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The Suisen Empire's heart is the Progenior Ship PAX, the most advanced ship in the galaxy. While it may not be the most powerful ship, it's technology is unmatched in the fact that most of it is holographic. The brain and heart of the ship is the AI CHIP, but it's run and monitor by hundreds of workers and people throughout the ship, but especially on the bridge by it's workers.

The Royal Family:

The Suisen Empire is headed up by one person, the current Empress or Emperor. They are the final voice and law of the empire, but even they are not above the laws they have had helped create every day with many people. The people have an agreement with the Emperor/ress that the laws they help make will be honored. While the constitution is constantly being created by the current Emperor/ress and the many people in the law making side of the Empire, it is a steady process that is endlessly debated by hundreds of people and the citizens are allowed to be part of it. But that's for below. This is for the royal family.

The Emperor/ress is head of the Empire and the final voice. They can decide to be joint rulers, especially with a sibling, if they so choose. But it cannot be more than three, due to the potiential of anarchy. If the current Emperor/ress is unable to lead, it falls to the next in succession to take their place - which is the children. It goes from eldest to youngest, typically, though many have passed on the honor of leading, so now the line of succession has been altered. The balance system is meant they are to be one voice (even with three leaders) - they have to agree to do something. That way one cannot do something without the other. If one cannot be found, then the one who can is the de facto leader. Under rare circumstances that a child that takes leadership is doing so temporarily, and their judgement is not agreed upon by the next in line and the advisors, they can be removed from power by the Tie Breakers and upheld by a judge. See below for more details.

In the event that the current Emperor/Empress is making decisions that is not popular with her advisors and the governoring body, the Tie Breakers successors can make the decision to override her judgement. These people are those who have waved the right to take the throne, so they do not have a stake in taking over power. To override the current Emperor/Empress, you need to have 5 voting members of which there are 7, and a judge to find it valid.

Erevis Zhenmei - Current Empress

Empress Duties That Have Been Split Up:

Bridge Commander and Overall PAX Captain - Ao Zhenmei

Chief of Intergalactic Affairs - Isis Zhenmei

Chief of Imperial Diplomatic Affairs - Athena Zhenmei

Tie Breakers:

Megumi Zhenmei

Isis Zhenmei

Ako and Iko Zhenmei

Jaime Zhenmei


Ao Zhenmei

Odds and Ends Royal Family:

Chief of Security for Diplomats/Galactic Affairs - Amaterasu

Private Lab Researcher - Megumi Zhenmei and Love Zhenmei-Carmichael

Chief of Medical - Cuddles Zhenmei-Carmichael


The Government:

The government of the Suisen Empire is simple, but fair. It's an honorable system that is constantly adapting itself. The law is being written everyday by hundreds of people and each race that joins is able to have it's people be part of that process. Citizens that leave their governments are also part of the process since they have accepted the Suisen Empire. Once a person joins the Suisen Empire, they join it for good unless they give adequate reasons for leaving and even then they must wait for a year before it is granted, so their position in the community can be filled and worked out. If it has to be sooner, arrangements are made on a case by case basis.

The Emperor/ress makes decisions for the future of the Empire and the directions it takes - who joins, what course they take for the empire, what counts as war, how to defend their people anywhere, what jobs will be accepted within the Suisen Empire ships, what territory to take on, ship building, expansion, populace control in regards to living on the actual ships built by the Suisen Empire, what is acceptable behavior toward one another, what is honorable behavior toward one another, racism/bad havior will not be accepted, you cannot start war, you forfeit some rights you once had in regards to your military, etc. Those things are always and will always be her control. When a race joins the empire, they give over those rights to them - they will appoint 1000 people from that race and 100 of their own people to work together to go over that race's figures and whatnot, but they makes the final say. They give over that right, but in return they receive so much more, which is covered below in another section.

Outside those direct things, and other things that pop up on a case by case basis, the government branch the Emperor/ress has built makes rules for all races together, with the citizens having a voice and option to become part of the process, headed under Judge Gordon Paladin and his people. 50 government minded minds from each race who has joined is part of this and work together to make new laws, since most races' old laws are no longer viable - when joining it is decided what is accepted and not by the Emperor/ress and Paladin and the rest becomes the Suisen Empire's laws. A race that joins accepts the Suisen Empire's laws. Together, the government of the Suisen Empire works to create just and honorable laws based on what they encounter together every day.

The PAX also works to train people for jobs every day, giving free room and board for six months and free training for various jobs until a person is able to find something that they can excel at.

Races That Join:

Races that join gain a lot, but also give up a lot. As stated above, they lose a lot of their old laws. The Emperor/ress and Paladin and their government branch people go over the laws of the people and before the race completely agrees, they are presented with what is no longer accepteable. Typically it can be up to 85% of the laws in general. Normal, every day things are not touched, it's the big picture, the society things in the bigger picture where the Suisen Empire laws are instead brought in. Once the race agrees, the government of that race is dismantled to a degree.

The Emperor/ress immediately puts in their own government, with the people they wants in power and trust, with the liasons they want on PAX. They begin to build an infastructure of teleporters all over the planet that not only connects to the PAX and the other ships being built, but the other races' planets who have joined. With 52 hyperspace lanes, this is a boom to the planet for trade, which they desperately need. Then they immediately begins to share technology and other things. Once a race joins, they cannot leave the Suisen Empire for 2 years after requesting to leave, so the entire system can be dismantled, all the technology taken, all the knowledge of it taken, and whatnot - and to leave, it has to be polled across not only the planet, but all over the Suisen Empire of the race they belong to. They also have to pay a hefty price of dismantling the equipment for agreeing to leave.

Once the Emperor/ress has set up a new government and a new infrastructure, the race is able to immediately put as many people as they want where they want, join jobs they want across the Empire, become part of the law making process, begin petitioning for new job creations, become part of the debate process, work with other races who have join to build a better community, and gain access to a broader system of belonging.

Races That Ally:

Races that ally have a cap on how many people they can have on the PAX at any given time, or any other ship made by the Suisen Empire. They are put up in the Ambassador tower and can trade with the other races, using a set amount of teleporters set up in security to their planets. They can make trade alliances and whatnot, through the PAX only, not from planet to planet. They can petition the PAX for various things, but the PAX has the advantage.

The races that ally have to pay for the space they take up. They can try to make demands, but in the end it's up to the Suisen Empire to decide. They mostly deal with Thomas Aduxley and his people, though at times the Emperor/ress will have to step in. There is sometimes an ally period where the race will see if they fit in. Typically they are given many rights - they have to follow Suisen Empire laws, but they are allowed to practice whatever laws they wish as long as they break nothing of the PAX's.

They are allowed to run jobs and business' if they can afford it and they are allowed to sit in on law making and make suggestions, though they are not part of the offical process. They can hold demonstrations and rallies if they make the appropriate time to do so, and in the correct locations. This system is part of the old one that Erevis once had high hopes of races coming together, and she honors it rather strictly, giving many races leniancy when they do not deserve it.

They do not get technology booms though and they will be removed from the PAX if they become a threat or a problem, with the people having to decide to either become citizens or leave with their government in that event.


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