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Ship Layout:

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Blue Sector: Command/Ship Control

Red Sector: Alien Governments

Brown Sector: Suisen Government Branches/Important Offices

Green Sector: General Public


-Red Sector-

Alien Governments


Ambassador Tower: Located on top of the ship, it's a middle sized tower that rises up in the air off the hull. It's near the Command Tower and the Weather/Scanner Tower, making it look more like latter tower so that enemies would not know that allies of the Suisen Empire are in that particular tower compared to any other tower, but it's stragetic point is that it's also near a certain valley so that ambassadors can be transported, if teleporters are down, to a tram system that runs into the valley in the hull where enemy blasts cannot reach them. It consists of:

Zone 5-A: The Conference Room - The conference room is where allies of the Suisen Empire gather to discuss political gains and trades with each other and with the Empire; since giving up on the idea of PAX so many years ago, now only those who pledge to the ally/friendship agreements can have an ambassador join the Suisen Empire and be part of this process. Here, they can bring problems to the Empire and other member races; they can try to get better deals; they can argue their cases; they can allies in wars. Only by breaking the rules can one be thrown out of the Ambassadorial Friendship and the Tower, and it usually calls for a vote at the conference room.


Zone 5-B: Tsivirxsh Embassy - The Tsivrixsh Embassy is one of the largest due to the amount of time they have been there. Though things might be heading to a shakey relationship due to relevelations in 300, they have had a strong relationship for 15 years since the first ambassador, Kyun, joined the Suisen Empire right away after the PAX idea failed. The current Ambassador, Shretrav, has been honest and fair with other races and has done her best to be curteous and not been underhanded in her dealings.

The Embassy itself is dark, with green lighting, and little planting. Shretrav's bedroom is simple and plain - a bed, only enough comforts to make sure she looks good for meetings, and one helper to see to her filing and work, a young female Tsivrixsh aide who did not cut it in the military due to lack of violence, a girl named Revtra. The seats are designed to be uncomfortable to make sure those who deal with the Tsivrixsh are at a disadvantage, and sit lower, making Shretrav sit higher. There is also little food/water offered, so that if meetings go long, they get a little edgy - but other than that, Shretrav plays it straight and narrow, and the embassy itself is not threatening.


Zone 5-C: EarthGov Embassy - The EarthGov Embassay is not overly large, since they did not join right away and the resistance on Earth always made EarthGov wishy washy, but the Ambassador there made the most of the space. With bright and warm colors, it has an inviting precence, it puts people off guard so that when they enter, they feel relaxed - warm and safe - so that they let their guards down. The seats are even comfortable and relaxing, so they can sink into it and let words slip out of their mouths when they talk their deals. The Ambassador's bedroom is comfortable and silky, belaying an ambassador who likes comfortable, and not one to worry about - after all, all those pillows, silk sheets, they're not one to keep an eye on and stuff.


Zone 5-D - 5-H: I'll decide what new races might have stepped up later.


Zone 5-I - 5-X: Minor Delegations - These are the minor races that are all out there in the galaxy, the numerous races that we make up on a daily basis every day, that make up the majority of the ambassador table, but aren't part of the big dog fleets, that have joined as allies to the Suisen Empire, like the fish people. Their rooms aren't that big, and they don't bring much to the table, but by joining as allies, they get the benefits of trade and protection of allies if they don't break the rules, so if they're attacked, other allies will back them up.


Zone 5-Y: Lobby/Petition Area - This is the area at the base of the tower. The public is not allowed into embassies - not even the Suisen Empire people is allowed into them unless they have 100% proof the Ambassador is attacking people since they cannot scan the embassy. The only time a civilian or a member of the Suisen Empire can enter an embassy is if they are invited inside, and the petition area is (the conference room works for the Emper/ress of Amaterasu too) where they can do it. The lobby / petition area is a large area with many, many seats and a teleporter set up for people to gather. A large desk is set up with many secretaries, all working for the varies ambassadors, and security guards to make sure no one tries to break past to the secretaries to force them to give them clearance. While there is actually no entry way to the embassies from the lobby, due to safety reasons, one can get access to an ambassador's teleporter in their embassy that is higher up the tower, since the lobby is at the base of it. The conference room is one floor up itself, and has it's own teleporter as well.

Unknown to the civilians, there is a tram system for ambassadors hidden in the walls and a stairway that is well protected by Amaterasu and her security force, so they can use the Tram in an emergency - it never runs for the public and it takes the ambassadors to security only. Nowhere else. It's a one way track.


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