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Ship Layout:

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Blue Sector: Command/Ship Control

Red Sector: Alien Governments

Brown Sector: Suisen Government Branches/Important Offices

Green Sector: General Public


-Blue Sector-

Command/Ship Control


The Command Tower: The largest of the tower spires located on the top of the ship, it is also located near the deepest of the valleys. This tower is a almost a mile high itself, and considering the ship is many miles in length and in depth, this says something. Located within the C. Tower is:


Zone 1-A: The Bridge - The bridge is the main brain of the ship, though there is a hidden secondary bridge in the secondary tower that is rarely used, and engineering can also control the ship in emegencies, as well as security. In absolute emergencies, 1-B can be used as the nexus. The bridge is quite large, and can hold up to 30 people at once, with a captain's chair, many terminals and seats, the time machine hidden undernearth the floor, a weapon control base, and more. CHIP's main brain computer cortex is located here as well. The space of the bridge is the length of half a football field. The rest of the floor is divided up into a conference room for the bridge team to meet and talk, an office for the Captain/Bridge Command that runs the ship, and a teleporter that leads directly to the ship. There's also security turrets and other devices hidden within the bridge that take up space. There are stairs leading down to 1B that can be closed up so people cannot walk up to it from 1B.


Zone 1-B: The Royal Family Zone - This area is quite large, the size of a football field. There are stairs leading up to 1A and down to 1C that can be closed up. The area itself is quite beautiful and divided up into two sections: the Royal Family area and the Cridhe Village area. The ability to put up a field to separate the two has been installed under Lenneth and Iro's rule, but it is only done when privacy is an issue and one family is feeling burdened by the other. There is a teleporter on both sides, with just one additional button press for which side you want to go.

The Royal Family area has a grassy area with a beautiful garden that Erevis has planted herself, many trees for the children to play in, and a pond with many exotic fish that they have all nurtured and taken care of. There is also a sun that has been built up engineers of Isis - Isis - and designed by Megumi and Love - for Amaterasu and Iro. There are mini houses for other gods and people that live in 1B, but the main house is a giant two story Chinese-Japanese styled ancient building courtyard, with many inner courtyards. Each person lives in their own inner courtyard that they can program to look like they want, with an inner garden that cannot be taken out, and inner connecting doors between the courtyards that can be locked if one wants privacy. Each inner couryard has a teleport in and out of 1B besides the main 1B teleporter, to make it easier - meaning those not living in the building has it easier.

Here is a crude example of how it looks (note the names on it are likely not up to date):

The doors, once locked, do NOT allow anyone in, as there is a force field about the inner court yard - even the teleporters do not allow anyone unauthorized in as the teleporters can be locked as well.

Here is the current up to date list of occupants:

Top Left: Inari

Top Middle: Ako, Iko, and Tel (Future - Empty Now)

Top Right: Lenneth and Iro (Future - Empty Now)

Middle Left: Athena, Jennifer, and Sammael's family

Middle: Erevis, Ama, and children

Middle Right: Tsuki and Thara's family

Bottom Left: Nie'La's Family

Bottom Middle: Ao and Leyaeh's family

Bottom Right: Heaven, Ethan, and Stacey's family


The Cridhe Area is all Jungle, with their village built into the trees and some on the ground; they are numerous and many, like cats tend to be, and they have a small pond for themselves as well. Their houses tend to be made of crystals due to famfrit skills as well. While many have gone to the Iron Paw, the Cridhe still have quite a few in 1B.


Zone 1-C: Empty.



Control Towers: Also located on the top of the ship, these are the middle towers; middle not only in size, but in location behind the Command Tower. They are in various locations about the top of the ship and in relation to the varies valleys along the hull and serve various purposes. Note, there are more towers than just the three towers - these are the only towers for Blue Sector. The Control Towers are:


Zone 2: The Weather/Scanner Tower - The Weather/Scanner Control Tower serves a few purposes. The Weather part of the tower is to make sure the weather on the ship is always under control. That might sound strange, as there is no weather elements on PAX, but there can be if they wanted. It is simply set to off. But the Weather Tower also controls the tempature and makes sure the temp. is always normal across the ship and regulated in certain areas. If aliens need higher temps in one zone but not another, Zone 2 sees to that. While CHIP normally regulates Zone 2, if he's experiencing problems, a team needs to be there. A teleporter is the only way to reach Zone 2 except by Tram or using the employee back staircases. The Weather Tower also sees to controlling weather in the holographic changes - when one sets a zone to various holographic settings, the Weather Zone actually makes it real.

The Scanning portion of the Tower scans out into space, picking up various data and sends that information back to 1-A. Half of the Weather/Scanning Tower is devoting to the Scanner Tower power. It's scanning power cells run deep into the hull so if the tower is damaged and destroyed, the bridge won't be completely blinded and they can still pick up some information, but they will lose a good deal of information - the reason it's in this tower is because it looks like any other tower and many will strike the bridge, the biggest tower, and that will not stop the bridge being able to scan. That doesn't account for jamming.


Zone 3: The Weapon/Shield Tower - Much Like Zone 2, the Weapon/Shield Tower is another tower that is routed to 1-A to be used. It's power cells underneath the tower in the hull itself, but if the tower is destroyed, the shields and weapons will be severely compromised due to the fact the tower itself is needed to generate a lot of power - at least in regards to the shields. The weapons themselves are all over the ship, but the lock on capabilities come from the tower, and with the tower gone, locking on will become severely compromised. Work arounds can be created naturally. As for the shields, if the tower is destroyed, the shields will be very hard to be brought back, even with the power cells being under the hull, until a lot of repair work is done.

One thing to note is that even if these towers remain intact, enough damage in general can knock systems offline due to the fact feedback runs throughout the ship to the engines and hyperspace gems.


Engineering: Located at the lower end and back of the ship unlike the rest of the above information, the engine systems cover a lot of the PAX. Covering a vast amount of space, it is a maze like system of corridors and large vats of space for energy to travel. It consists of:


Zone 29-30: Engineering - Engineering is by far the largest of Blue Sector, and perhaps the largest zone of any area. It is so big it takes two zones to completely fill up. The cores themselves are miles deep of abyss which superheated energy zooms down into space to move the PAX, and there's two of them.

Because engineering is so large, and there's so many stairways and hallways/pathways that lead to it, most were sealed off after Erevis and co. took over, leading to them having to find as many hallways/staircases as they could and just sealing them up. Those they left open, they set up forcefields that only let registered nanites through. This was so only engineers and higher ups or family members could enter the large zone and not sabotage the PAX, otherwise there would be no way to defend it, since there would be hundreds of ways into this mess of a place. One could hide down here for months without being found and with all the energy, scanners would have trouble finding you. There's quite a few teleporters that lead down there, with engineering sectors marked off depending on where you need to go as well - Entryway, Offices, Core 1, Core 2, etc.

Due to the fact there miles of engineering to deal with, the employee workload is high and they employee a lot of machinary to do the work. When one says that the engineering of PAX is a dreamjob that will keep you busy for a long, long time, they are not exagerating. It's a world in itself in PAX. There's offices all over so you can find a place to bunker down and do your work.

However there's only six key locations that one should take note of and I will list them here. 1) There's only six places there are hyperspace gems used to run the ship. Without these, PAX would break down and fail. Two are used in conjuction with the core, two are used near the main offices. Two are used to power the systems for weapons and shields. They are spread out pretty far, but there are teleporters to each location, and if they are break down, that leave you traveling about a mile distance to get to each one.

The way engineering is designed, it's not like one level, but multiple levels, all the size of football fields, that go up and down, all over, circling the cores, and with many crawling shafts to get to wires as well. All this keeps your shower going.


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