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If you would like a detailed layout of the PAX, click the tab of it above. This is a generalized overview for people.

Overview History:

The PAX is the center of the Suisen Empire; the largest known vessel in the Alpha Galaxy, it is miles long length and width, allowing for about 100,000 people to be on it easily. And that is just civilians, not the workers that are needed to run the ship. By being a mobile ship that can go anywhere, the Suisen Empire's "capital" is not locked down to one place, and though there are 52 hyperspace lanes the PAX has instant jump capabilities to go anywhere in the galaxy, allowing it more travel capabilities than most ships due to the Progenitor Tech.

It's name is from the three space stations than came before it that also served as a place for peace, but they were all destroyed. After Erevis Zhenmei gained control of the Progenitor Ship, due to being a Progenitor, and getting them home, she began to work to turn it into a place of diplomacy and trade for any race or being needing a safe harbor. This was brought about due to the fact that once they arrived back in the Sol System, they found Earth and the Cartel at war over a misunderstanding - due to the fact that the President of EarthGov had been stranded on the Progenitor Ship when it as lost in space, and the Cartel also lost two key members on the ship. Seeing a need for another PAX, Erevis worked to turn the ship into such a place - it owes alligence to no one race and is the perfect neutral body for people to come together.

Overview Ship Structure:

The large ship itself is like a long platform in space, complete with a dome for a garden and many towers along it's top surface, as well as "valleys", or trenches. The outer top hull produces a field that allows people to remain outside on the hull and it's even conceiveable that it can be a living space if the ship itself ever became full. The largest of the towers is the Control Tower, where the bridge is located, as well as the living space for the Captain and her family, as well as the Cridhe and Carmichael families, who have taken root in the ship.

The hanger bay is located all around the center of the ship, allowing for entry point from any side, and the hangers have been divided up for the various ambassadors and their delegations, as well as public hangers for anyone needing to dock. The Market Plaza itself is located in the center of the ship, so that any hanger point will eventually lead to it if one walks. The ship's transportation system is comprised of a teleportation system in every zone and hanger and residentual location, so that people can instantly warp after inputing the location they want to arrive at. Another transportation system is the Tram System, which runs all along the ship, allowing for people to use an alternative means if the teleporters are busy or offline, considering that if any object is on a teleporter at the other end, safety measures prevent it from being used. Finally, a massive amount of hallways and stairs allow movement.

In addition to the Market Plaza, the ship has a huge garden that is large, complete with ponds and trees and other plant life. There is also a Ski Resort and a beach for people desiring entertainment, as well as a HoloDeck that can provide environments programmed in. Residentual areas are located in the center of the ship as well, near the Market Plaza and Hangers. The medical bay is also located in this area so that the injured can more quickly arrive at help if transportation is down.

As for places to live, there are three types. There is the "hotel" public rooms which cost 10 credits a night to stay in. There are also Public Zones that cost 200 a month, where the rooms are small and designed with the bare minimum of necessities - a bed, a dresser, a small closet, and a tiny bathroom. The rooms are not very large and provide just enough for one person, though a second person could indeed live in it as well. And there's finally the personal zones that cost 500 a month. Though the zones may be connected to another's, due to the fact a personal zone a user can create whatever they want inside, they can create endless room. They can have their zone look like anything, even having a beach, and a house with a yard. If a person is looking for a place to live, it is entirely possible to have a character ask another character to stay with them if they agree. One can even pay the other character a named rent price of their choosing.

Command Overview:

The ship is run by Erevis Zhenmei and her family, as well as others who give their time and effort. Ever since establishing the ship as a place of peace, there has been many struggles to maintain the neutrality of the ship and remain impartial. The only time Erevis is directly involved in political affairs is if there is a tie in votes and the various ambassadors need a neutral party to weigh in. Other than that, the Command Crew remain out of political affairs as long as it does not threaten the safety of the ship. Areas off limits to the public include Engineering, Security, Atmosphere Control, and the Command Tower.

If the ship can provide a safe heaven for the galaxy to conduct it's affairs remains yet to be seen, as it's just in it's infancy - just getting off the ground as The Alien Wars 5 begins. It is at a critical point in time where it has to prove it's legitmacy to the universe and prove it's worth being there. One false move and the entire project can fall apart and the other races might pull out. Only time will tell what role it will play in the future of the entire galaxy and what is to come.

Chain of Command:

Empress: Erevis Zhenmei
Chief of Intergalactic Affairs: Isis Zhenmei
Bridge and Ship Commander: Ao Zhenmei
Chief of Security for Diplomats/Galactic Affairs: Amaterasu
Chief of Security for Normal Affairs: Leyaeh Cridhe
Chief of Engineering: Robb Keller
Chief of Imperial Diplomatic Affairs: Athena Zhenmei
Chief of Diplomacy: Hi'Saa and Hatchi
Head Judge: Gordon Paladin
Chief of Medicine: Cuddles Zhenmei-Carmichael, Ethan Mor'kah


Ship Layout:

Blue Sector: Command/Ship Control

Red Sector: Alien Governments

Brown Sector: Suisen Govern Branches/Important Offices

Green Sector: General Public


Blue Sector:

Command Tower: Located on top of the ship, it's the largest tower that rises up in the air. It consits of:

Zone 1-A: The Bridge / 1-B: The Royal Family Zone (Cridhe Village and Carmichael Area) / 1-C: Empty.

Control Towers: Located at the top of the ship, the mid towers.

Zone 2: The Weather/Scanner Control Tower.

Zone 3: The Weapon/Shield Tower.

Lower Ship: Located at the bottom of the ship and near the back. It is the core of the ship and the engine systems. It is a sytem of maze like corridors and large vats of space for travel energy. It consists of:

Zone 29 - 30: Engineering


Red Sector:

Ambassador Tower: Located on top of the ship, it's a middle sized tower that rises up in the air off the hull. It consists of:

Zone 5-A: Conference Room, 5-B: Tsivrixsh Embassy, 5-C: Gitari Embassy, 5-D: Nothing 5-E: Nothing, 5-F: Nothing, 5-H: Nothing 5-I - 5-X: Minor Delegations, 5-Y: Lobby/Petition Area


Brown Sector:

Mid-Ship: Located in the middle area of the ship, this consists of the majority of the ship. It is the longest and widest area. It consists of:

Zone 6: Security Center / Kitsune Udon

Zone 7: Medical Bay

Zone 8 - Hanger Zone:

8-A thru 8-C: Public Hangers, 8-D: Personal Hangers, 8-E: Iron Paw Construction Area, 8-F: Erusian Delegation Hanger, 8-G: Tsivrixsh Delegation Hanger, 8-H: Famfrit Hanger, 8-I: Vapaad Delegation Hangar, 8-J: Gitari Hanger, 8-K: Guardian Hanger

Zone 9: Judicial Zone

Zone 10: Suisen Government Zone (Guardian, Atleans, Erusians, Minor Races Who Have Joined)

Zone 11: Diplomatic Office Affairs


Green Sector:

Upper Ship: The top areas of the ship. It consists of:

Zone 4: The Religious Zone

Zone 12: The Garden

Zone 13: Public Beach / Ski Resort

Zone 14: Concert Hall

Zone 15: Holo Deck.

Mid-Ship: Located in the middle area of the ship, this consists of the majority of the ship. It is the longest and widest area. It consists of:

Zone 16 - Market Plaza

Zone 17 - 21: Public Zones / Zone 22-25: Personal Zones / Zone 26-28: Housing For Workers in Training

Lower Ship: Located at the bottom of the ship and near the back. It is the core of the ship and the engine systems. It is a sytem of maze like corridors and large vats of space for travel energy. It consists of:

Zone 31: Down Below

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