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-Station Layout-


The Top Floor/Teleport Center: The top floor of the station is where all the teleporters are located, in a circular layout. Each teleporter is labeled and goes to one of many locations - Mansion Base, PAX, safehouses in multiple Cartel worlds, Guardia, multiple locations in Erusian worlds, Gitari worlds, Atlean worlds, and Tsivrixsh worlds and one on the homeworld that is constantly locked down. In the back wall is a central elevator that runs down the length of the station.


The Second Floor/Command Center: The command center is designed in a circular layout around a center station with dozens of monitors of all the worlds in the universe, monitoring them. There the central hub has dozens of terminals and seats for people to do work accessing the main computer, dubbed Striker. Surrounding it in the circle are offices for the people working in the Reality Strikers, with the biggest belonging to Cheryl. Each office has their own terminal and holonet connection, able to access other races' holonets.


The Third Floor/Armory: This is where all the weapons are kept, in coded locked rooms. Closer to the center, the better the locks, and the better the weapons.


The Fourth Floor/Gym-HoloChambers: This floor has a huge gym and training center, with traditional areas to work out, a large pool, a track to run in, and a large room to create holo recreations of anything, with coding to make the holos as big as needed based on new tech from Eluere and Tabetha's old codes.


The Fifth Floor/Cafeteria: Extensive food service.


The Sixth Floor/Hanger: Launching for shuttles/ships in case of attack.


The Seventh Floor: Pet floor and the garden. The pet floor is a giant area with all of Cheryl's many pets to play around in and the garden is next door to it, a large garden area to provide oxygen and beauty.


Eighth Floor: Kitsune Udon. A branch of the famous ghost busting so that Miyuki can work there if the need arises and monitoring spectral rises across the universe. A teleporter to the KU HQ is installed.


The Nintth Floor-Twelth Floor: Dorms/Bedrooms.


Thirteenth Floor-Fifteenth Floor: Storage.


Sixteenth Floor-Twenth Floor: Add-on for later.


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