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Ship Layout:

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Blue Sector: Command/Ship Control

Red Sector: Alien Governments

Brown Sector: Suisen Government Branches/Important Offices

Green Sector: General Public


The Hidden Side of PAX:

Something to keep in mind in general with the PAX, is that while it's not seen often due to the efforts of the original crew in TAW4 and the beginning of TAW5 of sealing these off, or keeing it behind walls for security/employees, is that there is a whole other world to PAX.

There are a series of corridors of hallways and staircases located all up and down the PAX all over the ship that interconnects it. The teleporters are actually just shortcuts for people to use, but when the PAX was first found, these were offline, and to transverse a 5 square mile ship, one had to use these stairs and corridors that went all over - the only real sign of these anymore is in engineering and Down Below, since you can't hide them.

Since the Progenitors did not think like humans do, there's no rhyme or reason to the design, and you might find a hallway could go 500 meters, and a staircase would go down 4 decks, go 200 meters, down 2 decks. It was a stange series of interconnecting webs all over that made things very confusing and the ship vulnerable, so most of them have been sealed off, leaving only 'major' corridors left open. Some are public, called the major staircases, but most are behind the walls - so if you know where they are you can push the wall, open it, and enter a world behind PAX of interconnecting chambers, corridors, and staircases that lead all over. There's also vent systems to crawl in and move about. These are the place Isis and engineers go a lot to do repair work.

The Tram System:

The Tram System is partially part of the hidden world of PAX. The Trams are located in major areas of PAX, like the Market Plaza and other places, so people can get on it and ride to other areas if they don't want to risk teleporting unstable goods, or groceries, or fear teleporters, or if power is fluxating.

The Trams are high speed systems that go along these tunnels all over ,even going straight up and down to reach their destinations; they travel along these hidden areas to reach other zones, and if people knew better they would know they were passing these interconnecting webs. Engineering has made it though so people cannot leap out of a tram, and even if they could, the speed would make it dangerous.

The Tram System makes it safer to travel when power is an issue.

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