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The Prime Reality. Due to events that occured during The Alien Wars 4: PAX and The Alien Wars 4: TEP and Erevis The Progenitor, the reality became the main reality in order to repair the damage done to the multiverse by Xevil. Three realities were created that were tied together, while the rest of the multiverse was separated from them (with the exception of one reality tied to Megumi and Zephyr). Cheryl of the Prime Reality took on the powers of the reality matrix as did Wind of the Classic Reality. Together, both are severely depowered, but they can open gates to these three realities and have some reality altering abilities left.

Now as The Alien Wars 5: Trinity begins, the Prime Reality is divided into two teams: the EarthGov Military unit led by General Cheryl, which is located on Earth. The military base is underneath Cheryl's mansion and is the main unit of the entire military operation on Earth. This means her team is faced with keeping EarthGov and it's interests safe, while dealing with new and unknown threats that seem to have access to the long-dead General Cran's files and projects. In space, the largest space ship in the galaxy that's almost a moving colony, known as the PAX, is led by the progenitor Erevis. Her people are faced with the task of maintaining order in the galaxy that's beginning to tear at the seams. The PAX provides a neutral ground where delegates from around the galaxy can meet and talk. Forces of darkness wish to destroy the PAX for unknown reasons only referred to in the Book of Prophecies. Could it be due to the fact that the PAX has a time machine installed inside that only Progenitors can use?

Only time will tell what forces of darkness lurk out there, but the two teams must work together to discover what threats are out there, both on Earth and in Space, that are working to tear the realities apart for some unknown reason. New aliens have begun appearing with incredible powers and strengths. What is the link with the Prime Reality to the world of Tareh? And can the teams find it before it's too late?

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