The Alien Wars 4: PAX

 The remaking of a reality ...

... will lead to saving the multiverse.

The Alien Wars 4 started as a remagining of The Alien Wars Trilogy - at least so the players believed. When it was discovered that Wind remade a new reality after the old one was dying, after the deaths of Theos and Atheos - two Progenitor failsafes programmed into the realities - the group began a long march of discovery, having to overcome the true threat behind the scenes - the Dark Ones.

Having manipulated Wind when he was making the reality, they implanted themselves into it to dominate the reality and eventually spread out into making a new Multiverse where they could be like Gods. Erevis, one of the sole surviving Progenitors, aided the team in beating them back and over many years of wars, they were successful.

However, when Xevil gained the power of the realities at Centerpoint, and made a new Multiverse that was corrupted by his evil, Cheryl had to lead one final mission into it to save everything that was held dear. Failing to succeed, Cheryl instead used a time travel device on the Progenitor ship Erevis discovered and went back in time, preventing Xevil from gaining the powers and with Wind's help, they made a new Multiverse, sealing off Cheryl's reality, Wind's reality, and an alternate version of Cheryl's reality.

The war that had begun before any of them were born was finally over. This is that story.

The RPG lasted from 2005-2009 and consisted of 458 sessions and 3 Anniversary Sessions. To learn more about it, click above in the tabs. Running concurrently with the RPG for Seasons 14-19 and part of Season 20 of the 22 seasons was Erevis the Progenitor, a spin off that began after the first two sessions of Season 14. The two RPGs frequently crossed over so if you want more information, check out the Erevis the Progenitor to the left or above in the tabs. Erevis the Progenitor, after finishing it's run, returned to having sessions in Season 20-22.

See: Year 9: Happy Endings that connects TAW3 and TAW4, taking place after Session 150.

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