it out?"
[01:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* X nods once. She moves toward it
15[01:35] * 13@Dias` shoves his hand in hoody pocket and follos after her.
[01:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* X moves over and stares at all the swings being used. She watches them a bit, then gets impatient, clearly wanting to try it
[01:36] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Try them out. 6He motions.
[01:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* X nods and moves over, shoving a kid off a swing, and sits down.
[01:37] <13Kit> 6Lilith moves quickly to catch the kid before its injured. She sets the child down, blinking at X.
15[01:37] * 13@Dias` winces. 1"Without pushing a kid off."
[01:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* X pauses. "How was I to try it, then?"
[01:38] <13@Dias`> My fault. I should've told you to wait until a kid was done.
[01:38] <13@DeathStar> <X> Oh. So I was not suppose to do that. 6* She pauses, frowning, eyeing the kid, who begins to cry. She awkwardly stands so he can have it back
[01:39] <13@Dias`> The least you can do is say you're sorry.
[01:39] <13@DeathStar> <X> T-Tch. I am ... ... s-sorry. 6* She mumbles.
[01:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* The kid hmphs, sticks it's tongue out, and resumes swinging
[01:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* X blinks, then raises her hand, mad.
[01:41] <13@Dias`> 6Dias rubs the back of his neck as he watches the scene. 1"X, he's just a kid."
[01:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* X pauses, then drops her hand. She looks down
[01:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Two arms grab Lilith from behind in a hug. "Now here's a sight I don't see often." 6* Drake says in greeting.
[01:43] <13@Dias`> <Dias> We'll wait until one opens up than you can swing on it all you want. 6He glances back at Drake, studying him.
[01:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* X peers at Drake now, studying him. "It is Lilith's special friend." 6* She notes curiously.
[01:43] <13@Ariel> 6* Raquel stands off at a distance... having accompanied Drake, but hesitant to move any close having seen the others.
[01:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* X pauses, then glances in the direction of Raquel, her violet eyes widening a bit, though she doesn't register outright shock
[01:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* She shifts behind Dias slowly.
[01:45] <13@Dias`> Drake. 6He eyes X. 1"Something wrong?"
[01:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake leans around as he hugs Lilith with one arm, using his hand to casually brush her tail with the other nonchalantly. "Hellow, Dias."
[01:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* He gives the man a lopsided grin. Other than a beard, Drake hasn't seemed to age much, still sporting his sword, despite wearing a nice coat and jeans.
[01:46] <13@DeathStar> <X> ...
[01:47] <13Kit> 6Lilith slowly turns to eye Drake, then jerks. 1"....!?"
[01:47] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Surprised to see you out and about. 6He looks at Drake again.
[01:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake gives her a smile, eyes closed, looking completely innocent, his hand still on her tail, playing with it.
[01:48] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> I got reports of supernatural things gathering around Tokyo, apparantly. So I decided to return home.
[01:48] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Huh? 6He looks at him, concern on his face.
[01:49] <13Kit> 6Lilith seems to have frozen since he did that. 1"...S-Supernatural... around Tokyo..?" 6Her eyes narrow seriously. 1"That explains my dreams, however, what does it mean?"
[01:49] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> I'm sure it's nothing - only minor critters right now.
[01:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* X continues to peer past them all toward Raquel right now
[01:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake leans in toward Lilith. "Am I in your dreams?" 6* He teases.
[01:50] <13@Ariel> 6* Raquel refuses to look at X, as if finding the ground much more interesting.
[01:50] <13@Dias`> 6Dias makes a face at Drake. 1"Thats just creepy man. I never saw you as a furry." He looks at the swings. 1"Hey X, there's one open."
[01:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes the swings, then turns. "I am returning to base." 6* She moves off.
[01:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake raises a goodnatured brow at Dias.
[01:51] <13@Dias`> 6Dias tisks and moves after her. 1"Forget about the base. Let's get something to eat."
[01:51] <13@DeathStar> <X> I am not hungry. 6 *She pauses, eyeing Lilith. "You may speak here for a while with your special friend if you want. You can return to the base later."
[01:52] <13Kit> <Lilith> I need to stay near...
[01:53] <13@DeathStar> <X> I will be fine. Stay this once. 6* She notes, turning and moving again.
[01:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake puts a hand to his chin, watching X retreat, then hmms. "I guess seeing Raquel isn't easy on your young master."
[01:54] <13@Dias`> 6Dias puts his hands behind his head as he moves after her again. 1"No, really. You gotta try some of this ramen. It'll totally fill you up and make you forget whatever's bugging you."
[01:54] <13Kit> <Lilith> ...Perhaps not." 6She eyes Drake. 1"... Will you kindly quit touching my tail? It is making me uneasy."
[01:54] <13Kit> <Lilith> I have been ordered to remain for a time. Is there something you wished to discuss?
[01:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake lets go. "Sorry. IT was my way of flirting."
[01:54] <13@Ariel> 6* Raquel bites her lip. She came here with Drake, but she wonders if she should just leave... her presence isn't appreciated, and she never expected it would be.
[01:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake crosses her arms. "Would you like to talk with Raquel?"
[01:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes Dias. "That is unlikely. She is in the park." 6* She mutters, holding her chest
[01:56] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Who?
[01:56] <13Kit> <Lilith> ...IX would speak with me?
[01:56] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Her name is Raquel, Tomoe.
[01:56] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> And I'm sure she'd like to speak with you.
[01:56] <13@Ariel> 6* Raquel cringes... Lilith doesn't even respect her enough to use her name any more...
[01:56] <13@DeathStar> <X> Weapon IX. 6* She pauses, then peers around. "Where is your food place?"
[01:57] <13Kit> 6Lilith glances toward Raquel. 1"Lady Raquel seems ready to flight, to me."
[01:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake strokes Lil's tail once. "Go on. Talk to her."
15[01:57] * 13@Dias` raises a brow. 1"Wait right here. I need to bop her quick."
[01:58] <13@DeathStar> <X> I will be gone when you get back. I am not an inugami who will stay patiently because you order it.
[01:58] <13Kit> 6Lilith jerks again, blushing. She frowns at Drake furiously, then lashes her tail away from him, moving toward Raquel.
[01:58] <13@Dias`> WHat if it's because I ask you to?
[01:58] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hmph. You are my enemy.
[01:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake stretches, peering toward the sky.
[02:00] <13@Ariel> 6* Raquel doesn't run off... she's not going to run away, but she doesn't turn to face Lilith.
[02:00] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Alright. 6He points. 1"Head out that way. Head east for 2 blocks and you'll find a line up of shops. It'll be the ramen shop on the right side, in the center.
[02:00] <13Kit> 6Lilith stands there silently, staring at Raquel's back.
[02:01] <13@DeathStar> <X> You are not going as well?
[02:01] <13@Dias`> <Dias> I gotta bop Raquel as per earlier statement.
[02:01] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hmph. Then why should I go as you tell me if you are not going? I could run away and escape. 6* She notes stubbornly.
[02:02] <13@Ariel> Raquel> "......"
[02:02] <13@Dias`> I planned on catching up. Unless you want to wait for me.
[02:03] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... 6* She just walks off in the direction indicated.
[02:04] <13@Dias`> 6Dias sighs then turns off towards Lilith. 1"Raquel. I'd bop you so hard right now for pulling a Lilith but I've got more important things to deal with. 6He scowls and turns, moving after X.
[02:05] <13Kit> 6Lilith shifts her head slowly toward Dias, narrowing her eyes. 1"Pulling a 'Lilith?'"
[02:05] <13@Ariel> 6* Raquel sighs and just falls to her knees, trying to deal with too much right now.
[02:06] <13Kit> <Lilith> Lowborn monkey.
[02:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake quirks a brow at that. "Lowborn monkey? Why Tomoe."
[02:06] <13Kit> <Lilith> ...What?" 6She looks embarassed, but angry.
[02:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake laughs at that. "That's hilariously rude coming from you."
[02:07] <13@Dias`> 6Dias catches upto X, matching her pace. His hands shift into his hoody pocket. 1"Sorry 'bout that."
[02:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* X looks straight ahead, not responding. Her mood seems to be a bad one
[02:08] <13@Dias`> 6Dias sighs. 1"Now what did I do?"
[02:08] <13@DeathStar> <X> It is not always about you, II.
[02:09] <13Kit> <Lilith> He is the rude one!
[02:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake breaks into a fit of coughs after laughing hard. He turns to lean on the swing
[02:10] <13Kit> <Lilith> To use my name, even a pseudonym, synonymously with betrayal is unforgiveable!
[02:10] <13Kit> 6Lilith stomps, balling her hands. 1"I would never betray a friend!"
[02:10] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Ok, ok. I'm sorry. You're upset, I'd just like to know why."
[02:10] <13@Ariel> Raquel> "......"
[02:10] <13@DeathStar> <X> I do not like Weapon IX.
[02:10] <13Kit> <Lilith> An insult to one's honor is perceivable as death itself!
[02:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake coughs harder into his fist, taking a few moments to get air back in his lungs, listening to Lilith rant amusedly.
[02:11] <13Kit> 6Lilith rants to Drake.
[02:11] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Fair enough. And you have all the right to be.
[02:12] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hm. 6* She stops at the location indicated by Dias earlier, peering at it
[02:12] <13@Dias`> <Dias> This is it. 6He motions.
[02:12] <13@Ariel> Raquel> *speaks quietly* "...it wasn't really an unrealistic comparison..."
[02:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes it, then steps in, taking an empty seat without finding out if she should be seated
[02:14] <13Kit> 6Lilith jerks, eyeing Rauqel with terrified eyes. She clenches her jaw, then looks to Drake. 1"I have stayed a time." 6Then begins to march off.
[02:14] <13@Dias`> 6Dias plops down beside her, ordering up a beef bowl. He than grabs a menu and holds it to her.
[02:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake crosses his arms, peering at Lilith as she walks by him. "Before you go, Lilith, might I ask something?"
[02:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes the menu, then ends up saying beef bowl.
[02:15] <13Kit> <Lilith> No. Not near the reaper of my soul.
[02:16] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Hm. I see. 6* He peers down, not hiding a slightly hurt expression
[02:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake coughs into his fist again, standing up from the swing
[02:17] <13@Dias`> <Dias> They're good. 6He takes the menu and puts it away. 1"And to finish this off, we'll get you some ice cream afterwards if you want."
[02:18] <13@DeathStar> <X> No. 6* She notes, not a fan of ice cream apparantly, since biting into it
[02:19] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Hmmm. Stop at a candy store?
[02:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake shakes his hand after the cough, pulling out a cloth and wiping it slowly.
[02:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* X shakes her head. "No."
[02:21] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Alright. Comic store?
[02:22] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... ... I guess so
[02:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake turns and begins to walk away along the park now, putting his hands behind his back as he walks
[02:23] <13Kit> 6Lilith calmly leaves the park and walks down the streets back toward the base-- once near it, she forms the gauntlet for her left hand and rears it back, decimating a lamp post into a shape resembling it were made of tin foil. More as a sign to X of where she is from the spike in signature.
[02:23] <13@Dias`> 6Dias eyes the beef bowls arrive and rubs his hands together eagerly.
[02:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* X lifts her head, trying to sense if Lilith would like her to go to her
[02:24] <13@Ariel> 6* Raquel hears Drake foot steps, and gets up so not to be left behind by him, sparing Lilith a glance from hurt eyes before she hurries after Drake
[02:24] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Raquel. You need to grow up. 6* He states to her as she catches up. His tone is calm. "You really need to grow up."
15[02:26] * 13@Dias` grabs a fork and jams it into his bowl, twisting it up
[02:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* X peers at the bowls, then takes her utensils, still trying to decide if Lilith wants her to go back to base. She sends her a ping of sorts to her location, if she wants to go there
[02:27] <13@Ariel> Raquel> "What... am I supposed to do...?"
[02:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake turns to eye her, for once not looking happy with her. "Not turn your back. Don't sulk and sit on the ground going woe is me all the time . Try opening your mouth and trying to fix things that are broken instead of issuing snide remarks to people and hoping they baby you all the time. You're not the only victim in this little drama you got going, but if you're not going to make the effort, then you can just lose everything."
[02:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake turns and walks on again
[02:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* X begins to mimic Dias' style of eating
[02:30] <13@Ariel> Raquel> "I... I don't know how... I..." She bites her lip, "I repent... they don't care... I hurt... they deny that it's true..."
15[02:30] * 13@Dias` shoves the food into his mouth, enjoying the bowl of beef ramen
[02:31] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Repent? You haven't repented it, RAquel. 6* He turns finally, having had enough. "And they haven't denied you anything. You're enjoying twisting yourself up in this trama. Not once have you walked up to Lilith and said, "I want us to be friends together. I miss you." You'd rather stare at the ground and comment about her betrayal. Grow up.
[02:31] <13@DeathStar> *drama
[02:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* X doesn't quite shove it, but does eat it a bit more messily than she would normally.
15[02:33] * 13@Dias` swallows a big bite then looks over at X. 1"So?"
[02:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* X swallows some. "IT is ... good." 6* She nods.
[02:33] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Feeling better?
[02:34] <13@Ariel> Raquel> "THEY DENY THAT THEY DID ANYTHING THAT HURT ME! They refuse to ACKNOWLEDGE that they've done anything wrong! I... I know I've done bad things... I regret it... especially with Chad... I wish I could take things back... but I know I can't and I have to live with things... but them... they... they pretend..."
[02:34] <13@DeathStar> 6*X Shrugs.
[02:35] <13@Ariel> Raquel> "...I don't want to hurt them... I want to be able to know that they don't want to hurt me..."
[02:36] <13@Dias`> Hmmm. 6He goes back to mowing down his food.
[02:36] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Raquel. Stay alone. 6* He says harshly, stepping forward. "Because if that's what you want, then you're never going to have friends again. Because if you're not willing to forgive and forget and expect a big "sorry for hurting you", then you can keep being there like a spoiled child . That isn't what this was ever about - Lilith had her reasons, and you had yours. What you're incapable of doing is asking for friendship again.
[02:36] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> And that - that pisses me off more than anything.
[02:37] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Frankly, your eye for eye justice is what got you cut off from everything, thinking this entire time you should be given your due. Well, guess what, Raquel - you got no due coming. You only got the option of trying to get Lilith back in your life. So if you can't take that much, then you can take nothing
[02:37] <13@Ariel> Raquel> "...I don't expect a sorry. I didn't ask for a sorry..."
[02:38] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Then quit saying that they deny hurting you. You hurt them right back. You hurt Chad. You hurt Aya. Everyone has hurt everyone.
[02:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake eyes her. "All that's life is you opening your damn mouth and trying to get what you want back - your friendship. That's it.
[02:38] <13@DeathStar> *left
[02:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eats like Dias.
[02:40] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> And let me tell you kid, telling Lilith what you just did instead of trying to talk to her about your friendship, that's not going to get yo uanything. Staring away from her at the ground ain't gonna get you anything. Looking her in the eye and telling her what you want just might. But if you are incapable of that, then quit trying right now
[02:40] <13@Ariel> Raquel> "...if your sister betrayed you... hurt you more than anyone else... then denied to your face that she caused you any pain... what would you do, Drake?"
[02:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake leans forward. "If I wanted my sister back in my life, I'd get her back in my life. You hurt the ones you love. And if you are so wrapped up in that, then drop Lilith now."
[02:41] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> But my family is dead, Raquel. I can't have that option again. To get them in my life. So the fact you're fucking up your shot at getting with your family pisses me off."
[02:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake whirls and moves on again
15[02:41] * 13@Dias` grabs the bowl and sucks it down, than hits the bowl on the table. 1"Ahhhhh."
[02:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* X pauses, then mimics him, making a face as she sets it down
[02:44] <13@Dias`> <Dias> That hit the spot.
[02:45] <13@Ariel> * Raquel watches Drake walk away, trying to keep from crying as she attempts to decide what to do.
[02:46] <13@DeathStar> 6*X peers at him, then stands. "I want to go back to the base now." 6* She nods at Dias, respectfully, and moves out
[02:47] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Alright, I'll come with you than. 6He stands up, tossing some money down and moves out after her.
[02:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* X returns to base finally, stepping in
15[02:55] * 13@Ariel decides not to follow Drake, instead heading off to attempt to find Chad. Drake was right about her putting things off... she needed to at least try to resolve the issues that were clear cut, some how.
[02:57] <13@DeathStar> <X> Dias. I have a question. Where is the graveyard located? 6* She considers something
[02:57] <13@Dias`> Graveyard? 6He looks at her. "Public one?"
[02:57] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hm. Where someone of great power, like us, would most likely be buried.
[02:59] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Certain person?
[02:59] <13@DeathStar> <X> Someone like us, yes.
[02:59] <13@Dias`> 6Dias rubs the back of his neck. 1"If you tell me who, I can find out where."
[02:59] <13@DeathStar> <X> I would rather do this myself.
[03:00] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Alright, I'll get you the some of address' to the graveyards than.
[03:01] <13@DeathStar> 6*X opens a ripple and disposts them in front of a computer. She waits
[03:01] <13@Dias`> 6Dias blinks. 1"Convenient." 6He plops down infront of the computer, eyeing it for a second than starts typing on it
[03:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* X peers at his password.
[03:03] <13@Dias`> 6Dias just hit enter.
[03:03] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... ... HM.
[03:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* X waits for him to get the info
[03:03] <13@Dias`> 6Dias takes awhile but finds it. 1"There you go."
[03:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* X takes it, then steps through a ripple
[03:05] <13@Dias`> Take care X. 6He calls through the ripple
[03:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* X exits and does another ripple, then another, arriving at her destination, winded, then kneels over a certain weapon's grave, hmmming, then ripples his casket out
[03:07] <13Kit> <Lilith> What do you hope to find, mistress?
[03:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* X peers about for Lilith
[03:08] <13Kit> 6Lilith moves out from behind a tree, arms crossed. She still looks angry, but it's passing.
[03:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* X blinks. "How did you come here?"
[03:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* She ripples a dead, burnt, decaying body from the casket, making a face at the smell
[03:10] <13Kit> <Lilith> He was quite kind to me-- and very close to Raquel.
[03:11] <13Kit> 6Lilith makes a face. 1"Even the dead can deserve respect."
[03:11] <13@DeathStar> <X> I am unrespectful? 6* She sits beside the body, putting her hand on it
[03:12] <13Kit> <Lilith> At times." 6She says truthfully, eyeing the form with little more than her usual passive face.
[03:12] <13@DeathStar> <X> I see. 6* She frowns, seeming hurt.
[03:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* X's hand glows after a moment, her power level dropping rapidly
[03:13] <13Kit> <Lilith> Unlike some, it is usually unintentional, mistress. There is no reason to feel guilt or loathing over it.
[03:13] <13@DeathStar> <X> I do not feel guilt. 6* She says with a huff.
[03:14] <13Kit> <Lilith> It is disrespectful to lie, mistress." 6She bows her head pollitely.
[03:14] <13@DeathStar> <X> I am referring to this. I do not feel guilt for this.
[03:15] <13Kit> <Lilith> I do not understand your current intentions, so I am unknowing to whether guilt should be involved.
[03:15] <13@DeathStar> <X> I am seeing if I can reintergrate Weapon V's powers into his deceased body.
[03:16] <13Kit> <Lilith> Why would you relinquish an ability to the dead..?
[03:16] <13@DeathStar> <X> Weapon V has the ability to reconstruct his body together even in death if he has his powers.
[03:17] <13Kit> 6Lilith pauses, taking a step back. 1"...You mean his ability could be considered immortality?"
[03:17] <13@DeathStar> <X> I believe it can only be done so many times before it would be impossible to do again. I was given the ability from Weapon V in case I was destroyed.
[03:18] <13Kit> <Lilith> ...You intend to return him to Raquel?
[03:18] <13@DeathStar> <X> *Shrugs* He will do as he wants if this is successful. If he goes to IX, that is his business.
[03:20] <13Kit> 6Lilith holds her arms, gazing away from the two. 1"You have changed, mistress."
[03:21] <13@DeathStar> <X> I do not know what you mean. 6* She notes in disdain. "I am not doing this for her." 6* She eyes Lilith. "Perhaps she will be nicer to you if she is given something."
[03:21] <13Kit> <Lilith> That is proof mistress has changed. It is not necessary to do anything for me.
[03:22] <13Kit> 6Lilith closes her eyes. 1"I have not succeeded in doing anything for mistress."
[03:22] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hmph. You are my friend. 6* She notes. "I have read that friends do things for each other."
[03:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* X removes her hand finally, panting, exhausted now. She seems to have lost her healing ability now, as well, making her consideriblely weaker.
[03:24] <13Kit> 6Lilith blinks and moves over to support her.
[03:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* X stands up, then eyes the corpse. "I think it will take time. Do we leave the body here?"
[03:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* She leans on Lilith tiredly.
[03:25] <13Kit> <Lilith> ...Should we expect him to live..?
[03:25] <13@DeathStar> <X> I don't know. I'm not sure if it works if he has been dead 9 months.
[03:27] <13Kit> 6Lilith ponders for a moment, then holds up a hand, forming her gauntlets of light.
[03:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* X yawns and goes to sleep standing up.
[03:35] <13Kit> 6Lilith moves toward Caduceus' body, forming an idle glow within her hand, then holding it out toward it, giving off a pulse. 1"... Unsure whether it would affect anything, but should a curse or some sort of hold be barring him. The dispelling effect I have gained from mistress should take care of it."
[03:35] <13Kit> 6Lilith frowns considerably, more expression than she used to admit without the second persona. 1"...She grew more under his wing than mine. If it were his wish, then I would gladly have him return to her."
[03:36] <13Kit> 6She then peers at X, dissolving her armor, moving to pick X up into her arms and turn to go.
[03:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus' corpse seems to be chilling boredly
[03:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* A few people come by to visit a grave, see the body and freak out, running to the hills
[03:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Some cops arrive after a bit to investigate the corpse. However, it's gone when they arrive. Drake walks up, rubbing his chin, confused
[03:51] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Zombies.... 6* He nods seriously
[03:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake eagerly moves out to discover the zombie
[04:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis, meanwhile, very pregnant at this point, speaks with Raquel, explaining Chad Winters' desire not to see her
[04:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Outside on the front lawn
[04:06] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> I am sorry he does not wish to see you. 6* She bows her head
[04:07] <13@Ariel> Raquel> "...he likely will never want to see me ever again... but... I still need to speak to him..."
[04:07] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> If he will not listen, then that is possible. Would you like to record a message? 6* She tilts her head
[04:07] <13@DeathStar> *not possible
[04:12] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis puts a hand to her back, making a face at the weight added to it
14[04:12] * Ariel (KAS@blk-89-239-1.eastlink.ca) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
03[04:13] * Ariel (KAS@blk-89-239-1.eastlink.ca) has joined #taw
[04:13] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis puts a hand to her back, making a face at the weight added to it, as she waits for Raquel to answer
[04:13] <13Ariel> Raquel> *sighs* "...he wouldn't listen to a message unless forced..."
03[04:13] * Kuroichigo (Kit@ has joined #taw
[04:13] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. This is true. You may try again tomorrow, if you desire.
[04:14] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> If you lurk, you may be able to jump him and speak with him.
[04:14] <13Ariel> 6* Raquel nods slowly, "I... maybe I'll try that..."
[04:14] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Very well. 6* She turns and bows at the person Raquel. "Good afternoon, Caduceus." 6* She says politely, then adverts her gaze.
[04:15] <13@DeathStar> *behind Raquel
[04:15] <13Ariel> 6* Raquel turns abruptly at that, not sure what to think
[04:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus stands there, naked, looking rather pale and not quite healed yet, burn scars all over him
[04:17] <13Ariel> Raquel> "......" *stares*
[04:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus stares back.
[04:18] <13Ariel> Raquel> "...D-duce...?"
[04:18] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Spirit. 6* He croaks awkwardly.
[04:19] <13Ariel> Raquel> "I... I thoug... h-how...?"
[04:20] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> ... 6* He flexes his fingers, the bones creaky. "Powers...back..." 6* He croaks. "Reconstructing...body..."
[04:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien walks by his window and eyes the naked dead man in his yard. He causally pauses, then sniffs his coffee
[04:20] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Fiooooore. 6* He shouts, looking for her
[04:21] <13Ariel> Raquel> *stares in disbelief... she wants to hug him, but he still looks kinda corpsified and gross...
[04:22] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Dog...there...too... 6* He croaks. His voice is becoming less rusty.
[04:25] <13Ariel> Raquel> "...dog...?"
[04:26] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Yes. Lil... 6* He croaks. He moves to the bushes to cough up some things Raquel probably wouldn't want to see. Then straightens again. Erevis appears to be watching curiously, head tilted
[04:26] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Think she fried my corpse. 6* He manages to get out
[04:27] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> With holy things. Something about a curse.
[04:28] <13Ariel> Raquel> *bites her lip worriedly* "...did she hurt you?"
[04:29] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Don't think so. Else I wouldn't be healing. 6* He seems to be talking better now.
[04:29] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Which is strange since I lost the power. Hm. 6* He considers with a half-dead look
[04:32] <13Ariel> Raquel> "I..." *looks to Erevis* "...may we come inside?" *thinks standing with a naked deadish looking person might be a bad idea*
[04:33] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Hm. I do not know if deceased people are allowed inside, but I will check.
[04:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis moves inside a moment
[04:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien pokes his head out a moment later at the two
[04:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* He slowly lifts his datapad to take a picture, then leans back in. "Come in."
[04:36] <13Ariel> 6* Raquel quickly leads Caduceus inside and hopes no one noticed this so far.
[04:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus follows like a good zombie
[04:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien rubs his chin, eyeing the dead man. "Give him a bath, Raquel, he smells." 6* He moves off. Fiore eyes the dead man, but clearly isn't offering her services this time
[04:38] <13Ariel> Raquel> *blinks* "...what would indicate that he can't bathe himself?"
[04:38] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> He's a zombie. 6* He steps into his office
[04:39] <13Ariel> Raquel> "...zombies are dead. He's... getting better."
[04:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus sighs at Darien and moves for the shower
[04:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore watches Raquel now, holding a japanese fan to hit her with if she tries anything suspicious
[04:40] <13Ariel> Raquel>縲€・奇ス鯉ス擾ス擾ス具ス薙€€・費ス上€€・、・・ス抵ス会ス・ス趣シ・...he will need some clothes I think."
[04:41] <13Ariel> Raquel> *looks to Darien* "...he will need some clothes I think."
[04:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien nods as he steps into the office. "I'll see what I can find."
[04:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore remains watching Raquel vigilantly with her fan of justice
[04:44] <13Ariel> Raquel> *eyes Fiore, then hangs her head* "...I'm not dangerous."
[04:44] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Disagree. Dropped grenades near me. 6* She huffs
[04:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien gets a suit and moves to the bathroom, dropping outside the door. Erevis meanwhile walks back into the room, having been checking things. She waddles toward the fridge tiredly
[04:49] <13Ariel> Raquel> "...alright... I'm not dangerous now..."
[04:49] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Lost powers?
[04:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis waddles back by with some juice, then tries to sit on the couch, having to becareful
[04:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore shifts to help Erevis down
[04:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* After a bit, Caduceus the not-quite-a-zombie returns to the living room in the suit. Erevis peers at him curiously, and Fiore holds her fan ready
[04:54] <13Ariel> Raquel> "...he's not dangerous either..." *hopes*
[04:54] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Zombies bite.
[04:54] <13Ariel> Raquel> *looks to Caduceus* "...how are you feeling?"
[04:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus sighs at tha description, looking healthier. "Alive. Painfully so."
[04:56] <13Ariel> * Raquel nods, practically glomps Caduceus now that he's clothed. "...what happened? I... I thought you were gone..."
[04:57] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> My powers were returned, and I pieced myself back together once conscious thought was capable. 6* He manages to support Raquel's glomp without falling. Fiore furiously pokes him with the fan
[04:58] <13Ariel> Raquel> *closes her eyes, resting against her brother* "...please stop that... it's rude..."
[04:58] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> ... 6* She hmphs. "Child rude." 6* She turns to go find something to clean. Erevis watches, unable to stand up since she's so fat
[05:01] <13Ariel> Raquel> "I thought you powers were gone forever... I... I'm glad they came back..."
[05:01] <13Ariel> Raquel> "...and I'm sorry you got hurt because of me..."
[05:02] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> They couldn't have come back. They were taken for good. Somehow they were returned. 6* He notes, frowning. "I imagine your ex-canine had a hand in it, since I remember voice as my first conscious thought." 6* He eyes her. "Id got the drop on me, and disposed of me, not you."
14[05:02] * Dias` (bebe@c-76-17-177-121.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[05:02] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Well, his helpers did, not Id himself. I learned they were planning to infect Erevis with Id.
[05:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus peers at the pregnant woman now
[05:05] <13Ariel> Raquel> "They... managed to... and Chad too..."
[05:05] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Hm. Well, they appear to have failed, unless that's Id there, staring at me curiously
[05:05] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis blinks, then looks down, realizing she's being rude
[05:07] <13Ariel> Raquel> "They... defeated him..." *not sure what to say on the subject*
[05:07] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Hm. That's good. Id was a terrible Weapon. 6* He adjusts the cuffs of the suit. Erevis is too polite to mention anything.
[05:09] <13Ariel> Raquel> *glances at Erevis, wishing she'd say something
[05:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis blinks, glancing up. "It is good you are back from the dead." 6 She states, probably misintrepreting the thought she got directed at herself
[05:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus pauses, glancing at Erevis oddly.
[05:11] <13Ariel> Raquel> *sighs* "...Duce... I... I did some horrible things while you were away..."
[05:11] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> ... 6* He gives her his attention. "Such as?"
[05:12] <13Ariel> Raquel> "...turning Chad over to Id in hopes of trying to get some of you back..."
[05:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus studies her, his expression hard to read, though it's clear he's surprised and disappointed by the news. He peers at Erevis, who casually observes her stomach, then back at Raquel. "I would put that as pretty high on the horrible list."
[05:15] <13Ariel> Raquel> "I... didn't realize what I was feeling with... I... I didn't think he could control miss Erevis if he had Chad..."
[05:17] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Hm. It was amazing how his power grew. Before I died, I discovered they planned to spread Id like a virus with his aid. Apparantly, all the time he spent isolated and broken down by Chad and Erevis left him a doorway to mutating himself. Id was very teniuous, I give him that much
[05:18] <13Ariel> Raquel> "...I didn't even know that was possible."
[05:20] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> No one did. 6* He crosses his arms. "But it was foolish to trust Id on your part, and hand Chad over."
[05:23] <13Ariel> Raquel> "...I know. Just... after Lilith... and then you... then I... I wasn't thinking straight..."
[05:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus nods. "Well, what's done is done. Chad and Erevis are back to normal, you said. If very fat." 6* He notes of Erevis, who looks up and scowls and sulks.
[05:25] <13Ariel> Raquel> *Frowns* "...she's not fat..."
[05:25] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Hm. Do tell. 6* He notes wryly, clearly messing with the woman with his mean sense of humor
[05:26] <13Ariel> * Raquel pouts, realizing what he's doing, and being helpless against it
[05:28] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis sulks more, unable to get up and leave in a huff. Caduceus glances at Raquel again. "Well, I should speak with Alexander and find out what my condition is, then I plan to look up your ex-canine and find out how I got my powers back."
[05:28] <13Ariel> 6* Raquel nods slowly, "I...is there anything I can do to help you...?"
[05:29] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> You can come with me if you want and fill me in on what I missed. Seeing as she wasn't fat when I died, I'd assume it's been at least 8 months.
[05:29] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis puffs her cheeks now in frustration
[05:31] <13Ariel> Raquel> "... alright then." *gets up and bows her head to Erevis* "...thank you for your hospitality. I will be back to stalk Chad later..."
[05:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis bows once, still sulky. Caduceus moves to step out, humming a tune to himself, clearly in a better mood now after that.
[05:34] <13Ariel> Raquel> "... alright then." *gets up and bows her head to Erevis* "...thank you for your hospitality. I will be back to stalk Chad later..."
[05:35] <13Ariel> Raquel> *follows close behind* "...be careful of anyone else that might think you a zombie. They... might shoot before asking questions."
[05:35] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> We'll see. 6* He adjusts his suit, moving along cheerfully, leaving the poor pregnant woman behind to eat chocolate chip ice cream and pickles
[05:35] <13@DeathStar> -END-

[01:26] <13@DeathStar> 1
[01:26] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[01:26] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-589.11.28
[01:26] <13@DeathStar> Location: House of Starr
03[01:27] * Kulix (Kulix@h195.24.172.72.ip.alltel.net) has joined #erevis
15[01:27] * 13Dias` sits in his room, working on a schematic
03[01:27] * Dias` is now known as Chad`Winters
[01:28] <13@Ariel> 6* Raquel knocks on the front door, not yet learning to be impolite enough to just barge in.
[01:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus stands around himself. Perhaps he can call Erevis fat again
14[01:28] * Exio (Kulix@h195.24.172.72.ip.alltel.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[01:29] <13Kit> 6Dawn walks out, having heard there are guests. He eyes the two, blinking.
[01:29] <13Kit> 6Of course Dawn looks pretty much like Fiore at the moment.
[01:29] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Now there's a looker.
[01:30] <13@Ariel> 6* Raquel bows her head... not like she really knows either of them. "...I am here to speak to Chad Winters. May I come in?"
[01:30] <13Kit> 6Dawn gazes both ways, then gestures to himself.
[01:30] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Mmmhmm. 6* He eyes Dawn over, suggestively. "Want to get drinks together later?"
[01:31] <13Kit> 6Dawn shakes his head. 1"If... you are... thirs... ty. I will... retrieve... something."
[01:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus peers at Dawn's butt
[01:34] <13@Ariel> 6* Raquel shakes her head, "...just come back and..." 6She looks to Dawn, "...is Chad in?"
[01:34] <13Kit> 6Dawn nods once, hands folded before him. He turns self-consciously, eyeing Caduceus.
[01:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus follows Dawn in once he moves . Erevis is at the couch. She sees Caduceus, who eyes her stomach. <Caduceus> Looking fatter.
[01:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis' eyes tear up, and she sniffles, eyeing the pickles she was eating now
[01:39] <13@Ariel> Raquel> *hesitates* "...where could I find him?"
[01:39] <13Kit> 6Dawn nods, pointing toward Chad's door.
[01:41] <13@Ariel> Raquel> *nods* "...thank you." *steps inside and approaches the door. She hesitates a few moments before knocking*
[01:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus eyes the pickles, then Erevis. "Are you going to finish those?" 6* Erevis tears up more.
[01:42] <13Kit> 6Dawn frowns, then goes to call Fiore out
[01:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore steps out
[01:43] <13Chad`Winters> 6There's silence for a moment. 1"Coming." 6The sound of footsteps can be heard and the door opens up. Chad tenses a second as he eyes Raquel.
[01:43] <13Kit> 6Dawn whispers to Fiore about Caduceus picking on Erevis.
[01:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore motions for Dawn to deal with it
[01:43] <13Kit> 6Dawn hangs his head.
[01:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore sighs and just goes to get Megumi and tell her what's up
[01:44] <13Kit> 6Megumi marches out, narrowing her eyes up at Caduceus.
15[01:44] * 13Chad`Winters just steps back and shuts the door.
[01:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus peers at Megumi
[01:45] <13@Ariel> Raquel> *sighs, then attempts to open the door*
[01:45] <13Kit> <Megumi> Leave beloved alone!
15[01:45] * 13Chad`Winters stops to eye the door opening. He moves to shut it on her now.
[01:45] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Hm? I was just commenting on the pickles.
[01:46] <13Kit> <Megumi> Then you should have no trouble apologising for hurting her feelings.
[01:46] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Hm. I am sorry you're fat and a compulsive eater.
[01:46] <13@Ariel> * Raquel doesn't fight it. "...I... just wish to speak to you Chad. That's all..."
[01:46] <13Kit> <Megumi> She is pregnant, not fat!
[01:46] <13Chad`Winters> Well I don't feel like talking to you, so go away.
[01:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis actually cries now. Caduceus considers. <Caduceus> Ah. I see. 6* He moves off to do other things
[01:48] <13Kit> 6Megumi frowns and gives him a shove toward a wall with her outstretched palm, going to comfort Erevis.
[01:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus blinks as he hits the wall. "Rude." 6* He notes, moving on. Erevis buries her face into Megumi's chest, sniffling
[01:49] <13@Ariel> * Raquel sighs and leans against the door. "I... want to appologise, Chad. I know I can't justify my actions... and I'll understand if you hate me forever... but I really am sorry..."
[01:49] <13Kit> 6Dawn looks to Fiore, frowning, then follows Caduceus. Sure he will mess up other things.
15[01:50] * 13Chad`Winters opens the door. 1"Good, now go away."
[01:54] <13@Ariel> * Raquel nods, "You have my promise I'll never do anything like that again... and I'll stay out of your way. I'm just glad that Id was able to be stopped because of how it worked out..." She turns away, "...I know I don't have to say this... but... make sure you take good care of Aya. She deserves lots of friends..."
[01:55] <13Chad`Winters> She also deserved a father, but I suppose that wasn't really on your agenda at the time.
[01:57] <13@Ariel> Raquel> "I... I took a gamble... it was a stupid stupid move... but I thought if they had Erevis back, they could help you... and maybe I could get my family back too... I knew Id was dangerous,, but I didn't think he could..." *closes her eyes* "...he tricked me. Even when I expected him to betray and kill me... he still tricked me."
03[01:59] * Kulix is now known as KulixSleep
[02:00] <13Chad`Winters> Right. I should believe that you really planned on everything working out the way it did. 6He shakes his head. 1"It doesn't matter how you want to rationalize it. You gave my body and mind to him
[02:01] <13@Ariel> Raquel> *shakes her head* "... it didn't happen anything like I planned."
[02:04] <13Chad`Winters> Shame you didn't think about that. 6He shuts the door and moves back to his work.
[02:07] <13@Ariel> * Raquel sighs and makes her way back towards the kitchen to plop down. Little depressed over the way that went.
[02:08] <13Kit> 6Dawn taps Raquel's head.
[02:09] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Ready to go, Spirit?
[02:10] <13@Ariel> * Raquel looks up, and nods. "I guess... it went better than I expected. But I don't think he'll ever forgive me..."
[02:10] <13Kit> <Dawn> ...Mm... he might.
[02:10] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> He probably won't. 6* He nods once, winking at Dawn and moving to go out the front door. He waves at the crying Erevis
[02:11] <13Kit> 6Dawn eyes Caduceus, then Raquel.
[02:12] <13@Ariel> * Raquel heads after Caduceus, "...so... you like him?"
[02:12] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Hmmm. I like his dainty yet strong style.
[02:13] <13@Ariel> Raquel> *nods... not surprised to see this from Caduceus any more* "...you've given up on Drake then." *slightly hopeful*
[02:13] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Hm. Not my type.
[02:14] <13Kit> 6Dawn twitches, then pulls out Fiore's fan and takes a step, utterly hurtling its end for Raquel's ignorant head.
[02:15] <13@Ariel> * Raquel is hit in the head and cringes... wondering what the hell that was about
[02:15] <13Kit> 6Dawn closes his eyes irritatedly. 1"...Do not... speak ...loud. Please. Listen."
[02:16] <13@Ariel> Raquel> *turns and eyes Dawn*
[02:21] <13@Ariel> Raquel> "...what is it?"
[02:22] <13Kit> <Dawn> Chad... Win... ters may ...forgive... you.
[02:22] <13Kit> 6Dawn holds up a finger. 1"Has one... to ...dislike more... than Spirit."
[02:26] <13@Ariel> Raquel> *hesitates... she DID give him to his worst enemy* "...who's that?"
[02:27] <13Kit> <Dawn> That... is... ... the one..." 6He shifts the finger to point at himself. 1"...dat...ing... his daugh... ter."
[02:32] <13@Ariel> * Raquel stares at that... wondering how Dawn got to dating Aya... and how simply dating her makes you worse off than trying to kill Chad in possibly the worst way ever
[02:36] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> He's cute 6* He steps out
[02:37] <13Kit> 6Dawn smiles nervously at Raquel, then shows her out.
[02:38] <13@Ariel> * Raquel nods, "I think you have competition..."
[02:38] <13Kit> <Dawn> Not... int...erested.
[02:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus smiles and moves on, hand on Raquel's shoulder
[02:38] <13@DeathStar> -END-

[00:23] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-589.12.2
[00:23] <13@DeathStar> Location: HQ
[00:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* X stares out a window at snow.
03[00:23] * Chad`Winters is now known as Dias`
15[00:24] * 13Dias` leans against the wall beside the window. 1"Haven't seen snow before?"
[00:24] <13@DeathStar> <X> Negative.
[00:25] <13Dias`> Seriously? 6He looks at her, half shocked and half excited.
[00:25] <13Dias`> 6SPoC is outside, rolling a ball of snow up, wearing the proper attire
[00:25] <13@DeathStar> <X> I have no reason to lie.
[00:26] <13Dias`> Than we need to get you a pair of gloves, a stocking cap and a jacket.
[00:27] <13@DeathStar> <X> I have all those. You insisted on them.
[00:27] <13Dias`> Well than go grab them and I'll meet you at the front doors.
09[00:29] <13@Sammael> * Jennifer ventures out into the snow, wearing a coat and gloves, as well as a scarf and hat, she moves over to SPoC.
[00:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* X nods and moves off
[00:30] <13Dias`> 6SPoC quietly continues to roll the ball of snow up, in her own little world
[00:31] <13Dias`> 6Dias moves to the front door, already wearing a hooded sweatshirt.
[00:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* X moves into her room and begins to get dressed properly, then moves out and to the front door
09[00:32] <13@Sammael> Jennifer> "Can I help?"
[00:33] <13Dias`> 6SPoC stops, looking around for a moment then at Jennifer. 1"I am sorry, what did you ask?"
09[00:34] <13@Sammael> Jennifer> "If I can help." *she smiles*
15[00:34] * 13Dias` smiles as X arrives. 1"Snow's cold but it can be fun." He opens the door for her
[00:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* X steps out into the harsh elements, peering about. She shivers. For the last week, she's seem lathergic again
[00:36] <13Dias`> 6SPoC looks down at snow ball she's rolled up than to Jennifer. 1"If you would like to. I could use another snow ball."
09[00:37] <13@Sammael> * Jennifer smiles and quickly gets started on another.
15[00:37] * 13Dias` moves over to the snow and scoops up some, forming a snowball with it.
[00:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* X watches him. She pick up snow herself, eyeing it
[00:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina steps out after a bit, dressed for the occassion, with a scarf. She moves over to SPoC. "Hello, Nat."
[00:39] <13Dias`> They say every snowflake is different and that no two are alike.
[00:39] <13@DeathStar> <X> They look the same to me
[00:39] <13Dias`> 6SPoC stops again and turns to smile at Katrina. 1"Hello Katrina."
15[00:39] * 13Dias` shrugs. 1"I just go by what the so called experts say."
15[00:40] * 13@Sammael looks up from her forming snowball, peeking over it. "Hey Kat!"
09[00:40] <13@Sammael> * jennifer
03[00:40] * Sammael is now known as Jennifer`
[00:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* X drops the snow after a moment, bored
[00:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina waves at Jen
[00:41] <13Dias`> You could try making a snowman like SPoC. 6He motions at her.
[00:41] <13@DeathStar> <X> Why?
[00:42] <13Dias`> <SPoC> Thank you for joining us. 6She shifts the base into a place and moves to start on another one.
[00:42] <13Dias`> Because it might be fun.
[00:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina smiles. "It'll be fun." 6* She begins to work on it.
[00:42] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... .... 6* She eyes what the others are doing, then begins to get snow together.
15[00:42] * 13@Jennifer` waves back and starts to wheel her growing snowball towards the two, letting it get bigger.
[00:43] <13Dias`> 6Dias tosses the snowball in his hand then hurls it off down the walkway.
[00:43] <13Dias`> So what's got you down? 6He reaches down and scoops up some more snow.
[00:44] <13@DeathStar> <X> Nothing.
[00:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* A snow ball flies out and nails Dias' in the back of the head
[00:44] <13Dias`> 6Dias stands there, slowly turning around
[00:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Some snow rumbles nearby, as if someone ducked into it despite the cold
[00:45] <13Dias`> Really? You just seem, sad maybe? 6He eyes where the snow rumbled eyeing the snowball in his and briefly
[00:46] <13@DeathStar> <X> I am not sad. 6* She grunts as she works on making her snowball
[00:46] <13Dias`> Disapointed? 6He launches the snowball towards the where the snow last rumbled
15[00:46] * 13@Jennifer` tumbles over her snowball as she brings it to rest near SPoC's first one, giggling a little.
[00:47] <13Dias`> <SPoC> This will be big enough. 6She grabs it and brings it over to the base then grabs Jennifers and lifts it onto the base, than picks hers up and puts it on the top
[00:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* The snow hits it. A snowball hits Dias from behind again
[00:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina rolls up her own, too
[00:47] <13Dias`> 6Dias tenses slightly, a look of annoyance on his face. He turns scoops up some more snow and turns again
15[00:48] * 13@Jennifer` stands up, grinning. She helps Kat put hers on too.
[00:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Some snow wiggles, as if someone is crawling around
[00:48] <13@DeathStar> <X> No. 6* She keeps making a snowball
[00:48] <13Dias`> 6Dias tosses the snowball towards the wiggling than ducks.
[00:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* A snow monster leaps out a moment later to tackle Dias
[00:48] <13Dias`> 6Dias hurks as he tackles to the ground
[00:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sits on him, covered in snow
[00:49] <13Dias`> 6SPoC steps back at their snowbody then pulls out her knife, eyeing it
15[00:49] * 13Dias` coughs up snow and looks up at Zephyr. 1"Hey Z-girl."
09[00:49] <13@Jennifer`> "Mmm... not quite a snowmany yet."
09[00:50] <13@Jennifer`> *snowman
[00:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina studies it, then takes her scarf and whips it around the snowman
[00:50] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hello. 6* She mashes snow in his face, then moves to run inside and bug Cheryl
[00:50] <13Dias`> 6SPoC steps upto the snow man and begins to carve it with her knife to shape it
15[00:51] * 13Dias` puffs snow off his face and he sits up, shaking his head with a smirk. He looks over at X
[00:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* X has made a snowball bigger than herself, it seems, just adding to it
15[00:52] * 13Dias` whistles. 1"Now that. That is a snowball
15[00:52] * 13@Jennifer` puts her hat on the snowman's head.
[00:52] <13@DeathStar> <X> I wanted mine to be bigger. 6* She states simply.
[00:52] <13Dias`> The only problem, is how are you going to throw it?
[00:53] <13@DeathStar> <X> You want me to throw it? 6* She eyes him now, her violet eyes flashing a bit
[00:53] <13Dias`> <Dias> They have these things called snow ball fights, where people make them and then throw them at each other for fun.
[00:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* X opens a ripple under the snowball, and the giant snowball falls over Dias, aiming to crush him
[00:55] <13Dias`> 6Dias looks up, his eyes going wide and he leaps to the side and into the snow.
[00:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* X frowns and opens another ripple under the snowball, again dropping it over him
[00:55] <13Dias`> 6Dias rolls over, letting a sigh of relief only to find a it above him again. 1"Ahh...crap." 6He disppears under it
[00:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* X pants now and falls onto the snow
[00:56] <13Dias`> 6SPoC pauses as she stares at the face, a blank look on her face.
[00:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina peers at the face as well
[00:57] <13Dias`> 6It's hasn't been started on.
[00:57] <13Dias`> 6Dias' hand erupts from the top of the snow pile and he slowly pulls himself, covered head to toe in snow.
[00:57] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Have ideas?
09[00:57] <13@Jennifer`> "I think it should be a happy snowman."
[00:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes him, slightly disappointed he got out so easily
[00:58] <13Dias`> <SPoC> ...I...No, I have no ideas.
[00:58] <13Dias`> 6Dias gets onto stable ground and shakes himself, sending some snow flying.
15[00:58] * 13@Jennifer` holds out her hand. "Can I try something?"
[00:58] <13Dias`> 6SPoC looks at the snowface than at Jennifer and nods, handing her the knife
[00:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* X sits up now in the snow
[00:59] <13Dias`> 6Dias reaches down and makes a light snowball and tosses it at X, aiming for leg
[00:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes it hit her leg. She looks back now, staring
15[00:59] * 13@Jennifer` moves up to it and starts carving out snow, not too unlike how SPoC carves things in her free time, she etches out a smiling face into the snow.
15[00:59] * 13@Jennifer` steps back and looks at them. "Well?"
[01:00] <13Dias`> <SPoC> Yes. That will do.
[01:00] <13Dias`> HAH! I can get you too.
[01:00] <13@DeathStar> <X> I got you better.
15[01:00] * 13Dias` grumbles and makes another snowball, eyeing her.
[01:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* X stares at him
15[01:01] * 13Dias` throws it at her, aiming for her chest
[01:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* X opens a ripple so it goes for the back of Dias' head
[01:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina smiles
[01:01] <13Dias`> 6Dias get's hit in the back of the head, scowling.
[01:02] <13@DeathStar> <X> I got you again
[01:02] <13Dias`> 6Dias shakes his head and reaches down, making two snowballs.
15[01:02] * 13@Jennifer` smiles and returns the knife to SPoC. Beaming happily.
[01:03] <13Dias`> 6SPoC takes the knife as she looks at the snowman.
[01:03] <13@DeathStar> <X> ...
[01:03] <13Dias`> 6Dias than tosses a snowball in an arc towards her and then another straight on.
[01:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* X stares, then rolls to the side with little energy expended
[01:04] <13Kit> <Chii> PHIIINEEEEE...!" 6Wails from behind Zephyr as she's about to enter the base.
[01:04] <13Dias`> Hah. Made you move. 6He reaches down, making another snowball
[01:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr, who apparantly blanked out, turns to eye Chii
[01:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* X frowns at that.
[01:05] <13Kit> 6Chii points and laughs, having made her turn to the pre-emptively thrown snowball
[01:06] <13Kit> 6Chii pauses. 1"Oh, I'm sorry." 6She holds up a hand to whisper. 1"Hyoton."
[01:06] <13Dias`> 6Dias tosses another one at X
[01:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr blinks once, then twice, then just throws another at her face at high speed
[01:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* X lets it hit her hand
[01:07] <13Dias`> 6Dias just stares. 1"That's not fair."
[01:07] <13@DeathStar> <X> Why?
[01:07] <13Dias`> <Dias> Because I never thought to do that.
[01:07] <13@DeathStar> <X> I am smarter.
[01:07] <13Dias`> I'm much better looking tho.
[01:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* X sputters at that.
[01:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* X huffs and stands up, walking off
[01:08] <13Dias`> 6Dias makes another snowball. 1"Oh come on."
15[01:08] * 13@Jennifer` looks to the other two.
[01:08] <13Kit> 6Chii leans backwards to dodge, windmilling her hands to remain balanced
[01:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr nails Chii, then goes inside.
[01:09] <13Kit> 6Chii starts to laugh in victory-- then her foot slips in slush and she puffs into powder
[01:09] <13Dias`> 6Dias sighs and moves after X.
[01:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* X bumps into Caduceus, who has arrived mysteriously
[01:10] <13@DeathStar> 6 *She stumbles and falls down again
[01:10] <13Dias`> 6Dias moves to help X up than stares at Cad. 1"...What the deuce?"
[01:10] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Close. Ca-du-ceus.
[01:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes him, not looking surprised.
[01:11] <13Dias`> <Dias> How the hell? 6He stares wide-eyed and confused
[01:11] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> I was hoping the dog could tell me. 6* He studies X.
[01:11] <13Dias`> Zombie. 6He goes to bop Cad.
[01:12] <13Kit> 6Lilith helps Chii out of the snow, who glances toward Zephyr, her pride hurt.
[01:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus holds up a hand to stop it
[01:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sticks out her tongue and moves on
[01:12] <13Kit> 6Chii wails, then runs after Zephyr
[01:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus moves toward Lilith. "So, Dog."
[01:13] <13Dias`> Too fast for a zombie. 6He pulls his hand back. 1"Well color me confused...You surpised as me? 6He looks at X.
[01:13] <13Kit> 6Lilith eyes the two, then moves to go to join X-- jerking, not having realized she was that close already
[01:13] <13@DeathStar> <X> No.
[01:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus studies her. "Mind explaining how I'm back?"
[01:13] <13Dias`> Really? This type of things normal?
[01:13] <13@DeathStar> <X> No.
[01:13] <13Kit> <Lilith> ..Ca-Caduceus..." 6She blinks, then composes herself. 1"My name is Lilith."
[01:14] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Hm. Yes. That's good.
[01:14] <13Dias`> Look, I'm sorry if I made you mad.
[01:14] <13@DeathStar> <X> Saying you look better is insulting.
[01:14] <13@DeathStar> <X> You are ugly.
[01:14] <13Kit> <Lilith> Your attitude is the same." 6She looks to almost pout, but retains most of her impassive expression. 1"What do you wish to know..?"
[01:14] <13Dias`> ...I think you just ins..Yeah, yeah you did.
[01:15] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> How I came back.
[01:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* X hmphs, arms crossed, clearly not caring she's being the rude one now
[01:15] <13Kit> <Lilith> You should ask my mistress that, as I am not the one who instilled it.
[01:16] <13Dias`> 6Dias rubs the back of his neck, probably not letting it phase him. 1"So what do you think of the snow so far? Kinda fun?"
[01:16] <13Kit> 6Lilith opens one red eye, peering at him. 1"Did you not wish to be?"
[01:16] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Hm. So X gave me the power back. Interesting
[01:16] <13Dias`> 6SPoC moves to start making another snowman
[01:16] <13@DeathStar> <X> It is cold.
15[01:16] * 13Dias` raises a brow at Cad than looks at X. 1"Seriously?
[01:17] <13@DeathStar> <X> Yes, it's cold.
[01:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* She eyes him like he's dumb now
[01:17] <13Dias`> No, the giving Cad his powers back thing.
[01:17] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hmph. I do not know what you are referring to. 6* She moves on inside
[01:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus watches her go
[01:17] <13Dias`> 6Dias scratches the back of his head then makes a snowball and hurls it towards Cad.
[01:18] <13Kit> 6Lilith holds out a hand to stop the snowball. 1"...But did you wish to return?"
[01:18] <13Dias`> 6Dias tisks, wondering how the hell that works and he just turns to move inside.
[01:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus dusts his suit of snow that's falling. "Better than being dead." 6* He turns to go
[01:18] <13Kit> 6Lilith brushes the snow off the back of her hand. 1"...I am glad you have."
[01:19] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Hm. Are you, puppy?
[01:19] <13Dias`> 6Dias steps inside and looks down the hallways for a sign of X.
[01:19] <13Kit> 6Lilith tilts her head a little, then curves her lips, trying to give the appearance of happiness she's seen about. 1"Yes."
[01:19] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Frightening.
[01:20] <13Kit> 6Lilith frowns slightly, looking like her feelings were hurt. Surely she'll never smile again for fear of frightening someone.
[01:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus moves on, feeling good about himself.
[01:20] <13Kit> <Lilith> Please. Watch her for me?
[01:21] <13@DeathStar> <Caduceus> Doable.
[01:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* X has moved onward to her room
[01:21] <13Kit> <Lilith> I might not have made the best decision, however... as you can see, there is hope in it yet to come.
[01:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Caduceus moves off. Katrina leans by Lilith. <Katrina> I think your smile was pretty. You should try it more often. 6* She couldn't help but listen in, and feel Lilith's feelings
[01:22] <13Dias`> 6Dias shakes the snow off and moves off towards his room, which conveniently is next to hers
[01:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* X enters her room and flops on the bed
[01:22] <13Kit> 6Lilith flares her eyes in startle at Katrina's presence, having not noticed it.
[01:23] <13Kit> <Lilith> Lady Katrina.
[01:23] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you
[01:23] <13Kit> <Lilith> It is fine. A moment of weakness, I assure you.
[01:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr drags Cheryl out into the snow, dumping her into it
[01:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl howls and leaps awake.
[01:23] <13Dias`> 6Dias moves into his room and changes.
15[01:23] * 13@Jennifer` gently pokes SPoC.
[01:23] <13Kit> 6Chii follows along, in her uniform but with leg warmers. 'Cause those make all the difference.
[01:23] <13Dias`> 6SPoC looks over at Jennifer. 1"Yes?
[01:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl leaps up, in her tank top and underwear. She glares. "WHAT THE HELL?!"
09[01:24] <13@Jennifer`> "We should make this one a sad one."
[01:24] <13Kit> 6Chii laughs. 1"Good one, Phinee.
15[01:24] * 13@Jennifer` smiles and starts to roll up another snowball.
[01:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* She tries to grab Zephyr, who bounces around and away, moving behind Lilith.
[01:24] <13Kit> <Lilith> I will not allow one to sneak upon me again. It endangers my mistress' safety...
[01:25] <13Dias`> <SPoC> It is alright. 6She smiles at her as she pushes the medium sized snowball around
[01:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl charges Zephyr, intent on charging through Lilith
[01:25] <13Kit> 6Lilith's eyes narrow and she whirls, eyeing Cheryl. 1"So."
15[01:25] * 13@Jennifer` smiles back and works on her own snowball, making it nice and big.
[01:25] <13Kit> <Lilith> You intend on picking up that match now, I see."
[01:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl moves to slide under her
[01:26] <13Kit> 6Lilith leaps over her as she does, landing and turning to blink.
[01:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr grabs her tail as she leaps
[01:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Trying to use her to escape
[01:26] <13Dias`> 6Dias steps out of his room, and over to X's. He knocks on it
[01:26] <13Kit> 6Lilith lands, squeaking sharply, blushing.
[01:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr scrambles to hide under her legs
[01:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl whirls
[01:27] <13@DeathStar> <X> Enter.
[01:27] <13Kit> <Lilith> L-Lady Zephyr, this is quite improper..!!
[01:27] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Saaaaave me!
03[01:27] * Kulix (Kulix@h195.24.172.72.ip.alltel.net) has joined #taw
[01:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl marches toward her
[01:27] <13Kit> 6Lilith eyes her, then Cheryl. 1"Lady Cheryl, do you intend to harm Lady Zephyr?"
03[01:27] * Dias` is now known as Chad`Winters
[01:27] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> It's me, can I enter?
[01:28] <13Kit> 6Chii leans against the base, laughing her ass off.
[01:28] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Oh hell yes.
[01:28] <13@DeathStar> <X> I said enter!
[01:28] <13Kit> 6Lilith frowns intently, bringing her arms to her chest, losing her cold weather clothing and gaining little but the armor pieces made up of luminescent white. 1"I cannot allow that." 6She ushes Zephyr away from her legs.
14[01:28] * Exio (Kulix@h195.24.172.72.ip.alltel.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[01:28] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias opens the door and leans his head in.
[01:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr scrambles back. Cheryl eyes Lilith. "I'll give her a spanking of her life for dumping me near naked in the snow. And I'll spank you, too, if you get in my way."
[01:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes him, on her bed face down
[01:30] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC continues to work on her snowball, quietly and peacefully.
[01:30] <13Chad`Winters> Any reason why you're so down now?
[01:30] <13Chad`Winters> NRP: Dias...sigh
[01:30] <13@DeathStar> <X> Tired.
[01:30] <13Kit> <Lilith> You shall spank no one." 6She narrows her eyes, assuming a tight hand-to-hand stance.
[01:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl narrows her eyes as well, tensing. She charges at Lilith
[01:31] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> That sucks. I thouht you were having fun out there.
[01:31] <13@DeathStar> <X> It was enjoyable to smash your head with snow
[01:32] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Well atleast you understand the gist of a snowball fight.
[01:32] <13Kit> 6Lilith crouches low and slides her feet apart, sending one gauntleted fist for Cheryl's charge.
[01:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl tries to slide under her and grab her tail, squeezing it if successful
[01:33] <13Kit> 6Lilith misses, shifting her feet to strike with the other hand, when she squeals loudly, blushing and freezing. 1"..E-eee..!"
[01:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl holds it, not letting go, she's had practice with Chii. She stands up, petting and squeezing it.
[01:33] <13@DeathStar> <X> Of course.
15[01:34] * 13@Jennifer` finishes rolling a second snowball, content to quietly help SPoC.
[01:34] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> I just wanted to make sure you were fine. If you need something, just buzz me.
[01:34] <13Kit> 6Lilith fidgets and squirms, looking quite confused. After a moment she turns and embarassedly snaps. 1"L-Let go..!"
[01:34] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Surrender. 6* She strokes the tail with her one hand, still holding tightly with the other
[01:34] <13@DeathStar> <X> Am I ugly?
[01:35] <13Chad`Winters> Nope. You're actually quite the looker.
[01:35] <13Chad`Winters> nRP: Dias...
[01:35] <13@DeathStar> NRP: <X> Thank you, Chad
[01:35] <13Chad`Winters> NRP: LOL
[01:35] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... Hm. So I am superior looks wise to you, then?
[01:35] <13Kit> 6Lilith clenches her eyes shut and wails. 1"Let go!!" 6Loudly, swinging her opposite hand wildly at Cheryl, with a definite air behind it.
[01:35] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Well you did say I was ugly.
[01:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl jerks to the side to try and hold on and miss the attack together
[01:36] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Lilith. Grope her back! It'll show her!
[01:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr is beside Chii now
[01:37] <13@DeathStar> <X> Well. You aren't THAT ugly. Perhaps...you know. Moderately deformed.
[01:37] <13Kit> 6Lilith turns slightly throws a mid-height kick for Cheryl, her teeth clenched as she huffs frustratedly, still having a bewildered look.
[01:37] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias snorts, chuckling now
[01:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl is kicked. She stumbles and lets go
[01:38] <13Kit> 6Lilith points at Cheryl, one hand back behind her as if holding down a non-existent skirt. 1"Y-You should not fight with such underhanded tactics!!"
[01:38] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Coming from the girl in armor fighting the half-naked one.
[01:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes him. "You agree?"
[01:39] <13Kit> <Lilith> You are a dragoon. I know you can take..." 6She swings her fist forward in a downward arc at Cheryl, an intent look in her eyes.
[01:39] <13Kit> 6Chii eyes Zephyr. 1"Hm. Who would you bet on?"
[01:39] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> No idea.
[01:39] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Hardly, I'm vain.
[01:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl shifts to the side. "So inugamis hate being touched on their tails?" 6* She insults
[01:40] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hmph. You are also moderately unintelligent
[01:40] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Intelligence is overrated. 6He waves his hand.
[01:40] <13Kit> 6Lilith's hand follows through, smashing into the ground and releasing one of the bursts. 1"It is sensitive!!"
15[01:40] * 13@Jennifer` looks up at their work. "What do you think...?"
[01:40] <13Kit> 6Chii cups her hands and shouts out. 1"So is Cheryl!" 6Laughing.
[01:41] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Apparantly. 6* She leans forward, then jerks as Chii says that
[01:41] <13Kit> 6Lilith shifts her weight and lunges upward with her other hand in a body-weight uppercut.
[01:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina tries to make sure the fight doesn't reach the snowmen.
[01:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl is uppercut and sent up in the air
[01:41] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC blinks, looking over at Jennifer, having stopped making her snow ball big and started just carving it
[01:41] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> I am sorry. What did you say again?
[01:41] <13Kit> 6Lilith whirls on her feet and leaps up to follow up with a high kick.
[01:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl is hit with the high kick and sent flying into a snow pile, groaning
15[01:42] * 13@Jennifer` has managed to pile three balls together making a smaller snowman. "What do you think? Should I make it sad?"
[01:42] <13Kit> <Chii> Hmm, not like my reflex combos, but more power behind them.
[01:43] <13Kit> 6Chii jerks. 1"Oh, I mean. GO CHERYL! YOU CAN DO IT!"
[01:43] <13Chad`Winters> <SPoC> If that is what you would like to do.
[01:43] <13@DeathStar> <X> Yours is.
[01:44] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Eh, I leave the smart thinking to the smart people and the ass kicking to me.
[01:44] <13Kit> <Chii> Holy shit. Is she out?
[01:44] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> M-Maybe.
[01:44] <13Kit> 6Lilith lands and holds up one hand, bowing her head in prayer to fallen Cheryl.
[01:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* A whip flies out and wraps around Lilith's hand, and she tries to yank her to her
09[01:46] <13@Jennifer`> "Well it's short."
[01:46] <13Kit> 6Lilith eyes the whip, then frowns as she's yanked, but readies her other hand to strike.
15[01:46] * 13@Jennifer` pouts a little and starts on a sad face.
[01:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl tries to shifts around, deactivating the whip and then whips it out at her tail, trying to snag it
[01:47] <13Kit> 6Lilith sends her left hand straight for Cheryl's face, even as she squeals at the whip's second grasp, stumbling
[01:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl is hit in the face. She winces, then tugs on the whip
[01:48] <13Kit> <Lilith> A-ahh!!
[01:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl reaches out with her free hand, trying to punch Lilith in the face
[01:49] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Well I thought I should remind you, that christmas is coming up in like two weeks.
[01:49] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hmph. It sounds useless.
[01:50] <13Kit> 6Lilith winces and jerks her head upward, the pain giving her focus to knee for Cheryl
15[01:50] * 13@Jennifer` finishes, looking at the short snowman with a sad face.
[01:50] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Nah, it's where you give out gifts.
[01:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl is hit by the knee, snarling
[01:50] <13Kit> 6Lilith snaps her left elbow down toward Cheryl's shoulder, preparing her right hand.
[01:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl snarls in pain, and yanks with real anger now
[01:51] <13Kit> 6Lilith yelps, blushing furiously as her uppercut misses.
[01:51] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> D-Dammit.
[01:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl yanks even harder
[01:52] <13Kit> 6Lilith squeals, panting a little, then grasps the whip with her left hand and strains with effort, focusing energy to yank Cheryl's whole body by it and toss.
[01:52] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> You wrap them up so the person you give them to, can open them. It's the best time of year. Free stuff rules.
[01:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl is tossed by her own whip
[01:53] <13@DeathStar> <X> .... HMph. I do not want gifts.
[01:54] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Well you're going to get some. Plus Santa Clause give you some.
[01:54] <13Kit> 6Lilith tugs on the whip to pull Cheryl toward her, leaping forward with a straight-legged stomp.
[01:54] <13@DeathStar> <X> Santa...Claus?
[01:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl is stomped, gasping in pain
15[01:55] * 13@Jennifer` sits in the snow and watches SPoC.
[01:55] <13Kit> 6Lilith leaps upward, rounding her foot high to drop with another stomp if she doesn't move.
[01:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl sneers and yanks again with the whip as she does
[01:56] <13Kit> 6Lilith falls prematurely, resounding with a cracking sound back upon the ground, she attempts to recover, momentarily stuck in the absorbing posture.
[01:56] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Yeah, it's this jolly fat guy who weara red suit and has a big white beard. He stops at everybodies places and will give them gifts.
[01:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl leaps on Lilith, trying to stradle her now, pulling the whip like she was on a branco
[01:57] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... you are insane. There is no such thing.
[01:57] <13Chad`Winters> 6SPoC carve some snow away, smiling contently
03[01:59] * Kulix is now known as KulixSleep
15[01:59] * 13@Jennifer` continues to sit and watch.
[01:59] <13Kit> 6Lilith stumbles and struggles with Cheryl, growling slightly.
[02:00] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Giddyup, Lilith. 6* She tugs at the whip to make her move
[02:00] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> While I definetly can't argue the insane comment, it is true that he's real.
[02:00] <13@DeathStar> <X> Provide proof.
[02:01] <13Kit> 6Lilith charges forward toward the base
[02:01] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Now we're talking.
[02:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr stares at the fight scene now, unable to put it into words.
[02:01] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> I'll let him prove he's real. Just you wait until christmas.
[02:01] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... Fine. I expect proof then
[02:02] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Just make sure you leave out milk and cookies
[02:02] <13@DeathStar> <X> Why? 6* She eyes him, confused again
[02:02] <13Kit> 6Lilith skids a moment once they approach the base, twirling around to put Cheryl between her and it. leaping backwards with force from her legs.
[02:02] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> The fat guy loves milk and cookies. Why else would he be fat?
[02:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl makes a face as she's crushed
[02:03] <13@DeathStar> <X> Then you bribe him.
[02:04] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Fine, but I'll say there from you.
[02:04] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hmph.
[02:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Her whip shuts off, too
[02:07] <13Kit> 6Lilith steps away, turning to tilt her head at Cheryl
[02:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl begins to stand again
[02:07] <13Kit> <Lilith> Secede.
[02:08] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> If you want, I can take you christmas shopping later. Since you should probably get Lilith something. And you know, me.
[02:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl ignores her, standing slowly.
[02:09] <13Kit> 6Lilith shifts forward, throwing a punch for her stomach
[02:09] <13@DeathStar> <X> Why would I get you anything?!
[02:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl groans as she's hit, wincing in pain
[02:10] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Cuz it's christmas.
[02:10] <13@DeathStar> <X> You are my sworn enemy.
[02:11] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> That wont' stop me from getting you a gift.
[02:11] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hmph. Fine. I will get you one, too
[02:11] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Ooooh. If you really wanna impress Paladin. You should get him something too.
[02:12] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Okay, Lilith, I think that's enough. Cheryl won't ever stop, and I don't want you two hurting each other.
[02:12] <13Kit> <Lilith> She swore to harm you...
[02:12] <13Kit> 6Lilith backs away, looking down like she was scolded
[02:12] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> IT's just how we are with each other.
[02:13] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Thanks, though. 6* She smiles at her.
[02:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes Lilith now, a twitch there
[02:13] <13Kit> 6Lilith pauses, then nods. She closes her eyes, releasing her armour spell, giving her normal shorts and shirt with vest back.
[02:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl turns and moves back inside
[02:14] <13Kit> 6Lilith looks like she was scolded again. 1"I feel I have insulted her."
[02:15] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Eh. She'll get over it. She probably just wants to beat you up. If she challenges you, you can take it or leave it
[02:15] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Since he helped to get you all this freedom and all.
[02:15] <13@DeathStar> <X> ........
[02:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* X hmphs. "I will consider it. Perhaps I will kidnap the priestest for him."
[02:16] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Trust me, he'll be very impressed...Huh?
[02:16] <13@DeathStar> <X> He desires the priestest. I shall capture her for him.
[02:16] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Yeah, that might be a bad move. He might take it wrong.
[02:16] <13@DeathStar> <X> Why?
[02:17] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Kidnapping someone he wants and who's on his team. He'll get riled up in the wrong way.
[02:17] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hmph. Then I should get someone not on the team?
[02:17] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Let's try to think outside the kidnapping somebody box.
[02:18] <13Kit> <Lilith> I shall accept it. It is an honor.
[02:18] <13Kit> 6Chii chases after Cheryl.
[02:18] <13@DeathStar> <X> Then what would he like? Lighter skin?
[02:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr watches the two go.
[02:18] <13Kit> 6Chii pops back out. 1"Baibai, Phinee!"
[02:18] <13Kit> <Chii> Visit more." 6She grins widely.
[02:18] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias stares. 1"No, I think he likes being black."
[02:18] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Bye, Chiikins!
[02:19] <13@DeathStar> <X> He is the only black man, though
[02:19] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> So?
[02:19] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hm. What would he like, then?
[02:20] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> I'm not sure. We'll figure it out when we goto the mall
[02:20] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hm. What would Lilith like? Perhaps I could kidnap the bearded dead man
[02:21] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Again, let's stay outside the kidnap box
[02:21] <13@DeathStar> <X> Lilith would not care if we use that box.
[02:21] <13Chad`Winters> 6Dias taps his chin. 1"Alright. We'll kidnap Drake and wrap him in a bow.
[02:21] <13@DeathStar> <X> Good. Together, we shall get him.
[02:21] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Any idea where he is?
[02:22] <13@DeathStar> <X> I will look for him.
[02:23] <13Chad`Winters> <Dias> Alright. And when you find him, I'll give you a hand.
[02:24] <13@DeathStar> -END-

[19:17] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-589.12.25
[19:17] <13@DeathStar> Location: HQ
[19:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Christmas morning. A tree has been set up in the rec room
03[19:17] * Chad`Winters is now known as Dias`
[19:18] <13@Dias`> 6Dias slowly peeks out of his doorway and glances down the hallway.
[19:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin sips some coffee in his office, enjoying the pleasant day
15[19:19] * 13@Drasek walks down the hall, hands behind his head, whistling.
[19:19] <13@Drasek> NRP: MArcus*
[19:19] <13@Dias`> 6SPoC steps out of her shower, her short hair damp and wearing her military pants and a white tank top
[19:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* X exits her room finally, having been told to awaken at a certain time
[19:21] <13@Dias`> 6Dias cups his hands behind his back and casually steps out of his room, smiling at X. 1"Well aren't we an eager beaver to open our presents this morning."
[19:21] <13@DeathStar> <X> No.
[19:22] <13@Dias`> 6Dias slumps. 1"Well you should make sure Lilith is up or all that hard work we went through will be to waste.
[19:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* X nods, then knocks on Lilith's door
15[19:25] * 13@Dias` leans to the side, peering at the door. 1"She have a late night of partying?"
[19:25] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus moves along, stopping in the messhall to get two cups of coco, before creeping back towards Kat's room.
[19:25] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hm. 6* She opens a ripple into the room
[19:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* X enters, then reappears, pulling Lilith along.
[19:26] <13Kit> 6Lilith blinks, holding a tray of breakfast.
[19:26] <13@DeathStar> <X> Present time.
15[19:26] * 13@Dias` stares. 1"...You made breakfast in your room?"
[19:27] <13Kit> <Lilith> I had just brought it back." 6She frowns.
[19:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* X peers at the food, reaching up to take some
[19:27] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Ohhh. Well like X said. It's time for to open presents
[19:27] <13Kit> 6Lilith gapes at X, then sulks.
[19:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* X stops when she gapes and sulks, removing her hand
[19:30] <13@Dias`> Well if you are hungry, you can stop by the mess hall first.
[19:31] <13Kit> <Liltih> I do not believe I am impeding the gift process. You may proceed without me.
[19:31] <13@DeathStar> <X> I got you a gift.
[19:31] <13Kit> 6Lilith jerks.
[19:31] <13@Dias`> She got you a gift. 6He claps his hands together.
[19:31] <13Kit> <Lilith> Th-That was unnecessary..!
[19:31] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus finally makes it to Kat's room, he pauses and knocks with his foot.
[19:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* X pauses, then sulks. "Oh."
[19:32] <13@Dias`> Oh it was totally necessary X. Lilths just being modest.
03[19:32] * Ariel (KAS@blk-89-239-1.eastlink.ca) has joined #taw
[19:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* X shakes head. "I will get rid of the gift."
[19:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* X moves off to the rec room. Meanwhile, Katrina opens the door, in her nightgown still
15[19:34] * 13@Dias` eyes Lilith. 1"Way to go Lilith, she just wanted to show you that you meant something to her and you turned her down. 6He shakes his head and moves after her.
[19:35] <13@Drasek> Merry Christmas. *he holds up the coco, which he may have spiked with some coffee*
[19:35] <13@Drasek> NRP: Marcus.
[19:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina smiles back. "Merry Christmas."
[19:37] <13@Dias`> Hey X. 6He catches upto her, matchin her stride.
[19:37] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus tries to peer over her shoulder, which should be easy since he's taller than her. 1"Sooooo."
[19:37] <13@DeathStar> <X> Yes?
[19:38] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Yes? 6* She quirks her brow at him peering over her shoulder, stepping to the side for him
[19:38] <13@Dias`> Don't get the wrong idea from her reaction. I just think no ones loved her enough to get her a gift before.
[19:38] <13@Drasek> <Marcus> What'dja get me. *he says quickly, peering at her with a big smile*
[19:39] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> I'm not enough of a gift?
[19:39] <13@DeathStar> <X> Oh.
[19:39] <13@DeathStar> <X> Do I get rid of the gift, then?
[19:40] <13@Dias`> Let's just give her like 30 minutes to let it sink in. Plus really. 6He cringes slightly. 1"I don't know if he's going to be happy if she doesn't open it."
[19:40] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hm.
[19:41] <13Kit> 6Lilith stares after the two, blinking in confusion. She drops her head and sighs.
[19:41] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus drops his mouth open slightly, peering at her, then into her room. 1"Well, you know. It's just usually people give gifts...but if you didn't, that's cool. I mean...well you're quite the gift..." 6He starts to ramble slowly.
[19:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina watches him, amusedly.
[19:42] <13@Dias`> But let's not let this little speed bump ruin what's most important.
[19:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* X sits in the rec room, to see if Lilith shows up.
15[19:43] * 13@Dias` moves over to the christmas tree, eyeing the gifts like a child would.
[19:44] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus lets out a breath and hangs his head slightly. He shifts forward and kisses her on the lips. "Yeah. I am pretty lucky to have you, I shouldn't push my luck, should I?"
[19:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina moves over and opens the closet, pulling out a gift
[19:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* X sits there, boredly, clearly not going to enjoy herself without her dog
[19:45] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus widens his eyes, beaming. 1"I knew you got me something, I just knew you were kidding around." He gives a laugh, as if he really believes himself.
[19:46] <13Kit> 6Lilith enters the recreational room quietly and cautiously, peering both ways.
[19:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* X seems to regain energy now.
15[19:49] * 13@Dias` turns to spy Lilith now. 1"Finally."
15[19:49] * 13@Dias` looks at X. 1"See? Just needed to sink in."
[19:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina eyes him, amusedly.
[19:49] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Mmmhm
[19:50] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hello, Lilith. That big box is yours. 6* A human sized box with holes in it can be seen, wrapped up
15[19:50] * 13@Dias` smiles mischeviously and pulls out two gifts and moves over to X, handing them to her.
[19:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* X blinks at them. She peers at them, then at Dias, then at them.
[19:51] <13@Dias`> Looks like one's from Santa.
[19:51] <13@DeathStar> <X> I did not sense him last night.
[19:51] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus leans forward slowly, reaching out for the gift.
[19:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina leans back. "Where's my gift?"
[19:52] <13@Dias`> Well duh, he's just that awesome.
[19:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* X muses on this, then opens Santa's gift first
[19:52] <13Kit> 6Lilith stares at the box, then moves over and sulkily starts to open it
[19:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* X pauses as at Lilith's expression. "Y-You do not want it, do you?"
[19:52] <13@Dias`> 6Inside is a music box
[19:53] <13@Drasek> <Marcus> I-Oh. Sheesh, look at me get all greedy. 6* He pats his coat down and then pauses, glancing inside, then shifting to check the other side.
[19:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* X seems focused on Lilith being unhappy.
[19:54] <13@Dias`> 6Dias looks over at Lilith, his arms crossed. 1"Seriously? God, you'd think she'd be happy that you thought about her."
[19:54] <13Kit> <Lilith> Mistress should focus on her own happiness."
[19:54] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus gets a wide eyes and then pauses and lets out a breath. He pulls out 2 gifts bags from inside his coat, they're a bit small probably why there is two. He holds them out to her.
[19:54] <13Kit> 6Lilith mumbles as she finishes opening the box and peers over.
[19:55] <13@Dias`> Clearly, she's happy when you're happy.
[19:55] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... 6* She looks down now. She just sets her music box aside
[19:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake is inside, tied up by a bow
[19:55] <13Kit> 6Lilith gapes. 1"..D-Drake..!?"
[19:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake has been gagged with a ribbon
[19:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina smiles, handing him her's as she takes his
[19:56] <13Kit> 6Lilith exasperatedly unties the ribbon. 1"C-Can you breathe..!?"
[19:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake takes a breath in afterward. "Yeah. I'm fine. These two jumped me, saying something about being a gift."
15[19:56] * 13@Dias` smiles innocently
[19:56] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus grabs his and opens it quickly.
[19:57] <13Kit> 6Lilith backs off, blushing and bows, apologising profusely.
[19:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* It's whatever gadget Marcus has been hinting at repeatedly over the last few months
[19:57] <13@Dias`> Oooh, she blushed. She liked it. 6He holds his hand out to X for a high five.
[19:57] <13@DeathStar> <X> S--he did? 6* She eyes Dias oddly, then lifts her hand up slowly
[19:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake climbs out, then begins to chuckle a bit. "Merry Christmas, Lil."
15[19:58] * 13@Dias` high fives her and points at Drake with his other hand. 1"See? And he's happy too."
03[19:58] * Jackieness (Psy@h85.6.90.75.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) has joined #taw
03[19:58] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Jackieness
[19:59] <13@Drasek> 6* Marcus' eyes widen and he smiles. 1"How'd you know!?" 6 He hugs her quickly, giving her machine gun kisses on the cheek.
03[19:59] * Jackieness is now known as Myria
[19:59] <13@DeathStar> -PAUSE-

[23:15] <13@DeathStar> -RESUME CHRISTMAS MINI-
[23:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake smiles at Lilith.
[23:16] <13Kit> <Lilith> ... ... H-how..?
15[23:17] * 13@Marcus peers up from playing with his new gadget, to see if Kat likes her gifts.
[23:17] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Well, I was killing a vampire, and after I won, these two jumped out and blind folded and tied me up
[23:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina opens her gifts.
[23:17] <13Kit> <Lilith> They what..!?" 6She turns to eye them, her eyes flared in astonishment
[23:17] <13@DeathStar> <X> D-Did I do bad? 6* She looks like she's afraid
03[23:17] * Wolf` is now known as Jennifer`
[23:17] <13@Dias`> <Dias> What? You'd be suprised how easy it is to tie someone up
[23:18] <13@Marcus> 6* Katrina has a poorly drawn image of her and Marcus in one bag. And a heart thing made out of macaronni.
[23:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina blinks
[23:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake rubs the back of his head sheepishly.
15[23:20] * 13@Marcus looks at her eagerly. "Soooo?"
[23:20] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> It's, um, nice.
[23:20] <13@Marcus> Yeah? You like it?
15[23:20] * 13@Jennifer` yawns a bit as she trundles her way into the mess hall, her hair fixed, late to rise, but being a holiday she's still in a t-shirt and jammies.
[23:20] <13@Dias`> 6Dias slowly pulls out some mistletoe and causally moves over to the two then stands on his tippy toes and holds it above the two
[23:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina manages a smile. "Yes."
15[23:20] * 13@Marcus snorts. "Turn them around, you big faker."
[23:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* KAtrina pauses, then does so
[23:22] <13@Marcus> 6* Taped to the back of each one is an silver bracelet and a set of diamond earrings.
15[23:22] * 13@Jennifer` collects some toast and a water bottle and trundles back along, looking about for people as she yawns again.
[23:22] <13@Dias`> 6Dias stands there on his tippy toes, eyeing the two. 1"Yeah anytime now. I can't do this all day you know."
[23:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake rubs the back of his head, then leans forward and kisses Lilith on the lips
[23:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina simles. "They're beautiful." 6* She kisses Marcus on the lips
15[23:23] * 13@Dias` shews and rests on his feet now. 1"That'll be 20 bucks. My services aren't cheap."
[23:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake ignores him and keeps kissing Lilith while she's distracted. X stares
15[23:24] * 13@Marcus smiles and returns the kiss. "Man, I totally fooled you. I think I win, this year."
[23:24] <13Kit> 6Lilith glances up at the plant, then jerks as she's kissed. She stares silently for a moment, then blushes furiously and suddenly switches to armoured mode, shoving him with the strength of a bear.
[23:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake is shoved into the three, the tree falling on him
[23:24] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hm. So when you are kissed, you shove people.
[23:25] <13@Dias`> <Dias> God no.
03[23:25] * Kuroichigo (Kit@ has joined #taw
[23:25] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Yes, you did fool me
15[23:25] * 13@Jennifer` finds the tree in time to find Drake messing it up. She frowns.
15[23:25] * 13@Marcus laughs and does a cocky little dance around her. Just to be even more obnoxious.
[23:26] <13@Dias`> <Dias> That was kinda rude Lilith. 6He looks at her.
[23:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina watches Marcus, amused
09[23:26] <13@Jennifer`> "Umm... Merry Christmas."
[23:26] <13@DeathStar> <X> I will shove people much further. 6* She vows.
[23:26] <13Kit> <Lilith> H-He kissed me...!
[23:27] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Mistletoe. 6He motions to it.
14[23:27] * Kuroichigo (Kit@ Quit (Quit: Client Exited)
15[23:27] * 13@Jennifer` looks at Dias, Lilith and Drake, rubbing her eyes a little more. "Huh...? Drake-sama kissed you Lilith?"
03[23:27] * Kuroichigo (Kit@ has joined #taw
[23:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake stands up slowly, wincing. "Well, I guess I'll go." 6* Drake moves for the exit
[23:27] <13@Dias`> 6Dias eyes Lilith and grabs her, shoving her towards Drake. 1"Say you're sorry."
09[23:27] <13@Jennifer`> "Ummm... Drake... wait."
[23:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake peers at Jen, blinking as he reidentifies her. "Yes?"
15[23:28] * 13@Marcus slides up behind her and begins to make her dance with him. He even sings a little for her, though really he's just saying things in sing-song type of tone. "Katrina loves it when I daaaance. And when I romaaance." Seems he's a pretty happy fellow.
09[23:28] <13@Jennifer`> "Haven't seen you in a while... how are you?"
[23:28] <13Kit> 6Lilith frowns and snatches at Dias' wrist, squeezing horribly. She peers at Drake, though. 1"...I.." 6She stares at Jennifer, then squeezes Dias harder.
[23:29] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Been better. 6* He shrugs. "Later, kiddo." 6* He moves on out
09[23:29] <13@Jennifer`> "I mean, besides the tree thing of course..."
09[23:29] <13@Jennifer`> "Later..."
15[23:29] * 13@Jennifer` sighs a little, watching him go.
[23:29] <13@Dias`> 6Dias howls in pain.
[23:29] <13Kit> <Lilith> Drake.
[23:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina blinks as she's led around in this weird dance and song.
[23:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake peers back over his shoulder
[23:29] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Wrist. Pain. Let go.
[23:30] <13Kit> 6Lilith fumes silently, vicegripping Dias. 1"...You cannot kiss me and walk away."
[23:30] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Oh? I didn't want to make you angrier.
[23:30] <13@Dias`> 6Dias starts stomping his foot. 1"Ow OW OW!
[23:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* X watches Dias, absolutely loving this
[23:31] <13Kit> <Lilith> You would instead impune on my honor by taking it and leaving me to shame alone..!?
[23:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake rubs the back of his head. "Er, no. Iw ouldn't do that."
15[23:32] * 13@Jennifer` looks between them, quietly slipping over to the tree and putting it back up.
[23:32] <13Kit> 6Lilith looks at him furiously, since he's still leaving.
[23:32] <13@Dias`> 6Dias eyes his wrist, clearly contemplating chewing his arm off.
[23:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake moves back into the room
15[23:33] * 13@Marcus stops and kisses Kat on the cheek. "So what're we doing today?"
[23:33] <13Kit> 6Lilith releases Dias' wrist, putting her hand to her chest and taking a breath as she reverts to normal clothing.
[23:34] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> So...what should I do now?
[23:34] <13@Dias`> 6Dias let's out a huge sigh of relief as he starts rubbing his wrist furiously.
[23:34] <13Kit> 6Lilith turns her back to Drake, huffing despite standing in a pollite posture. 1"I do not know!"
[23:34] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Did you like it Lilith? 6He looks at her teasingly
[23:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake steps up and gives her a hug. "Well, then, there's only one way to correct this. Everyone, since I have kissed Lilith, I announce she's my girlfriend."
[23:35] <13Kit> 6Lilith goes to say something to Dias when her eyes practically bug out, eyeing Drake.
[23:35] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> I don't know. Sit around? Relax?
[23:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* X peers at the two. "So my gift was good."
[23:35] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Totally. 6He gives X a thumbs up
[23:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake gives her an easy going smile.
[23:36] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Well since we got you together, you can work on the sex part Drake. 6He slowly leans towards him. 1"Unless you need some....help."
[23:37] <13Kit> 6Lilith's face turns red to match her eyes locking on Dias for the kill now.
[23:37] <13@Marcus> Yeah? Can we drink coco in bed?
15[23:37] * 13@Jennifer` looks at Drake, then Lilith, she sighs a little and starts walking away.
[23:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake slides away, not wanting to get caught in this
[23:37] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> If you want
[23:38] <13@Dias`> <Dias> She'll be a tought one Drake, but a feisty on in bed.
15[23:38] * 13@Marcus pauses. "By the way, if you want to return that stuff for something better...I wouldn't cry for long."
[23:38] <13Kit> <Lilith> Dias...
15[23:38] * 13@Jennifer` looks back at them, frowning more.
[23:38] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> I love it, silly.
15[23:39] * 13@Dias` claps his hands together. 1"You two are just soooo adorable together.
15[23:39] * 13@Jennifer` frowns more at that.
[23:39] <13Kit> 6Lilith creates one gauntlet, her eyes fixing on Dias now, coldly.
[23:39] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Um, Lil...?
[23:40] <13@Marcus> I totally wasn't pretending to be self-concious about my gift to see what you think. *he does the cute face*
[23:40] <13Kit> <Lilith> Yes, Drake..?
[23:40] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> And I totally didn't read your mind and tell you what you wanted to hear. 6* She smiles
[23:40] <13@Dias`> 6Dias smiles at Lilith innocently
[23:41] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Lets not injure Dias. The others might not like it
15[23:41] * 13@Marcus goes to open his mouth and slumps, shuffling over to grab his coco and drink it, pouting.
[23:41] <13@Dias`> <Dias> That's the christmas spirit
[23:41] <13Kit> 6Lilith rears her hand back, about to nail Dias-- then pauses, looking sheepish. 1"I... I would not harm him over mere words.."
[23:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* X goes to her music box now
[23:41] <13@Dias`> 6Dias casually pushes Lilith's hand back down.
[23:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake smiles, easy going. "Thank you."
[23:42] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Pssst, Lilith
15[23:43] * 13@Jennifer` sits down to one side and watches, mostly watching Drake.
[23:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina sits beside him, hugging him. "I'm teasing."
15[23:43] * 13@Marcus beams and offers out some coco to her.
[23:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina takes it, drinking it and snuggling him
[23:45] <13Kit> 6Lilith blinks and looks to Drake. 1"Yes, Drake?"
[23:46] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> So, want to go back to your room and talk?
[23:46] <13@Dias`> <Dias> No....Psssst. Lilith. 6He waves at her
[23:47] <13Kit> 6Lilith blinks at Drake, then past at Dias. She frowns. 1"One moment." 6Then moves toward Dias.
09[23:48] <13@Jennifer`> "Hey Drake?"
[23:48] <13@Dias`> <Dias> For being someone with manners, you seem to forget to say thank you. 6He nods towards X.
[23:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake glances at Jen. "Yes?"
[23:48] <13@DeathStar> 6*X looks up. "How do I say thank you to Santa?"
09[23:49] <13@Jennifer`> "Merry Christmas." *she smiles a little*
[23:49] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Merry Christmas. 6* He smiles back.
[23:49] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Oh he already knows. That's just how good he is.
15[23:49] * 13@Marcus smiles and lets out a breath of air. Relaxed. Content. "I think this is one of the best christmas' i've ever had. Christmas with the folks, where my old man actually told me he was proud of me. And you. I keep thinking i'm going to jinx it by saying how awesome it's been.
[23:50] <13Kit> 6Lilith eyes the two, then frowns. She bows pollitely. 1"Thank you, mistress."
[23:50] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Pssst, give her a hug.
[23:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* X blinks, then smiles at Lilith. "You're welcome."
15[23:50] * 13@Jennifer` actually blushes a little and looks down. "Thank you."
[23:50] <13Kit> 6Lilith frowns at Dias, then moves forward and hugs X
[23:51] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Just enjoy the moment.
[23:51] <13@DeathStar> 6 *X blinks and stares at Lilith in surprise, not sure what to do.
[23:51] <13@Dias`> 6Dias motions to X, to hug her back
[23:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* She kind of goes rigid. She eyes Dias, then Lilith, then timidly hugs back
[23:53] <13Kit> 6Lilith submissively puts her head to X's shoulder, then steps back, bowing again before returning to Drake.
[23:53] <13@Marcus> I can do that. *he says with a chuckle, leaning over to kiss her shoulder*
[23:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* X opens the second gift now, looking timid still
[23:54] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> So, room? 6* He asks Lil
[23:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina puts an arm around Marcus
[23:54] <13Kit> 6Lilith pauses, then eyes the floor, nodding timidly. She moves to lead the way.
[23:54] <13@Dias`> 6Inside is one of Dias' prized comic books.
[23:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake follows, waving at them all
[23:55] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Seeya Drake. 6He winks at him, making suggestive motions
15[23:55] * 13@Jennifer` frowns after he moves away, sighing and putting her chin on her knees.
[23:56] <13@DeathStar> <X> I think Jennifer needs a hug. She is depressed.
[23:56] <13@Dias`> 6SPoC suddenly glances up, a chill going down her spine
[23:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* X picks up the comic, then looks up. "Thank you." 6* She ripples her gift onto Dias' head
[23:57] <13@Dias`> 6Dias head drops from the weight of the gift and he grabs it quickly, scowling as he pulls it off his head.
15[23:58] * 13@Jennifer` looks over and watches the two.
[23:58] <13@DeathStar> <X> Jennifer. Shall I capture a male for you to hug on?
15[23:58] * 13@Marcus hums and he leans back. "Hey, want to watch the parade while we cuddle?"
[23:58] <13@Dias`> 6Dias eagerly opens up the gift, tossing the wrapping paper about
[23:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* It's a stack of comic books. Probably some of his own returned to him as a gift.
09[23:59] <13@Jennifer`> "Wh-What?"
[23:59] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Sweet! I LOVE COMIC BOOKS! 6He opens begins filing through them. 1"Thanks X. You rock."
13[00:00] * Day changed to Wednesday, August 20th 2008.
Session Time: Wed Aug 20 00:00:01 2008
[00:00] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> A parade? Okay. 6* She smiles. On her desk is something covered up in a shirt
15[00:00] * 13@Marcus slowly looks from her desk to her, then her desk again. "Say...what's that?"
[00:00] <13@DeathStar> <X> You are welcome. 6* She nods to Dias, then eyes Jen. "I shall capture a dead beraded man for you, too."
[00:00] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> That's DIas' gifts. 6* She notes, her tone odd.
[00:01] <13@Marcus> Uh. Should I be afraid?
[00:01] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Hm. Maybe.
15[00:01] * 13@Jennifer` stares at her. "I-I... n-nod that'll be f-fine..."
15[00:01] * 13@Marcus glances at her. "Maybe? What is it?"
[00:01] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Take a look.
15[00:01] * 13@Marcus eyes her for a minute then gets up and moves over to the shift, peeking under it.
[00:02] <13@DeathStar> <X> Do not worry, Lilith said the same. I will get you one.
[00:02] <13@Dias`> 6Dias looks over at Jen. 1"Seriously?
09[00:03] <13@Jennifer`> "Wh-What!?" *she blushes and looks away, half in confusion*
[00:03] <13@Dias`> 6As he lifts up the shirt, a gold painted statue appears. It's the thinker, only it's a scale model of Dias, and he's naked.
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> <X> It will be done
15[00:06] * 13@Marcus arches a brow and glances at Kat.
[00:06] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> It's different.
[00:06] <13@Marcus> It makes him look so smart. *he notes, dropping the shirt back down.* He'll love it by the way.
[00:08] <13@Dias`> 6Dias now looks at X. 1"Uh oh."
[00:08] <13@DeathStar> <X> Dias, you will aid me.
[00:08] <13@DeathStar> <Katrina> Love it?
15[00:08] * 13@Jennifer` looks at them and gets up. "I-I... I think I hear Natalie calling me."
[00:09] <13@Dias`> <Dias> I think we should hold off on the kidnapping thing for awhile. I mean there really isn't that many dead bearded people like Drake around."
[00:09] <13@Marcus> When we re-gift it to him for his birthday. *he gives her a wink*
09[00:09] <13@Jennifer`> "I-It's Drake not his condition!"
15[00:09] * 13@Jennifer` blinks and covers her mouth.
09[00:09] <13@Jennifer`> "I-I mean... I..."
15[00:09] * 13@Jennifer` whimpers and starts to retreat.
[00:09] <13@Dias`> <Dias> You got a crush on Drake?
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> <X> .... 6* She narrows her eyes. "If you take Drake, I will destroy you."
[00:10] <13@Dias`> <Dias> X, remember what I said about using the word destroy?
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> <X> I mean it this time.
[00:10] <13@Dias`> <Dias> And so do I.
[00:10] <13@DeathStar> <X> She is desiring my gift to Lilith!
[00:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina pauses, then smiles.
[00:11] <13@Dias`> <Dias> And that's no reaso nto threaten someone like that. 6He doesn't look happy, but his tone doesn't reflect it, instead being calm.
15[00:11] * 13@Jennifer` stops and looks at X in fear.
09[00:11] <13@Jennifer`> "I-I... I wouldn't... c-cuz he's with Lilith..."
[00:11] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... very well. I will injure you if you touch Drake.
15[00:11] * 13@Jennifer` looks like she's going to cry.
[00:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* X looks at Dias to see if that's acceptable.
[00:12] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Little less threatening.
[00:13] <13@DeathStar> <X> I will make you uncomfortable if you touch Drake
09[00:13] <13@Jennifer`> "I-It's just a silly crush... that's all... I won't..."
15[00:13] * 13@Jennifer` looks down at the floor.
15[00:13] * 13@Dias` taps his chin as he thinks than nods, giving her a thumbs up
15[00:13] * 13@Marcus walks over to and plops down by Kat again, putting his arm around her and then turning on the holo-vid for the Christmas parage.
[00:13] <13@Marcus> NRP: parade.
[00:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* X motions for Jen to run away in fear now
[00:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Katrina snuggles up to watch the parage parade
15[00:16] * 13@Jennifer` does so, rushing to SPoC's room for safety.
03[00:17] * Marcus is now known as Xan|Gone
[00:17] <13@Dias`> 6SPoC sits in the messhall, eating her breakfast
[00:17] <13@Dias`> <Dias> So how was your first christmas?
[00:17] <13@DeathStar> <X> I enjoyed the end the best. 6* Referring to Jen
15[00:19] * 13@Dias` sighs. 1"Did you give Paladin his gift?
[00:19] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hm. I believe so
[00:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* PAladin opens a box on his desk, screaming when a jack-in-the box with African warpaint on it leap sout
15[00:20] * 13@Jennifer` goes looking for her when she doesn't find Natalie, eventually poping up beside her in the Mess Hall.
[00:20] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Well I'm sure he loved it.
[00:21] <13@Dias`> 6SPoC eats quietly, a wordcross to her side.
[00:21] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hm. Good.
15[00:23] * 13@Jennifer` looks it over before letting out a quiet, "Merry Christmas."
[00:24] <13@Dias`> 6SPoC looks up from her food and over at Jennifer. 1"Merry Christmas Jennifer."
15[00:25] * 13@Jennifer` smiles a little and sits quietly beside her. "I-I left your gift under the tree... kinda f-forgot it..."
[00:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin sighs. He set an old Japanese style paper folding walls by Freyja's door as her gift
[00:26] <13@Dias`> 6SPoC blinks than nods to her. 1"Thank you very much. I will see to it after I finish eating. I have left yours in the room.
[00:27] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Well I'm gonna go shower. 6He stands up, lifting up the box of comics
[00:27] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hm. Alright.
15[00:28] * 13@Jennifer` smiles and nods, sitting quietly as she looks at the table.
[00:28] <13@Dias`> 6Dias moves out of the rec room and make shis way to his room to shower
[00:29] <13Kit> 6Freyja, having secretly left base to a personal obligation, left Paladin an old-style blues mini-disc inside one of his daily routine folders.
[00:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin stereotypically loves it
[00:36] <13@DeathStar> -eND-

[13:41] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-589.12.25
[13:41] <13@DeathStar> Location: House of Starr
[13:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* A huge Christmas tree has been set up in the living room, complete with presents underneath it. It's early in the morning still, before most people would wake, but Zephyr stands in the living room in her pajamas, with a fog horn. o"IT'S CHRISTMAS!"
03[13:42] * Jennifer` is now known as Sam
15[13:43] * 13@Sam rubs her ears, having had the unfortunate notion of arising early as usual, she steps out into the living room, showered and hair brushed, but in pajamas, she takes a seat on the couch. "Merry Christmas."
15[13:44] * 13Chad`Winters slowly steps into the living room, looking ragged from being woken up so abruptly. He rubs his face as he looks at Zephyr.
[13:44] <13Kit> 6Megumi's shriek can be heard even through the walls from Zephyr's call.
[13:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya steps out of her room next, in pajamas. She seems confused and tired.
[13:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis tries to sit up in bed, being 8 months pregnant
15[13:45] * 13@Sam turns to eye the frightening visage of woken-too-soon-Chad.
[13:45] <13Kit> 6Dawn moves out into the living room gazing with fearfully-alert, drowsy eyes, lazily dressed in a loose silk shirt and slacks again. 1"...A... ttack?"
[13:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore steps out, wearing a nightgown after Dawn. She looks well-groomed despite the hour
[13:46] <13Kit> 6Megumi assists Erevis in the standing business and blinks, shivering. 1"D-damn that... Zephyr."
[13:46] <13Chad`Winters> It's early. 6He looks at Zephyr.
[13:46] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> It's CHRISTMAS! 6* She throws up her hands and wiggles
[13:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis makes an annoyed face. "I do not like getting out of bed."
09[13:46] <13@Sam> "She does have quite a point."
15[13:46] * 13@Sam nods to Zephyr.
[13:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien exits his office with of cup of coffee, wearing casual clothing for once. A sweater and jeans.
[13:47] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Aya leans on Chad tiredly. "What's going on?"
[13:47] <13Kit> 6Dawn eyes Zephyr, then Fiore, then moves back to their room for something.
04[13:48] * 13Chad`Winters grunts in reponse Sam than looks down at Aya, putting an arm around her. 1"It's christmas and Zephyr decided to spread her notoriously joyful spirit."
[13:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr pulls out a candy cane and leans forward, sticking it in Chad's mouth, then slaps a Santa hat on him
15[13:48] * 13@Sam smiles at Darien and motions him over. "Good morning."
15[13:49] * 13Chad`Winters blinks, than very slowly looks over at Zephyr.
[13:49] <13Kit> 6Megumi groans as she brings Erevis out. 1"Zephy, could you not wait until a more appropriate time?"
[13:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis leans on Megumi, wearing a robe. Zephyr begins to tear up. <Zephyr> You all hate me.
15[13:50] * 13Chad`Winters pulls out the candy cane than plops it into Zephyrs mouth
[13:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr makes a mmph sound
[13:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya, more alert now, watches the two interact with a smile
09[13:51] <13@Sam> "I do not understand..."
[13:51] <13Kit> <Megumi> I love you, Zephy. You know that." 6She mumbles quieter. 1"In later hours..."
04[13:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien moves beside Sam, drinking coffee.
[13:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr begins to tear up now
[13:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis sits down on the couch to get off her feet, making an expression of contement as she sits
[13:52] <13Kit> 6Dawn returns with his stradivarius and starts to play silent night, moving up beside Zephyr, yawning.
[13:52] <13Chad`Winters> If you cry, I'll just have to return your gifts. 6He looks at Zephyr, a serious look on his face
15[13:53] * 13@Sam pats the couch beside her for Darien and watches a little, she then looks over at Dawn.
[13:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr sits down with a sulk
[13:54] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Darien takes a seat, sipping his coffee still. "The Christmas cheer."
[13:56] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> The baby is kicking. 6* She smiles, putting a hand on her stomach
15[13:56] * 13Chad`Winters ruffles the top of Zephyrs head. 1"I'm gonna clean up."
[13:56] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> We'll start without you!
[13:56] <13Kit> 6Megumi leans against Erevis, putting her head down to listen
[13:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis smiles as Megumi does this. Indeed, the baby seems quite active.
[13:57] <13Chad`Winters> You'd start without me? 6He looks at her, looking as if he'll cry
[13:58] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Yes!
15[13:58] * 13@Sam smiles a bit. She looks over at Erevis. "Have you found out what the kid's gender will be yet?"
04[13:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis stares at Sam, having known that within two weeks
[13:58] <13Chad`Winters> Cruel. 6He sighs and than sits down, the santa hat still on him
04[13:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien drinks his coffee. "Only Sam would wait 8 months to ask."
[13:59] <13Kit> 6Megumi seems to have fallen asleep on Erevis
15[14:00] * 13@Sam frowns a little. "I didn't think to ask. I'm sorry."
[14:00] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr sticks out her tongue at Chad.
[14:00] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> It is a girl. 6* She brushes Megumi's hair
[14:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr leans over and slaps Megumi's ass, hard. "Wake up!"
09[14:01] <13@Sam> "Picked a name yet?"
[14:01] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> That is yet to be decided
[14:02] <13Kit> 6Megumi squeals and leaps up slightly. 1"EEE...!?"
[14:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr begins to move to the tree to get gifts. She sets aside Chad's, Drasek's, Erevis', Aya's, Darien's, and Megumi's
[14:03] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Here are my gifts to you guys.
[14:04] <13Kit> 6Dawn looks slightly disappointed, but shrugs and shifts music to a festival song, moving back toward Fiore, nudging her.
[14:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr leans toward Dawn. "Don't worry. Your present will be here soon."
[14:04] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore looks at Dawn, blinking once. o"Yes?"
15[14:05] * 13@Sam quietly walks over to the tree, where a small pile, small in size, not quantity lays, and starts picking up two packages.
[14:06] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> So, for the rest of you who's gifts can be given now, open!
[14:06] <13Kit> 6Dawn scritches the violin close to Fiore's ears. 1"Hmph."
[14:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore looks at him blankly.
[14:07] <13Kit> 6Megumi sits up, yawning, then gathers her's and Erevis', staring at them.
[14:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya begins to open her's. It appears to be the newest science book.
[14:07] <13Kit> <Dawn> Not... play...?
[14:07] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> Play...? 6* She pauses, then glances at the violin. "Will play."
15[14:08] * 13Chad`Winters starts opening his gift.
15[14:08] * 13@Sam sits down next to Darien and politely waits for Zephyr's gift giving to end.
[14:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis looks at the gifts. She reaches out to open it, since her mind powers are detoriating
[14:08] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Darien opens his gift, peering at it. It's a coffee mug
[14:09] <13Kit> 6Dawn nods, then stops long enough to go and retrieve the cello
15[14:09] * 13Chad`Winters opens his gift, looking inside
[14:10] <13Kit> 6Megumi hands Erevis her's and begins to open her own
[14:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* It's one of those devices where you hit a ball and it keeps hitting the other balls back and forth, back and forth
[14:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Inside Megumi's gift is a red fruit, and in Erevis' is a baby outfit
[14:11] <13Kit> <Megumi> ...Ehhh..? What is this?
15[14:11] * 13Chad`Winters looks at it, a smirk on his face. 1"Thank you, Zephyr."
[14:11] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> It's a passion fruit. Eat when you want to have a fun night
[14:12] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr grins at Chad
[14:12] <13Kit> 6Megumi headtilts, then puts it between her breats in her nightgown, yawning and leaning against Erevis' again, murmuring. 1"Sankyuu.."
[14:12] <13Kit> 6Dawn sets Fiore's cello case down and bonks her with his bow, snickering.
15[14:12] * 13Chad`Winters sets it aside and stands up, moving to under the tree and begins filtering through, pulling out his gifts
15[14:13] * 13@Sam walks over to Erevis and Megumi, presenting her gifts to them.
[14:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore looks at Dawn afterward, then takes cello case out, and calmly shifts the case to trip him
[14:13] <13@DeathStar> 6* ERevis blinks, then bows, taking her gift
[14:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* She opens it calmly.
[14:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore begins to play a Christmas tune with the cello after a moment's thought
[14:15] <13Kit> 6Dawn stumbles, gulping, protecting his violin as he topples, then glares at Fiore. 1'Hmp."
04[14:16] * 13Chad`Winters moves, handing out gifts to Sam/Darien/Zephyr/MegumiAndErevis/Aya/Dawn/Fiore
[14:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien opens his gift after he gets it. "This I have to see."
[14:17] <13Kit> 6Megumi rouses to find two more gifts, blinking.
[14:17] <13Kit> 6Megumi tiredly scratches both of them open.
09[14:17] <13@Sam> * Inside Erevis' gift is a book on early motherhood and a movie disc.
[14:18] <13Chad`Winters> 6Inside are a set of keys for Darien
[14:18] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Keys?
[14:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis eyes the movie disc.
[14:18] <13Kit> 6Dawn waits until no one's looking and Fiore's occupied with music to sneak a small box over to Aya
15[14:18] * 13@Sam smiles to Chad as she recieves hers and opens it carefully, actually taking care not to ruin the paper.
[14:18] <13Chad`Winters> 6Megumi and Erevis got some stuff for the baby.
[14:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya blinks. She smiles at him, and opens Dawn's gift while Chad is focused on the others, so that she can give him more attention when he looks her way.
09[14:19] <13@Sam> * Megumi's gift from Sam are two video discs.
04[14:19] <13Chad`Winters> 6Sam recieves a new datapad.
[14:19] <13Kit> 6Megumi eyes the discs, then tries to chew on one.
[14:19] <13Chad`Winters> Yeah, I took your car out one night and can't remember where I parked it.
15[14:19] * 13@Sam blushes a little and looks at CHad. "Thank you very much Chad."
[14:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis sets the movie disc down, apparantly not interested, and begins to look at the book
[14:20] <13@DeathStar> <ERevis> Thank you for the gifts.
[14:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien jingles the keys.
[14:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr peers about, then opens her gift.
15[14:21] * 13@Sam gently puts it away and rertieves her next two gifts, presenting them to Aya and Chad.
[14:21] <13Chad`Winters> 6Inside is a paddle for spanking.
[14:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr eyes it, then snerks with a laugh
[14:21] <13Chad`Winters> I thought atleast I should return the keys. 6He shrugs
[14:21] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Uh huh...
[14:22] <13Kit> 6Dawn smiles at her and resumes playing, though the package inside is a container with a snow globe music box.
[14:22] <13Chad`Winters> I had no idea what to get you, Darien. 6He shrugs helplessly.
[14:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya peers at the snow globe music box, then smiles at Dawn. "Thank you." 6* She opens Chad's next, keeping the snow globe next ot her
15[14:23] * 13@Sam holds out the gifts still.
[14:23] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya has her hands full, sadly.
04[14:23] * 13Chad`Winters takes the gift, nodding to Sam and opening it
[14:23] <13Chad`Winters> 6Inside Aya's is a necklace with her mothers birthstone in it.
[14:24] <13Kit> 6Megumi stretches, then hops down, heading to her and Erevis' room
[14:24] <13Chad`Winters> 6Well both mothers birthstones
[14:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya blinks, peering at it. "It's beautiful dad, thank you." 6 *Zephyr peers at it, then grins.
04[14:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya puts it on, admiring it, then takes Sam's gift.
04[14:25] * 13Chad`Winters smiles warmly at Aya, than looks inside Sam's gift for him
09[14:25] <13@Sam> * Chad's contains the latest in mechanical design software, oddly not released yet.
09[14:25] <13@Sam> * Aya's contains two large books on computers and security.
04[14:26] <13@DeathStar> <Aya> Thank you, Sam
[14:27] <13Chad`Winters> Thank you. 6He sets it to the side and leans back in his seat. 1"Is it the right color, Zephyr?"
09[14:27] <13@Sam> * Sam smiles to her and nods. "You are welcome Aya."
[14:27] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Color? Um, I guess so. I don't really know. 6* She admits.
15[14:27] * 13@Sam also nods to Chad and bows a little, then goes to retieve the next set.
[14:27] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya pulls out gifts for everyone, setting them out. Dawn's appears to be the biggest
[14:28] <13Kit> 6Megumi returns, lugging a net, yes a net, setting it in the center of the floor. 1"Gifts." 6She mumbles, then collapses back on Erevis.
[14:28] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> You are suppose to hand it to them.
[14:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya hands Chad his gift, and Dawn his. Technically, it has Dawn/Fiore on it
15[14:28] * 13@Sam stops to open Aya's gift, once again careful with the paper.
[14:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien drinks his coffee, watching
15[14:29] * 13Chad`Winters takes his gift and opens it up.
[14:29] <13Chad`Winters> I'm just teasing Zephyr.
[14:29] <13Kit> 6Dawn eyes it, then nods gratefully to Aya before nudging Fiore to sit with him and open theirs.
04[14:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* It appears to be a computer program inside the box for Chad. Sam's box just has engineering booklets.
[14:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore stops her playing, then peers at it. She sits beside Dawn slowly, eyeing it
[14:30] <13Chad`Winters> Thank you, princess.
04[14:30] <13Kit> 6Megumi sighs at Erevis and hops down, distributing gifts to Zephyr, Chad, Darien, Erevis, Sam and Aya
15[14:30] * 13@Sam smiles to Aya. "Thank you, I will enjoy reading these."
[14:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis takes her gift. "I have hidden your gift. I will give it to you later, Kitten."
[14:31] <13Kit> <Megumi> Huh..? I did not need one...
[14:31] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> You---do not want a gift from me?
15[14:31] * 13Chad`Winters nods to Megumi and opens up the gift.
[14:31] <13Kit> 6Dawn narrows his eyes at Fiore, then goes to open the box. Megumi pats Erevis' belly. 1"You already have one..!"
[14:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya smiles and opens her gift, after handing Megumi her's.
[14:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis peers at herself, then seems to sulk. "Very well. I will take the gift back."
15[14:32] * 13@Sam opens Megumi's next.
[14:32] <13@DeathStar> 6* Inside the box is two handmade maid outfits, each a different color.
15[14:33] * 13Chad`Winters eyes Aya's gift to Dawn and Fiore and smirks, an amused look on his face
[14:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore bows at Aya, then opens Chad's gift to them
[14:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr peers at her gift from Aya - it appears to be comic books, since she's gotten into them lately
[14:34] <13Chad`Winters> 6Inside are two older greek tragedy books.
[14:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore peers at them, then bows once to Chad
15[14:35] * 13Chad`Winters nods to Fiore.
04[14:35] <13Kit> 6Megumi then blinks and takes it from Aya, unpackaging it. 1"It is fine, beloved. I did not mean it that way..." 6She sighs a bit. Chad's gift being a romantic comedy about a guy with OCD and a cat-lover. Aya's a complete recreational tourist's guide to Japan. Sam's an online computer game featuring countless missions of level grinding and mindless entertainment.
15[14:36] * 13Chad`Winters eyes the book, than slowly looks up at Megumi.
[14:36] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> ... 6* She leans over to peer at Aya's gift to Meg and herself. It appears to be music discs for the baby to listen, to make it smarter.
[14:36] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr howls with laughter at Chad
[14:36] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Now that's funny. 6* He opens his gift from Megumi, adn Zephyr begins to open her's.
[14:37] <13Chad`Winters> Cute. 6He shakes his head, a slighty smirk on his face.
15[14:38] * 13@Sam smiles to Megumi. "Thank you, I will enjoy this."
15[14:38] * 13@Sam then hands gifts to Fiore and Dawn.
[14:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore blinks at the gifts, then opens them slowly.
[14:38] <13Kit> 6Megumi smirks cheekily at Chad and thanks Aya. Darien's gift seems to be a belated GPS system for a car or shuttle. You know, in case it gets misplaced or crashed/stolen on a mission. Zephyr's is handsfree for a datapad or comm.
[14:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr blinks, then thanks Megumi. Darien eyes the GPS, then debates putting it on Erevis to keep track of her.
[14:39] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Thanks, Meg.
[14:39] <13Kit> <Megumi> Well, at the rate we go through vehicles..
[14:40] <13Chad`Winters> I blame the pilots flying.
09[14:40] <13@Sam> * Fiore's contains a winter hat of a fine looking material and a video disc.
04[14:40] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore eyes the video disc, then bows at Sam
[14:40] <13Kit> <Megumi> Ooo, but you said you were driving his car last, Chad." 6She grins.
[14:40] <13Chad`Winters> It was a joke.
[14:40] <13Chad`Winters> I actually gave him the keys to my heart.
[14:41] <13Kit> <Megumi> I knew it!
15[14:41] * 13@Sam smiles to Fiore and returns the bow, Dawn's contains a matching hat and another video disc.
[14:41] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I always wanted a spare key to his heart.
[14:41] <13Kit> 6Dawn eyes the video disc.
[14:42] <13Chad`Winters> Just don't go making copies of it and handing it out.
09[14:42] <13@Sam> * It is the second part in a series of movies about twins.
[14:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien moves into his office, then slides out a cradle, with gifts inside it. He hands everyone a gift from the cradle, leaving the cradle itself to Meg and Erevis
[14:43] <13Kit> <Dawn> ...Second... where is... first..?
[14:43] <13@DeathStar> <Fiore> I have first.
04[14:43] <13Kit> 6Dawn jerks, looking at Fiore blinking, then bows to Sam
15[14:43] * 13Chad`Winters takes the gift from Darien, an amused look on his face.
09[14:44] <13@Sam> * Sam smiles and bows to Dawn, before taking Darien's gift to her reverently and opening it with the same paper preserving care she has all the others.
15[14:44] * 13Chad`Winters opens his gift up
[14:45] <13Kit> 6Dawn eyes another gift begrudgingly and sets to opening it
[14:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Inside Chad's box is a call-girl service with 5 free uses. They are apparantly top rated.
[14:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Dawn's gift has a "Hooked on Phonics" book and disc inside
04[14:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* And apparantly Sam got a rare old antique Gear part. Darien sits back, drinking his coffee
15[14:47] * 13@Sam holds up the part and blushes deeply, she sits by Darien and hugs him. "Thank you!"
[14:47] <13Kit> 6Dawn throws the disc and book at Darien-- not as gracefully as his throwing knives, getting a huffy look.
14[14:47] * Chad`Winters (bebe@c-76-17-177-121.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
04[14:47] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> You're welcome. 6* Darien leans back to use Sam as a shield
03[14:47] * Chad`Winters (bebe@c-76-17-177-121.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) has joined #erevis
15[14:48] * 13@Sam eeps a bit as the disc and book hit her back, looking about.
[14:48] <13Kit> 6Dawn huffs loudly, then grabs Fiore and retreats to the kitchen.
[14:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore is dragged off, blankly staring
15[14:50] * 13@Sam rubs her back and retrieves two more gifts, presenting one to Zephyr, then taking the other to Darien.
[14:50] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr eyes it, clearly awkward now
15[14:50] * 13@Sam smiles at her kindly and holds it out.
[14:51] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr takes it, eyeing it, then opens it slowly
[14:52] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Darien opens his gift calmly.
09[14:52] <13@Sam> * It contains a scarf, hat, and gloves, all matching and of a very fine material as well as a video disc, it appears to be the sort of action movie that has a lot of blowing things up.
14[14:52] * Chad`Winters (bebe@c-76-17-177-121.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[14:52] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Um, thanks.
09[14:53] <13@Sam> * Sam smiles to her. "You are welcome Zephyr."
[14:53] <13Kit> 6Dawn drags out a serving cart with Fiore, presenting an almost-weddingesque decorated white ice cream cake, motioning to everyone, then sitting down still miffed.
03[14:54] * Chad`Winters (bebe@c-76-17-177-121.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) has joined #erevis
[14:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* Fiore gives Dawn a hug to cheer him up
09[14:54] <13@Sam> * Darien's gift is a very old, but still useable mystery novel and a pair of "pilot gloves" leather gloves worn by pilots or drivers.
[14:55] <13Chad`Winters> Nice chaufeur gloves. 6He notes to Darien
[14:55] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> Nice cake. 6*
04[14:55] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Darien eyes Chad, then slides them on and takes the novel. "Thank you, Sam."
15[14:55] * 13@Sam smiles and blushes a bit more, "You're welcome Darien."
15[14:57] * 13Chad`Winters eyes Darien's gift and looks at Darien. 1"So I can assume you have personal experience with this?"
[14:57] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> You all claim I never got laid. 6* He notes with a shrug.
[14:58] <13Chad`Winters> You also claim to own the playboy mansion. 6He sets the gift to the side, an amused look on his face.
15[14:58] * 13@Sam frowns a little at this and looks between Chad and Darien.
[14:58] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> This is the playboy mansion.
[14:58] <13Chad`Winters> Disturbing.
[15:00] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis yawns tiredly. "I am going back to bed."
[15:01] <13Kit> 6Megumi sleeps on Erevis.
[15:01] <13@DeathStar> <Erevis> Would someone help me up?
[15:01] <13Kit> 6Dawn hugs Fiore, then rises to cut the cake and present a piece to Aya on a silver plate
[15:02] <13@DeathStar> 6* Aya blinks, smiling. "Thank you, Dawn." 6* She begins to eat. Zephyr meanwhile is face first in some wrapping, asleep
15[15:03] * 13@Sam frowns and looks about. "I guess I will have to wait to present Drasek with his present."
15[15:05] * 13Chad`Winters looks over at Zephyr, tapping the side of his face.
[15:05] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Erevis sighs as no one assists her
15[15:06] * 13Chad`Winters looks over at Erevis and gets up, moving to help her up
15[15:06] * 13@Sam gets up from Darien's side and goes to help Erevis.
[15:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis nods her thanks to the two
[15:08] <13Kit> 6Megumi clings to Erevis.
[15:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* Erevis waddles off with Megumi
15[15:09] * 13Chad`Winters moves over and kneels by Zephyr. He nudges her lightly.
[15:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr swats at him without waking
15[15:10] * 13Chad`Winters blinks, staring blankly at her.
15[15:11] * 13@Sam returns to Darien and smiles. "So anything special you wanna do today?"
[15:11] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I didn't have any real plans.
[15:13] <13Chad`Winters> Hey Zephyr...
09[15:13] <13@Sam> "Mmm good, how about we have no real plans together?"
[15:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr opens her eyes slowly. "What?"
04[15:14] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien eyes Sam after that line. "Sure."
[15:14] <13Chad`Winters> You that worn out from all the gift opening, already?
[15:14] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Mmmmhm. I was up all night waiting
15[15:16] * 13Chad`Winters smiles at her than reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small gift, holding it out to her.
15[15:16] * 13@Sam eyes him back and grins a little. "Mmm... I should call my parents."
[15:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr blinks, taking it. "Another...?"
09[15:17] <13@Sam> "They should be awake by now."
[15:17] <13Chad`Winters> Well I figured you'd want something more practical.
[15:17] <13Chad`Winters> Unless you plan on carrying the other gift on you at all times.
[15:17] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> I'm sure htey would like that
[15:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* Zephyr squints at him, and opens the gift
09[15:19] <13@Sam> "Mmhmm, perhaps tomorrow I should go visit. No classes until after the new year."
[15:19] <13Chad`Winters> 7Inside is a hair clip, with Aya's birthstone in it.
[15:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Draien noDFSATR
[15:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien nods.
[15:19] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Hey, thanks! With that long bit of hair, this will come in nicely. 6* She begins to try to put it on
15[15:20] * 13@Sam considers something a moment, "Want to come with me?"
[15:20] <13Chad`Winters> Let me help. 6He moves to help her.
04[15:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Darien seems to hesitate at that. "I think they'd prefer to see you alone, Sam."
[15:20] <13@DeathStar> 6 *Zephyr nods, shifting her back to him
15[15:21] * 13Chad`Winters adjusts her hair and puts he hair clip in. 1"There."
15[15:22] * 13@Sam frowns a little. "Alright... but one of these times, will you come? They've met you but... not met, met you."
[15:22] <13@DeathStar> <Darien> One day.
[15:22] <13@DeathStar> <Zephyr> Thanks.
15[15:23] * 13@Sam smiles and takes that well, resting against him a little. "Good."
[15:25] <13Chad`Winters> Anytime Zephyr. 6He smiles at her.
[15:25] <13@DeathStar> -END-

[19:54] <13@DeathStar> 2
[19:54] <13@DeathStar> 1
[19:54] <13@DeathStar> -0-
[19:54] <13@DeathStar> Stardate: 10-589.12.31
[19:54] <13@DeathStar> Location: HQ
[19:56] <13@Chad`Winters> 6The Rec Room has already been decorated for a giant night of drinking and funnery. Several kegs line one wall and a bartender sits behind a make shift counter with liqour bottles behind him
[19:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Paladin busies himself listening to classic blues music - not his bribe to allow this, of course
[19:57] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias whistles from inside his room as he stands in his boxers, staring at his mess of clothes.
[19:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* X stares about the rec room blankly
15[19:58] * 13@Jennifer` sits in the rec room, looking about as though exepcting impending doom, before she looks back down at her book.
[19:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* X moves to a bartender. "What is this?"
[19:59] <13@Kit> "Katon...!" 6Jennifer's book puffs into a dull flame.
[19:59] <13@Chad`Winters> 6SPoC stands in the gun range, practicing her shooting.
15[20:00] * 13@Jennifer` drops it in shock and leaps back, staring. "M-My book... CHII!"
[20:00] <13@Chad`Winters> <Bartender> It's a bar.
[20:00] <13@Kit> 6Chii snickers from behind the doorjam.
15[20:00] * 13@Jennifer` stamps it out and looks over at her, clearly upset.
[20:01] <13@DeathStar> <X> What can I get at a bar?
[20:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl whacks Chii.
[20:01] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Bad, Chii.
[20:01] <13@Kit> 6Chii raspberries Jennifer, then jerks, shrieking. 1"AHN!"
[20:01] <13@Kit> <Chii> Ah bit muh tonh!!
[20:02] <13@Chad`Winters> 6The bartender eyes her, than looks behind at the liqour then at X again. He reaches down below the counter and eyes something. 1"Liqour."
15[20:02] * 13@Jennifer` picks up her ruined book and frowns at Chii. "Serves you right for destroying other people's things. And a book no less."
[20:02] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Serves you right.
[20:02] <13@DeathStar> <X> I will sample liqour.
[20:02] <13@Kit> 6Chii eyes the two. 1"...Jinx..."
[20:02] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> *snorts*
[20:02] <13@Chad`Winters> <Bartender> I'm not allowed to start serving until some guy called Dias shows up.
15[20:03] * 13@Jennifer` sighs and puts the ruined novel aside. "Good thing it wasn't a schoolbook, I'd have to explain to Cedarton who did it."
[20:03] <13@DeathStar> <X> I see. Hmph. Then I'll go to my room. 6* She begnis to go
[20:04] <13@Kit> <Chii> Tch. So. I have higher grades than you. That's why I can goof off and miss class so much and still not get in too much trouble.
[20:04] <13@Kit> <Chii> What's some other school's principle going to do about a textbook or two?
09[20:04] <13@Jennifer`> "Clearly you don't remember Cedarton."
[20:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl walks in and eyes the bartender. "Whiskey. And no, I'm not waiting for Dias. So it's up to you if you want to deny me." 6* She shows her teeth in a smile at him
15[20:05] * 13@Jennifer` frowns a little and looks at Chii. "And really, you have higher grades then me?"
[20:05] <13@Chad`Winters> 6The Bartender eyes Cheryl than looks under the counter again. 1"Right, he already warned me about you." 6He turns and hands her a bottle of Whiskey
[20:06] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl takes it and begins to drink the whiskey right away.
09[20:06] <13@Jennifer`> "Cuz... I've got straight As. I've been working hard for them too." *she continues to eye her*
[20:06] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias sighs and starts throwing clothes around
[20:06] <13@Kit> <Chii> Same, and I don't work for 'em.
[20:07] <13@Kit> 6Chii eyes Jennifer challengingly. 1"Pull the grade card on me. I dare you."
[20:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake steps into the rec room, dressed in nice clothings - with a sword on his back. He stretches, waiting for Lilith
09[20:07] <13@Jennifer`> "I could, you're in second grade."
[20:07] <13@Kit> 6Chii shifts to kick Jennifer in the shin
15[20:08] * 13@Jennifer` shifts to blocks, watching her.
[20:08] <13@Kit> 6Chii narrows her eyes at Jennifer-- then begins forms another set of seals. 1"Suiton!"
[20:08] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias steps out of his room, wearing blue jeans and a sleeveless shirt.
[20:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* X begins to enter her room
09[20:09] <13@Jennifer`> * Jennifer just watches her.
[20:09] <13@DeathStar> 6* Drake walks past the kids and takes a seat
[20:09] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias looks over at X. 1"Where you going?"
[20:10] <13@DeathStar> <X> I would not be given liqour, so I am going to my room
[20:10] <13@Kit> 6Chii drops water on Jennifer.
[20:10] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Have you ever had liqour before?
15[20:10] * 13@Jennifer` picks Chii up.
[20:10] <13@Kit> 6Chii jerks, then flails. 1"H-hey!"
[20:10] <13@DeathStar> <X> That is why I wanted it. It would be one step closer to my goal of killing you
[20:11] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Than let's go have you try some.
15[20:11] * 13@Jennifer` hugs her nice and tight, getting her wet too. "Come with me ChibiChii."
[20:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes him, then turns to go back to the rec room
[20:11] <13@Kit> 6Chii grunts and squirms. 1"P-Put me down..!"
[20:11] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl sits at the bar, drinking, leaving Chii to her fate
15[20:12] * 13@Jennifer` frowns and starts walking out of the rec room with her.
[20:12] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias walks alongside her. 1"You do know what happens when you drink that stuff, right?
[20:12] <13@DeathStar> <X> No.
[20:12] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> You get drunk.
[20:13] <13@DeathStar> <X> Drunk?
15[20:13] * 13@Jennifer` carries Chii down the hall. "I know just what to do with you..."
[20:13] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Yeah...It's hard to explain
[20:14] <13@DeathStar> <X> So you are incapable of explaining. Hm. That is typical of your intelligence.
[20:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* A hand grabs Jen from behind and lifts her up.
15[20:15] * 13@Jennifer` urks a bit. "Wha...?"
[20:15] <13@Kit> 6Chii blinks, peering around Jennifer.
[20:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl holds her, wearing an kunichi outfit like Chii typically does. However, the Cheryl in the bar was clearly wearing a blouse, jeans, and a cowboy hat
09[20:16] <13@Jennifer`> "Ch-Cheryl?"
[20:16] <13@Kit> <Chii> H-HEY! What are you doing in my shinobi gi!?
[20:17] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl?> I was told to wear it today. Should I take it off?
[20:17] <13@Kit> <Chii> She told you to..?
15[20:17] * 13@Jennifer` squirms, holding Chii still.
[20:17] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl?> New Year's Eve surprise. 6* She nods.
[20:18] <13@Kit> <Chii> Huh. Not half bad.
[20:18] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl?> What should I do with her, mistress?
[20:19] <13@Kit> 6Chii goes to say something, then thinks about it more. 1"Mm. Softly dominate her." 6She nods.
[20:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl? nods, then leans around and gropes Jennifer with her free hand
09[20:19] <13@Jennifer`> "Wh-What!? Cheryl?" *she squirms and gasps, trying to get free* "Scar!?"
[20:20] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl? moves Jennifer closer to her and kisses her on the lips
15[20:20] * 13@Jennifer` tries to push her away, whimpering a bit, "S-Stop!"
[20:20] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> It's not like it's easy to explain being drunk.
[20:21] <13@Kit> 6Chii hops free, giggling. 1"Stand down~!"
[20:21] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hm. 6* She steps into the rec room, seeing Drake. She sends a slight push to have Lilith show.
[20:21] <13@Kit> 6Chii raspberries Jennifer, then dashes away.
[20:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl? stops and lets Jen go immediately.
15[20:21] * 13@Jennifer` falls down and stares at the Cheryl, looking flustered. "I-I saw Cheryl in the rec room, who are you?"
[20:22] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl?> ... 6* She does a snort and walks away after chii
[20:23] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias looks at Drake. 1"Well well, you did decide to show up."
[20:23] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Yep.
[20:23] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> So you and Lilith...6He makes some motions
[20:24] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> I wouldn't tell you even if we did
[20:24] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> I'd tell you if I did. 6He crosses his arms, clearly hurt.
15[20:24] * 13@Jennifer` sits against a wall in the hallway and huge her knees, shaking a little.
[20:25] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> That's....nice. I guess. 6* He rubs the back of his head
[20:25] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes the bartender. "Liqour."
[20:26] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Well I'm sure she's primping and prepping and plucking just for you. 6He looks at the bartender, motions with his hand and nodding.
[20:26] <13@DeathStar> <Drake> Uh...
[20:27] <13@Chad`Winters> 6The Bartender nods back and turns, mixing a weak drink of orange juice and vodka for her.
15[20:27] * 13@Jennifer` gets up and walks towards Paladin's office.
[20:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* X takes it and drinks it, then makes a face. "More."
[20:28] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Woh there, slow down a bit. Enjoy it atleast. 6He sighs and moves over to the bartender, motioning for a bottle of beer and gets one.
[20:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* X drinks it and makes another face, then moves it aside. "Disgusting."
15[20:29] * 13@Jennifer` knocks on his door, staring down at her feet.
[20:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* No answer.
[20:30] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Ok, so vodka's not your thing. 6He taps his arm. 1"Might as well try whiskey. 6He motions for a whiskey coke and the BArtender complies, sliding one infront of her.
[20:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* X takes it and makes a gag sound. Cheryl laughs from her spot with her whiskey.
[20:31] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Ok, clearly not a whiskey person. 6He rubs his face.
15[20:31] * 13@Jennifer` knocks a little harder.
[20:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* No answer.
15[20:32] * 13@Jennifer` calls him over a comms, remaining quiet while she waits.
[20:33] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias looks down to find his beer gone. 1"Hey, you drank my beer."
[20:33] <13@DeathStar> <X> Yes.
[20:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* His comm is set on Do Not Disturb.
[20:34] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias grumbles and motions for another beer for him, he eyes X like a hawk
[20:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* X doesn't go for it, finding it disgusting. She eyes the bartender. "Different or first."
15[20:35] * 13@Jennifer` walks quietly to her room and steps inside.
[20:35] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias takes his beer and starts drinking it.
[20:35] <13@Chad`Winters> <Bartender> I'm sorry, what?
[20:35] <13@DeathStar> <X> The first drink you gave me was interesting. I'd like that, or something I haven't tried.
15[20:36] * 13@Jennifer` looks around for SPoC.
[20:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* X suddenly realizes Lilith never obeyed her call command. She pouts.
[20:37] <13@Chad`Winters> <Bartender> Alrighty...6He turns around and grabs some midori and pours it in a glass with orange juice and sprite. She hands it to her.
[20:37] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias downs his beer, sighing in satisfaction.
[20:37] <13@DeathStar> 6* X takes it and drinks it, hmming
[20:39] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> So?
[20:40] <13@DeathStar> <X> It is okay. Is there anything else I should try?
[20:41] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Before we get back to sampling some new stuff, how are you feeling right now?
15[20:41] * 13@Jennifer` curls up in bed when she finds no one to help. Staring at a wall.
[20:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* X shrugs
[20:43] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Give her a Tequila sunrise. *The bartender makes one up and slides it over to her.
[20:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* X drinks it and makes a face
[20:44] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias grabs another beer and takes a drink
[20:45] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> You really shouldn't slam them that fast. 6He looks back at Cheryl motioning for shots
[20:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl's done with her entire bottle already.
[20:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes Dias. "I am not weak."
[20:47] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> It's not about weak. Drinks in glass that side just aren't slammed. Drinks in shotglasses are though. 6He motions for 3 shots of whiskey.
15[20:48] * 13@Jennifer` punches a wall in frustration before stepping back outside, walking down the hall.
[20:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* X hmphs, then stumbles
[20:49] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias motions for Cheryl to come over and looks at X stumble, as he takes a pull from his drink. 1"That feeling your....feeling. You're drunk.
[20:49] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> That or you're buzzing real good.
[20:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl stretches and moves over. <X> IT's a malfuction. Liiiiilith!
[20:51] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Really? 6He looks at her curiously and slides the shot of whiskey infront of her and grabs his. 1"We do it together."
[20:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl eyes Dias now, taking a shot of the whiskey. X meanwhile just leans on the bar
15[20:52] * 13@Jennifer` steps into the rec room and walks over to Cheryl, eyeing which one it might be.
[20:52] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias looks over at Cheryl, making a face. 1"What the hell?!"
[20:53] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> What. She looks out of it.
[20:53] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias takes his shot, tossing it back.
[20:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl tosses her's back
[20:54] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Maybe. 6He smiles. 1"How'd your gift go down?"
[20:54] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Quick and warm.
09[20:54] <13@Jennifer`> "Cheryl...?"
[20:54] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Than I did good, ni?
[20:54] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Yeah? 6* She eyes Jen
09[20:55] <13@Jennifer`> "I think Scar is going around as you again..."
15[20:55] * 13@Jennifer` looks down.
[20:55] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Scars gone. 6He eyes her than moves over to her, sniffing her breath. 1"Have you been drinking?"
[20:55] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> He's not. 6* She waves her hand and nods at Dias. "Yeah."
09[20:56] <13@Jennifer`> "Well... another you in some of Chii's clothes just tried to... ummm... do things to me. And was oddly following Chii's orders."
[20:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl puts a hand on Jen before she gets past Well
15[20:56] * 13@Jennifer` blinks a little.
[20:57] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias eyes Jennifer, than Cheryl.
09[20:57] <13@Jennifer`> "What...?"
[20:57] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Just think about it. It'll come to you. 6* She pats Jen and scoots her out of the room
09[20:57] <13@Jennifer`> "O-Oh..."
[20:58] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias looks at Cheryl oddly. 1"Huh?"
15[20:58] * 13@Jennifer` looks away. "Can I hit Chii now?"
[20:58] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Yeah. Here. 6* Hands her a datapad. "Get the shinobi to do it."
[20:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl moves back to Dias and slaps him on the back. "Where were we?"
[20:58] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Shino...6He eyes Cheryl now.
[20:58] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> You have your own ninjas?!
15[20:58] * 13@Jennifer` nods and walks off, now happy, about to give Chii utter hell.
[20:59] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Yep.
[00:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* X sways on her seat
09[00:36] <13@Sam> * Jennifer sends the bot on a mission to tan Chii's rear.
[00:36] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias looks over at her, an amused look on his face. 1"So you enjoying it?"
[00:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* The bot suddenly grabs a whip and begins to spank Chii
[00:36] <13@DeathStar> <X> Enjoying what?
[00:39] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> The booze.
09[00:39] <13@Sam> * Jennifer giggles to herself and zeros in on the bot's location.
[00:39] <13@DeathStar> <X> I'm not drinking anything right now. ... give me more, ... 6* She orders the bartender
[00:42] <13@Chad`Winters> 6The bartender shrugs and makes her another vodka oj.
[00:42] <13@DeathStar> 6* X drinks it. "Hm. Yes. It is good." 6* She nods at Dias.
[00:42] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> No, how the booze makes you feel.
[00:42] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> *nudges Dias* You going to take advantage of this and get to know her better?
[00:43] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias swings his hand up to to bapg Cheryl's face
[00:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl makes a face. "Ow. I meant talking. People loosen up drunk."
[00:44] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Oh. Sorry 'bout that. 6He grimaces slightly.
[00:44] <13@Kit> 6Chii wails and tries to beg the ninja Cheryl to stop
[00:44] <13@DeathStar> 6* The ninja Cheryl stops, surprisingly, despite the datapad controlling her
[00:44] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> I thought you were gonna try to convince me to do a threesome with you, me and her.
[00:45] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> You wish
[00:45] <13@Kit> 6Chii whines, rubbing her butt
[00:45] <13@DeathStar> <Ninja Cheryl> I apologize. Someone is using my programs on my remote.
[00:45] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> A man has to have goals. 6He pounds his beer down at looks over at X. 1"So being drunks not that bad, ni?"
[00:46] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> But if you did grope her while she was unconscious, I wouldn't tell anyone.
[00:46] <13@DeathStar> <X> It's okay... 6* She nods loosely.
[00:46] <13@Chad`Winters> 6Dias coughs and swings his knee to give her a charlie horse
[00:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl winces.
[00:47] <13@Chad`Winters> That's good. 6He looks over at Cheryl, smiling at her. 1"You ok?"
[00:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl limps off so Dias and X can be alone, giving him the bird
09[00:47] <13@Sam> * Jennifer frowns and has the bot tickle Chii.
[00:48] <13@DeathStar> 6* Ninja Cheryl begins to tickle Chii
[00:48] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> You're number one to me too. 6He waves at her than looks over at X. 1"If the room starts spinning, let me know.
[00:48] <13@DeathStar> <X> It is spinning
[00:48] <13@Kit> 6Chii jerks, then falls back laughing hysterically. 1"H-he.. HAHA... st-stop a... ahaha!"
[00:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* The closer Jen gets, the harder it is for the bot to ignore her commands. She stops, resisting until Jen enters the actual room
09[00:49] <13@Sam> * Jen enter the room and grins, reentering the tickle command.
[00:49] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Lightweight. Eeesh. 6He makes a face and motions for another beer and he shifts a stool under him. 1"So tell me something. How do you like how things are going so far?"
[00:49] <13@DeathStar> 6* it begins to tickle again
[00:49] <13@Kit> 6Chii curls up, thrashing about. 1"Eeee...!!!'
[00:50] <13@DeathStar> <X> I don't understand. 6* She eyes him now, confused.
09[00:50] <13@Sam> Jenn> "Now... where were we..." *she has the bot pick up Chii by her feet*
[00:50] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Being able to walk around freely, enjoy and experience things.
[00:50] <13@DeathStar> 6* The bot does so
[00:50] <13@DeathStar> <X> Yes. I didn't like the cage.
[00:51] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Sorry about that. 6He shrugs helplessly. 1"Protocol. Apparently they think I'm valuable.
09[00:51] <13@Sam> "Oh right." *commands the bot to follow her, heading for the mess hall*
09[00:51] <13@Sam> * Jennifer>
03[00:51] * Sam is now known as Jennifer`
[00:52] <13@Kit> <Chii> P-Put me down! Wh-what the hell are you doing!?
[00:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* The robot follows
[00:52] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... who would think such a dumb thing?
09[00:53] <13@Jennifer`> Jennifer> "Getting my revenge Chibi."
[00:53] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Apparently somebody did. 6He shrugs and gets another beer, taking a drink
[00:54] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hmph. You are... only 'alright'.
[00:54] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> I keep telling Marcus the exact same thing.
[00:54] <13@DeathStar> <X> You do?
[00:55] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Well, I keep telling him I'm the greatest superhero in the galaxy and he has a lot of work to do to become something more than a sidekick.
[00:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* X sneaks a hand toward more drinks like a kid who's addicted
[00:55] <13@DeathStar> <X> You are no superhero.
[00:56] <13@DeathStar> <X> Galga Man is a superhero
[00:56] <13@Chad`Winters> 6The bartender obliges, handing her another.
[00:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* X drinks it unsteadily.
[00:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* The bot walks along obediently.
[00:56] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Galga Man had to douse himself in cosmic rays to get his super powers. I was born with mine.
[00:57] <13@DeathStar> <X> You were created with them. And I was created with better powers.
[00:58] <13@Chad`Winters> <Dias> Maybe. 6He takes another deep drink of his beer. 1"But I've also taken down a planet eating Ridarium and a robot of myself and Ripple and Xevil.
15[00:58] * 13@Jennifer` enters the Kitch. "Put her on the counter."
[00:58] <13@DeathStar> <X> You could not take me down
09[00:58] <13@Jennifer`> *kitchen
[00:59] <13@Chad`Winters> I have. Twice. 6He holds up two fingers.
03[00:59] * Chad`Winters is now known as Dias`
[00:59] <13@Kit> 6Chii grumbles when she's set down, then twists to scramble off
[00:59] <13@DeathStar> 6* The bot sets her on the counter, and lets go
[01:00] <13@DeathStar> <X> Then we shall fight. Fight me. I will...beat you!
[01:00] <13@Dias`> <Dias> A sparring match? 6He looks at her curiously
[01:01] <13@DeathStar> <X> Yes.
[01:01] <13@Dias`> No super powers. 6He points.
[01:02] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... But--
[01:02] <13@Dias`> <Dias> I won't use mine.
[01:02] <13@DeathStar> <X> F-fine. 6* She gets up and moves for the training room, in various angles.
[01:02] <13@Dias`> 6Dias leans over the counter and grabs a bottle of whiskey and takes a big pull.
[01:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl thumbs up, mouthing "sweaty sex"
[01:04] <13@Dias`> <Dias> I'll be sure replaces your sheets with that non-friction ones so you fall right off. 6He sticks his tongue out at Cheryl and moves out after X
[01:06] <13@DeathStar> <X> If I win, I demand you be my slave for a month
[01:06] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Slave for a month? 6He laughs
[01:07] <13@DeathStar> <X> Yes.
[01:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* X walks into the doorway, frowning. She ripples a hole in it, and moves on calmly
15[01:08] * 13@Dias` holds back a laugh and walks through the doorway. 1"And what do I get if I win?" 6He stretch and takes several big pulls, pulling the back down to half
[01:09] <13@DeathStar> <X> What do you want?
[01:10] <13@Dias`> <Dias> If I win. You have to clean my room for a month.
[01:10] <13@DeathStar> <X> F-Fine.
[01:11] <13@Dias`> 6Dias sniffs, wiping his nose. He shakes his head, looking like he's starting to get drunk.
[01:11] <13@DeathStar> 6*X wobbles to a mat and holds up her hands
15[01:11] * 13@Jennifer` has the bot hold her still.
[01:12] <13@Dias`> <Dias> I'm gonna warn you. 6He takes one final pull and sets teh bottle down and moves onto the map. 1"I fight better while I'm drunk."
[01:12] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hmph. Anything you can do, I can do better.
[01:13] <13@Dias`> <Dias> That's the spirit. 6He claps his hands together, than slides into his muay thai stance
[01:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* X just ... adopts a basic stance
[01:16] <13@Dias`> 6Dias eyes it than leaps in at her, throwing his left knee down at her shoulder
[01:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* X is hit dead on in the shoulder and stumbles back.
[01:16] <13@DeathStar> 6* X falls on her butt
[01:17] <13@DeathStar> <X> Wait. I'm hot.
[01:17] <13@Dias`> 6Dias lands on his left foot, bouncing on it. He puts his other foot down and holds a hand out to her to help her up.
[01:17] <13@DeathStar> 6* X scrambles to pull off her jacket, then pulls her shirt off, then slides out of her jeans, leaving herself in a tank top and panties. She rises again without his help, lifting her fists up.
15[01:18] * 13@Jennifer` frowns and orders it on a seek and tickle mission.
[01:18] <13@Dias`> 6Dias stares at her, coughing.
[01:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* The bot chases Chii down
[01:18] <13@DeathStar> 6* X bounces up and down. Though she doesn't have large breasts like Cheryl, they got a good bounce to them, like Billy. She throws a kick at Dias after bouncing
[01:19] <13@Kit> 6Chii hides in the vents like she used to.
[01:19] <13@Dias`> 6Dias blinks and is hit, causing him to twist with it, clearly caught off guard
[01:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* The bot begins to climb into the vents.
[01:19] <13@DeathStar> 6* X moves with a punch to his stomach
[01:20] <13@Kit> <Chii> Fufuf-- ..." 6She stares as she hears clanging, then looks back and shrieks, scrambling through the vent away
[01:20] <13@Dias`> 6Dias hurks, coughing as the punch hits his stomach.
[01:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* The bot chases, never tiring, never slowing down
[01:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* X then tries to judo throw him
[01:21] <13@Kit> 6Chii does laps around the base.
15[01:21] * 13@Dias` hits the ground with a thud and he groans as he tries to roll over and get up
[01:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* The bot chases her, like a Terminator
[01:21] <13@DeathStar> 6* X lets him, since he waited for her. She bounces again
[01:22] <13@Dias`> 6Dias shakes his body loose. 1"You caught me off guard that time."
[01:22] <13@DeathStar> <X> Heh heh. That felt great.
[01:22] <13@DeathStar> 6* X beams like a kid
[01:23] <13@Dias`> 6Dias eyes her. 1"That so?
[01:23] <13@DeathStar> <X> Yep. Maybe I'll let you live so I can beat you up daily.
15[01:24] * 13@Dias` lets out a laugh. 1"If you're that confident, try that again
[01:24] <13@DeathStar> 6* X bounces forward, making her chest bounce again. She goes for a kick to his head, though it's drunkenly off
[01:25] <13@Dias`> 6Dias throws his arm up, letting it intercept.
[01:26] <13@DeathStar> 6* X stumbles back now
[01:27] <13@Dias`> 6Dias steps in, sliding his left foot inside and behind her to trip her down.
[01:28] <13@DeathStar> 6* X trips and lands hard on her back. As if to try to distract him by the fates, the tank top slides up just enough to show some lower boobage. One would even wonder if X nudged it up herself
[01:28] <13@Dias`> 6Dias blinks, staring at her reverse cleavage
[01:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* X tries to trip him now with a leg sweep
[01:29] <13@Dias`> 6Dias is tripped up and he falls onto his back with a thud. 1"Ow..."
[01:29] <13@DeathStar> 6* X rolls over and tries to straddle him now
[01:30] <13@Kit> 6Chii finally falls to her knees, panting. 1"Geez..."
[01:30] <13@DeathStar> 6* The bot grabs Chii finally and tickles.
[01:30] <13@Kit> 6Chii shrieks, already exhausted
[01:31] <13@Dias`> 6Dias looks up at her, clearly shocked. 1"Uh.."
[01:31] <13@DeathStar> 6* X then tries to hit him in the jaw with her fist
[01:31] <13@Dias`> 6Dias head snaps back. 1"FUCK."
[01:33] <13@DeathStar> 6* X pauses a moment, eyeing Dias. "Huh?"
[01:33] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Owww. 6He rotates his jaw.
[01:33] <13@DeathStar> <X> Did I win?
[01:34] <13@Dias`> 6Dias struggles to try and fly her onto her so that he's straddling her
[01:34] <13@DeathStar> 6* X jerks at this, reeling in shock. "W-What are you doing?"
[01:35] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Winning. 6He smiles cockily, now on top of her.
[01:35] <13@DeathStar> <X> This is...you are not allowed to be on like this!
[01:35] <13@DeathStar> 6* The bot continues to kill Chii with tickling, since Jen isn't doing anything
15[01:36] * 13@Jennifer` calls the bot off, having it bring Chii back.
[01:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* The bot does so
[01:36] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Yet...Here I am. what are you going to do about it?
[01:36] <13@Kit> 6Chii hangs limply, wheezing
[01:36] <13@DeathStar> 6* X throws a punch at his stomach
[01:38] <13@Dias`> 6Dias coughs, as he puts his hands on hte mat now.
15[01:38] * 13@Jennifer` peers at her when she's returned. "I'll call us even now."
[01:38] <13@Kit> <Chii> ...Bitch. ...I'll. ...d-de... stroy you.
[01:38] <13@DeathStar> 6* X does it again
15[01:39] * 13@Jennifer` pokes her tummy. "Might I point out YOU burnt one of my favorite novels and then had this bot molest me."
[01:39] <13@DeathStar> 6* The robot Cheryl seems almost sad being ordered to do this to Chii.
15[01:40] * 13@Dias` rolls off onto his back. 1"Oi, I think the rooms spinning on me now."
[01:40] <13@Kit> <Chii> ...Ye... ah. ...s-so.. next I'll... have it ...almost kill you... so we'll.. be e-even..
[01:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* X straddles him now. "Now I am on top of you."
[01:41] <13@DeathStar> 6* She then promptly falls on top of him. "I feel strangely ill."
15[01:42] * 13@Dias` quickly tilts her head off to the side. 1"You're not going to puke are you?"
09[01:42] <13@Jennifer`> "Oh please, you got tickled. You've blown yourself up worse."
09[01:42] <13@Jennifer`> "You killed my book."
[01:42] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... 6* She pukes into a ripple. Somewhere, puke lands near Jen and Chii
[01:43] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Shew, atleast it wasn't on me.
[01:43] <13@Kit> 6Chii looks over and stares at sponatenipuke
15[01:43] * 13@Jennifer` frowns at her still.
[01:43] <13@DeathStar> 6* X closes the ripple and lays there now
15[01:43] * 13@Jennifer` taps the datapad to let Chii go.
[01:44] <13@Dias`> <Dias> We should get you back to your room
[01:45] <13@DeathStar> 6* The bot lets Chii go, now back on vocal commands.
[01:45] <13@DeathStar> <X> T-That is...okay. C-Can you...help me there?
[01:45] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Yeah. But you're gonna have to get off my first.
[01:46] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... you are so broken and weak you cannot lift me up from the floor?!
09[01:46] <13@Jennifer`> "Now... wanna go have some fun before the holiday is out?"
[01:46] <13@Dias`> 6Dias rolls his eyes and pushes himself off the floor with her. He shifts her around so he can stand and then help her up.
[01:46] <13@DeathStar> 6* X takes his hand unsteadily. "Can I have more liqour tomorrow?"
[01:47] <13@Dias`> <Dias> We'll see. Can't have you turning into a booze hound like Cheryl. 6He pulls her up, moving her arm over his shoulder for support
[01:47] <13@DeathStar> 6* X eyes him. "Yo uare not half bad."
[01:48] <13@Kit> <Chii> ...Like what?
[01:48] <13@Dias`> <Dias> You should see me when I'm loaded. 6He smiles at her. 1"So you like to be on top, huh?"
09[01:48] <13@Jennifer`> "We have a robot Cheryl. Our possibilities for mischief are endless."
[01:49] <13@DeathStar> <X> ... it is the only place to be in battle.
[01:49] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Right. Battle. 6He nods and starts to lead her back to her room.
[01:49] <13@Kit> <Chii> We? She's mine.
[01:49] <13@DeathStar> <X> Why else would I be on top?
[01:50] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Maybe I'll explain it another day.
[01:51] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hmph. It is probably something absurd like you
[01:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* X arrives at her room, opening the door with an insulting command
[01:52] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Cherylbot looks at them both. "What would you like me to do, Mistress?"
[01:52] <13@Dias`> Well duh. 6He makes a face as if it's obvious.
[01:53] <13@DeathStar> 6* X moves in and stretches, then flops on her bed face first
15[01:53] * 13@Jennifer` holds up the datapad. "I've got control too yah know, though Cheryl did just say I could use her to smack you around."
[01:53] <13@Dias`> <Dias> You'll feel better in the morning.
[01:54] <13@Kit> <Chii> ...Lemon, strip Jennifer of her bottom and spank her.
[01:54] <13@DeathStar> <X> Dias. Why are you so nice to me?
[01:54] <13@Kit> 6Chii hops down, putting her hands behind her head and walks off.
[01:54] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Cherylbot moves over and grabs Jennifer
15[01:55] * 13@Jennifer` acks and taps on the datapad to put her down.
[01:55] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Because someone needed to show you what it's like.
[01:55] <13@DeathStar> 6* She puts her down, without her bottom. She swats at Jen's bottom now
15[01:55] * 13@Jennifer` taps to give her pants back.
[01:56] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hm. So I am no different than anyone else - you are doing it because it is just 'right'.
[01:56] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cherylbot does so, as it swats
15[01:56] * 13@Jennifer` tells it to stop and to hold Chii upside down again.
15[01:56] * 13@Jennifer` puts her pants back on and calmly looks over the program.
[01:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* It moves after Chii again to grab her
[01:57] <13@Kit> <Chii> Stand down. Ignore the remote.
[01:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cherylbot nods. "Compliance."
15[01:57] * 13@Jennifer` taps in to ignore Chii's orders.
[01:57] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cherylbot ignores Jennifer.
[01:57] <13@Kit> 6Chii thinks for a moment. 1"Wash Jennifer's mouth out with soap." 6She walks off again.
15[01:58] * 13@Jennifer` starts to run.
[01:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* The Cherylbot turns to face Jennifer - and chases
15[01:58] * 13@Jennifer` runs for the party.
15[01:58] * 13@Dias` leans against the doorway. 1"Yeah, you could say it's partly because of that. I look at you, and I see what you went through not knowing what was right and wrong."
[01:58] <13@DeathStar> 6* A ninja Cheryl chases Jen past the doorway
[01:58] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hmph. I am not charity.
09[01:59] <13@Jennifer`> "Lemon! Stop!"
[01:59] <13@Dias`> <Dias> It's not charity.
[02:00] <13@DeathStar> <Cherylbot> Soapu. Soapu. Soapu. 6* She follows Jennifer
15[02:01] * 13@Jennifer` runs into the rec room, looking for Cheryl.
[02:01] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl is there, drunk. She's telling Drake about how she can kill a man in 108 ways. Drake stares.
[02:02] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Is there something wrong with me wanting you to smile?
09[02:02] <13@Jennifer`> "Cheryl! Chii's told it to ignore the datapad!"
15[02:02] * 13@Jennifer` hides near Cheryl.
[02:02] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> Hunh. That crafty sneak.
[02:02] <13@DeathStar> <X> ....
[02:03] <13@DeathStar> <X> It makes no sense.
[02:03] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Why not?
[02:03] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl taps her comm. "Chii, order the bot to stop or no sex for you." 6* She holds otu the comm to the bot so it can hear as it enters
[02:03] <13@DeathStar> <X> I-I was your enemy! Wanting your enemy to smile makes no sense!
[02:04] <13@Kit> <Chii> <C> It obeys your orders over mine anyway, baka.
[02:04] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> <C> Yeah right. It listens to you over me almost all the time.
[02:04] <13@Kit> <Chii> <C> You obviously forgot that I told it to.
[02:05] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Everyone can change.
[02:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl considers, then eyes it. "I order you to stop." 6* The bot stops and seems to sulk
[02:05] <13@DeathStar> 6* X lets out a frustrated sigh, then hmphs. <X> You are weird. 6* She notes, but then adds sullenly. "But I do ... have fun with you."
[02:06] <13@Dias`> <Dias> My fist is the fist that'll change this world. 6He notes proudly.
15[02:07] * 13@Jennifer` frowns and hands over the datapad. "She won't learn a lesson this way anyways."
[02:07] <13@DeathStar> <X> Hmph. Then you plan to use your fist on me?
15[02:07] * 13@Jennifer` walks over to the remains of her book and picks it up.
[02:07] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl takes it. "I'll make her buy yo ua new book."
[02:08] <13@Dias`> <Dias> Nah, I don't think I'll have to. 6He looks over at her. 1"And I have fun hanging wih you, too."
[02:08] <13@DeathStar> 6* X blinks, her cheeks slightly red at that. "I-I do not see why."
15[02:09] * 13@Dias` shrugs, helpless. 1"I just do X. Alright, I'm gonna hit the sack. When you wake up, you'll probably want to pop some aspirin.
[02:09] <13@DeathStar> <X> Alright. 6* She nods.
15[02:10] * 13@Dias` reaches over and shuts the door and he moves to his room and goes inside, not shutting his door like normal.
03[02:10] * Dias` is now known as Dias-UnderworldGod
[02:10] <13@DeathStar> 6* Billy walks up to his door and stares inside - all night long. Creepy like
09[02:10] <13@Jennifer`> "Nah, I got my fun out of it. She doesn't understand the value of other people's property even if you made her pay it tenfold."
[02:11] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> I'll explain it to her. By threatening to burn her stuff. Then asking how it feels.
09[02:11] <13@Jennifer`> "If you think it will help..."
15[02:11] * 13@Jennifer` sighs a bit. "I'm just dissapointed."
[02:12] <13@DeathStar> <Cheryl> She probably was playing with you and went about it wrong. Tell you what. We four will go out somewhere tomorrow, and you can explain to Chii why it upset you.
09[02:15] <13@Jennifer`> "Sure."
15[02:15] * 13@Jennifer` smiles a bit. "I'd like that."
[02:15] <13@DeathStar> 6* Cheryl nods, then moves off
[02:15] <13@DeathStar> -END-