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Update: The Hunters are no more after their final battle against the Fourth Reich - the Neo Reich. Throwing everything they had at them, the glorious battle, joinined by people from other realities brought an end to the Hunters and their base of operations, the Hunter Station, as they shattered the Nazis. Those that haven't retired or joined the Reality Strikers now are part of the new Special Unit.

Old: The Hunters are consisted of various species that live mainly on Earth, though there are some other alien races on the team as well. After a well placed strike brought the Station crashing down into Earth, the Station has been brought up from the ocean depths and is now a mobile command center that floats about the ocean, with a mirror station on the moon that allows them to monitor threats in space as well as teleport back and forth.

The Hunters are led by the experienced Maverick Hunter verteran Iceheart, with Dominator as her second in command. A strange choice due to her reluctantance to lead, she seems to mostly be doing it due to the fact Wiendigo has somehow gone Maverick following the return of Sigma with the ressurection of all the dead enemies when Wind brought back everyone. She is now grooming the Hunters to see who can possiblely take her place one day.


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