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The Alien Wars Trilogy (1-3):

In a reality of heroes, the story covered a group of Hunters who were originally brought together to deal with robots going Maverick and attacking their humans - robots known as reploids who had emotions and could think on their own. However, these Hunters would soon face a larger threat when a hostile race known as the Tsivrixsh attacked Earth, teaming up with the Mavericks to attempt to bring down the entire planet. Over a bloody long year, the Hunters, led by a reploid known as Death Star, along with his teammates Wiendigo and Dominator, led the team against the Tsivrixsh, slowly gathering allies like the Chiere alien Garland Hianule. After crushing the Mavericks and driving the Tsivrixsh back after killing one of their 13 council leaders, a relative period of peace began. The Year Long War, as it would be come to known, was covered in The Alien Wars.

After nearly a 20 year period of peace, a new generation of heroes rose up under the man codenamed Snipe, better known as John McCormick. This new generation, overseen by Gordon Paladin, one of the few original heroes from the Year Long War, was assigned with crushing a new uprising of Mavericks. However, just as soon as they finished crushing the resistance, the Tsivrixsh Xevil, only a lowly general in Year Long War, attacked Earth and wiped out the entire planet. The group barely managed to escape Earth on the ship Fury, picking up several of the heroes from the war, including Wiendigo, Ariel, and Slasher. From there, with the few remaining thousands of humans, the ship explored the galaxy while Xevil chased them - a chase that ended when they discovered Death Star and together brought him down. From there, the group worked on survival, eventually restoring Earth using a giant holographic device to make it seem like the destroyed planet was liveable - until an event that changed everything occurred - they were brought of their reality to a place known as Centerpoint, an ancient station made of crystals designed to watch the thousands of realities in the Multiverse. It's keeper, Chronos, claimed a being was attempting to destroy Centerpoint, and seemingly died after the group was thrown into reality after reality, assuming the lives of their counterparts in that reality - eventually coming to an end when Chronos returned to kill his successor among them that would take over watching the Multiverse. Chronos' desire to use Centerpoint to destroy the Multiverse and remake it in his image had driven him to insanity and the team barely managed to defeat him, barely saving their reality from destruction. Before the incident with Chronos, Death Star had seemingly died, and came back - however, the being that returned was a hyperspace alien who believed he was the real Death Star. After returning to their reality, Death Star, Dominator, and Wiendigo formed an Alliance of alien races to gather an armada to battle the Tsivrixsh. However, Garland, after returning from seemingly being lost in the multiverse before it was wiped out, had arrived with a weapon known as The Emerald Sword. This weapon could bend reality, but after Garland was corrupted by a virus, he proceed to deliver Death Star to the hands of the Tsivrixsh where he was tortured until near insanity. Deciding the universe wasn't worthy of existence, Death Star staged events to bring about Centerpoint so he could remake the universe, but the heroes of three realities - one reality known as The Alternate Wars that formed after the team's fight in Centerpoint against Chronos, and another reality not yet wiped out - came together to beat him, only to learn Garland had driven him insane so he could use the power of the Emerald Sword and Centerpoint for his own gain. Defeating Garland, and the sword seemingly lost, the team returned to their reality to find seven years had passed and Dominator's Alliance had nearly beaten the Tsivrixsh. Joining together once again, they took the fight to the homeworld of the Tsivrixsh and defeated them -then once again encountered Xevil. After stopping his plans once more, the galaxy was once again at peace. These events were covered in The Alien Wars 2: The Galactic Conflict.

A few years later, President Slasher of Earth vanished and a new President stepped forth. A Special Unit, led by Warren Carmichael, codenamed Ire, was put together to discover what happened to the missing President, but the unit was eventually derailed into assignments covering the super natural. Meanwhile, in space, another group of heroes onboard an Alliance ship began to discover clues of a super race of aliens out in the galaxy. While the former group eventually learned the government had a hand in the disappearance of the former President, and that he was sealed away in the Executive Building, they launched an attack against the EarthGov, while the Alliance Ship's search led them to Earth as well - both groups combined to rescue the former President, and team up with the heroes of the previous wars - including the hyperspace being Death Star and Snipe. Learning there was a race of powerful beings out there known as the Motenks, Snipe led the Alliance ship to discover the truth, while Ire's group attemptd to learn what agents were behind the disappearance of the President. Eventually discovering the truth, the Special Unit joined the Alliance and took the battle against the powerful Motenks in a war that cost many lives. Eventually defeating the Motenks, a being was unleashed known as Theos, who began to bring about the end of days by preparing to destroy the universe so the being could bring everyone to paradise. The hyperspace being Death Star, know going by Wind, led the heroes against Theos and killed him, but that event triggered the awakening of a second being - Atheos. The devil. After barely defeating Atheos after the soul of Xevil took him over, and saving everyone from going to hell, all seemed well, until Wind discovered he wasn't Death Star - the real one returning. This led to one final conflict as the reploid Death Star led a group of Mavericks - the last of the Mavericks - in an attempt to unite humanity and reploids once and for all with one final bloody showdown. Once he passed on, the heroes entered a new era of peace, with everyone settling down and Wind becoming President of EarthGov. These events were covered in The Alien Wars 3.

Precusor to The Alien Wars 4:

Thousands of years following the defeat of Theos and Atheos, the birth rate across the galaxy began to decline rapidly until there were no new births. With the reality as the only remaining one after the final reality battle against Wind and Garland, once all people died, there would be no more life anywhere. With Ariel dead and facing the end of all life, Wind met another hyperspace being with no memory of her past - and he named her Erevis. Together, the two used two ancient relics - the Ark of the Covenant and the Spear of Destiny, to unleash the trapped soul of Xevil and using the power to fling Erevis back in time, where she began to change key events throughout the timeline to create a second reality, while Wind held things together in the present day thousands of years later. Once her actions successully made a second timeline, a timeline divergence began and together, drawing the people from both timelines he had helped create, Wind defeated Xevil and used the timeline divergence to access a newly created Centerpoint. Taking all life from his reality after recombing the timelines and gaining the power, Wind made a new reality - a second one, taking elements and recreating all his friends and experiences and condencing all the events into one. However, while making this reality with Erevis, another race of beings hijacked him and began to corrupt the process - they were called Dark Ones. They had unleashed Atheos and Theos as reality failsafes so that Wind would be forced to make a new reality. As Wind rapidly sped up the process to create the reality, writing history as fast as he could, he then inserted himself into the reality and crash landed on Earth in the year 10-573, along with Ariel, his lover whom he recreated for this reality. This event would start the gears turning for the The Alien Wars 4.

The Alien Wars 4:

After many events...

Cheryl's team, after tricking Warren's people into bringing them to where his Albatros is located - the weapon he will use to destroy the realities to stop the corruption - begin the final battle against him and Benjamin. After defeating his forces and crushing Albatros, retrieving the sixth crystals, they encounter Kyun, the son of Xevil that was from the place of the corruption's origin - who has managed to get the seventh legendary. Barely getting it from him as the corruption hits, Cheryl's team returns to their own reality, to find Earth dead -having been gone 12,000 years due to the time differences in realities. Dispairing at first, Cheryl picks up a beacon left by Alexander Cran that leads them to the time machine the evil Erevis had. Using the seven legendaries, Cheryl brings Wind back from them, and uses him to power the time machine to go back in time to hatch out her plan to change everything. Once they pick up the Erevis team's ship, Wind takes them back to Centerpoint in the past where they fought Wind and Xevil made the multiverse.

Once there, while their past selves battle Wind above, Cheryl's team crushes Xevil before he gets the power of Centerpoint, instead Cheryl and Wind taking it. There, Cheryl commits her plan - to cause a timeline divergence and create a new reality where Xevil never corrupted the multiverse and her son wouldn't be stolen. This new reality's history begins to change at that moment, due to the fact the events at Centerpoint changed; together the team makes a new, corruption free multiverse. After this, Wind seals off the three realities from the rest of the multiverse - the team's original reality, the new alternate reality they just made, and of course the dead TAW1-3 reality.

However, Wind realizes they made one fatal error - the corruption, the dark hatred of Xevil that was attacking the realities, used the time machine to go back in time and has returned to The TAW1-3 reality to destroy it, and bring down the other two realities with it. Traveling to the dead reality, they fight against it on Earth, where Wind gathers all the energy the team has collected over the years, combining it with the Centerpoint powers, to breathe life back into the reality, bringing back everyone from it to life, and together, using the remaining energy to weaken Xevil's corruptive hatred enough the teams can defeat it. Once it's gone, Wind returns them to their reality on CHIP.

Classic Reality:

The year is 2225. Following the defeat of Atheos and Theos, and the final Maverick Wars after Wiendigo defeated Death Star once and for all, and deleted the Maverick Virus from existence, the Hunters' station was rebuilt in space around Earth by President Wind in July of 2224. The new generation of Hunters are now led by Wiendigo and Dominator, who watch out over Earth not from reploids going Maverick, but threats internal and external. With the Tsivrixsh Empire now being led by Sardis, and no longer an enemy, the days of peace of seemingly have arrived. Wind and Ariel are married, with Wind the President; John McCormick is in his 40s, with a year old daughter Andrea, and an older daughter Michiru who goes out as Lunar Girl. With Dias and Eve recreated, they live their lives in peace with their children, Aya and Chad.

The Special Unit is now run by Colephantus as he waits for his true love, Blue, to return, with Katrina McCormick currently aiding the unit and the Hunters with their technology as they set things up. The Unit's job is to protect Mega City as it's police unit from threats of serial killers and clowns. Currently, both groups are accepting new members, while the older generation of heroes occassionally lend aid to their efforts.


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