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The Tsivrixsh Empire expands many, many star systems. It borders the Erusian Ascendency, the Cartel, and EarthGov. Due to their conqouring of other worlds, there are many species within the empire itself. The homeworld is simplely "Tsivrixsh Homeworld". There, it is ruled by 12 Elders and the Emperor. They are the complete law of the Empire and what is decided by these 13 beings can never be overturned.

The military is the most extensive part of the Empire and it numbers in the billions. Their ships range from simple battleships to the monsterous battleships that most races fear. Taking these ships down is no simple matter. Warriors begin training at the age of 4, having reached full adulthood. Most Tsivrixsh are armed with Xvash, a weapon that is like a clubbed staff, but with spikes at the end that are laced in poison that is highly deadly. It will numb a person and then kill them.

While there are other sectors, like science and engineers, they are not as popular or powerful as the warrior clans. They keep their ships going and keep their mouths shut. It is believed that there are over 30 billion Tsivrixsh in the Empire and over 20 billion other races. However, there are so many uknown sectors still of the empire, despite having taken the homeworld in the Dark War, that it is unknown. They may also be the only race to have gone to the Gamma Galaxy.

It has definitely been confirmed, once Kyun left as ambassador and made Shretrav the Suisen Ambassaor, that he is indeed the true Emperor now. And after attacking the team's forces in 300, it was revealed that the Tsivrixsh might have been their enemy for the last five years due to the misunderstanding that Cheryl and the others attacked a group of Tsivrixsh commandos and seemingly killed them. Now that the commandos are back and are alive, it is hoped things can be smoothed out; but what is worse is that Athena and Jennifer are believed to have gone missing in Tsivrixsh space.

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