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The Alien Wars 4:

The Genesis:

General Alexander Cran and General Vennie Cartwright were two military leaders in the Ridiarium War that had begun in 10-570. Before this, hundreds of years had been spent making progress into space and space travel, with Earth uniting as one in about 2080 and proceeding to colonize the moon and Mars over the next 100 years, making contact with other races about 2179. In 2200, they adopted a galactic stardate, the year becoming 10-500. Over the next 50 years, they slowly started becoming a bigger facet in the galactic universe, entering a war in 10-550 against an alien race that had begun conqouring smaller races as they expanded the empire. The war, which would later be known as the Hiligard War, known for the race of aliens they were fighting, lasted five years and ended with Earth victorious, establishing itself as a major galactic power.

In 10-570, however, a race of rock aliens known as the Ridiariums, attacked Earth's outer colonies, beginning a five year war known as the Ridiarium War. It was during this war that the generals Cran and Cartwright rose to prominence. Until 10-573, Earth was losing colony after colony and the loss of life was staggering. However, on January 5th, two aliens crashed onto the planet Earth. One being was made of energy and the other was a woman that looked human. Deciding the woman would be more docile, the two studied her after containing the energy being Wind. The woman's capabilities were found to be wildly astounding - she could literally bond with another being and the two would gain strength and could form a mech like being. Finding her to be compatible with humans, Cran and Cartwright took 26 of her eggs and took 26 different human male sperm to impregnant the eggs. What was born was half-human, half-alien, and they named them Alpha Dragoons, due to the fact their mech form would resemble dragons. The first one made, Alpha Ariel, was designed to look exactly like the alien Mother they had discovered - an emotionless being that was almost robotic. Afterwards, with Alpha Baxter successfully appearing different - being male - they decided it would be successful, and started with Alpha Cheryl, they gave each being their own independent thought and humanity. Cran used his own DNA for the third Alpha, Cheryl, and Cartwright used his for the last, Alpha Zephyr. They used the 26 dragoons to wage war against the Ridiariums after assigning each a human pilot to bond with - and then later made a new series, Dragoon Betas, that could be controlled by them through devices and would have no human emotions/thoughts as weaknesses.

The Ridiarum War ended successfully in 10-575, and due to human right protests, the Alphas were sent to live in isolated areas where they could live their lives in peace, but be watched. However, near the end of the war, an accident had occurred at the facility where the Mother was kept, and she was seemingly destroyed. However, Alpha Cheryl and Alpha Zephyr aided in switching places with Mother with Alpha Ariel, due to them looking alike, and the disoriented alien assumed the role of Alpha Ariel, with only General Cartwright knowing the truth.

As time went on, news of an old race of aliens known as the Tsivrixsh Empire was beginning to expand it's empire, and all the other galactic races stood in fear of them. General Cran believed the only path for salvation was to join the Tsivrixsh, but Cartwright and EarthGov decided to create PAX, a station where galactic powers could come together to meet in peace and work on galactic affairs and treaties. Despite Cran's protests, PAX was created in 10-581.8, under the watchful eye of General Vennie Cartwright, with General Warren Carmichael and his security team protecting the station, as well as the ambassadors from the various races. The security team consisted of Warren, Xanatos Durran, Chad Winters, Serena Cran, Alpha Ariel, and Katrina McCormick.

The First Few Years:

Things appeared to be going well the first six months of the station, but at the end of the year, a shuttle crashed into the station and killed General Cartwright, leading to an investigation by Captain Darien Starr to discover who was flying the shuttle. During this investigation, William Spade, General Cran's right hand man, took control of the station. Spade and Serena formed their own love alliance against the others and it seemed Spade was purposely derailing the team until finally they learned Spade was behind the death of the General, having stole the technology from Xanatos Durran. They also learned Chad Winters was an agent planted by Cran, who wigged out. While Spade escaped, Chad was defeated after nearly destroying Alpha Ariel, his primary target, and lost his memories. During the second half of 10-582, Warren worked to bring Chad Winters up to speed as a new man, and new races began to join with the threat of the Tsivrixsh now realized through Xevil, who was working to "take over" other races through diplomacy. However, Serena Cran learned she was a new generation Dragoon made after the war from the body of a dead girl - a fully human Dragoon, nicknamed Omega, who could control all the Alphas. This led to the Dragoon War as the Alpha rebelled against Serena, teaming up behind Ariel to fight against her. The war ended with PAX managing to settle the differences and gain independence for the remaining Alphas who survived the war. However, at the end of the year, an encounter with the Tsivrixsh Xevil left Warren missing in action and Darien Starr taking over the station PAX.

As 10-583 progressed, the team managed to rescue Warren Carmichael, who was briefly an enemy due to a parasite in his brain. However, the Erusian Ambassador's bodyguard, Rylon, teamed up with John McCormick to take down Xevil once and for all. They beat him, seemingly killing him. During this, General Cran began his run for presidency and while PAX continued his mission goal, it became clear that Cran was going to win the election, and if he did, he would likely shut PAX down. Around this time, during a diplomatic mission, Katrina McCormick was killed and taken over by an alien known as Erevis - the same Erevis who aided in the creation of this reality. Having made a fail-safe by making a race of beings who worshipped her and would put her conscious in the first psionic person they found, Erevis had escaped the Dark Ones' attempt to kill her. However, this incident left her without any memories of what happened, other than faint indications and clues about the true enemy out there. The team defeated her, but once they learned Katrina's spirit was gone, brought Erevis back to PAX. There, Xanatos, Katrina's lover, took it upon himself to teach Erevis about humanity and life while he waited for a chance to bring Katrina back. At the end of the year, Cran indeed was elected President, and PAX was brought under attack by General Cartwright, who was seemingly alive and using PAX to gather intel on all the races to prepare for some war. The team defeated him, but the station was destroyed and Cran refused to re-establish it. The team split up it's own ways, with Darien Starr creating an investigation team to learn more about Cartwright's true agenda, and a mysterious organization known as V.I. that was rising.

The V.I. Years:

In 10-584, Darien Starr's team began to investigate the truth behind V.I., learning it was created by Cartwright as a counter balance to Cran's own Janus Division in the military. The V.I. were attempting to locate the body of Wind so they could use his power to prepare for some unknown enemy that was coming. During this time, many things happened, such as the Erusian Civil War, instigated by Xevil and Rylon, with Xevil using Rylon's desire for the lower class Erusians to be free from the upper class Erusians. This incident crippled the Erusians and left them no longer a major power. At the same time, someone attacked the Janus group and kidnapped Serena, making her seemingly kill General Cran. Though rescued at the end, they learned the organization was V.I., working to remove Cran and Janus from the picture.

Eventually, V.I. was defeated by the combined efforts of Darien's team and others, but not before Wind was unleashed. It was then Erevis remembered the truth about Wind and herself, warning everyone about Wind's abilities and that anyone from the previous reality that was remade here would be like puppets before him, leaving only new people native to this reality as the only hope to beating him. Wind's first action was to capture Ariel, trying to bring his Ariel's memories into her so they could be together again. During this time, Darien Starr used a substance found to bring back memories of his previous life in the previous reality - as Death Star. Hoping to use these memories to beat Wind, Darien told everyone the truth about their reality. After failing to get the old Ariel's memories back into her, Wind decided he would simply erase this reality and start again, as was his right as it's "god". The team managed to throw him through a reality portal that was created, and believed him to be gone for good, but having lost Darien Starr as well.

The PAX 2 Years:

In 10-585, Warren created a ship called the PAX2 to explore the unknown parts of space in an attempt to find this enemy that V.I. was wary about - the same one Erevis said took over the reality from Wind to remake themselves. As they explored, they encountered the Dark Ones, and began to lose battle after battle with them. In a desperate attempt to escape, Warren used the new jump device that allowed great distance travel by exiting the reality, then re-insertin the ship back into at another point in space, to go one way - to whatever place the ship briefly exited to - in an attempt to get away from the Dark Ones. There, they discovered a dead universe, with Earth before them. As they landed, they found Darien Starr with some natives, and he took them before the Earth Spirit Dahok to learn the truth. This was the previous reality Wind was from, the reality TAW1-3 took place in. They learned Erevis was a Progenitor, as was Wind, a race of beings of energy who were the first race ever in the multiverse and the creators of the multiverse, once they created the multiverse. The Dark Ones were an offshoot of Progenitors who desired to rule the multiverse, and the two battled it out, with both of them practically annihilating the other. However, the Dark Ones used Centerpoint to create two-failsafes, Atheos and Theos, in the event they were ever destroyed - to be triggered to wipe out the last reality so the being there would hopefully use Centerpoint to try to make a new multiverse like the Progenitors and Dark Ones did once before. When Wind did so, Centerpoint re-encoded them back into the new reality as planned. Erevis and Wind, two Progenitors with no memory of the past, where the Progenitors last line of defense if they were wiped out as well.

Briefly teaming up with Wind on Earth, and losing John McCormick in the battle with the Dark Ones, they returned to their reality to battle the Dark Ones once again, eventually defeating their home planet. Darien Starr then seemingly destroyed Wind by having PAX fire down on him and wipe him out. Darien, now leading the PAX after Warren died from a gunshot to the head, caused by Spade who was now a spirit controlling others, took them back home to find Earth had been taken over by the Tsvirixsh Empire in their absence, with Mega City wiped out. They took the fight to the leader of the armada, discovering it was Xevil who had taken over the Empire after he gained access to the material that brought back Darien's previous life's memories - he himself had done the same thing and now had access to the memory of the Xevil from TAW1-3, making him even more dangerous. He created a timeline divergence to trigger the power of Centerpoint so he could become a God like Wind had done.

Battling Xevil through three time periods as the divergence worsened, they managed to defeat him, but not before Centerpoint was recreated somewhere in their time. As the timelines reconverged afterwards, and the team pulling a Warren from an earlier state in the timelines before he died, the team attempted to live in peace, with Darien running a PAX3 station that served the same function as PAX had done many years before.

The Final Battle with Wind:

In 10-586, things had settled down with PAX3 ensuring peace in space, and General Cheryl and Zephyr running units on Earth. During this time, battles with various small villains like Weapon Ripple occurred, but the major event that followed was Wind's return. He decided it was time for the group to prove their worthiness to exist, and led them to Centerpoint, where he prepared to use the power of it to make a new reality if they failed to stop him. During the battle, Wind allowed himself to be defeated, conceding that they were indeed worth successors to the heroes from TAW1-3, and seemingly erased himelf from existence, his essence stored in Centerpoint.

The Alternate Take:

The Alternate Reality followed the same path as the Prime Reality up to a certain point. When the Prime versions of our heroes went back in time to stop Xevil at Centerpoint, they created a branch off reality. Essentially, by going back in time and preventing him from corrupting the Multiverse, they changed everything. In order to compensate for the change, the Alternate Reality followed the new path set by the heroes - Xevil did not create the multiverse, instead it was created by Cheryl and the heroes based on their memories. The Prime Reality retained the old timeline, though it was now attached to this new Multiverse. The Prime Heroes left and the Alternate Heroes were cut off from the Centerpoint Reality Core and had to escape, only to watch Centerpoint be destroyed all on it's own - somehow knowing Xevil was dead, they returned to their own lives.

The Alternate Reality thus was forever changed by that incident. The battle with Xevil on Centerpoint did not occur as it had before. They still fought Wind and defeated him, and Erevis still saved Megumi Zhenmei and became close to her - only this time as sisters due to Xanatos Durran no longer dying due to Prime Cheryl destroying the Planet Killer to give him a chance at a happiness in this reality. In the end, Cheryl did all this so that Ben would have a mother and father and a chance at life, since Prime Ben had died. She vowed, though, if things ever turned bad for Alternate Ben, she would take him away to the Prime Reality.

So, from there, the Alternate Heroes faced many challenges that were not the same as before - they spent the following year having fun, only to return to Earth to find it had been taken over by the Dark One shapeshifters; they defeated them and the Gift of the Gods was triggered earlier, with Katrina wishing Chii a soul. Xanatos and Erevis moved in with Darien Starr and became closer. The Weapons began to attack sooner than they had before due to some unknown enemy out there, since they never ran into Alexander Cran as they had before. Wtih no Legion, things began to play out different.

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