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Military Ranks:

base pay for non-ranking officers is 500 credits a cycle (Kitsune Udon included)

General - 2000 credits + base

Captain - 1500 credits + base

Lieutenant - 1000 credits +base

Sgt - 500 credits +Base

The Military Side:


The base is hidden well in the Siberian Mountains - literally inside a mountain. Deep within it, there is an emergency exit tunnel one could walk/drive through for miles. Otherwise, the way into the base is through the Teleport Center near the top, a series of teleporters set up in one circular room - the teleporters leading to safehouses all over Earth and space colonies - and one to PAX. These safehouses were set up by Darien during his Black Ops days and are on no known files like the base. The safehouses are fully furnished and have bedrooms/HoloVids/food, etc. and cars/shuttles. There's one in every major city. That way the team can be where-ever they need to be instantly to respond, and to any major colony - and the teleporters need a code to work.

The command center is at the top, with each member having a desk/work station, with a main computer that monitors everything that goes on around EarthGov and foreign empires across the galaxy that might be threats. Eluere is patched into a special satelite system that Darien built for her as well. After that is your standard base layout of the rooms, the holo chambers, the school, Kitsune Udon, the training center, gym, mess hall, firing range, the brig, etc.

Cheryl's house cannot be reached except by a hidden teleporter, or a hidden hallway. Her house is buried beneath the base four levels down of solid rock. Her house is a large building that's two stories high and wide, with many rooms of a standard Western-Japanese home combined, with a pool, trees, yard, swings, etc.

Command Structure/Mission Structure:

Peter runs the team, with Hale as his second in command. After that is Josephine and Emeralda as the next two up. The secondary team is Eluere and Curali and Robert Steel - they run the base and see to keeping it functioning. They are referred to as the 'base team' while Peter's team is the 'field team'. Due to his duties with Kitsune Udon, Del can be assigned to either team depending on the need due to his rank.

Their goals are to protect EarthGov from threats inside and out. Due to being the #1 military unit, they are assigned to any case that is too big for normal threats and they have cante blanche to do anything that is necessary to protect Earth. However, this means a high level of scrunity. They are technically allowed to go all over the galaxy, but they are suppose to remain close at home unless it is necessary. An example is when Warren left for half a year on PAX2.

Government Side:

The main government is set up in Mega City, located in the North American State's East Coast. The secondary government is located in Tokyo - this includes the Senate and minor government agencies. While the Senate does meet in MC when necessary, they are typically in session in Tokyo. The reason this happens is because MC was once wiped out and they are split up so both branches of the government are not destroyed at one time and can function if one city is taken out.

With hyperspace back, 52 lanes, EarthGov has closer ties to it's colonies lately, but there has been some tensions lately with outer colonies for some reason about succeeding. Though the recession is a thing of the past, alloys to make ships lost in the many wars with the Others and the Order is coming from these colonies and they are feeling exploited and are making a fuss about their 'fair share'. If they do not come from these colonies, the EarthGov main core will become unhappy since they supported Angela/Darien's efforts of supporting the Suisen Empire.

With Angela as President currently and a bumbling Vice President that got her a lot of votes, she is currently running against a cunning Tess Arakawa, who's last name is remembered as a good officer, a good family, and could be a political opponent to be reckoned with. EarthGov has about 45 planet colonies and 30 station colonies.

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