Reality Strikers


Previous TAWs

Phase 1 (Sessions 1 - 17):

After the events of The Alien Wars 3 ended in summer of 2224, the next six months following that, and after the ressurection of the Classic Reality, was relatively quiet. The Hunter Station was back online and Ire was bringing the Special Unit back together after having been brought back to life. However, the first threats began to appear in the form of ressurected enemies being returned. Senreich's 5th Column and the Mavericks joined forces, along with the serial killer Ghoul. They began attack around the world in various places, seemingly looking for things.

Ghoul killed Michiru first as the Special Unit hunted them, while the Hunters found London's pillars being attacked, trying to drop the city into the ocean. As John mourned the death of his daughter, the Hunters saved London from maverickised work bots. Next, the Station itself was attacked in the form of a shuttle going insane and trying to kill Null, who survived. After that, Mavericks began to attack Null's old lab, looking for something.

After that, the Special Unit and the Hunters discovered a book that could tell the future, the Book of Revelations, and it was stolen, possiblely taken into another reality - which means the enemies can know possiblely travel through the realities. Next, they began to investigate the recent attacks, with groups splitting up after President Wind was attacked and a brief battle amongst themselves, to look for more clues; one group went into Londo for information while the other went to the Rainforest to see what Katrina had found. While at London, 5th Column Nazis attacked and killed Chad; in the Rainforest, they discovered a 5th Column base cutting trees down. They worked to steal the information from the computers and escape with Katrina and Blue.

During the funeral for Chad, Mavericks led by Vile attacked in full force, seriously injuring many and killing a few, adding more to the death tolls. It has been made clear: their foes are playing for keeps and will stop at nothing to defeat them. And with the Book of Revelations in their hands, it means they could quite possiblely be ready for them at every turn.

Iceheart, part of the team and now second in command by Wiendigo's decision, works on leading the group after the 5th Column to learn more about their plans. Along the way they discover that they're after two kitsune, Freyja and Chii, who Iceheart takes up to the station to protect, and they get Ire an Inugami called Lilith. During all this, John, still recovering from the loss of a child and his wives, begins to get closer to Elayne and her mother, Seraphna, developing a relationship with the two and soon becoming sexual with them. After forming a relationship with them and taking them on as unoffical wives, and them giving him a Lunarian lifespan, they manage to form a family with Kumiko as their maid, an albino Chiere, Cheryl who has lost Ariel in an attack and has to learn to function on her own somehow, and raising little Andrea.

During this time they learn the Katrina they found is actually a progenitor called Erevis, and they discover the real Katrina while trying to stop Vile from getting into Slasher's lab. Afterwards, and sorting out the matter of Erevis somehow gaining Katrina's memories during an encounter between the two and trying to form a body, they learn the Mavericks are going to the Bot Homeworld to steal all the technology and upgrade themselves to the latest Mark V models. The group race there to stop them, but along the way they are attacked by Wiendigo, who reveals long ago he was Maverickized and Iceheart has to eject him from the ship to buy them time to get upgraded in a desperate gamble for time as it seems Wiendigo is carrying the Sigma Virus directly somehow, despite being made to resist it long ago.

With the Kitsune's help, the group after being upgrade escape and leave Wiendigo behind on the planet as it explodes from their Super Indignation, but Iceheart doubts it'll be the last they see of them. Drifting dead in space, they are picked up by Zeraphna who monitored the explosion and takes them back home. The two sisters, Seraphna and Zeraphna, make an uneasy reunion on the journey home.

Phase 2 (Sessions 18 - 41):

The team's short lived victory at getting upgraded ends when they learn Doppler is back as one of the ressurected villains and has recreated Doppler Town. They travel there and learn Bit and Byte have killed Cole, who has gone missing a few days earlier along with Blue. Battliong through the various areas and gaining upgrades, they manage to defeat Doppler at long last and end Sigma's plans. Next they learn the Mavericks are after one of Light's old labs and once they travel there, they find a reploid that looks like Roll, and manage to get her first. Dubbing her XX, they activate her and learn she has no real memories, but is likely related to Mega Man X.

But before they can investigate more, they discover a spatial rift that takes them to the far future where X has become an overlord with 4 Guardians. This distopian future, with deserts and whatnot, foretell of a desolute world that was destroyed in a great war some 200 years in the future. XX is relieved to learn though that the X in charge is a Copy X made by Ciel, though the Great War has hints that it may have been created by the real X long ago, who went insane like the Copy. Time runs out though when Omega and Weil arrive and they have to rush back to the area to stop them from using the spatial portal and more. After a harsh battle, and the real X arriving to do battle, apparantly having survived, they go back in time with 2 of the Guardians who switch sides, Harupia and Leviathan, along with a young reploid named Allouette they saved.

Following the events, Iceheart has XX train under the various people to see if she can find something she enjoys, when they encounter what appears to be Ghoul returned and after Katrina. When she's kidnapped and tortured painfully, leaving what seems to be a corpse., they find out they only managed to defeat the ressurected Copycat, a serial killer who mimiced Ghoul. Wind is not convinced it's Katrina, but before they can do more another rip in space occurs during a riot stirred by Mavericks with advanced weapons. As many in their group are killed, like Cheryl and others, the survivors use the portal to travel to the future where they find they are more than 1000 years in a place where technology has regressed and Diggers now roam the lands looking for ruins.

They team up with a girl trying to catch up to a young man named Volnutt, with Tron Bonne and others aiding them, and stop the Mavericks from the past. They enter Elsyium and learn more about the fate of the world, following the events of the Great Battle that happened in the other time period. They manage to stop the Mavericks and cause a time warp, but the girl sends the data through first, so the group's past selves, now alive and unaware, find it and are left to ponder.

Back in the past, they discover Katrina is alive, and when they arrive they find Dr. Wily lives, and teamed up with Sigma, standing over Katrina's body and doing something to her head. The group, having to battle their forces, drive the two off, and recover Katrina finally, all the while sure something or someone is watching him, XX positive it's X.

Phase 3 (Sessions 42 - 56):

Fall from Grace:

While Katrina is in the medical bed, and the group is relaxing on the Hunter Station, they find her missing from her bed, only to have her sabotage the station, setting off bombs that knock the space station out of orbit. Unable to stop it in her dragon form, Seraphna has Ash teleport as many people as she can out of the station before it crashes, with Iceheart and Dominator trapped aboard. They rush down to investigate it, joining the Special Unit, as it crashes into the ocean, beginning to sink, but are ambushed by Mavericks who attack the sinking station, having to set up shields and other devices to repel them as they investigate it. In the end, they manage to keep the station from sinking by activating engines and shields, keeping it afloat, but Aya is beginning to show signs of something wrong with her.

Teddy leads the Special Unit along with some Hunter volunters on a mission to infiltrate a group of weapon smugglers. Here they meat Uplink, a drunk human that is a savant who makes weapons, with a bit of a special personality. Their job is to find out who is working for and get a tracking device on him, since the group most likely works for the Neo Reich. Teddy makes a deal with the group for bombs and they leave, waiting to see if it will pan out later. However, another situation arises when an earthquake strikes.

Striking an area that unleashes gas and other particles that affects their reploid powers, the team goes into the city to rescue as many people as they can, trying to lift up survivors from being crushed at their own risk, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. Iceheart and Seraphna join in on the mission, having seen horror like this before. However, the younger team members become disillusioned and attempt to save everyone, which results in the death of Teddy, as he attempts to save a little girl along with Ash - a little girl named Cassandra Arakawa. It also leads Atay to run off, declaring herself a solo act now, to her twin's sadnesss, after they defeat a Reich General and his device that caused the earthquake and killed so many. The group, torn apart and wounded from defeating the Nazis and their devices that they learned cause the quake, head to London to stop it from happening again, and the little girl vows to be a hero like Teddy. Arriving at London, they are met by Pope who updates them on the situation, only to be taken out by a sniper before being sent off to on a shuttle after being saved by Seraphna. Atay, who is still around but more independent, splits off with Iceheart and her twin to go stop the bombing of the lower pillars, while the rest go with Seraphna to deal with the bombing of Big Ben, which will create a shockwave effect. XX is able to clear up an incident with the police with her ID before they are arrested, and the Big Ben group is able to disarm the bomb with Teddy's help, who arrives with Cassandra, the little girl, needing her to operate on missions by having her inside him to use key functions on missions. After the mission, Seraphna gives birth to three children.

Heading back to Russia, the group goes to snag Uplink and convert him to their side, learning the Russian is likely just a misguided fool. Led by Iceheart, and having Megumi along to keep the costs of the mission down after the last few, they realize they're being followed and that the doctors have convinced Uplink that he can't be moved. After out smarting the attackers and using a circuit board that was a teleporter and getting him out of there, Megumi leads XX and Ash upstairs and rescues Uplink's mother. After revealing to Uplink he was working for the villains, he changes his ways and agrees to work for them.

Heading down to South America, the group inspects ancient ruins and battles Nazis. Solving the puzzles and going through the temple, the group is ambushed by the walking corpse Senreich who severely damages Ash, destroying his body and sending his head flying, since he stayed behind to delay him for the group. The rest of them reach a treasure room and grab: Iceheart some rings, Teddy a cloak, Anyata a spear, Seraphna a gauntlet, Ire an important looking text, and XX a bow. The temple them dumps them into a dark pit, where they are pinned down by rubble. Anyata teleports everyone but Iceheart and Ire free when the Nazis arrive. The others flee down a chute and arrive to gain possession of the Staff of Ra, which Teddy weilds. Senreich arrives with his captives, Iceheart and Ire, offering a trade for their lives and the staff. Ire orders them to run for it, while Iceheart orders them to save her. Seraphna orders Teddy to run with the staff, while the rest of them try to save the two, but Senreich blows Ire's brains out and Iceheart is severely damaged. The team escapes with Iceheart, while Senreich blows up the temple and the soldiers in it to kill the team.

Back at the base, the team holds a funeral for Warren Carmichael, and with Iceheart's memory chip damaged severely, and not what she was, Seraphna being the most senior member, is made the leader of the Hunters, since John is the leader of the SU. As they prepare for an assault by Senreich for the staff, Wind detects a reality shift, and he sets out with XX and Ash to investigate. They find traces of Famfrit DNA and blood, and set to try and find the new reality visitors.

Post Fall From Grace (Includes Prime Session 261):

Death Star arrives and informs Seraphna that Senreich is about to destroy the base from below. Seraphna sends Special Unit and the Hunters to the incomplete Hunter Station out in the Ocean and sends Death Star to intercept Mavericks after Leviathan and Harupia,also sending Anyata, Ash, Teddy and Null with him. The rest teleport over to the ocean base as well.

Death Star flies the team out towards the desert, where the team has to work together to destroy Chill Penguin's flying ship while at the same time and same location, Jennifer leads the team into a cave to escape the wrath of Vile, who has engaged the team from the other reality. With Prime Cheryl nowhere to be found, they are forced deeper into the caves while fleeing the Mavericks when they are intercepted by Spark Madrill and are forced to destroy him; escaping the blast, they come out of a tunnel to find Death Star's shuttle. Bboarding and fleeing, Chii uses the bond to find Prime Cheryl learns she's on the shuttle Vile is escaping on, loaded with Leviathan and Harupia. Realizing he has kidnapped the three, the group chases Vile while the others on the Hunter Station prepare for the 5th Column coming. Seraphna sends John with the Future Visitors to the Tower of Babel while this goes on and attempts to hold out for the military to arrive.

Death Star gets the team in range of the flying Wily Skull Fortress so they can teleport aboard and he then flies and dodges the fortress' attack beams. Meanwhile, Seraphna leads the defense of the Hunter Station against Senreich; he contacts her and offers her the chance to hand over all the relics, especially the Staff of Ra to avoid the fight, but knowing nothing he does with them will be any good, she insists on defending. The battle launches, and it's a brutal fight, claiming the lives of Eve and Cheryl. Cheryl, killed by a bomb in her stomach, dies when Seraphna attempts to double cross Senreich, who holds her hostage for the Staff of Ra - Seraphna had relented but then tried to call the base to take him out as he trieed to leave, so Senreich detonated the bomb, Cheryl exploded and dying before Sera's eyes.

Anyata's team feels reality crumbling around them as Wily and Vile attempt to take Prime Cheryl's powers for their own. Rushing into the cell blocks they find the guards already destroyed by a beam saber weilding ally. Null recognizes the patterns as Zero's. Using a key card to free Harupia and Leviathan, the team rushes on to Vile's chamber, where Prime Cheryl is hooked up to a machine. Wily begins to use Cheryl to create a Wily World; the orb of reality, when touched by Vile, makes him into a god. John, with the Future Visitors, arrives and Jean uses her powers to teleport a massive number of allies into the room and Wind, awakened, is able to end Vile's power boost and the others gang up on him. Once freed, Prime Cheryl is pissed and ends the reality.

The team bashes Vile to the ground and takes him prisoner, while XX kills the Wily she finds, that they later learn was a double. Prime Cheryl and Wind take the group out of the base after they escape by shuttle, and land to join in union, then and there they use their powers to synch the timelines, Alternate, Classic and Prime's time flows change so that they run in unison, allowing better travel between the three. This change is felt throughout the realities, and Prime Cheryl lets everyone know that is so they can work together easier if the realities' times are in synch. Cheryl asks the group to be part of an alliance of realities, and President Wind agrees.

During the battle and seeing Zero, Null has gone missing, having last been seen chasing after him.


With Warren dead and Iceheart's memory chip damaged, Seraphna is now the defacto leader of the Hunters - and despite barely getting them through the massive attack on the Hunter Station, and losing Cheryl, she vows to move on. With their numbers decreasing from the recent attacks, the Special Unit is practically rolled into the Hunters for the time being. As she holds a meeting to decide what to do with the threats on all sides, they pick up on Null's signal and move to track her down where they find her staying in a private club after finishing her training with Zero - she rejoins the group and they begin to track down markers left on a note that may have left been behind by Zero.

What they find are Mavericks in hiding and coming out at set intervals to send out a signal which seems to travel all over the planet. Needing to know what the Mavericks are up to, Seraphna authorizes a mission to take out the cell nearest to Hunter HQ while making it look like they discovered the cell purely by accident. As they inflitrate the bunker, they find it's populated not just by Mavericks, but untainted reploids following a being called the "Creator". Null follows two techs around named Chou and Chloe, making friends with them, while the others attack the communication center and wipe out all the reploids there despite them just non-combatants, assuming they are Mavericks or Maverick sympathizers. Chou helps them get control of the systems, being a sweet heart, while Chloe is enraged at what she sees with all the dead techs and has to be knocked out.

In the system, they learn that X and Sigma are working together to create Eruasia, a utopia where reploids will live together in an arc that will blast away from the Earth to colonize on another world. The launch, however, will devastate the Earth by damaging the Asian continent - leaving the team wondering why X is going along with the plan. They set out to stop X, Null bring along the two techs against their will until they decide what to do with them.

Seraphna hooks up with a contact to learn where Eruasia is at and finds Death Star. Heading to what was once the Wastelands before the Earth was repaired, and the only wound left on the planet from the nuclear explosion and fallout being a crater of X and Zero's battle over a 100 years ago, they find Zero already there, destroying defense parimeter bots. Zero leads them into a power conduit to sneak past Eruasia's defenses and go right for X. They have to rush down the conduit, lest a power charge go down it once it comes online destroy them instantly. Which ends up almost happening as they have to use walls in the conduit to protect themselves from energy discharges that shoot down the conduit every minute or so after they near the end. Cutting a hole through the ceiling after they estimate they are far enough in, they manage to enter Eruasia.

Battling their way through Eruasia, Chloe is blown in half, her top half spiraling downward and Chou goes from sweetness to blaming Seraphna, enraged now herself and bitter. During this she had begun to grow close to Null, clinging to her and making lovey faces, to Aya's intense dislike. Arriving in X's chamber, they are forced to battle him after hearing his ideals for Eruasia and that humans have betrayed reploids again and again and can no longer be trusted with the gifts reploids have given them, and that X - the genesis of the reploids - is the one who has to lead them away to a new world. XX, enraged at her brother, leads the attack on him and the group overcome him with Null's absorbtion technique stopping X's supernova moves, though it fries Null's absorbtion circuits. As they win, Wiendigo's shadows flee out of the room.

With X dead, Sigma's voice speaks over the comms and announces it is too late and that Eruasia is launching shortly. XX is able to pry open the doorway leading out of X's chambers to the second half of Eruasia where Sigma lurks and the group heads out, with Zero rushes off ahead to deal with Sigma. They follow markers he leaves behind and move through out the inner core of Eruasia's launch area, trying to stop it's launch. Wiendigo strikes as they reach an elevator and infects Chou with a new type of virus which she tries to fight. Taking the elevator down, Wiendigo strikes them using the darkness of it, and Death Star holds Wiendigo back so the others can get out - then the incoming Mavericks after a flashbomb runs him off, since the battle with Wiendigo damaged him.

The group, in the core of Eruasia now, find Sigma inside a chamber in the core and learn that Sigma himself is the core of Eruasia - a prisoner and for once not insane, the Maverick Virus no affecting him mentally. Prepared for death, Seraphna gives it to him to stop Eruasia from launching and uploads the cure to the Maverick Virus into Sigma directly, which destroys him and the core of Eruasia. The entire complex begins to overload and explode around them and despite the fact Seraphna says she will try to find Chloe, which seems impossible with the complex exploding, after seeing Seraphna execute Sigma without trying to find another way, Chou is finally done with the group and leaves to find Chloe on her own.

Null interjects to Seraphna that she will help Chou instead and runs off with Chou instead, to a shocked Aya's dismay who is their Operator on the mission. Seraphna decides to try to find Death Star, but with the sheer size of the core room and the amount of reploids about, it is impossible, so they use Ash's teleport powers to escape. Eruasia's destruction causes earthquakes and destruction all over Asia, but the damage is minor compared to what would have happened. After receiving Seraphna's report, Wind orders the group to take a well deserved break since the Maverick threat is over and only one reploid threat remains now - the Wiendigo Virus.

Null returns to the Station to talk to Aya, having survived it seems. She collects Iceheart, who has been put back together but with her memory damaged is not herself anymore, and leaves the Unit.

Weeks later, the group sees news reports that Chou, leading a protest of reploids, has attempted to inform the public the truth of Eruasia and that Sigma allowed the group to kill him to save the world, and that the public is reacting violently to the news. Humans respond by throwing rocks and other objects at the reploids, and soon take them into custody. When the jail explodes shortly after, Seraphna is forced to send a team to investigate what happened. Finding teleport traces at the jail, they begin to ask around where Chou and her protesters lived.

Learning about a warehouse where the reploids lived, Anyata, Teddy, Aya, and XX find Null and other reploids and children living peacefully. As they talk, police arrive who resemble Neo Reich soldiers and claim they are there to arrest the reploids. They open fire into the warehouse without warning and the Hunters are forced to defend. Chou and her team return and help stop the fake police with the Hunters' aid, and a drone watching the entire thing flies off. Shortly after, police reinforcements show up and Seraphna and others show up to give aid.

A black aura surrounds the area, giving off a hate vibe to everyone, and Aya has to use her pheromones to push it away. It becomes apparent that this dark energy was acting like a sort of Maverick Virus that was controlling both humans and Reploids. It clearly was not the virus, especially with Sigma dead. Aya's blood proves a quick cure to this possession and Chou, once freed, tells them who did it. The possession was through Senreich. Zeroing in on his location, the entire team heads out to face him and take him out once and for all, Seraphna choosing to double their protection by bringing Aya and vials of her blood to cure people with in case of infection. Heading to London where Senreich is hiding in an abandoned church, they prepare to battle him.

As they fight their way to Senreich, using the vials to free people under his control, he activates his true trap, using the Staff of Ra to open a time portal and sucks some of the group in that came after him - Katrina, Teddy, Seraphna, Anyata, Atay, Aya, John, XX, Elayne, and Null. They arrive 15 years in the future in the collapsed church and unbury themselves to see London has transformed - Nazis now rule it.


Phase 4 (Sessions 57 - 75):

The group sneaks through a Nazi controlled London, which has been pushed back technology wise somewhat. As patrols and stuff scan the area and their actions begin to alert the Nazis, they take to the sewers to escape after Null doing nothing gets seen by a spotlight. Null blasting her way underground sends all the Nazis after them into the underground and they get to see the sewery belly of the middle of London. Playing cat and mouse battling Nazis, they soon run into Chou, who looks harder than before - Null convinces her to lead them out of the sewers and to her rebel area that Chou and Chloe, who's upper half Null and Chou found before Eruasia blew, run. Chloe is in a wheelchair, but seems chipper. It seems reploids and low-middle class, and people with righteousness, have banded together to be a rebellion.

Learning that Senreich won and took over the world the past 15 years, and blocked off the Earth from outside contact with the defense shields and weapons. He's taken over most of the world, with only a few places holding out and Hunter Station's location being unknown. Alouette, grown now, leads them down to the skiff to escape London and they meet Pip, a reploid ally that joined the resistance. As they prepare to set off, Nazis show and Chou is unable to get back so Seraphna yanks her onboard, as well as Pip, while Alouette leads Anyata and Atay off, who were unable to board. The group sets off to find allies and the Hunter Station - they begin their search with Australia, one of the places not taken over yet.

On the way, they are attacked by pirates led by Captain Hawk and are easily defeated. Given room and board on his ship, once they reveal who they are, they are shown to Lady White at the Pirate Base. After learning a few things, and discovering this Lady White is a fake, they meet the real one, who is a grown up Cassandra. Embracing Teddy, her dad, they find Ash there, as well, having stayed with Cass and raised her, and now is her right hand man. Cassandra, the pirate queen, gives them use of their ships to head to Australia to find one of Wind's old cells during the last 15 years and hopefully find equipment to locate the Hunter Station.

Once on Australia, they battle legions of Kangaroos. Seraphna gains their loyality and an army. They learn both the name of the General who attacked the base, General Heimmer, and acquire the algorythmn needed to pinpoint the Hunter Station. During a storm, they finally locate it by pinging it's location. Floating the ship's into the hanger using the tides, they dock the ships and climb out. Using leading lights on a mostly dark Station, they reach the command bridge and find Temporary President Megumi and Iceheart, who seems more like her old self somehow. They learn that Warren was brought back from the dead by Wind as well, though his mental state from the brain loss is degrading and he won't last long. Warren was last seen in Russia tracking leads on what happened to Wind, and so the group plans to head there next, the Station sailing along there.

At Russia, using fake IDs and setting up Teddy to be a Russian Bear Wrestler, they track down Uplink, who is in a relationship with his computer named Compa. Taking out the real Bearski, they plant Teddy in his place and Cassandra as his manager. Next, they head to a prison where Warren has been found and have Ash get arrested by pissing on police. While Teddy boxes and keeps the attention of the Nazi higher ups, Ash breaks out of prison and causes a prison break out. Once free, Warren becomes Ire once again. After they are free, Ire informs them the winner of the boxing match will be sent to Senreich's castle; they are unable to stop the jet from taking Cassandra and Teddy off to Senreich.

Breaking into an airfield and stealing an air interceptor, they fly off even as Russian Nazis give chase. Fighting Nazi airships and fighters, they overcome all odds and track Teddy's tracer. Teddy, meanwhile, is brought to Senreich by Krobak and Teddy finds the living corpse is now a young man again and looks stronger and healthier than ever. Senreich gives them rooms inside his castle while the others set down some ways away from it.

As Seraphna's team break into the castle and use secret passages, Senreich reveals to Teddy he knows who he and Cassandra are really. The two strike up a deal and Cassandra is sent to the team. She arrives just as Seraphna discovers a teenage Cheryl clone, though the other half of her DNA is a mystery. They agree to the deal - to leave without taking anything, or anyone - including the girl. As they fly away from the castle, and learn about Senreich's youth, they muse darkly about what to do next when Aya informs that Katrina is on her way down to Africa to investigate a reality disturbance. The group decides to head after their partner and see if they can give aid.

The Hunt for Wind:


Traveling across Africa, they come across Nazis being led by a man in an iron mask, also searching for the disturbance. Using a gourge, they sneak into the commander's base and Elayne and John deal with him by themselves. The General begins to tear them apart, appearing and shooting across distance rapidly, in a blink of an eye, moving too fast to track as he tears the two apart and the others have to join; they only get the upper hand when Chou comes riding in on a horde of elephants she sent stampeding. The Nazis are crushed as the elephants rush into the elephant graveyard. The Iron Mask General uses a tear in realtiy to escape them.

Following Katrina's signal, they find a jungle at the end of the desert and enter it, only to find once they are in someways Katrina having been taken in by Amazonian warriors. As well as Prime Cheryl, Chii, Lorelei, Aurica, and Taiga, one year after their events in The Cheryl Factor in Alternate (for them). Cheryl informs them she is there to slown down time in this reality to a crawl, in order to protect it, as she did in Alternate, as both realities came under siege before either one could call on the Alliance of Realities for help. She is also wanting to help Wind before his powers fall into the wrong hands, or if that is impossible, stop him.

Seraphna has a vision of disaster should the team not succeed in disabling the orbital defenses before calling for outside help, while XX has a vision of darkness devouring the entire world. Cheryl teaches her how to channel the energy of the sacred land to use for healing.

Arriving at a desert city town after leaving the jungle, they blackmail a lesbian Nazi into giving them information and codes to use against the base there and proceed to break into the base, using the Nazi's uniform and bringing in prisoner's trick. There they find the Desert Fox himself, Erwin Rommel. They also discover Lilith has become his inugami after Ire was dead for a time and this was how Senreich brought him back from the dead, as well as using Chii and Freyja's powers. Seraphna appeals to Rommel's sense of duty and what Senreich is doing, and he agrees to turn over the two girls - not Lilith - and lets them take the plane they want in order to avoid bloodshed, since the plane cannot get into the atmopshere like they want to stop the defense shield/grid. They return to Hunter Station to plan.


With the need to find the codes to turn off the defense shield/grid, and a station to get up there to input the codes, the team focuses on the shuttle first. They fly the plane to India and they run out of fuel before reaching the far away base and crash land on a cow, killing it, and then are forced to face punishment from the local Indians. Drugged, they see visions through the eyes of animals and watch as Rasputin, the mad monk - somehow alive and well, gather villagers and take them off. Their punishment is to stop the mad monk. Half remain behind and the other half scales the mountain during the night with a guide, arriving at a monestary, but not before wolfs eat the guide.

Prime Cheryl and Seraphna find evidence inside that something evil awoke in this place and that it fed on the monks and made everyone else flee. The library, filled with dark arts and magik, has a tentacle monster that nabs Taiga and they manage to dispatch it, before facing Rasputin at the top in the bell tower. They damage him and again and he reveals his formula will bring him back from the dead no matter what, even as they knock him outside and the wolves attack and rip at his flesh, and finally knock a bell on him. Suddenly a monsterous beast knocks the bell off and runs off into the snowy mountain side. They also discover in a coffin Rasputin's daughter, Maria Rasputin.

The other team works their way up and the two teams aid each other as they head for the Nazi mountain base. Through ingenuity, they are able to overcome Rasputin and send him sailing down the mountain side to his death, or at least do enough damage he won't bother them again anytime soon. Using the caves and mines that Nazis have made in the mines, they use the train carts to get into the base, where they blow the base up with a super bomb and fly off in a shuttle.

Flying up into the atmosphere, John gets them into position avoiding the defense grid firing at them so Prime Cheryl can slow down their reality time wise, then they dip back down to Earth before they are blown up. This weakens her and makes her white streak of hair grow more as they return to the Hunter Station to recover and plot their next move. Prime Cheryl and her family return to their reality, and the Hunter Station sails for London where they most certainly can get the codes for the defense grid and get the rest of their team. This time, though, Null stays behind with Aya, who didn't go on the previous mission out of jealousy of Null and Chou getting close once again.


Joining back up with Chloe and Alouette's rebels, along with Harupia who is searching for Levianthan who is missing, they learn more about London and how there are two families set up by the Nazis to keep the noble class at odds with each other and London in a state of fighting. However, they also learn that many young girls are being taken and left for dead in the style of Jack the Ripper so they investigate and this leads them across Ghoul in a doctor's officer, where they find he has kidnapped Alouette. John manages to save her from an unique acidic explosion, but is doused in it, his body burned so they have to put him in stasis to save his life. Ghoul dies in the battle for good, thankfully.

Katrina states the only way to save John is using Aya's DNA, which has Motenk properties, and can reverse his death like state - much like before - or search for Erevis and her blood. Until then Alouette and the rebels look after him while they set the two houses against each other, making the Lancaster and Yorks do battle and begin to tear London apart and divide the Nazi's attention so they can use the sewers to approach the palace where Senreich's men are set up with the royal family.

Battling their way into the underground basement of the palace, they manage to get into the office in a bloodied state and take out the commander of London, only to learn he set up bombs on the pillar supports that can bring the entire place down. Ash and Cassandra teleport down to deal with them, after alerting the Hunter Station to come in and help, while the others deal with the fact Big Ben, positioned near the new palace, has enemies firing at them and trying to kill them. As Big Ben fires a hyperspace cannon and attempts to destroy them, Katrina and Harupia download the files on to bring down the shield and send an SOS to Zeraphna and her fleet.

The others manage to destroy Big Ben, then join Ash and Cassandra, who have stopped a good amount of the bombs. The Hunter Station arrives and sends up Freyja and Chii to aid them and they manage to get every bomb with seconds to spare. However, during the battle, Chou is destroyed outside her core. They hook up Aya to John and begin a blood transfusion, but the results give him Motenk DNA once again, which is now his curse to bare once more. And Katrina and Harupia go through the data on where Wind is on what they downloaded now that the defense shields are down.

Dust in the Wind (74-75):

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