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Update: Not much has been heard from the Tsivrixsh Empire for 15 years. Zegretta states it is having many eternal struggles from some sort of outside threat, but Sardis, the ailing Emperor, still managed to send a few ships to help liberate Earth against the Fourth Reigh - the Neo Reich. Only investigate can turn up more data for this entry.

Old: The Tsivrixsh Empire was the greatest warmachine in the galaxy. Their race is made of humanoid aliens with blue skin and glowing red eyes; the males are completely bald while the females have long black hair. From the age of 4, they are trained to be warriors because they have reached full adulthood. Their weapons, the Xvash, are stronger than any energy sword known, with a spiked club laced with poisons.

Their fleet of ships are some of the strongest in the galaxy; EarthGov battleships have to gang up on just one Tsivrixsh battle cruiser to take it down. There are said to be hundreds upon hundreds of their battle cruisers. For thousands of years they expanded their empire by attacking and taking over every planet they came across, led by the council of 13 elders and the emperor. However, they were all defeated during The Alien Wars 2: The Galactic Conflict and during The Alien Wars 3, Sardis, half-human, half-Tsivrixsh, the son of Eve, rose and took over the Empire, leading them to help Earth destroy the Motenks.

Now, the Tsivrixsh Empire no longer attacks planets, but instead is working on reforming their ways and laws, giving equality to everyone. Many resent Emperor Sardis for changing such ways and laws of the Empire, but many are happy. So far their fleet is used simply for protection for the Empire and other races that ask for their help.


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