Reality Strikers


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Aya's Oracles:

A group of people that work with her on the Oracle Planet 2, now located on a secondary jungle world that is being outfitted with new equipment and gadgets to help monitor what the Illium are doing across the Alpha Galaxy. The planet is located on the fourt moon of a gas giant, which in itself is the fourth planet in the system. The live in temples that have been left behind by an ancient civilization and have grouped themselves in several temples that are clustered together (5 in all). The planet has many more, but they are not used.

These people are geeks, techs, and scientists that run the computers, build equipment, and design ships and weapons for the other teams. While some switch off and aid the Reality Strikers, many stay on in this reality to be the vanguard to help coordinate and be Operators for the strike teams that go out.



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