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Phase 1 (Session 1-31):

Alternate Season 13:

Following the changes at Centerpoint from Prime Cheryl's actions, many did not die that should have once before. The next year, many different things occurred, including the fact that Darien Starr stayed out of military affairs and was not arrested, remaining in his home in Tokyo and content to do so. Xanatos and Erevis became an offical couple, keeping Megumi and Zephyr with them in their Tokyo home - Megumi treated more like a pet than anything. And many other things. When the trip to Famfrit occurred, it happened with Megumi, Zephyr, Erevis, and Xanatos and the moon was not destroyed, though Megumi still went through the same shocking revelations and was injured. She was taken to the Cartel and healed.

After that, many things happened differently: the weapons did not attack like they did before and various things played out a little differently. Peacemaker was not identified as a Dark One agent and remains in play on the PAX3 station. Warren did not bring Jennifer over. Marcus and Dias were still cursed with their abilities and Billy has been missing a year. Red Fox and Cassandra and Setsuna retired without much fuss and Lilith bonded with someone other than Spirit, since they did not go after Dias and Marcus.

The battle with the Dark Soul World occurred mostly the same as before and Freyja was brought back and when the team came home, they found themselves to be traitors

Alternate Season 14-15:

The team, considered traitors, was on the run, but with no Legion this time, they did not split their forces. Remaining on one of Warren's hidden bases, they worked on finding out who in the government was Dark One agents. Angela lost her children to a Scar pretending to be Marcus and Marcus began to give into the rage more than he before, ruining any potential romance with Cheryl. The Gift of the Gods was trigged early by someone else and the team worked together to win it before someone else did, despite attacks by Scars going on, and Katrina wished for Chii to have her soul back. Cheryl and Chii became friends as they did before, but not lovers, since when they finally revealed to the world that the President was being allied with Scars and Warren was reinstated, Chii left with Katrina and Iceheart, along with Freyja, to go into space on Iceheart's ship. Once there, Katrina and Freyja became close as lovers and Iceheart and Chii did as well, with the four of them agreeing to marry one another as a group unit.

With the team not having split due to Legion, the group never encountered Alexander Cran, the clone of General Cranm, either. After being cleared of the charges, Angela vanished and Warren began to bring the group together to prepare for the war with the Dark Ones, who were in space allying with the Ridiariums and Tsivrixsh now. After the trouble with the traitor situation, Erevis, Xanatos, Megumi, and Zephyr, along with Chad and Aya, move into Darien's mansion for protection and begin to live their lives there, with Erevis becoming pregnant with twins. Jonas, a new comer joins the team and immediately takes a keen interest in Cheryl, having once been a pilot to Dragoon Alpha Vela. Also Dawn shows up again, hacking into the base's security to get Warren's attention. This coincides with Aya being kidnapped out of the hospital after going in for surgery to repair her hearing which was damaged during the time they were considered traitors. Warren allows Dawn on to help search for Aya, but they come up with no leads, many suspecting Angela since she vanished weeks before. This led Cheryl down a destructive path trying to get captured and after she did, being held by the enemy which they learned was likely V.I., and the team rescuing her after V.I. scanned her mind, Jonas took advantage of it after Dias was killed by Weapon Virulent for revenge of Dias' actions when they were children aganist her sister, by getting her to bond with him - through sex since it's a quick route other than the longer one - and then using his control and influence over her. Distraught and hurt over Dias' death and other things, she was easily controllable.

Also during this time Dawn revealed to Cheryl that he was not a he, but a she. And that Dawn was falling for Dawn. They slept together and Cheryl was left confused about what she felt and what to do with it. It ended after Aya and Angela were rescued together in a V.I. base, Angela's Omega powers having been given back so they could use her against the others. They also managed, during this time, to capture Virulent, Seraphim, and Caesura, though the latter willingly helped them because she didn't want people hurt - and thus was allowed a certain amount of freedom. But rescuing Aya was short lived because during the rescue, a Chad who was drinking and popping pills to mask his pain, was killed by V.I and he left Aya to Cheryl to raise. Taking this seriously, Cheryl began to resist Jonas' influecne and he revealed his true colors - that he was working for VI and he proceeded to rape Cheryl. The team ran him off and be broke the bond from a long distance so they couldn't trace him, injuring Cheryl. Traumatized, Cheryl began to focus on raising Aya, but the time had come for Warren to launch them into space to deal with the Dark Ones.

Alternate Season 16:

With the PAX2, the largest ship in the galaxy so far with a ship inside, was ready to go, Cheryl reluctantly let herself be bullied into getting on, but she asked Chii, Katrina, Freyja, and Iceheart to join them so that if the ship was under attack, they could take Aya onto their ship and escape. Chii, loving Aya, agreed. As everyone but Darien, and those not part of the team like Fox, Cassandra, and more, went on the ship, Darien's group was left on Earth to deal with remnants of V.I. while Warren took the fight to the Dark Ones. In space, Dawn found her sister, Freyja, who was actually a guy once they captured him - leading the team to believe Dawn and Freyja got their names switched up, since according to Billy, who they rescued on an asteroid before leaving Earth (on a mission where they learned V.I. was working on creating new weapon/Dragoon hybrids as well as stealing children from other realities - possibility even different times in those realities), told them so. Billy seems to have a lot of information on hwo things should be, and shows surprise at Chii and Iceheart being a couple instead of Chii and Cheryl, for example. Growing closer to Dawn during this time, Cheryl slowly begins to lower her defenses, especially after Dawn psionically deletes her pilot data, altering Cheryl's mental landscape drastically and creating two different personalities. When told she had to bond with someone to help create a fighting force, since only Angela has a pilot - Lemon, who was created using data by VI they took from Cheryl's mind on how to create a living being artifcally and was rescued by the team before departing - and Zephyr and Megumi, who were falling in love slowly like two children discovering each other, Billy used those two personalities to bond to each other so Cheryl didn't have to submit her body to another just for power. They took on their force World Eater, to their shock finding it to be the planet itself, and managed to go inside and destroy it. Living the Ridiariums severely wounded, and the way to their home world opened.

While traveling there, they discovered an anamoly and found another Earth floating around. Sending a group down, they found it was a medieval world with versions of themselves in various positions - such as Cheryl a Knight and Megumi a powerful wizard. And Angela a whore. The medieval people were being attacked by some group they called The Others and they agreed to help them - only to have their asses kicked by some humanoid creatures that bled silver blood and had wings on their back. Xanatos was killed and Erevis lost the twins after taking a hit to the stomach, which has begun to drive her down a dark path to discover her Progenitor roots. The group learned the truth about the reality when another Zephyr, Prime Zephyr, showed up, surprised to find them. Apparantly it was spared the multiverse wipe due to that Zephyr having the reality's soul gem inside her, making it a floating reality that moves between the three linked realities of Alt, Prime, and Classic. They manage to beat the Others who declare themselves merely scientists and having caused major damage and not being warriors. They also manage to scan Prime Zephyr and find it interesting she's from another reality which they send to others of their kind before being defeated. With Chaos injured, Cheryl gets an idea and sets up a Light Teleporter in the castle linking it to their ship, so that they can travel back and forth between the reality and the ship no matter where the floating reality ends up. Chaos is brought onto the PAX for healing and Princess Aya decides to explore it for information.

From there, they discovered Arhn Arhnya was still alive and managed to purge her of dark energy that the Dark Ones had been putting into her after recovering her body from the Dark Homeworld long ago. Then they launched their assault on the Tsivrixsh Homeworld with Myria's aid, resulting in a big battle of epic proportions and seemingly lost Erevis in the chaos. However, after the war was won with Billy's foresight, a group discovered a portal and used it to travel to the floating medieval world, where they began to chase after Erevis, who was captured by a group thinking it was their Queen.

Phase 2 (Session 32-50):

During the war, back on Earth, Darien's group continues to work to discover the truths and mysteries behind VI and the mysterious organization behind the shadows. During all this, they accidently release 4 ancient gods, so they hire the services of Kitsune Udon, discovering this reality's Miyuki and Kasha, who has somehow been released years earlier than they should have been. Working together and retrieving the gods, they begin to discover more of VI's dark operations when VI tries to kidnap Tsukiyomi for their experiments and they manage to save her in time, but accidently free a captured Scar shapeshifter, who promised Kasha to meet her again after she injures him. Their investigations, after wrapping up the 4 gods and putting Tsuki to sleep for the time being, is interrupted by a 3 way battle in the Arctic between the new group, run by what seems to be a clone of General Cran, and the rapist Jonas and his Dragoon ressurected, along with Q working for them once more, and VI. The group travels, but during the battle, a black hole is formed from their attacks and they are sucked in and find themselves stranded on a medieval world too.

Meeting up with the others who were stranded, they manage to rescue the captured Erevis and defeat the medieval Xevil and crush his plans, earning the debt of Queen Erevis. After returning to Earth, Miyuki and Kasha decide to join Warren's unit to work off the debt they owe to Darien after smashing his things, and Angela finally comes clean with her involvement with the clone and VI, losing Cheryl's trust in the process. But on top of all this, they learn from Prime Zephyr about the Alpha Protocol that will shut off the Alphas when they turn 16 and she promises to return from her reality with the cure.

Phase 3.1 (Session 51 - 62):

9 months have passed and the deadline is nearly upon them as the year is now 10-589.3.1. But problems arise when the original General Cran returns in the body of an Omega Cheryl, while at the same time Scar makes his move and kidnaps Miykuki, forcing Darien and the others to try to get her back. Alexander lends his aid, having begun to run for the presidency at this time.

After both sides manage to achieve their objectives and wreck Cran's cloning lab, destroying two potiental heirs - Angelus and Angelos, and thousands of insane clones, and saving Miyuki from Scar and capturing him temporarily, they keep looking for Lisa and Cheryl who were taken. They manage to defeat Cranyl in time but he slips into a coma, unable to give them the protocol cure and time is running out when Prime Zephyr arrives from her reality with the protocol altered. They manage to save Cheryl and the others barely in time. Lisa, fed up with her father's protection, joins Darien's group to get out of his thumb, Cheryl leaves the unit with Dawn to see the world, and the team struggles to move on over the next few months.

9 more months pass and it's now 10-589.11.11. Lisa has been waiting for word from their Zephyr and becoming Erevis' High Priest, the group having wrapped up most of VI who keeps attacking Lisa the past few months. At that moment, though, Jennifer and Elwyn arrive with Prime Zephyr through the dream portal. Elwyn, to see Billy, and Jennifer to find her kids. Billy and Elwyn quickly reconnect and make love, pondering what to do, while Jennifer finds her two little ones, seeing they are content living with Sam and Darien all this time, but vows to do something about Q, who was once Cuddles.

But more problems arrive as Prime Isis, Miyuki, and Hi'Saa arrive as well, with Lorelei sneaking along, to visit the reality. When a giant ships arrives and stirs up EarthGov, who begins to attack it out of nowhere, and loses ship when their own attacks bounce off, they begin to get enraged; suddenly a teleporter picks up Lisa and Warren leads a team to go after the ship. Mysteriously, while Jennifer is meeting with Alexander Cran, who says he can get her in touch with Q, Steel's ship blows up for no real reason and Darien's team finds signs that the explosives were set on his ship beforehand. Also during this time, the others arrive on Erevis' ship, including the Prime counter parts and learn that Erevis has set up a Suisen Empire, and has Ao with her as well. This Erevis feels different - harder without lovers, but still fair.

She takes over races, but justly, and does what she sees is just, which is usually true, but she does it without regard to other races or what they care, having the power to do what she wills. Lisa joins and is reunited with Zephyr and Erevis. Miyuki and Del and Kasha and others get used to the ship and find the Alternate Amaterseru on the ship, who was 'defeated' in combat by Erevis and decided to join, and it seems the two might be lovers, and Megumi and Zephyr seem to be married, with Megumi the ship's researcher and builder. Tsukiyomi is freed from her jar and joins the ship and her twin, pleased.

Eventually the group returns and deals with other things. Cheryl and Miyuki grow closer as friends, but Miyuki and Prime Zephyr begin to establish a relationship after Miyuki and Ethia break up. It soon becomes sexual and PZ works on wooing Kasha too, knowing the sister relationship is important to Miyuki. Also during this, events on Earth continue to rapidly march onward when they deal with Scar cloning Midori and getting samples of Kasha and Miyuki, as well as Midori. Eventually, they manage to destroy the clones, but run into a clone of Inari, who Kasha summons Ama into and cocoons herself in with Inari in a hospital, and weeks begin to pass as PZ works on comforting her, and Del and Hale manage to destroy Scar for good using explodes in a stairway, and Jennifer manages to retrieve Q with Alexander's help after saving his life due to an assassination, despite hints he might have gotten rid of Steel.

Meanwhile, Warren and Arhyna explore their relationship, going as far as to go on vacation, and Cheryl and Dawn continue to get close, Fiore working on being a counselor and taking a fascination with Hale. When his brother Chris robs the store she begins to observe his acitons more. Prime Isis and Miyuki and Hi'Saa return home with Jennifer and Lorelei, but Jennifer returns after the 3 weeks with a cure for Q, returning her to Cuddles but all this comes crashing down when Miyuki, going to try to get her sister out, is ambushed along with PZ by what seems to be Others using rail guns. Zephyr's head is blown off and Jennifer and Elwyn are thrown out of the reality violently and Kasha remains imprisoned. Miyuki freaks out and is retrieved by Warren, but not before noticing people helping her with a chain whip weapon that look familiar from her past somewhere.

A few days pass and Jennifer returns using Cheryl's reality tears, aloing with PZ, who seems to be alive on the other side, but ... less than she was. She retrieves Cuddles to go back and PZ leaves a note for the comatose Miyuki and leaves too.

Darien gives the team a mission to track down the Others and try to identify and more spies amongst the team. Finding a factory associated with the spies and tracking them; after dealing with the threats and find what might be the Others' homeworlds. They head into Erevis' Imperial space, picking up Sam's adopted children and Caesura, and arrive on the ship. Meeting with the Empress, Sammel is direct with her unlike others; while Erevis wants to destroy said planet, but relents to scan, especially when it turns up it's too primitive to be related to them.

However, it ends up being a trap as the planet explodes and damages the Imperial ship, allowing Others to beam aboard and set up bombs. Erevis and Ao are kidnapped during the confusion and Darien takes charge. They manage to beat back the Others and save the two, so she grants Darien and his team special priviledges aboard the Imperial ship. This allows them a launching back to refocus their efforts on finding the Others.

Phase 3.2 (Session 63 - 66 and Prime Sessions 259 - 260, 262 - 263)

Prime Cheryl takes Chii, Aurica, Lorelei, Jennifer, Amataseru, Iro, Seth and Aschae to the Alternate Reality to learn more about their possible future visitors. This leads them onto the trail of Jean and the other Tarehians that are stuck in this reality, now 5 years older, having arrived 5 years in the past, and become part of the fabric of the Alternate Reality. The Others, involved in trying to Lorelei and Pupumi, which will inadvertantly lead them to Jean, who is worshipped as a healer by locals in a slum of London. The people mix with those on PAX, and Jennifer can search for her missing kids in this reality, while the Tarehians learn from Jean what transpired for the past 5 years.

It seems it was Jean that inadvertantly freed Alt. Miyuki and Kasha early in this reality when they arrived at Cran's Manor, and running into Alt Cheryl, came to terms that she was not really Lorelei. Darien leads a team from the PAX to aid those on Earth involved with Jean, who is hoping to capture a live Other to get some answers finally and how they relate to the Tarehian Gods. During this, they inadvertantly restore Inari back to life in her temple. It seems she is the one who kidnapped Lorelei and Pupumi when the Others were after them. Jean promises to reveal to the Alternate team what is going to happen in 15 years if they help them first, and so Paladin plots to try to use Jean's blood to find their way to do their own reality control behind Prime Cheryl and Jean's back, despite the need of an alliance of realities.

Erevis is much more willing to help Jean and her people and lends them aid on her ship, after hearing of the crisis in 15 years and the need for an alliance of realities. The Prime people and Tarehian people head out to get the Classic Reality's agreement, returning a week later after saving the Classic Team from an attack on their Hunter Station and getting the Alliance agreement.

Erevis signs on easily, but that leaves the Alternate EarthGov. Prime Cheryl and Darien lead a group of people to EarthGov to try to turn Paladin and Warren's minds toward the idea. They are told to go to the PAX3 and convince the united races. SO Erevis brings her Imperial Ship to the PAX3 to try to convince the allied races her growing empire can play nice.

The group is assigned far away from the delegates and Darien grows worried after speaking with EarthGov President Alexander Cran. They learn Tsivrixsh Ambassador Shretrav resigned her post there two days ago over something and they find her in chains upon intercepting her departing ship. She informs them the PAX3 has betrayed them and is out to capture Erevis, Prime Cheryl, and Jean. They find that Jean and the Tarehians repelled their kidnappers, and arrive in time to save Prime Cheryl from her's, but Empress Erevis is gone.

They take over the station with Ao's Empress' Paw that arrives, saving some of the ambassadors from their own security forces as they try to take out the team, but not before a few ships escape. Tracing it's path toward Sol, and knowing if it crosses the border that will mean war, they chase after it in the Paw. Recovering her, they find her mind has been wiped out and so they use imprints from the Prime Erevis to save her memory and mind, even if there will be differences. Prime Cheryl and the Tarehians leave, at least having an alliance here.

Warren and Darien's teams throw in with the Empire after this stunt, and even with Paladin having witnessed what the other ambassadors did, the teams are declared enemies of EarthGov and are exiled.

They take on the Cartel, who has thrown in with the Others willingly, and inflitrate and soon come in contact with Loki and Odin. Threatening to expose them to the galaxy for invading them without a formal declaration of war, Darien executes both and they set off the war factories, blowing up a chunk of the planet's cities and taking out the Other war machine production there, crippling them.


10 Year Alternate Jump

Phase 4.1 (Session 67 - 79):

5 years after the last date in the 10 Year Alternate Jump, and the Illiums have attacked and taken over our galaxy, destroyed the Suisen Empire and taken it over, and Ao may or may not be dead, as well as many, many other heroes. The Oracle Planet, where Aya - grown up now - operates and runs many rebel teams as they attempt to bring down the Illium Empire while having the children of the heroes taught by those who do not want to fight, is the base of operations in this dark world. And Zeph, the split half of Prime Zephyr's soul, no longer gets feedback from her other self or vice versia, wonders if help will ever come from the Alliance of Realities.

Phase 4.1 is literally the three teams, led by James, Rosetta/Cassandra, and Miyuki taking on various tasks and trying to find information on their loved ones, and bring down facilities and shipyards and get more advanced technology; for more advanced summaries, read the summaries.

Phase 4.2 (Session 80 - 85):

The big moment to get Prime Cheryl and her family close to Luna to slow down time in the reality, so she can build up forces to bring in and help them, has come, as well as rescue a number of their captured friends. Everything that was built up has come here in The Cheryl Factor. For more information, read the summaries.

Phase 4.3 (Session 86):

Dust in the Wind summary can be found in the Prime recent events or the Reality Striker recent events. This ends the Alternate RPG.



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